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Georgia courier. (Augusta, Ga.) 1826-1837, November 22, 1827, Image 4

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■ AUTUMNAL nightfall. Round Autumn's mouldering urn, Loud mourns the chill and cheerless gale, When nightfall sh ades the quiet vale, And stars i.i laeauty burn. ’Tis the year’s eventide, The wind.—like one that sighs ?n pain, O'er joys that ne’er will bloom again, .Mourns on the lair hill-side. TKUM I HE EDGEFIELD UIVX. IF I WAS SHE. If I was a youug lady, I should never want more than one courtier at a time, and if I could not get one, I would not tell the people that I had a dozen. lf-I was an old maid of forty, I would not tell my friends that I was only sixteen, for fear they would not believe me. It I was an eld lady, &had a daughter, I would not set 1 y her side when she had her beau to see her. If I was a young lady, and had the of fer of a worthy young man, I should deliberate well befoie I rejected them, lest it might be some time befoie I bad such auain. orlop deck of the Argonaut at &heerness, and one half of that number had frost-hit- ten and gangrenous feet ; yet, after sprinkling the deck twice or thrice a day with a solution of ibe chloride, the most fastidious might have visited the deck without discovering any unpleasant efflu vium. Wherever hydrogen is to be found the affiniiy of the chloride is so great that it immediately seizes on and destroys it. The solution may be employed with the greatest effect in private houses, ei ther in sick chamders, or gereially wher ever an offensive- smell prevails.” Brussels Paper. TO RENT. Two convenient Dwelling Houses on the South side of Broad-Street*near the lower end of the Market, oue at present occupied by Mr. B. B. Cheshire, and the otiier, lately bjr Mr. Charles W ilson, the Kitchen of the latter is prepared for moulding Candles, and the dwelling has a convenient store on Broad-street. Possession given on 1st Octo ber. Apply to J. G. M’WHORTER. July 19 21 wt6. And yet my prnsive eye, Tl#sts on the faint blue mountain long. And for the fairy-land of song, That lies beyond, I sigh. The moon unveils her brow; in the mid-sky her urn grows bright, And in her sad and mellow ing light, The valley sleep* below. Upon the hazic gray The lyre of Autumn hangs unstrung, And o’er its tremulous chords are Hung The fringes of decay. Jacksonism in Vtrmont.— Mordecai l Noah, editor ofthe’N. Y. Enquirer, J.lotjF If I was a vounglady I should dislike very | of Israel, &c.-&c., informs his readmits, : much lo be called a coquette—as I never ! that“ in the counties of Barre, Burling- i knew one in my life but carried a rake. j ton, Montpelier, and Benington,(Ver- ; If I wasa young lady, and was courted j morit) the Jatkson men have carried the ' Irv a young man of honor ntid integrity, I day.” We are ignorant of the location ; would at least believe his sentiments, of the three first mentioned counties— 1 even if 1 did not intend to accept of his j Sure, we are, they are not Jo be found en 1 offers. If I was TO RENT, The House and Lot, on Bridge- Street, at present occupied by Mr. James Murray. A I. SO, The Hou$«i| and Lot, on Bridge. Street, at present occupiedby Messrs. new clothing. A GENERAL ASSORTMENT OF CLOTHING w I stand deep muring here. Beneath the daik and motionless beech, Whilst wandering winds of nightfall, reach My melancholy ear. The air breaths chill and free ; A spirit, in soft music calls, From Autumn’s gray anil moss-grown halis, And round her wither’d tree. The hoar and mantled Oak. With moss and twisted >' v brow n, Bends in its liiWeSs beauty down, Where wee.ds the fountain choke. a lady and just married, I 1 should rather look at my husband than j anv other young man, when at church, j and I think I should rather look at the ; Preacher than even him, in time of j service. Il l was a young lady I should much rather talk of some good book, or on some improving subject, at the tea-table, than of neighbor Miss Such-a-one, or Mr, Such-a-one, who are very apt to get a little slauder dished out to them before the map of Vermont. We all know where the county of Bennington is, and sure we are, that there is not a single Jackson man returned as a member of the legislature from that county.—So much for the veracity of the Jew. Rutland Herald. The N. Y. Moruing Courier says a new town is about to be formed on Mount Prospect. N. J. s ; x miles from New York, “ to lie called Jackson, in honor of the next President!” The Charter ought to Four Houses and Lots, in the lower end of town, on Green and Ellis Streets.— Possession giten on the first of October nexi Apply to E. BUGG. August 27 32 tf Is now opening at the Subscriber's, No. 232 Broad- street, two doors above Dr. Carter's Drug Store, Consisting of E XTRA superfine blue and black Dress Coats, 2d do do do do do Blue, olive, claret, green, and grey mined Frock Coats, Blue and Drab Box Coats, Green, blue, olive, claret and steel mixed Coatees, Voutbs’ blue and black Dress Coats. Extra superfine blue, black and mixed Cloth and Cassimere Pantaloons, 2d quality blue, black and mixed Cloth and Cas simere Pantaloons. Fancy. Toilinet and Marseilles Vests, White do do do- Black Silk Velvet and Silk Florentine do Blue ami Black Cloth and Cassimere do Extra fine plain frilled Linen iz Cotton Shirts, 2d quality do do do do do Cotton and worsted knitted Shirts and Drawers. Flannel do do Mens Plaid and Camblet Cloaks. Ladies Camblet and Caroline Plaid do Lion Skin Great Coats, Satinett Coatees and Pantaloons. PLOUGHS. T HE sul-scriber has and will const* llt | on hand a large assoi ment of Wood 1 -*? tent, the Light Scottish, and other Plough ALSO, A general assortment of Agricultural I n ments. Next door above the Planter Augusta. ROBERT Philip dO 8t»- ■5. Sept. 24 die Poney. Nov. 5 TO RENT, And possession given immediately, the Store recently occupied bv A. I.& G. W. HUNTINGTON. For sale as above, an excellent Sad- tt provide for changing the name in case of the clot!! is removed, if they are the sub- j accident. Some new “ coalition bargain” ject of conversation. | may possibly again frustrate the “will of If I was an old lady and in tho habit of! the people. ” :o!ding, I should never do it when I had That fountain’s hollow voice, fkho-s the sound of precious things— Of ear!v feeling’s tuneful springs. Chok'd with oar blighted joy's. Leaves, that the night-wind bears. To earth’s cold bosom with a sigh, Arc- tj pcs of our mortality. And of our fading years. The tree that shades the plain. Wasting and hour as time decays, Spring shall renew with cheerful days,-- But not mv joys again. TIME. Time grows not old with length of years ; Changes he brings but changes not, New-born each moment he appears; —We run our race and aie forgot. —Stars in perennial rounds return ; As from et • nitv they came, Ami to eternity (flight burn ; —We are not for one hour the same. Spring flowers ■ enew their wild perfume, But ere a second Spring thev fly ; Our life is longer than their bloom, Our bloom is sweeter. ve‘—we die. Yes stars, like flowers, have but their day, Aud Time, like stars shall cease to roll; Wo have what never can decay, —A living and immortal soul! Lord God ! when Time shall end his flight, Stars set, and flowers revive no more, May we behold thy face ir light, Thy love in Christ may we adore. MONTGOMERY. Lines written for the Signm ina. bv- Mr Keene, of the New York Theatre, (music bv herself.) and snog bv her on the occasion of her Fare well Benefit. FAREWELL! Away o'er the 'due waves of the ocean, I go to mv own native shores ; Yet this bosom will glow with devotion. To the clime and the scenes it adores. .Round memory's shniu* fondly lingers The joys that have twin’d their blight spell, -And the harp that vibrates to these ringers, Sighs in sadness the tones of farewell 1 Farewell! Farewell! Sighs in sadness the tones of fittewe’ll scolding company about, for any thing else is more i agreeable to th*» ear than tbu oratory ot j an old woman engaged against a servant, i perhaps for the breaking of a spoon- 1 handle. i If I was a young lady and rodo to ^ Church on horse hack, it seems to me j that I should feel very unpleasant if I had j a dozen young men dashing around me, | which would raise my apprehensions of being injured more than protected by such a cavalcade of Sunday admirers. Iff was a young lady, and had been fund of a young man’s company, ami had through ignorance caused him to disconti nue bis visits, I should never deny walk ing with him, when it was known to the contrary. If I was a lady, eiliter married or sin gle, F should never tel! heresay talus to anv body concerning a young lady ro des troy Iter charactor, as it is easily injured. If I was a young lady I should rather be esteemed amiable and intelligent, than beautiful and gay—which former qualities always produces the highest de gree of admiration. If I was a young lady I should never smdo unless I was pleased, even if I had beautiful teeth—and I should never sing in company unless requested, and if I in tended to sing, 1 should do it without be ing asked a thousand times. If I was a nrarried lady, I should never try to injure (Tie character of a young man, in the estimation of the parents of a young Iadv, to whom he is engaged and whose character is unspotted. And Lastly, If I was a woman young or old, single or married, I should endea vor very much to avoid the imputation of being loquacious—I would stay very close at home—and above all I should read all t lie good books I possibly could. JUDY CAREFUL. W hero Italy's bright skies arc shilling, And France, sunny France spreads her bloom, '.This heart will look back with repining, And iis pleasures be sadden’d with gloom. Deep thrilling emotions are breaking, While my thoughts on the past images dwell: And my vo ce, us these visions are waking Breathes in sa loess these notes of farewell 1 Farewell! Farewell ! Breathes in sadness these notes of farewell! An importunt decision t> dealers in JLoliery Tick'-; may be found u our pa per of this day. It is, in subs.Mice, the holders <>f Shares ot Lottery Tickets, not si ned by the i.i .augers, cannot r - cover anv portion of a prize, drawn ro the number of lb r •*!»,. e u, m the man »gers Dui must look to the mu-sons who signed the slttres. They, and 'hey only are lia ble for the amount • • which the prize share may be entitled. This is deserving the attention of nose v ho purchase shares. Democratic Press. xs.—A gill of oats a day, given to will cause •'hem to lay eggs very fully. They also require lime in of its compounds. Old lime mortar, islering of rooms, coarsely minded, t.table substances, which should be J vvheie the hens can h .ve access lo iw wit i! thev choose. Cook was announced one evening to play the Stranger, at the Dublin Theatre. When he made bis appearance, evident marks of agitation were visible in his countenance and gesture: this, by the generality of the audience, was called great ac'ing ; hut those who were acquaint ed with his failing, classed it very properly under the head of intoxication; ’Then the applause had ceased, with difficulty he pronounced—“Yonder hut—yonder hut,” pointing to his cottage; then beating his breast,and striking his forehead he pa red the stage in much apparent agitation of ntind. Still this was jakan for the chief deeuvie of fine acting, and was fol lowed by loud plaudits, aud ‘ bravo, bravo! 4 At length, having cast many a menacing look at the prompter, who repeatedly, though in vain, gave him tho word, he came forward, and with overacted feeliug, 1 thus addressed the audience:— 44 You are a mercantile people—you know the value ! of money: a thousand pounds my all, lent j t<> serve a friend, is lost, for eve -. My j sou too—pardon the feelings of a parent, j an only son—as brave a youth as ever fought his country’s battles, is slain.— Not many hours ago r received the intelli- i gence; but, thank God, be died in defence of his king !” His foldings became so pow- j erful, they choked his utterance: and, i with his handkerchief to his eyes, he staggered off the stage, amidst the ap- | plause of those who not knowing the man, pitied his situation. Now; the fact is, ! Cook imver possessed a thousand pounds j in his life; nor had ever the honor of be ing a father ; but, two much intoxicated ! to recollect his part, he invented this story, as the only wav by w hich he could decent- i ly retire: aud the sequel of the business was that ho was sent home in a chair, whilst another actor played the part. N. II. Sent inti. Remarkable Fact. All the evidence produced by Buchanan, Isaacs, Eaton and other friends of General Jackson, in re gard to the intrigue respecting the Presi dential Election, most amply prove that the only actors io the plot, were the sworn friends and voters for Gen. Andrew Jack- son. Administrator’s Sale. W ILL be so next, at sold, on the first flay of January the late residence of John Gar- uett, late ofColumbia county, dec’d, All the personal pro, ertv of said deceased, consisting of Negroes. Horses, Hogs and Cattle, Corn and Fodder, Household and Kitchen Furniture, Plantation Tools. k.c. &c. Terms made known on the day of sale, JAMES LAMPXIN, Adm'r. Nov. 19 56 wtd TO RENT, And immediate possession given, the Dwelling and Store, first door a- bove the Bridge Bank, an excellent stand for business. Enquire of Ben- noch k. M’Kenzie, or. DAVID SMITH. Nov. 1 51 tf ALSO, A LARGE ASSORTMENT OP | N egro C lothing, Of all descriptions and sizes. 2?“ The above GOODS being | made up purposely for this market, will bear the j strictest examination, as regards both the quality i of materials and workmanship. They willbedis- i posed of Wholesale 4i Retail, on moderate terms J. P.SETZE. Oct. 22 48 tf 1500 SADDLES, LAW. > The undersiffned have NOTICE. "4T7TLL be sold at the residence of the late y y Thomas Stewart, in the City of Augusta, on the first Tuesday in January next, at 10 o’ clock, the remainder of the personal pri pertv of the sai deceased, consisting of H usehold aud Kitchen Furniture, Pump Tools, fcc. Lc. ALSO, On the same day, at the Market House, at 12 o’clock, two Likely NEGROES, (Carpenters.) ALSO, Will be leased, at the same time and place, un til the first of October, 1828, the House lately occupid by the deceased, Hannah Stewart, Administratrix. 56 td FOR SALE, Nov. 19 LAW NOTICE. T HE subscriber begs leave to inform his friends and Clients, generally, that not withstanding his removal to Augusta, he will still continue to practice in the Courts of Edge- field and Barnwell Di tricts. and with that view has established an office in the town of Hamburg. TIIOS. GLASCOCK. Oct. 22 48 tf A Card. At the old stand of Bostwick, Gilbert. &z Co. some of which are of a very superior quality. —also— ^lADDLT TREES, Hogskins, Skirting, Bri- die and Harness Leather, Plated, Brass, and Japand Saddlery Ware, Harness Mounting, \Y hips, Spurs, &c. together with every other ar ticle, usually kept in the SADIDLSELY XmE, all of which will be sold at the very lowest pri ces. S. K1TTREDGE, No. 301A Broad-Street, Augusta, Geo- July 19 "* 21 tf formed a Partnership under the firm of A. B. k W. LONGSTREET. Their Of fice is over tjie Store of Messrs. Wni. H. Morgan Si Co. No. 208 Broair-stieet. * AUGUSTUS B. LONGSTREET. WILLIAM LONGSTREET. Octobei 13 47 lm JUST RECEIVED. A Splendid Dicky Seat Coach. Ak,< , j i r vr .u r>: . . 3 Bew _ supply of Northern Gigs. Also , —, Complyr, assortment of Coach and Gig Harness will be sold on terms to suit purchasers. ON HAND, Light Coaches. Gigs and Sulkeys. Gigs t riages and Sulkeys built to order. Repairing , short notice. July 16 THOMAS G. HALL 20 wtl DIE CHAMBERS’ Remedy for Intemperance. T HE Subscriber, on (he decease of the lau Hr. W m. Chambers, took into his NEW FALL & WINTER Grootor ROBERT MAHARREY, No. 162 Broad-street, Has just received, direct from New-York, a large, supply of Staple and Fancy Goods, Which he oilers either by Wholesale or Retail, at !v~ prices. Oct. 22 48 tf NEW FALL GOODS. X.EWIS F. F. GIBSON 1 , (wheeler’s building,) OFFERS FOR SALE, 24000 Lbs. Sweedes Iron, 200 Casks Thomastown Lime, 50 Bbls. Flour, 15 Bbls. Apple Brandy, 35 Kegs White I.ead, 30 Boxes Raisins, 10 Quarter Casks Wines, assorted, 10 Reams Writing Paper, St. Croix Sugar in Hhds. and Bbls. 6 Tierces Jamaica Coffee. Jmlv 12 10 tf A LL persons having demands or claims of any kind against the estate ofRobertM’- Keen, deceased, or the subscriber, must present them before the first of December, as i><5 oppor tunity will be afforded them thereafter to be li quidated. Those indebted are requested to make payment, as indulgence cannot be given. Win. P. M’Keen. Nov. 5 52 tD tt?" Mr. Abner Washburn, jr. is my authorized Agent, during my absence from this City. F. S. WARNER. August 30 33 tf REMOVAL. T HE SUBSCRIBER has Removed his Store to the Yellow Brick building, 8 doors above French Paper Hangings. ROBERT MAIIARRY, No. 162 Broad-street, H AS just received a splendid assortment of the above article, from -common to verv fin?, which he offers for sale on low terms. Nov, 5 52 tf TIN WARE. his former Stand, where he has on hand and is constantly receiving a good assortment of BOOTS & SHOES, And other articles in his line, where he invites his friends and customers to call and examine for themselves. J. P. Force, No. 284 Broad-Sired. Oct. 8 44 tf BEDS & FURNITURE, F OR sale low for cash, if applied for immedi ately. ALSO, No. 115, corner of Broad and Centre streets-, near the Lower Market. rjN HE subscriber has now on harm, of his own A manufactory, an extensive and complet. assortment of Tin Ware, of the first quality, which he offers.low and on accommodating terms ALSO, 124 BOXES TIN PLATE. iGOO lbs. Iron Wire, assorted Nos. Wm. A. Mitchell. Nov. 5 52 tf HOUSES TO RENT, from the first October next, well calculated for a Victualling or Oyster establishment. Apply at this office. Sept. 10 36 tf F OUR months after date application will be made to tho Inferior Court of Richmond County, while sitting for Ordinary purposes, for leave to sell fifty acres of Land, in Jones Coun ty, adjoiuing land of Mr. Moore and Mr. Breed love, 7 miles from Clinton, belonging to the heirs of Littlebury Wilson, deceased, and to be sold for their benefit. ELIZA WILSON, Guardian. Sept. 24 40 tf dtc <*> w 3, Has just received, direct from New-York, a large supply of STAPLE 4- FANCY GOODS. Which are offered at low prices. No. 175 Broad-street. October 18 47 tf FOR SALE. TITHE six acre Lot above Turknetts Spring A adjoining the property of W. Smith, Esc The situation is commanding and pleasant, and it is in the neighbourhood of good water. Un disputed Titles will be given to the purchaser. FOR TERMS APFLV TO W. A. BUGG, Agent. May 31 a tf Wells <$• Kihhe, Take this oppor tunity of informing out Friends in the City and Country, that owing to our being burnt out on the night of the 2d of July, that we have removed to the Brick Building, formerly occupied as the Post-Office, between Broad-street aud the Man sion House, where we continue our business as DRAPERS & TAILORS, In all its various branches. We have on hand, Goods of all descriptions, such as will suit the lovers of fashion with any article of genteel Dress. Augusta, Aug. 27 32 tf Quaker Springs, TO RENT. CANAL FLOUR. INSURANCE AGAINST UST received and for sale, a lot of Superfine CANAL FLOUR. Oct. 22 HALL & IIARDIN. 48 tf Peach Pie.—The best fruit pie that is snteu may be made of peaches. The crust made in the common way, should be pm in a deep dish to save the juice which L _ 1 Tf. . I ‘ l. .. 111 a A «UleU * v, IML is very .buuJam. The peaches should be wiped and put iu whole, with a sufficiency ul sugar. Tits stones impart an agreeable flavor, which readers any other seasoning unnecessary. Evening School. rpiIE Subscriber will open an Evening School, at his School Room, on Monday, the 5th pf November. For terms, apply to CHARLES GRENVILLE. Nov. 1 51 w4t Linniean Botanic Garden, Flushing, Long Lland, Chloride.—We have recently learned some particulars of the experiments made with the chloride on board of the Argonaut hospital ship, of which, as they may lead to the most beneficial results, we hasten to give a few extracts. “A pipkin containing . a few ounces of the solution of the chloride | “« 3h , rubs I x 1 - v:icinth - Glee “ 1 sbniobery, Grapes, ire. &;c. J OHN BEACH having resigned the agency of the Hartford Fire Insurance Company in consequence of his intended removal from the State, the Board of Directors have appointed the -Subscriber their Agent, w ho w ill take risks on property in Augusta =>nd its vicinity. Apply at the store recently occupied by said Beach, No. 317, Broad Street, where the Agent can be found or at the store of J. ez W. Catlin, JOEL CATLIN, Agent April 26 go t f WM. PRINCE, Proprietor. F ) B. HAY ILAND &. Co. will receive orders 1 . for Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Floner- M hen Gerge II. was once expressing his admi ration of \Y .'fe. some observed that the Gen eral was mad. •• Oh ! he is mad, is he ?” said the with greatquickiiess, ” then 1 -,\ ish he would iiit»«ejne other of mg CsacraU.” L{t. Chronjcdt. ('the cost of which does not exceed two pence) placed in any place where a pu trescent smell has become insufferable, will have the effect ol completely purifying the air tor days afterwards. A solution of this nature has been used on board the Argue naut, as a topical application, for arresting the decomposition of animal matter iu foul ulce:s, &.c. with the most decided advan tage. Thirty Dutch patients were en the O' Catalogues may be seen on application to R. B. H. fcCo. Oct. 25 49 3m 133! iiiit ft)! til’s. Novem 1 er TO RENT, Anil immediate possession given, a comfortable Dwelling House, on YVashington-street, suitable forasmall i family, onnosite Mr. Jacob Dan- LCTHER ROLL. 54 tf To be Exchanged for Merchan dize, 4 House and Lot in Vienna, Abbeville Dis- / » trict, S. C. on Savannah river, midway be tween Abbeville C. H. and Washington, YViikes County. The House has every requisite for a family and keeping a store, there being no shop within seven miles on the Carolina side, besides heiDg directly on the road from the North to the South. It w ill be given a bargain for Wet and Dry Goods, at the wholesale market prices, if applied for shortly. For further information apply to J. S. BEERS, No. 241 Broad-street, Augusta. F. S. Miller Nov- 12 54 3tw JOB PRINTING, Neafly executed it this Offiqfc. The Stand known as the Quaker Springs, and for seve- vears past occupied as a place of Public Entertainment, is now offered for Rant. The Quaker Springs are six miles above Augusta, on the main road to Columbia Court-House, to Lincolo, &.c. and perhaps better situated for a Public House, than any place iu the neighborhood of Augusta. The buildings are in excellent repair, and it is believed there is no stand more celebrated for health and pleasant ness within fifty miles of Augusta. An enterpris ing occupant w ould not fail of finding an encour aging patronage. Possession can be bad the 1st December next, and a lease may betaken for one or more years The Furntiure belonging to the house, w ill be sold to the person renting at a fair valuation. For further information, apply to the subscriber, on the pr nnises. James lynes. EFT he editors of the South Carolina State Gazette, w ill publish the above till the 1st Dec and forward their accounts for payment. October 15 46 tD sion the personal estate of the deceased, found pre| ared a large quantity of Doctor Chan bers’ remedy for intemperance. He hereby informs the public, that he has d* posed ofall the Medicine so found, to Dr. J a0lf , H. Hart, aud Mr. Andrew M. Fauuiug, oft- v city. In making this disposition, the subscriber hit been actuated by a due regard to the interest of the heirs of the intestate, as well as from assn to give the most extensive use to the virtues of ti. discovery, whatever they may be—and he on further add with confidence, that the gentlemen who will hereafter be the venders of the reuiedv for Intemperance, as prepared by the Inventor have been intimately connected with Dr. Chav bers in his lite time—have been his agents in com pounding the medicine, and are acquainted with its composition. Silranus Miller, Public Administrator, Lc. EF The medicine will hereafter be prepare! and sold by the subscribers, who alone are i. possession of the original Receipe of the inven tor, at the office of the late I)r. C. in the basem nt story of Rutgers’s Medical College in Duane street, east side of Broadway, and at the Medics! store of Dr. Hart, corner of Broad-wav ani Chaiub^i street, 3 doors ffjiQ Washington Hal! New York. The astonishing success which this remedy ha_- obtained in restoring habitual inebriates to so hriety, has established its virtues beyond all con tradictiou, and supersedes the necessity of any further comment. The remedy is as innocent as it is effectual; so much so, that it is often given to children in fe brile complaints, aud frequently used as a fainii medicine for Dyspepsia, &;c. All that is required, to ensure its specific effect is to abide strictly f.- the directions. It is put up in packages suffit in ■ forone individual cure, aid accompanied wit.i ample directions for its use, signed in the hand- wiitingofthe subscribers, without which none are genuine. We are induced to adopt this me. sure, as in consequence of the great celebrity which Dr. Chambers’ medicine has obtained, there have been, and doubtless will be, many spu rious imitations. On enclosing to us the usual price, $5. postage paid, the medicine can be sent by mail- To those w ho are unable to pay. on personal application of the individual at our office, the med.cine w ill be administered gratis. JAMES H. H ART. M. D. A. M. FANNING, Successors to W. Chambers. The above valuable article, is for sale bv R. B. HAVILAND & Co. Agent's. October 18 47 3in Scrivcn Superior Court, \ October Term 1827. j WILSON CONNER ) vs. > Divorce. MARY ANN CONNER. ) I T appearing to the Court by the return of the Sheriff, that the defendant, Mary Ann Con ner. is not to be found in the County, on motion of D’Lyon and De Lainotta, attornies for the plaintiff, it is ordered, that the defendant do ap pear and file her answer or defensive allegation I on or before the meeting of this Court, at the next term, and that this rule be published in one of the Gazettes of this State for sixty days. A true copy taken from the minutes, this 16th October, 1827. SEABORN GOODALL, Cl’k. Oct. 29 50 2m Executor’s Sale. O N the first Tuesday in Januaiy next, will be sold, at the Lower Market-house, iu A « gust*, pursuant to an order from the honorable the Court of Ordinary of Richmond County, 300 acres of pine Land, on the Road from Augusta to Sovannah, with the improvements thereon, iatelv occupied by Mr: Ruth Twiggs—being part of the real estate o. John Twiggs, dec. 1 Iso, three Negro 3Ien, being part of the estate of YV. A. Bugg, dec. and sold by order of the Inferior Court. Terms at sale. George Twiggs, Executor of Joan Twiggs and W. A. Bugg- Nov. 5 52 wtd To the Planters of Georgia aud South-Carolina- T a meeting of sundry Merchants of Augus ta, on 16th instant, it was determined that Premiums should be awarded for the best load:, of Upland Cotton, which may be exhibited iu this place, on Broad-street, opposite the Bank-, between M’lntosh aud Jackson-streets, on Itu 10th day of December next, at 10 o’clock, a* tal lows ;— For the best load of not less than seven bait: being at the time of exhibition the property of the Planter in whose name it may be exhibited aud of his crop, a premium of 75 dollars. For the second best load of not less titan seveu bales, a premium of 50dollars- For the third best load of not less than sevtt bales, a premium of25 dollars. The following persons w ere appointed to ju'.t* on the occasion : A. SIBLEY, T. McGRAN, \. b. walker, T. G. CASEY, EDW’D THOMAS EF Editors of newspapers in Georgia and . Carolina, friendly to the above object, will pleat; give this a few insertions. Oct. 10 47 ) THE WARE-HOUSE NOTICE. Horses found run ning the Streets, from the 1st November to 1st May, will be taken up by the City Officers, and left at the Stable of Mr. John Clark. near the Lower Market. The owners can at all times have them by paying the expense. SAMUEL C. DOUGLASS, m. c. a. Nor* 8 .$3 tf CGXfflRTXSSZOH BUSINESS W ILL still be continued, by the undersign^. at the central, convenient and we known establishment, first above the •* Eagle Tavern”—Where he solicits a continuation that liberal patronage which he has heretoto «■ received. Insurance will be effected on all sp l cies of merchandise committed to his charge, *- the lowest possible rates, if it be desired am-a request made to that effect. The Tobacco Inspection "il* also be kept up at this house, and rav count*.' friends, (Tobacco growers especially,) wou well to be particular to enquire for -‘Shelton* Ware-House,” where they w ill at all times. F®* the highest market prices for all Tobacco spected by him. Wm. B. SHELTON 3 3* !{ Sept.