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Savannah republican. (Savannah, Ga.) 1816-1818, June 25, 1816, Image 4

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, from North-Caroli* T.BATTELTuE,' M : . IS, BqUon’s Jiange, - ' Directly undeThis former -Counting-Room* Who offers fo* sate, the folio-mug Articles, on favorable. i terms, to close-invoices, M *. 15 hlids Muscovado Sugar 1 hlid PhiladelphiaJump do - . 6 quarter casks and 2 half pipes Marcella \\ ine, found nearly equal td Madeira * t ' 14 quarter casks L.T*. Teneriffe Wine 10 casks Claret Wine ’ 50 bases do do . . f ' * ^ Demijohns old Madeira Wine Do Bordeaux Brandy and Holland Gin 6' hampers Eiigdish. Cheese 2 tierces do • * muttirn Hams 25 jugs dQ spdt Peas 30 kits dp red and white Herrings SO half bis Philadelphia Crackers •30 hampers black Bottles 10 dozen hajidsopje Wmdsor Chairs 2 new well made Cables 15 do Hawsers : ' 30 coils Cordage:, 400 double and single Blocks 5 second hana Bails, for a brig of 208 toils t trunk white cotton Platillas 2 cases Musliqk casks stone lame ae 18-—f 72 ALSO, 200 june 18 rrr*“ june 11—69 — Ebaf | Sugar, Coffee, otc. 300KX lbs. prime white Coffee 2000 do do green do 1500 do double refined loaf Sugar 20 boxes first quality American broWn Soap do New-Orleans Sugar ’of Holland .Gin, in pipes. For sale at :es for cash, or approved endorsed pa, 1 days, by SL." ■ ✓ Geo. H..Davidso%, may 26—cart—-62 • Rice’s -wharf j 12 barre Did 3d pr low pri per at j : Dj^y Goods, 6cc* •3 cases cambric Ginghams -3 do fancy and plain cambric, leno and book Muslins 2 do Madras handkerchiefs ? 1 do cotton Bandanoes \ 1 do black_ B o mbazines . \ ■ 1 da men’s beafer Gloves ! * \ 2 do cotton-Umbrellas 3 do northern Chambrays, Checks and Shirtings Also, on consignment, 4 hales Romal Handkerchiefs 2 dp India Gin: 1 do do Cali 1 case black Cantin Crapes 3 chests gunpowder Tea, superior quality ... And an assortment of fancy Windsor Chairs. For,sale by ; j J. HANMER 8c CO, junell—^r— Fire-Wood. The Subscriber returns his sincere thanks to custom ers and friends for past favors, and solicits a continu ance of their custoin. There is a constant supply of the best oak, hickory and ash WOOD at his Wood-Yard, with drays in waiting to transport it from his wharf. Ephraim Cooper, N. B. Purchasers are requested not to pay the dra; inan one cent, withdut .’a bill receipted. ■* > ; ; june 18 f 72 For sale * The. PLANTATION called Vkrxezobhe, settled by colonel Daniel Heyward, dec. situate on the east side of the Savannah back-river, twelve miles from-the city, and contiguous to the lands of Thomas Gibbons, esq. The tract consists of a total of 2126 acres, being divided in to pretty equal proportions of tide-swamp, pint-barren cotton and provision lands. Of the former there are. about 300 acres on the river, which, by clearing, would be well calculated for a productive rice plantation: and of the latter, with a large body of cleared provision land, there are about 100 acres of prime uncleared cot ton land. On the place there is an excellent dwelling- house, with five rooms; a large substantially built barn, with‘a number of negro-houses and other buildings.— S ossession of the place will be given at any time. For irms, which will be made easy to an approved pur chaser, apply to the owner, at Callawassie Island, St. Duke’s Parish, South-Carolina, or to the undersigned factors in Savannah. WILLIAMSON Sc DE YILLERS. Marine and Fire Insurance OFFICE. Holders of commissioners’ certificates-for shares of the Marine and Fire Insurance Company, are requested to render them in and receive stock certificates. Dissolution of Copartnersh ip. The’firm cf Christie & Hotchkiss was dissolved on the 15th insti by mutual consent. All persons havi 'g de- mands against said firm Will present Qie same fo Jared Hotchkiss for settlement, and those indebted will call am settle their accounts, as he is fully authorised to settle tin •J-- concerns of the firm ROBERT CHRISTIE, JARED -HOTCHKISS. june 18—-—rst 72 School. ’ The subscriber respectfully informs the citizens of june 18—72 R. Wayne, sec’ry. Superior Coart—-Chatham county. JHay Term, 1816. Nathaniel Adams, Stephen F. Williams, Jacob Fahm, Lewis Turner, grand jurors, and George Low, Rode rick MtLeod, Ezekiel YarnelL, John G. Scheurman, Sa muel M. Mordecai, Henry Haupt, Gabriel W. Denton, petit jurors, having been dulv summoned to attend this court, and being in default, Ordered, That the said grand-jurors be fined forty dollars, and the said petit- jurors twenty dollars each, unless good and sufficient excuse, on oath, be filed in the clerk’s office within thirty days, g Extract from the minutes, Job T. Bolles, elk. ' june 11—69 Select Boarding School FOR YOUNG LADIES, * On the plantation of Mr, William Scarborough, Barn well District, South-Carolina. The summer vacation at this School ends on Monday, the 8th July next, when a few more scholars will be re ceived, pot over 13 yearsof age. Terms—for spelling, reading, writing, arithmetic, grammar, geography, and plain sewing, boarding, washing, and mending, 40 dollars per quarter. French, drawing and music separately charged. The situation of this school is particularly healthy.— Further particulars may lie learnt, on application at the store of Messrs.’ Andrew Low & Co, — \-Af% june 15—i.—71 For sale A House and Lot, in St. James’s square; beiqa: one of the most healthy and pleasant situations in thisYnty—on the Sad lot are all necessary out buildings. This pro perty will be sold for a moderate price, and a credit of one, two and three years given for the p:*ment. Per sons disposed to purchase will apply to ehher of the subscribers. , BEN. SHEFTALL, I,; M. SHEFTALL, sen. aprii 6 41 Georgia—Chatham county. By Samuel M. Bond, clerk of the court of ordinary for said country. To all whom it may concern. Whereas Francis Courvoisie, of said county, planter, has applied to me for letters of administration, debonit non cum testimento annexe, on the estate of John Francis William' Courvoisie, late of said county^leceased, as next of kin. Now, therefore, these are to cite and admonish all and singular the kindred and creditors of the said de ceased, to file their objections (if any they have) in my office on or before the first Monday of July next, other wise letters of administration will be granted to the ap plicant. Given under my hand and seal of office at Savannah, the"23d day of May, 1816. . [L- S.] Sanmcl M. Bond, c. c. 0, may 23—*—61 nM imam 'the Jst ' tfe*: tTnfted received, they w; lowing day* *i , Captain A. Gathbert’s c < CaptainJf.p. Okts’ andcap derliu’s companies on Captain j. Marshall’s company on Captain H. W; Williams’ do dtt Captain E. S. Rees’• do do Captain R. Maejcay’* do do Captain W. A. Dunham’s do. do Captain J. Hunter’s do do Commencing at 10 o’clock in the „ day. JAMES MORRISQN, Paymaster 1st Reg’S. Geo, Militia, United States’ service. 25th instant. 26itlir do ' 27th do f 28th do I 29th do 1st July- 24 do morning of. each Chatham Academy. Fifteen female pupil3 will be received into the Acade my.. Fortickets of admission apply to Wimjam Law, esmattheAcademw JL june 20—63 Escheator’s sales. On Thursday, the 11 th day of July next, Wjjl be sold at the court house in. Savannah, all the personal property of Robert Bowmakey, lately of Sa vannah, shipwright, .dec. an alien, who died intestate and without heirs in this state. ’ f .. Conditions, cash. Sale to commence at 10 o’clock. By order of the court of ordinal ’;. Samuel M.. Bond, june 20 73 , - Esche„:er, Chatham county. Marshal’s sale. On (hefirst Tuesday in July next, Will be sold at the Market-house in St. Mary’s, between the hours of ten and three o’clock, of wharf lot No. 3, in St. property of Paul Chase to satisfy sundry executions at the suit of the United States against said Paul Chase and others. JolmEppinger, une 1——65 .Marshal. /The Buildings on part /Mary’s—levied -on as the ex’or s. yJ. HiU. For sale The Toll-Bridge over Great (hrechee River, at which Joseph Hill lat^y resided—.it is i. Substantial well built bridge, compoS&l chiefly of cypress; it has‘stood tbr freshets,and appears to be in al! rvinects fi. good and complete piece of work. For terms apply to JOHN BOLTON or JEREMIAH CUYLER. aprii 4 40 ‘ 'A' . The subsem^rs Have concluded to continue their business the summer, and will keep constantly' on hand' ihd for -iaie at their Manufactoiy, mould and dipt CANDLES, some of which are part bees’ wax. No. 1, 2 and 3 SOAP. Also, good cider VINEGAR, at wholesale cr nv die gallon. L. BALDWIN Sc CO. June 11—‘cm—69 inf the time of opening the Same, between the hours of ten "afternoon, ft>r the term of twenty day's, exclusive of Sundays, W Tha^anvAnffividuah company, corporation, or st^te, nlay subscribe fo* any Humber of shares pf the capital of said bank, not exceeding three thousand shares, and at the time of subscribing, there must be paid on each share, five dollars in gold or silver coin ot the United States, or of foreign coins, and twenty-five doltais more m like coin or in funded debt, irt the manner following: ver coin of the United States, or in gold coin of Spain for every twenty-eight grains and sixty hundredths o. - . - sold or silver coin, at the several rates prescribed by the first section, of an act regulating the currency of foreign coin in the United States, passed on the 10th day of April, 1806; that is to sa.v, The gold coins of Grekt Britain and Portugal,the rate of one hundred cents for every twenty-seven grams of the actual weight thereof. „ . ‘ LTLs gold coins of France, at the rate of one hundred cents for, every twenty-seven grams and two fifths of a grain of the actual weight thereof. .- Spanish milled dollars at the rate of one hundred cents for each, the actual weight whereof shall not be less than sevehteen penny weights and seven grains, and in proportion for the parts of a dollar—crowns of France at the Me of one hundred and ten cents for each crown, the actual weight whereof shall not be less than eighteen oennv eights and seventeen grains, and in proportion for the parts of a crown . The payments made m the funded? debt of the United States, will be received at the following tO: say, , i*. Tlie funded debt bearing an interest of six per centum per annum, at the funded debt bearing an interest of three per centum per annum, at the . . - ■ sum of one hundred dollars of the nominal amount thereof; and the funded debt bearing an interest of seven per centum per annum, at the Me of one hundred and six dollars and fifty-one cents, for every sum of one hundred dollars of the nominal amount thereof; together with the amount of the interest accrued on the said several denominations of funded debt, to be computed and allowed to the first July.—Provided nevertheless. That it shall be incumbent on the subscribers to prpuuce such evidence as may be satisfactory to the commission ers that the interest has not been paid—for which purpose a certificate from the commissioner of loans will be required—and r , ... ... Tliat at the time and place of subscribing each and every subscriber must deliver to the Commissioners the certificates of funded debt, for the funded debt proportion of their respectiv e subscriptions, ?gether with a poweri of attorney, in the form following: that is to say, « Know all men by these presents, that I — , of the state of , a subscriber for shares ofthe capital ofthe Bank of the United States, do hereby authorise and empower Edward Har den, James S. Walker, and John Camming, or a majority of them, Commissioners for superintending the subscriptions at Augusta, in the state of Georgia, in person, or by substitute to transfer indue form of law, the funded debt whereof the certificates are hereunto annexed, to the President, Directors and Company of the Bank of the United States, as soon as the Bank shall be organized: Provided al-aays, That if, "in consequence of the apportionment of the shares in the capital of said Bank among the sub scribers in the manner by law directed, the said funded debt shall be of a greater amount than shall be'necessary to complete the payments of the funded debt portion for the shares to be apportioned, only so much of the funded debt shall be transferred by virtue, of the power and authority hereby as shall be necessary to complete such payments. rates, that is nominal or par value thereof; the rate of sixty-five dollars for every gn Witness mv hand and seal, this - Signed and delivered, | day of 1816. in the presence of N. B. The wording of the power must be changed when necessary to meet the cases of subscriptions by com panies, corporations, or states; and the parties should acknowledge the execution of the power before a ma- r iatMe, who will certify the same under his hand and seal in the usual form. & The Commissioners have adopted the following regulations in receiving Subscriptions. The payments, as well in coin as in funded debt of any number of subscribers may be consolidated—the pay ments of coin into one sum, and the funded debt into one or more certificates; Provided, there shall be annexed to the power to transfer a schedule of the proportions which the subscribers so combined are severally entitled to. Every Attorney churning to receive any surplus which may arise in consequence of- a redundant subscription, will be required to produce to the commissioners, at the time of any such application, satisfactory evidence of his law ful authority to receive the same. . . At anv time during the term allowed by law for receiving subscriptions to the said bank, any person in tending to subscribe, inay deliver to the cashier of the Planter’s Bank in Savannah, or to the cashier of the Bank of Augusta, on every share so intended to be subscribed, five dollars in gold or silver coin, according to the rates prescribed by the act of incorporation—and particularized above. The cashiers will give to the person, or the attorney of any person or number of persons- intending to subscribe, a certificate of the deposit so made, to be specifically held subject to the order ofthe commissioners designating the several kinds <5f coin and the value there of—according to the rates aforesaid, which certificate will be received by the commissioners at the time of sub scribing, as evidence of the payment in coin—for the number of shares so subscribed, provided the number of shares , to which each subscriber may be entitled, shall be endorsed thereon, or annexed thereto, and signed by the sub scriber or subscribers, or their attorney duly authorized. As it may be inconvenient in many cases, "to obtain certificates of funded debt, for the exact amounts intended to be subscribed, it has been determined that payments of such are not necessarily to be made precisely equal to the portion of subscription payable—but they' must be sufficient to cover the same. Savannah, tliat he will open SCHOOL, in Bamard-street, two doors from South-Broad-street, on TUESDAY, the 25th instant; his hours of tuition will be from eight in the morning until 11 o’clock; and in the afternoon from two to five. He will teach Spelling, Reading, Writing, English Grammar, and Arithmetic. Terms of tuition, five dollars per quarter. Parents who may please to commit their children to his care, may rely on due at tention being paid to their morals as well as to the dif ferent branches of English education, which they may pursue. Sufficient recommendations will be produced for the perusal of any person or persons whon: it may concern. GEORGE NONCY. june 22—i*—74 V Fen dollars’ reward. Ranaway from the subscriber, on Sunday, 16th instant, pegro man Joe, about 20 or 21 years 6f age, rather yel lowish complexion, and about 5 feet 7 or 3 inches high; had on when lie went away, a black coat, light cassimere pantaloons, boots and a black hat; has been seep several times about town Since with light clothes on. - • The above reward will be paid for lodging him in gaol oi; delivering him ta me, and all re^oiwble expencess. A.-. J. E. Hartndge. june 22 74 . " Notice. During my absence to the northward, Ouvf.ti M. Lil- librihge is appointed my, lawful attorney A. ROSS. june 20——a* -73 , ,Poor-House and Hospital. vistTiNG Committee. „ Par May and June, Joas-tP. JjES'Rr and John Lewis. Joseph G umming, aprii 35 -i——51 Sec’ry. United States—District of Geoigia. Smith; vs. The Alexander and.cargo. To the Marshal of said district. [L. S ] JOHN J. BULLOCH, elk. Whereas, a libel hath this day been filed, among the things stating and alledging: That the libe-lant command ing the United States’ revenue cutter Dallas, did on or about the —-— —, of the present month, save > Libel for salvage. byaffie exertions of himself, officers, and crew, the Bri tish brig Alexander, from a total loss, and bring the said vessel safely into pdrt, and for said exertions, prays, that a proper and adequa^p salvage be allowed by decree of thiscourt. Now, you, the said‘marshal, are hereby required to cjte and admonish, all persons interested in the premises, to be and appear at a Special district court to be held in and for the said district, in The city Of Savannah, at the court-house, at ten o’clock a. m. of Friday, the 28th of the present month, to shew cause, If any they have, why the.prayCr of the libellant should not be granted. ' Witness, the honorable William Stephens, judge of said court, this 14th of June, 1816'. _ f rliomas U. P. Charlton, ProctorJor libellant. All persons interested in the foregoing monition will take due notice. JOHN EPPINGER, me 15——71 •- Marshal. k For sale A valuable tract of land, containing five hundred acres, situate in MUntosh county, and within one mile ofthe court house; this land is well adapted' to the cul ture of sugar, rice and cotton. The terms will be libe ral, and may be known by application to the subscriber in Savannah. R^ W. HABERSHAM, march 9—-—29 . ' V-. "'"W- ' Daring Robbery, Committed on Monday night last, on board the brig Exmouth, now laying at BoltonVcentxsl wharf, by some person or persons cutting away the middle Staysail from the mast head, and escaping with the same. Anv^per, son who will give intelligence pf the bfiender, or restore the sail to the aforesaid brig, dr store of Mr. Jonathan B&ttelle shall he handsomeiypewarded^ E.W.Po june 18—■—72 Augusta, ("Ga.J June 17, 1816. EDWARD HARDEN, JAMES S. WALKER, JOHN CUMMING, [CN • Commissioners. -74J The subscriber Has constantly on hand A supply of Doctor Sanford’s superfine YELLOW BARK, at wholesale and retJl; venders of medicine will find it to their interest to supply themselves with tiiis Bark, as a liberal discount w iU be allowed them. Josiaii Penfield. aprii 25— fet 49 During my absence from this state, Messrs. Wiixiam H. Gill eland and Sam .l Daven port, are legally authorised to transact my business. . Isaiali Davenport. june 14^-ca 66 Savannah, ■"1 m ^Brought to gaol, on the 7th June, ,816, a Negro Man, who says is name is Cui'Fi.n, and that he be longs to the estate of John Fraser, but iias been in the cl.arge of Jcim H. ak‘Intosh. He is about 35 years of age, and 5 feet 9 inches high; he has an ulcer on his left leg, and has lest the littie toe of his left foot; has on wliite cotton shirt, jacket and trowsers. HUGH M'CALL, g. c. c. June 13—70 Brought to gaol, in Savannah, June 1, 1816, a Negro Man, who says his name is Ben, and\thathe belongs to William Cable, New-Orleans. He is about forty-five years of age, and five feet three incited high. He was formerly owned by Mr. Delburg in tiiis city. II. McCall, g. c. c. june 4~A56 cFTS in Savannah, who says her "name Mrs. Thompson, of rought to gaol, March 29, 11J16, a Negro Woman, is Mart, and that she belongs to AugUsta, alias Jesse Wkiton of Wilkes county. She is five feet one inch high, very corpulent, and about tliirty- five years of age. H. M‘Call, g. c. c. june 4—66 £3“ Brought to gaol, in Savannah, on the 14th of June. 1816, a i egro woman, ; who says her name is X iw , and that st.c belongs td Mr. Carr, on ■HP ings i pp Ogeehee; she is about twenty years of age and four feet ten inches high; has oil striped hoinespu shirt and pe- ticoat, and formerly belonged to Mrs. Lawrence, of tiiis city. " H. M‘CALL, g. c. c. june 18 .72 £3” Brought to gaol, in Savannah, June 17, 1816, a negro man, who says his name is Cun jo, and that he belongs to John Milier, near Jacksonboro’, _(Ga.) He is about forty' years of age and five feet nine inches high; has on oznaburgs shirt and trowsers and drab woolen jacket. H. M‘CALL, o. c. c. june 18 j—72 125 Dollars’ reward. Hariaway; some months past, the following Negroes, belonging tt> the estate of Peter H. MoreLd^ceased—Joe, a likelyman, about five feet six inches hign, a carpenter by traaejrof a yellowish complection—he is well known in Savannah, and was formerly owned by the late John I*. Ward, esq. Simon, a young man, about twenty-five years old; has a downcast look, when spoken to. Mohia, a young woman, of light complection, about twenty-five years old, and Aggt, a woman about thirty years old, limps whenshe walks, occasioned by a burn. The above negroes,«ge harbored.**, the south end of Ossabaw, where Joe was recently take: lars will be paid ' 4jadl and twenty-! w John H. Morel. jutfe 13—70 . . ‘^For sale or rent The house at present occupied by Mr. John Canto chan* situated at the .comer of Bay* aftd Jefferson-streets, the, forme* residence of William Wallace, esq. Applica tion for tjhe same to be made to cn Joseph Gumming. may ~ April 24, 1816—approved, s june 16—al—71 JAMES MADIS'ON. Permanent Establishment. The Trustees of the CHATHAM ACADEMY with pleasure announce to the public, that this Institution is now conducted by Instructors of the first rate talents; Mr. GRatson, as Principal, and Mr. Law, as Usher.— The establishment k.s been at a great expence, rendered permanent; and its respective departments are open all ‘the seasons of the year. Female Scholars to the number of fifteen, may now be admitted. The impor tance of instruction to youth, during the summer, as well as the winter is obvious, and as tins seminary offers ad vantages equal in every respect to any of the kind, it is believed its claims for patronage are "equal, if not su perior, to those temporary schools kept open during only • a few of the healthy months of the year, merely to suit the interest and convenience of transient persons, without xny view whatever to the public weal, june 23- 73 Marshal’s sale. On thefirst Tuesday in July next, Will be sold at the court house in Savannah, 1 _ between the hours of 10 and 3 o’clock, Two negro women named Rose and Di; revied on as the-property of Joseph Davis to satisfy an execution at the suit of the United States, vs. Joseph Davis and Da'id Leion. JOHN EPPINGER, marshal. j\jgne 73 Wharf and Stqres. Tq rent, tfie wharf and stores at present occupied by Mr. Barna M'Kinne, of which possession may be had ' the first of November next. June ?l X ’ h pos: For terms, apply to ■J N. W. Jones. Savannah, .May 11, 1816. Present their honors judge Johnson and judge Stephens. In consequence of an aci of Congress having passed, changing - the times and places of the sitting of this court, so that the next court for this district will be holden at at this place on the I4tli day of December next; and whereas by the said act, power is given to this court to make such rules and orders as may be necessary to pre vent delay of justice and injury to parties; ?t is ordered, that the next jury to be drawn, shall be drawn and sum moned to meet at this place in pursuance of the said act, and that all writs, and process of all kinds, issued return able to the terrr. in course at Milledgeviiie, shall be held returnable to the court next to be holden at this place; and that the parties be required to appear accordingly to plead or prosecute; and it is further ordered, tha,tthe act of Congress on the foregoing subject, tog-ether with, this order, he published by the clerk of tfas court for two months during the ensuing vacation. Extract from the minutes of the sixth circuit court of the United States, for the District of Georgia. John J. Bllloch, clerk. AN ACT. For the more convenient arrangement of the times and places of holding the circuit Courts ofthe UnitedjStates, for the District of South Carolina and Georgia. Be it enacted by the Senate and House tf Bepresenta- tives if the United Steles of .America, in i. ng.—ss ass nu- bled, that from and after the first day of June next, the Circuit Courts in and for the sixth circuit of the United States, shall be held at the following times and ph-ccs, and no others; that is to say, for the District of Georgia, at Savannah, on the fourteenth day of December ir. every year, and at Milledgeviiie, on the" sixth day of May in every year; for the District of South Carolina, at Charles ton, on the twentieth day of November in every year, and at Columbia on the twentieth day of April in every year, and the Circuit Court for the said Districts respectively, or the Circuit judge of the said Sixth Circuit is authori sed and required to make all such rules and orders as may be necessary to carry into effect the chang-e in time and place of holding the said courts according to the true intent and meaning of this act. H. CLAY. Speaker of the house of representatives. JOHN GAILLARD, President cf the senate pro-u pore.