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Savannah republican. (Savannah, Ga.) 1816-1818, June 27, 1816, Image 1

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UF FREDERICK S. FELL.] SAVANNAH, (GA.) JUNE 27, 1816. [Whole Number 2687. Number 76-] TRUTH WITHOUT FEAR. [Volume XTV THE REPUBLICAN 19 PUBLISHED EVERY TUESDAY, THURSDAY AND SATURDAY, AT SIX DOLLARS PER ANNUM, PAYABLE nr ADVANCE. ADVERTISEMENTS , , . j thp rate of Seventy-Five Cents per ™ time, and Thibty-Seykn and a Hale Cents for each contintiation. CASH occoinpany all orders from the Country, unless the JJjUart be Lured in Tows, or the party well known to the Editor. > - ^ AH Letters to the Editor must be post-paid. *' For Liverpool The substantial fast sidling- brig EXMOUTH, ^Edward W. Pollard, master; will be dispatched, tosaa&having two thirds of her -cargo on board. For fteidit of 200 bales cotton apply on board, at Bolton’s «» ml wharf, or «. - ^ A Who has for sale Bills of Exchange ON NEW-YORK AND BOSTON. june 1 ■' - For Liiverpoul, or Greenock. ^ The staunch, well found ship UNION, captain Bri —turret of 230 tons, will take a cargo of cotton to Liverpool or Greenock, at a low freight, if early applica tion is made to CARNOCHAN & MITCHELL. 2.y 4.9 i*pH» For Boston The regular trading brig ADELINE, James .Rich, master. For freight or passage apply to _ WHITNEY & PARKMAN. juue 18—l—72 - For Boston The schooner SARAH ANN, captain Lum -Hnr«t For Freight or passage apply on board, at Telfair’s wharf, or to Olmstead & Battelle, IVho have now landing, 50 casks cut NAILS, and 200 pieces company Nankeens. june L 65 dations apply to ForNew-York The excellent fi-st sailing brig THREE SIS TERS, Line, master; for freight, (which will be taken low) or passage, having good accommo- the master on board or to Cumming & Moorhead, Who havefor sale, just received, 6 chests superior quality young Hyson TEA. j une 22 p 74 For New York The last sailing brig GEORGIA, captain West, [having three fourths of her cargo ready to go on hoard. For freight or passage, having excellent accommodations, apply to Olmstead & Battelle. june 18 72 ■ For New-1 ork The brig CASKET, captain Ooak, will sail on .—- . * a an. , 1 r ivS^Sunday next. For freight of 100 bales cotton or E**- .. ....nlct frv tViA. />. lalirn on liAowl n*W •passaae apply to the captain on board, or * B. M 4 Kinne & Co. june 18 72 ? or New-York The fine new schooner LEV ANT, Wood, mas .ter, will sail on Sunday next, weather permitting B0=F ^ = „iFor freight or passage, having spacious accom modations, apply to the captain on bo j-d, or to Pelot & Merrick. june 1 5- ”1 For IN ew -1 oi k The schooner VENUS, captain , having ^sailed on the 6th, may be be "hourly expected; swill meet with immediate dispatch. For freight Or passage applv to PELOT & MERRICK. 11 69 For Newport and Providence, (r. i.) ___ The p.oiket brig GOVERNOR HOPKINS, w£^^^captain Smith, will have .dispatch. For freight it-'ikihor passage, having handsome accommodations, apply to tlie master onboard, at Bolton’s wliarf, or to T. H. Condy. i''->e 20, 73 . Uor pinutileljjuLu- The packet brig HERO, captain Bailey, will Prksail for Philadelphia, the 3lst inst. For. freight Nwatofeor passage apply to Perry & Wright, Who have for sale 4 ton Sweed Steel 1 ton broad Russia Steel 10 faggots Crowley Steel 10 barrHis of Philadelphia bottled Porter 20 boxes crab Cider 17 casks and TOO bags Oats Whi^rey, in hogsheads and barrels Black Pepper, Ihc • -■) june 20—73 1< or Piiiiadti^iiiu The packet brig SALLY, captain Myriek, will dftSgK The pa Sfsisifcbe dispatched in a few days. The cabin, having been g.eatly improved, passengers can be handsomely ac commodated, if immediate application be made. W. T. Williams. Received by said vessel, ... A few barrels Philadelphia ALE, and Boxes Philadelphia bottled CIDER. june 11 69 ' Passengers The fine packet brig ALMIRA, Isaac Atwood, master, expected to sail from this about the 15th . of July; will take passengers for New-York, Rhode-Island or Boston. WHITNEY & PARKMAN. june 18—l—72 Parties of Pleasure .Can be accommodated in the fine, fast sailing pilot boat PEACE, "which has been fitted for the ,, - —^purpose. She will take parties over the Bar, to bank, or to Charleston, at a short notice, always return when the party on board require be the ” Lallars per day will be the expense, passen- gtivfindmg their own stores. Apply to WM. SOYSTGN, or i«* 20—ffi ELUAHBBOUeaTON. Bills of Exchange ON NEW-YORK AND LIVERPOOL. J. E. White & Co. may 21 60 For sale by ivne 18—70 Brils on England. ANDREW LOW & CO. j^oaf Sugar, Coffee, etc. 3000 lbs. prime white Coffee 2000 do do green do 1500 do double refined loaf Sugar 20 boxes first quality American brown Soap 12 barrels do do New-Orleans Sugar Old 3d proof Holland Gin, in pipes. For sale at iQW places for cash, or approved endorsed pa per at Co days, by Geo. H. Davidson, may 26—cNi—62 ^ Rice’s wharf E. Bliss & Co. (mark ET-K aUAR K ) Have just received per ship Adonis, from New-York, London superfine Cassrmeres, black, blue and drab; Vigonia ditto; cotton Cassimere and Vigonia Cord; wliite, black and blue Jeans;. London Stripes; black Cambric; cotton Lace; bell Buttons; nun’s Thread; men’s buckskin and beaver Gloves; ladies’ kid and silk. Gloves; tortoise shell Combs; Ribbons; Levantine Shawls and fancy Handkerchiefs. 1 case China Silk, ass -ted colors black, green and changeable Florence Silk 1 case cotton Cambrics 1 do Calico 1 do Ginghams. 1 bale India Cotton 1 case Ge-rrian Sheetin'r. &e. ittne 6—67 Un consignment. fust received, ■ A few bales of GERMAN GOODS, wed suited for ne groes’ summer clothing, which will be soil verv iow. J. Bilbo. iune 4 66 J ust received From New-York Macoboy and Scotch Snuff Soft, shelled Almonds—best Raisins Green Gages—Appricots—Peaches and Quinces, preserved 30 boxes fresh Prunes Capers—Olives—Sweet-Oil 30 boxes old Medoc Ciaret 2 pipeSTVIadeira Wine, five years old Teas, of tli. latest importation Fresh Turkey Figs—old Porte Wine Best .Mustard—Spermaceti Candles Tam.rinds—Pickle Vinegar Double distilled Rose W ater—Orange do For sale bv P. MORIN, nine 1 -- iJuei, Gresuam <x c-o. Have now landing,from the ship Winnefred, fwm Elver- jftk, pool, . A large supply of SUMMER GOODS. , ALSO, #■ 39 casks and cases assorted Hardware and Cutlery, each containing a complete assortment for a retail store One case superior plated Ware, consisting" cf cruet Frames, candlesticks, Snuffers and Trays And via New- York, Two trunks Parasols, three bales Seersuckers, three bales Humimms WOO pieces long yellow Nankeens, one case chipiHat.s; white, black and colored Levantine and Florence Silks Stout mixed coat Silks and Florentine Vesting; white, and black lace Shawls and V eils; Merino Tippets; ele gant embroidered Ridicules, assorted colors and patterns Thread Laces and Edgings One case Chinelle Cords, assorted colors and sizes Fifteen casts straw li-is and Bonnets Six cast s Artificial Flowers Seventeen casesofiooking Glasses, a part of which are in elea ant ril fr nres. june la—71 Spring Goods. For sale at the store of J. J. & F. BLANCHARD, I-OH VASU OJt Aft tUIVLl) PAVEBj 6-4 figured Cambric Sid figured Muslin 4-4 plaid Si k and colored Crape Silk, for bonnets of all colors; amo. g which are green, white, pink, &c. Silk, for dresses of all colors and qualities Sarunet, for trimming bonnets; of all colors Plain and figured silk Gauze • * 6-4 silk Lace and narrow ditto, for trimming Superfine thread Lace and linen Cambric 6-4 half lace Shawls and 6-4 *.xe Veils Ribbons, of all sizes and colors Silk Shawls, of all sizes and colors, from 75 cents to §12 Dutch Rolls and white Oznaburgs Dutch Sheeting, Russia "and Irish ditto Furniture Fringe and Dimity Silk Cords, Ghenelle, and Beads Fine book, jaconet;and mull Muslin Turtle Shell Combs, Fans and bead Baskets Damask table Cloths, of all sizes Russia and Irish Diaper 4-4 and 7-4 Irish Linen, biue Nankeen < Cotton Kerseymere, Bombazett, &lc. Together with a great variety of fancy and seasonable GOODS, too tedious to enumerate, may §0—< «•— 64 y For sale Six or eight hur.drecl bushels first quality ROUGH RICE. Apply to Ca.AiiLEs or James Da vas t, on HiltOn- Head; or Messrs. Scott & FAgjr, in Savannah. uuielS-V—*2 Medicines. Tartar >w Bark Fine powdered < Do do Fresh do Do Caraway, S€^ Do English Qammomile Flowers Do Anniseed Best short staple Isinglass Do Flake Manila ' Do Alexandrine Senna Batem:in’s Drops American Ink Powder Essence of Peppermint Refilled Camphor Turkey green Arabic. British Oil ■’U lies Harlem j Spanish 1 Mace Nutmegs Manila, in sorts English Sugar of Lead Do Rochelle Saifs j Pill Poxes The above articles are offered for sale by Stebbins -& Meson. anril 4 40 Philadelphia Razee Boots. The subscriber has just received per brig Olynthue, 50 pair RAZEE BOOTS,,of a superior quality, * Jolm Douglass. nine 1 65 For sale A gentle family Horse, Gig and Harness, bv n Herbert & Co. .nine 22 74 For sale 200 pieces Inverness Bagging 50 pkces Oziuburg - 3 cases, containing 2000 Dutch half pint Tumblers. 100 bis No. 1 Boston Beef JAMES JOHNSTON. -74 i iie subscribers Off dr for sale Tenerife and Malaga Wine, in pipes and quarter casks Gin, Brandy, Rum A few bags of Pepper and Coffee 10,000 Philadelphia Blacks june 18 t— George & Alexander M. Ker. -72 William P. Beers Has received a variety of elegant l.icc Veils Demi Veils Shawls and*Handkerchiefs Tiiread L^ces, of tile newest patterns AfcSO, A few pieces first quality bed Ticking Black and colored Crapes (very low) , Green Florence Silk, fine book Musiin Fine undressed Calicoes and Cambrics Striped Jeans and Florentines ^ Webb’s patent Suspenders, silk and cotton Kid Gloves, best quality, of which a few dozen are un dressed Irish Linens, at all prices^ silk Glove* Fresh HYSON TEA, best quality, june 8 -68 . . isiaekarci, Herrings, smoked Beef, and manufactured Tobacco of the first quality; just landing from the sliip Cotton Plant, and for sale on reasonable terms, by P. Duffy. may 21—60 JL * New Gooffs. By the brig Yamacraw and ship Thomas Gibbons, from Liverpool the Subscribers have received their, suply of j, 4 FRESH GOODS, suited t<5 the summer season, which are offered for sale on reasonable terms. ANDREW LOW & CO. TO’ Good OZNABCRGS, at 18 cents per yard. ,v °1 6‘; J ast received, From Liverpool, per ship Winnefred, 85 tons Salt, and ■, . 10 chaldron Coals, which will be sold low if applied for immediately. Apply to Calvin Baker & Co. june 13—70 i * jEtyj.* ' ■ .os For sale 20 tons Lignumvita 15 hlids Molasses 6 casks Coperas 100 pieces best Dundee Bagging v. 50 pieces flaxen Oznaburgs \ Caruocban & Mitchel. may 11—56 - - Landing ^ From tlie schooner Mechanic 20 bis Pork 10 pipes Wine 16 hhds northern Gin 25 pieces Oznaburgs 300 Madras Handkerchiefs ALSO 35 tons flat building Stone, which will be disposed of low, if immediately applied for, by ' ^ Pelot & Merrick. Bills on New-York fox sale as abofre* j 11116 ^ Dry Goods, * a Just received per schooner Mechanic, Jftm New-York, Comprising the following arttc] Imitation Shawis, silk rlitto ditto, pocket Handker chiefs, ditto Ridicules, ditto Purges of vi?$ious,descrip tions, difto ladies’ Gloves, men’s yellow buefekife ditto ditto kid of various'descriptions, oambric Muslin,' leno ditto, mull mull ditto, ditto gold embroidered ditto, gold and silver Purses \yith clasp®, kill elastic Garters, rich painted satin ditto ditto, cotton ♦all Trimming, la- ili<$’ work Boxes or Valizes, figured foather Fans, plain ditto ditto; French Linen, ready made linen Shirts, lin en pocket. Handkerchiefs, ditto Thread, snuff Boxes, Buttons, 1 case?glazed Mats, Madras Handkerchiefs, and also 1 case containing 2 mahogany tear or breakfast Tables. The above goods are offered by the invoice or otherwise, on accommodiitingterms, by S. Sainsimonj • next doorito Mr. M. Clarke, and opposite • to Mr. T. Gibbons’ brick stores, in St. Julian street. “ .ipne 6—67 Just received, And for sale at the REPUBLICAN OFFICE, A-Journal, OF YOUNG MAN OF MASSACHUSETTS, Late a Sugeon on board an American Privateer, captured by the British, in 1813; confined first at HALIFAX, THEN AT CHATHAM, ENGLAND, A.VD LAST AT DARTMOOR PRISON. Price-Nine Dollar. (iff- Subscribers to the above' Work will please call and take their copies. june 18—72 ~ Auction. On Thursday the, 2d July, Will be sold before the court house, between the usual hours, (if not previously disposed private sale} A valuable NEf RO FELLOW, a first rate cooper. M. Herbert & Co.'aact’rs. june 25 75 * For sale, On board the shop Mary, taping at Jones’ wharf, 50 kegs of Dupont’s Gunpowder, first quality 12 barrels of Pliiladelphia Whiskey 8 kegs of assorted cut Nails Cider and Vinegar, in barrels 8 barrels of Crackers ALSO, A few"thous ,nd Bricks june 25- a *-75 Factorage ana Commission! The subscriber haring commenced in the above line of BUSINESS, offers his services to his friends apd tha public; his Counting-Room 1 is on Wayne’s upper‘wharf, Fo; " ‘ - . ‘ormerly occupied by Messrs. Phiniz^St Barnett- The- Store is large and commodious—produce will be re» ceived on Storage and every attention given to its re ception and shipment. RICHARD WAYNE, dec 2—159 The subscriber Has just received, and now opening, at No. 17, Boltoaftt buildings, fronting the Exchange wharf, THE FOLLOWING ARTICLES, Winch are offered for sale, low for cash: 50 casks London bottled Porter 30 barrels fresh Philadelphia Flour , 25 barrel* Georgia g do Crackers, by the keg or barrel New-Orleans Sugars, in barrel* , Wliite Havana do i Double refined loaf Sugar Coffee and Hyson Teas Cognac Blfandy Best Jamaica Rum Northward Rum and Whiskey Madeira Wine, by the dozen or quarter cask £ Lisbon . do do ; Sweet Oil, boxes brown Soap Boxes fivsh Prunes, Raisins and Almonds ALSO 3000 lbs. North-Carolina Hams 20 boxes choice Spanish Segars 20 thousand American do june 25—75 Francis Jalineau. Cloatiiiiig Ware-House. The subscribers have removed to thenew brick store, on the Bay, nearly in the re..r of their former establish ment and opposite "Messrs. B. M‘Kinne &. Co’s, where they offer for sale, just received per sliip Woodbine and brig Savannah Packet, from New-York, a general assort ment of READYMADE CLOATHING, consisting of the following articles, viz: India seersucker, gingham and black bombazet Coattee®. Superfine blue and mixed cloth and cassimere do Gingham, white jean and yellow nankeen round.Jackets Superfine white-and figured Marseilles Vests Do black Florentine do Do yelipw nankeen, white jean, white cassar cord, striped jean, cotton cassimere, olive, velveteen, Angola cassimere and cord Pantaloon* Superfine Tfffee, black, drab and mixed cassimere Pantsir loons Superfine linen and cotton Shirts. &c. &c. W. & A. Weyman & Co. Pack Pins, wliite and black silk Gloves Ladies’ straw Hats, Artificial Flowers MiUmcta, «otton Lace, white Suttins Men’s a*4 boy’s wool and roram Hats, june 20-ai— 1 73 Just received, And 'iow landingfrom Neoo- York, 37 hhds. prune selected New-Orleans Sugar, fit for re* tailing ^ 40 do do retailing Molasses 4 pipes 4th proof genuine Cognac Brandy 10 chests Gunpowder and Hyson Tea 6 casks assorted Shot 2 pipes old Madeira Wine quarter casks L. P. Teneriffeand Malaga do barrels Pork and Beans IX STORE, old 4th proof Jamaica Rum, warranted pure, be. ing imported direct , •Jjfhiskey, N. E. Rum, Coffee andiron ' Together with a large and general assortment Of well shosen. GROCERIES, m any quantity to suit purchaser^ for sale by BROOKS & WE LMAN, june ‘4r—fifi •Rollon's wharf, N ow lauding, 12 cases For Prom brig Three Sisters, d half pint TUMBLERS, by J. BATTELLE, Na. 16, Commerce Ross Who has for sale low, to close an account, 35 coils superior bale ROPE. (Tj» 10® bales ^BTTON wanted to fill up the EX. MOUTH, for Liverpool. Apply as above, jane ~~ 25—74 For sale N. B. A suitable stand wanted. Beef, Gin and Bagging. 30 barrels prime BEEF 60 piece! ' 5 pipes A light four wheel CARRIAGE and HARNESS, near, ly new. Apply to R- J. HABERSHAM. 25 75 pieces Inverness BAGGING pipes Holland Gin. For sale by june 25—a—75 Greorge Gordon. Notice. % ' During my absence to the north, I have appointed JowsrM. Emli, my lawful attorney. Frederick Selleck. June 23——>»*—74 For sale ‘‘That well known Lot, with the improvements thereon, consisting of a large dwelling and out Houses, a litile out of repair, situate in the upper end of town, formerly own. ed arid occupied by Mr. Strawhackcr. For particuio^ enquire of T. POLHILL, or ’ F. H. WELLMAN, iune 2.5———ca 75 Dr. D. M. LailiUe Will attend to any calls in his profession; his office if at the corner of President m»4 June 25 9