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Savannah republican. (Savannah, Ga.) 1816-1818, July 23, 1816, Image 1

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■ im / .>j - *' v ;V -■ . - • - .*! *" * - - - - • —J • * . V - -. * . . - ^ ^♦ A. ■'u», • >., ..C ,*o. W f : ‘ - « L *""V* a - - * T*m**mL. ‘“'■ir"'*!■- ^ 'A *?*?«'Mg * FREDERICK S. FELL.3 DUMBER 87-] SAVANNAH, (GAO JULY 23, i816 TRUTH WITHOUT FEAR. [Volume XIV TIIE REPUBLICAN IS PUBLISHED EV'EEV TUESDAY, THURSDAY AND SATURDAY, AT SIX DOLLARS PER AJ'J'UAf, PAYABLE ADVANCE. advertisements vffl be inserted at the rate of Seventy-Five Cents per square the .first time, and Thirty-Seven am a Hu, Uents for each continuation. » CASH must accompany all orders from the Country unless the Tyment be secured in Town, or the party well known to the Editor. jlH Betters to the Editor must be post-taid. The members of the Dorcas So ciety, who have not paid tneir subscriptions, areiequest- cd to pay them to the Secretary. * iiy order of the ftirectre**. Mary S. Drysdall, hily 20— 86 ~ " For Philadelphia The p .ckc. schoonei SOPHIA, captain Wal- lare. «hl have immediate dispatch. For freight OaSS.ige appiv on board, at Bolton s central feTt^r to ° PP - M. HERBERT & CO. For sale on board, 1 . 1 VT 11 1 ut On New-York.- For sale at the Insurance Office. ji> .- 3b -66 - F>’r sale or ■ .. r . rii anils 011 England ANDREW LOW 8c CO. iii’acrloiEs Atlas, N o. /, Containin '; of Swisseiuand, Russia in Europe „nd Hi.vdostas R, v's C ituopk’.u vol. 26, port 2d T ’E QrvarEHLt Review, No. 27 B< ,i: V Ho >S .si’s SsH.'ION'S ON THE RESURRECTION JUiss Anna, M.n.. PorLr’s Rallad Romances, and other Poems Lord ‘Fare thee Wele,”&c. rollers or Maps of bii ’, Ohio and Maryland, on portable, just published, &c. Sec. Just received. W. T. Williams julv 18— —PS And for Prime Beach Island CORN. Store, or to july 2b—R- ,j asi rcLcn cd ale Apply at Knox & Stone’s WfLLIA \l H. JOYN ER, > -86 at ’*■ • The subscribers Have note landing Jrom brig Pocahontas,from New-York; 100 barrels Menhaden 30 do Mackerel 10 pieces bed Ticking 10 do Priest Cloths IN STORE Writing, letter, printing, wrapping and sheathing Paper Ship Bread e nd Cordial Barrels glauber Salta Curry Combs Hatchets, Hammers, Axes and hollow Ware Floor Brushes ut Nans, Trunks Boxes Chocolate * Bed Cords, Twine, ravenc’ Duck No. 1 to 6 Shot Boxes cotton and wool Cards Currants,. in barrets 1 case mill Saws 6 casks northern Shoes Olmstead & Battelle. Fresh Shoes and Slippers. Just received,from JVe-w-York, by the brig Pocahontas, con sisting of the following kinds: Cadies’ black kid. Slippers, from iledenberg’s manufactory Do do undressed Morocco, do do .Men’s Morocco Shoetees Do do Pumps Do fine seal Shoes do wax calf-shin Shoetees Do Do Do Do do grain do Shoes strong Pumps Ihiidren's leather Boots All of which will be sold low for cash bv John Douglass, i o -51 aria.,.' , V. urunpovvder. The subscribers having been appointed by Peter » -t i, esq. of Wilmington, Delaware, his sole Agents for the disposal of his Gunpowder, in Georgia, Have just received, per the brig Olynthus, 60 kegs of FF R—vvnich they offer for sale, on reasona ble terms; and will always have a suppiy on hand. Mr. Batiduv having - for thirteen years been a partner of t te Lite hoii3e of Dupont if Co. authorises its to war rant the Gunpowder, of his manufacture, to be of a su perior quality, made of puie materials and to soil the gun ,ess than that, made by the old firm. Samples may be seen at the counting room. PERRY £c WRIGHT. .?«!'■ fit' — 5 F 5 90 Landing hr briers Active and Olynthus, from Philadelphia, > old Cognac Brandy, 4th proof ■.eii bottled Cider, in barrels containing 3 dozen each 5 chests superior hyson Tea. For sale by Francis Jalineau, julv 16 84 aVo. 17, Crca.u.f —J Landing, Prom CVew-York and Philadelphia, 8 bags and 12 barrels soft studied Almonds 16 vxes sperm iceti Candles I.. .. .if pipe s s .veet Wine 33 i outer c-sks .Malaga Wine Id bag's Ginger. For sale by Brooks & Welman, julv 16—n—84 A :di | Coiiee and Aioiabseri. R mi, 1) hogsheads Jamaica Rum 13 hogsheads Moa.sscs 2a bags Ccffee. For s .Ie by Lawrence & Thompson. july 13—t—85 Cotton lagging and Hoes. 6d pieces Cotton Bagging 14 c..sks Hoes, patent »ud common Just received and by 11. & J. Habersham. july 23—p—86 sale v or 1 elegant Mahogany Side-Board 1 do do Bureau 2 do do Tables 1 dozen elegant fancy Citaivs, and 1 Mahogany • 'r die. Apply to W. A: A. Weyman & Co. * 1 • on the Hay i" or sale *e\j i pum Cotton Bagging- 5a quarter casks Tenentl Wine If hog he ds Molasses la e isics da Icira Wine, ju.v 11 82 U. RICHARDSON. a he sabseiTOi ■ Have hi TS it received, and offer for sale, 53 casks tract AiWus J ir a * a—s assorted, winauw mass' ia or ,ts do CrockeryiVare a./ nags race Ginger. a lb 64 L. PETTY & CO. D?' Knine's wharf Planters’ Hunk. Vn election will take place on ‘.Vednesday next fora 12CTOR to fill the seat of Richard Richardson, esq. ..'At by absence. J. MARSHALL, yUy 18—85 Factorage and Coiuuussioa Jiusiuess. The subscriber intends, i n the first Tuesday of Sep tember uext, to decline the practice of law; and, from that date, to engage in the above business. If the strict est observance of the interest of those who may confide in him, and the most unremitted attention, exertion and punctuality in business, Lave any c-nm to public p ronage; the subscriber pledges himself to his friends and fellow-citizens, generally, to merit a poruon of then- favor. He has procured fire-proof stores for the reception of produce on Howard’s wharf, and his counting-room is lu the east tenement of said building Joseph S. Pelot. julv 13 frt ! Factorage and Commission. The subscriber having commenced in the above line of BUSINESS, offers his services to his friends and tin public; his Counting-Room is on Wayne’s upper wharf, formerly occupied by Messrs. Phinizy &. Barnett- Tin- Store is large and commodious—produce will be re ceived on storage and every attention given to ixs re ception and shipment. RICHARD WAYNE. dec 2—-139 Notice. The subscriber being about to leave the place fora few montiis, has appointed Mr. S. Hall and Mr. S. Sain Simon his attomics during his absence. The store will be con ducted under the immediate case of Air. S. Sain Simon. All those indebted, either by note or book account, will please call on Mr. S. Hall and settle the same, as he is duly authorised to collect the same by law or otherwise. S. Ciizbe. For sale. Just received and now opening, 1 case oiled hat Covers, 1 do plain ami figured feather Fans; these goods are of a superior quality and are off er ed. on very accommodating terms; and also, on hand, a variety of other Articles; which may be seen at his stove, next door to Mr. P. Hall’s hardware store, northeast corner of Market-square. S. CLIZ3E. july 23—b—86 Hank ot tiie State of Georgia. The stockholders of the Bank of the State, of Georgia are hereby notified, that the second instalment of twenty per centum wilt be received at the State Bank in Savan nah; and for the accommodation of western stockhold ers, an agent will be appointed to attend at the Bank of Augusta for that purpose also, from the first of August next. The holders of stock are required to pay this in- log 1 s * x months from the time of subscribing The editors of newspapers throughout the state are requested to publish the above, and forward their bills for Savannah. 25th June, 1816——75 ‘ Bar Lead, Loaf Sugar, NORTHERN HOMESPUNS, &c. Kegs bar Lead Do buck; low mould and swan Shot Do assorted sizes, do Bartels loaf Sugar Ladies’ Twist Tobacco PLid, stripe and charnbray Homespuns Just received and for s !le by B. & G. Lathrop, july 13 l 83 AJarket square Fresh Flour. Just received, from Philadelphia, by the brig William if Alary, the following articles, for sale at Jo. 17, Exchange win. rf, „ Superfine Flour, in whole and half barrels Fresh Crackers, in kegs Gunpowder, of Dupont’s brand Kegs cut Nails, assorted ON II AND, casks London bottled Porter M..dcira and Lisbon Wines and 3060 lbs North Carolina Hams Francis Jalineau. julv 9 °1 40 Fit aisii iTiia alia 1 uiTie. •schooner Alary Ann, from J'ussau, Landing from th Pine Appies, Cocoa Nuts, linie-s Ai.SU, 8 J tons Lignumvitas; all of which will application at tiie wharf - , or to Carnochan k. julv 6—80 id green Turtle be sold low, on Mitcbel. Georgia Flour. o Just received 60 barrels fresh Georgia Flour. Apply at No. 17, Ex change wharf. july 11 82 Hyson, l ea. w 12 chests Hyson Tea. Fcr sale hv Charles Kelsey. jt'ly 13- -85 Claret W oce. me, A few boxes Hermitage, of 1868 Do L’eoviie, of 1810 Do Brandy Fruits and c.-sk of Almonds. For sale by R. k J. Habersham. july 9 81 Porter, etc. Received per the Volant and Delight, from Charleston, AND FOR SALE Hi JAMES HILLS, Alarket-sq na re, Casks double brown Stout, old Cognac Brandy and Holland Gin, front London; St Julian Claret, in cases, (very superior;) old Hermitage, in cases; white Havana Sugar, in boxes; Crackers, in barrels and kegs; London Mustard, Scotch Barley and split Pease, Sac. on HAND, A choice and general assortment of Wines, Teas, Li quors and Groceries. july 13—8-3 List opened Ginghams, Chambrays, Stripes and Sheeting Green Florence Silk, white S atins, Sec. For sale by J. & L. Kopinan. July 16—t,—R4 iueceive :1 Per brig Olynthus, 60 kegs Gunpowder, FF R 3 pipes 4th proof Brandy 4 ills Yin de Grave, of superior quality 8 boxes do do do Boxes Olives, Capers, Anchovies, Brandy, Fruits 4 pieces cotton Bagging 8 copper Stills, 50 to 80 gallons and in srj.iE, 150 pieces cotton Bagging 3 pipes Bordeaux br.aiay 20 hhds Whiskey- 10 pipes Philadelphia Gin 100 casks cut Nails, 3d to 20d 10 bis loaf Sugar 40 casks Raisins Negro Cloths An invoice of Medicines and Phials Sweed, Russia and Crowhy Steel Philadelphia Porter and Cider, in bottles 50 b igs heavy Black Pepper Window Glass Cotton and wool Cards A few bushels of Oats. PERRY 8c WRIGIIT. july 18 •! 35 cashier Wanted To the Printing Busines, two APPRENTICES. Ap- ' this Office. june 29 77 Wanted, From 200 to 250 thousand prime REEDS. Cumming & Moorhead. -83 july 13 b- Wanted to hire A COMMODIOUS HOUSE. Apply to the Printer. Will be given for a good Cook, Washer and Ironer. Enquire at this Office. ‘ ' ' Marshal’s sale continued. On the first Tuesday in August next, Will be sold at the court house in Savannah, between the hours of 10 and 3 o’clock, Two Negro Women, named Rose and Di; levied on as the property of Joseph Davis to satisfy an execution at the suit of tiie United States, vs. Joseph Davis and David Leion. JOHN EPPINGER, marshal. july 6-80 , , , , Liberal wages asher and Ironer. j ie july 86 | june 2f Marshal’s sales. On the first Tuesday in August next, Will be sold at the court-house in Savannah, between the hours of 10 and 3 o’clock, The following negroes, to wit; Judith, Rachel, Fri day, Juno, Bob, Hetty, Scotland, Fox, Jarvis, J«he, Bi- nah, Brutus, sen. Brutus, jun. Duncan, Galloway, Caesar and Jack—levied on as the property of Alexander Cur rie, dec. to satisfy an execution at the suit of John Mil- le.'i J«HN EPPINGER, Just received, And now landing from Jeso-York, 37 hhds. prime selected New-Orleans Sugar, fit for re tailing 40 do do retailing Molasses 4 pipes 4th proof genuine Cognac Brandy 10 chests Gunpowder and Hyson Tea 6 casks assorted Shot 2 pipes old Madeira Wine quarter casks L. P. Teneriffe and Malaga do barrels Pork and Beans IN STORE, old 4th proof Jamaica Rum, warranted pure, be ing imported direct Whiskey, N. E. Rum, Coffee andiron Together with a 1 .rge and general assortment of well chosen GROCERIES, in any qiiantitv to suit purchasers, for sale by BROOKS Sc WELMAN, june 4—66 Holin' -hi.-r Fresh Dry-Goods. THE SUBSCRIBERS, Havf/mceived, per the brig Seu Island, from JPewATarlc, ATwge and \y U selected supply of English, French, Tnciuand Domestic Manufactured GOODS; all of which -v i i • b sold, by wholesale or retail, at their store, north west end of Gibbons’brick building, Market-squ? re. Murdoch JYDLeod & Co. julv 20—t—86 Doctor Berthelot Respectfully informs his friends and the public in ge neral, that he lias just arrived from the north, and has made choice of the best Drugs, lately received, from France and England, in addition to his latest importa tions, and is just Ending from the schooner Sophia, and brig Olynthus, from Philadelphia, and from the sljp Adonis, from New-York, the following articles, viz:— Aloes, Ether, Camphor, Cantharides, Cinnamon Cream of Tartar, Jalap, Calomel, Rhubarb Hippecac, G. Arabic, Flor. Camomile, Fl«r. Bengoiq Alexandria FoliiculleS Senna Rochelle Salts, Soda do Vitriol Alba, patent Lint Pearl-Ashes, (iharcoal, Dentifrice Spirits Turpentine, per gallon "White Lead, in oil; Spanish Brown, in oil Petal Barley, Gold Leaf, Dutch Metal Haiioc, American and West India Castor Oil Spike, Clove, Mint and Anniseed Oil Elastic Bougies, refined Liquorice 160 gallons English Oil of Vitnol Globe Bottles, with tops; Lamp Glasses, proof Phial* Phials, assorted; Glass Mortars and Pestles Composition Mortars and Pestles Graduated Measures Glass Funnels, different sizas Large Crucibles, in nes-s ALSO, Patent Medicmes, of every description On Commission, Durable Ink, Ink Powdt-r Japan Varnish, shoe Blacking, prepared Ink Oil Wormseed, Copal Varnish, Japan Vamish, and Lemon Acid N. B. All orders from the city and country will be thankfully received and put up with care and dispatch. The usual credit will be given, if required, or a liberal discount allowed for prompt payment july 2-3- ;-&6 Duel, Gresham x Co. Have now landing, from the ship li innefred, fuom Liver pool, A large supply of SUMMER GOODS. ALSO, 39 casks and cases assorted Hardware and Cutlery, each containing a complete assortment for a retail store One case superior plated Wart, consisting of cruet Frames, candlesdcks, Snuff ers and Trays And via J'e-.o- York, Two trunks Parasols, three bales Seersuckers, three bales Humhums lOQO pieces long yellow Nankeens, one case chip Hats; white, black and colored Levantine and Florence Siik* Stout mixed coat Silks and Florentine Vesting; white and black lace Shawns and Veils; Merino Tippets; ele gant embroidered Ridicules, assorted colors and patterns Thread Laces and Edgings One case Cliinelle Cords, assorted color* and size* Fifteen c. ses straw Hats and Bonnets Six cases Artificial Flowers Seventeen cases Looking Glasses, a part of which are in elegant gilt frames. june 15—71 Andrew Low & Co. Have received, by the ship JVinnifred, from Liverpool, and other late arrivals, Turkey red Yarn Linens and cotton Shirtings Fancy figured mull Muslins, for dresses Fine and course, low priced ieno Muslins, suitable for pavillions Plain and figured Cambrics Calicoes and Ginghams, in great variety Counterpanes and Marseilles Quilts Handsome furniture Dimities Common and 6-4 cambric Dimities White and colored Marseilles Vesting Black and colored Bombazines and Silks Bombazetts, Jeans, York Stripes Plain and ribbed Stockinets Cotton Stockings, of all kinds Madras and Pullicat Handkerchiefs Apron Checks, brown Hollands Italian and Canton Crapes Wliitechapel Needles and fresh ounce Threads Superior cotton Umbrellas London paper and pound Pins Cutlery, assorted, in small Casks Osnaburgs, Russia Sheetings, long Lawns; and, a variety of other GOODS, afi of which will be sold, either wholesale or at retail, on the m st moderate terns julv 6—i8G »V uiiam P. lieers Mai sh l’s wiiico. By virtue of 4 decree of tne Honorable the sixth circuit court of the United States for the district of Georgia* made in a case wherein Jane Irving W.;! .... I- g, Ca tharine Maitland and Alexander Maitland, were • im- One thousand acres salt (now fresh) rrwruu,nUinap.ts and Joseph Currie and Joseph Miller, we. a de- : A i.-tini ncr lartrl« of JsvKrt 11 . a!*® 1 ®* ’***' mington river, joining lands of John Simpson, now con* fiscated, and lands of J. M‘Queen, esq. originally ora the 4th September, 1772, granted James Lucena, dec. For terms apply to William Stephens, or at this office, where a plan may be seen;the tract is prime cot .on land. Also acres of land, in lots of the beautiful village of Montgomery, on Vernon river; fine, healthy summer’s residence. Enquire as above. "july 16 84. Marshal’s sale continued. On (he first Tuesday in August next, Will be sold at the market-house in St. Mary’s, between thejhours of ten and three o’cleck, The buildings on part of wharf lot No. 3, in St. Mart ’s levied on as 1 le property of Paul Chase to satisfy sun dry executiot s at the suit of the United States against said Paul Chafe and others JOHN EPPINGER, JVty • marshal. Batik Shares. Wanted t* pujrfiase, from eighty t* on* hundred Shares in the [Planters’ Bank or the Bank of the State o! ehi?h Caal * Entire for par- Vuvm Has received a variety of elegant lace Veils Demi Veils Shawls and Handkerchiefs Thread Laces, of the newest patterns ALSO, A few pieces first quality bed Ticking Black and colored Crapes (very low) Green Florence Silk, fine book Muslin Fine undressed. Calicoes and Cambrics Striped J cans and Florentines Webb’s patent Suspenders, silk and cotton Kid Gloves, best quality, of wliich a few dozen are un dressed . Irish Linens, at all prices, silk Gloves Fresh HYSON TEA, best quality, ijune 8— ; —68 Will be sold at1 -—*■ "CSavanwdv between the usual hours, On the first Tuesday in August next, The following negroes, viz: Dublin, Rina, Mintey San- nah, Priscy, Tom, Mary, Molly, Sandv, Maria' Elsev Fox, Hercules, Cuffy, Suckey, Betsy, Poily and Sambo— being- a part ot the personal estate of the late John Currie es( J de ^* JOHN EPPINGBH, YOJVe -7' 7S -■ - _ .-I, - . - - Martha} Marshal’s sale. , 1T ... , Qj the.first Tuesday iu August next, V\ ill be sold at the market-house in the town of St. Ma. 4 ry’s, between th*hqhrs of 10 and 3 o’clock, All that house and lot, (known by number 56) lately occupied by Silvanus-Church, in the town of Jefferson, on Great SatiUa*T*ver, with eleven whole and six half lots contiguous, and designated by the numbers, Whole Lots—36,-65, 77, 85, 96, 100, 41, 60, 64, 80j 81. Half Lots—43, 52, 69, 72, 89, 92—levied on as'the pro. peity of said Silvanus Church to satisfy an execution at the *uit of James Wilson—the above property pointed out by ' he plaintiff’a attorney. W. F. KELLY, july 4——