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Savannah republican. (Savannah, Ga.) 1816-1818, July 25, 1816, Image 4

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HP City Sheriff’s 9alcs. * On the first "Tuesday in August next, Will be sold at the court house, in the city of Savannah, between the usual hours, Articles of household, and kitchen Furniture, one Horse, one canoe Boat, three tegs of Paint, one Dray, &c levied on as the property of John G. Scheurman to sa* tisfysundry judgments against him. Isaac D’Lyon, s. c. s. july 6 City Sheriff’s sales. On the first Tuesday in August next, Will be sold at the. court house, in the city of Savannah, between the usual hours, The Lot and Buildings, in Broughton-street, at pre* sent occupied by William Stephens; levied on as bis pro* perty to satisfy sundry executions against him Also one half of the Buildings and one half of the lease _ of the Lot, on the south common; levied on as the pro perty of John F. Herb to satisfy a judgment in favor of John B. Norris, against Herb & Isaec D’Lyon, c. s. s. June 39 77 Sheriff’s sales. On the first Tuesday in. August next, win be sbld at the court linuse, m the city of Savannah, between the usual hours of 10 and 3 o’olock, AU that Island of marsh, situated in the river Savannah, in Chatham county, bounded every side fay the said river said to contain eight hundred acres, originally granted to Noble Jones; also, a tract of land granted to the said Noble Jones, containing 437 acres, in the county of Chat* Nam aforesaid, bounded southwardly by a causway, B, thesda, and lands of William .Allen and Ben. Stirli, west* ’wardlv by lands called Nazareth and Euphrates, and northwardly by lands of John Smith, John Carry and vacant marsh, and eastwardly by lands of John Curry, and tire Western shore of the the Isle of Hope. Also, all that lot or piece of ground, known as lot No. .28, being one of the five acre lots, eastward of the city of Sa van nidi, near the Thunderbolt road, bounded north wardly and eastwardly by lands of H. lallibridge, south wardly by lot No. 39, and westwarcily by No. 35; the above levied on as the property of George Buchanan, mortgaged by the said George Buchan in to John Wil kinson, and sold to satisfy said Wilkinson, agreeably to a Tule absolute of the honorable the superior court of Ciiat- ham county. Also, all that tract of land situated in the county of Chatham, called Chatham, consisting of oak hickory anu pine, and containing by resurvey 738 acres, formerly the property of Sarah Oddingseil, bounded on the north by file Savannah farm lots, on the southwest by the village of Acton, on the southeast by the Orphan House tract, and on the northeast by land formerly Mrs. Moore’s; levied on as the property of John Fraser, mortgaged by the said John Fraser to Francis Hopkins, and sold to satis- fy said Francis Hopkins, agreeable to a rule absolute of ■the honorable the Superior Court of Chatham county. jane 20 73 A. Cope, s. c. c. Sheriff’s sales. On the first Tuesday in August next, Will be sold at the court house, in the city of Savannah, between the usual hours of 10 and 3 o’clock, All those three several lots or parcels of Land, situate and being in Yamacraw, near the city of Savannah, county of Chatham; known by the numbers twenty-two, twenty- three and twenty-four, bounded on the north and west by Twigg’s land, south by a lane, east by lot number twenty-one, which said lots adjoin each other; levied on as the property of Benjamin Wall to satisfy Wm. Wal lace, Thomas Camming and Joseph Stiles, administrators of Joseph Clay, dec. the above property mortgaged by the said Wall, and sold by virtue of a rule absolute of the .superior court of this county. A. COPE, s. c. c. ,1 line 29 77 Sheriff’s sales. On the first Tuesday in August next, Will be sold at-the court-house, in the city of Savannah, between the usual hours of 10 and 3 o’clock, All that tr.-.t of Land, situate in the district ol White Bluff, containing one 180 acres, more or less, bound- edon the north by lands of the estate of Nathaniel Adams, on the west by the White Bluff road, and south by Mr. William Wallace’s land, on the east by Vernon river and marshes—levied on as the property of of estate George Haist, dec. to satisfy the Trustees of the White Blhff Congregation. Also, the following Negroes: Will, CufFv, Nancy, Tom, and Mary, childen; levied on as the property of William Lewden, dec. to satisfy the administrators of John Herb, ■deceased. ADAM COPE, s. v B c« July 6—80 • Sheriff’s sale. On the first Tuesday in August next, Will be sold at the court house in Effingham county, between the usual hours, All that tract of land, containing two hundred two and a half acres, situated in the county of Jasper, se venteenth district, No. 130, or so much thereof as will satisfy the taxes of Philip Jones—amount due two dol lars 19 cents and hosts. C. H. DASHER, s. E. c. June 8—6S Sheriff’s sales. On the first Tuesday in August next, Will be sold at the court house in the city of Savannah, between the usual hours of ten and three o’clock, A negro woman named Nanny, levied on as the pro perty of doctor William Ioor, to satisfy a judgment in favor of Peter Crovat. ADAM COPE, s. c. c. jnne 39- 77 Sheriff’s sales, continued. On the first Tuesday in August next, Will be sold at the court house, in the city of Savannah, between the usuai hours of 10 and 3 o’clock, A Mulatto Man, named John—levied on as (he pro perty of William Smith to satisfy Edward Lloyd, the former purchaser not complying with the terms of sale. A. Cbpe, s. c. c. julv 18 ■ 85, . Sheriff’s sale. On the first Tuesday in September next, Will be sold at die court house, in Jefferson, Camden ‘ country, between the usual hours of ten and three o’clock, A tract of Land, lying and being in Camden county, on St. Mary’s river, about one and a half miles from the town of St. Mary’s, containing seven hundred and eigh ty acres, more or less—levied on under .the foreclosure of a mortgage as the property of the representatives of Margaret Jones to satisfy the Commissioners of Camden County Academy* JOHN BAILEY, s. c. c. june 27 ■—"^76 Notice. All demands against the estate of V. A. Stookes, dec must be rendered in, duly attested, without delay, to John Carnochan, juftc 27 ■ — ‘—T’6 adm'or 125 Dollars’ reward. lianaway, some month* pdst, the following Negroes, belonging to the estateof Peter H. Morel, deceased—Joe, a likely man, about five Wet six inches high, a carpenter by trade, of nyellowish coinplection—Ke is well known in 8*vannah,and w*s fbpmeriytiwned by the late John P. Ward, esq. Simox, a young man, about twenty-five years old, has r dlook,. when spoken-to, Mobu, a young woman, of light complection, about twenty Jive years old, and Aeov, a woman about thirty years old, W when she walks, occasioned by a burn. The above Irmi ri are harbored at the south end of Ossabaw, where 3ae was recently tuk*», but made tesesqape. Fifty dol- JuTs-sriU be paid for Joe’s being lodged m the county £s*i sad twenty-five dollars each for theothew. w -JouQ H* Morch On the first Tuesday in August next, Will he sold at the cotirt-holtie in Savannah, between the' hours of 10 and 3 o’clock, The following negroes, to wit: Judith, Rachel, Fri day, Juno, Bob> Hetty,' Scotland, Fox, Jarvis, Jane, B:- nah, Brutus, sen. Brutus, juft. Duncan, GaUoway, Cisl and Jack—levied on as the property of Alexander- Cur rie, dec. to satisfy an execution at the suit of John Mu le:. JOHN EPP1NGER, .june 27 -76 . . .. Aftryh.d Marshal I sales. By virtue of a decree of thqihonorabie the sixth circuit court of the United States for "the district of Georgia, made in a case wherein Jane Irving, Wiiliam Irving, Ca tharine Maitland and Alexander Mari ami, - were com plainants and Joseph Currie and Joseph .Miller, were de fendants, Will be sold at the court-house in the city of Savannah, between the usual hours, On the first Tuesday in August next. The following negroes, viz: Dublin, U'.n... Mintey, Han nah, Priscy, Tom, Mary, Molly, Sait, y, iria, Elsey, Fox, Hercules, Cuffv, Suckey, Betsy, iLi-v and Sambo— being a part of the personal estate of.the i tie John Currie, esq. dec. JOHN EPPlNGBR, rive 27 76 Marshal Mai sliui s sale continued. On the first Tuesday in August net t, Will be sold at the market-house in St. M-jy’s, between the hours often and • iree c’cteck, The buildings on p-rt of win. rfiot No. 3, in St. Mary’s, levied on as the property of Paul Chase to-satisfy sun dry ex&cutions at the suit of the United States against said Paul and others JOHN EPPINGEIl, july 11—82 ma’-shal. Taken up, And supposed to be stolen, two barrels Beef, a quan tity of the best Cavendish Tobacco. For further parti culars en.nwe at the Police office, i «iv 87 A Caution Is hereby given to all persons against purchasing a tract'of Land of two thousand acres, lying on Rocky Comfort Creek, in Jefferson county, in this st-te/ ad vertised by a certain Christopher R. Greene, of Charleston, South Carolina, as the only true and legal titles to the said tract (the impudent insinuations of the aforesaid Gj-eene to the contrary notwithstanding) are vested in the estate of general James Jackson, wiio purchased and paid u valuable consideration therefpr thirty -three years .igo. WILLIAM H. JACKSON ) ex’ors of ■ JAMES JACKSON 5 estate Jefferson county, June 20, 1816.—t.f—73 The editors of the Charleston City Gazette and the Augusta Chronicle will insert this cautionary notice immediately subsequent to the advertisement akuded to, and tor the same time. Their bill forwarded to the Sa- vannah Republican shaH he duly r id. A Caution Is hereby given to all persons against purchasing tract of Land, of 2000 acres, iying «m Rocky Comfort, creek, in Jefferson county, Georgia, (granted to Cbaries Burnett, bv him, conveyed to Seymour; and by him, to the late rev. Dr. Alexander Findlay;) from a certain Wiiliam 11. Jackson, and a certain J.ones Jacksonj ex’ors. of tiie estate of general Janies Jackson, deceased; until the legal authorities of the country have deci.lerl, whether possession without right, and during the minority of heirs, shall be so construed, as to deprive the widow and the or phan of that- paternal inheritance. The public are respectfully informed, tbit the above tract, is no longer for sale. Mo consideration will now in duce me to relinquish my title; and no combination or ex pence deter me from asserting my rights. Christopher R. Green. Charleston, July 6, 1816.—86 Lost or stolen, On Thursday, the 18th inst. a BOX containing Spanish Segars, marked B. &. B. on one end, and White &. Co. on one side, was taken from on board the brig Sea Island, lying at M‘Kinne’s wharf. Any information of the above will be thankfully received by BACON St BRUEN. july 23—m—87 Lost Some time in June last, one BOX, marked J. B. con taining six dozen silk Bonnets. Said box was landed from the ship South Carolina Packet on her last trip.— Any information re lative to the above will be thankfully received by the subscribers. J. J. & F. BLANCHARD, july 20 — «—86 To ail whom it may concern, Notice is hereby given, that the following persons oiht are licensed by the Commissioners of Pilotage to act as Pilots. BRANCH PILOTS. Noah B. Sisson Reuben Anderson E. Broughton John Dixon John Cleary Jesse Furnace Thomas Nottage Stephen Timmons Henry Cragg William Koyston William Bragg Robert Key John Dennis CERTIFICATE PILOTS. Benjamin Sisson iohn Low John Hale By order of the board, I), D. Williams, e. b. t. april 30- 51 S. H. Timmoirs Henry Baker Police Office, 20tli July, 1816. Pursuant to a resolution of Council, the following re port is published for the information of all concerned. “The committee to whom was referred the considera tion of the best mode of redeeming, investing and appro priating the funds derived from the emission of corpora tion treasury' change bills, report—that for the further security of the holders of the said bills, the treaaurer do keep a separate account of the amount issued and that he do keep the sums in the treasury of the city, to enable him to pay bills when presented to him, and that on no occasion do he make use of the sums so received, but for the payment of the said bills, unless otherwise authorised by special resolution of council. Your committee are of opinion, that the amount issued is too small to enable council to make any appropriation of the same by invest ment in funds or otherwise to draw interest, and that the existence'of these bills may be too short in their limita tion to authorise council for the present to make any permanent appropriation of their proceeds. Your com mittee further recommend that the treasurer do receive for said bills, the current money of the city, to wit—the notes of Banks which are not depreciated further than the difference of exchange, and that the treasurer furnish tiie committee of Finance with the amount of change bills issued, and the amount on. hand received for the same, and that he do advertise that persons, holders of the change bills, will receive payment at any time, by calling on the treasurer—but no sum under one dollar will be paid. CHARLES HARRIS, Y GEO. V. PROCTOR, C Committed EDWARD HARDEN, 5 Extract from the minutes. I). D. Williams, c. c. july 23—87 Notice. Some time in June, was stolen out of my house, a POWDER HORN, about fifteen inches in length, the bot- tom made of eedar, the stopper of the skin of a wild duck’s head, wound upon wire. There is generally go great a similarity in powder horns, that I hardly enter tain a hope of the above description leading to a disco very, from any other source than from the person who purchased it from the negro^whom I suppose to be the thief If the purchaser will restore the property, leaving information, at this Office, that will lead to the thief’s com viction, he shall receiv* Ten Dollars, or half that amount for the horn alone. JAMES BARNARD, july 2Q—X—86 Present their Sonora judge Joqfcon and judge .Stephen?. In consequence of an apt of Congress having passed, changing the times and places of the sitting of this court, so that the next court for this district will be holden at zt this place on the 14th day W December next; and whereas by the said act, power is given to this icourt to make such rules and orders as may be necessary to pre vent delav of justice and injury to parties; it is ordered, that the nextyuvy to be drawn, siiull be drawn and sum moned to meet at this place in pursuance of the said act, and that all writs, and process of all kinds, issued return able ta the tens iu course at Milledgeviile, shall be held returnable to tiie court next to be holden at this place; and that the parties be required _ to appear accordingly to plead or prosecute; and it is further ordered, that Die act of Congress on the -foregoing subject, together with this order, be published by the clerk of this court for two mouths during the ensuing vacation. Extract from the minutes of the sixth circuit court of the United States, for the District of Georgia. John J. Butioca, clerk. AN ACT. For the more convenient arrangement of the times and places ci'holdingthe circuit Courts oftheUnitedJStates, for the District of South Carblina and Georgia. Be it enacted by Che Senate and House of Representa tives of the United States of America, in Congress assem bled, that from and after tiie first day of June ilext, the Circuit Courts in and for the sixth circuit of the United States, shall be held at Die following Dines and places, and no others; Diat is to say, for the District of Georgia, at Savannah, on the fourtcenDi day of December in every year, and at MiQedgeviUc, on the sixth day of May in every year, for Die District of South Carolina, at Charles ton, on the twentieth day of November in every year, and at Columbia on the twentieth day of April in every year, and the Circuit Court for the said Districts respectively, or the Circuit judge of the said Sixth Circuit is authori sed and required to make alL such rules and orders as may be necessary to carry into effect the change in time and place of holding the said courts according to the true intent and meaning of this act. H. CLAY. Speaker of the house of representatives. JOHN GAILLARD, President of the senatepro-lanpore. April 24, 1816—appro v ed, JAMES MADISON. june 16—at.—71 Police office, July 20,1816. Blacks, or free persons of color arriving in this port on board vessels from Die northward or elsewhere, as seamen, or serving in any other capacity on b.iard said vessels, are hereby directed to report themselves to the Marshal of this city, at the Police-Office, within twenty, four bom’s after Dieir arrival. By order, F. M. Stone, m. c. s. itilv 20 86 In Council, loth July, 1810. Resolved, That the Treasurer do give a list to Die Marshal of all Lots, in this city, which have reverted to Council,, and which are now unproductive; and, that Die Marshal do advertise the same for sale, after ten day’s no tice, fully describing- the said Lots; and, that aldermen Proctor, Cope and Morel, be a committee, to superin tend such sales. Extract from the minutes. D. D. Williams, c. c. x Notice. Pursuant to the above resolution, I will proceed to sell the following Lots, on FRIDAY, the 2d day of Au gust next, at Die Court House, in this city, at 12 o’clock, Re-entered Lots. No. 19 and 21, Columbia ward No. 27, Elbert ward The unexpined lease of No. 6, 17, 18 and- 21, Spring Hill. F. M. STONE, c. m. july 20 86 Clerk of City Council’s Office, July 15, 1816. The Treasurer, and the citizens associated with him by the Mayor, having filed in my office their report of assess ments on sales of commission merchants', pursuant to the directions of the ordinance passed Die 17th of June, notice is hereby given, that appeals will be allowed from the assessments of said report, unDl the next regular meeDng of Council, which appeals will then be decided. D. D. Williams, c. c. july 16. "84 Stolen, From the subscriber, on the night of the 12th instant, five hundred and eighty six dollars; principally in 50 and 20 dollar bank notes of the State Bank of North Carolina, numbers not recollected. Should a negro at tempt to pass bills of the above description, the person to whom they may be offered will please detain the ne gro, and give me immediate information of the same, if in the day, on M‘Kinne’s wharf, or at night opposite Mr. S. C. Dunning’s in Broughton-street; for which a suitable reward will be given. EDMUND BLUNT, j nlv 16 84 Lost or stolen. Some time last week from a boarding house, from 125 to 135 dollars in bank notes, as follows: one §50 note of the State Bank of North Carolina, and 4 or 5 ten’s of the same bank. Also, oneten and five five’s of one of Die New York banks. The above notes supposed to be sto len from my trunk (which was unlocked) by a servant of the house. Twenty dollar’s reward will be paid for information to convicDon of Die theif, or for Die recovery of the money. Miles Jones, Stone cutter, in Whitaker street. iulv *„ 87 1 wentv dollars’ reward. Ranaway from the subscriber’s plantation, two negro men, named Petek and Harkt. Peter is about five feet, four or five inches high, is from 20 to 23 year* of age, he has a mild and pleasant countenance and when , spoken to will immediately laugh, he is slender made. Harry is about five feet, six or seven inches high, from 20 to 25 years of age, thickly made, has a grim and fro-jyning countenance. It is probable they are both in Savannah, as they were seen in that city a few days ago. Whoever will apprehend and deliver both or either of Diem in the gaol of Savannah or at my plantation near Coosawnatchie, or in any gaol in the state of South-Ca- rolina, shall receive ten dollars’ reward for each, and all reasonable charge* paid. G. W. MORRVLL, july 16—i.—84 Coosmo hate hie, fs r ) Thirty dollars’ reward. Ranaway from the subscriber, on Sunday, 16th instant, negro man Jo*, about 20 or 21 years of age, rather yel lowish complexion, and about 5 feet 7 or 8 inches high; had on when he went away, a black coat, light catsimere pantaloons, boots and a black hat; has been seen several times about town since with, fight clothes on. The above reward will be paid For lodging hhn in gaol or del Wring him to me, and all reaon&ble expences! J. E. Hartridge. JUtlC 22——74 Medical Science Lottery, NO. 2. • Will draw on the 7th of October York The prize* are, in the city of Kew- 1 1 1 1 5 40 13 20 30 70 100 2500 3000 9500 of $30,000 20,000 10,000 5000 1000 709 500 200 100 50 20 10 7 5 u §30,000 20,000 10,000 5000 5000 28.000 6000 4000 30'X) 3500 2000 25,000 31,000 47,500 14,719 bCs } More P pizes Tickets in the above Lottery for sale by tho subscriber. JOSIAH PEXFIELD. july 9—fee—81 A New Establishment. The subscriber has a good supply of Oak and Hickorr WOOD, and SHINGLES,on Mr. Clark’s wharf, winch will be drayed to the houses of all those who may u .$h to buy of him. At the delivery of the wood, tiie cash must be paid. JOHN BECK. »«iv 13—+r—83 For sale The PLANTATION called V'erxexubre, settled bv colonel Daniel Heyward, dec. situate on Die east side of the Savanimii back-river, twelve miles from the city, and contiguous to the lands of Thomas Gibbons, esq. The tract consists of a total of 2126 acres, being divided in- td pretty equal proportions of tide-swamp, pine-barren cotton and provision lands. Of the former there are about 300 acres on the river, wliich, by clearing, would be well calculated for a productive rice plantation; and of Die latter, with a large body of cleared provision land, there are about 100 acres of prime uncleared cot ton land. On the place there is an excellent dveliing- house, with five rooms; a large substantially built barn, witii a number of neg-ro-houses and other buildings.— Possession of the place will be giten at any time. For terms, wliich will be made easy to an approved pur chaser, apply to’ the owner, at Callawassie Island, St. Luke’s Parish, Soutb-Carohna, or to the undesigned factors in Savannah. WILLIAMSON So DE TILLERS. TU :V 25 • — t or suie Five Dollars 7 reward. Ranaway, on Thursday last, 18th inst. my apprentice boy WrtLxxM Tatlor; as he has taken his clothes with him, his dress cannot be described, he is about "eighteen years of age, fair complexion and has a large scar on the inside of his right foot All masters of vessels aTe forbid carrying him off, as the law will be put in full force against the offender, or any other person in whose employ he may be found. Any person lodging him in gaol shall receive the above reward. A House and Lot, in St. James’s square; being one of the most healthy and pleasant situations in this city—on Die said lot are all necessary out buildings. This pro perty will be sold for a moderate price, and a credit of one, two and three years given for the payment. Per sons disposed to purchase will apply to either of the subscribers. BEN.” SHEET ALL, M. SHEFT ALL, sen. april 6 -41 For sale The Toll-Bridge over Great Ogechee River, at wliich Joseph Hill lately resided—it is a substantial well built bridge, composed chiefly of cypress; it has stood the freshets, and appears to be in all respects a good and complete piece of work. For terms apply to JOHN BOLTON or > ex’or*. JEREMIAH CUYLER. 5 J. Hill. april 4 40 , Permanent Establishment. The Trustees of the CHATHAM ACADEMY, with pleasure announce to the public, that Diis Institution is now conducted by Instructors of the first rate talents; Mr. Gratsost, as Principal, and Mr. Law, as Usher.— The establishment has been at a great expence, rendered permanent; and its respective departments are open all the seasons of the year. Female Scholars to the numotr of fifteen, may now be admitted. The importance of in struction to youth, during the summer, as well as the win ter, is obvious,) and as Diis seminary offers advantages equal in every respect to any of the kind, it is btlieved its claims for patronage are equal, if not superior, to those temporary schools kept open during only a few of the healthy months of the year, merely to suit thedmer- est and convenience of transient persons, without any view whatever*to the public weal, inly 13 r 83 . *** The subscriber vviil bt absent from town, some weeks, during which time Mr. Wi, Lm Craig will attend to his business, and anv agenet lie may be engaged in. GEORGE H. DAMDSOb . july 16—rG—34 *** During my absence from Savan nah, for a few months, Mr. Giu, will conduct the id- fairs of the Ljvery Stables; Mr. Daj.t, the Stage Office; and Job T. Bollas, will act as my Attorney and Agent. Daniel Hotchkiss. julv 6 ; 80 *** During my absence from this state, Jeremiah Cuyier, esq. will act as n y Attorney. Ebenezer Jenckes. julv 23 87 *** Brought to gaol, in fcjavauiniii, June i7, 1816, a negro man, who says 1ns name is Ct and that he belongs to John Miller, near Jacksonborc’, (Ga.) He is about forty years of age and five feet niw inches high; has on oznaburgs shirt and trou sers and dr- woolen jacket. H. M‘CALL, o. r. c. june 18 72 Savannah. Brought to gaol, iu oo.\ aiithui, on Die 7th Jqne, 1816, a Negro Man, who savsis ncai* is CcvrsK, and Diat he belongs to the estate ofcJohn Fraser, but has been in the charge of John H. M ‘ He is about 35 years of age, and 5 feet 9 inches higti he has an ulcer on his left leg, and has lost the little toe of his left foot; has on white sotton siiirt, jacket and trowsers. HUGH ML ALL, s. r. c. Jutk 13—70 *** Brought to gaol, in Savannah, July 12, 1816, Nancx, belonging t Mrs. VoLavn, in Effingham county; she is about thirty years of age and five feet high; has on a blue frock. II. M‘CALL. july 1&—, 84 r,. r. e. Brought to gaol, in Savannah, July 15,181&, PRiver, belonging to Samuel Loader, n< at Augusta. He is about forty y ears of age and five feet six inches high; has on nankeen tjpwsers and striped shirt, has a thiirface and a jear on the back of his right hand. H. M‘Call,G. c. c. itilv 16——84 *** TTi Tought to gaol, in July 14, 1816, Jons, the property of Richard Kin*, »" Port Royal Island. He is about forty-seven years of »f‘ and five feet ten inches high; says he runaway fourteen years ago. H. M‘CALU « «= r jufy " Brought to gaol, in Savannah, July 14, 1816, WrujAK, the propertv of Willi uu iralb, near Beaufort, lately purchased of Thomas Stedma-, ™ Charleston. He is about twenty years of age and fi ,e feet six inches high. H. M‘CAIX, s. c. r- j»% 16—i 84 I july 30- -86 Anthony Shaddock. Blank Clearances For ml* *tm**Qm t? Brought to goal, on the 17th Jutyr 1816, To*, the property of doctor Gillett, of South Cf- orlina. He is five feet three inches high, thirty years of age, and an African by birth, thin face. H. M‘Call, g. c. e. 0" Brought to gaol, on the 5th July* 1816, a negro woman, Dorcas, belonging to Mrs. of Effingham county. She is about forty years and five feet eight inatorfcigfa, has on a%lue homespw 4 4MAW****'