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Savannah republican. (Savannah, Ga.) 1816-1818, August 22, 1816, Image 1

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2?F FREDERICK S. FELL.] SAVANNAH, (GA.) AUGUST 22, 1816. -r ■ ."’J" ,'lH [Whole Number 37H. Number 100.] TRUTH WITHOUT FEAR. [Volume XIV the republican IS PUBLISHED EVERY TUESDAY, THURSDAY AND SATURDAY, AT SIX DOLLARS PER AJMUM, FAYABLE IS ADVANCE. advertisements SS square the .first time, ana 1 Cents for each continuation. CASH „ti ,, rr ]ers from the Country, unl*s the or the party well known to the Editor. AU Letters to the EiUtor must be post-paid. For Boston The fine new schooner ADELINE, Abner rR R l,;s, master, will be' despatched in eight days. gfflKFor freight or passage, apply to the master on board, or to For sale, on board, 24 kegs Sounds and Tongue3 75 do pickled Salmon <) do and 7 bis Shad 2 bis Alwives 5 boxes No. Id Cards 1 box do 6 do ATKinne's -wharf sm g 10- -95 For New-York The schooner MECHANIC, Ebenezer Lewis, master, to sail on Sunday next. For freight or passage (having good accommodations) apply -on board, or at the store of __ , Nichols & Hunter. aug 20- -99 For Baltimore The schooner BLAZING STAR, hourly ex pected. On board, for sale, 120 barrels prime she if ill be despatched immediately. For freight of passage, enquire c ti board, or _o Cumming & Moorhead. Who have for sale, 100 kegs well assorted cut Nails Linseed Oil, in casks and barrels 3 Id.ds prime Tobacco 25 b..les Twine Quarter kegs Powder august 17 ■ 98 . - pff A few copies of Strictures on the cultiv tion -fine Sugar Cane, just received and for sale at this office. august a— 91 Bills oh New-York, At sisty days’ **^ F. Blanchard. 21—' 00 ijuei, Gresliaiii oi Co. Have just received, 10 casks BAR LEAD. aug 20—m—99 J ohn Tanner, BOETOs’s ?.A50E, (In the room formerly occupied by Jonathan Battelle) Has received by the ship Adonis, A large and elegant assortment ot English, French and India GOODS; which he offers, at reduced prices, tor cash or ap Droved paper at ninety days, lid,- 3 ,- 90 New- ak Cider and Shoes. 9 barrels first quality New-Ark CIDER 4 trunks SHOES, assorted. For sale by Wilson Fuller. aug 17 - -98 Flour. Just received from Baltimore, per schooner Blazing Star, - 125 barrels fresh FLOUR. For sale by Henry W. Hills. aug 20 99 ^ For sale 200 pieces Cotton Bagging quarter casks Tenenff Wine 17 hog heads Molasses 1j casics Madeira Wine. R. RICHARDSON, inly 11 82 * For sale 2500 bushels Gourd Seed CORN 500 bushels OATS. Perry aug 15—t—97 7 & Wright. For sale , 20 casks CLARET, of a superior duality. - R. Richardson. P —;94 For sale 200 barrels Philadelphia superfine F..OUR. R. Richardson. july 27— 89 _ Dr. Lewis Herman Fuerth, Lately from Hamburgh, Will practice in the various branches of his profession. Applications to be made at Mr. Thomas Jones house. aug 2 I| --P r| Factorage and Commission BUSINESS. The subscriber informs bis friends and the public in general, that he has commenced in the above business, and hopes, bv strict attention and punctuality, to merit a share of public favor. He offers for sale, his Stock in Trade, on good terms, consisting of excellent Blankets, °f different sizes; colored Negro Clothes, Cassimeres, second Broadcloths, Calicoes, cotton Bagging, &c. and W ‘U Let his Stand, near the Market-square; the Store is hventy-five feet by twenty, and a Cellar, under the store, Mtot will hold from fifty to sixty bales of cotton. For terms apply to JAMES WHITE, august 1 ev—91 - Wanted. the Printing Busincs* two • **^p* *ly at this Office. june 29 77 New Goods. A. B. FANNIN & CO. Have just received per ship Adonis, from JVew-Yorlc, A general assortment of Dry Goods, adopted to the present and approaching seasons, among which are London superfine and 2d quality blue, black, brown, mixt, bottle given and olive Broadcloths London superfine and 2d quality blue, black, brown, mixt, single and double milled Cassimere Vigonia Cassimeres Blue, black and mixt Stockingnetts Black and olive Velvets Corderoys Toilnet and Marseilles Vestings Bombazets, assorted colors Black and colored Bombazines Black and colored Sinchaws Do do Sarsncts Do do Levantines Do do Florences White do Satins Black Florentines White, pink and fellow figured Silks Black Canton Crapes Black and white Italian Crapes Black Barcelona Handkerchiefs Merino Shawls 5-4 6-4 and 7-4 black and white silk lace Shawls Do do do do do do do Veils Do do do do do do do Tippits 5.4 6-4 and 7-4 embroidered and plain Levantine silk Shawls 5- 4 6-4 and 7-4 sattin damask Shawls Thread and cotton Laces Ladies’ and gentlemen’s black and white silk Hose Do do do do do Gloves Plain and figured satin a d taffaty Ribbons Black and colored Galoons Silk Cords and Braids Bell Buttons • • Sewing Silks, assorted colors Silk Purses, elastic Garters Silk Poplins Fans , • Irish Linens, long Lajvns and linen Cambric Irish and Russia Sheetings German Rolls 4-4 and 6-4 cotton Cambrics 7-8 and 4-4 do Sheeting Colerain ? . do Maddapollams 6- 4, 7-4, 8-4,9-4,10-4 and 12-4 Damask linen TablCcioths Do cotton do Cotton Cassimeres, York Stripes, white Jeans Unen and cotton Checks Cotton Bedticking Plain and colored light striped Ginghams Camp and common Dimities Superfine and common Calicoes Furniture do Brown Plattilas Cotton Hollands Do Suspenders Ladies’ and gentlemen’s white cotton Hose Do do do black do do Do do do colored do do Do do do mixed do do Do do do unbleached cotton half Hose Flowered and plain jaconet Muslins - Figured and do mull do Lappet and book . do Plain and figured Lurahs Gentle men’s, fancy Cravats 4-4, 5-4 and 6-4 cotton Shawls , Ladies’ white cotton pocket Handkerchiefs Children's printed pocket Handkerchiefs Nun’s Treads Cotton Threads, in hanks All colored Osnaburg Threads Quality and shoe Binding Colored cotton Fintts Foundation Cause Madras and Romal Handkerchiefs Ladiiss’ long and habit Gloves Do do do kid Gloves Nutsh.ell Gloves Gentler.nen’s beaver Gloves Do Gloves Cotton Umbrellas Parasols Work Baskets ^ Figured Ratvinets Fiag Handkerchiefs Velvet Binding 1 Pack Pins, Nos. 3, 4, 4£ and 5 Georgia and northern Homespuns Osnaburgs Shirt Buttons, Tapes, Ribbon, Needles, See. &c. he. The above articles are offered for sale, at their store, (north side Johnson square) on very accommodating terms, either at wholesale or retail. aug 20—99 Andrew Low & Co. Have received, by the ship Winnifred, from Liverpool, and other late arrivals, Turkey red Yam Linens and cotton Shirtings Fancy figured mull Muslins, for dresses Fine and coarse, low priced leno Muslins, suitable for pavillions Plain and figured Cambrics Calicoes and Ginghams, in great variety Counterpanes and Marseilles Quilts Handsome furniture Dimities Common and 6-4 cambric Dimities White and colored Marseilles Vesting Black.and colored Bombazines and Silks Bombazetts, Jeans, YorkStripes Plain and ribbed Stockinets Cotton Stockings, of all kinds Madras and Pullicat Handkerchiefs Apron Checks, brown Hollands Italian and Canton Crapes Whitechapel Needles and fresh ounce Threads Superior cotton Umbrellas London paper and pound Pins Cutlery, assorted, in small casks Osnaburgs, Russia Sheetings, long Lawns; and, a variety of other GOODS, all of which will be sold, either wholesale or at retail, on the most moderate terms. july 6—80 Factorage and Commission. The subscriber having commenced in the above line of BUSINESS, offers his services to his friends and the public; his Counting-Room is on Wayne’s upper wharf, formerly occupied by Messrs. Pliinizy & Barnett - The Store is large and commodious—produce will be re ceived on storage and every attention given to its re- ception and shipment. RICHARD WAYNE-d dec 2—139 The subscribers Have removed from Gibbon’s L aiding to their new brick store, fronting Johnston’s square, and have just receiv ed, per* hip Woodbine)from New-York, 1 case assorted northern Homespun 1 do 4-4 fine’Trish Linen 1 do 4-4 low priced do 20 pieces yellow Nankeen iv stout:, Superfine Broadcl ths and Cassimere Humhums, Gingham, Calico, Dimity Paviliion Gauze, Irish and Russia Sheeting Black Canton Handkerchiefs, M. rseilies Vesting White and Siriped Jean, Russia Diaper Ladies’and gentlemen’s black and white silk I Jose Ladies’and gentlemen’s white and colored cotton Hose Ladies’kid and beaver Gloves, cotton Counterpanes Marseilles Quilts, steam loom Shirting Muslins, Cambrics, Lt noes, black and colored Sarsnett Black Shinchews, Florentine Vesting Black Bombazine and Bombazet Black and white Crape, brow n Linen Cotton PiatilloS, oil Cloths, Hedrick Cotton table Cloths and Rnapkins Cotton Cassimere, Romal and .'L.dras Handkerchiefs, &.c. Also, 2 elegant Piano Fortes 1 Crib, 1 pair knife Cases, 1 recking Chair 2 sets elegant fancy Chairs, together with a number of other Articles, too tedious to enumerate, all of. wliich are offered for sale, for cash or approved town acceptances. Stebbins & Mason. aug 15 1 97 Brooks & Welman Have just received, from JYew-York and Philadelphia, and now landing, 6 chests superior Hyson Tea, Stagg’s cargo, imported in June last 7 quarter chests young Hyson do do 6 boxes Prunes 15 bags Almonds, soft shelled 28 boxes Muscatel Raisins 58 bags green Coffee 30 barrels and 30 half barrels fresh superfine Flour 7 hogsheads N. E. Rum 12 hhds rectified rye Whiskey 5 pipes real Holland Gin 20 bis double refined loaf and lump Sugar 23 kegs Richmond Tobacco, Dunlap’s brand 60 pieces prime Inverness cotton Bagging IN STOHE, Hogsheads Jamaica Rum, pipes Brandy, Malaga and Teneriff Wine,ip-quarter casks; New 1 -Orleans anil West India Sugar, So t qi and Candles. aug 13—b—96 Ditto do do Ditto do Ditto do Ditto do do Ditto do do Razee Boots, Shoes and Slippers. Jl.«T flECKIVEll, TBOM KEW-YOHK, By the ship V> oodbine and brig Savannah Packs^ Ladies’ colored and black morocco Slippers do Grecian Ties do Pumps do walking Shoes undressed morocco Slips kid Siips Misses’ morocco Boots, Slippers and Ties Men’s Razee Boots Do morocco Jefferson Shoes and Pumps Do wax calf’s skin Jeffersons Do morocco Pumps Do fine Shoes Do buff Slippers Youth’s Shoes and Pumps and children’s Buskins The above articles are selects d by the subscriber him self, and are of a superior quality. John Douglass, aug 15 97 Gibbon s b'tiding Just received, 2 trunks Baltimore Boots, of superior quality 1 do Bootees and Razees 2 do men’s fine Siioes and Pumps, &c. E. S .Kempton. aug 15—l—97 The subscribers Have entered into partnership in the practice of LAW. Their Office is immediately over the Book Store of Mr. William T. Williams, on the Bay. WILLIAM DAVIES, JOHN DKYSDALE. july 30 — fx "—90 The subscribers Have now landing from brig Pocahontas,from New-York; 100 barrels Menhaden 30 do Mackerel 10 pieces bed Ticking 10 do Priest Cloths v IN STORE Writing, letter, printing, wrapping and sheathing Paper Ship Bread and Cordial Barrels glauber Salts « Currv Combs Hatchets, Hammers, Axes and hollow Ware Floor Brushes Cut Nails, Trunks Boxes Chocolate Bed Cords, Twine, ravens’ Duck No. 1 to 6 Shot Boxes cotton and wool Cards Currants, in barrels case mill Saws 6 casks northern Shoes Olmstead & Battelle. july 9—81 Cotton Bagging-, dec. 175 pieces Inverness cotton Bagging 300 reams wrapping Paper 80 kegs Dupont’s Gunpowder, warranted Buck and patent Shot, assorted sizes Prime Orleans Sugar, in barrels White Havana Sugar Green Coffee, in bags Gunpowder V " Hyson and .V Teas, of the latest importations Young Hysonj Prime chewing Tobacco 2000 yards Towcloth, very cheap Landing, from brig Sally,from Philadelphia, 5 casks English Phials, assorted sizes. For sale on accommodating terms, tfy - James H. Fraser, JHurket-sq uare Wanted, 1000 lbs sarsaparilla Root aug 10 e -95 A good saddle HORSE, august 30——y. --99 For sale Apply to the printer. Executor’s sale. On thefirst Tuesday in September next, Will be sold before the Court House, in this city, be tween the usual hours, A prime Negro Fellow, named Marcus, belonging to the estate of E. Weils, deceased. Sold by order of the executor. M. HERBERT & CO. auefrs. july 9 81 /. F. De Lorme & Co. Have just received from New-York) and offer for sale* at tfieir store, cheap for cash, No. 5. Gibbon’s building, the following Articles:-*- Toilet looking Glasses, elegant plated Candlesticks^ paste Board, eleg-mt thread Lace, northward Homespun, tortoise shell, quill back and horn Combs, snuff Boxes, Brushes, elegant Jewellery, Stationary, Dry-Goods, and Hardware. Also, an assortment of Musical Instruments, such as Clarionet, German Flute-Fifes, Flagellets, Vio lin, Guitars, Hanib-Organs; also, music Books, to suit the above instruments; as also for tlie Piano Forte, &c. july 1.8—fe—85 Duel, Gresham 6l Co. Have now landing,from the ship Winnefred, fiom Liver• pool, A large supply of SUMMER GOODS; also, - . 39 casks and cases assorted Hardware and Cutlery, each containing a complete assortment form retail store One case superior plated Ware, consisting of craet Frames, candlesticks, Snuffers and Trays And via New- York, Two trunks Parasols, three bales Seersuckers, three bales Humhums 1000 pieces long yellow Nankeens, one case chip Hats; white, black and colored Levantine and Florence Silks Stout mixed coat Silks and Florentine Vesting; white and black lace Shawls and Vejls; Merino Tippets; ele gant embroidered Ridicules, assorted colors and patterns Thread I zices and Edgings One case Chinelle Cords, assorted colors and sizes Fifteen cases straw Hats and Bonnets Six cases Artificial Flowers Seventeen cases Looking Glasses, a part of which are in elegant gilt frames. june 15—71 Just received, And now landing from New-York, 37 hhds. prime selected New-Orleans Sugar, fit for re tailing 40 do do retailing Molasses 4 pipes 4th proof genuine Cognac Brandy 10 chests Gunpowder and Hyson Tea 6 casks assorted Shot 2 pipes old Madeira Wine quarter casks L. P. Teneriffe and Malaga do ban-els Pork and Beans in store, • • old 4th proof Jamaica Rum, warranted pure, be ing imported direct Whiskey, N. E. Rum, Coffee and Iron Together with a large and general assortment of well chosen GROCERIES, in any quantity to suit purchasers, for sale by BROOKS & WELMAN, june 4—66 Bolton's wharf The subscribers Have just received, and offer for sale, 53 casks trace Chains 41 boxes assorted window Glass 11 crates do Crockery ware 2o bags race Ginger. L. PETTY & CO. j uly Id 84 JH‘XinnPs wharf On hand, A quantity, of excellent BACON, in casks, fit for ex portation. 14 kegs best Buncombe Butter, for family use 60 do do Lard 50 boxes assorted ct tton Cards 3 tierces men’s common lined Shoes Cases assorted looking Glasses Bales Cloths Cotton Shirtings Cotton Cambrics, &c. Sec. A. Erwin, Lethbridge & Co. july 30 90 ' Jones'wharf Fire-Wood. The subscriber returns his sincere thanks to custoi ers and friends for past favors, and solicits a contin ance of their custom. There is a constant supply of t] best oak, hickory and ash W OOD at his Wood-Yar with drays in waiting to transport it from his wharf) a Ephraim Cooper. 4 man one cent, witliou i'lna 18 + 72 N. B. PurdrfSK" sfj^equesttd not to pay the dray- uWrbill receipted. Boarding school. Airs. Cancet has removed her Boarding School to Mr. Eppinger’s brick house, on the South Commons, nearly opposite the Academy, where she can accommo date some more young ladies, july 23— ■ for. ■■■ 87 Notice. The subscriber being about to leave the place for a few months, has appointed Mr. S. Hall and MrS. Sain Simon his attornies during his absence. The store will be con ducted under tlie immediate case of Mr. S. Sain Simon. All those indebted, either by note or book account, will please call on Mr. S. Hull and settle the same, as he ia duly authorised to collect the same by law or otherwise. S. Clizbe. For sai«, Just received and now o, I case oiled hat Covers, l'do plain and i. case oiled nat Lovers, 1 do plain and figured feather Fans; these goods are of a superior quality and are Offer ed on very acco’nimodating terms; and also, "on hand, a variety of other Articles; which may be seen at his store, next door to Mr. P. Hall’s hardware store, northeast comer of Market-square. S. CLIZBE. july 20—nf—91 For sale One thousand acres salt (now fresh)-marsh, in Wil mington river, joining lands of John Simpson, now con fiscated, and lands of J. M‘Queen^esq. originally on the 4th September, 1772, granted James Lucena, dec. For terms apply to Wieiiam Stephens, or at this office^ where a plan may be seenRhe tract is prime cotton buuL Also acres of l%nd, in lots of the beautiful village of Montgomery, on Vernon river; fine, healthy summer’s residence. Enquire as above. july 16—84 Blank Manifests. For sale at thi* Officer