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Savannah republican. (Savannah, Ga.) 1816-1818, December 14, 1816, Image 1

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bY FREDERICK S. FELL ] SAVANNAH, (GA.) DECEMBER 11, 1316. '-•< [Whole Number 27664 Number H9.J TRUTH WITHOUT FEAR. THE REPUBLICAN m p<rf<U9MF.D ''VERY TUESDAY, THURSDAY AND SATURDAY, 2j ^2X DOLLARS PER AjVJWJIT, PAYABLE Al>VA.'IK. ADVERTISEMHNTS I •11 u ;n«-r*cd-it the rate of SsvEXTi-FrvE Clwts pei Ztl Z ^Irne, and Th»ti-S™ a»» 4 Hat, Cents for each continuation. CASH .... „u orders from the Cottnttit, unless the mustaccom . fl TowNj or q ie party well known to the Editor. auhzTT.:as to the Editor must be post-pati>. gj* The ship JOHN 8f EDWARD, for Liverpool, having commenced taking in her cargo, will be dispatched as soon as possible. For freight of 20U bales cotton apply to captain Webb on board, or at the counting house of RICHARDS Sc HARROWAY. nov 9 — M3 "V T ie ship ALBERT GALLA- T[V for Liverpool, having commenced t;k:ng in her c,j V ii, will meet with immediate dispatch- For freight of Quo or 3UJ bales cotton,apply to the muster on board, orlo CHARLES COTTON, nov .30—14-1 th- " >■ • •” - --tre b’or Liu ii'pooL The fine c pprved ship C.-U ., captain New- .comb, will commence■ taking in on Monday and will have immediate dispatch. For freight or pa-sage apply on b ■ rd, or t' R. Richardson. *• For Liverpool Toe fine fast sadmg »h p CAMILUS, captain How land, will meet with dispatch. For freight t5X&£ or passage apply to captain How land, on bo.u-d, or to FERRY &. WRIGHT. -143 For Liverpool _ rr- The fine ship REBECCA, captain Nimmo, will have immediate dispatch. For freight apply to R. Richardson. (L r For Liverpool T’ue ship SCLON, captain Simth. For freight applv to R- KIGIiARDSOX. lire y ... - 145 X - tsf For Bordeaux The fine qoppered Philadelphia built ship THA- j> ex.LIA,cantaiu Morris,of tlire. ’nnmred tons, hav. t’wafil* ring a epi rter part of hit •« _-o engaged, will meet wntfi dispatch. For frei 1) d.c 12- i errv -1 !8 >iV tO & \YTis;ht. For P/dlndelphia The sloop HANl K,R, Nathan Brigs, m. ster. sf |f|''v,For fieig..t o; "„u or 30 bales cotton. Apply ■ZzteE ro L. PETTY & CO. ' 1 2- -1 ■! 3 [Volume XIV Cotillion Party FOR THE aFASiEY. The subscribers to the Cotuiion P tty, at G. L. Cos? U V T : *r- O „ a . « • A A * For Bordeaux - The fo.e e-.puevt u ifi .i. 2-i; hia ship MAG- NET, rapi in tjw.oi!, burthen two hundred feand '(by tons, h.rting groat part of her cargo engaged, will -meet with quick uiso-toti. For ♦rcifht or passage app!* to PERRY & WHIG ill’. ■Lust reoiveti and for sale, 200 barrels fresh Philadelphia FLOUR 15'.' bag.. ) 6 barreis-5 pr;m ' ? uri ‘ , n ( OFFKE 1 case French Knives TN STOVE Philadelphia Whiskey, in hoghsheads Philadelphia. Gin Cut N iIs, assort, d sizes, 4d to 2Jd oO bags heavy black Pepoer 2‘0 b s Philadelphia and Baltimore Flour Fresh Primes, in half and quarter boxes Fresh Olives, Capers, brandy Fronts Old Medoc Wine, fine sparkling Champagne Fu e old Suutern Wme, white wine Vinegar 2 cases silk and kid Gloves and silk Hose Brandv, 4th roof; S nvrna Raisins, in barrels, 8cc. dor 1 > - .,4 For freight or charter, Co a - ■ .jri hi Europe, The fine nr.,t. cl. ss ship ARISTIDES, oaptain rter, burthen 270 tons; for further particulars, i• my to cap*,in (in r on hoard, at Smith’s JOSEPH C ViiiiLTUKKS Sc Jj. l Amue’s wharf m axil’s D.tiuung Iiootn, are rt quested to claim tntir r w/iur , or to -in F r Havre Tne substanri-l and fast sailing ship WIN 1- 5 3'JyFRElN, Charles W. < ielston, master. For freight -rAi-K-'.v passage, having excellent accommodations apply to the master on hoard, or to Calvin Baker 8£ Co. nov 12 135 For Havre __ The superior f st saih. g brig VLLY", captain Afayo, will meet with immediate d:sp.:to:., h -ving ££Lhalt of her freight engaged A nv n-rsons. wish ing to ship, can receive Bills on NeW-Vor-:. r.t thirty dav's sight, for two thirds amount of shipment Enquire of the master on board, or s. c Y • Dunning, 2'If! FOR « Yl F ov IHi \ It 1) k.Tt i\ r : t'.n? For freight or charter rtr*- Tilet ' a 1 st -«' ? f\ca]it',in R a.:-i£facti\e a cargo. Apph to Henry W. Hills ntM- 7 .1 ^3 u*. yiing s’nunch ship (ilaEN'FHORN, *e\, now in complete order to re- .For tre^hi or charter Tm lint new brig HOPE, captain Pilsbury, burthen . bout 2oU tons For E".!.s apply to -..'tijtethe master on board, at Bolton’s ertitrs i wharf, or Vo J. BA I TELLE. IVi : i 'ms for side 35 barrels Nos. 1, 2 ami 3 Mackerel 5' i do No. 2 Beef. / .. . ■ 2(5 do No. 3 Beef, f B ' ,s ’ r '’' «“P«tion. 4J boxes CLARET, entitled to double debenture Also. BILLS t)N NEW-YORK. nm u i -! .1 ; For freignt or charier Tiie substantial £-st sailing ship TIPHYS, cap- Purrington, burt’ en 3i7 tuns. Apply to .v cfe4fedie master on board, at bo.ton’s upper w h. rf, or to J. BATT'ELLE. For freight ‘>r chart* r to th, I.-ulies grv- A good double decked BRIG, of 190 tons, in *° receive u cur^o Mess /■Vr ,S ■rf? nv board the Apply <xS above. Tilth»* 1J,UGU Philadelphia Bricks, Apples aml Potatoes. Ap- nh to the n r.ster. nov 19—loo For sale, freight or charier The brig LION, T. Bryan, master, burthen 17f> tons, deep waist, iu-wlv siu.athed, ill ceil.- ’ef-pleie order, and Weil calculated for the Wi st int!:.. trade, being an iincommonly strong vessel. Per terms pnoly or. board, or to J. BATTELLE. m e ~ 146 For Liverpool The fast sailing copper boltonx d packet ship FACTOR, Robins on, masier, will commence doadmg immediately and meet with every ciis- ij_tch. For freight or passage apply to William Gasion. :,od\ For Liverpool staunch, fast sailing Philadelphia ship B< LKKLF.Y, Roger Ilorner, master, rirrr , • fe£ be dispatclied among die first vessels. For freight apply to JAMES JOHNS I'ON. Far sale SO boxes an pie and 50 boxes crab Cider, in boxes of one dozen c,.ch 2000 bushe ls Liverpool ground Salt 2Gu jneces t'jtlcm Bagging, Oiakny . n°" T1 For Liverpool r or a a at tit's. rr- bri^ r T\\t> .Uv*) f IL iis*c.*.»t;»in .n», I m* »A vvitli (ii'vp.iiclt. h;tVi..^ { .,:l c t '»»r’hs 'H cargo positively entr.^cii. i »r fit .-,At or passage appiv to tiie master, or to J. BA2TELLR. d.i‘ 7 1 id '* For aViai unique aud Guatlaloupe . _ The hri.L T (ivCE i'KR.*?, jc^ pt: in S-vUiuU rs, •JhSoJLhas nearly a ‘til! Ft.*r freiirbf </flOj b.-.r- .a rsons. .ip r iy BATTELLE. ‘ Aafct«*rels or passage, for tiire-e mo or board, or to JVho has fo- sate A DRAFT on BOSTON, at sixty days sight. f..r SJI2uO dec 7 146 __________________ For NeAv-Orit-itus __ The f si sailing brig SALLY ANN, cup’aln ufll, wiii meet u ith dispatcli, being m complete- order. and having two <birds of a cargo ready For freight or passage, iiav.i.g fu.nei- sotue accouimodaiunis, apply to the r, i.r ( u J. BattcHe; it ’,’ has landing- from said hritr. Jr ..a .i :l.• rr‘>, 69 pipes sup. rn'fr H.iliaiict Gin, (warranted real Skidani; 72 ii [inr Gr-vs, with glass botlies lob gir> < 'a'rs, l^iotfies eacn 120 fan- v f. u.ih’s Baskets to g-o on board. JjFl The Iliitish brig V ILLIAM, captain Richard son. will b" dispatclied without delay. For , 1 j'j pocket Pistol Battles 9, S bv l'i, ar.i 10 by 12 window Glass to ii. Richardson. dec -Is 5 For Liverpool The brig TV-O JsKt. I HERS, William Lap- ham, master, burthen 2 JO tons, in complete or- ; der readv to take i i; canJ?e dispatched Lav ing a'part of her cargo engaged. Ffir freight or pas sage apple onboard, at Bolton's central wharf, or to u - J. UATTJSJLLK. liov 9 134 For Liverpool a The coppered brig SP \ K 1 AN, C. M. Coffin, .-V|SG\ master, w.ti rave immediate dispatch. 'L'O Ciiimut-ed bales tit cotton art- wanted on freight. Apply to REA is. 13 ! I Lr.R, Johns: on s rshert grp 1 Seven'v-five casks of RICE v r iit be taken, at low freight, it un.neu ^jgjjp|dtcatton is made, deco is) Loras and Keys L -mL es, C1LTH] <0'JO lin-.n I;.: i ‘ 1 paesagt 3 !tOi,slu.'.i iJfiLs e.-iihMiiing 1 o< king Glasses, sugt , i9?-.x«-s. ie.. Jftr Pales Brussels Carpi dug 20 packages conu.iniii- French bncn^-C nibrics, Sheet ings, Shil lings, taint 'dotli.., tiiapel>Services, DoJiiask l.lblC ChltliS Slid Na. k its Al.sO 40 tons German Coals, suitable for graC-s or blacksmiths AND Landing f-wn A'w-Yorl-, 36 HAV. dec 7 146 Fur is:tie The brig J AMES SCOTT, burthen 112 'ons, Eiuriish built, w ith Ainerieaii register, in ctirn- 2 / .'A i-aeF nleu order for se... For the inventory oi d terms apply to JOSEPH AliZE, dec 7 l-k> J\’u. 11. Holton's Hinge lor sale _ w__ The fast Sailing schooner r y 2 k then fort; -four tons, of an < .. V«s2-tcr. w. d calculated for the inland trade and now ANTELOPE, bur asv draugi.t of wa in complete' eicdef. For terms apply to ISAAC LUMEN ik. CO. dec 1 14 For Bosluii"' The b: i< iifiuH.i'. i Jiunns Wt st, master, > r»i iii* tVv Ip it rc:et‘\ t. if*, on ni tin re'fi.' 11iti« r or . apply to the captitih on hoard * v *•' OIni^tea<i 8C liattellp. ^ --J. 1 11(1 .5-^ Sw having- iu.i tiiii-ei. i. yft. atvDOurJ F< ’ I- li- -i;: i 11 iron, (VC. The subscriber offers for su r e The CARGO of the brig Three bisters, captain Saun ders, from i .opt ub-.g. n., consisting of 35 tons axe b u- Iron and 6 tons tire Iron, ordered par- t icuiariy fur this Market 9 tons clean it. uip Cord ge, tow Cloth, M .tts Ru aua. ana Ravens D ick, Riga Balsam \ '.SO ^ The s.dd BRIG, lt>6 tons, double deck, sails, XiSyiy. >.ig- iVcist-, spirsaml aiicaihing; in vv witlii.: "!ie year. s_ds well, carries a large < tgo, ami is in '-very respect a very vessel; will be sold or. a long credit t.>r r- hi securcy, exciianged lor mer- Cijuijii.zfj a i.4i* 0 cr > e j-ki, or i’e-U t-bUntr. *\pp!y to j. BA’i IgELE. A ISO jj; I d) tons STONE BALLAST, on board s-dp ~Tlp{i\ s. A* v •• Lf-vi*. nov 2S- Ufi.’ DdiKim'd’ O Frcn schooner Harriet Jdrmett, 15 ounrter Ci-sks L P. 'Ten^ritfe WIN’., of ou ;litv. for Sale l>\ l.'AAf* T.Olif'N ‘ tl ec 1.? v- US a super.or &. CO. For 'Liverpool The fixe coppered ik;^ FRIENDS, ciptain GfctJL -i- YV’ilson, hurtheirGKSi tons, wall meet N.-'.th 0 , ko-lch. Fur freight of two hundred barrels rice, on advantageous terms, or cotton apply to J. IV aliace; IVho otters for side, received by said vessel, i60 tons 1 dverpoui groii/iti Sait, sO tons Goals l2 cases coarse Hr ’* Grates Crockery Ware, assorted > e Kegs Runt, stone Jugs and Bottles rx-v »-i— " For GretMiock The staunch fine British ship HARMONY, captain Coverdaie. commences loading innnedi- For freight of 2 JO bales cotton, to fiil S^Svto-- . r JAM..S JOHNSTON. freight or p Ft*!' ( ii t'CitiiCiv liu .-.hi . W!LL;A5l FELL, John Doan, mas ter. A considerable pari ot tier cargo being > „—a.... 1 , _;.a Will meet with dispatch. For r:birds wharf to ngageu. sue ssage apply on Joseph Carruthers Co. I'M' -7— j kt.r Havre or Hordeaux, •eipfht y.iftf off r. new ship WILLIAM 8c HENRY’, A s J The fine ja&captuii, Seabury. Apply to “***“ Ii. Richardson ’45 For ^New-York _ The regular packet brig ELIZA LORD, N. H. 3s sniilh, master, will meet with immediate dispatch. ibFor freight or passage apply' to the master On I, or tg Cil 1 r{LF -S W. CARPENTER 8i CO. .. J „ For Salmon, *19 do Sbjftll f barrel^ cm ^ Reef, fancy Chair* t,r JN <- vv - II oi k soil. \V* >■ »DBfNK, Jii'o.-nb W indow Glas s, L lioeolate, A-u. 1 >U b. xes S by In and 10 bv 12 window Glass 50 ditto N 1 arid 2 Chocolate 2 ) ditto dipt G-indies \y biting. For sale by T Joltu Hunter. — 1 fH ft Castor I lilts. i jUai 18 Cases iliCiiN* received ijli Wr. , be di ai'_ - t C!lCC WIT lOUt *U’L.V, gaged. Fortivignt via ft or passage applv or. bn rd, or to A. larwin, Lt'ihbritlgc & Co. A-r *“ » Jones' irhlV'f it i) 1 ’ ci i i i lit i i no ycmtlis’ ror.itn and castor liNTS, slop, mul fur -ale very iov. by Perkins Sf White, Cnejiar '■' C ’t’errs street and. .h-h- son's square N. 8. Eighty oaiieis sound winter APPLES, for she t -i« above. nov So—143 r or -S e.v-1 or it The regular p; ek> s - up GDI I ON PLANT, ,?< £ jS- Fash, mas'er. For freight or passage apply to viitftvfefethc captain on board, at R.ce s wh. -.-f, or to CALVIN iiA.vt.H ox CO. nov 19 133 Fur JSew- 1'ork The regular packet scim -.tor HARRIET ^•yf^NEWF.I.L, Joi.n R. ’l abor, m.-.s u. Fur treir l.t id-ire «snic'>i- passage apply to toe cq.ta.ii on bnard, at R.u's’s wi.arf, or to BALLAiGJ is SPLX-. d. r IB 1 : ' Fur BdSriiiiure. , The fast sailing schooner BRUTE'S, Nathan *»• Thomson, master, having part ot her c. rro eii- -^J^ifeo^v’-aged, will meet with linnicdiate li IS a.,* h for freight or passage, apply to the master on beard, a’ Bol ton’s wharf, or to NIL'UL’GB S; GUN I LK, nov 2b 142 Jones' -.she ;! For charter or freight, in tf D9YL lit he/ Li 'til'- . T»ic siw.dcD coppered ship V. ILLIAM, bur- then two hundred ^nd fifty tons, tor terms, which will be icasonab* *, srplv to Bubo oi "Vt atts. nov 14- -136 CojjartiiersJup. The subscribers entered into copartnership, un der the firm of Gill: rr Sc Miltf, arc nmv opening a ge neral assortment of DRY GOODS, at their store, sou’h side of Johnston’s square.; which they oiler for cash or town acceptances at ninety days, oct 19—125 \VM. S. GILLETT. J0H2I MILNE. N. E. Kuril, <Nc. 30 puncheons N. E. Rum Jo do rye Whiskey- Id do N. E. Gin AMB 10 kegs Goshen BUTTER, of excellent quality A consiiivi-able quantity of axe bar and waggon*ire IRON, for sale cb- ip. Enouire of TLomas G. Walton & Co. dec If!—e—147 . ' n wd: ■' Htiiis, SiiG'ar lioiters, uNc. j O The subscriber having been appointed agent for aMa- nufi.ctoi-i-. g Gnr natty, in Philadelphia, will carefully at- tt i. i to any orders that may be left or sent to his care. He h. s on h..nd btilis,front thirty to six hundred gallons; ami shorriy expects a nuniber of Sugar Boilers, Sctm- rner.s, Ladies, Lamps, for boiling houses, See. He lias also, on hand, a good assortment of wrought and cut NAILS. HARDWARE, Sec. All of which he -nil sell at a small advance. Philander Hall, dec 5——-145 jVfartcel square Admittance Tickets, and to par the amount of the sub- sc ,pti. n. (j3> The first party will be on TUESDAY NLX I, the 37 h instant, at 7 o’clock, i*. ni J c 32 a 148 William Barnes, (JEFFERSON-STREET, NEAR THE MARKET) Cabinet Maker.from Mew-York, Respectfully informs the public, that lie has opened store and commenced the sale of his stock of CABINET FURNITURE and LOOKING GLASSES, which consists of a variety of Sideboards, Secretaries and Bookcases, sets of dining Tables, pillar and claw breakfast and card Tables, plain do, and reeded legs and castor wash hand Stands, Bedsteads, all mahogany; elegant gilt Oorn -h. for do; a variety of looking Glasses, 46 bv 26. with glass Vannel, 26 15, and other sizes 34 by 20 and 32 by 18 and 30 by 17, with Pannels of the best gilt. AU of ti above b£ Hli sell very lew for cub. dec 12—143 iiilis oil For sale by dec 3 ■ v 137 England. jam es di kson & ca Bills on ^ - ew-York. For sale bv nov lt“; . 142 BALLARD S. SPENCER, Fie * e i; ■ arf tails Oil c\\ - 1 fl k. Foi sale b . * * f i H AREIA COTTON, ’ i J' : . '.c.:.' th- E rchtivpe B.’i s i\fi* sale on Aew-York# A j piv to • m- 12— 1 15 CALt IN RAKE it Si CO. Appiy to nov ;2— For sale BILLS ON NEW-YORK. JOHN HUNTER. -i35 sale Jr Or EXCHANGE ON LIVERPOOL, e in I ■•h-ian. BILLS OX NEW-YORK. Also Collet, m boti's; (’lart:T,ih boxt sot 1 dozen each? 8 bask^is swtr, Oii. i d f >zen t ich; 3 pipes 4th proof Coo-nix BraTidy, 12 c.*.sks of sreilent Porter, 8 dozen cuch; a few L«tles ot Fkan&, IyI.c.Lets and Flannels. -Ap ply to KlCiiAiiDS &< H-ARROWAY. no y 9 134 Fieii.iuui for Dollars. * The highest premium g.vtn for Dol d c ’0- -147 George. !i levant Mirrors, Of various sizes aud fig-ires, m gilt frames. For sale > J. J. St F. BLANCHARD, oc? 1—up -127 liiuokcis. W. P. BEERS & CO. Off*r ill lone prices Hose, dtrfhl and point BLANKETS, in bales, well as- ■surtirt. dec 3 t 144 Cotton Bags. The subscribers have for sale 330 second Land CO 3TON BAGS, which will be sold low. T. H. CONDY, jun. &. » (j. aec 3 144 Crocker» ana v mm sagging. 100 crates well assorted Crockery 1 2<ju pieces Cotton Bagging'. For s. It* bv S. r. DENNING, no\ I? -135 .A o. 2, Commerce Roiti Windsor Chairs. 6 dozen finish, d in bronze 15 do common, do. For sale by J. llannier. nov 5 132 iirandv. pipes real Cognac BR \NDY, : u BENJAMIN -148 r- reived and for HOWARD U CO. Stove dried Sait. The subscribers offer for sale 2060 bushels of Liverpool ground SALT, stove-dried and of a very supcri. r quality for rc' dting. Carnochan & Mitcliel. flr<* 7 146 i * n y^f i j* uonsigmiii ui, T*er f rit William, from Lrrevfr o\ 16 hogsheads GLASSAV AKE. For su e at a low ad* vance. nov 16 — -137 JAMES WAt l Just received An invoice of 12 trunks aud 1 case Whips and Rrushes, comprising an excellent assortment, and >’ i.t be sold low. Apply to J. LATI’ROP Se CO. noveinber 7— 133 Hunter's -wharf Just Received From Liverpool 150 casks best browuStout, 50 crates assorted Croek- ervware. For sale by M. HERBERT & CO. ■ov P 134 Le subscrihers Have formed a connection in business under the firm of Btlbo Sc Watts, with a view to FACTORAGE and COMMISSION TRA.VSACT/O.V.S, and offer their services in that line. JAMES BILBO. m.v 14 136 ROBE RT WATTS. Harris U. Pic. man Has opened a Law-Office in Savxnrah, a d tenders to the public his professional sert kes in Ln. courts of the eastern circuit. oct 8 120 Andrew G. Semmes Continues the FACTORAGE and COMMISSION BU. SINESS, in this city, and tenders his best services to the public in the above line of business, with the promise that the strictest attention shall be given to all business committed to his care; he has good fire proof Stores for Rice. Cotton or Merchandize ort 31- p-137 A. Erwiii, Crenshaw & Co. Have imported, in the ships Georgia and John Ii Edward, from Liverpool, A very extensive and well chosen assortment of DRY GOODS, IRONMONGERY, CUTLERY, plated and Ja- I ianned W ARE, comprising u complete assortment; which they are now opening and offering fi r sale in Gibbons’s briqjt building, near the Market, at the most reduced advance, for cash, produce, approved notes or acceps anes. • - * , -.31 i"t' For sale or to lease The lot No. 20, Margaret street, in Oglethorpe ward, situate nearly opposite to the residence of capuin < T.rk» All of the For terms apply - o jO&N LAWSON, (i* V Jit—X-tf i t A.