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Savannah republican. (Savannah, Ga.) 1816-1818, December 21, 1816, Image 1

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4 /■ Bf /trEJ>E rIcK S ' XEVL l SAVANNAH, (GA.) DECEMBER 21, 1816. [Whole Numbeb 2763. Xumbeb 152.] % 1 — TRUTH WITHOUT FJL1R. [Volume XJ1T -~i*»rsir thk republican , IS pc »L18«*» *•**’ „„„v TUEVHY, THVTISDAY ANT> SATURDAY, wuit >* .u"' *• advertisements . ,1,, r»te of Sxvsxtt-Fiti Cist* pei will be at t«i*ti-8«v»* »*» *• Mali nuKe CMW.of^*":' caSH all orders from tlie Cor vr* i, nnles* the muff m Town, or the p.u l/ well known to the Editor .ffLim*. <» »*« u Fmy Greenock The Wfl.l JAM FELL John lioan, mas- tev. A considerable part of her cargo being engaged, she will meet- with dispatch. for fright or px‘»*agr ap:>K »»n South's wharf* to w Joseph O&rrullicrs Co. nay 7—V' - ; j iot'ft.idfRux > The Fine coppeyrd MliLdelpb’.ri built shipTHA- •f 3i> m meet with dispa h,p ALBERT GATJLA oi' havi—y mmmtnced takin" in her fry The shiL of2(/j or 300 bales cotton, appty ° r t0 r 30-143 On tU Bay, gear the Erchans* nov . For Liverpool (To have quick dimttrh) The new and elegant *h>p OGLETHOHI fc, r FZT rViaples Javne commander, intended as aregu- afeS m&c'r fastened, buSt of the best ma “T 1 ' 1 , ■ . JL J,nect a superior ship For freig,V tcr.ats,andiner?ryresi * cron 5 nI . llj tioiill«jiy to cap er passage, haling 6°° 1 ' . UHGES fj HUl5t>UGHS, tain Jayne, or to ST bHt.r.o ca ^ Lav,Hn-r fom .aid Bap JO hogsheads nd .ioWrtls V K. RUM dec 17——ISO- —* It or Liverpool The ship THOMAS FOWLER, c-pt*n Ton- ■ mss burthen 340 tons, a new vessel and read. _ i>"j- <«• fot frc, 8 bt ■ lace’s wharf, *-r to dec 19- 'For Limpooi j ^ endue trading si up THOM IS t-Ift- —- now ready to coni- The _ . . BOXS, Isaac Brewer, masti , -. tmence loading.and win meet with all possible dispatch. For freight or^^PP-yW, fc m „ c 11AULES, ROCKWELL, dec 19 T -—*[~~1M ‘ ■ “ Tor iaiverpi - ,„a „ ! . The fine coppered slop ORUA, eaptafit New- tu ‘ freight sar pa.sage »P bo |£ Ric h a rdson. dec 5— TV i How lun or or to dec 1 e- Kor Liverpool _ ,'y apply to capta^^rd dec 1C -148 n \r<-n »9, of three 1. *:dred tons, hav* ;iv;»Pt part of her r i ^o engaged, will eh. For freight,apply to Perry k. Wri^ht. —2— Fpr Bdidenox * T he fine coppered I’hiLdelphia ship M \f«- NK I', captain tw^i wood, tmrllicn two hundred ami fifty ti ns, having great part of^Jier cutjp; engaged, w ill meet with quick distiatcu. Forfrcij;iit or pasaagt apply to fCttitV & WHISHT. Just rec.ivcj auj far »ale, DM) barrels fresh Philadelphia FLOUR l3 6 barrels { P rlme o rcen GOFFtE 1 ca»^French Knives m ' IN 8TOH* Philadelphia Whiskey t in hoghshevtds PhiUidelphia Oin / ( nt Nails, assorted sizes, 4d to 2'a) 50 bugs heavy black Pepper 200 bis Philadelphia and Baltimore Flour Fresh Prunes, in half and quarter boxes Fresh Olives, Capers, brandy Fruits Old Medoc Wine, fine sparkling Champagne Fine wld Sautcrn Wine, while wine Vinegar 2 cases silk and kid Cloves and silk Hose- Brandy, 4th proof; Smyrna liaisins, in barrels, 8cc. dec 19—148 -* For Havre or Bordeaux, As freight mat/ offer, The fine new ship WILIJAM & HENRY, captain Seabuiy. A|>ply to . R. Richardson. dec 5 145 **» s> ; master on Tit - For Baltimore t H<j» op VI.NCS, captain ffemum. A liew 1 twatimtial y< «< 1. eun take shout 80 bslet. 1 >Por fn ight or postage apply to tin WtM'kmm-’s wharf, or tr» d !f- Paluies 8C Davidson. —»r:—150 .* "j ■ ■ Yli ~f - | *w ~ r or CuaiTe»L."n llicf,* snilitigslunp KL LETY. copt:,in .Tillin' Antony, will sni! the flj-.-t f,i T wimi. F-n freight lOnxstWilpt, hnving ytligant jccMinnnnLtii,us, up. ply to the master on bounl,.t Wnlbct’s wliarf, or to GaudrV & Hopon. dec 19-*.»-151. r Reigii in, For charter or' if i .tf.i/ port in The stacncli coppered s then (wo Umpired ;.nd fifty tons. iWliicnT Will be reasim;*bk , spply to Biltto it XViiltti. nov 14———f36 ■ > * .1AM, but- For tetma, . Pork, Flour, &c. 25 barrels prime Pork, 7 half barrels mess Fork A few whole and half bis fresh FLOUR, (northern . and Georgia;) navy and.pilot Bread Groat Bread and Biscuit, in barrels and kegs,fre»h. For *aled>y PALMES fc DAVIBSON* dec ly—m 150 freight or charter. To any port in Jiurope. The fine first class ship ARlS I'lDF.S, captain ^Carter, burUxen 270 tons; For further parlie»il:us, «: pply to captain Carter on board, at Smith's , or to JOSEPH CAURUTI1K.RS A CO. 2U 141 -iron, Coffee, Wine, dec, 4Q tons Iron, assortetl, 20 bags Coffee 40 4asks Malaga Wine, 5 quarter casks Sherry Wine U quarter cusk» and 3 pipes L. P. Tenerift* Wine, of a > superior qtmlity; 5 pipes Holland Gin 35 boxes v indow Glass, b bv 10^ 9 by 11 and 10 by 12 60 pieces cotton Bagging, bO coila'Cordage io cases Buttons, assorted 10 casks conti.mmg Paulockr, Knives and Forks, pea and p«>cket Knives, Ac. 40 elites Crockery, 5 lifids glass Ware 50 sets tea and table China 25 cases Tumbiers and Decanters, 30 boxes Soap 2 c^tres men’s and boy% straw Hats, &c. For sale, oa accouxiaodatmg terms, by ISAAC COHEN & Ca d'-r 19 * 151 «! For Havre The superior st«ilii*g brig S ALLY, captain Mayo, will meet with immediate dispatch, fin v,n li half of her l reigjjlengagt d. A’ny pex-soiis, wisli- : .ng to ship, can reccj\e HbJl$ on New-York, at Uiirty days, jight, for ;w« thirds amount of shipment. Enquire qf. Ui*r master on board, or 8. C. HuBiiing, JW 2, ComtHerce New ronmw**^ hoahd 200 Cfsks srft VK LI M K- dee 7—146 ' For l.a jliicUt iie The bn* CLARION, f»p't .in BmlfiiA, liO burthen. Provision being made for two ®54Jth‘!*ds of 1-i* cargo; Sie can receive quick dis patch. For iWight apply to R. Richardson. df'C 19- -150 —148 dec 5— ForT/ivirpOol .. w^i.iXCA,cayitaiii Nimmo, will Tim fine V,,r freight W l> to R. Richardson. re iimm dials. froi* JN antes Vhe brig TWO URLT1 It-US, captain.tApham, will n.ecl itU uiapaich, laying three fimriiu of - cargo p'lsitiwty engaged. For freight or pa< ipo ipply to luo ui^ltr, or to j. BATTELijE. dec 7 1 16 n ' • • ■ 145 For Livei^ogl Tho shin VtTMFULi), U. W. Cekton. master. OnT imti.W bates couon.. only s unled to cob.- plrte her A KBB & CO. For Livtn>w*i m The ship sOLU^ cup tain Smith. Fnrfreigi.t H B. EICHABDSON. Ft« ld\-eri><wd The fust eopper bc> picket smp vStuu! Kchinsorf. m*er, "ift <-...„menre " oailifie bv-arediitely* and meel vrtli every dis- m~~— r.»—M-iG„l„n. For Liverpool 'The str.,i. v i,«S PiiJKideiphiu . jotlN ltl I.KKLtY. HoLtr H s>iip manter, For Alai iiiiitjue and Guadaloupe The brig THRljfc SIS I F.liS, cap.iuiiy jjitatulers, has nearly a ful^psrgo. For freight of 100 b;tr- m ore paA^.igc.' fiu“liiretf nioie pciveiw. guply on board, or to ...,w. d. IJ A l i 1-1 .LI., H Jiu ha,* fir title V' A DRAFT on BOSTON, at sixty days sight, for gl20G utc 7 146 Kor Nvw-Oihaiip iite f«a Siniih, will Sail ■'pf r e.ili.i^'brig SAI4.Y AXX, captiin lad iininciliatelv, heing iteany full-- puss, liters m< re can be accommodated, f ot frciirlit or nataaefc, haring haiidaitme acemnmod** lions, apply to t» uukter, or 1. BATIELLE. efr,’j hat Jar .ire, received hy .uidve.irt, 3 very elegant BnisseiS CAttlT'.l'd. of uiicdtfltnon * >“au dem. mis against the ship.TIl'HVS, captain ’’lirnrncton, must bo presented tills week, or paytnent^wiii bt lebarped. , d 'C ltf - —t il " For Bouton j. battllle. For sate SO boxes ,pple and 50 holes crab gider, in boxes cf one each , 2000 busltels Li'itliool ground Salt 200 E*?*"' 0 * nov n-104 ' 1 ' ." For Liverpool One hundred balm eotinn are wanted pleTtlm Sargo of the bng SPAUTAN, C. M. Un, Ko.freibl^A.^^J •Jalu.eC*vthurf Tiie hi-ig (.F.OKtsIA, 1 limtias West, mister, lamin' two tl.'mls of.her frciyflit ready to go on hd-.n: Teir freight of the remainder or p4s»uy t! M Who hate V'tt received, per Wwp Satan, 10 bays prime Java CtllfEK, lor Jam. y use; and 4 tars prime preen Jaanuca LOFfchK df*r 19 -— -t-151 . i ■ ■ For laivci'iiool T ,„ Bniish-bntr WILLIAM, captain Richard- si, nill be dispatched'»ithout *May. lo; R. Richardson. tapply to dec J -145 ~ r *f' at - Liverpool The George ^ itli pislial n aura pee, on a .vautagrvu* termsjir ion, apply jtd Wh. efrr, formic, revival by .aid ven.1, l60 tons Liverpool ground Salt, 40 tons Coals i2 cases coarse Hats j Cratec Crockery Ware,'assorted Kegs Paint, stone Jugs»»d Bottles aov ;2—i3S , For GreeBOCk. The staunch fioe Bnttah. ^IpJIARMO. Y. icantain Loverdale, conupencre Uiadmg.immedia ^i§ely. apnlv to'tbe captain on Intaril. or to Olmsteud 8y Battellc. nov 2h- ■—142 For Bptdou The brig EIdZA, captain Adams, will soon he dispatched, bavuig part of her cargo engsg- :d. For freiglit orpassags: apply to the captan at Jones’wharft or t~ - B. M‘Kinne fe Co. dec ir>- _w 151 nov 19-r The regtilaf picket slap' COTTON PLANT . Fash, tST KTfreigbt o» 10 ——-gSiihixSisS* 138 j'. For New-fork. The packet hrig ACTKfaiS* , N ' wil meet with immediate dispatch.. F«b* treignt or |.assis t applv to tnc saptun on bo«d,or to WdKam H. Joyuer* Co. * TuytotrmbarJ IFho have for .ale, lantSny from said brij, , 25 liogshelils N. E. R1 T M : . W iw’mias. 6,000 bushels Liverpool ground Salt Jterrels Coffee^ ipiartcr casks Malaga 'Vine Quarter dusts hyson Tea, Jantaica Ruin, and One cse pelisse Clbttaand Cassuneres dec jjO . , , — ’ " "-i.Fw iWew-YcMk . eiiaciss- ^55 rtce. ~1'~ n V or freight or charter Th< fast sailing staunch ship GLENTTIORN, cajrt ,i.i H-iney, now i:i conipleu? order to re- iCttve it cai-go. Aprlv to Henry W. Ilifls. nov 7 1.33 For freght or cliajter The fine new brig iiGPK, captain Vilsbury, burthen about 200 tons. For terms apply to tltc muster on board, at Bolton’s central wharf, ► J. BAXLELLE. * Who has for sale 35 barrets Nos. 1, 2 and 3 Mackerel 50 do No. 2 Betf, > „ . . _ A . No. 3 Beef. $ Boston in8 P ect,on - 40 boxes CLARET, eivitlcd to double debenture Also, BILLS ON NEW-YORK. •>’ P3 —-idi) For sale, freight or charter The brig LION, T. Bryan, master, burthen 17l) tons, deep waist, newly sheathed, in com- plete orcl^r, ami well calculated for the Wcpt- fndia trade, being an uncommonly strong vessel. Par terms apply on boarder to J. BATTELLL. dec 7 ■ —146 . ; _ ■_ sale terms sn dec For Th#hwgJAMF,3 SCOTT, hurtlien 112 tmis, Bgiish iiuilt, with American uistcr, in cnn|- 3c order for sea. For tliv inventory and' ly to JOSKFtJ AliZK. i. 146 JVt u, B*lt*n % . JBangr tioffee. 6 barrels prime green Jamaica COFFEE, snd 1U bags do Java do For sale by Rea & Butler. dec 17 150. . . Quern Stones, 6ce. 47 pair French quern Stones, with irons 3l>0 kegs FP R Gunpowder, 50 blsN.E. Rum 30 his No. 1 Mackere l, 40 kegs spiced Salmon; 30 dozen Betr’s made Axes 30 dozen American made Spades 140 pieces couon Begging. For sale by Gardner Tufts. nov 23 140 Cotton Bairs. ags * fir The tnhtcriher* have fir tale 350 second-hand COiTWN BAGS, which will be sold low. T. Hf CUNDY, jun. 8c dOi dec 3 ■ 144 ^ nj Crockery and lagging. 100 ci-ites well assorted Crockery 2tX) pieces Cotton BaggiFor sale by * S. C. DUNKns'9, Xo. 2, Commerce Jl nov 12- -135 ■Jlna iron, dec. The subscriber offers for sale The CARGO of the britf Tlirei Swreni, captain Saun- tiers, from Copenhagen,, consisting of. 33 tons axe bar Iron and 6 tons tire Iron, ordered par- ticulariv for tins Market 9 tons rtean Hemp C’oixlage, tow Cloth, Matts Russia and Ravens Duck, Itigs Balsam ALSO The Said BRIG, 106 tons, double derk, sails, Jri;;Ting f mast-, spurs and sheathing; new within fejjwfcoiit ^ cur , sails wt:l, cahies a large cargo, aod is m ev rr respect a very substantial vessel; will be sokl on a long credit for good sefutft), exchanged for mer chandize, a larger vessel, or real estate. Apply Vo • J. BATiEU-Ev 1 ALSO * ' f 130 tons STONE » ALLAS r, o* board slip Tiphyx ,i... ii» kbiivi-. '*' v - *26—' t42 . Bills on Neu -York. For sale by nnv 2B—142 BALLARD & SPENCER, Hirr't R0fltj| Bills on New- For salt bv ’ CHAKLF.S COTTON, II ' S f *° thr Hay. rirtir fhr F. vchunfr Bills lor sale on New-York, CALVIN KAKEiUt CO. iiar Apply to nov 12- For sale A ppl v to nov i2—■ BILLS ON NEW-YORK. JOHN HUNTER. ■i35 For sale :. j^vr.H A.XGE ON tlVKaPOOL, i’auahtr in l.n»dniu BILLS ON NEW-yORK. Also Coflecf in bags; Claret, in boxes if I dozen «fcb, 8 baskets sweet Oil, 1 dozen bach; 3. pipes 4tli nro^ Coyilm Urandy. 12 casta of excellent Wrter 8 Jozen each; a few bales of Plains .Btaiikctaa^Ftaniiela. Ap- X t0 RJCHA1UJ8 S. HAHROWAY. ‘ nov 9 134 Windsor Chairs. t 6 dozen fmiahed in brm J5 da ci.iWW do. nov 5- —T32 For sale by J. Hanmcr. (ioshen’fllieeee, Winter Apples, &c. 5 casks Goshen Cheese 120 barrels Winter Apples , 150 bushebf Irish Potatoes , 50 barrels Cider, I qttarter eask Colmenar Wine 5 ditto apple Brandy, 5 barrels rye Whiskey 2 crates stone Wart Keccived per alpop Bright Ph«- bos and for sale $ N. B. Kirreaffc. at the store for- merly occupied by Thomaa Luceua, Market-square. d* c 12rr—X——'.I4o . .. Andrew Q. Seimnes Continues the FACTORAGE and COMMISSION BO- 91NES3, in this city, tnd tenders his best tentett to the On consignment, Per britf ft tfiswn, from Liverpool, 16 hogsheads GLAbSWAHE. For sale at a low ad* voice. , JAMES WALLACE. nov 16 — 137 Just received 3000 lbs CHEESE, first quality. For sale by A Fox Sf Co. dec 19 n-—151 Just received An jnvoice-of 12 trunks and 1 case Whips and 1 comprising an excellent assortment, and will be sok low. Apply to ” J. OO. november 7—— 133 Hunter*t wharf Just Received From Liverpool 150 casks best brown Stout, 50 crates assorted Crock* eiywarc, For sale by M. HEHBEKT & CO. nov 9—~ 134 For, sale Atvcn tierces and two barrels WHALE (ML, Charles Howard. dre 19 151 ’ W illwan C. ivlSki » 1500 busl dec 19- Offers for sale tUlalimpoai ground SALT. L. JPettv & Co. rr* .... far tale 32 pipes old COGNAC BttANDY, 4th proof and line flfvnrt ' ‘ 4^19. 151 Mark Hardin Has just opened on the west side of Market-«quire, opposite P. H. L T. Cvapon’s store, an assortment of DRY GOODS AND GROCERIES, which he.offsrs_ taw for cash or produce. He alao tendera to hisfili ami the public, bis beat servicca in the FACT0HAG AND COMMISSION LINE. dec 17——» ISO - mm — —: «■ 1 1 ■ ■»*»"!—a— Harris H. Hiekman Has opened a Law-Office in Savannah, and tinder* to t^epub fie his professional services in the courts of tbp eastern ^iicuit. Superfiae Kicbmond Fiour, tec. 100 bis frtoh eupetfine Richmond Floor, now landtag 35 pipes superior p Scheudam anchor Gin 7 pipes Cognac Brandy 7 naif pipes Mfroella Madeira AYiue 50 boxes 8 by 10 Class 50 do Chocolate, Boston No. 1 50 do Spanish Chocolate, superior 200 door Mats, 80 lance wood Npart 20 boxes No. 10 cotto* Cards. Fot«de, Wtf fibenl " credit, by HENW W., HI; dec 17 w—450 j;. HI XS. John Tanfier Having taken captain Otis Oria into MUMfrlfl the business will be conducted under the finfr of An extensive silk GOODS; 1 LERY ER offer VS** t ann: > aaintn Kettell & bewail with WAttK a«d