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Savannah republican. (Savannah, Ga.) 1816-1818, December 24, 1816, Image 1

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FjlEflZRlCK & FELL.'] SAVANNAH, (GA.) DECEMBER 24, 1816. [Whole Number 2764*- TRTJTH WITHOUT FEAR. [Volume XIV the republican IS PUBLISHED -ttteMIAY THURSDAY AND SATURDAY, ri TABt5 13* AllVAKC*. \DVRUTISKMENTS tc of Skvf.xtt-Five Csirrs per Will be Inserted, atthe ^ Tuihty .Seven a» a Hah- ^ the** tiM CF>-Tsfor t ac/ iC <-^ fl cASH „p rulers from the CommiT, unless the ■■must accompn.* ;;: Xow5 , or the party well known to 'payment be securea «.i u Jltnr. t n the Editor must be rosT-PAin. the Editor. ltr nW The ship ALBERT GALLA £-^ | nC . j vl vint commenced taking m her TIN, (o-S immediate dispatch. For freight ^,ryo. will m'-Ct ■ annlv to the master on board, 300 bales cotton, app ( , HAULES CO TTON, Onihe B lit, near the Exchange Forbiverpool cargo, of 200 or ° r nov 30-143 For Greenock The ship WILUAM FEIX, John Boan, mas ter. A considerable part of her "cargo being engaged, she will meet with dispatch. For freight or passage‘apply on Smith’s wharf to Joseph Carruthers Co. mv 7—133 * / ' For Bordeaux The fine coppere'd Philadelphia built ship THA- LI A, captain Morris, of three hundred tons, hav- ..j5&ing the greater part of her cargo engaged, noli meet with dispatch. . For freight apply to Perry & Wright. dee 12 148 c ' 7 For N o tv-York 1 he packet schooner LAURA, R. Fosuick, master. For freight or passage apply to the captahron hoard, or to William H. Joyner & Cu. * Taylor's •wha>'l TJ ho have-landing from taid schooner, 10 hogsheads N. E. RUM dec 21—*—152 For Baltimore The new sloop SUSAN, captain Beardsley, has one half of her freight engage d and ready zro^apato go on board. For the remainder or passage, having good accommodations, apply to For (K SfoS.ET,10U ?E . The new and ele am ff mded as A reg „. -^Charles Jayne, c ° , a d ’ built of the best ma trader ’ C ° VV Zt t suoerior sliip For freight derials, and in every ^ eC „ coro modations apply to cap- dr passage, having g c-yURGES & BURROUGHS', tain Jayne, or to ' jVo. 3, Commerce /far Landing fom seddshifo 50 hogsheads and 50 barrels N. L. RUM dec 17 -150 “ lioideaux The fine coppered Philadelphia ship MAG- v ■'r'SvNET, captain- tnuwood, burthen two hundred and fifty tons, having* great part of her cargo engaged, will meet witii quick dispatch. I' or freight or passage apply to PERRY- & WRIGHT. Just receiv'd and for sale, 200 barrels fresh Philadelphia FLOUR 1 “Sh,F“' ere ' ncop ™ i 1 case French Knives IN RTOTU5 Philadelphia Whiskey, in hoghsheads Philadelphia Gin , Cut Nails, assorted sizes, 4d to 20d 50 bags heavy black Pepper 200 bis Philadelphia and Baltimore Flour Fresh Prunes, in half and quarter boxes •Fresh Olives, Capers, brandy Fruits • Old Medoc Wine, fine sparkling Champagne Fine old Sautem Wine, white wine Vinegar 2 cases silk and kid Gloves and silk Hose Brandy, 4th proof; Smyrna Raisins, in barrels, &c. .-t-r 12-1—,‘ The ( i or Liverpool -rHOM AS FOWLER, captain The- up *• d * MAacnl onrl reiuh he ship THOM-^ ve s S el and ready yin&s, burthen app i v on board, at Wai- -to load, For freight, app^ ricHAROSO N. lace’s wharf, or . dec 19 1j1 rnn ‘dispatch For Liverpool The regular tradings up ^ ^ . to c( >m- BOSS L«»c WeW "' Sjt'.Bk ,U dec 19 ience soauiiq,, For freight °J ^® g p,^soX k CO. or CHARLES ROCKWELL. -p * , i r()R\ captain New- The fine coppered ^ip G Montlay For £next, or to ■m^htir'passage apply on bog pJ" liar 4 son finSSsU captain The fine dispatch. For freight owland, wdlweel h> [ l u , uial „ i) on board, ,or passage appl) ^ PERRY & WRIGHT. 143 'ForXvverpoui ... „ , nVWEOCA, captain Nirmno, w.l! The fine smpRCTBCO ^nlv to ►have unuituUe ^ C 1, For freight apply to R. Richardson. dec 5- . 145 F° r ! AV Gefeton, master. The st VPaVn l cotton is only wanted to com- nSSibdes cotton is only tplete her BAKER & CO. -149 --apply I" dt C 5 —145 jpor LiveH»«*ol The ship SOLON, captain S r ^ a r Us0 JL .v; tn For freight or Gasto „. patch. For freigl nov 7- dec 5- hor jriuvre or iiorcleaux, jfo freight may offer, The fine new ship WILLIAM & TIENRA, Seabury. Apply to 11. Richardson. ■145 * . For Havre Tlie superior fast sailing brig SALLY,Captain Mayo, will meet with immediate dispatch, having Behalf of her freight engaged. Any persons, wisli- to ship, can receive Bills on New-York, at thirty days dec 2I-> m— -152 Hall &* Hoyf. For charter or freight, W.S '1>j any port in 'fairopr. The s’ai.nch coppered sliip V ILLI bnr- , then two hundred and fifty tons. For terms, rwhich will be reasonable, apply to Bilbo & Watts. Irish Butter and Pork. 60 barrels prime Irish Po k, and 25 firkins first quali ty Irish Butter will be landed ort Monday, and sold on w ual i u .7 j 71 1111V. II l — 11 * n iWj aliU HI mi la tv ' Irish Butter will be landed ort Monday, and sold oa as .liable and accommodating terms, if taken from the CUMMING & MOORHEAD, .A*:. 1, Commerce Posv. re wharf. Applv ta dec 21—A—152 Butter. * 10 fii kins first quality BUTTER, received per seboon- r Laura. For sale by REA & BUTLER. -152 dec 21- nov 14- -T36 For freight or charter, 7b any port in Europe, The fine first class ship ARISTIDES, captain v^Fr^Carter, burthen 270 tons; for further particulars. ■l^feSSe^applV to captain Carter on board, at Smith's -- ---- — * ' JOSEPH CAIiUUTURRS 8t CO. Iron, Coitee, Wine, 6cc. 40 tons Iron, assorted, 20 bags Coffee 4u casks Malaga Wine, 5 quarter casks Sherry Wine 14-quarter casks and 3 pipes L. P. Teneritt’ Wme, of a ' superior quality; 5 pipes Holland Gin 35 boxes w indow Glass, 8 by AO, 9 by 11 and 10 by 12 60 pieces cotton Bagging, 80 Coils Cordage ^ 10 raises Buttons, assorted 10 casks containing Padlocks* Knives and Forks, pen and pocket Knives, ike. ' 40 crates Crockery, 5 biids glass Ware 50 .sets tea and table China 25 cases Tumblers and Decanters*, 30 boxes Soap 2 c^ses men’s and boy’s straw Hats, Sec. For sale, QQ accommodating terms, by ISAAC COHEN & CO. dec 19 M 151 f * . wharf, or to nov 26 -141 For freight or charter T he fast sa.-'iig* staunch ship fiLENTHORN, captain Rainey, now • complete t>nler to re- ‘ B ceive a car*co. Apph ».o Henry W. Hills. nov 7 133 or to For freght or charter The fine new brig HOPE, captain Filsbury. For terms apply to burthen about 200 tons. sight, for two thirds amount ot shipment, knquire ot the master on board, or S. C. Dunning, J\“i. 2, Commerce Ro’VJ FOR SALK BOARD 200 casks STONE LIME dec 7—146 patch. For Fa Roche tie The brig CLARION,-captain Itodfish, .150 tons burthen. Provision being ir....c»e for tw*o .thirds of her cargo, she can receive qtrick. ais- For freight apply to - R. Richardson. dec ’ n - ■ 150 1* or ^ ames The brig TWO BROTH-. RS, captain Lapham, 'will meet with dispatch, having three fourths <>♦ * cargo positively engaged. For freight -assage apply to the master, or U J. BATTELLE dec. 7- -146 For Mariiulque and Gaadaloupe The brig THREE SISTFTtS, captain ban riders, lias nearly a full cargo. For freight of 100 bar- ‘relsor passage, for three more persons apply oc board, or to - , J. BA1 1LLLE. ■ Who has for sale A DRAFT on BOSTON, at sixty days sight, Sur S1200 dec 7 14^ For Liverpool ■The staunch, fait *W JCHIN Bt.LK.ELEY, For New-Orleaa» The fast sailing brig SALLY ANN, captain ^_ __ Smitli, will sail immediately, being nearly full. #£££ Four passengers mere can be accommodated. For freight or passage, having handsome accommoda tions, apply to the master, or J. RAl ! LLL .. Who has fur sate, received by said reuse', 3 very elegant, Brussels 1 CARPETS, of uncommon tlUC VTil demands against the ship TIPUYS, captain Purringlon, must be* presente d this week, •»e delunvd. * • 11 ‘ . dto 19 151 ■ —— UUi lliUI x>UO tuna. :the mastec on board, at Bolton’s central wharf J. BATTELLE. IFiio has for sale 35 barrels Nos. 1, 2 and 3 Mackerel 26 t No. I Beef!} Bost0n ins P ection - 40 boxes CLARET,-entitled to double debenture Also, BILLS ON NEW-YORK. no* -14 1 For sale, freight or chaftev The brig LION, F. Bryan, master, burthen 170 tons, deep Waist, newly sheathed, in cum p'ete order, and well calculated for the W< st- India trade, being an uncommonly „ For terms apply on board, or to J- BxVLItLEE. dre 7 146 ... ■* * or sale. * The brig JAMES SCOTT, burthen 112 topi English-built, with American register, m com pete order for sea. For the inventory and iron, <xc. The subscriber offers for sale The CARGO of the brig-Three Sisters, captain Saun ders, from Copenhagen,, consisting of o 35 tons axe bar Iron and 6 tons tire Iron, ordered par licuiariv for this ^lui’kct t 9 tons cieftn Ilcmp Cordage, tow Cloth, Malts liussiii urtd Havens Duck, Kiga Balsam* ALSO The said BRIG, 106 tons, double deck, sails, r.SK rigging, rnasi-. spaWaAd sheathing; new M^oney^ir. sails well, carries a large cargo, and is in every respect a very substantial vessel; wull be sold on a long credit for good security, exchanged tor mer- IH^t^ 9 * , >.ssei, ox ‘- a TTa'CIKLEE. ALSO 130 tons STONE BALLAST, on board ship Tiphys. Apply as abm e qpv 2iM*3 liiiis on JNew-Vork. For sale bv »A LLABD & SPF.NCF.R, ,142 *'V ■barf nov 28- (Jotice. 6 barrels prime green Jamaica COFFEE, and . 10 bugs go Java do For sale by Rea & Butler. dec 17 159 . « Cotton The subscribers hmefor sale ~ 350 second hand COTTON BAGS, which wilJbesold low. T. U. CONDY, jun. & CO. dec 3 144 Crockery and idaggiiig. 100 crates well assorted Crockery 200 pieces Cotton Bagging. For s. ’e by S. C. DUNNING, nqv 12 135 3Vo. 2, Commence Bov On consignment, Per brig William, from Liverpool, 16 hogsheads GLASSWARE. For sale at a Jaw ad vance. v JAMES WALLACE, nov IS— — T37 ; - On Consignment 106 barrels S. F. Philadelphia FLOUR 10 quarter casks L. P. TenerifT WINE 10 do do Marcela Madeira do on ieitn “ Lisbon and Sherry WINE, in pipes and quarter casks G eot-ge & Alexander M. Ker. dec 21 -irSL i Just receivedi Per the schooner Laura, from JVesv-York, and for sale by the subscriber, 50 barrels Phelps’, Barber’s and Jenk’s Gin 4 hogsheads cider Brandy 30 half barrels mess Beef, 10 bags Almonds A small invoice of Beeds, Necklaces and Ear-Ring# Joseph Auze, dec 21 -x -152 JVo. 11, HrU > ’■ -■ ngp .lust receiver, . By the schooner Lustra, foam JSfow-York, 30 kegs best Goshen BUTTER 20 half barrels mess BEEF dec 21——w- -153 Gaudry & Dupori. Just received 3000 lbs CHEESE, first quality. For sale by A Fox # Co. dec ;19- -151 Just received ltoger Horner, master, _.^„_-£wi" d* dispatched a "* ol, ^ , ^ fll ‘T.|OI[NS''i'<»N. freight apply to ^ ^ * 50 boxes apple and SObo^s crab Cxder, in ooxes of one dozen each 2000 bushels Liverpool ground Salt 200 pieces cotton Bagging. Crockery nov 9—134 Liverpool One hundred bales cotton are wanted to com- Rot tplete the cargo of the brig VARTAN, C. M. Coffin, master. For freight, for the same, apply REA & BUTLER, Johnston's -wharf Who hav 10 bags prin 4 barrels prime gret p, r iy—-—-151 lore j-st rcceh-cd, per shop Susan, ■ime Java COFFEE, for frimv use; i nrime green ja..uuca (.OFf Er. and 1 For Liverpool ? . . . , • «it11 i i vM. caLtiiu Kxharcl- Tbc Britr.ti brig Vv ICClA.w, son, will be d<s| -tebed without delay, tor freight apply to i ^ Richardson. der 5- -145 For Liverpool fine coppered brig FRIENDS, The fine coppei*e(t nng v d ^ t ^George Wilson, ^ 0 fT« hlmdreu ^EwiUt hispalcfr or cotu)11 , apply to barrels rice, on adtanUgeous ’ T ' ’ For DliSttiU The brig GEORGIA, Thomas West, master, having two thirds of her freight ready to go on board! For freiglit of the remainder or pass.. c c, aTply to the captain ou hoard, or to pp> Oliustead % Battelle. nov 28 -14T For Boston ELI7A, captain Adams, will snon The briu Loat* -•»» - % be dispatched, having part cargo <u,^- £cd. For .freight or passage apply to the captain oti board, at Jones’wi..uf, or to ? B. M‘Kmne & Co. .4 dec 19- -151 For Boston The new, superior, packet brig FAWN, E- J«„5 master, vT.U have'immediate U.spatch, tw ? thirds of her cargo being ready to go 's£V3fc~t»mas wx o . - For freight or passage apply V/ f/J- i""vrii l'uF & ; t Hunter’s wharf, or to JOHN LA 1 ILOl * on board, board, CO. -t.v: ’ For Mew-Vurlt The regular packet ship CO I fON PLA* T, nov 19- -138 CALV IN bAivl-A cv CO. For sale bv JiiHs oil New-York. CHARLES COTTON, ' Ot> the .Par, year the F, . charge Rills for sale on New-York. CALVIN RAKER& CO. -135 , A pplv to . V 1 For sale BILLS ON NEW-YORK. Apply to nov i2— JOHN HUNTER. -i35 For sale EXCH ANGE ON LIVERPOOL, Paucbic in London. BILLS OX NEW-YORK. »lcr> Coffee in bags; Claret, in boxes ot 1 dozen each; swe ei Oil, 1 dozen each; 3 pipes 4tii proof , bask- , a"ee ’ . (}f ext .. n f! it Porter, 8 dozen- tognac rav , . pl i Blankets and Flannels. Ap- •acn; a few bales ot u R ’ cuutDS ^ HARROW AY. 9-—134 — An invoice of 12 trunks and 1 case Whips and Brushes, comprising an excellent assortment, and will be sold low. Apply to J. LATHRQP fc CO. noyember 7 133 Hunter's-wharf Just Received From Liverpool 150 casks best brown Stout; 50 crates assorted. Grock- ervware, For sale by M. HERBERT &. CO. Hgv 9 y 1->4 A For sale Seven tierces and two barrels WHALE ORr. Charles Howard. dec. 19 151 Wui lain C. Mitts Offers for sale 1500 bushels Liverpool gfouiid SALT, dec 19—i-u—151 i . o 8 brisk ( e piy to nov Planters’ Bank Stock. . . , STANTON 8c BYRD. For sale by dec 21- -152 Li Petty & Co, Pave for sale 32 pipes old COGNAC BRANDY, 4th proof and ffrtflf . 1 1 dec 19———w——-15* flavor. ■* Windsor Chairs. For N6yv-\iTi-k The naiitar packet schooner f gtilar pa l..\lohn It. J. WaBaee; Whor offers for sale, received by send vessel, t6ff tons Liverpool ground bait, •40 tons Goals. 12 Cases coarse Hats , Crates Crockery Ware, assorted Kegs Paint, stone Jugs-and Bottles tiov i2—r35 — .1 i i.. 1 " * " ip, apply to dec 12 Will li For Greenock „ The staunch fine British ^ immedi! captain idhitely. For freight of200b£ g iQet[gr0 g m iv to ' J 148 .. — tela. . V IlARRiET iOC passage apply & gpRNCKIt. Rice’s wharf, or to BALL A itu, dec.-10- -f-17 _ "‘ ll $7* JSi'w-York Smith, master, will ® , . t [ lt . master on board, or ^ ^ ion#,,? fos.s s.rf brrg, Pickled Salmon. d«***«*l. Half Barrels com Beef, fancy Chairs * < * ec n gV ■ — ■ ■ •• • ’ For |?cw-York The new St E “'* § Spencer, dec 21——IS 6 dozen finished in bronze o <* «— ror t.Hanmer. -132 pov 5- Goshen Cheese, Winter Apples, &c. 5 casks Goshen Cheese 120 barrels Winter Apples ’ -0 wS cSer, P l°quarter cask Colmenar _ • | Ware^’ Received ^r sToo‘; B^gbt Ph-- dec 12 -i 148 Quern Stones, &c. 47 pair French quern Stones.with 900 kees FF R Gunpowder, 50 blsN. B. Hum 30 5o 1 Mackerel, 40 kegs spiced Salmon 30 dozen Beer’s made Axes 30 dozen American made Spades 140 pieoea cotton Bespog- ^ hoy r. _ , , Superfine Kichmond Flour, Ate. 100 ble fresh superfine Richmond Flour, now landing 35 pipes superior Weesep Scbeudam anchor Gin 7 pipes Cognac Brandy 7 half pipes Marpella Madeira Wine 50 boxes 8 by 10 Glass 50 do Chocolate, Boston No. 1 50 do Spanish Chocolate, superior 200 door Mats, 80 lance wood 9pars 20 boxes No. 10 cotton Ca*ds. For sale, on a liberal St, by * HENRY W. HILLS. dec 17 b r 1 - 50 Ketteli oc Sewall Have removed to Np..34, Bolton’s whwf, where fiiey jjaye for .sale,.just received, 50 kegs and tubs BUTTER 10 barrels N. E Bum 12 boxpa superior Spanish Segarfr A few boxes fresh Raisins ALSO Chocolate, yellow Soap, Nails, tec. •«A (■ pod*'.recetYe4owSfr>2£2i^^^£LJ2z£Cas^^ i he subscriber W * r Y' ,J * r ' for, for sale at very low prices the following txriitUs, visf, v f ew dozen dressed calf Skins Do do rides dressed Leather Barrels Apples, ditto Potatoes of a sunerior quality James Kenyon, At the office SfGh&let €«#«>» •!» rt» May* near the £x- thdnfc 4oe,irv-4t»