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^fllE „A*LY OEOUOlAWi. IS rUBLlSHED 1» TltH CITY OF SAVANNAH, WILLIitltili BCI.I.OCII, AT DOU.ARS PER ANNUM, rUABLE SEMI'IEBUAI.EY IE ADVANCE, . 0,1 | A1 , g,x DOLLARS J'OR SIX MONTHS. the TltMVEKKIiV OROnOIANj &on tub couxmr, nithlifllied to mccot the arrangement of the InniU three times a wook, (Tuesday, rimrsdny, I Saturday,) at the Officer of the Duty Otar-. ‘and coffins all the inteir.gcnc#Conm«or- IS, Political and Miscellaneous, including nowP I Advertisements published in the Doily Pupor. I THIS PAPER I It sc* to nil parts of tlio State and Union, |br delivered in tne city, at FIVE DOLLARS I bur annum, or at TPttEE DOLL.\RS for siz I rnontlw* ^ T*rrimVK5kT.Y CEOftciiAN, J * Is piibiidiod every Friday afternoon, at three I boLLAiw per annum—all puy able in advance. w B.—Each Citation by tlio Clerks of tho Courts of Ordinary, that application lias boon B ade for Letters ofAdininistrutioii, must bo pub- lisJied thiutv davs at least. . Notico by Executors and Administrators for Bcbtors and Creditors to render in thoir accounts, mutt bo published six wkkks. .... Sales of Negroes by Executors or Administra tors mast be at public auction, on tlio first Tues day oftho month, between tlio usual hours of salo, at the placo of public sales in tho county whoro the Letters Testamentary, of Administration, or Guardianship, may have been granted, first giving Mitt dam notice thereof in ono of tlio public nzettes of this Stato, and at tlio door of the Court House, whero such sales aro to bo held. Notice forleavo to seo Negroes, must be pub lished for four montlis, beforo any ordar absolute •ball bo made thereupon by tlio Court. Sales of Real Estate by Executors, Adminis trators, and Guardians, must b,e published SIX TY DAYS before tho day of sale. These sulos mist be made at tho Court House door of tlio rounty in which tlio property is situate, and on flic first Tuesday of the mouth, between tho hoars often in the morning and four in tlio after noon. No sales from day to day is valid, unless so expressed in the advertisement, i Applications by Executors, Administrators and Guardians to tho Court of Ordinary for leave to sell Land, must be published FOUR MONTHS. Sales of personal property (except negroes) of testate and inteetato estates by Executors and Ad ministrators, must be advertised FORTY DAVS, Applications by Executors and Administrators, fur Letters Dismissory must bo published SIX MOaNTHS. Application for foreclosure of Mortgngcs on real estate, must bo advertised onco a mouth for FOUR MONTHS. Orders oftho Court of Ordinary, (nccompntiiod with a copy of the bond of agreement) to iimko ti tles to laud, must bo advertised Timms Months it least. Sheriff* sales under executions regularly framed by the courts, must bo advertised THIRTY DAYS—under inurtgngo executions SIXTY DAYS—Sales of porishublo property under order of Court, must uo udvertised genur* I ally, TEN DAYS before tlio day of Sale. I All Letters directed to this Office or tho I Editor, must bo post paid to ontitlu thorn to uttun- 1 lion. I D JGMOVAU.- I XL oil t -Tho Subscriber has romov- I MX ed to the corner store adjoining May & I Co's. Saddlciy, opposite Parsons' Drug Store, \ ami has made and is still receiving largo udditions to bis stock of HOOKS AND STATIONERY, I which are offered for snln at reduced prices. PAPER OF EVERY DESCRIPTION Enclish, French and American of every grade I quality and price. A fino article of Ruled Lot | Paper, from $2 to $3 50 per roam. STEEL PENS in grout vuricty, from 374 cts. to $ I per gross. A tine stock of WRITING, COPYING AND MARKING INKS, English mid American., QUILLS, READY MADE PENS and UU1LL PEN NIBS, tho latter a new and ingo- uintisly made article of tho best quills, and user | with holders. .Also, n fino asssortment of Quarto, Cup, Do- tnl mill ftfi.flint.i OMII'I'l.’Ill VOU ....,1. n«,.< I key Morocco, and Paper Macho do. I FRENCH l’ORCELIAN PUMP I STANDS—n fine assortment. Also, u great vu- Inely of Gloss mid other Iuks, toe 1 I hne stock generally, of indispciisibl I inent articles for mi ollico or countii . Also, a line ossortm ogtiu iblo t counting room. | Llais Seals, mid plum mid fancy Wafers of eve Tiptioii mid lor nil occasions, together will I variety of articles selected especially lor tho t I comiaodation of ladies. I MEN AND BACKGAMMON AN | DRAUGHT BOARDS of various sizes. Ale I I •II * ii, ii | n|iiuiiuiui^ in iio.i tin I *. nt * r,c hly bound. Also, an extensive stock BOOKS 81 ,UUl b ° 8t JUVENILB AND T0 | ,i ^ lc "} JW works of tho day will bo received i I uicy are issued by the publishers, und sold at the \ prices. J* sobscriber solicits tho pntronngc i ; gonorallly, i .mm givo sa I ‘n , c « ull, ry merchant is offered 12000 Spoil- quills, 3000quires Blank Wo I tni„„. i“ U ?’. ttlultt . ,ar ?° stock of Bibles, nnd Tea- H i o' Uo °K f '. Note Books, I'upcr, Ink, 0lud 1 ciw, and linntr U „n.,..Lii., ... i ! crpr | set. IlINmNr ND J0I! CRINTING AND DOOIi I U1,(m u, “ 10 "' JOHN M. COOPER. I '''"AT AHE IN WANT. m Dikes nhaaiira in Ii ' ' I l t' d cum '““!‘ ll y niBlBMooii, that lio till y2W'“ ,lf 1111 ».o GonUommi, I cltv in' Oli.Mrc, XiiSi. I Slim 1 IriutitBarmtiunccrnod. Tot] cS 1“ i!™“ d .“r* "“I 1 of lion. I dnapiiA,"J-l 01 , >' 0 f..! lo,m surpniwbd fi I ni.ori.V u’ anJ durability. Let tlio La I Sanlmor ii 1 W0 havc “ f " n 811 1'ply of fnsl 1 stack u r«,.. 0,UlUte ’ l 1 ! 1 ' 1 ol,r largo om I To tlm H ? t0 8,l tt every ci 1 °flerini?il,«!ii*®^ U Ii’ 1,0 itn, mouncod that Huu UwiainimV* llr ’ l S . ilk ’ 1 ! nnn,n ' 1 nnd 1 GOLDEN S,reot ’ “S' wiLLUM B. IIALE. side Market square, Savannah, Gu. EXCHANGE. • Ladies’, I every si nov Ifl street, Savannah, Ga. -—ijJyiLLIAM B, HALE, Proprietor. .aECEIVEOt-ABioBl i BafFuln ItS H“*i Tooth and; Nail I Buffalo unn ir 068 ’ ““L Toutli anti Nail BrutU: I Bean- Cn- ^ ? ru Dressiug Combs; Perfumi I Articles ^ eUcs » Toilet Ornaments and Fai 1 drugs A h? D ! y u " ua ) 8 »ppiy of frei • All selected with the utmost care, Itnt on THOMAS RYER80N, e P l comer of Bay & Whitaker Sts, LEGAL NOVICES. riUOUOlA, AppUng Cnnnty.-To UJ all wham it may concern.—Whorcns, Dan iel Morrison applies to me for letters of Adminls- b tration on the ostato of Henry Simmoits, lato of it said county, deceased; . .. 8 Those aro therelbre to cite and admonish all o and singular the kindred ond creditor* of tho said I deceased, to file their objections Ilf any they f have) within tho time prescribed by law, why told r letters should-not bo granted. r Given from under my hand, at office, this 0th * September, 1847. 1 MALCOM JOHNSON, c. c. o. a. c. f oct 4 b fiEOKOM, puiiocR County.—To t ftjr all whom it may concern,—Whereas, Allen t Williams, Guardian of Martha A. Lyons, hath k applied to tlio Hon. tho Court of Ordinary of c Bulloch county, for Loiters Dismissory from said 8 Guardianship. : These are.therefore to cite and admonish all S persons whatsoever interested, to file their objec- o tions (if any) in my office, within the time pre* i scribed by law, otherwise Letters Dismissoiy will 1 be granted the applicant. J oct 1 DAVID BEASLEY, c. c. o. b. c. \ TYPO TICE*—All persons indebted to tho os- -LN tato of Joseph Pondarvis, lata of Wayne \ County, deconsed, aro requested to como forward and moke immediate paymont. And all persons 1 having any demand agaiusttho ostato, are request ed to hand ill tlio snmo regularly attested within tho time prescribed by law. oct 12 CALEB PENDARVI8, Exo’r. TA0UH MONTHS after date, application J. will bo niudo to the Hon. tho Justices of tho Inferior Court of Chatham County, while sitting ' as a Court of Ordinary, for leavo to soil tiie nor- \ sonal property belonging to tho estate of Mary E. Turner, lato of said county, deconsed, for tiie | benefit of tho heirs and creditors of said estate, nug 17 STEPHEN A. PATOT, Adra’r. T^OUIt MONTHS uftcr dato, pplication J. will bo mude to. tiie lion, tho Justices of tlio Inferior Court of Bulloch county, white sitting ' for ordinary purposes, for leavo to sell a lot of tend iu Early county, No. 140,5th district, belong ing to tlio estate of James Brinson, deceased, for tiie benefit of tho heirs nnd creditors of said cs- 1 tato. JASPER WILSON. \ sopt 13 SIMEON BRINtfON, } * 4X "* I^OUR MONTHS after date, application JU will be mado to the Hon. the Justices of tho ; Inferior Court of Chatham county, white sitting j Ibr ordinnry purposes, for louve to sell two No- * groos, being part of tho porsonnl property of tlio , lute Johu P. Williamson. Sold, for tho bonufit of t tho heirs. JOHN N. LEWIS, Guardian, sopt 2 Y^OUR MONTHS after duto, appication A will bo made to tlio Hon. tlio Justices of tho Inferior Court of Chatham county, while sitting as a Court of Ordinary, for leave to sell the real estate nnd slaves hulonging to tho estate of Mi- clmcl Dillon, Into of said county, deceased, for tlio 1 boiifilit of tho heirs, devisees ami lcgtecs of Bold until to. ROBERT M. CHARLTON, Ex’or. jmio 23 TjHIUll MONTHS after date, application A will bo made to the lion, tho Justices of tiie ( Inferior Court of Chatham county, white sitting ; as a Court of Ordinary, for leavo to sell tho rein ; estate and'steves, belonging to tho ostato of Doro thy Salfuor, luto of said county, deceased, for a division of tlio sumo among tho heirs of said es tate. N. NUNGEZEU, Ex’or. july 24 17101/1! MONTHS after duto, application A will bo mndo to tlio Hon. tlio Justices of tho Inferior Court of Bryan county, whon silting us a Court of Ordinary, tor loavo to sell all tlio per sonal property of Mury S. Wilson, a minor, inly 25 O. W. HART, Guimlten. QGC.IUH1 KCOABHl HliUAIIW!! k? Just rccoivod— 5,000 Sugorior Britannia Brand 5,000 “ Charleston 44 4,000 44 Diana 44 2,000 44 Gold Leaf 44 0,000 44 Britannia Scgumli Brand 5,000 44 Punotulu 44 5,000 44 Consolaeion 44 3,000 44 Lord Byron 44 Besides various other brands, which the subscri ber oilers ut wholesale and retail. P. JACOBS, 27 Bull street, sign of tlio Indian. sept 14 . YTAVANA SEGARS.—Tho Subscribers A A having made arrangements with thu most celebrated Sugar Manufacturers iu Havana, will continually kuup ou baud, for sale, a choico se lection oftheir own direct importation, ami now huvo on Imnd tho following: 20,000 Britannia Gurciu choico Segars 25,000 La Ceres do. 25,500 Aquillu do. 10,000 Consolncio do. 5,000 Washington Regalia do. 10,000 Venus do. 25,000 Alrio do. and various other brands, which they ollur on ac commodating terms octft CONNERAT Sc BARIE.* \Y7INES AND TEAS.—10 qr. casks ▼ T Tuuuriffo Wine, common; 10 do. do. su perior; 10 do. Port, superior; 50 cutty boxes Hy son Tun, 50 do. do. Gunpowder do.; landing from bark Peter Demill, and tor sale by oct 12 SCRANTON Sc JOUNSTON. iVTOft^ASSES*—25 tcs. superior St. Croix 1"A Molasses, lauding aud for salo by oct 12 SCRANTON & JOHNSTON. n iid COFFEE, Ac. 50 bags prime IX Grcon Rio Coffee, 25 boxes Candy, put up expressly for retailers, lauding from bark Peter Dciuili, aud for sate by by oct 12 SCRANTON Sc JOHNSTON. f^HOlCE GOSHEN RUTTER.— 15 fukins GoBhon Butter, warranted choico, lauding from tmrk Pctor Demill, and for salo by oct 12 SCRANTON Sc JOHNSTON. TYAGGING TWINE.—5 bales Bagging A> Twine, received, and for salo by oct 1» E. SWIFT. TAYA COFFEE,—30 bags old Govern- mont Java Callao, landing and for sate by oct 12 WOOD, CLAGHORN & CO. T1UTTER, &C*—25 kegs choico Gnshuu J3 Butter, 20 boxes Clioaso; 2 do Pino Applo* Cheoso, landing from ship Hartford, and for safe by oct 8 WOOD, CLAGHORN Sc CO. friEAS.—lt) chests superior IlysonTea; 5 ca- A ses Gunpowder amf Imperial Tea; 10 chests choico l’owchong Too; 25 do. ordinary do. do.; 20 do. Souchong Tea, landing pnr per Hartford, uud » for salo by WOOD, CLAGHORN & CO. * TYAISINS.—30'boxes Bunch Itaisins, largo 1 TXj and beautiful, forsaloliy . octft ALBERT HARD. 'V71EOUR*—175 barrels St. Louis Flour, a i A superior article for Bailors, lauding from r bark Convoy, for salo by oct 5 , COHEN Sc FOSDICK. ° fTMLOUR &CJ.—100 bbls. Georgia Flour; 15- A sacks Corn Meal of gpperior quality, for _ family uso, for sale by oct2 WASHBURN, WILDER & CO. ■ T Ann, Ac.—15 bbl,. Nil. 1, Leaf Lard; * AJ 50 boxes Burchill’s No. 1 Soap; 50 boxes 8 scaled Herring t 30 boxes Goshen Choose, land- :• ing from ship Hartford, and for sale by octft SCRANTON Sc JOHNSTON. tiriNE AND OIN.—2 pipe, Miiduiru if YY Wine, 1ft qr. casks do. do., 10. eighth do. to do. do.; 50 bbls Phelps’ Gin. Lauding from brig Alice Bentley, and for sale by oct 5 SCRANTON Sc JOHNSTON. c T3UXTER ANB CHEESE.—10 keg, 8 . A# choico Goshen Butter; 25 boxes superior / Orange County Choose, landing from brig Savon- \I nuh, and Tor salo by oct 6 CONNERAT Sc BARIE, /-1UNNY CLOTH. 20 bale. Gunny VT Cloth, lauding from ship Camara, foi 4 sale by oct 7 WASHBURN, WILDER Sc CO, lortgage, issued out of tho Superior Court or Jlmuimu County, in favor of Heitry K. Bur* oughs Vi, T. Water*. oot 1 ELISHA MfVLLY, Sheriff, o, c. IIIATXIAin SHERIFF’S SALE. J On the first Tuesday In November next, be* City of Snvaiinah, County of Chatliam, wn In tlio Plan of said City'by tlio number itcon (18) bounded East by Washington lire, South by St. Julian Strcot, West by Lot following' oxecutions •ts, viz.: John G. Fal- .... Administratrix Estate i ? Cope & Mills vs* same; imno | C. C. Thomason & smne; and three, Francis M. Scarlot, Estate Jolui Parlund, deceased, vs. same, nado and returned by a Constable. Pro- liutod out by Plaintiff’s Attorney. i WYLLY, Sherifl; c. o. oct 1 oct 12 W. J. McINTOSH, Administrator. TTtXECUTOU’S SALE.—By virtue of X!J an order of the Honorable Inferior Court f Liberty County, when sitting for ordinary pur* OSes, will be sold at tlio Court House door in lincsville, of said County, on the first Tuesday Philip Pippins. 1 to Ji ‘ ” Three onathun Robinson. sept 23 Floyd. 4 Threo hundred Acres grant- Underwood, containing about Eleven ml Forty Acres, moro or less, and sold efit of tlio heirs mid creditors of said Tornis uiado known ou the day of JOHN A. HENDRY, ENOCH DANIEL, Qualified (Executors. O ft'ACTORS Ac PLANTERS.— PLANTATION GOODS.—Sniueh, La do. Funcy End Twilled do. do. Georgia Plains, Schley’s iiimiufacturo do. Cublo Warp do. 25 do. Funcy, do. do. Washington, Glasgow und Union rolled Kerseys do. extra heavy Mallory do. do. do. plain and twilled Rod Flannel do. plain und fancy Linsey Woolsoy do. heavy Cotton Osnaburgs, Georgia umdo do. 3-4 brown Cotton Shirting do. 7-8 do. do, 5 do. low priced Calico *1) dozen Kilmarnock Cups f» do. Scotch Bonnots 5 do. Wool Socks. 100 do. Head IIundkTs 5 do- do. GIovos. 0 do. Cotton und Wool Shawls. For salo at tlio lowest prices. sept 0 lic vr ilAHIJAIN-ri'OIl CASH. JOHN MURPIIEY 1ms received in store nnd for sale, Bleached Linen Drill from 31.j to 75 els. Brown do. do. from 124 np> plain Brown Linens ami Hollands from J24 up, Iri»h Linens from 20 to 874c, fino Cotton Chintz nt 35c; mixed grey, blue mid Iduck Satinet, black Caslunero and Cuslimerctt vary cheap, Worsted Grmubroons ut 25 cts. white and iuney Vestings at 75c per yard, colored and mourning Do Lnius from 12A up,-Silk Ildkts from 31f tin, Linen Hdkfs, Ladies, Misses nnd Children’s lloso nt 10 to 50c, Ladies Linen nnd Raw Silk do, Gents brown nnd mixed Socks from 10 to 25c. net Gloves und Mits from 10c up, black Silk Cravats from 50c up, siipcf Italian Scwiug Silk at 3 cents a skein, white Linen Table Cloffis from 50c to $2, needle worked Collars from 2u cts. up, Mourning Cnli- cous at 8 to 124c, colored do ulfi.i to 124, and Mourning Scotch Ginglmm nt 25c; which, to gether witli a variety of other goods, are well worth tho attention of all who desire good and cheap goods. nug 4 LADltea’ SHOE EXCHANGE y^A D I ES’ Mjsaea,ICblMron’a and lnltal’a SHOES, of eveW style, ahado ond pattoru at tlio NEW GllANITE STORE, 103 Congresn streeet, Savannah,_Gco., sign of - _ ngresa . . _ the Golden Hand. / oct 1 CliilL Fever. Brntib jVue.'Jntcr mitleut & EcHutteni Fevers & aU t h e va r i o u s forms ol --j: Bilious ^Diseases V SFEEDJLY & THOR0ITG1I1A ■ ^ ro sgO0(ls India 0#^ T HIS invaluable medicine was prepared IVoin an exensive practice of several years in a bilious climate, onu in never known to lull of cur ing Fever and Ague, or any of the diseases above named. <( Those who are suffering IVom affections of tjiis kind, os also thoso who have become invalids from their effects upon the constitution, will find the India Cholagogue a most invaluable remedy for purifying the blood, and thoroughly cleansing from the system the morbid effects of a bilious cli mate. The wonderful operation of tlio Cholagogue in eradicating bile from the human system, can only oxpluin its extraordinary agency Jn tlio speedy, thorough and permanent ctire ol fever aiuf ague, and the various grades of intermittent and remit tent fevers. It is equally effectual for tho cure of Liver Com plaint, jaundice, Enlargement of tlio Liver: also Enlargement of the Spleen, called Ague Coke, and the various forms of billious Indigestion.— These, with the other varied affections of such climates, arising from a common miasmal cause, are only modifications of the sumo disease, and e- qualiy controlled by the same remedy. The operation oftho Cholagogue, as its name imports, is upon the livor—promoting the dis charge of bile. Tho thousands who have used it need no further ovidonce of its value than its hap py restorative effects. For salo by J. M. TURNER & BROTHER, jan 11 Monument Square. R UTTABAGA, Dalcra HybTld;”Wliito Flat Dutch and Globe Turnip Seeds. All varie ties ofCabbuge, Radish, Spinach, Lattuco, Peas, Cauliflower, Beets and Salsify Seeds. Garden Trowels, Innrching Kuivos, Pruning Scissors and Nippers. Just received per Sterling, and for side by J. M. TURNER & BROTHER, sept 16 Monument square. WATCHES AND JEWEL- — Eko Subscriber wishes to call the J^BAuttLMitiou of liis customers to a choice as sortment of fino watches, just received by recent arrivals, consisting of Gold Hunting Case Levers, Gold Double Bottom Levers, Gold imitution Dou ble Case Levers, Gold Anchor. Escapement Le vers, Silver Hunting Case Lovtfrs, Silver Double Bottom Levers, Silver Anchor Escapement Le vers, Silver Lcpiuc and Vortical uscapement. Also, fine Gold Fob Chains, Vest Chains, Curb Guard Chains, Keys and Chain Rings, ull of which will ho sold us low as in any city in tlio Union. All kinds of Watches Repaired and warranted, D. B. NICHOLS, oct 1 First comer west of Puluski House. A^ENTS^hvlng^adehir^ ’ndtoioluto their former assortment of Agricultural Imple ment*, ,tho subscribers now offer to planters and merchants, a better stock than over belbre offered in the Southern country, consisting in part, oftho following articles, vizs PLOUGHS. Yankee Cost Iron, Nos. 10,11,12 and 20 . Dagon, or ConneoticutWrought iron 1,2,3, &, 4 Alien pattern Ruggios, Norse & Mason's Improved, viz: Eagle, heavy 2 horse or ox Do. with wheel ond cutter No. 2 B, a large 2 horso . Do. with wheel and cutter No. A 3, medium 2 horse “ A 2, light 2 horso “ A 1, light 1 mulo or garden “ 0 inch light 1 horse turning “ 7 do. do. medium 1 horso turning “ 15 do. do. now pattern ldo, for light soil, " A 1, side hill 2 horse <* O, do. do. 1 do. Sub-soil, a heavy 2 horse or ox Do. No 1) a medium 2 horse Do. O, 1 do Double Mould Broad or Furrowing, 1 horso Cotton Trenching, 1 horse Rice do new pattern, with guage wheel. The above Ploughs, with and without stocks— extra stocks ibr tile improved Ploughs IIOES. Lyndon's oxtrablack Carolina, 0,1,2, & 3 crown. Do. bright do. 0,1,2,&3 do. Do. Rico, No. 2 und 3 do. Do. New ground, PP and PPP do. Do. Oval Eye Grubbing, Nos. 2 and 3 do. Do. Round Eyo do. Nos.2ond3do. Lyndon & Co's. Anchor, 00,0,1 and 2 do. Brade's Patent, 0, 1, 2,3 and 4 do. Light Yankee AXES. Collin's & Co's. ) v n ^n..«i S Root’s Bond’s $ Various patterns. 1 K} SHOVELS. Handled Spades, Socket Spades CULTIVATORS, HARROWS, Ac. Improved Cultivators, with gnago wheel Cultivator Plough, or Horse Hoe Common Harrows, Folding do Cornand Cobb Crushers, u hand mill Do. do. do. for horse power Corn Shelters; Fan Mills, two sizes Patent churns, Plantation Wheelhurrows Common Straw Cutters, Patent do. do. Swingletrees Grain Cradles, new pattern, Rico do. do. SCYTHES, HOOKS, &c. English Patent Scytiios, American Gross do. Gras* Platt ao. Briar and Brush do. Scvth Snaiths Briar Hooks, Com Cutters Post Spoons, Ox Yokes and Ox Bows Frails, Axo Helves, Pruning Shoars Dirt Scrapers for public roads Garden lioes and Rakes, Ditching Knives Transplanting Trowels und Forks Gordon Reels and Lilies With a varioty of Implements not enumerated. For sale by DENSLOW & WEBSTER. oct 7 TVfBW GROCERY STORE.—ED- ll WARD SWIFT would rospectibUy infi AVIFT would rospeotihlly infomi his IHends and the public generally, that he lias commenced tho Wholesale Grocery Business, in thestoro adjoining 8. E. CraneV Carriage Repo sitory, and nearly opposite to Mr. John Boston’s Counting Room, ou Bay street, where he is now receiving, and intends to koop constantly on hand, a general assortment of Groceries, to Which he invites the attention of purchasers, feeling satis-* fiud that, from his long experience in the busbies*) combined with his personal attention being given to the purchase and selection of his stock in the Northern market, that he can offer as great in ducement to buyers as cau bo obtaitiod iu this City or Charleston. His Btock comprises tho following, with every tiling else in his lino: New Orleans Sugar, St. Crox do. Muscovado do. Orleans refined do. Stuart's Loaf do. White Havana do. Laguira Coffee Rio do. Java do. Segars and Tobacco of various brands, liquors, Wines, Scc. Crashed A Powdered do. Tea* of differout qua- Cuba Molasses. lities. sept 4 llspice. /~JKOCEltII2S.—100 boxes Hamm ami’s VX Soap. 50 do. Fay's pale Ssap. 50 boxes Colgate's do. do. 50 half boxes Family Soap. 25 boxes No. 1 Chocolate. 60 M Principe Segars. 10 bags 25 boxes Mustard. 5 bags 20 bbls. Clarified Sugar. 5 hhds. choico St. Croix do. 200 Demijohns Is, 2s, 3s, and 0s. 50 boxes Bunch Raisins. 00 doz. Brooms. 50 doz. painted Pails. 20 boxes Table Salt. 3 chests Oolong choice Ten. 15 cases *' Byuss" London Porter. 10 baskets “ Rococo" Champagne. 20 boxes assortod Cordials. 20 bbls Crashed nnd Powdered Sugar. 15 bags Brazil Sugar. 15 eights casks Brandy. 15 quarter casks Malaga Wine. 15 do. do. u Douretto" Malaga Wine. 5 eighth do. do. do. do. 6 quarter do. Madeira Wine. 15 eight do. do. do. 2 half pipes Otard, Dupuy A Co’s Brandy. 5 bbls. Clover Leaf Gin. 15 do. Cordials. 13 Veucl’s Regalia Segars. 200 Reams Wrapping Paper. 50 Gross Andrew’s Chewing Tobacco. 20 boxes perfinnod Soap. 100 Gross Friction Matches. Landing from brigs Philura and John Hart man, aud for salo by sept 15 CONNER AT A BARIE. jyEW FALL GOODS.—The Subscri bers have received, by lute arrivals and are now opening u full assortment of Funcy and Do mestic Dry Guods, which consist, in part, of Broad Clotlis, Cossiiuercs, Satinetts, Tweeds, Vestings, in every variety, Black Alpacas, Silk Wrun do., Black, Plaid, aud Col’d Merinos, Wora ted Plaids, Oregon Plaids, Twilled Ginghams, French do.,. Cashuieru Dresses,Mouslinde Lniucs, Rich Fig’d do., English uud Amcricuii Print-*, Black and whito Prints, Furniture Prints, White audited Flannels, White and Brown Canton Flan nels, Paper Cambrics, Cambric uud Jncouet AIus- Uus, Ron Roy and Brucho Shawls, Printed Cosh- moro do., Alarsoillus Quilts, Hoinstitchod nnd Plain L. C. Hnndk’fs, Silk do., Cotton Pockctimd Verona Ilaudk’rs, Bleached aud Brown Table Du- mnsk. Bird’s Eye Diupcr, Huckaback Colton do., Dowlas Towels, Clasps, Rings nnd Tusscls, Braids nnd Silk Twist for Purses, every variety of Silk aud Cotton Umbrellas and Puraaols, Oil Cloths, Curpotings, Druggett or Figured Baize, Carpet Rugs, Ac., Ac., which, with a variety of other goods, will bo offered at tiie lowest market prices, and on the most accommodating tornis, Wholesale or Retail. Mcrchnuts, I'luntors, and others, are invited to cull and oxamiuo. GODFREY A LaRCCHE, oct 5 West corner Shad’s Rnngo. L aces and embroideries. Inside I Hull; Etnb’d Muslin Collars; Luce Caps; Muslin Bauds; Cambric Edging A Insort’g; Swiss dodo; Thread; Vuleuciuue’s Lace; Lisle Edging and Inserting; Linou do. do.; Plain nml Fig'il bUc. Lisle Lnco; Fig’d und plain Cup Luco, For salo by oct2 HENRY II. STOTESBUItY. /^IjOVES.—Ladies black and dark lioskiu vT Gloves, do. light und whito do._ do. do. whito black nnd whito Silk do. do. nnd MissAIcrino do. Miss colored Silk do. Gents whito, black and col ored lloskin do. do. do. Silk do. do. Linen Lisle, nnd Merino do. do. supor Black do. Opened und for sale by oct6 HENRY II. STOTESBUItY. BUCKNER & REEEKER, Nos. 105 and 100 Bryan street, have just received, a fine assortment of BOOTS and SHOES, for Gentlemen, Youths nnd Boys weur, of tiie best materials und manufacture, and of the latest style. Also, Ladies, Misses and Children’s Shoes of every variety und stylo, wnrrauted us good ns can bo found in this inurket, aud at as low prices. A largo ami carefully selected stock of PLANTATION BROGANS, which planters and iuctors will find to their advantage to call uud cxainiue. Cure taken) iu fitting measures. Also, a general assortment of Caps, Trunks, Valises, Carpet Bags, School Satchels, Ac. And a supply of Ladies and Gentlemen's Puris made Boots, direct importation.oct i N EW GOODS.—Tho subscriber has just opened u full assortment of Now und Fash ionable Spring nnd Summer Goods, selected from tlio latest importations, which liu is uuahlml to soli at a fraction over New York prices, consisting of tlio following articles: Superior French nnd English Clotlis, Drab do Etcs, Cns-simores of every description, Fancy Vel vetings,IWbito Marseilles Vcstiiig. Fancy do. do., Black Camlctecns, Superior Whito Barnsley Drills, Fanny do. do., Brown Drills, Tweeds of every description, Corduroy, Superior Riding Cord. Fancy articlos, such as Gloves, Hosiery, Suspenders, Cravats, Pocket Hdauk'fs, Undor Shirts, Drawers, Ac., A., Ac. And overy article in his business. All of which ho is proparedto warrant of tlio best description. MICHAEL CEAREY, Draper add Tailor, Sign of tho Golden Lamb, Cor. of Whitaker aud Broughton-sts, N. B. Two first-rate workmen wiuitetf. None but thu best need apply. mar 22 TAIL ESS GOODS.—Cashmeres; black and JLX fiuicy DuLaines, black Silks, rich fancy do. ‘ ' HENRY LATHROP. For sale by D RY GOODS.—Tho Subscriber bus re ceived by rucont arrivals a large portion of his Full and Wittier Stock of Dry Goods, ull of which huvo been selected with great care and nt the lowest inarkot prices, and will be sold on tlio most fuvorable terms. sept 17 HENRY II. STOTESBURY. OlVIVET RIBBIONS.—Funcy and Plaid Ribbons, received and for solo by oct 6 HENRY H. STOTESBURY.. MALAGA WINE.—20 quarter ci i-TA lauding from bark Camera, for sale by oct 0 COHEN A FOSDIC] casks, /‘'1I1EESE.—*15 boxes Cheese a fine article, for sale by ALBERT HARD. oct 9 /"lOFFEE.—50 bogs Rio, 25 do old Govern- mont Java; 2 bales Mocha, landing from brig Savannah, and for sale by . oct 7 J, E, GAUDRY A CO, T>AINTS, OILS, &«.—10,000 lbs WJiii -IT Lend, pure, extra nnd No. 1, iu 25, 50 nn 1001b kegs; 1000 gulls. Linseed Oil, 1 bbl Cop Vaniij*li, 1 do. Janau do. 50 boxes Chrome Green, light and dark; 50 do. Chrome Yellow, 50 kegs Brown aud Black in Oil, 2 casks Lamp black, 5 bbls Spirits Turpentine. Just received and for salo by G. R. HENDRICKSON, oct 5 Gibbons’ Buildings. TYTET TWINE.—5 halos, Seine Twine, IN 0, U, 12 and 10 threads; 150 lbs. Gill Net Twine, for sale, wholesale and retail, by oct 2 G. R. HENDRICKSON. MRS. MILLER’S TOBACCO, J.TA Ac.—150 groeo Mrs. Millers Fine Cut Tobacco, 10 boxes Goodwin’s Patent Pressed, just received und for sale by G. It. HENDRICKSON, oct 8 Gibbon's Buildings. TjMtESH SEEDS. — Tho Subscribers M. have received a choice selection of GAR DEN SEEDS, which have been raised with great care by a Seedsman of high roputation, and are warranted us good as any to uo found in this country. ASPARAGUS.—Giant and Roots. BEANS.—Kidney, Dwarf, Bush or Snap.— Early Mohawk, Early Yellow, 0 Weeks, Eurly China Dwarf or Large Kidney. UuAigoo or 1000 tcri, Half Moon, (nolo or running,) Large White Lima, White Dutch Runners, Scarlot Ruuners, Rod Cranberry. BEET.—Early Blood Turnip, Long Blood, White French Sugar. BROCOLI. —Early Whito, Largo Purplo Capo. CABBAGE.—Early York. Largo York, Green Globe Suvoy, Eurly Sugar Loaf, Eurly Drum- head, Lite Drumhead, Large Lato Battersea, Lato Flat Dutch, Eurly Flat Dutch, Green Glazed. CAULIFLOWER.—Early and Late. CELERY.—White Solid. ' CRESS. — Curled or Poppcrgross, Broad Leaf. CUCUMBER.—Early Frame, Early Cluster, Eurly Short Green, Early Lung Green. CARROT.—Early Horn, Long Orange. CORN.—Sweet or Sugar, Early Canada, Titscnrorn. EGG-PLANT.—Purple. KALE.—Green Curled Scotch, Purple. LEAK.—Large Scotch, London. LETTUCE. — Drumhead, White Cabbage, Curled Silesia, Largo Grccnhcud, Imperial Cub- bugu. MELON—Grcon Citron, Nutmeg, Cantclopc, Largo Musk. MUSTARD.—Brown or Black, White English. MARJORAM.—Sweet. ONION.—Yellow Dutch, Largo Red, Silver Skin, Onion Setts. OKRA. PARSLEY.—Curled. PARSNIP.—Largo Dutch, Gurnsoy. PEPPER.—Boll, Cayone. PUMPKIN.—Connecticut, Mammoth. PEAS.—Eurly Washington, 24 feet, early Wurwick, 2 feet, Early Double Blossom Frame, 3 feet, Enrly Charlton, Golden Hotspur, 34 feet, Dwarf Marrowfat, 34 feet, Bishop’s Dwarf Pro lific, 1 foot, Alatcldess Marrowfat or Tall, 6 feet. RADISH.—White Fall, Hardy Long Scarlet, Long Salmon, Scnrlot Turnip, Yellow Turnip, (fine Summer aud Winter Variety,) Bluck Full or Spanish. RHUBARB ROOTS. SALSIFY. SAGE. SPINAGE.—Prickly or Full, Round Leaf or Sti minor. SQUASH.—Early Sunimor Bush, Enrly Sum-' mer Crook-neck, Winter Crook-neck, Cocoanut or Porter’s Valparaiso Vugntnblo Marrow. TURNIP. — Lmty White Dutch, Flat or Spring, Early Red Top, Eurly Gurden Stone, Largo English Norfolk, Hanover or Long Tunk- ard, Purple Top Rutubcgn. TOAIATA.—Large Red. THYME. FLOWER SEEDS. In packages of 12, 25, 50 and 100 kinds iu each. FIELD AND FLOWER SEEDS, &c. Buckwheat, Brooin Com, Bluo Grass Canary Seed, Homp Seed, Millet, Rod Clover, Ryu aud Outs. Flower Seeds, Roots, Fruit nnd Orunmental Trues, furnished to order from onu oftho best and most cxtetisivo Nursery und Flower Gurduusin this country. An assortment of Books on Agriculture, Gar dening, Raising of Stock, Poultry, &«., to which will be added tiie most popular works published ou tho ubovo subjects. Agents for the American Agriculturalist, pub lished monthly by A. B. Alien, N. Y., for wliic subscriptions ore solicited, oct 7 DENSLOW & WEBSTER. I^KOCEBIES.—H. A^-CRANE offers VT for sale, on fuvorablo terms, SUGARS.—10 hlids. St. Croix; 25 do. New Orleans; 25 do. Muscovado; 30 tierces do.; 10 do. refined Orleans; 50 packages Stuart’s loaf, crashed, and powdured; 5 boxes whito Havana. COFFE.—150 bogs Rio; 50 do. Laguira; 50do. Java. MOLASSES.—50 lihds. Cuba, 25 tierces do.; 50 barrels Orleans. CRACKERS, &c.—20 bbls. Butter; 20 do. Boston; 20 do. Sugar; 10 do. Pilot Bread. SHOT.—1U0 bags, assorted. POWDER.—60 kogs, assorted. BACON.—20 casks sides; 5 do. Shoulders, and 6 do. Hams. PEPPER &. SPICF..—10 bags each. PORTER.—20 casks Byus3, pts.; 20 do., do , qts.; 20 do., do., Ale. ALMONDS.—10 frails soil shell. RAISINS.—25 boxes Malaga;. 25 half do. TEAS.—20 half chests Black; 20 qr. chests Hy son ; 10 cases Imperial. VINEGAR.—25 bbls. Cider; 5easks White Wine. CANDLES. —50 boxes Adamantine; 25 do. Snertu; 25 do. Tallow. SOAP.—100 boxes, various brands. TOBACCO.—2000 packages, vurjous brands. SEGARS.—100.000 Spunisli and Principe, the most aqprovod brands. LIQUORS, WINES, &o.—10 pipes and hairdo, pure Otsird Brandy; 10 pipes pure Ilolliuid Gin; 150 bbls. Western Whiskey; 100 do. Northorn Gin; 50 do.N. E. Rum; 25 do. ox- Ira choico old Motioiiguhela Whiskey; 10 do. “ Bourbon" do.; 15 pipos and qr. casks choico old Madoria Winn; 2 hlids. choice old Port; 10 bbls old Pouch Brandy, oct 10 KOCEUIES.—100 bags Rio Coffee, 20 VX do. old Java, 20 do. old Cuba, 10 do. Capo do, 20 Idids. Muscovudo, 5 do. St. Croix, 5 boxes Loaf, and 10 bbls. Crashed Sugar, 10 hlids Sides and Shoulders, 10 bbls. Sugar cured Hams, 10 do. and 25 kegs Lard; 30 boxes Sperm, aud 25 do. Tallow Caudles, choico Green aud Black Teas, for sale by THEODORE MINIS, oct 12 C IIAHIPAGNE, Acc.—40baskets Cham pagne, qts nnd pints, “Grape," brand, 20 boxes Ciurct, 20 baskets Sweet Oil, 100 boxes Sardines, 10 do Brandy Fruit, 5 do Vermocilli, 5 do Macaroni, 20 do Lemon Syrup, 10 do Rasp borrydo. Landing from brig Josephus, and (or sale by WOOD, CLAG1IORN & CO. sept 30 pOMBS.-Eveiy variety of Tuck, Side and Xj Long Combs, of Shell, Imitation, Brazillian, aud Horn, also a few Shell Butterfly Combs, re ceived per brig Josephus, and for sale by sept 30 G. R. HENDRICKSON. B ATH BRICK.—3 casks English Bath Brick, for ffieouing knives, <&}., just receiv ed, and for salo, wholesale or retail, by G, R. HENDRICKSON, oct 8 ' Gibbons* Building. VJPERITI AND WHALE QIJL.—-45 ^ barrels winter Bleached Sperm and Whale Oil, landing from ship Camara Trom Boston, and for rale by CONNERAT * BARIE. oct 6 UTEEL JPEif’S*—200 Gross, received by •O octa JOHN M. COOPER. rj.OOBYEAR'8 PARENT VUL vT CANIZLD RUBBER BELTING.—An assortment of the above of various widths, for solo at Manufacturer’s prices. Also a small supply of Goodyear’s Patent Rub ber Bands. These Rings or Bands aro for plac ing round papers and parcels of eveiy description. In an instant one can be placed round a pseket of papers, holding them firm, at the same time al lowing an udaition or reduction without loss of compactness. For sale by oct6 DENSLOW & WEBSTER. TJICE whole It Rice, a fine article for ftunfiy use; 10 boxes Raisins, for sale low by. oct 2 ALBERT HARD. B UTTER.—<ikogs Primo Goshen Uuitur, landing, for sale by oct 3 L. BALDWIN & CO. F JLOUR.—0U sacks aud 20 barrels Georgia Flour, ground from new Wheat, a splonded article, fur sulc low by oct 8 ALBERT HARD. L IITIE.—800 cusk« Lime, cargo of schooner Emily Knight, for sale to arrive, by oct 8 L. BALDWIN Sc, CO. 1817,1 was living in the western part of this State, pursuing the occupation of a former. One day while chopping in the woods, I foolishly chopped ' my foot nearly off, Instead of the tree. During this misfbrtuno I employed myself in perusing the fragment leaves of an old volume, priutiM in Eng land some hundred years ago. Among these scattered leaves 1 read ofoih herb which had been analyzed by some of England’s ancient Alche mists, shewing properties and qualities [never be foro fouud in any plant that was oyer discovered^ This one herb, under tfie force of tho Retort and Crucible, developed moro than ton distinct properties. Tills foot struck my .mind so forcibly, • that it was impossible to gqt rid of it. Something seemed to tell mo that Providence, spccia care is extended towards all his creatures, hud never concentrated Into ono small hdrh sd many medicinal qualities, as various and as complicated, although perfectly identical as the huraun. blobd* without a who mid good purpose. Herd Was tu bo found tho acids, the alkalis, the oils, tho water, the ahytila'salts, tlKS soda, &c.,rdl combined, con centrated, and chemically united into One single element of power, forming a substance ifiOre al* lied and in affinity to tlio human blood than Was • ever befbre discovered in tiie Works df ttaturo. Laboring undor these iiiiprassiOus Ibr several years, I bccamo Urieasy, discontented, and, tin* willing to confine myself longor to tlio dtitios Of a farmer. of Ni York. I did so, and immediately inquired for tho herb. It Was not to bo found. I then sent to Europe and there fouud it under another name. Having prepared the article to my Satisfaction) I gavo it away to all Who would uso Ii. Hum dreds, I might say thousands, took it into tiieiif families aud used it: some for one thing and same fdr another, amt all front the very first to the very lost, pronounced it of Unrivaled oxcel* lcuce and power. The first case that came under my obserVatSoil) was U man that had lost tlio use of his arm for some yean*. The Ointment restorod his ami completely in a few days. This surprised mo a4 inucli as it did tho patient. After hint there cornu a mail with sore dyert produced by gunpowder—a very bad case indeed. One box only sufficiod to make & perfect cure. Aud I would hero remark that hundreds have been cured of sore oyeiq who never fbund any relief but in this Oiut' inertt. There next came a woman who was suffering excruciating pain from tlio ague in tlio face,-* 4 Her physician (thinking it tho toothache^ hud extracted eleven of her tooth. But tho difficulty still remained as bad as ever. ’The Application of tho All Healing Ointment Was attended with immediate cessation of pain. Her face however j began to swoll, and the surface was covored ovor with pimples of eruption like prickly heat. Ill one day all this disappeared. About the sStuo time, a lady made application with it fat the headache of long standing, and a fulling of tlm hair. Tho Ointmotit cured bar headache, and restorod her hair. Since this, I hate known the Ointment to euro cases of ton, twonty and forty years standing. I hesitate not to su/, that it is almost an inlaUiblu remedy for this complaint* About tills tiino tliore wero two cases, one of Consumption, and the other of Scrofula, which lmd bullied tlio skill of every physioiun who pres* cribed. It was wonderful to witness tiie effect of tho Ointment on theso persons. No ono would believe it unlosstliey had personally Witnessed it* But it did the work properly. There was no half way business,Tor they recovered their health iu u ftnv iliontils, Rlieumatism { Fever, Quinzy, Soro Throat, Cu* taneous Eruptions, discuses of the Spine, uud Nervous Complaints wero treated with unheard of success, But in Chost diseases, such as Astii* uia, pain and oppression, I bcliovu there is Uo bet- 1 ter remedy. Also, tho common diseases, Ulcer Sores. Seald Head, Humors Of thu Skin, Inflammation, Files, Sore Eyes, Sprains, Bruises, uud Burns, it seems to he u perfect antidote.— People would como iulo tlio storo smiling, wish ing to know if I we-> really the Sevonth Son, or whether the Ointment that I gavo them was indeed all-healing in its nature, For said they, not ono ' agio application has failed to cure. Liver Complaint, particularly, was treated with great and universal succdss. It produced such good rcsitits in all cases that it has been noised abroad, and 1 was dffered sums of money for a receipt to make it Ibr private uso merely. Every man spoke well of It, ns it hud donesu much good. Not withstanding all, I have been careful not to recommend it, except iu cases I know it would do 'ood. I Was never willing to lend myself to any king without first testing its merits. This i en deavor to do on eveiy Occasion, und whon I acted us ono of the Sick Commiltea in thu Lodge of I, O. of O, F. I then tostod it upon Brothers hi tiie most critical conditions, aiid hud abuuduut oppor tunity of proving its worth. And, in conclusion, I would remark that 1 have placed tiiia Ointment before tlio people <>f the Ui States during the last nine or twelve months, and so general has bean tho satisfaction, and so great amount of good done, that more than half a mill ion of boxes have already been sold* I do roully believe there never was a medicine which guiued Hindi widespread, universal and unabiindus satis faction uh the All-Healing Ointment. From all parts of tho laud there liuvocoiuo up ono deep, sincere and universal voicoof approbation saying "McAlister tliy tOngilo liutii dropped tho word of truth und love, while health foruvur attends thy footsteps." * * 1 ' ’ T lH^.—500 cusks fresh Lime, luiidiug from JLi schr.Mury Farrow at Johnson's wharf, for Halo by L. BALDWIN & CO. may 20 M OV-A8HES.—SugiirJioiiso Molasses, for salo by H. J GILBERT, oct in S UGAR.—15 hlids. prime Porto Rico Sugar, binding from brig Alice Bentley, aiid for salo by .SCRANTON & JOHNSON. 13AUOAf, &c.—Shoulders and Hams of a IJ superior quality. Also a few burrclB of New No. 1 Mackerel, for funiily use, for sale by A. HARD, sopt 38 Cor, of Broughton and Drayton sis. T EHOIYS.—-Just received, 5 bbls. West JLi India Lemons, nnd for sale by / oct 5 CONNERAT & BARIE. W OOLNEY AND WOOESEY’S SUGAR.—30 packages Louf, Crushed ond Powdered Sugar, landing from brig Savan nah, und fur sulu by oct 7 J. E. GAUDRY A CO. B ISCUITS.—40 barrels and half barrels Soda, Sugar and Butter Biscuits, landing from brig Savannah,%nd for sale by oct7 J. K. GAUDRY & CO. QNIONS.—2000 bunches Onions,^raceit’cd _ and for sale by oct ft II. J. GILBERT. I 1EOUR.—125 bbls. superfine Flour, laud- in ~ ’ * * octft ihg per burk Convoy, and for sale by CONNERAT " " ‘ r A BARIE. (SUNDRIES*—Apples, Potatoes, Tobacco, U Herring, Cod Fish and Cheese, landing from brig Alice Bentley, and for sale by oct 6 H. J. GILBERT. B UTTER*—20 kega choice Butter, for aale by THEODORE MINIS. ' oct 7 f'lANDIiES.—30 boxes Judd’s Candles. V/ Landing from brig Savannah, oct 9 and for sale by J. E. GAUDRY A CO. oot stcpsi." And were .'I now to give all the good nyiugx of tiie people, thoir unqualified approvul, their Umukfulnww mid gratitude, their joy ut rcv.ov ering froni disease itud sickness, I could fill a volume. james McAlister, oct 18 New York. G OED PENS*—A largo supply.of thou- bovo embracing evorv variety of all the prin cipal makers, whi6li have been selected in person with grout euro, and cannot but givo satisfaction. Tho assortment varies in prices from to $4 50 and includes sonic very superior small size Pons for Ladies writing; together with d few Peus iu heavy Gold Cases. A liberal discount mode to wholesale purchasers. oct 12 JOHN M. COOPER. N EW PUIBEIC/ATIONS*—Graham's American Monthly Mugnziuo, for October. Godoy’s Lady Book. The Kitchen Directory mid American House wife. containing the most valuable aud originul receipts in all the various branches of Cookery. The Frugal Housewife ut Kilchau Computiion. Tho Volunteer ortho Muid ofMonloroy, male of tiie Moxican war, by Ned Hu tilling. Christopher Tudpolo by Albert Smith With il lustrations part 1. The Journeyman Joiner or the companion of tiie tour of France, by Guurge Sand. The Gardiner and complete Fioiirist. Endless amusement containing nearly 400 en tertaining experiments. " Comic Nursery Talcs by Y. W. N. Burley. Received by JOHN M. COOPER, oct 13 P ART O Louis tiie Fourteenth and Court of France, by Mina Pardoo. Norman's Bridge, or tiie Modem Midas. No. 20 Pictorial Histoiy of England. Margaret IGrnham, or tiie reverses of Fortune, by G. P. R. James. Esq. Tales and Sketches, by the late Wul. #. Stone. Received by JOHN M. COOPER* oct 9 lor553 tints/— JJAMS.—200 Reynolds Extra Sligo* cured oct 7 .just received, for sale by J. E. GAUDRY A CQ. 'C1EOUR*—10 bbbls. Georgia'Flour, 10 do. JU Apples, roceived afrd for. sale by oct 13 ALBERT HARD. DUTTER AND JLARD.—10 bbkf. No. JL> 1, Leaf Lard, 15 kegs choico Butter. Land ing from brig John Enders, and for sole by ocM E. SWIFT. sept 15 fAIIAMPAGNE.—15 baakeu A VJ. 15 baskets DoBrimenL quarts an Landing from brig Sarannai, and for Ml« b»_ octP J. E. GAUDHY St CO caalu qtt and pu Ryair’. oct 7 Porter, in store and for sale by - ” "-'IfiF CJEOABH, dec.- O Ceres; 10 M Eaxlea; 10 H tegitfcnoj 1 M Washington Regalia Segars^nlso,. boxes and jars of assorted Jelly and Preserver, Ifhding from sciir» Ge» Washington, and for sale toy ©«2 ~ J; E. GAUDRY A GO. 15 M BaxancOjlOH Lai