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Savannah daily Georgian & journal. (Savannah, Ga.) 1856-1856, June 04, 1856, Image 4

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legal %bbtrtismunts. nriTKD watki op axkiuca. Soallwnt Dlitttcf offitoifla. ; r* Of JfffAal if tw tXiCniii & I .tUTIt. '•--n—To IE .b.-aitmir >V <***.<*. &*bc« »m.,, \jcooc*ri. —— ^ ^”7 *'* 3 ^ vswti U Urf K-juVO., Lav* <xbjbu<d tb«u Cm ?rt r€ G.—rr$* L«y> r%u»L<<y *• *-**20*- ! fc**j <* ccotiUju sl liw Wnnrt (UH <* U»e Uwurt U%u.a oo Ukt Eaw Wucjjs W*>fta t-w-J ^ e* Dutivt rtf Georgia. tlkguif lltfttfcrt,*» <*• »** xiMxxxk hk {nfc.o^ tbt it* ui4 bMiuu are the •* •»* t$^esr kMssw fc»i <>ai v tr^ulVft: wwi#»<ib« n. v i thip KiaMb, ctf —(tfaay ii*y lare> *%«r Utfa* u* „*** xvcu* WQams a axxl Uulr m marter, . ‘ S*w*A« wn. *•*- l ** viaiic. \bt Uil\ <( vLc tl\h U April. la 0* year l«*** W fiuM a^Ians kablrei aat iffyux, u>e tid ship E0xa- VKan, Mb tta»\ E»*, tfestauaij kc CSuaLksa Sfn2 . w ij™ a u* Hirer Savannah, at Venus’ Cvmtj, t»s e^uay K Ay»-A i ■ W* I\crv «a a tbare. mi m at that time a sueneb ■JVSN Eu«. o> c c • U ‘ r«fl b^J tkp. c( Ibe burtbeo U #ioe hundred 1* * *x: : \t t-'o.s cc thereabout*, and lufflccntly pro* lt T lTr - s^s *41 F \rw~K* r-6^ ^.i^urcl. uckfcand furnUare, aI,•l^^o• l® A ” * > Al*U—-MUS t* > aL.;»iw!i * Mittcicot crew lo work Mid , * u * - ^ rt * l ' ,ru cu * ;e *i_» 4 fcjn that oo ti*e *aid nfaht of ibe fifth Ow/t Bm** ifc*ii*tJ 5>n.n << ***. t£ A * , f ,-btcra hundred *od fifty-wx. about seven ImwcsAmv m.rt . »i ><■» .i tfr* j fl * V ee;nr. a signal lantern was hung Ctaj-4i! SfcTkimvii ^uucM-c a-; • ' ^ ; * co if. we fcre-*t*y of siid ship Euttbetb. that about «fht ©’clerk oa i"t»e O'gtl of the said fifth of April, «fc.M tfrt -•ud ship Elizabeth was so lying at Venus’ Pc-i&t, jn the ffavantah River, within the ebb and how of the tide, and within the admiralty and mara- t:ce tarUdlctKiQ of the Dirtrict Court of the United ?Utos. for the Southern in-trict ofOwrgu, securely moored, the neamship Keystone Hate, whereof . Robert lUrdi.* vn master on btr way Irorn Milla* , & . * delph’a to the city of Savannah, came up the Sevan- | J-:*t-ro. will 'a-.ply j nah Hirer under full headway, and then and there, 1 n «C *in_--traiioa ’ c? toO vc to *f M-.v.-t ■ «TNt hX>‘ Btftur 4;ifttoe v-'-hth* tow~«mrr ’iwirffc -wareftwa*: nf-uwMtf torero. -•* wc »r MOi»^r a «v«aa I h m . n v*;_i <f Ciaiiiarj Snpsriie CW% in famr vi .\-i.n S: '.'i4*c »• Oat eoiiw?- S:iiu* Tr^vnr p unu*«i v*;t j. *a. :t fa Si?CaV.!.\ I l<-! V smrj .'5nr-r-. J C C rrXTK or ukoruia. ^IHaTSaK iXOrrr —To 2_ Wtr.en :; may «&• V/ t*rs WiiEireav. til.rabf.l K to Ctem t< Orhinnry :*<: m to tttUt ci Uses* are. iberslMt. t-j ott a*ji adta'cish all ehon a mat Kc*>.;a, to t-e and apprar before •aid 0»tstk» mala c-i'.ecu.c (if ary they hav*^ on or before to Lett Moo lay it July next, otherwise said horri ii3!>t grattri. ▼.to-ss.vtin B..:o U-4- • Ordinary for Clnthata coantj. this teCKc: day of June. I‘v6. jWbe2 JOHN HIIJ0..O. f- c. ITATE OK GEUIUaA, CH ATHAM CO. r ?ali whom it may c«n*.-rn Whereas Wary Ann DhU w*j1 ap.Iy at the C-> trVof Ordinary for let* ters ItiaaKry on the i-ut. r-f Jaruea K Ixnt.— lh»t are therefore to c.v- and admonab ail w hom It may Ob&cern. to b* andappear before said Court, to mate objecti-yn* if any they have/ on or before the first Jtoodarlo i*>.-u-!iib--r next, otherwi-o said tetu-rs will be granted. Witness John £lifc.», Ksq . ord.nary fir CSntham Oouoty. this third -i^v o( June. 1 Vi ’.. >cA JOHN lill.Uo. ii.CC. CITY MIKJUPT^K SAhK. ■tlTlIX be $old before the Court dv r ui the city ofSksaiiiiah. on the tlr*t Toe-u iy in July next, between the legal houra of »a!e. lie: follow ing articled, 2 counters, 1 1 iron che.-t, 1 wardrobe and ali the Interest <A 1>1 ward Murphy. In and to the iea>e «r lot ai.d huild.tig :-..tuat«-d ori the corner of Whitaker and On?u-M utreeM, to a&tbfyafi la. Issued in favor ot William U OnuU, Vi. Murphy, A: Dt-vanny. proficrty pointed out by defendant. Kf». if. 1’JlENHKilGA-T, -. <. may 31 CITY SHEUIFK’H MALE W ILL be told before the Court House door, In the City of gavariiwh, on the first Tuesday in July next, between the usual hours of sale, ea*,t half of No. 6 Green Ward, i^iunded as follow.-:—north by Urooxhton street, west by lot No. 6, sou h by a lane orel east by lot No. 7 levied on as the property of Jamei L. Oliver,, !•• satisfy a 0. fa. l-t-.ued out of the Honorable the City Court ofriavannah. in favor off). U. NTchoU \a. Iam<- j,. Oliver, l’roj^rty |s»Uite'l out by piamtiit V attorney. Terms ca .h.— rurcluuMfr i-ayinx for title- , Kf)W. M. Iitl.NliKlWiA.ST, royal city PlietlfT. CITY MllicitI FF\S KA LEl W ILL be sold before the Court l£uu-e door In the City of Savannah, on the fir-.t 7 >e/day in July next, between tin: legal Iiour-i of sale. Jot No. 27, contains 6fi feet, more or le-s. being a portion el Harden lot No. II, we-i, in the «.:ty of j-.ivtu.nah, bounded as follows —-Ka-t by 1'or-e -tr*n :. south by lot So. —, north by street not named, and we*t by lot So. —. Uvted on as the property or Ann IXiWe, to sati*ry a 11. fa. lamed out ot the Honorable the City Court of Savannah, m favor or John Cailaher vh Ann Doble. Property (minted out by pluibtiff.— Terms cash. Parcha-er paying (or title*. KDW. M. I'JIKNI)hltfjAsT, royal City shertir. CiT ir MIlEillFK’H HA LE. WILL, be Rolf], l^rfore the court house door lu *T tbo city of Savannah, on the first TneoJay in July next, between the legal bourn of sale. One Au pl» *nd Waynesboro' Railroad Ouripany’K Hond, So. 409—levied on as the jiropertv of William Hunn to satisfy two fi. fas. 1 ;Mied out./ Ibe honorable t».» City C>>urt of Havnnnnh, one in favor of Jam*--. Ji. Kea/1 va. William Inmn. and the ntln-j in favor ol John Ingmoll vh. William Hunu. Term< c.i*h KUWAHH M PltHNIrMItfiAST. may HI Sfieril) C. s. S TATE OK CKOHGIA—lil.'LUiCH i».. May 20th, ]86«—Two morithi after date application will be made to the Honorable Cow t of Ordinary of County lor leave to sell nil the land : belongln, tbo estate < f Michael Iion.ild»ou, deceased, lor the benefit ol the heirs and i:n,dltor- and ha id defer roy2?s-sw JOHN j: mjjw.n a dm i |(tto. gorh ^bbtrtisfnwnts. V. B. PALMER, eghoul iomnaw an* nwaram aoiwt, Basvjo, New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore JAKE* d. mm.BS, DEALER AND IHI’OItTKH op Walchca, Jcwefir, HU>,r Wan, Kaa- cyr fliods, so 12, aovitf 2d nun, rautneuma. wj<S V VBLROI I WEE KEY, DESIGNER AND SCULPTOR IN MARBLE. Corner Aitor Place and 4th Avenue, a cloq raourorrio m anon itoukt m tu m T UB moat extensor? variety and the largest stock of Monuments, Tbtnbs, Head Ktooea, Aas., in America, can be found at this establishment, from plain to the most elaborate and ornate in design and workmanship. In addition to the stock alwaya on hand, a great variety of drawings, appropriate and original may be found, from which work will be ex* ecutod promptly In order. Orders faithfully executed, and shipped to any point available by water or steam. Persona vWUng the city of New Yerk on pleasure or business are respectfully Invited to visit this e* tablisbrnenl. otti* C. I'lKHtlE’h al*> orawM, aucxct. raiuiaimt. ra. AuUmrizcd Agent for the savannah Journal. HEALTH AND COMFSdRT. SPRING BED AND MATTKASS DEPOT 209 onanrer imuaer, orromt jam' aoru. Bobacriben would respectfully call the attention of tLe Prindpali oi Boarding Schools, ling Houses, Hotels, and the public in general, lo the late and important improvements they have — In the Rattan Frames, Harness Leather and Spiral Springs. i Beds are n very durable article, cost little more than Feather Beds, and are moch more healthy. In fad, these beds are a real luxury to the well or tick, od altogether such an article a? when once used would be deemed Indtepentable in every fami ly for comfort and health. Persons from any part of the United State* way be supplied at the shorten notice, by sending their orders, giving dimensions of Bedstead, Ac., ad dressed to DOWELL t BARRETT, oct3—Cm 209, Che*nut st., Phil*. with groat force and violence, ran into and upon ibe j rail fcb.p Enzabeth, smashing the side of the fore* ! cs-t'.e of raid ship Elizabeth, breaking flveol the j .. v forecastle beams, starte.1 the deck, curried away | -'Jt.iu-aurr., ihe bowsprit, and other damage did W the .-.aid ship Elizabeth, as m eaid libel is r.ute i. rendering it tie* coMary to discharge a part of her cargo, and to bring her up to the city of Savamah for rej/airs, at great expense and loss of time; that It is impo-rlble to ascertain exactly wliat will be the extent or the darnagt-.s, but a.v far as calculation can be made tno damage sustained by such collision to the said ship Elizabeth, amounts to the sum of ten thousand dol lars , that this recurred in the admiralty and mara- time Jurisdiction of rai/1 Court, ah oi which the libel- laots pray leave to furnlih proof of, end have al*/» prayed a decree for their damages alore-.ald, and cr/ i-, and that the ordinary process may Issue. Ami whereas the Judge of the Dutrict Court afore rai 1 hath ordered and directed that the ordiuary j process should L*>u<\ returnable to the L'ntu-d i .-tales Court Room in the city of havannah, on the j pjtli day of June next, at eleven o'clock, A. M., ' Now. therefore, you are hereby authorized, cm lowered aud strictly enjoined |*ereiii|'tor»ly to cite and admonl-h all penanw having, or pretending to have, any right, title, interest, or clftim b- the said steamship Key-tone fit ate, her machinery, tackle, bpinrel and furniture, hy uh lawful way* and means whereby this monition may be miele most public and notorious, to be and appear at the time aud place aforesaid, before th» Judge aforesaid, to show cause. If uny they have, why judgment should not px.i.4 as praye*! fur, and to do aud receive what unto law and justice shall appertain, and whatever you shall do In the premises you shall certify to the Judge aforesaid, at the time and (dace a!ore.iaid, to gether with this writ. Witness tho Honorable John C. Nicoll, Judge of said District Court, this twenty-third day of May, eighteen hundred and fifty-six. LAW, BARTOW K JJJVKLI.. Proctors for libellants. Ail persons interested In this monition will take due notice. DAN I. H. STEWART, V. S. Mar-hal. Savannah, th'M May, IWi'J. VIRGINIA SPRINGS! G E b -All jienotu K-tate of f j.onvi d, are Hereby not _. demand- agaitM tf fate of said county, dcren present them, prt.jiriy prescribed by law. and tIt*--.** indebted to are rec|ue*ted to make irnme<l.ate i«iymei HARDY p. HolsiK*. O-.y 20th my: Mills, lied to RICHMOND A DANVILLE, VlrflnU Si Tennemt HAIXiXlOAPa. t®“ S U M M E R ARRANGEMENT. Shortest, moat comfortable and mo3t expoditious • Route to tho VIRGINIA SPRINGS I THHOUUH BY DAYLianr. And Baggage Checked Through, except on Stages. Visitors to the Virgiumia Springs by this route, Uke the Stjuth-SIde Railroad cars at Petersburg, or the UichrnoDd and Danville car* at Richmond, at 6 A. M., daily, (Sundays excepted,) arrive at Lynch burg Pi dinner, aud thence, via tho Virginia and Tennessee Railroad, reach Bonsack's Depot at 3 1*4, and Salem at 4 P. M., and at either place take Kent. MuutnierNort Si t’o’a Fine Line of Ntngm t Tlioso via lionsack's lodge at Kincastle, dine at the Bed Sweet, or Sweet Springs, and arrive at the Whip) Sulphur Springs, (17 miles) early on the evening of the second day from Petersburg, or Rich mond, without NIGHT 1'KAVEL and with but 04 miles or Staging. Or by the Halern route, stop all uight at the Roauokc Red Sulphur Springs, (1U miles distant from Salem,) dine at the Red Sweet, or Sweet Springs, and arrive at tho White Sulphur Springs on the evening of the following day. The Virginia A Tenuesseo Railroad U located through a most romantic country, posxcsiiug a fcli- ‘ CITY MAKSIIAL’8 HALES. \\ r lLL be wild, on the llrat Tuesday in July J V next, In front of the court house Improvement* on lot No. 3, Montmollinvilio, to hati-fy City Tax Executions vs. Connolly, for year* lsi4 and IhLO. Also, IM and improvement No. 12, part (far- den IaI No. 11, we-t. the property of Mrs. Ellen O’Reilly, PjsatUfy City Tax Execution* lor WJj- AI-o, I/A No. 15 and Improvements, Franklin ward, as the projiertv of M. Prendergast. for Taxes for \»f>5. Al-o, east half of I/a No. 2, Calhoun ward, tho prof/irty of Mrs. Bridget (ary and children, for l uxe- for Wi't Al-o. north-west quarter of i/a No. 22, Greene ward, as the property of Mr.-.. Catherine Doty, for Taxes for 1S54 and 1^55. Also, I/.fa Son. 19 and 20, Wesley ward, a- the proj*erty of K/l ward Perry, for Taxes for 1W5. Also, I/A No. 51, Brown ward, as the property of estate of Patrick O’Conneli, sr., for Taxes for 1W5 ALo, Imjirovmenfa on south half of I/A No. i£i, Warren ward, as the properly of Ml*s Matilda Ho- gey, fur Taxes for 1854 and 1855. Alsu, east hail of I/A No. 28, north aide of Mat gi- tet i*treat, tho property III Airs. Rachael Wi.-e ai.d daughter, for Taxes for 1855. Also, I/As No-.. 47 and t/J, Walton ward, as tin? piopcrty of John McCormick, for Taxes for 1855. Also, I/A No. -|, Washington ward, as the |>ro|ier ty of Airs. M. M. inhhlo and children, for Tuxes for 1*55. Al-o, Improvement on nurth-we-t ijuarter of 1/A No 20, Wa-hfugion ward, as the property of JsiwIh Ijihman, for Taxes for 1851 and 1855. ■*\Uv/. J/A No. M and ea^t half of J/»t No. 15. j-.*r of Garden I/A No. JJ3, east, as the property ol the e.-.tato ol i*. A. i’atut, for Taxes for 1851 mill 1815. Also, I/a No. 24, I jfayette ward, as the proj>erty of John M. Milieu, for Taxes for 1855. AUo, Lot No. 10, Mouttnolliuville, as Hie property of Jarrmi Henoi B t,forTfor 1K54 and 1855. Alao, Improvemerifa of.juaitcr J/A No. Hi,Greene ward, sfa the property of Mr-. ———Baker, for Taxes lor 1854 and 1855. Al-.o, Garden I/it No. 58, e.*.A, the property of \V. I*, ifowen. lur Taxis* for 1851 and 1855. l/»t No. 17. Jasper ward, as Hie property ol may2 .'../TICE, rI , j months from date application will be | Mrs. J. W. Ityer»o». lor Taxes lor 1855. X roado to the Ordinary ol Chatham County, lur i Also, west half of Lot No. 4, south side of Biyuri leave to noli lot So 161, filti distnc*., Inker, h«l«»ng alreel for, for 1854. lng to the astute or Julian .Mark;-. ' i Also, eouth half of 1 Tru*tees’ Garden, at the JACOB WATj-ON, property of the estate of Worthington, for Taxes for Administrator. • 1855. DANIKI. H. STEWART, ^ . I may 31 City Murshul. AKSIfJNMENT NOTICE. I J OHN M. WILLIAMS, liavii.R ;issi«ned all his property, h »tli roil and |- r-onal. to adjust bis debts, all p'-r-ons having n-g«lcliiin' agulnxl the j [xcTtionim* nv the ktatb of ueoroia.] Haid John M. Wlllwus, wnl plen.-e hand them Ui the i — undersigned witi ' it is quite desirable j FORT GAINES ACADEMY LOTTKHY. to ascertain tiie extent of imli;bP. , dne.s«', and toper- ! CLASS Ifi foct a speedy HetUemonij'! trie a-.-i/M-d pruperty ! To fit drawn in tho city of Atlanta, in public, on through a most romantic country, posscsiiug a ui. mate un.-urpassed for its salubrity and deligbbulteln- lA-rature. The road pusses the base of tho PEAKS OP OTTER! And within three milt* of tho Alleghany Springs, one mile of the Montgomery White Sulphur Springs, and within four mile* or the Yellow Sulphur Springn ail pleasantly situated a few miles apart, on the Eastern slope of the Alleghany mountain, In Mont gomery county. The waters of these Springs are celebrated for their great medicinal qualities, the ac commodations are excellent, and have becu greatly increased since last season. 49>ViHitors to tbo Red Sulphur Springs take Kent. Summerson A: Co’s Stages at Newborn Depot, on the evening of the day that they leave Peters burg or Ricbmoud, and arrive at the Springs on the following day to dinner, aud Salt Sulphur Springs early in the evening of the second day from Rich mond or Petersburg. Tho Road from Newborn Depot to the lied Sul phur Springs, (38 miles,) has been graded and greatly improved since last season, and is now re garded asone of the best turnpikes in the mono tains. The lino ol Telegraph from Ricbmoud will he com pleted and in operation to tho Mootgomery White sulphur Springs early In June. Passengers to Knoxville, Tenuessre, lake Kent, Su minor son A: Go’s stages at the Western terminus of tho Virginia A: Tenue*aee Railroad, now 180 miles from Lynchburg (aud being extended Westward ut tho rale ot H miles per month) to Ihe Eastern termi nus or the Hast Tennessee and Virginia Railroad, and arrive at Knoxville in 21-2 days from Peters burg or Richmond, Fare from Pttersbnrg orTielimoiiil, To Ih-d Sweet, or Sweet Springs via BouBack’s,$10 00 “ “ “ “ “ “ “ Saieni.... 10 60 •• While Sulphur Springs “ Uonsack's 11 00 “ “ “ “ “ Salem.... 11 60 “ Red Sulphur Springs 12 21 “ Alleghany Sjirlngs “ Montgomery White Sulphur Springs “ Yellow Sulphur Springs “ Knoxville, Tenncuce 23 00 Note.—Tbo charge for tickets to the Alleghany Springs, Montgomery White Sulphur and Yellow Sulphur Springs, does not lucludo the charge from the Railroad Ur the Springs. Passengers lor the Al lcghuuy Springs, (4 miles distant.) taka tickets to Shawsvillc—for Montgomery White Sulphur, (1 mile distant by a brunch Kullroud,) lake ticket* to B:g Tunnel and for the Willow Sulphur, (4 miles dis taut.) take tickets to Cliristiamburg de|Mit. Con will ho found at those places. For further information apply to E. A. GOODWIN, Ticket Agent H. 8. K. IL, Petersburg. CHARLES OAMPBKI.L, Sup't Richmond A: Danvillo It. R., Richmond. E. H. GILL Sup’t V. k T. R. K., Lynchburg. KENT, SUMMEKbON At (X)., myl3>8m Fincastle, Virginia. W) 8 25 H 45 opr28 HIRAM ROBERTS, AsaigiM ATT.UIH’i'lt ATCHl’h NI >TI <J I N A LL persons having demumh agaliml ihe esluie -. of the fate Charles H. ArnoM rjccea.*ed, are , hereby notl lied to pre-.ent ilicm. jir»*per!y at tested, within the lime pro-enbed by law n:.d ail Ibo’.e In- . debted to said eelate, are reque.-fed to in,A c imrne diato payment to KinVAltD padki.I'ORd, •! triayb Adrulniiirator. ASMIfi.V 15 ES NOTH’ Id. M R. Louh Hobhler having made an assign ment for tlie benefit ol iu> cierlllui*, all per sons indobic'i to him will please make payment tu me. 8nd those having demands agaiu-t him are requested Pi prcsebtjlicin, that payment may lie made as far as the u-aetfa will r-xicmi. A. BONAI D. A-.-lgnt-c. flavannah, M/y 10, I960. miy20 GLYNK HIIEItiFF’.S MALE*. W ILL lie sold before the dour ol the Court House In the city of Brunswick. ot Glynn, on tho first Tuesday In July next, l.ciwecn the legal hours of Kale, the following property, to wit :--Ca*- Flus, Jim, Cliloe, and Flmon—Imh-d mi hy virtue ol fl. la. Issued out of tie* Honoral.!** .■••iperiur Court Of GlynnOninly, In favor of Horace Is Gould v. Alex ander 8c ran ton and J.ihum Gow* n, Adm.m.-.trator, Of Mary Abbott, deceased. Property pointed out by piaintitr* attorney may 28 M, (J. It WRIGHT ; G f. ' !S HAhl'k '•I tic- t'o.irt IlO'ixr, omity o| Glynn, on ' ween Die legal to wit.:—One 'and containing i nr five/ lying •lbd‘;.l .omiIIi fa. THIJJ’.hDAY, June 20,1850, on THE HAVANA PL AN. SAMI Mb 8WAX & U)., 01niiag«n. prizes' amoun iTn«“i o 4,000!! 9 Will be distributed according to the following BRILLIANT SCHEME! 10,000 NUMUEnS—240 PItIZE.S I CCU CUB. 810,000 Is 610,000 1 prize o| 1 1 10 6,WO is fljOOO 3;000 Is 3,000 1 " . .. 1.000 Is 1,000 1 ' 1,000 is 1,000 5 prizes of 600 are 2,600 0 1 ... 200 arc 2,000 5 100 arc 2,6w 0 " 60 are 4,000 4 .... «0 lire 1,320 I prizes of 800 app’g to tl0,00<J prize, are 240 •i 6*i '* 6,000 prize, are 200 I •* 40 *■ 3,000 prize, are 100 8 “ 36 *• 1,000 prize, are 280 u * VO " 600 prize, m e 400 10 ‘ 2W prize, ill e 400 $34,000 * P* <;lY.\N Mil KIM M W ILt. ho sold liefnre the d«mi In tho city nr llrua-wick, i.n the first Tuesday in July next, 1 hours of sale, the following prop- undivided hill'of a tiu' * or p.irrid two hundred and fifty acre , (m und betigiu the county ot'Glynn, lunds grunted to Michael I'mi.cll, nortfiwaidly by lands granted to John l/tmh, i.enlor, ca t by land* unknown. Levied on in the property of ly-ltu l/troo. toeati fy u II. fa. h-med out ol the lluiiorabie ,-upu nor Court ol Glynn county, mlnvor ol Darnel Mcln- p/s h vs. fTeha 1st mb. Property poiun 1 nut by do fendunt. M C B. WRIGHT, may 28 F.lmrilf Glvnn Omnly. HTATF/OF GMtllttH A, MlllOIt i V CO. r|V> all whom It may concern•—Whereus .Inxon Floyd will apply at the Gout I of Ordinary lur letters of ailmliib.tratloti mi the e-date <4 aID-n D. Floy*l, These are therclure Incite und lelmoin-h all v. limn it may Connern, to lm and a; pear before *,ald court, to make olijcction-, If any limy have, on or Indore the first Monday In July m- .1. olhei wl eanid letter* will b« granted. Witness W. I*. Girardeau, Ordinary for IJImrtv (purity, this 27lb day of April, |s;,ij W I*. GiRARDIJAL', inay27 o. I„ r GEORGIA, I.IIIKUTY t-tM NTV. . ' * ‘ ‘ ppiir.itiou will j ok ill every r«i "in oi Ordiiiu R writes u el. O : he mude to Urn honorable tie ry efsuld county for Id'ers ofudmu. _ .... ..I' i Ul'Cl.U' nnuntiiii; lu APPROXIMATION I’UIZEr.', The ini. preceding and the two billowing numbers to those drawing Urn lir.t 2U priz* are emu led to j the 80 npproxlioaiimi prize*, in tlm iihuaI manner. Uemcmb.-r that every prize it drawn, and paya- < hie In lull without dedoclimi. I All pnze- m juufat, ami under, |nid immediately | niter Hie drawing—other prize* at the n.-mul lima of 1 thirty day g if o' Ail coifiinnniealioiHsli idly eoiilldeuiial. 'ihediawn numbers will be forwarded i«» pur- chasers immediately after the drawing, j Whelo Ticket! $5—Halves f-J.50—i/uuiler* $1.26. 1 Prize tickets cashed or renewed in other tickets I at either office. orders for tlokuts can he addressed either to N. SWAN .k CO., Allatila, Ga., or Jell H. SWAN, Montgomery, Ala "IIAHICINOVN COPVINU FUID MESSRS the Ibllowing itUvuntagen over all other copying inks;— It doer, not oUVet or nueur written in account honks. It is perfectly limpid und lluws readily from the steel pen. It gives three legible i-op|e ■. It retains its copying properties lor many weeks alter the writing Is executed. nine Hindi Writing Fluid Uiillcnilcd lu replace the 111 ferine Idack Inks, aud nil other writing Holds now in use, which it surpass- Ini- tralioii on the Id coiinly, de- 1 M« GOWKS’. 1 r brilliant Blue. It Is perlcctly liml aud free from impuntiex. It does imtcorudo Htecl pens. Fur sale hy VVAKNOCK k. DAVIH, may 1*1 Ih'.i-CmigreKs street. ItlCIHOVAl*. The subscriber lias Removed on the Ray, next door to the Republican 0III1 e, where he is now opening a 1 hand onm assortment m SPUING AND SHMMKII GOODS, which lie will sell hy tho 3m* myitJ \ paiiern *ir make in order ui tlm most tushiuiiahlu AOMIVIKmA I'HlX wXI.kT " i : l A-...A l - , -... ll ”"X ' ll “ l " Wt.a».lMK l“f Uw |Nr*MM 0™ ss or sl ta . | u sssd * j ,“s2!r“ ■» (utate of Gideon Met- ceased. June 2 T Norlc'ic. T HREEliiehthsafter dutoappllcallon will he made Pi I'io Marine Rank of Favnunah. litr tin* pay. moot of two Twenty dollar lulls, \iz : filter If, 8070, ami letter O, 6t»7, the loll halve/ nl which ha\ •• been lost. jami-s p. ni iiyoN iallahiwKeo, Fin., May 17, I860. order of’tlm Adiuluhlratrix, for tie* henelll of the j hairs mid creditors. ANN It. BATE**, may 26 Admiolsiratrlx. m ! ami Figured Marseilles Vests, for side ul a hiiiuII pro "iwl* JOHN W. KELLY. HitAPIOlt AND TAIHOit. JKFFERFON 8TUKKT NEAR IllUJUGHTON i ’l'lie subscriber lakes lids opportunity to inluriii Ills friends ami Hie public, thul he Is enabled, from cx|iorh'ii<!o, and the liiluUlvo perceptions of tin; truilis «r„ 1 science, based on the common rules of surveying rtnn fihii ilu kebei. aivd iildlt- ,ur,,w * Pjromuml spherical, to uiitiiml make up CODI*IHll, 1101 i gurmeiiH Pi III tho huniuii form lu the most ceinploto x r, J, { .... . ,,, ,,n H *» “H wlm muy favor Idin with a JUST received 5 lihdo choice Cod !• IhIi 20 hblu call. txlra No land No. U Mackorvl: It) do extra Buys'fancy drosses, Mull costumes, Military und Piokle Herrings, fiOboxoz Hinokod IlorrlngH In store Flroimin’s Uniforms, Arc.,Ike. and tbrsulo hy ... . j P. 11011 AGE GRANT, DAN II) O'OONNKR. Jullurson si., one door North of Brmightou Mrcot. may 10 Corner Urogblou k Urnyton »U, | dee 7—Iy BATH XIOOISI DBS, HOT. COhl) AND SHOW Kit. rpHR HATH HOUSE litivln/? been liaiid sunely X fitted t'P. opened on Rulurday, 2d nl March. 1 Hifigle IlutliH 25 cents—>.lx tickets lur Jl.oo tnar4 J. M. IIaVWOgD. Agent. CENTRAL RAILROAD. chanok O N and after Sunday, the 14th October, Inst., and until further notice, thu Passeugor Trains on tho Central Rallroud will run as follows • BETWEEN HAVANNAn AND MACON. I/iaves .Savannah Daily at...6 a m and 12.16 h m. Arrivo iu Macon “ “..2.16 p m “ 1 am. Leave Macou “ “.11.46 A u “ U.30pm. Arrive In Savan'h “ “10.46 pm “ 7.20 am HVrWKKN 8AVA.VXAU A.VD AtJOCHTA. I/:avo Suvannah 12.16 p m and 8.30 p. m. Arrivo in Augusta 8.45 p m “ 6.30 a m. 1/savo Augusta 6. am “ 4.30 p m Arrive iu Savannah 1.30 f m “ lu.46 p KiTWKIM MA(X>.V AND ADO0HTA. Leave Macou 11.46 A m and 0.30 l* Arrivo in Augusta 8.46 pm 6 30 a m. lioavoAugusta 6. am “ 4.30pm. Arrive iu Macou 2.1& r m •* 1. a m. WCTWKXN SAVANNAH, MILlHXJIVUXg ft KATONTON, I/javo Savoouah 6. a m Arrivo in Milledgovillo 2.46 p m. Leave Macon 11 46 a m Arrive In K&Pmton 6. pm. W. M. WADLEY Gcn’l Supt. “ 116. Savannah, Ga., Oct. 12, 1866. octll CHANGE OF SCHEDULE ON THE SOUTH WESTERN RAILROAD Over which pomes tho Ureat New York A New Orleans Mails. AN mid after Sunday, February 3d, I80O1 two dully trains hetwuen Macon and Columbus; and one between Macou and Atnericus, I/javo Macon at 2 a m, and 3 P M; arrive ut Colum hits at 7 16 a n, mid 1030 P M ; leave Columbus ul 4 16 a m, aud 1 30 p >1; arrive at Macon ot 10 64 a m, and 7 40 P M; leuvo Macon ut 2 a m; arrive ut Ameri ciis at (140 A «; leave Americas ut 2 20 p M; arrive at Macon at 7 40 p m; making a complete connactlon be tween Mmitgmuery, Alabama, and AiigiisPi, Kings ville, Wilmington and Charle.-ton; also, with Central HuilroadTrainstoNavatiuiih, MllledgevllloundKulon- ton, and with Macon and Western Irakis P< Atlanta. Chattanooga, Nashville and Knoxville, Tetiti. At Culumhu.s with Girard ami Mobiit* Railroad to Eufuula, Ala., connecting dally at Americas with four horse Post Coaches lo Tullahiissoo, Albany, Tlioiiiasvllle, Buinhridgo, &o., wlthtri-woekly hacks lo Lumpkin, CutUbcrt, A:c., ut Fort Valley wirti bucks t*i Perry, llayuosvillo, Hawklnsvillo and Knoxville, Gu. Passengers for Ainerlcus and points below Fort Valley, should tiiko tho 1216 p m train from Savan nah; und the 6 p it train from Augusta, to avoid do toiillon at Macon. For other points on the South- Western or Muscogee Roads take either train from Fttvuunali or Augusta. PaKsongors leaving Aniorl- cus ut 2 SO p m will reach Columbus at 10 30 p m tho same night. Pussongors from Columbus and the West for Am- ‘ulcus, Fmith-wcstern Georgia or Florida, should take tho I 30 p 11 truin ut Columbiis, sloop at Fort Valley, mid reach Amoriciis at 0 40 a m next morn Ing. First class steamships leave Sovanuali for Now York on Wednesdays and Huturdays, uml fur Phila delphia on Wednesdays. Passage la the Cabin *25, Htcerago *8. Fare from Montgomery to Suvamiah $14 00 “ Columbus “ “ 10 00 “ Atnericus « “ 8 80 GKO. W. ADAMS, Hup’b Macon, January 30th, 1860. muyio VIRQ IN IA CE NTR A L R. ROAD. SUUk AND JOB PRINTING NEATLY EXECUTED AT THE SAVANNAH JOURNAL, BOOK A JOB OFFICE. Uerchuu.~an bMoJ33!*»Ji«rt bollc. wilb BIll-HnuU, Bill, mt buUnc, Dnr Bo«k», CtrcKlmrs. Cud. patent Ptbirints. DR* W. R* MD8ELEY8 I-VFnUf ahv a FOB the treatment of Can- mJ' cera. Wear, FlOola, aud ail kuj u kt® of TuttAAjra, U vum <**-* tor tl* «f PatktilG Hi* Icfir-XIH llelintMild* v iilKhly t?om cut rated Com- *** ** ponml Fluid Exlrart Uachu. Ifruadwav. a^WAUuu m^m thirty hr gc aod U A CERTAIN, cAI K. AND QYTXTUAL REMEDY l ^U, £ { SBSIS “ J dlM1 “ "* Ui * SSIUII 5 , MAU , 0R n ^ Ali ; ; from whatever cause they may have originated, and i NO MATTER OF HOW LONG STANDING. Ttit« i«pular and •j<ecific remedy fa now oTered to the afflicted, and guaranteed to cure all the above jlfauon. Ilia practice in that horrible dnSL? Cancer, for the jw-4 ten rear* fa ua *urt4jS3v2 any lhy«ktan in the South. Pattern* ** - «h aioh**»» 7**iw i r/imiiLUUL- - ii a-o.. dfaeaio, driving out NT1NG, such as Catalogue* for Colleges, . bod y | thu.- removlnj Particular PHLCT PRINTING, _ . Proceeding* of Meetings, Reports, By-Laws, etc. core _ Thankful for tho very liberal patronage heretomre CUCTAIN AND PERMANENT received, we respectfully solicit a continuance of! medicine allay* pain and iuttaromation, »Su ;n the saute, feeling that we shall be able to plea*e all other remedies invariably caoK-, and can bejaken who may favor u> with a call, Irnth a* to pnccs an 1 [ execution of work. A. L. ARCH AMD A ULT, PORTABLE STEAM ENGINE BUILDER, S.E. fo....I5th A Hamilton St’s., ' PHILADELPHIA, Pa. { P ORTABLE SAW MILL ENGINES, on large 1 wheels, with a tongue, for a team to be Uched to move them About. These engines have cylinders, making from 10 to 30 horse power Awu, > ,b Vi for HClLSTfNG or HLK DRIVING ENGINES, July nex .V^*.i°L PropoMla for Ration* and Fact for Ll|ht-Ve«wli. at $1 per dkm, or $15 per month. 910 being reoni ” in advance. ‘ luJrN 43#- Fee* to be agreed cf«. bekte the case 1. P , ituacen. All c/jiiimctueations most be vm ^ w. R. uriffjj, city Hade uoots. " • THE SoUcriUM bas t.L Land an |- iOMROtUX/IS, I.A11 Ui.-.0, rjjjf. Jf- Thu m *«“ 'La L he will *supeiv/r workmanih.pan.1 Liau-rii ,7. ^ fallible remedy has saved tbuusanc- upon thou; and* f enor l(- ltl savannah. 7he pr.ce»’offc^| *11 the diseased' flupfa ot the addressed to ing the cause and rendering th** tq $ 6 COLLECTOR’S 05T1CE. t StmmxnxnKXT or LJutm, > Savannah, 10th May, 1866.) with lew trouble an-1 ex|<en-e Vi |<»tK-nfa trom the hands of MERCUiXS sL ACK*. U not from premature grave.* the Compound Buchu fa the . the least confidence ot the afflicted in ps-rformiug SAFE CURES. It contains no narcotic, mereJty, or otiiur injurious ‘■U CvtApotHion. Ii.w reabi- no jiercepuhie odor, and maybe taken by persons ol either sex are from $6 to $10. sLACE*. .... | Boots. kiJ and cloth GaiUrs and .-hiiM rn k ri kl r„, “ SSa^JSSN? -! ft “ — 1 ^ ^ «- y -wtss JBhda ... I^rfonnl4 I . • J_ !- OUva IJOTAIOUi—IW» lamb M|*nw Fiaotici '—. -■ . auwnmi. .v.u .ovu-1 • u contains no oucou', uiefejty. or utliur iiij-jrious . -X. Putirtoe*; do Western Kei*. an! 65 (jf, *? 1 SEALED propoaala will be received at this drug, but u purely a VtQtubU C\—-“ ■' ’ U r ,-v 1 nave two , ^ offlc# o’clock, M., on the 1st day of i ve ry agreeable Vj tfi*- taste, create Slis A ’ 1 July next, 1856. for fornUldng and delivering Ra- j odor, and may he taken by per so dons and Fuel on board the Light-vessels in thu . without hindrance from busmen or Collection district, vix.; at Martin’s Industry and . *5 plain directions for use accom|<my the me-ifi me. Tybee Island Knoll, for on* year from the flrrt day \ Reader, if you have any ot the above complaints, do ' - • -* »—* • - •'** - .1.n.a I . ._.1 Blow:. for sale by mar.S iTov mm ! jssystas*, ven general satisfaction. Description grven general sausMcuon. irescnpuon j e j ivere ^ jn good“and suffidput packages, barrel*. With this medicine you can cure yourself, aud thus be sent when applied for. } boxes and cases, and in good order, on board the prevent all exposure. 1 .V»..n n„n^l li.iVil.i-AMiiU nt lottct nni-ii ■ mmr1/«r THITII \tf*VT instance have arcoJars will feb 9—6m dfcW ; a bove named light-vessels” at least once a quarter, , r TRUTH ML'.-T AND WILL PREVAIL. lIEKtHISti'M PATENT FIRE-PROOF , free of expense to the United States, and agreeably ! This median4 sjicedily and cflectually cure-- the ~ ■ —— 1 in n.a ,nn>r<.i tat.iA r.niiA u-oot ir pnii..n vi» • , rriost virulent form uf.-ecret diseases, aud eradicates every particle of iiucctiou* mutter irorn the system, restoring the patient to a periest state of NC WITH HALL’S PATENT P B , pow— - iWDKR-PROOF LOCK, i Having received the Prize Medal at the | World’s Fair, are now offered to the public , a* tbo Prize Safe of the World. Tested and approved as they have been every where, their crowning vic tory was reserved to be awarded by the Jurku of the World’sFair. The proprietor placed One Thousand lX>llars iu Gold in tho one exhibited at the World’s Fair, l/»n- don, and invited all the Picfc-l/jcks lu the world to ; ojien the Safe, with or without the keys, and take the money as a reward for their Ingenuity ; although operated upon by several skilled in the art, no one could Pick the I/*ck or o|»cn the Mo. The undeniable evidence of the superiority of the ?afes Manufactured hy the subscriber fa known aud acknowledged hy a discriminating public, who are assured that all Safes made and sold by him, or hi* authorized agents, (none genuine except they have 1 hU name ou a metal plate,) will be found equal or superior to any of the many which have passed through the Urey ordeal, preserving the contents un injured, as published and noticed by the press here tofore In the burning of the Tribune building, the • real fires in New York aud Fag Harbor in 1846, at ..’ew Orleans in 1842, at Tallahassee in 1843, at Prov- i idcnce In 1846, at Auilaloand New York City in 1847, ! at St. I/iuis, Albany. Hlatfaburg and Detroit in 1848, § trl it * a HEALTH AND PURITY. BRIGHAM, KK1.LV 4 Q* MISH BLilKAV'i— U NITED State*, Canada and Cuba. Schwegler’s Huti/ry of PhKotoj by n. j„ translated by Seeyle. ’ ' Prescott’* Philip 2d of Spain, new . u pnh j r . , Calfau.ll., Clotb. ""’““I Napoleon’s Confidential Correspondence t*;»k , brother Joseph. “ DavauV History of thetjuwL'* of th* Hanover—2 vofa. |7*ihe Allarhi iu Madrid. Romance of the liaroui, by M>- p 4 ;j ue Rachel Gray, by Julia Kavanaujfi. Earnest IJnafoxd, by Mr*. !>-•• Il*nu. i «*ar 3 W. 1H0HNK WII.I.lAil.v saoimoa ( kjojj jmfaat.v linjj pajip jo suisfaH Vo* taro nuuiQ take this oti|>' 1 timity to express to bis friend- and u„. orally, hi* sincere thanks for their liber.,; uaii„L and influence, which has resulted iuexti u U u- trade to all jart* of the .State, a Do, Uro.n,» Florida, Alabama an-1 Tennessee, thereby eaib'a, him to exhibit a'sh/ck unsurpas*ed m anv S»utheru _ _ __! must state distinctly tho price for :li proposal - , ... ... 1 the entire ration will be furnished ou board Each „ which l _ the great fires at Ft. 1/iuis, at Milan, Ohio, and the j each light-vessel respectively jrcat burning at New Orleans In 1842, the great fires The pro|»osaLs for supplying fuel, both coal und n California, at Chicago and Syracuse in 1850, and wood, must state distinctly the price per tiro ami at the St. Charles Hotel, New Orleans, iu 1851. great cord, and tho kind and quality of each, to be deliver- fires In 1862 ut New York, Philadelphia, Chcraw, S. . ed on board of each light-vessel rosj*ectively. G\, Montreal, Canada, St. I/>ufa and Ogdensburg, and One bidder may otter for ull the rations aud fuel many others. required for all tho light vessels in this district, or The metal portion of those Safes consists of the 1 for one or more of the vessels separately, at Ins own stoutest and toughest wrought bar and plate iron, option. The kind and quantity of fuel will be deter- and the space between tlie outer and Inner surfaces 1 mined ujmui, aud tho contractor informed accord- fa filled with a chemical preparation, which is the : mgiy. in advance of the time for makiug the quar- most fierfect non-conductor of heat yet discovered, mrly deliveries of ratious on hoard of the respective and which cannot be effected or fjenetrate by Are.— fight-vessels. Thfa fact has been established beyond question by *• HeimboiilN Highly Concentrated Com- pound P’luld Extract Snr-uipnrlllu. T U.*?T HECLIVED.—'JO l/OXw .ShouideN For purifying the Blu-.rt. removing all dDex-es an ; piiine article. 20 t;- rc-«- .hc-ir« v, UlJ . siugiroui esce?s of Mercury, exposure aud im-; Hum.*. In rtoro. ai.d for -a'.e by- prudence in life, chronic constitutional diseases, j mar 21; WaYNE. GRIN'VIUJ arfaing tr* in an impure -tateof Biood, and the j rfavv i’Wiii* f-niti uiiT'T cUl-I- uulcntcuul ki,u»-» remwl,- fur ,Le \ Wa-gVl.ygfi* j* 0l -fa*»fa-IU O cor** ..I s-cftita, sail ■ m. Scold Hca.'l, Hcer-! J-\(«.«*. !»<»««*»*. *>o>- «|WI. uliotia ..f the llir.iat and l.<s, l-aio- ai.d Swaliiniri ( lBf “* “ 1 u a Bui ' ' k .. . of the B'-I.e-S. Tetter. Piinpk's on- the Face, and all ; * .** _n 1 ,KR k k NoKRjj. Scaly Eruption* of the Skin. CARPET AND UPHOLSTERY It faVratlfyiug to the proprietor <»t these inedfi ine.- ’ WAREHOUSE, to be able to*state tliat it fa now nearly tliree years ■ 140 Gangrta and 57 St. Julian Strtrii since they were flr.*t introduced, during which time \ rilHE UNDERSIGNED would take thiiopi,-,.. they have been extensively u-ed in various part3 of | JL tunitv to einre.-* i*. hi* ft*»n.u «.. » .. " the United Mate*, and have givVu to patient and * general! practitioner the highest degree of ? a\fafu« tion in the various case.* in which they have been employed ; • whetlier in town, country, hospital or private prac tice. they have invariably given the most decided and unequivocal .satisfaction, und pro-lui -vl the most salutary uud beneficial effects. Numerous letters'. Families, Merchants. Hotel Keepers, and m-„ u have been received from the must distinguished boat Owner.* are particularly invited to examine th physicians in the country, and trom the professors ; present stuck, which u n*w complete iirati u of several medical colleges, recommending iu the various deparurents, consisting in part ofthefui;.,# . highest term* the value of these medicine-, and ing goods, viz : their FUjieriority over all other preju rations fur CARP El l)EPA 11TMEXT. such complaints it* the proprietor recommends. Royal Me«lalio;i ; Numerous prejiarations of eursu)*arilla and of Buchu Royal Velvet, and various modes of preparing tiu-tn have been Mocet Wilton, given, all of which of course will diift-r according to the mode oi pi e|Hira*.iou which each it/ iivirtual may adopt. These medicines require cousld.-rahlo care iu the preparation and the employment of different men strua in successive »q•oration to lake up the extrac tive matters, an<1. In consequence, are most fre quently improperly made, und not unfrequently much imiairfd. II not rendered totally inert, by the Satin de I>i; injudicious and unskilful tnnnagemem of thu*e un«c- Satin aud Silk Dama.ik, quainted with pharmaceutical pri-]«iratioiis. It fa theretorc of tho highest ron-iderution uiid itu|*ort- uuce to the public and to thu. laeulty that there city. Fa Mo- .el Brussels. Tajiestry Ilrussefa, Rower i/mm Brus*e Three ply Ingram, Two ply Ingrain, Wool In' English Drugget?, (of v , rious widths.) Mosaic Hearth r.ugs. Velvet and Chenille k<u. Tulte-I Hugs. Diatiu aurt table Cover*, I k - >r Mat- (every variety.) Silver k Brass rtair Km Carjvt- Binding.*. 4c. ' V 7 t'P I* hi I. 1 litUf. by agreomeui for the purjioseof comictition, It* fire proof pro|N.-rtie» have proved immeasurably superior to those of any (so called) fire-proof Safe ever iimuu factored. By The contractor will be required to enter into bond with approved security for the faithful execution of mode of extracting the virtues of tin and tho Buchu. and to discover the au Imnrovciiient upon the original Salamauder, j Board, introduced by the present owner ol Hie patenbright, j The c< the contract; aud no bid will be accepted or contract j for m ,r tl cir oxl it n •& • expenineUfa liav* jMc-rcd into, until approved by titn light Home ; ®“til It!!™b!y, ^ „l,.u e contractor will he i i „ . , , i ure 1 now Offer to the public and the faeul SUSlfc?® JSfc i CompourtU Fluid Bnncu, wldcl. vouuiu all 1 ulty ui.v tinTm'ltV 1 .,. ^ or ’ on ,0 * r ‘, “! 1 fromiu a highly concentrated form, and are th.- must rM!rtna ,l V r l r Ur i r, » u “ ac( -' 0111 ^ i active preparations which ran b<- mude. Iwo u “i ,,uro *°. ,,eliv .. er ral, . on3 . or fuel lime > " Ultuf btosiXHmstnlof the Kxtrart HaV.^apardl: . book*, pa|x-rti and Jewelry might bo preserved in one of hia wife* for a century without contracting a blemish from mould or milldew. To guard against counterfeit* every Sale from the manufactory of the subscriber, and sold by him or bis agent*, nos a brats plate iu front, bearing bis name; each is also furnished with one of his Im proved Thit-r Detecting I/xiks, which fa a good guar antee against robbery. ~ C. IIEHR.NG 4c CD., I chargeable to the contractor. No member of Congress, lightkeojter. »upei intern dent or inspector of lights, nor any per-on connect ed with tho Light-house establishment, will he al- • lowed to contract for or deliver rations lor the crew, i or fuel of a light-vessel, uur to be interested in such contract. Nos. 135,137 and 139 Water-si., N. Y. i No contractor, superintendent, or Inspector will Agents in Havaunuh, Me«rs. BELL k PRENTISS, • be allowed to change tho parts of the rut ion. nor the who keep constantly on hand a full and complete times that muy be determined upon tor the delivery, assortment, which they will sell at Manufacturers' without authority of the Board. prices. sept‘28 ' All the articles constituting the ration for the crew l/JC'AL EVIDENCE OF THE VALUE AND FiKK- , of light-vessels will be examined; and their quality wtoor Qt'sunm ok : approved hy thesuiierlntcndent, or tho inspector of WILDEK’H 8ALA9LVKDER SAFKM, j the district, or hy such other person us umy be as- A< Manofaduml by Stmrm </; Marvin, A>w York, signed to perform that duty ;aud no hills will he In the fir..- of the 3d paid tor ratious aud fuel which are not accompanied ilM., which con*iim* by receipts duly signed by the lusjM-clive light-ves- ed the brick buildiug ; -ml keepers for the different articles constituting the occupied by Mr. Jno. rations tor the crow for each quarter, and sejwrote ~ — * receipts tor the kind and quantity of fuel delivered on hoard of each light-vessel. No bid which is not properly sealed aud endorsed will be considered, and no bids will he received or allowed to be withdrawn after tho expiration of the time specified lu the advertisement for receiving them. bids submitted by different members of the same firm or co-partnership will net he considered. All bids will bo publicly opened and registered at the timo specified in the advertisement. Tho right to reject all bids if the interest of thu public sorvice require it. Is reservod By order or the Light-house Board : JOHN BOSTON, Superintendent Lights. my 11 T. Thomas, i>p|to.dtc the Gas Work.*, iu this city, was a safe ot the above descriptions containing the book*. pajK-rs. and money of Mr. Thomas, and although the building was Uetroycd, the said Safo austataod no Injury Wnatover from the Intense heat to which it had been exposed. On ojien- lug the Safe, tbo content* were found undisturbed, and in the same order and condition as when placed there, except a slight discoloration to tho prqjocting ends of a few papers, and the backs of one or two of the books, caused by the steam generated iu the Safe, while at its greatest beat. The Safe and contents, as it carno from the ruins, may still bo soon, in tho possession of Mr. Thomas, at the Gas Works. A largo assortment or these cele brated Safes always on hand,and for sale by C. H. CAMPFIELP, Agent for tho Manufacturers. July 20, 1866 171 Bay-st., Savannah, (la. 1 take pleasure in corroborating tho foregoing state ment, and In addition would add, that the books arc now in use. J. T. THOMAS. Wood Yard, Ferry Wharf. July 20th, 1856. octU—If TSYiStt ASlMtESOVATESf ESTABLISHMENT, 73 YORK STREET, NEAR TUB COURT HOUSB, SAVANNAH, GA., EHtabilflliMl In 1339. mHE Subscriber grateful to his friends and 1 patrons for their continual favors, would stale that In addition to the Improvements In DYING, an quired by him during Ills last visit to England aud Scotland, has roado arrangements tor extending his business, by which ho Is now enabled to dye a greater variety of colors on silk and woolen dresses, shawls, Ac., which ho trusts will generally please all who may favor him with their patronage. Gentlemen's garments dyed, cleauud or renovated as may ho required, iu the same superior style which has generally so much pleased Ills patrons uud frieuds. Table Covers, and Lidies’ Crapo Shawls, Ac., cleaned and flulshed iu tho first style. Ladies’ Bonnets dyed, bleached and pressed in the most fashionable styles. Orders from tho country promptly attended to. Torms moderate. Whon parcels aru sent hy steamboats or railroad, word should bo sent him by loiter through the post office, so that ho may know whore to cull for them, men 10 ALEXANDER GALLOWAY. . J. K. UK FORD," APOTHECARIES HALL. S. fl. Corner of Broughton and Barnard Streets. Snvan- __ uah Ga., Wholesale uud retail Dealers In Drugs, Modiclnos and Chemical*, Dye WoodiTuml Dye Stull's, French, I’jiglish, und American Perfum ery, Fine Toilet uml Shaving Soaps, Combs und Brushes of every description, Surgical and Dental Instruments. Trusses uud Supporters of all kinds, Hplcos, Snulls, Manufactured Tobacco, All tho Putent or Proprietary Medicines or tho day, Superior Inks, Puro Wines and Brandies for Medicinal puriioses, Extracts for Flavoring, Toilet and Fancy Articles, Ac. j$3* N. B.—Especial attention given to tho preparation of Physicians’ Prescriptions and Family Rocipos. Ship; Family and Travelling Medicine Cases, With plain Directions for two, including Directions for treatment In cases of poisoning, Drowning, Ac. *P7 iy m J- qalo by UUNDillES— k5 26 bills Sugi WEBSTER 8 PALMES- Salmon, Lobsters nm] Sardines, "ivir Jnn 2 a it*in * I’ll „ nMmait-~Cari Starlinoftxm Uroad St. y®»yy R«“ Ufa way toUordonavlllu. WHEN tho Potomac la closed with lec thin " * route may ho relied ou hy passengers, to en. suro tlm connection going North or South. Tho road Is entirely retold with a superior T rail as far as Gordonsvill*'. During tho whiter tho tralu will start •rani me old Htntlon, in Klchmoud, on Broad stroot, at 7.*4 .ui.. piiHsGord'insvillo at 11 a undorrlvo in Hlnuiiton nl J J5 r m. Down train leuvos Staun ton nl (l 40 a m, passes (lordonsvilln at 11 a m. uud arrive III Rlcliiuond at 2.301- u. Faro to Gordonsville $2 «o “ “ ft (10 llotli trains arrive iu Gordonsvillo In ample timo lo tukotlm train ol tho Grunge mid Alexandria Hull* road. Parsons wIm towo Illuhmond ut 7« a jj ., can lake tlio Ui ango and Aloxnndrla ours at Gordons, villo IT limy choose to do so, mid hy that Inuln will rtiucli Alexandria liy 3.40 I'M., but tills company can ticket tlmiii only to Gordoimvlllo. oo 17 If II. I). WHITCOMB, Supt. KX iuid fiir sale hy J. W. TURKUfKLD, rnaylfi OongrcM aud Wblthakor streets. 26 bids Sugar Criickors—frosh, 20 “ Butler “ “ 16 “ Soda Hiscidt 26 boxes “ *• •• 2ft hhls No. I Sugar, 60 “A, B und U Sugar, Received Mid for Wi|« by McMAIIGN k DOYLE, my!7 Nos. 205 and 207 Ray st. I > A PER HANGINGS AND HOHDEHS.- Just received u groat assortment of tho most elegant pultot'iiK, with borders lo mutch, lYoni 8 contH to $2, ot UI IA K1WK k CO. ’S, apr.'IO No. 6 Whitaker Btreet. JUST llKOEIVED. . PER STEAMER, an assortment of MIhhos and Children’s Plain Straws,, Ijidios* NKUI'ULITAN BONN(TIB, IN- FACTS’ HAW and FLATS. Also a few HATS. For huIo by MRS. FREELAND, may 17 Ilroughton slroel. ISLE THREAD GAUNTLETS—-The" oilly article of thu kind lu tho city. For sale by J. W. TIIKELKKI.D, mar27 corner of Congress and Whitaker sts. AVANA HEUAItS—:ut,IIIIIJ ul.olco Havana Segars—Conchas, fzi Esmeralda, Kl Crysol, Kxcefaors, Rio Hondo, t'aidalu Alchorn, l/i Idol, Jomi Smith, and various oilier brands, Imported di rect by mu, and for sale at the lowest cnsli prices, may 19 J. A. BROWN. A PPLE9 & POTATOES- - 10 bbls Choice Mercer Potatoos; 26 For calc hy nrnyiv Russdtt Apples. J. A, BROWN. FRENCH MILLINERY AM) Dress Makiug. MRS. FREELAND has open ed at her Rooms, No. 17 Broughton Street, a fine scloc. ■ *■ *ri tion of Spring MUinery, and is ✓ / » constantly receiving per steam ers, new and different styles of Bonnots; also, Dress and Mantilla patterns. 49* Bonnets cleaned and pressod as usual. aprlO KEDZIK’H^ATENT'IVATRlt FILTER An assortment of sizes on hand. We warrant them to make tho Savannah River Water, even though dipped directly out of the River, as pure and clear as tho finest Spring Water. About forty ofthese Filters are now in use iu this city, and every person who has them, will cheerfully testify to their efficiency. Indeed, tho Board or Wntcr Commissioners hero, say lu thoir Report, It fa the only Filter that does effectual ly purify tho Savanuah River Water. Call and seo one In operation at our Houso Fur- nisliiugandStovocfltablismont.IIodgsou’snowblouk. KENNEDY It BEACH, ) 27 Corner of Broughton mid Rnll sts. ICE PITCHERS. * DOUBLE Wntcr PI tellers, Some new and beautiful designs, Plated and Brita- uia. At the Hjusc Furnishing £ Store, 166 BROUGHTON STREET, HORACE MORSE. Savannah, April30. apr80 PATE NTAm-TIGHT SELF-SEALING CANS AND JAES, For Preserving fruits. TOMATOES, Arc. Full olroetionH for preserving accompany each Cun. For sale at manufacturer’s prices hy the Agent, *w« IIOR’CE MORSE, 116 Broughton street. uiay2i) TO WOOL SELLERS. Wax, Door Skins, nud Country Produco in goneral, Tho highest cash prices will bo paid fbralltho above artlclu.* on delivery „ln Savannah. Mr. L. .1. GU1L MARTIN lias boon appointed as Agent, to whom all persons having busiuoss transactions with tho tin- dorsigned may apply. J. W. .SMYTHE k CO. .Savuniiuli, May 19,1866. mny20 PIANOFORTES. ’ HAVING lately rocclvcd large ad- ditioiis to our PIANO FORTES, wo are onablod to offor at thfa timo Urn 'greatest variety from tho best innnu- fticturora, IVoin tho plainost square to tho most elab orately curvod, aud from six to sovou octavos. Our Plauo* nro soloetod from the manufacturers wlmm we have toll confidence in, aud we aro par ticularly requested hy them to give a guaranty with ovory instrument sold by us an regards durability, tone, ftic. Persons in wuut of a first ruto Instrument may ro ly with safety upou gottlng such a one by selecting Irorn tho following makers, whoso Instrument* wo endoavnr to keep constantly on hand, vix : U. Wor cester, J. Chickering k Son. Nunns A Clarke, Baoou A Ravens, II. Waters, and Haines, Brothers A Gum ming. I. W. MORRELL A 00. aug 27 JjIUNDY, UIN.WHJSKV ANU hLjl^irMto uh*, .fiiioAm onu nva—rur (m.,20) WliLUMa k RATCLIFF. ailded to a pint ol water, to equal to the Lirtion di*-t drink, und one bottle fully equals in Mr»-ugth one gallon of Syr up Sarsaparilla or deroctlou as usually made. PRICES: Fluid Extract Buchu, il per bottle, or loi $5 “ “ Sarsajvuilto * Certificates of cure.* aud recommendation.-: from distinguished profe-sors and physicians will a room I may each prepurution. Prepared uml sold by H. T. HFJJIBOIJi. Practical and Analytical Chemist, 203, Cliesluut-.'t.. near the Girard House Pinto. To be hud of DruggfaU and iJculers m every auc tion of tho United Stutes and Cauadas. rrr- AU letter.* for the medicine directed to the propri- r | etor receive itnmediute attemion, and *afe deliveries *** gnaranteeiL septl—ly-dtw CVRTA1.V .1SD L I •JiOj.MER YDU‘A HUES l Broeatelii->, lace an i Muslin Curum,. Gilt Cornices, Gilt Pins and Bands, Worsted and Cotton r*3ma.-k. Ta*.-rL-. Cords; Velvet and Plush of various colors; WinJo* Shades, new style. Also, every variety of Furniture Covering. Trim mings and materials for decorating. FLOOR OIL CLOWS. From two to Twenty-tour fret wide, tor Halls am Rooms, cut to fit without u seam. Tlie subscriber will oblige himself to make to? prices ou all descrij-tiou of goods as low as thesau:- quality can be purchased in any Northern city. Carpets cut to Room* aud goods seal lo rlj- part of the city free of charge. tr An experienced Upholster willuttOLdtotos making ami layiug of Carets and Oil Cloths whju desired. The decorative and curtain department u n charge oi an Upholster--1 acknowledged lade an i skill. W. II. t.UIOX, Agent, octls 14<) Congress and 67 M. Julien-sti >e to- ’■ DU. SANFORD’S INVIGORATOR, I S a mild laxative, tonic nud stimulant,and is recommended to the public, telvmg uj-on iu it trinsic worth iu the cure of the following complaints All Billions Derangements, Sick Headache, Dyspep sia, Habitual Costiveness, Chronic Inarrbv, Colic - Pain in the Stomach and Bowels. General tolility Female Weakness, Ac. For sale oy Druggists get orally, ami by John. B Moore A Go. and Wm. ff- Lincoln, Savannah. Iy fel>V2 ♦ f TIMBER I TIMBER JJ HR UndeesigJied has just received, for sale (ton.) Five Hundred pieces oi gr<od sldpiin* Titnb.-i u\*?rugiiig over one thou.-and leit tostkk.| 9 feb JFiTElt-ON Hi iBEHR*. RHODES’ FEVER AND AGUE CLUE, Tj^OU preveutiun und cure of Intermittent and _T Remittent Fevers. Fever and Ague, Chi lie ana Fever, Dumb Ague. General Debility, Night Sweat*, and all other torms of disease which have a common origin lu Malaria or Miasma. This fa a uatural antidote which will outirely pro tect any resident or traveler even iu tbo most sickly ■ or swampy localities, from any Ague or Bilious dis-: ease whatever, or any injury Iroin constantly inhal ing Malaria or Miasma. It will instantly check the Ague In person- who havo suffered for any length of lime, from one day i to twenty years, so that they uoed never have an other chill, by continuing its use according to direc tions. The putieut at once begins to recover ap; e- ■ ■ tile and strongth, nud continues until a permanent „ and radical cure to effected. . RATES OF ADVERTISING. One or two bottles will answer for ordinary cases, 1 Fot on.- square, of300 ems or less, of any typci.t some may require more. Directions, prink-d in tho huger than Xouj^rcll. 76 cents tor the ilrstauuw German, French uud Spanish language- accompany cents for each subsequent insertion,for any Lineleu each bottle. Price One Dollar. liberal discounts made to the Bade. J. A. RIDDLE, Proprietor, Providence, R I. M AUvUHEL.liERlUNG, .SALMON, &(:- 2 bids large No 1 Mackerel. do do No 3 do Ii do do No 2 do hud bbls l’.luoFUh, i 2 do fackled Herring. « do No 1 Saliuou, 6 quarter bbls No 1 Mackerct, It* kits No 1 Mackerel, lu do No 2 do 6 kits Tongues and Sounds, . 100A lbs Cod Fish. For sale iow by JaiiSC J. A. BK0WN. EVIDENCE OF SAFETY. New York, Juue 11, 1865. ihare made a chemical examination of •• Rhodes’ than nue month. All Tabular work, with or without Rules: mi*IA4 vertisoinonts iv.cupying double column, Bail U charged double the above rates. Advertisements of whatever length, tor any Uur less thau c-ne month, to he charged at transient rates. No. ol Squares Hi.-! m mos 3mos|4mos|6mos|l2Di* 1 t'quare $lo 16 $20 $24 $30 $40 2 Squares... 16 22 26 28 36 &o 3 .10 ... 20 27 32 36 44 N •1 24 32 38 42 62 fa 5 do .... 27 36 44 46 60 80 30 40 60 64 CO 90 7 An 32 13 54 6S TO lOw S do .... 34 46 68 62 T4 no 0 do .... 30 4S 61 66 77 Hi It* do .... 38 50 64 70 SO 126 or have 1 fouud any substance in its coiujKisi- that would prove Injurious to the constitution JAMES R. CHILTON, M. b , Chemist CAUTION T'. v SUFFERERS. 4 cno more Arsenic, Tvu.. j, Morcurv, (jtimmo, o luges, Strychnine, or Anti-I’rodics oVany kind. Tno well-known inefficiency of these uoxious ikd-uii* prove them to be the offspring cither ot false medical' principles, or of mercenary quacks. Tlie onlv rem edy in existence that fa both sure and harmless to RHODES’ FEVER AND AGUE CURE. Wholesale Agents, 1 HAVILAND, RISLEY k CO., Augiibla, Gu., and for a by dealers generally. i-2f JOHN B. MOORE & L’O., GIBBON’S BUILDINGS, SAVANNAH., Ga. WHOLESALES. RETAIL U RUG GISTS. Would cull the utte-“ou of Merchants, Factor.*, Planters, Physicians uml others, to thoir ex- tensive and well selected stock, comprising every article In their line of business, and which they offer tor sale on tho most reasonable terms for cash, : or approved credit, viz; PALMS, VARNISHES, GlASS, \C.. While Lead. PnruniidXo. 1 ; Ticmun's Col.-rs, dry and iu oil; Japan. Copul, und Couch Varnishes ; Linseed Oil, Spirits Turpentine, Whitlow Glass, Put : ty, Gold Leaf, Paint Ilrushes, Sash Tools,'ami Gla* I • , . - . siere’BDiamouds. ' I contract, hut to he charged at the rntcsprcscribei- LAMP, MACHINERY AND TANNERS'OIL-'. per square. Bleached Sperm, Whale ami 1 jtrd Otis, for huruing : Tie* |«*|ht. under no circumstances, to bo iucluJ all descriptions of Oil for machinery, viz., Pufrutoi I cd iu a contract. Unbleached Sperm, Lard and Rape Seed ud ; al-o ! Profess Iona and .usinesa cards not exceeding 5 Tauuors,’ Neats, Foot and Sweet Od. " 1,11,0 m.-erted at >-0 per annum. GROCERS’ ART1CI.FS. For any time not above specified, a proportion* , charge will be made. A deduction of 26 per cent front the above ran* l will be made ou advertisement.* appearing exclu L sively ou the fourth page of the daily. Advertisement* ordered three times a week, *«• be charged two-tliirds the above rales. Special notices, 10 cent* per lino for the first, 6 cents tor each subseqeiil insertion, uud in no cast to be subject to contract. Marriage notices $1. F u . nernl invitutions 60 cento each. No special uottc«* Inserted tor less than 60 cent*. Obituary Notice*. Report*. Rosolutiotis. or IToceeJings of any Society. . Association, or Corporation, ordered to be publish ed, 6 cent* per line. Steamboats will bo advertised at $40 per auuum for each boat advertised. Steamships, where butoue fa rutiuing, $40 per an ‘?1 num: if two or more, $30 each. Aia tionooi s'advertisenicnta not to he subject to j Nutmegs, Mace, Alspice, Cinnamon, Peppoi. Ginger, Mustard, Saleratus, Soda, Pear lash. Sweet (hi. Starch, Fig Bluo, Matches, ko. FOR PHYSICIANS. A great variety of tlm best French, Eughsli, and Americau Chemical.*, Pharmaceutical Preparations, Select powders, Surgical Instruments, Vials Specie Jars. Motalic Saddle bags, &c. Also, CAMPHKNE AND BURNING FI.ITD. Any ouo who may favor them with their orders may dejH'Uil ujiou their receiving the host attention, and that all goods furnished will be of a reliable quality. Should they uot give entire satisfaction, they umy be returned ut tlie option of tlm purchaser. malt lo tl C OHN AND COHN AlfcJAL.-—1000 bint prime Corn, While and mixed; 60 do fresh Coru Meal n store and for sale hy don Ml PATTEN HUTTOS’ to CO Tikad f-u EAi> n-uis ad m That Is, if you can see; and ■ if you cuu’t see, you can flml^f^F A all kinds of “helps to see,” ul tho Walcli aud Jewelry Btoro of D. R. Nichols & Co., In Congress atroet, next door to tlie corner of Whitaker, where you cau purchase Watches, Jewelry, Silver Ware, aud Fancy Goods, as low as ut any other store in tho country. Wo have received per steamship Alabama a fresh lot of those Him Stool Spectacles ; also, a supply of Pebble and Perlsooplc Urns, which wo are propaYod tofft tu ull kinds of frames, ut shot) notice. Our Perlscoplc Isms (so called from llteir peculiar shape) havo an advantage over all others, as they havo a greator range or focus, so that the render is not compelled to hold Ihe book or paper al a certain distance Rom tho eye. Call and see. 1). B. NICHOLS .V CO. RST No charge for showing goods, mar 11 |>. R. N. ,v co. T>OFB—700 culls Hope, various brands, all Xi of good quality, in store aud tor sale by apr29 BRIGHAM, KELLY A- CO. PERIODICALS. P UTNAM’S Monthly Magazine for May. Frank Lesllo’a Gazette of Factious for May. Blackwood’s Edinburgh Rovlow tor April. Received aud Tor sale by WARNOCK At DAY Id, tnaylO 169 Congress street. 1 9^\ HBLS. FLOUH in store anil for sale 1^0 by may7 CRANK, WELLS k CO. c°s ■In itore and for salo by L0GKKTT&UNKU IN G8. Call* mi persons to become cumiidate.*, will fa : m.-erte.l as other advertisements, to he paid ter in variably in advance. Announcing candidates tor office, $10, to be p.vl . iu advance. ; Advertisements not marked ou tlm copy tors specified time, will ho Inserted until forbid, aud payment exacted. When any hill tov two mouths advertising, ether : than contract, amounts to over $60, a deduction oi | 26 percent will be made, : Yearly advertising, with privilege of change «‘ !l be taken nl the following rates : For one square, renewable once a week, $46 | “ “ twice “ » •• “ “ 3 times or oltenor *0 J Every additional square contracted tor to bocltar|- ed one lialf the above rates additional. Yearly advertisers shall ho limited lo the spar* contracted tor. All contracts shall be iu writing. . stating definite!) tlie nature of tlie business to fa advertised. Any advertisements not properly res nested with the business shall be chargedseparafa Iy, und also any excess or mutter over the autouw contracted tor. . Contract advmtfaoiuonts payable quarterly; “d- vert Dements from strangers and transient person*- payable in advance. All others will be cotwMeW" due when called for. Regular advertisers tuul all others sending row municuliotis nr requiring uot Ices designed lo csillai- teiitiou ttiliiirs, concerts, soirees, or uny public «®* tertaimuents, whero charges aro muue tor adttw t at ice—all tmtiees of private associations, every fa* tico designed to call atteiittou to private enterprm* caUmhtled or luteiuled to promoto ImHvUUuu icK- rests, can only ho Inserted with tlie uudersUtmiwf that tlm sumo is to bo mild tor. If Inserted in editorial column (which cun be only at the discre tion of the editors) tho saiuo will Im charged at m» p rate of not less than 20 cents per Hue. .. Advertisements ordered In tho Weekly paper.? per square for each Insertion. . „ , Tho uudorsigned, pubitolmrs of Dally, TtI-wwm) and Weekly imwsiwpers in Eavaiiuah. Ga., P w*, oiirsolves strictly to ndhuro to tho above bi' 1 charges, and in tto instance to deviate therefrom. Tho above rates to toko effbet March 1, loftiS to voutluuo blutllug, until chaugod by the votoo* ui Gorily of Urn undersigned. N. B.—*Tills schedule shall nut in any way eject the integrity of oxlsting contracts. All contract* 1 '* the year or any other specified time, shall ouly cow* with tho oxpiratlon or the period tor which tuey woremtade, Al-KXAXnKK At Sxkkd, JltptlModH. Tbomfsox At Wrrairaioir, Morning Htm. 8. B. UiLvu, * Oo., GmyfcM k Jtuml.