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CB0BC1AN A JOURNAL THURSDAY, Two O’clock, P. SI. Dally, Trl-Wcckly .ltd Weekly. Offloikl Paper of th» City mdConnty, ITb.hilt PROPRIETORS AND PUBI.181IKR8. K. B. HUTOlt, Bailor. ■. P. HAMILTON, - - Aaslat.nt Kdllor. Trl-W»»kly Paper m u 3,00 Weakly Paper tingle Copy 3,00 “ « Plre » H,00 “ “ Blent •< 10,00 U M Tan *4 19,00 (To on* (HXdreaa)Twentyr u 90,00 When not paid In advance the chargo tor the Polly will be 96, and tor the Trl-Weokly $4. The Weekly will bo sent only to thoso who payln advance. The paper will invariably bo discontinued upon the expiration ortho time for whioh It has boon MONDAY, Two O’elotok, P. M. BY TELEGRAPH. New York Market., Junk 28 .-The Cotton market te firm. Sales today, 800 bales. Flour has adranced ls„ and Wheat 2a3d. Indian Corn la active at an advance of 3d. , Washington Correspondence. Honor to Mra. Fremont—Order in the Senate— Movement by Mr. Crittenden—Apprehended Difficulty. Washington, June 20. When the thermometer verges closclyon to a handled, anything cool la refreshing, and ac cordingly ball with pleasure the incident at New York last night of a mob’s calling upon Mra. Fremont by the familiar name of “Jessie,” until the came forth and acknowledged the hon or thus conferred upon her I Ur. Stuart's praiseworthy effort to institute nits in . the Senate forbidding personal allu- aiona and confining Senators strictly to the sub ject formally before them, was supported by that gentleman, and opposed by Messrs. Crit tenden, Butler and Hall, who did not wish to disturb or make any avoidable change in the existing rules, and some of whom thought a tolerable latitude was desirable. Mr. Crltteudon has introduced a resolution calling tor a legislative explanation of the Con stitution aa It relates to ihe succession of the Presidency and Vice Presidency upon the death of the Incumbents of those offices. It is cer tainly wise to have this settled be .ore the neces sity of its practical determination. The House has been rather unintereating to day in ita labors in regard to Territorial matters. For the nae of the words, “ Colonel Benton's Treachery,” by the edttorof the Union, William Carey Jones, in a published card, applied to tha editor of that journal epithets or the most In- suiting character, and accused him of endeav oring to defeat Mr.Bncbannan. What will come of this, Is a question of doubt to-day; but, as violence Is “the very erroi of the moon,” there lxPABTIAn. OSN. SCROflOS AND THE NOBTII AMERICANS. Buffalo, June 20 — General G. A. Scroggs pub lishes a letter in the Bnfihlo Commercial Aaver- tlier this afternoon, repudiating the action of tha North American Convention, and glvlngln hit adhesion to Fillmore and Donolson. • Later Prom Kansas,—St. Louie, June 27 Governor Shannon i aa arrived here foom Kan sas to meet his wife. He denies his reported Itslgoatlon^nd reports all quiet in the territory, A meeting wts held at Westport, Mo., Sunday, to denounce tho morder of Gay, the Indian ■not, and $700 was subscribed as a reward for toe apprehension of the murderer. The Gover nor of Missouri was also called on to ofTer a reward for bis capture. Mania fob Betting,-The Chester (England) Courant says:—We are credibly informed that aa large a sum as $30,000 has changed handnlln bets, on the Stock Exchange, upon the fate of Palmer. Kansas Emigrants ritox Onto.—A Kan sas recruiting station lias been opened in Cleve land, Ohio, Tor several weeks, and great efforts have been made to get up a company. The re mit of their endeavors, the Plsindealer states, is the enlistment of one man. He is now ready to start and the people ore ready to have him, From BsitMUDA--Dates from Bermuda are to tho 11th inst The Britieh sloop-of-war Malacca had lost four men by yellow fover. Admiral Fansliuwe was about to sail In his flag ship for Halifax. The war sloop Buzzard bad left for England ; and tho Araphion, thirty-two guns, had arrived out. An addition had been mnde to the army by reinforcemcnta from England American Bifres for England.—An order tor 25,000 American tides, with the Minnie Right and knob for the “lock bayonet,''is in ooiiree of execution nt tho extensive works at Windsor, vt., and is now probably half com pleted. Another order for 10,000 Shanie’s rifles, also on account of parties in England, is in course of fulffilineut at Colt’s factory in Hartford. The pioniis annually manufactured In France •re worth 10,000,000 franca. CoiigrcH.lonnl. Washington, June 27tli.—Semite. The Senate passed tho House bill author ising the establishment of the Southern boundary of Kansas, and the bill respec ting the harboring o( deserters, nnu to protect the public interest in regard to the enlistment and discharge of miuors. The announcement of the death of Hon. Thos. H. Bayly, of Virginia, a member of the House, was then made.— Messrs. Mason, Cans and Seward passed euiogiums on tho character of the do ceused; and after the adoption of the cus tomary resolutions of respect, the Senate tuijourued. House—The death of Hon. Thos. II. Bayly, of Va., was announced by Mr. Miilson, of Va., and euiogiums were passed by Messrs. Goode, of Vu.,Oobb of Go., and Campbell of Ohio. After tho customary resolutions of re spect, the House adjourned. COMHOBOHE SrOCETON’S LETTER OF ACCF.FTANCI. —Camden, IV, J., June 'll Commodore Stock- tons letter of acceptance of the recent nomi nation for tho Presidency, tendered him by the bolter. from tho anti Fillmore Convention, says he dues not intend to let tho Union slide if his body can stop the motion. Ho adds s “I uccept the nomination os a compliment to my inflexible American sentimoots, and tho American party can bo united on Fillmore on •neb a platform as I now occupy, I may be at liberty at any time hereafter lo withdraw my acceptance,” A Mormon Movement.—The Alton Courier of Wednesday says that four of the Mormon Eiders, Geo. A. Smith, Eras- tus Snow, Orson Pratt, and Ezra T. Bctt- son, reached that city on Tucsduy night by the steamar Reindeer. Tho two for mer passed on to Washington to present the constitution ol tho proposed State, Deseret. The two latter ure destined for Great Britain to take the superintendence Of Mormon affairs in that country. ns Ploiyuu LAl'HH FROM CALIFORNIA. Hxecwtton mt CaMjr and Corn. SUICIDE OF YANKEE SULLIVAN. Numerous Arrests by Vigilance Com mittee. IMMENSE EJLflJTEMENT. Nan Francisco Declared In a Stale of In surrection. Anticipated Collision between the Stale Authorities and Vigilance Committee- Tho U. 8. Mail steamer Granada, 8. P.Grif* fin, commanding, arrived at her wharf at 1 o’clock thlB morning. The news horn San Francisco is oi the most important and thrilling character. The list steamer brought us tho news of the re-organlza- tlon ortho Vigilance Committee, and that they had taken James P. Cssey and Charles Cora from the prison. We tako the following sum mary of tho subsequent proceedings from the Alta California I On the day following the departure of tho lad steamer, Ma, 22, die I'uueraf oi' Mr. King took place at the Unitarian Church, participat ed in by a dense multitude of citizens, and thousands from Sacramento and other cities or the interior. While the solemn obsequies were beiug performed, a different and more dreadful scene was enacted at the rooms of tho Vigilance Committee. The opportunity had been chosen to exccuto the murderers Casey and Cora, and this proceeding was completed before the crowd had time to assemble in its vastneas around the buildiug, from the windows of which hung the dead otfenders. Previous to tho fatal momeut of tho execu tion, the prisoners were offered an opportunity to speak to the people in the streets, when Ca sey addressed them for ten minutes, wildly af firming his innocence of the murder. Cora,made noeflbrt to speak, but stood unmoved when Ca sey was speaking. The execution took place at 20 minutes before 1 o'clock, and at 15 minutes last 2 the bodies were taken down and placed in charge of the Coroner. The funeral ot Mr. King was the most impos ing ceremony that ever occurred in the State. Every association and profession was represent ed, and every honest grade of society joined in the procession. For several days the committee devoted their time to endeavoring to eflbct the arrest of Ed ward McGowan, a notorious accomplice of Ca- , and who, aioug with him, had been indict- ror the murder of Mr. Kiug. Their efforts to bring him to justice—the scailbld—have not been successful, and it is probable that he left the country upon witnessing the fate of his confederate. The friends of Casey took his body,laid it in “state,” and followed it, to the number of four or- five hundred, to the grave. Ue had no relatives here, but leaves an aged mother, who resides in New York, Cora’s body was given to Belle Cora, who was married to him just before his execution, and on whose accouut he killed Gen. Richard- s quietly proceeded in its work iie conduct of certain leading son. The committee of inquiry into the characters who have had much to do with the management of elections. After close/yet quiet investigation, it was determined that the well known Yaukee-Sullivan, and Charles P, Duane. Billy Mulligan, VVpoley Kearny, Martin Gallagher, William Carr, John Goouey and Edward Bulgar, should bo taken to the rooms of the committee. Their arrest was effected with out disturbance. Early on Friday morning, June the 1st, the city was stirred by the announcement that Yan kee Sullivan bad committed suicide the night before in his ceil at the rooms of the committee. This was tine. He had severed the brachia artery ofthe left arm with a knife which was taken to hfe cell with his food. His body was carried away by the coroner, an inquest held/ and he was buried without aty'display. The arrest of Sullivan caused^some wonderful de- ballot box Btu©r?g,'Which has fora long time enabled the roguesof this city to elect who ever i trust. the opponents of' w - avored to hold a “great mass meeting to denounce mob violence, and sustain law and order;” but the affair was a boisterous failure. On the Hd, the Governor issued the following proclamation : Exkctivk Depprtmknt, 1 Sacramento City Juue a, I860.) Whereas, satistactory information has boeu re ceived by mo that combinations to resist tbo exe cution ollognl process by force in the comity ofgau Francisco, in this State, and. tbut an unlawful or ganization, styling thumsolves tho Vigllacee Coin- miltoo, have resisted by force tho execution of criminal process, and that the powor of suid county hrsbeeti exhausto I, uud hus not been suincient to euulde tho shcriif ofs&ld county to exccuto such process: Now, therefore, I, j. Neely Johnson, Governor of tho State of California, by Ylrtuooftho power vested in me by the constitution aud laws thereof, do huroby declare tho said county of fan Francisco in a slate or insurrection, uud 1 hereby orj dor and direct ull of the Voluuteer MillUa Companies or tho county organ Francisco, also all porsons sub ject to tnllltury duty within said couuty, to roport themselves fur duty immediately to Major (iuueral Wtn.T. Sherman, commanding 2d dlvisiou California militia, to servo for such form in tho performance of military duty under the command of said Sher man until disbanded from service by his orders* Also tiiat ull volnuteer military comimnies now or ganized, or which may bo organized within tho third, fourth and filth military divisions of this Suito; also all persons subject to military duty in said military divisions lo hold themselves in rendi- ness to respond to ami obey the orders of tho Gov ernor of this Mate, or suid hlicrnmn, for the per formance of military duty iu such manner, aud at such time snd placo as nmy ho directed by the Governor of this State, I furthermore order and direct that all aseocia- tions, combinations or oiginizations whatsoever, ex isting in mid county of gun Francisco or elsewhere in this Stale, in opposition to, or vinLUon of, the laws thoreor, muro particularly tho association known as tho Vigilance Committee of h’an Fruucisco, dudisbund, aud each aud every individual thereof yiold obedieuco to tbo constitution and laws of the State, the writs and processes of the courts, aud nil legal orders of tho officers of this State, and of the county. [Signed] J. Neki.y Johnson. The Alta California, of tho oth, says: The Proclamation of the Governor, and the instructions of Gen. Bherraan, were laid before the community by the morning papers yester day, and the people read the documents with perfectostonishmeut. first because thoy were uncalled for: secondly, because of the impor tune time of issuing them ; and thirdly, on ac couut of their double meaniug and contra- dictoiy statements. There was little respect shown to the offioial document, and tho only effect it had upon good citizens was to drive them into the ranks oi the committee. The Vigilance Committee had three thousand men under arms, and the number was rapidly increasing, while several volunteer companies had disbauded. There was a strong feeling throughout the State in favor of the Vigilance Committee. It was feared that the Governor would call upon tho Federal forces to aid in sustaining his authority, and a collision in that event would ensure. On the 5th, the Vigilance Committee were energetically pursuing their investigations of the fraud and corruption so long practised with imi Jho health of Ban Francisco was good, and btisiuess only moderately active. Tito total coinuge at the Brauch Mint for the month of May, was$4,201,168. The very lato hour at which we have receiv- cn our tiles prevent our making further ex tracts. From Central America. By the steumship Granada we have no intel- ligcuco from Nicaragua, no boat having come down the river to Ban Juan from Granada for somo time. From Costa Rica we itavo intelligence that the cholera was prevailing oil through the coun try. Of 2,400 meu who had left to invade Nic aragua, but 400 had returned to their homes BAron Billow, Chief Engineer of the Republic, died of cholera on his return with the army from Nicaragua. Nothing is said of international dis>* turbances in Costa Rica. Pobthumous Honors.—Tho magiu- trutefl of Munich, Bavuria, itavo decreed that tho graves of Bennefelder, tho inven. tor of lithography, who died iu 1834, and of Gablesberger, tho inventor of steno- graphy, who died in 1849, shall,* from henceforth, be attended and kept with un usual care. Appeal of the Clergy of Richmond. At a meeting' of lhe Minister* of the Gospel In the city of Btohmond, convened on Thurs day, the loth Inst,, after public notice, the Rev. T. v.Mooro was called to the chair, and the Rev. George Woodhridge appointed secretary. The Rev. Dr. Smith, of Randolph Macon, be ing prevent, was ihvlted to assist iu their dellbe- The meeting was opened with prayer by the Rev. Mr. Woodhridge. The following add re* was then presented, and, after mature deliberation, was unanimous ly adopted. T. V. MOORE, Chairman. Geo. Woodoridge, Sco’ry. Brethren and Frllaw-Cxtiztne; The undersigned, Ministers of the Gospel, of dilfereut Christian denominations, in tho city of Richmond, do not think that we shall trauscend our proper sphere in addressing to you, respect fully and earnestly, a few conservative remarks oh the present alarming crisis in our National affairs. Our clerical profession, though It has restrain ed us from takeng an active part in political matters, has not quenched the ardor of onr pa triotism. Wo cherish, aa our invaluable birth right, the liberty, civil and religious, secured for us by the toil, valor and blood of our fathers. We aro fervently attached toonrnationaal Insti tutions, planned by the wisdom and consolidated by the conservative spirit of the Revolutionary patriots. We love our country—our whole coun try—our country with all its faults. We look upon the citizens of every State in the Union as our brethren. Of all the people on the face of tho earth, they have the greatest cause to be thankful and contented. The sun does not shine upon a nation so free, so prosperous, so favored, as ours. We deem it our solemn duty, as patriots aud Christians, to contribute in eve ry lawful method to the perpetuation of bless ings so numerous, so various and so rich. we have seen, with painful solicitude, the agitations which have marred the peace and threatened the stability of our Union. Sec tional jealousies and bitterness have, to a great degree, usurped the place or patriotism and brotherly love. Citizens pf the same country, descendants of the same race, inheritors of the same priceless privileges, guardians of the same beneficent institutions, are set in deadly hostility against each other. The spirit of violence, showing Itself in misrepresentation aud abuse, in the licentiousness of the tongue, and of tho press, in personal assaults, in sub ordination, and inarmed resistance to lawful authority, is rife and spreading in the country. The flames or civil war are kindling on our borders. As American citizens we are humbled, and us Christians we are deeply mortified and grieved at this state of things. We have seen that in various parts of the country meetings are called conventions are held speeches are delivered, resolutions are adopted, and all, or nearly all are designed to agitate, inflame, excite the worst passioaB of the human heuit aud add fuel to the flame that threatens to consume tho noble fabric of our Government. Wehuvc read no account of any meeting assembled for the patriotic and Christ ian purpose of allaying tho popular excitement, awakeuing the conservative spirit of the people and invoking the blessing of the Most High on our rulers aud on our nation. We believe that God reigus in righteousness over the jettons of the earth. His gracioitB aud controlling providence 1ms been eminently dis played hrthe history of our- beloved country. Our revolutionary fathers acknowledged the sovereignty of God, relied on his sustaining pow er, and sought, by fasting, humiliation and prayer, to deprecate His wrath and to secure His guidance and protection in the unequal struggle in which they were engaged. Nor did government hits been the admiration of the world and the hope of republican liberty. From the auspicious dawn of onr Republic to this hour. He has been the guide, defeuse and benefactor of our na tion. The perpetuity of our uatioual institutions and.the prosperity of our country depend on His blessing, and we humbly trust that He who watched over our national inf&noy aud has- nourished us to vigorous manhood, will not now forsake us. We are sure He will not, if by our natioual iniquities we do not forfeit Ha fat and provoke Hlawrath. • ., : We regard the law ol God as the fonndation of all human law, binding by its precepts all men of every sphere aud calling in life, and the standard by which all human actions should be judged; and we, therefore, earnestly deprecate all exasperating personalities, all asperity and intemperance of language, all resorts to physi cal force for redress, as contrary to the teach ing ol God’s word, and as derogatory to that elevated civilization of which that word Is the origin, tlie rule, aud tho safeguard. In view of these considerations, it seems good to ns to address a few words of exhortation to our fellow citizens. In the present circumstances, it is the obvious and imperative duty of all to cherish a patriotic, candid, kind and forbeear- ing spirit. Let us sedulou-ly avoid every word and deed which can tend to increase the pnblic excitement and irritatiou. Let us give no coun- tenonee to lawless violence, whether in low or high places. Let us seek, by every practica ble method,to strengthen and brighten the bond of fraternal union, which should embrace every citizen of our 1 favored States and Territories. And above all, let Christians fervently pray to the Father of Light for HIh blessings on onr rulers—that they may be wise, firm, ooncilat- ing and patriotic—and for our people,that they may be peaceable, prosperous and nappy. We are called individually to self examination, the confession of our ulna, penitece, and a re formation of our lives—uud, by these methods, far more readily titan by fierce discussion, we may avert tho dangers which are impending over our beloved land. And now we entreat you, by very consideration of patriotism and piety—by the memory of our fathers—by the blood whicli purchased our liberties—by tue il lustrious deeds of Bunker Hill and Yorktown -••by the history of tho pass-by the millions, living and unborn, whose welfare depends on the preservation of our Union-and, especially, by our religious liberty, so happily secured, aud our religious prosperity so greatly increas* ed, under our excellent Government, to “fol low the things which make for peace.” In conclusion, we earnestly requestour fellow citizens to unite with us on the Sunday pre ceding tho Fourth of July next, in prayer, secret social and public, to the God of nations, that He would mercifully restrain the angry pas sions of men, inspire our rulers with a moderate and pacific spirit, disperse the clouds overhang ing our favored Republic, restore the harmony which once existed among the States of this Union, and enable us to transmit to our posteri ty, in their entireness, the inestimable privileges which wo have received from our ancestors. 21st hut, | baa the JpT continued and se county, on the Texas The Gslvestou Civilian, of! following: ">! We regret to have rlouH disturbances In _ and Louisiana border. \ The freo negroes, mulattos and whlto men, to too uuinberofforty, Willi thMherlff at thoir bond, who hud bbon ordered to leave the country; havo rofoaed to do so,and hav’e fortified themnolvos some tour miles above Ifadlauu.•* They urti reported to have a hundred guns, besides pistols and bowie kulves, and te bid deflauco<to their opponents. Parties in tho country are about equally divided. Almost every man Is armed, pad all are in contin ual apprehension from cnomlte. The high grass In the pralre affords hiding places everywhere ,and no man can loavo his homo with safety. Last Saturday Dr. Moors ami Burwoll Alexander, two mon who had been warned by tbo Regulators to leave the country, and refused, were shut by a party or twenty or thirty tnpn, at. Green’s Bluff. Tbo execution Is reported to us to have been delib erated. Tho proscribed class Is xaM te nearly equal the romsinder of tho citizens of tbo county Innumbor. A bloody battle is expected; and the result Is doubt ful, unless the whites are reluforcod from other counties. They luvo had promises oT assistance from Liberty and elsewhere. In tho meantime therols nb security for lifoor properly or any kind. Smith Jc Merrlmon keep their mill guarded night and day, and other por- sous aro in continual apprehension. Nothing bas been seen or the mullatto Ashworth, who murdered Deputy; but he Is believed to be lurking in tbo neighborhood, ir not with theparty in the fort. #?U is impossible for us to give a detailed or eor rcct history of tho events which have ended in tho present state ol' affairs. There may have been faults on buth sides. Rut there seems no doubt that tho Insolence and crimes ofthe free persons of mixed blood havo been, such os to be unendurable by the whites. It Is ovidont that both parties can not longer live In the same community. We aball oxpeot te hoar of bloody work by every mall, un til tbo Governor can ordor such a forco to the spot, from otbor counties; as will restore ordor, and sus tain tho laws. Tiir French And their Revolutions, —We have no national taste for. in constant and violent activity the saci right of insurrection. M. de Uemnsat re-, cognises such un inclination in Franco'. The revolutionary spirit there, he tells us, “is not the attachment of a Dutchman for the revolution of 1679; of an Englishman for the revolution of 1688, of an American for the revolution of 1776; of a French- man for the revolution of 1789.—It is a mere love' for endless revolution. This genius of perpetual agitation has only too violently shaken our country. What has failed ns is the constancy which attaches itself to acquired good, and which knows how to retain conquests effected. To dreum of every thing, jand to attempt everything, is the best way to lose every thing.—Henmsnt’s England in tlte 18th Century, Railroads in iNDiA^-Bailreads, upon a truly gigantic scale, are in courw of actual construe, tion in British Iudls, In fortbsrance of whioh the East India Company have loaned their credit. 1. The East India Railway, to Delhi, 300 miles; 300 miles under contract; 100 miles or more now open; and the whole is to be’com- B tried during the year I860. The East India ompany gurantyflve per cent, interest on their bonds to the extent of £4,000,000. 2 The Orest India Peninsular Hallway, from Bombay, 47 miles.opened for travel last year. Five jer cent, guaranteed on £1,000,000 by the East India Company. 3. The lladaa Railway, In terest guaranteed on £1,090,000. 4. The Seim de Hallway, 110 miles to Indus. 5. Central Iudla Hallway,to Ahmendabad, 103 miles. Five per cent interest guarranteed- The Russian Embassy hotel In Constantinople is being repaired for rroccupation. Savannah Market, June 30. COTTON—No transactions tills morning. AUGUSTA, JUNE 28.—The Cotton market exhib its no new feature. COLUMBIA, JUNE 28.—There was no change In tbo price or Cotton yesterday, and tbo market was qubit but steady, at tho quotations of Thursday, vis: 8)4 to 10)Io for inferior to fair, and choice a shade higher. CHARLESTON, JUNE 28—Tho sales of Cotton this morning amounted 512 bales, os follows: 11 at 11)4 6 at 11)4,128 at UN, 888 at 12. ATLANTA, JUNE 28.—Cotton—3 to 0)4 cents, and receipts very light. MOBLE, JUNE 26.—No transactions In Colton to report tootsy. WILMINGTON, JUNE28.—Tvarnxma-FarUier sales yesterday of 612 tibia at $2,76 for new and $1,84 for old vlrslo, <2,SO for yellow dip and 81,80 for hard, per 280 lbs. This morning 170 bbls taken at same price. Si'isiTs—No fhrthor sales yesterday. This morn ing 252 bbls changed hands at 84)4 cents per gal. liotix—Yesterday a sale of 500 bbls. commoo at $1,10 for largo size bbls. To-day nothing dono. Taii—Prices without change. Yestorday a sole of pIS bbls at $1,26 per bbl. Hav—Yesterday 270 bbls Northern made at 70c per 100 lbs. Savannah. THOS. S. WAYNE. C. K. GRENVILLE, R. ALEX WAYNEf TVS. SAMPLeT* jy.fetf. Savannah. Chattanooga. TYeFFerSo* Roberts; Port of Savannah., J. B. Jeter, R. B. C. Howell, J. L. Burrows, R. Ford, H. Watkins, J. B. Taylor, Pettigrew, J. K. Powers, E. P. Wilson, J. H. Royd, W. H. Storr, S. S.Muskland. T. H. Jones, J. D. Blackwell, W. A. Smith, M. D. Hoge, T. Y. Moore, L. P. Ledoux, C. H. Read, George Woodhridge, H. S. Kepler, H. B. Newman, J. Peterkin, .Gen. Cass on Rifle Religion.—General Casa, in a letter to a committee at Boston, who lmd invited him to attend the Buchanan ratifica tion meeting in that city, wrote : “Our nominees are worthy of our confidence, claims, Arrived. Bchr E Kidder, Horton, Now York—Hunter k Gaiumoll. Cleared, British ship Lady Pool, Moon, Plymouth—A Low k Go. Stcumcr St Johns, MoNclty, Palatka, kc—Clagliorn k Cunningham. Steamer William Seobrook, Peck, Charleston, Ac— J l* Brooks Departed. Sterner Win Seabrook, Peck, Charleston. Steamer St Johns, Freeborn, Palatka. memoranda* New York. Juno 2&—Cleared, W Kelly, Jackson-, ville; H Guild, Doboy Island; Sea Lark, Savouuah; Nurutiske, Jacksonville. Juno 26—Arrived, Canova, Darien; G LBuchanan Darien; Jacksonville BulUmoro, Juno 26—Arrived, 8 N Smith, Savan nah. Consignees, Por Bohr E Kidder, from New York—Huntor k Gemmoll, Brigham, Kelly k co, Bohn & Foster, J A Brown, Oohons k Hortz, M A Cohen. D D Copp, Crone, Weill k co, W G Dickson, W H Farrell. U A Greiner, Iron 8t(iamboat Company, Jenning Mining Company, MoKoo A Bennett, Ggdon, Starr k co, E Parsons k co. l'attou, Hutton & Co, Kabun k Smith, ltuso, Davis k Long, Hodgers, Norris k co, Wayno, Grenville fcco, A A SMomons, Wllllrms k KatulliL Way k Taylor, Wm Warner, Young, Wyatt k co, Yongo k Frierson, and order. and, besides their personal cla they are the representatives of that great party of Washing ton, and Jefferson, and Jackson, which knows no country but the whole country, and no peo ple but the whole American people; aud which believes that if every portion of the republio were left to manage its affairs iu its own way, without external interference, and if more charity and less virulence were exhibited—more of the Gospel of JesuB Christ and less of Sharpe’s rifles issued from the arsenals of some and fraternal regard would hoou return to cheer the land. DKCKASKD.—Tlie Countess Dowageer Am in America during the war of Independence. The Boston Post wants to know where Is Daniel Prntt, jr., the “great American traveller.’’ It thinks the republicans have slighted Mr. P. t for he is a greater traveller and explorer than Mr. Fremont, and ought not to have been passed by, and treated so gingerly. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. GEORGIA, CAMDEN CRUNTT. T WO MONTHS after dato, application will bo mado to the Honorablo Court or Ordinary for suia county, for icavo to sell tho real estate and the following uumod negroes : Peter, Jim and Bou; ono houso aud lot and two other lots; belonging to the citato of PrUcllla Thomas, deceased, for the benefit of the heirs and creditors. WILLIAM B. THOMAS, Ex’or. Jefibrsonton, Juno 10, 1856. junc20 GEORGIA, CAMDEN COUNTY. T WO MONTHS after date, application will bo made to tho Honorablo Court of Ordinary for said county, fur leave to sell tho following named nogrocs: Rose aud her three children, Ireno, Mi nis and Joe; bolougiug totheostatoof Louisa Tomp kins, deceased, for tho bonoflt or said heirs. WILLIAM B. THOMAS, Guardiau. Jefforsonton, Juuo 10, 1850. Juno 60 NOTICE. T IREE MONTHS alter date, application will bo mado to tho State Bank - or Goorgla, for pay ment of a twenty dollar bill, tho left hnnd hair of which has been lost. Juno 60 JOHN D. KENNEDY. Medway, Alabama, June 25, 1856. PRIVATE BOARDING. LARGE and nlcoly furnished room for a lady aud gentleman, or two gontloraon; also a nice room for a single gentleman, with hoard In a private family In a central part of the city. Inquire at tho Georgian k Journal office. Jua*SQ-6 ten. w. GREEN * BMC ATTORNEYS AT OCt26 TKOMA8TON, OA. 7 /V . JOHN BILBO/ Ordinary of Chatham^Cnutr, AND ATTORNEY AT LaWT^ Office in the Court House. mylfl ANTHONY McCTTlnLotf, 5r " ATTORNEY AT LAW, lavannah, Georgia, 49* Office oh Bay street, over the Bank of Savan nah. maylS R^ f/coEe kb HHffTtflsK FORWARDING AND COMMISSION CHANTS, Savannah. Qa., and Montgomery, Ala. F.T.Cout, I •H.F.Ooi*, Bay street, Savannah. | Commerce si, Montg’ry. Holooub, Johnson, It Co. I Cohens k Herts, Lockett k Snelllngs, I Edwin Parsons k Co., Robert A. Allen, J Scranton, Johnston k Co, SAVANNAH, GA. my!3 WEBB A SAGE, (auociBSOKB to oAxmox, wins k oo. IMPORTERS OF CHINA, GLASS, AND EARTHEN-WARE, 145 MKKTINO-BT. CHARLESTON, 8* Will supply Country Merchants with Goods In their line at as low rates as thoy can buy In New York, or elsewhere. sept 28 ly r. t. ogdxx. OGDEN, :. HTAKRjjr. B. B. ItAXOXB. , STARR At CO., vuvumvi'Ann « vu,, Shipping nod Commission Merchants, iAY-nrnuT.sArAinaH.Mib YONUm S frikBson, FORWARDING AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, MO. 04 SAY-RURe SAVANNAH, QA. apr4 AsMcALPINAj BSOVHSKi; Lumber, Mill and Brick Yards. sept 6 BATANHAH, OA. PATTKN, HUTTON Oi CO., FACTORS. Forwarding and Commission Merchants, Bay-itreet, Savannah, Oa, K L. COUWT. CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER, Jones Street, (one door East or Drayton Street.) Is prepared to contract for all kluds of buil(T~ - and ropolriug. Also to conduct water through the various ports of houses. ap 17 C DANE, WELLS * CO., FACTORS & COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Savannah, Ua. I. LOOtWIT. H. D. BNSLUNOS, LOCKETT 6i SNKLLING8, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, AND SHIPPING AGENTB, Savannah, Qa* Will attend to the selling of all kinds of produco. 8trict attention given to receiving and forwarding goods. may 31 ly Auction & Commission House, Macon. Ua. a. r. McLaughlin, Solicits from his friends consignments of overy doscripUon. Takes orders for Cotton. ■ Jtar special attention given to the sales of Real EBtato, Stocks and Negro property, at publte and private sales. Prompt retunu and ditpatek. Reference—C. A. L. LAMAR. inch 80 NE' -wm. McAllister. hhed on reasonable terms.. Orders res- Bpoctfully solicited. op.18 •* v. nvui «. a. uaiio. w. a. umu, RUSE,DAVIS* LONG, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, SAVANNAH, OA.. ' may 80 WAYNE, GIlENVUiLE * OO., u’iERCHANTS, GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANT, AND .DEALER IN Timber and Lumber. SAVANNAH, Oa. WELLS * WILLIAMS, DEALERS IN DOMESTIC, FOREIGN AND FANGY DRY GOODS. No, 149 Congreee*t., Savannah, Qa. JAS. T. WELLS, formerly of Boaufort Disk S. 0. THEOl’HILUS WILLIAMS, « SorivenCo.,Ga. sept 7 JAMm O. BODGXBS. ..JIKb A. NORRIS. RODGERS & NORRIS, (late Crane k Rodgers, WHOLESALE GROWERS, BAY-8THKET, SAVANNAH. Juno 1,1855, [Je 9' j. W. pattbrson; ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW, Troupville, Lowndes County,Ga. (myll JAMES M. SAVAGE, ATTORNEY AT LAW, THOIUSVIUI, rUOMAS COCNTT, QA. AH business entrusted to his care will receive prompt attenUon. lyr—tnarl7 ANTHONY McCULLOH, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Savannah, Georgia. 49* Office on Bay street, over the Bank of Savan* nah. feb2 WILLIAM PHILLIPS. ATTORNEY AT LAW, MARIETTA, QA* oct 26—ly DAVID G. WlLDf: ATTORNEY AT LAW, 8PARTA, OA. Will practice in the counties of Hancock, Warren. Washington, and Baldwin. KxrxKictaH—Bebn k Foster, Rabun k Smith, and E. A. Soullard, Savannah. Jan9 j£_ B i UH^ON, ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAV, Office corner or Bay and Drayton-sts. SAVANNAH, GA. my 11 . HENRY WILLIAMS, ATTORNEY AT LAW, No. 8, Drayton Street, Savannah, Georgia, may 5—ly JOHN M. BHLLEN, ATTORNEY AT LAW, (Office at the Court House.) Will practice in the Superior and Courts of Ordi nary. Jan80 H. L. P. KING, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Corner of Bay and Whitaker Streets, SAVANNAH. feb 22 8mos C. W. MARRY, ATTORNEY AT LAW, FRANKUR, HEARD CX)., OA. Will attend to professional business In tho Counties or Heard, Carroll, Campbell, Coweta, Fayette, Meri wether aud Troup. Rcferonce—Hon. E. Y. HUL LaGrange, Ga.; Hon, David Irwin, Marietta, Ga.: Colouel M. M. Tidwell, Fayetteville, Ga.; and Mr. William Dougherty, Co' lumbus, Oa. sopl7-ly WM. S. DANIELL, ATTORNEY AT LAW, SAVANNAH. OA. x ■"~4V Offlco ovor Thomas M. Turner & Co.’s Drug Store, Bay street. my7 jas. 8. boor. nan. t. txbkau HOOK * TEBEAU, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, BANDERS VILLE, UMORGIA. Will proctiso in Washington, Jofferson, Scrivcn, Burko, Emanuel, Tattnall, and Montgomery or the Middlo Circuit, aud WUkluson of the Ocmulgoo Cir cuit. may 8 D. A. O’BYRNE, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Offlco 175, Bay-sk, ovor Turner k Go’s. .Drug Sterol SAVANNAH, GA. uov 16—ly oBOttGBnmguF mowakb;— ATTORNEY AT LAW. ’ Office Monument Squaro, near State Bank. „ SAVANNAH, GA. novlb—ly S. W. BAKER. ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW, MonticoUo, Jefferson County, Fla. Reference—Hon. W. B. Funn.No, Savannah, Ga. myll EDWARD G. WILSON, MAGISTRATE, NOTARY AND COMMISSIONER OF DEEDS. At Messrs. Ward k Owens’ Law Office, [myll OOUNffl___„ Newuansvllle, Fla. Bererenee-Georgo 1. Brown, Wlffiam 1 nansvllle, Fla., B. B. Hilton, Boeton A TUI Savannah, Qa. myll M. WHIT SMITH, ATTORNEY AT LAW, ALUOATOK, BAR FLORIDA. WUl practice in the Eastern and Southern Counties. Refer to—CoL 8. S. Sibley, and R. B. Hilton, Sa« vannah. fob2>tf cm a.OAimseccr— ATTORNEY AT LAW, XILLXDQKVILU, Oi.t Practices Law In the various Counties of the Oci mulgeo Circuit, and tho adjolulng Counties of Twiggs, lAUrensand Washington. Refer to—John Boston, H. A. Crane, and R. B *•*“ fob!4 GIoRgE A* GORDON, ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW, AND CommieeUmer ofthe U* S. Court of Claim for the State of Georgia, Office Corner Bay and Bull streets, ly mylO Dll. CHARLES H. COLDING, OFFICE AND RESIDENCE. No. 14 LIBERTY ST., Ouo door west of Drayton. myll WM. C. CONNELLY, ATTORNEY AT LAW, MOT Particular attention given to the collection ol ilalms in South-Western Georgia. Jo2—Dm TircIflfiBBOLNG; ATTORNEY AT LAW, tobl-ly 1RWDROW, OA. LANIERS anDerson,— ATTORNEYS AT LAW, ap6-ly meow, oa. A. H. CHAMPION. (Successor to Ghampion & Watts.) WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCER, No. 4 Barnard sk, between the Markot and Bay sk, SAVANNAH, GA. Dealer In Groceries, Foreign and Domestic Liquors, Dried Fruits, &c.,&o! ’ Referonoo—A. Champion, Esq., Samuel SolomonB, Esq., Messrs. Kabuu k Whitehead, and Swift k Co., Savauuab, Ga. myll 10 “ M shoulctan, Landing and Ibr MWbK ' . toy23 SCRANTON; JOHNSTON A OO; riHAMPAQNE—12 baiketagilniite mgldric V/Cliampaguo Instore and for sate hy > •v**. may 10 OCTA VUB COHEN, S TARCH, COFFEE AND CANDY.—60 bxs Freak Starch; 60 do Ground Coffee; 60 do assorfad Candy, rccolvod and lor sale by , 4 McMAHON k DOYLE# Juno 4 206 and 207 BajnSreet I N 8TORE-^f** steamSto^K^xvtot-Extra'Da* bio Butter and Cheese; Beef Tongues; Hmokfrt Beef: Hams; Bacon; Pig Pork; White Beaai;Haek» er’s Self-raising Flour; Raisins, Figs, Dates, Prunes, AlmondB, Ac., Ac.: Pickles of all kinds; Preserves, assorted; Brandy krulkassorted; Preston’s Premi. um Chocolate; best of Toss, Coffee, and Btuart’a No 1. A, B and C Sugars; Hlbbert’s London Porter; Jjulkirk’s Scotch Ale; Claret and otbor Wines; at BARRON’S Family Grocery Store, JunolS corner Whitaker and Charlton sis. JOHN S. NORRIS, ARCHITECT. XT AVISO resumed tbe practice of hisprolre- -LX uion, oilers his services te his friends and the public as an Architect and nuperlnteudeuk . Designs fot any part or the country supplied and executed iu all tho various branches of his .profes sion, such as Publio Edifices, Stores, Dwellings. Monuments, ko. Thoroughly tire Proor elores u«. siguod uud executed. Office at present in Bay Lane, rear of the Custom House. Jan 0—ly WILLIAM II. DASHER, ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW, Troupville, Lowndes County, Ua. WUl practice (n Thomas, Lowndes, clinch, Ware, . Appling, Telfair, Irwin, Laurens, aud Pulaski counties, Georgia: aud in Jefferson, Madison, Ham- ilton, aud Columbia co untied, Florida. [myll wh.lTwnluua. nuimmii uuvkr. j/rajmowN, WILLIAMS, OLIVER dt BROWN. ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Buena Vista, Marion Couuty, Ga., Will practlco in the couutios of Marion, Macon, Hous ton, Stewart, Randolph, Muscogee, Leo, aud auy adjoining counties, where their services may be required. nfyii JOHN R. COCHRANE, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Dublin. Laurens couuty, Uu,, late Junior partner ol tho firm of A. k J. Uocukaxe, Irwintou, Ua., will attend promptly to all business entrusted to his care. Particular utteution paid to collecting. Re ference—Dr, C. B. Guytou, F. U. Rowe, Dublin, Ga., M Marsh, Savannah, myll > B. ELLIS, Factor and General Commission Merchant „ NO} 71 BAY-STHKKT, SAVANNAH, QA., Rxfkks to—Messrs. CiughornM Cunningham, Beil k Prcutiss, Ogdon, Starr k Co., Savannah; J. P. Thompson, Boston. nov 1 WM. AUDLKY COFFER. * JBO. COUPXK FHASER. COUPER «S( FRASER, FACTORS k GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Ray street, Savannah, Ua. . [myll JOHN G. FALLIGANT, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALER IN WINDOW BLINDS, WINDOW SASH AND PANE West side Monumcut Square, Savannah, Ga. mayll JOHN C ‘ " ☆ oiiOTaxwa a EMPORIUM. 1 DOOR WIST OF THE B1PPBL10AH HAD1HO HWIH. FIDO Ready-made Clothing; Hats and Caps, Shirts, Collars, Gloves, Hosiery, Canes, Umbrellas Cravats, stocks, Handkerchiefs, and Fancy Articles for Gentlemen. W.O. Price, FASHIONABLE AND HILI1AB7 TAYLOH, No. I4T Hay Street, SA VANN Ah. Also, Superfina aud Vestings, will be made to me*- •ure.unexception* able in style and workmanship,i by the best mechanics, at ahorteet ■ Ordersfrom city and county soli cl ted. u aRbeITshops. Pulaski House Barber Shop. Owen*’ Brick Budding, opposite the PuUuki Home, FIVE WORKMEN ENGAGED. Marshall House Barber Shop, Broughton Street, TOU* WORKMEN ENOAOED. rpHE subscriber, thankful to his fellow-dtiaena X for tho liberal patronage he has received, and iu still receiving, begs respectfully to inform them that he has enguged sufficient additional firsl-otau workmen from some of tbo best Barber Shops In Now York, and will be enabled to accommodate as many gentlomen as may honor him with their pa tronage. N. B.—The Barber Shops aro closed on Sundays— strangers will please bear this In mind. . CIVIL ENGINEER AND SURVEYOR, Will aLto give his attention todoslguu in Architec ture. Office in the store of John Willi Bay street. lamson, Esq., rnyia . CHAFFER AC CO., LI taker Street, Savannah, Ga.. ftqUkUUI AND RETAIL DKALKRS IN Blindu, Doors, Moi pyJnC/Wiiito Linseed, louldings, Ac. White bJ ujau,7an«, wuuo Linseed, Sperm, Whule, Tan- 1 uers* and Nrfetufoot Oil*, Glass, Brushes, Gold Louf, Bronze, Builders’ Hardware. Nalls, Marble Mantels, bo., Ac, *- J Jc4 DRM. LEFLER & WILCOX, Dentist*. ARE now tolly prepared to in ’ sort full or partial setts of Teeth on tho principle of Dr. J. Aliena’s Pateut Continuous Gum, By this improvement, the form of tho face can be restored to any degreo or rotundity that may be desired. It is applicable in all cases where tho checks havo fallen In and cannot bo detected by 'ho closest observer.— This method combiues the following* -1 vantages:— An artificial gum, which exhibits a perfectly natural and life-like appearanco, and imparts tothethcetb that peculiar expression which characterizes tho na< turol organa. This Gum consists of a sllaclous compound, which Is upplied and fasod upon the Teeth and Plate in such a mauucr, us to fill up all the interstices around the base ortho Teeth, and also unites them firmly to eachotherandto the Plato upon which thoy are sett. This secures perfect cleanliness of the Teeth. Office ovor DeWltt k Morgan, Congress street. *** Republican and Georgian copy. feb 16—tt P ork- 60 barrels Mess Pork, 26 do Prime do Landing and for sale by myl4 HOLCOMBE, JOHNSON k OO. SUNDRIES. 150 bogs good to prime Kio Coffee; fRm 76 bags old Government Java do: Kai hags old brown Java do; low Uurrela Stuart’s A, B and C Uarlfled BuTTI; 60 “ Ortubtul and Pulverized do: 4o hhds Porte Rico, New Orleans, and Muscovado Sugars; > 60 boxes Stuart’s LoafSugar; 60 hhds Sides and Shoulders; 26 casks Trowbridge and Beaty’s Hams; 160 bbls Denmead and Oakley Flour: 76 bbls and hair bbls Canal Four; 160 bbls Butter. Sugar and Pilot Craoktrs; 60boxes Soda Crackers; 200 boxes various brands and qualities Tobaccoi 26 cases Myer’s Aromatic do- ’ 160 bbls Cuba and Now Orleans Molasses* 1 60 hhds Cuba do: 60 bbls No. 1 Loaf Lard; 200 kegs and cons Lard; 6 M lb Bar Lead; , : 600 bags Drop and Buck 8hot: 600 kegs, halts and quarters, Dupont’s Powder- 76 bbls Moss and Prime Pork; *; owner, 60 boxes Nectar Whisky; 100 quarts Sohcldum Schnapps; 100 cusks pints Ale and Porter: 300 bbls rectified Whisky; 100 bbls New England Rum; 160 bbls Pholps and E Phelps’ Gin; 60 casks common and pure Malaga Wine: 60 bbls Whito Wine and Cider Vinegar* 1 20 crates empty Wine Bottles; 600 boxes, Soup, Starch, and Candles; In store and for sale on accommodating terms mayl6 HOLCOMBE, JOHNSON k c6 H AVANA SEGARS—30,000 choice Havana Segars—Conchas, la Esmeralda, El Orysol, Excelsors, Rio Hondo, Captain Alchorn, La Liol, Jonn Smith, uud various other bramls, imported di rect by mo, and for sale at the lowest cash prices. muyl9 J. A. BROWN. QILLS, Laces, Embroideries, White Good, O Mitts. &c., just being openod and for sale by J. W. THRELKELD, mar21 Cor. Congress and Whitakor sta. WATCHES—WATCHES—WATCHES. *9 We are receiving the London Lever Vnfa Watches, ortho most celebrated makers, in Jr* AGold and Silver cases. R. F. Cooper’s Du- •BUBNplox Watches, Watches for Timing Horses, fine SwIsb Chronometers, which wo offer at reasona ble prices, at our new moro in Gibbons’ Range. —““ D. B. N1CHOLB 4c CO. sept28 NEW TIN STORE AND SHEET-IRON MANUFACTORY. 141 south or kakkxt square, brtax strict. I would inform my old friends and patrons #591 havo openod tbo above store to conduct the Stove, Tin and Sheet-Iron Business in all its various forms, and where will bo found a gen era I assortment of Stovos, Tin and Sheet-Iron Ware, whioh 1 will be pleased to show, and at such price as will satisfy auy one wishing to purchase. All kinds or Roofing, Gutters of Load, Galvanized Iron Work or every description, Job Work and Re- pairing oxecutcd with dispatch, old Stovos put up aud Pipes furnished at short notice. TinWare at wholesale and retail. Call down on Bryan street, it will pa^^ou for your walk. oct 2 I J. MAURICE, Agent PHOTOGRAPHS. L-jjjtf Largo sized Photographs, ta- ky mh-mui,, MRamBjMM at twklvk doilans fkr dozen Also, Ambrotypes and Da- guorreotypes, iu his usual perlor style. A call Is solicited. J. W. MILLER, mar27 cr. St. JuliaffRtandMarketsquare. su- GARY'S DAGUKHKOTYPK8, AMBRO- types and Photography. P. U. GARY W OULD respectfully give notice that his rooms are now open for the season, and rea dy tor the rocepUon of visitors. By the Ambrottpr process persons may now have thoir children’s pictures takon. in almost any posi tion they may choose, in from 1 to 1) secodds suting. By tho Photographic process old Dnguerrootypcs can bo transferred to papor, boautifally colored and enlarged to life. oot 22 BROUGHTON STREET HACK AND LIVERY STABLE. Tho undorsiguod having put the above Stabloa In good condition, fP Tff- jt- are prepared to accommodate thoir iwtsviiia customers with Carriages, Hacks. Buggies, Sulkies, &o., with sound, gcntlo, and well broke horses, and carefal drivers. Horses boarded on accommodating terms, and well cared for. Two pairs of fine Carriage Horses for boIo. Inquire cor ner or Barnard and Broughton streets. ap!14—ly STEVENS 4c ELUSION. A. SHORT, MASTER BUILDER. Will tako contracts for Building and Working Ma sonry of overy description. Rosldenco, No. 8 Mra Jewett’s Range, South aide Jones at. oa 80 . WOOD AND LUMBER. A LL kinds of Wood, Boards. Planks. Joist, Timber. Shlngloi, Light-wood, Posts, Eastern Laths and PalUngs, for safe, at wholesale and retail, tow for ca*h,on the new wharfreccntly orected on the Lumber Yard of Robert A. Allen k Oo. marls—ly WM. J. L. MOULTON 0. H. HARRISON. -n..—- HARRISON <b McGEHEBr^^ AUCTION, COMMISSION, REGEIVING'AND Forwarding iUcrchunt*. 59 AND 61 BBOAMTMKT, COLUMBUS, .OIOKGIA. MBT Particular attenUon given to the sales of Real Estate, Negroes and Produce. 49* liberal advances made on Negroee and Mer chandize. RUSE, PATTEN AGO. GUNBY& DANIEL STEWART, ORAY4 RUSE WM. H. 8. SMITH, ) Mobile, Alabama: OCt 23 2N&GO. ) iNlEL, >-Columbus, Ga. imioiM, uRAY a CO. J USE, DA Via k LONG,! . riLWRIGHT, f 1 OUNG, ATKINS k DUNH Savannah. 18 FRENCH 146 NtttTOfO 8TRKCT, CHARLESTON, SOUTH OAROUNi « The subscribers rospecttolly solicit ssiasre 1 China, In pUIn white, gold bnnd, and ■ decorated dinnor, dcaort, hreaklhat, tea, toilet, tele loto note and vaaca. Also, Cups and Saocera Ac tho colchralcd Sovros China. While Oranltoof t’l beat manufacturere. Rich out French, BwlHh at Bohemian Glass. ^ * Thoy havo a varloty of ornaments In Parian Ware, Buata ol Calltoun, Clay, Wobster, and otbor “'Ibuuuetcs of tho Crook Slnyo, Venus de Medici olefc»™ nX^ imM ° " Plain and EncniuUo Tiles. BThoir stock being very gonoral, carefally solectt aud Imported dlroct, offers Inducements to merebnn u woll os families, to whom goods will be putun the lowest rates for cash. v p WEBB A SAGE, Importers, successors to Cameron. Webb k Co. MW UOSUaN DUiTEK AND cRWm-16 tub and 10 kegs choice now Goshon Butter: 2 Bale by^^ UST RECEIVED, por schoouer J, R. Allen, fron Baltimore— ’ MASON'S CELEBRATED UNRIVALLED PREMlUk CAKES and CRACKERS) Jumbles, Lemou Cakes, Tea Cakes, Scotch Cakes, Ginger Soaps, Edinburgh Cakes Milk Biscuit, Soda Hlsilut, Wine Biscuit. Butter Biscuit, Water Biscuit, Pic Nic Biscuit. Ac At BARRON'S. h Juno2Q cornor Whitaker and Charlton-stM d— v ’“ *•-* nuu uuiuuuum, A COMPLETE OUTFIT PoR HoUti KEEPERS, V r ian important item, and to know where I ^got exactly what is wanted Is equally Importer C "“KENNEDY & BEACH’S” Hodgaon'8'Ne\v Block, Cortrerofllrottg] aad yon will find ovorythlng pertaining to Bon Kooptng as well as Reft-fgeratore, Moat Stub., Woo « Ware, and Tin Ware, Willow War? boaniu Water Coolers, Talent Ico ntchoro, Brushoaln ovei yarlcty, Bird Cogos, Bathing Tuba, Indeed near ovorythlng that can becalltdfor, rocolloettheplac —nw bales Osnoburge, Mowton v Thomastou Mills, Just received and frr sail JunolS CRANE, WELLS k (X A HOMESTEAD FOR 9101 non w°R TH() if PABMa NPOX\/#\JV/V/ Farms and Buildings 1 in the gold region of Virgluia, (Oulp*ppor Cout to ho divided amongst 10,200 subscribers oo 17th of SeptomtH‘r, I860, for the benefit of Royal Female Academy. Subscriptions only dollars each—one-hair down, the reat on the d ery of tho deed. Evory subscriber wfil get a B Ing Lot or Farm, ranging ia ivalue from 9 $26,000. Tliese Farms and Lois are veld' so d to Induce settlements, a sufficient number, beini servod, the Increase in the value er wKch compeusate for the apparent • low price ndw as Tlte most ample security will be given foi faithful performance oreontraots and promise) More Agents are wanted to obtain subeeribci whom the most liberal Inducements will be cl Some Agents write that they are maktec $20< month. Advertising will be done for every A where possible. For toll particulars, subs tions, Agenoles, ko., apply to . J.2) dkwlm PortBoyri, UtoUmCo!’, 7