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CB0BC11W & J8I1N1L. PMtr. Trt»W—kly .ml W—My. >1 Paper of the City and County, JJL B. HILTON & CO. ■* norntron and pu«URtimui. Editw. fk Pi HAMn.TOM, - - AntRUnt Editor. FOR PRESIDENT: JAMES BUCHANAN, OF PENNSYLVANIA. FOR VICE PRESIDENT: JOHN c. BRECKINRIDGE, OF KENTUCKY. IslMHpUon Prices of Muvnihtnh Papers By common undmtandlng, tho proprietors and publisher* ol tho Ihreo papers bwuod In Savannah, bars adopted the following unlf rm rates of sub scription, to take effect this day: Daily Paper, per annum, In advance $0 00 Tri*Wsekly ** •* 4 oo Weekly, single copy, In advance 2 00 Weakly, five copies, to ouo addiess 8 00 Weakly, eight “ « « 10 co Weekly, ten “ “ “ 12 oo Weekly, twenty «* “ “ 20 oo When not paid within one mouth from the lime of subscribing the ebargo Tor the Daily will be seven dollars, and for tlw Tri-Weekly Jive. Ibe Weekly will bo sent only to tboso who pay in advance. The paper will invariably be discontincd upon Ibe expiration of tho time for which It bos been paid. The above rates to take effect from and after this gate. ALEXANDER k SNEED, Republican, R. B. HILTON &CO., Georgian it Journal, THOMPSON k W1THIN6TON, AYiw. Savannah, July 1,1850. THE OLDER I GROW, THE MORE IN- CLINED I AM TO BE WHAT IS CALLED A STATES RIGHTS MAN.-James Buch anan'i speech on the admission of Arkansas, in 1836. I FULLY ENDORSE THE RESOLUTIONS, AND MAY FURTHER SAY THAT I AM WHAT IS CALLED A STATE RIGHTS DEMOCRAT-—John C. Bremen ridge in re sponse to his nomination for the Wee Presidtn- ££ Job Prluttug Promptly, Neatly aiul Cheaply Done* The public in geueral, and our Democratic friends in particular, will remember that there la connected with the Georgian $« Journal es tablishment one of the moat thoroughly equip ped job offices in this section of the Union. If we are correctly advised, some of tho most beautiful specimens of job work ever done in Savannah have lately passed from under our presses. Give ua a trial. Onr facilities enable us to execute every de scription of letter press work from a mammoth poster to the smallest card, and from a book to a circular, with neatness and dispatch, upon the most satisfactory terms. " Orders from all parts of the country will re ceive prompt attention. FRIDAY MORNING, JULY 4. “' TniAEGrRAFUXO New York Market, New York, July 2.—Cotton market firm. Quotations unchanged. Sales of the day, 1,000 bales. Flour has advanced from G to 12} cents. Movement of Specie, New York, July 2.—The steamer America, ■ailed with $1,000,001) specie.. Steamers Burnt- St. Louis, July 2.—Five steamers were burnt at St. Louis to-day including the Grand Turk. JST* The 4th of July, beiugn holiday, there will be no paper issued from this office till to-morrow afternoon. Rail Komi Excursion. A party consisting of one or two dozen gentle men made a plcasaut excursion yesterday evening, on S. A. ami Gulf Road, Similes out, to the Little Ogeoehec. The bridge (und’drower) over that stream were found to lie beautiful mid very substantial structures. The bridge with the trestle work, is one mile in lengthe. The track laying, suspended for some time, waiting the compeltion of the bridge, has lieen resumed and is expected to l>e pressed forward without interruption, until the Alatamnlm shall be crossed. The bridge over the Great Ogeechee, a very costly structure, will cause no delay, fo* it lacks but little of completion. As we stated on a previous occasion, the road is smooth, and admirably constructed—ns far as it goes. Thednyof Independence. It has teen the custom, in nil ages and in all countries, to commemorate the events which have given glory and renown to each particular nation, by civic and military celebration. To us la given the opportunity to day of reiterat ing our heartfelt and sincere admiration of the great moral and political revolution of eighty years standing. It is proper, that wo, in unison with the rest of our countrymen, should raise our voice in honor of the mighty dead and of the great work of this glorious day. Shall it be necessary for us to say that we feel warm enthusiastic admiration for the men, or the deed, which gives the day its. name? Shall it be necessary for us to dwell upon the virtue of a Washington, the patriotism of a Jefferson, or the moral grandeur of the spectacle of thirteen Colonies of the most powerful nation of the glolie, establishing them selves as thirteen independent sovereignties, by a declaration,calm and dignified tempereate.yet firm—one reliant, ns well upon its foun dation Inthe principles of natural justice and reasonable freedom, as upon the strong arm which was raised to defend and sustain it by the sacrificeof the blood nf patriot sshed upon thoal- tarofliberty. It would be the task of repetition, and the work ofsiipororgdtion. It is stamped up • on the heart of every Georgian ; it is treas ured in the dearest recesses of his soul; it is that which his parents have first taught the lisping tongue of his early childhood to utter, and which he, in turn, will transmit to the children of his own love. Shall we refer to onr successful struggle fo r Freedom and its still more glorious termination by the adoption of that Constitution which is at once Bulwark of Liberty, and the link of Union ? Equally futile would he the attempt, towny more than to point to tho thirteen sovereign nations who participated in these events, and have accorded their l>eneiicial results to those many more, upon a basisj of brotherhood and equality. Whilo our hearts are filled with the admiration of the past, the knowledge of the present, and the foreboding for the future, gives a bitterness to the cup which should on this day lie one of pure, unalloyed happiness. Yet if a meinljcr of this Union, a sovereign Htute, which has de livered np a portion of it’s power for the attain ment of a great and common good—if she can point to tho record of her action, and challenge the investigation of her conduct, may not this convey a healing balsam to her sons, which will bring satisfaction for days gone by, and endeavor for time to coiuo ? Cannot Georgia be proud to Insist tills ? Can not she claim the consolation of a performance of her patriotic duty? May she not point to her unswerving devotion W> the Union, and ask jf In the advocacy of the righto of her people, In the editorial ofthe-Savannah Republican of Wednesday lust on the subject nf Savannah and the Main Trunk Road, occurs the following sentence. Wc.hnyo no authority whatever to speak for the President (of S. A. A G. 11,) but, Inasmuch os the pcoplo of Savannah, in public meeting, declared and published, when they subscribed to the Company, that their Rinds should not go i (- i 1 towards Florida, wo express the beliof that the President has not made any such proportion. We believe, that the funds subscribed by the city of Saviinnah have been, and will lie faith fully applied to the construction of the Branch of tho Savannah, Albany A Gulf Road, towards Florida. As ait ovidencc that this belief is well founded, we would state that the contract for construction which is now a subject of dispute between the Georgia Citizen and the Republi can, Is on a located line which if continued, would strike the Florida line east of the Ala- palm. It is also on a direct Hue to the initial point of the Atlantic A Gulf Railroad, common ly known us the Main Trunk, and If tho work is unt continued to that point, it will not be caused by the Snvnnnuli, Albany A Gulf Com pany, but by the Company which shall refuse to make the release required by the charter of the Atlantic A Gulf Company—upon which re lease depends the fute of the Main Trunk. Having thus stated what we know to lie the action, am} wlmt wo believe to lie the iutentinns of the Savannah, Albany A Guff Company, we now take occasion to explain to the public the position of the city of Savannah, and of the ubovc Company on the subject of a direct line from the present terminus of the road at the Altamaha to Albany, und we cannot better do this than by publishing the following extract from an indenture made in the year 1854, be tween Messrs. Tift A Abbot, A. Brisbane and the .Mayor and Aldermen of the city of Savan nah, Janies P. Screven, W. Duncan and other Stockholders' in the Savannah, Allmny A Gulf Railroad Company : Second, That in the event of a consolidation witli the Brunswick Company, all the funds derived from such consolidation, shall be ex clusively applied to the construction of the Florida Branch, if the companies when so consolidated shall so determine. Third, That in the event of a failure to consolidate the two companies, nil sulwcriptions made in South western Georgia for. the purpose of building the Branch to Florida, shall lie specifically ap plied to that object. Fourth, That all the hinds now subscribed, or which may hereafter be generally subscribed, shall bo exclusively ap plied to the construction of the Branch to the line of East or Middle Florid a, until that Branch shall have been completed- Fifth, That the Company will continue the road to Allmny and Mobile whenever subscriptions or means speci fically for that purpose, can be obtained by the Company or its agents, the adequacy of the means and the manner of expending them to lie judged of by the Compuny. Sixth, That Nelson Tift and James P. Scriven, shall be con tinued joint agents of u the Compuny, for the purpose and with the powers granted in the twelfth and thirteenth sections of the organi zation of the Savannah and Albany Railroad Company, except as hereinafter limited and ex plained, and that if either of them should re sign the trust conferred, the Directors shall fill the plnce of such resigning agent, and they shall continue to use their best exertions until Hie capital or means shall be obtained to com plete the road. Seventh, That nil ucts of the said agents shall be authorized by a majority of the Directors, (constituting n quorum) or submitted to them for ratification and approval, and by them be ratified aud approved before they shall be binding on the Comqany. It will Ik* seen from the above, that whenever means specifically for that purpose can bo ob tained, the adequacy of the means to lie de termined by the Company, the city of Savan* nab and the Company, stand pledged to con tinue the road to Albany. We are of the opinion, moreover, in the pre sent uncertainty of making the State’s subscrip, tion to tho Main Trunk available, that it Is tho imperative duty of the S. A. A G. Company to ascertain wlmt means they can secure, from any other quarter, for carrying on their road. The resources of the Company now iu hand, are inadequate to its extension to any desirable western terminus. This being the case, should they not before calling upon this city for further, nid mnke un effort to obtain it elsewhere? We think so* And whether that aid is oflered on the Allmny line, the Newton line, or any other practicable line, iu amount necessary to secure the construction of the road, we are clearly of the opinion that it should lie ubeepted—prond- ed always tlmt the opposition of the Brunswick Company shall defeat the Atlantic and Gulf organization. Br.oony Affray.—The death of Jno. Turn- bull, a wealthy planter of Bayou Sara. La, in an affray with S. H. Lurty, tho Sheriff, has been published. The Baton Rouge Advocate says: Turnbull called Lurty a thief, and tho fight then commenced; Turnbull firing a pistol, the ball of which broke Mr. Lurty’s right ankle. They both drew knives, and for two seconds, or thereabouts, the fight was desperate—Lurty laboring under tho disadvantage ofbaving Ins leg broken—but they clinched and Lurty draw ing his adversary to him thrust his knife into his heart, which caused almost immediate death. Turnbull fought with a right good will, worthy of a better cause; und after the deadly wound had been inflicted, he said himself, I ‘-am a dead man.” Ho carried on the war, and had not his arm been caught, there is a strong pro bability tlmt Lurty would have been killed too. Turnbull even felt for Lurty’s thront to cut it. It is to he hoped that tills is the last difficulty of the kind tlmt will ever occur in our quite village. Both of these parties have friends who deeply lament the occurrence. Lurty is not considered entirely out of danger ; but strong hopes are entertained of Ids recovery. P. S—Wo umitttod to say that both the contestants received three cuts cacli witli knives. Dkath from Sun-Stroke.—On Thursday, last, 2(ith till., a negro man belonging to Mr. M. H. Spence, of, Harris county, died from the effects of the sun. He fell while ploughing in the field. 'i’llb Heat.—PitHadcfphiu, Junc 29.— This hns been another excessively hot du here. The theremometer in the shade reac-l. died 98 degrees. In the State House steeple, at un eluvation of 100 leet, the theremometer rose to 90 deg. Speculation in tub Far West.—A corres pondent of the Northern Advocate, writing from St. Paul, Minnesota, May 30, says:! “A gentleman from Massachusetts, a capital ist, lust mouth, oflered $M0,!)00 for ft "water privilege” at St. Anthony’s Falls, for manufac turing purposes, which would have been or in calculable advantage to tlmt locality and coun try, and which was thought by the more ration al of the citizens to lmve been all the privi lege was worth; and even more—and yet his offer was spurned with a whim, and coolly remarked “tlmt privilege must bring him a quar ter of alinlllion or no sale.” In villugo property there will be a crash, and let those that will, stand from under lest they find themselves burl ed beneath its ruins. Scores tiro returning to the East without making investments for business purposes, who, but for the slmrklsh specula tions^ of tho West, would have Increased her business facilities, hi many towns fifty percent, within the short space of two years.” „ Cass on Rifle Religion.—General Lass, in a letter to a cominittco at Boston, who had invited him to attend the Buchanan ratifica tion meeting lu tlmt city, wrote : i i lIr . n . om iV t!< r H ur « worthy of our confidence, 52®? ““ft! Nwfr-Ppoiml claims, they are tho representatives ol that great party of Washing- “"V 1 ? ackH0, ». which knows I?*!?./*® Jjj 11 J* 1 ® wlhole country, mid no peo- plo but tho whole American people: and which believes that if cveiy portion of the were loft to manage its affairs in its own wav without external interference, and if more charity and less virulence wore exhibited—more of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and less of Sharpe’s rifics issued from the arsenals of some ortho churches—Uiatthe good old daya of peace and fraternal regard would soon return to cheer the land. Xmw; Vnlvmltr Oeamamamu . Jhly 118,80andIO« . I SENIOR APPOINTMENTS* Thomas A. Seals,* Peuficld, On., let, honor aiid valcdlctory to'ttio glass. .. Henry D. McDaniel, Atlanta, Go., 1st honor and valedictory to tho officers of the college. Melyin A. Dyer, La Fayette, Go./id honor and English Salutatory. John T. Hand, Tallapoosa, Co., Fla. 2d. hon or and Latin Salutatory. Biirnhean B. Biniou, Hancock Co., Gn., 3d honor. Moses P. Cain, Jefferson Co., Oa., 3d honor. John T. Glover, Twiggs Co., 3d., honor. Robert P. Divant, Penfleld, Ga., speaker. Jesse A. Holtzelaw, Penlield, Ga. Alonzo Howell, White Plains, Ga. Thomas J. Piusou, Coweta Co., Ga. *"William T. H. Sfott, Sumpter Co., Ga. JUNIOR 'APPOINTMENTS. James W. Arnold, Wilkes, Co., Ga. Robert J. Boyd, Columbia Co., Gu. William C. Chapmau, Taliaferro Co,, Ga. William H. Cockroft, Greene Co., Ga. Thomas W. Davis, Chambers Co., Ala. Rufus T. Lester, Burke Co., Gu. John T. McGiuty, Mouroe Co., Ga. Thudeits C. McLendon, Wilkes Co., Gn. John M. Nickolls, Madison Co., Ala. Mirabenn B. Swanson, Tnskegee, Ala. Isaiah A. Wilson, Talbotton, Ga. John W. Wright, Macon Co., Ala. SO THO MORE APPOINTMENTS. Joseph R. Andrews, Peufield, Gu. Frederick A. Beazley, Taliaferro Co., Ga. Samuel A. Burney, Madison, Ga. Cooper C. Campbell, Grifliin, Gn. Allen C. Cumller, Fruuklin Co., Ga. Marshall J. Clarke, Lumpkin Ga. Edward J. Coates, Twiggs Co., Ga. Red moil V. Forrester, Lee Co., Ga. Edwin A. Jelks, Hamilton Co., Flu. Jumes M. Leonard, Talbot Co., Ga. Junius M. Macon, Peufield, Gu. William L. McElmurray, Burke Co., Oa. Adrian S. Morgan, Penlield, Gn. Joseph 8. Murnin, Effingham Co., Ga. William H. Patterson, Dougherty Co., Ga. William H. Prieburd, Griffin, Ga. William R. Roberts, Burke Co., Ga. Charles E. Sanders, Cass Co., Ga. The Traitors In MassncsKnscIts. The Boston Post thus forcibly culls npou the people of Massachusetts to come to their sober senses before they shall have gone too far. It says: Aud now, how shall we characterize the course adopted here iu Boston, at Worcester, in other parts of the country, in relation to Kan in* ? Has not demngoguism done enough mis chief already iu stimulating the rebellious To peka movement ? Patriotic citizen i Look at the card to be seen iu the free soil journals head ed “TO THE PUBLIC,” calling upon aid for Kansas 1 Look at the intiummutory proceed ings ut Worcester! Look ut the terrible ap peals of the press! We lmve cited a butch at the head of this article. The twenty thou sand dollars proposition, which would have led Massachusetts into revolution, failed in the legislature; and individual action is supplying’ the deficiency ! The object of “material aid,” is boldly, unblushingly, avowed to lie in this case to enable the free state settlers “TO OVER COME THEIR LAST AND WORST ENE MIES, THE UNITED STATES GOVERN MENT.” Madmen! Do you know what you nre about? Do you think you can make the intel ligent people of this Union believe tlmt the time 1ms come for the free state men in Kansas to act' as the Poles ucted or the men of Greece acted. In short, tlmt the time 1ms conic for men out of Kansas, to engage in the terrific work of REVOLUTION! Was ever anything like tlie maduess tlmt rules the hour. Letting the inflammatory language of the card addressed “To the Puulio” by the Bos ton Kansas committee, and the pretence that their object is lawful, go for wlmt they are worth, look again at the linked proposition it contains, and then say whether it can lie law ful. The position universally assumed bv the freesoilers is, tlmt the existing authorities of Kansas are invaders of the rights of the set tlers; aud lienee the card states that the free state settlers are “numerous and brave enough” to defend themselves “against any invaders except those sustained by the United States government—and by patient persistence in their rights to overcome even their last and worst enemies,” provided they can have uid 1 This cannot be mistaken. This proposition looks directly to war against the United States! And now fauuutics are sending purtiesof armed men, from many quarters, into Kansas to carry on such a lratrecidal war! The Wor cester men say they understand the full respon sibility they assume. “It we send men to Kan sas, we must be ready to foliow^them if need be,” are their words. We appcul to good cit zens whether such counsels as these cun be too severely reprobated? whether such action as this cun be too decidedly condemned ? A Corrector! of Some Kansas Falsehoods* We ure given to understand, from very good authority, tlmt the paragraph we copied from the Beaver Dam Republican respecting a con- iiict between Mr. Wulter Jumes, son of the British Consul here, and three Indians in Knn- sus, is false iu almost every particular. The simple facts ure these: Mr. Janies went out alone to shoot deer on Rice Creek. He heard some Indians who had obtained spirits, shouting und making a great noise, anil be went to their wigwam to request hem civilly to desist, representing that tney scared all the game away. He never warned them off at all. There were three men iu the wigwam, all of whom came out to speak with him at once, amongst them a famous lighting Indian who once before attempted to kill a gentleman of the name of Goldsburg. They were talking with Mr. James quite quietly, when suddenly one snatched his rilie from nis hands, another seized him by the tlirout, and the third at tacked him with a knife. He is a remarkably powerful und resolute man, nnd drawing his hunting knife lie fought for his life. The man who hud snatched the gun aimed it at him and pulled the (rigger, but it wus lucki ly at half cock, and before he could cock it and uim again, lie wus felled by a blow of the hunting knife. The other two were also soon disabled ; but no blow wus given except in self defence. The point of the hunting knife wus never used by Mr. James, but merely the edge, in order to {spure his assailants ns far us possible. (The statement of the Black Re publican paper, we must say, bears falsehood on its face. None but a madman would go alone to bully or uttack three strong aiul well m ined Indians in their own wigwum, nnd the fact of a man so powerful and resolute as to disuble alt three iu a few minutes combat, sullcring bis gun to be snatched from him, shows sufficient ly thut he was taken by surprise, und never ex pected uu assault. No man hud Ids nnn cut off, nnd indeed, however strong Mr. James may be, we would naturally think it is beyond his might to cut a man’s arm off with the blow of a hunting knife. He is known In Virginia as well as in Wiscon sin, for un exceedingly mild and conciliatory B gentleman, und the last man on earth to or assail another except iu self defence.— Richmond Dispatch. Affairs in Mexico.—A correspondent at Santa Fe, New Mexico, writes on the 2d of June as lollows: We are on the eve of a war with the Navajo Indiuns. General Garland intends to tuko the field aguiust them iu person at the head of ns strong a force as ho can make by drafts upon the various posts within ids military depart ment. The court martial for tiro trial of Major Geo. A. 11. Blake, of tho U.S. dragoons, resumes its session to-day, having adjourned to this pe riod In order to procure tho important testimo ny of Judge P. E. Brocchins.The Judgo arrived ut Fort Union, on his judicial district, on the luth ult, and Is now in this city, having been most kindly greeted in his return to the Terri tory by the citizens of Sunta Fe. The charges aguinst Major Blake aro numerous and serious, and relate to a mutiny of the troops belonging te his regiment at Feniaiidez do Taos last spring He is charged, among other thiugs, with hav ing aided und'abetted in bringing the mutiny ubout. hm. All the officers of tho Territory aro now at their posts, excepting Mr. Davis, the Secretary, who is on a visit to the States. Our esteemed fellow citizen, James L.Collins, Esq,, editor of tho Santa Fe Gazette, leaveH with the mail of this month for Washington. Tho citizens of this place called upon him in a body last evening totako leave of him—to wish him a safe Journey und a speedy return to a community by which he is so highly esteemed, and to whom his services oh a bold and faithful editor are of the most vital importance. Let the Influence of your spirited, able, and widely circulated paper be felt at themetrop- 3 Pecre- iberalft fa ■- . - All honor to our n taryof war, Ool Jeff. Davis, for the vigorous manner in whioh he has directed the strength or the'Department over whfeli be presides with such cmiuent ability against the Indians of thts Territory. Under inch an administra tion as bis the Indians will soon retire from our valleys and fields, and leave the plowman and the sheeler to reap the rich fruits of their honest industry. If tho whole government would do as true and effective a part by ns as the Secretary of War and the gallant officor under him have done, we should soon ceuso to sutler or complain, and New Mexico would be come as bright iu her prosperity as she is in her diamouds stars and coudless skies. : ' Amigo del 1*ais Tlie DIark * HepnLi’leuii* Paganini | or tub man that flayed urdx a harf of a KINULE STRING. My Brcethering! We nre told somewhere—1 needn’t lie particular where, that the psalmist of old could play on a harp of a thousand strings, all but, my brcethering, in these days of gitting down staira from grace, a Samist ain’t expected to do more than spread himself on a single string, ah. Therefore my breetherlug, all, let us give ourselves no uneasiness about tlie nine hundred and ninety-nine that we can’t handle, nh, hut let us unite in* playing upon u harp of a single string, spirits of white men made black, ah. “My Brcethering! As we came stringing a- long into this Convention, like pack mules crossing the Isthmus, 1 thought to myself that each one or us might have a string of his own to pull, aud that may be many of us might have several striujis in his bows, ah. 1 hope I hurt no man’s feelings by this discourse, ah. My motto always is to tell the truth aud shame the devil, ah—an institution of sin und wickedness who is always roaming about like a roaring lion seeking where he can kill somebody, all.— But, my breethering, now that politics and re- ligou have got so mixed up that you can’t tell one from the other, I thlukit would be ‘good for us to let go ail hands, except one, and go our Billy best ‘upon a harp of a siugle string, spirits of while men made bluck ah. * My Brcethering i there is a great many kinds of string iu this world, ah! First, there is the latch string pulled iu all. Then, there is the fiddle string, (and a very wicked string it is, my brcethering,) and tlie bag string, und the pudding string, which some pious souls consider the proof of the pudding, ah 1 And thou there is string beans, and thut audacious varmint Stringfcllow, ah—but my breethering to return to the diseoui’se, let mo impress upon you the popularity of playing upon a lmrp oru single string, spirits ot white men made black, ah!’ ‘My Breethering! I suppose you all have heard of u religious society called the Know Nothings, nil. Well my breethering, although I say it who should’t, I’ve always tieeuone of eiu—but, my hearers, I now feel to believe tluit that string won’t do to tie to, ah—for it is liable to break in two in tlie middle and let us full sev eral ways for Sunday, ah. No, my breethering, though Sam, at the outset, give promise of im mortality and salvation, yet in these latter days this son of the sires, lie is seen to stray oil', ah, far beyond the travels of the prodigal son, nnd if we don’t look out the fnttered calf will grow to be a bullock Ijefore he come back aguin, ah. Therefore, my breethering, let us take to our human bo'som, the sweet scented form of Sam bo, that dark coloved emblem of equality, nnd let us‘play upon a harp of a single string, spirits of white men made black, all. ‘ My Breethering! We shouldn’t bo ashamed or afraid to own our polor, ah. It is a very wicked thing indeed to turn up. tlie human snout ut the works of nature, ah. Who cares for tlie color in a dog tight? Arose by any other inline would smell as sweat, all. What then, if we do fool the foreigners? What if we do kiss the uigger babies, nil ? The Egyptian mummies, who huve been mummied these thousand years, are none the worser now for anything they did while in tlie flesh, all. It will be the same with us, my breethering, m the lapse of a few centuries, ah. When Ga briel shall blow bis trumpet, ah—when tlie moon sliull turn to blood, ali; when the sky shall Ire rolled back ns a scroll, nnd all nuture shall be done up in a rag, ah; then tlie kissing of n few innocent little niggers, ami the run ning away of a few black ones, will come back ns a sweet smelling savor, and will give us a lick forwards towards Jordun, ah. *My brcethering! There is another string which we huve nil been pulling at for lo 1 these many years ah, but which in tho lnngungo of many of our groat guns, we must now let slide, all | I mean my breethering, that pious piece of tow twist called temperance. Liquor uty breetli- ering, has color us well as twang,ah. We can’t run niggers through on the underground rail- road, unless we also say to liquor let it run, ah. Spirits of liquor made free—them must be our sentiments, all. We can’t oppose the laws of tlie Government and aid the insurrection in Kansas, unless we set the cxumple at home of spitting upon our Maine Liquor Law. We must be consistent, |,ah. I confess that I have been a great temperance man, and that 1 have been pulling the temperance string for low these many years, ah, going around like a thief iu the night and prying into tho affairs of my neighbors, und every now and then jerking the whisky laws,ah; but my breethering, I have found that tho business don’t pay, ah, and for the balunee of my days I’m going to play upon a harp‘of a single string, nlggcrism triumphant forever, ah.—fotoa Gazette. ■funeral limitations. Tho friends aid acquaintance* of Mr. WM, H. KELLEY ami family, aro Invited to attend hia fnne- ral, which wilt take placo nt half-past eight this morning, from bis into rosideiice,coriier of Bull and Gordon streets. . July 4 Thu rrlonds nml acquaintance of Mr. nnd Mrs. M. LAVIN’, aro respectfully Invited to attend the funer al of tho latter, from thoir rcsidouco on East Broad street, this afternoon, at 4 o'clock. July 4—* II AIVR1HON 1 H UULllMttl VN SIZE NiiAItUKD, STYLE IMPROVED. It has doble the quantity and strength of any other. It giveB a perfectly natural color. It colors every shade from light brown to jet black. _ It is perfeotly harmless to the sldn. Its, effect is instantaneous and permanoL., It is tiio host, quickest, cheapest and safest uyk over made. SST Directions for uso accompany each boic.“l_ Price—1 oz, $1—2 ozs. $1.50—1 ozs. $3—8 ozs. $5. [Entered according to an Act of Congress, in tho year 1855, by A. W. Harrison in tho Clerk’s OHloo of tho District Court of tho United States for tho Eastern District of Pennsylvania.] For sale by tho manufacturer, APOLLOS W. HARRISON, docl8—ly 10 South 7th at.. Philadelphia. TO PRINTZIZU Tho subscribers olf^r for sale a largo and varied assortment of second-hand printing material, suffi cient to establish a complete Job OIUco, witli hut low additional articles, consisting tn put of— One ample font ot>mall idea, as good as new, anil vari ous fonts of job type; one super royal hand-press; 0110 Hoo k Co.’s proof-pros*, lutest improvement, now; two or more large imposing stones, new; dou ble and Single stands; cases, composing sticks,col umn rules, galleys, chases, etc., etc., together with various other ut tides pertaining to a newspaper or job office. R. B. HILTON k CO. jtmo 28 ClOAP, CANDLES, ko.—100 boxes Buchan k IO Smith’s family Soap; 10U do Colgato’s No 1 aud it Bar do: 50 do do l’ulu do; 75 do Ueudel’s Tallow Cundlos;50 do Adamunllna do, Star Brand; 50 do Colgate’s aud Oswego Poarl Starch; for sale by Juno24 SCRANTON. JOHNSTON & CO. SUNDRIES. 160 hags good to prime Rio Coffoo : 75 hugs old Govornmeut Juva do; 30 hags old brown Java do; « uo bums Is Stuart’s A, B aud C Clarified Bugara; 50 “ “ Orushcd and Pulvertzod do; 40 hhds Porto ltico, Now Orieuus, aud Muscnvud® Sugars; 60 boxes Stuart’s Loaf Sugar; 60 hlids Sides and Shoulders; 25 casks Trowbridge and Boaty’i Ilaras} 160 bids Domnoud and Oakley Flour; 75 bbls und half bills CaualFonr; 150 bbls Butter. Sugnr and Pilot Crackers; 50 boxes Soda Crackers; 200 boxes various brands aud qualities Tobacco; 26 cases Myer’s Aromatic do;g 150 bbls Cuba and Now Orleans Molassos^ 50 hhds Cuba do; 60 bble No. 1 tifeaflArd; 200 kegs and cans Lird; 6 M lb Bur Loud; 600 bags Drop and Buck Eliot; 600 kegs, bails mid quarters, Dupont’s Powder; 76 bbls Moss and Prime Pork; 60 boxes Noctar Whisky; 100 quarts Scluddum Schnapps; 100 casks pints Ale and Porter; 300 bbls veclificd Whisky; 100 bbls New England Rum; 160bbls Phelps and E Phelps' Gin; 60 casks common und puro Malaga Wine; 60 bblg White Wine aud Cider Vinegar; 20 crates empty Wino Bottles; 600 boxes, Roup, Starch, and Candles; In store and for sale ou accommodating terms, maylO HOLCOMBE, JOHNSON * c6 a X OnATTON Will bo drtlvcrod Mbrptbe FftTftn- A. nsh VoWntoor Guards on Frldny, lire 4th July. nt 10k o’clock A. M., at-tho Atbomeum, by ML A Dotilofi, Esq. Tho Declaration or Independence will bo rea* by R. H. Footman, Esq. The public genornl- OER,) BE, V IN. J . Com. 8. V.G. ly are invited to attend. W. S. BASINGER, I). H. HARDEE, K.H. FOOTMAN. Jy 3 2t Independent Prcibytcrinn Chnreh. The Pew holders will pleaso to remom- JCBr borlbo adjourned meeting to Saturday afternoon at 0 o’clock, in tbo Ucturo Room of the Church. A full altondanco is expected. Tlie boll shall be rung at &)■ o’clock, a* a further notice. FRANCIS SORREL, Jy4— Chairman Board Trustees. MKSTSTfiWiENS’ I LLUSTRATED New Montby, No 1. vot 1, for July, devoted to Tales, Romances, Illustrations, Art und Genornl Literature, each number beautifully embellished in the finest stylo or wood illustration*. TAB Mi OF COXiaXTS i Last Jewels, Alice, TI10 Falls of * innehaba, Stays and Slippers. Timo’s Changes, Love in ’76, Eureka, Tbo Shady Sido, Nellie’s Illusions, Tbo 8ummer Va cation, A Story or Two Llvos, Tho Disappointed Husband, The Maiden’s Confession, Tilings wo Talk About. Subscription price $1 60 per year, in advance. Sneolmcns of tlie above may bo seen at the Book- store or WARNOCK k DAVIS, Jy4 169 Congress street. No arrrlval* since our last. COTTON.—Dm i at lOJf.nd 3 M 11c. ,jai, i, lay oul, 6 bales—2 Mcmornnda. New York, Juno 30.—Cleared, D Letter, Jacksoa- Himes’Holo, Juno 20.—Arr, brig Toccoa,Et!n- son, Savannah, for Camden. Warren. Juno 27.—Sid, brig R J B Lamson, Dan iels, Doboy Island, Ua. , Receipt* per Central Railroad. July 3.-2 bales cotton, 290 sacks wheat. 86 bbls and 60 sacks flour, 181 boles domestics and mdze., to Way k Taylor, C li Campflold, T Marlin, G Ger- raendine, W D Ettarldgo. Henderson, Fleming k Co, Brigham, Kelly *Co, WP Yongo, Holcombe, John- sou fcCo, Tisou k Mucky, J lugersoll, Palon, Hut- ten k Co W Lynn, Nevltt Lathrop k Rodgors. C A Grolucr, Crane, Wolls k Co, Cbeever k Co, J Rich- ardsoif. ’ QUFFKE.—160 bags prime Green Rio Coffee 100 bags 1'ulr do do do 60 mats old Government Java Coffee 26 bugs old Muruculba ' do 50 do prime Laguiru do 63 do do l’orlo Rico do 26 do do old Rio do In store and for sale by jy* SCRANTON, JOHNSTON ft CO. S' TUART’S SUGAR.—30 bbls Stuart’s Crushed Su- gar 20 bbls Stuart’s Powdered Sugar 60 do do A Clarified do 60 do do B do do 50 do do 0 do do Just received aud for eaio by jy4 SCRANTON, JOHNSTON k CO. K UM, GIN AND BRANDY 60 bbls Luther Pel- ton’s Hum 60 bbls E Phelps’ Ryo Glu 26 do Domestic Brandy 20 und 16 >0 casks 4th proof Brundy. Iu store aud for sale by Jy* SCRANTON, JOHNSTON k CO. S oap; STARCH, Ac.—lOO boxes Smith .k "Biunr- an’s family soap 100 boxes Colgate’s No 1 aud fe bar soap 26 do do palo do 60 do Beadcll’s pearl starch 60 do Oswego do do 26 do Ground Coffee % uud fe papers 20 do do Pepper iu fe do, land ing and in store, for sale by jy4 SCRANTON, JOHNSTON k CO^ ct EG Alts.—Prime segar* of various bramts, iu O store, for sale by jy3 J. M. EYRE, 04 Ray street. C ^AltT—A uorlheru inude plantation Cart, for two / or four horzes, for sale low by jy3 J. M. AY RE, 04 Bay s reef. B ACON—100 hhds Sides, ribbed aud clear 26 hbds shoulders 20 casks sugar cured Hams, landing nnd for sulo by Jy2 HOLCOMBE, JOHNSON k CO, P ORK AND LARD—60 bbls Mess und Prime Pork 26 bbls and 100 kegs Lard, lauding uml for sale by jy3 HOLCOMBE, JOHNSON k CO. F RESH Halibut and Salmon in 1 lb uud 2 lbs Cans, uu excellent article for Summer use, for siiio by .1. D. JESSE. Jy3 XTRA Choice Goshen Butter, a tresh supply, Iper steamer Knoxville, lor sale by J. I>. JESSE. E, Jy3 B EAR GRASS J HAMS Just received 0 casks ot thut celebrated brand, also 10 casks of tine Tennessee Hams, which is selling lor lty^ cents per lb by ‘ J. D. JESSE. Jj'3 IRVING’S WSHINGTON. V OLUME ill of tiio Life of George Washington. by Washington Irving. We cuu supply all wuo wish this most desirable work, iu any stylo of binding. Tho Wanderer, a tale of Life’s Vicissitudes, “Trudging aiong, unknowing what he sought, And wnistlmg as ho went, for w-nt of thought.” Ey tho author of tiio Watchman, J^itnpligher, etc. John Halifax, Gentleman, by the author of The Head of tho Family, Olive, &c. Dickens’ liousuhuld Words for July. - Putnam’s Monthly for July trank Leslie's Gazelteu of Fashion for July. Mrs Stephens' Illustrated New Mouthly for July. Blackwood' Edluburh Magazine for June. For sale by WARNOCK & DAVIS, rs and Stationers, jy2 ifi'J Congress .'•trect. RACHAEL AND THE NEW WOULD, A Trip to tiro United states uud Cuba, translated from the French by lx*ou Beauvallet. Walker’s Expedition to Nicaragua and History of tho Central American Wur, witli u map. The ilodoru fctory Teller, or Uiebeotbtovies of the best authors, uow urst collected. Freeman Hurt's Worth and Wcnlth, or Maxims, Morals uud Miscellanies for mercunts, new supply. The Attack on Sum Slick in Eugland. Carpenter on the Microscope, uud its revelations, with upwards of JUbeugraviugs. Whurtou und Stlllo ou Medicul Jurisprudence. Tho Sculpt Hunters, by Capt May no Reed. Thu Grey Bay Mure uud oilier lumiuury sketch es, with iliustrutious. Clara, or Slave Life in Europe, with nu introduc tion. by Sir Archibald Alison. Western Africa, by Rev J L Wilson; John Halifax, Gentlemen. jv3 W. THORNE WILLIAMS. W HEREAS, Ezra F. Wood, John O. FeVrluTtlTas, Barstow, John H. Ladd,^William U. O’Driscoll, B. William O. loom,uud John ti. Cook, summoned to attend the present Term of this Court, as Grand Jurors, made default fur the Term, it is ordered that they bo tilled forty dollars each, unless they (lie good uud sufficient cause of excuse, ouor before the Urst duy of tho uoxt term of this Court. And whereas, Levi Shephons. James White, Ju lius Smith, John Aruo, Robert II. Darby, J. larvau, Harry Kook, U.M. Wall, W. W. Williams, William Condon, John Uuucy and James Crumley, sum moned to attend tho present Term ot this Court, as Petit Jurors, maile default for tlie term, it is ordered thut they be fined twenty dollars each, unless they file good and sufficient cuuso of excuse, ou or before tho first duy of tiio next term of this Court. Aud Whereas, Benjumin R. Armstrong, George Danueiit'eher, Patrick lliillon, Garten Buckler, Ed- Wurd Luilectis and William 1‘. Crews, summoned to uttendod the present Term of this Court, made de limit on the sixteenth duy of Juno, aud subsequent, ly, it Is ordered, thiUthgy bo lined twenty dollars each, unless they file good and sufficient cause ol' excuse on or bolore the first duy of tho next term of this Court. And whereas, Nesbit I’. J. Taylor, George Cer- copoly, aud Cluroncc R. Yongo, smnmonud to ut- tcud tlie present Term of this Court as Tulesinen on tho Petit Jury, have made default ou the twentieth day of June and subsequently, it is ordered, that they bo fined twenty dollars each, unless they file good uud sufficient cuuso of excuse, on or before the first day of tlie uuxt Term of this Court. And whereas, John Lovell, summoned to attcud tiio present *erm ol' this Court us a Petit Juror, mado default ou tho twenty-filth day of Juno, it is ordered, tlmt ho bo fined twenty doliurs, unless he file good uud sufficient cause ofoxcuse, on or before tho first day of tho next Term of this Court. True extract from tlie minutes. WM. 11. BULLOCH, Clerk. Jy 3 0 8NABURGS—3U bales Osnuburgs, Mowton and Tboumstou MilU, just received und for sulo by junu!8 CRANE, WKI.LS & CO. A UUME8TEAD Jb’OK $101 CiiOf A AA1\WORTH OF FARMS OF IqpOXvraFarms and Bulldiugs Lois, iu tbo gold regiou of Virgiuia, (Culpepper County,) to be divided amougst 10,200 aubscribers on tlie 17lh of September, I860,' for the benefit of port Royal Fenialo Academy. Subscriptions only ten dollars each—one-half down, tho rest on tbo deliv ery ol' tlw deed. Every subscriber will get a Budd ing Ifot or Furm, ranging In value trom $10 to $26,000. These Furtns and Lota are sold so cheap to induco settlements, u sufficient number being re served, tho increuso in tho valuo of which will compensate for tiio apparent low prico now asked. Tho most amplo security will bo given for tho faithful performance of contracts aud promises. More Agents ure wanted to obtain subscribers, to whom tho most liberal inducements will be given. Some Agents write that they aro making $200 per month. Advertising will be done for ovory Agent where iiossiblo. Fur full particulars, subscrip tions, Agencies, &c., apply to E. UAUDER, Je24—il&wlm Port Roynl, Carollno Co., Va. FRENCH CHINA, WHITE GRANITE, AND GluUfti WARE. 146 MXKTINQ 8THKOT. CiUllUSmiX, SOUTH CUROUNA. « Tho subscribers resiieetl'ully solicit, from tho traveling public, an inspection! of tholv stock of French and Bag Ingllsh China, in plain white, gold baud, and w decorated dlnnor, desert, breakfast, tea, toilet, teto-a- teto sots und vusus. Also, Cups and Saucers, Ac., ol tho celebrated Sevres Chiuu. White Granite of tho host manufacturers. Rich cut French, English axd Bohemian Glass. They lmve a variety of ornaments tn Partem* Ware, Busts ol Calhoun, Clay, Webster, and others, and Stntuotos ol'thoGrook Slave, Vemis do Medlds Ac., ko. They huve also a beautiful, durable and cheap arti cle for floors and hearths, of Plnln and Bucniutle Tllca. Thoir stock being vory general, curel'ully selected and imported direct, offers inducements to merchants oh woliasfomlllea, to whom goods will bo put up nl tbo lowest rates for cash. WEBB k SAGE, Importers, successors to Cumoron, Wobb k Co. EW UUSHKN BITITER AND LHEhFK—16 tubs aud 10 kegs choice new tioshuu Butter; 20 boxes Goshen Cheese, landing from stenmor aud for 8*19 by SCRANTON, JOHNSTON k (X). Jane 17 jst $45,00 REWARD, I ,10R proor to convict any white person harbor- ' ing my Apprentice Boy NED, a fine looking mulatto boy about 18 years old, who run away tuo aftornuoon of the 27th of June. $16,00 will bo paid to any person for proof to convict any colored person haruorlug blm, or Ovo dollars will bo |iald on Ute delivery te m«. June2 J« M HAYWOOD. FOR NEW YORK.—Union IJne—The reg- ular Packet Schooner O. S. DAVLS, Aboil Muster, will bavo quick dispatch for tho ubovo port. For freight or postage, apply to July 2 OGDEN, 8ARR k CO. ± FOR NEW YORK. 2b sail Saturday, bth July, at 10 o'clock A. M. The steamship KNOXVILLE, Capt. Ludlow, will leave as above. Fol* freight or passage apply to PADELFURD, FAY k CO. Cabin IJassagc ..$25 Steerage Passago •* 8 gSf Shippers of Cotton by Uie3e Steamships will plcusu take notice, that uo Colton will be received ut uu presses thut is not distinctly marked ou tbo edge of the hale. Jy6 JjlLUUK — 6U barrels superthmHour, extra quafi- Jy2 ly, just received, aud for sale by YONGK k FlUKKSOX, No. 94 Boy street. H EIDSIC CHAMPAGNE.—20 buskets now tend ing, uud for sab by C. A. GREINER. J/2 NEW ORLEANS, Job. SO—Tbo f»i m „ f Cwi0 todaj coraprlMjl U00 b*lM, M p. vvlons nle . Hi. Mtter qullllle* ire ucarw, tml’llio crude. OMlecWd. Here Perk la Orm and wortj »J1 |wr bbT. Eichmee on London hum „ lgt ,“ NEW YORK, June 30,-Ooiion'j. A>m, and no bales were sold to-day. Flour dm advanced nod Ohio la worth 16 26 per barrel; Wueat is un?et; tied. Corn U Arm. Spirits or Tqrpentino is firm at 37X cents per Oallon. Freights are improving BALTIMORE, June 30.—Corn*.—Tho Coffee mar ket Is steady, but without much movement. Hold' crB are Arm, with saleB of 70 bags Rio at 11 cent." W® quote common at a 10 cents, fair 10v; aQDd ' 11, prime 11)*, choice 11),', Ugutyra 1J«U& «nd . Java 14al6 cents per lb. stock ot Rio aboutYo ooa hags. ’ w Fi-oun.—Tho flour market is steady and holdm firm. Sales this morning of 600 bbla Howard .StrX** and 600 do Ohio at $6 26, dosing whh rather morn buyers than sobers. A sale also, of un ht.<! City Mills at $0 26. We have no change to nour# in family and extra flour. uce WinuT.— 1 Tlie receipts of Wheat are moderate There were 4,600 bushols offered to-day, aud ly sold at 166al70to 173 and 176e per bushel X quality: red do 136al4dc for good to prime; ordin. ry grades 110al26c. * Gokn.—There were 16,000 bushels oiforod to div and sales of white at 48a60 to 64u66c; yellow do a62to 65c. uo,, Oats.—There were 2,800 bushels offered to-dir and sales at 49a 60c per pushel. 1 Mousses—Market quiet and stock light. We au«u N Orleans at 62a65o, Porto Kico49a53c; Cuba4&i50 to 63c. Pkovwio.vs.—The market continues firm with > very light stock. BKitr.—Wo quote Mess at 17n$17 85, No l tis Prime $12 60. 91 ' Po*k.—No sales reported, holders firm. Uh. $20, Primo 17. Baco.w—Stock very light—holders firm-tram actions moderate. Bales of 20 hhds sides at Ilk cents. Wo quote ehouldors at* 0>* a cenu with a salo of 50 hhds at • Scents, und Hams 11*13 cents. Lard.— 1 We quote bbls at 11 und kegs 13c per lb with sales lu small lots. 1 Rice-—Small sales nre making at4a4LcenU pci* lb. Whjskv.— 1 Tho market is firm with a moderate stock. Wo quote city-at 30>*a 31c, Ohio aud Penn sylvania at 81 >£&32c. NOTICK. T HE Co-partnership heretofore existing between tbo subscribers is (U.s day dissolved by mu- tuul consent Tho name of the firm will bo used by cither party In liquidation, W. H. TI^ON, W. MACKAY. gavauuah, 1st July, 1866 T HE subscriber having associated with him Mr. W. W. Gordon, will continue the Factorage and Commission Business under tbo name and style of TISOX k GORDON, und solicits a continuance or tbo patronage extended to the late firm. W. H. TISON. Savannah, July 1st. I860. Savannah, 1st July, 1850. fpiIE firm ofT. B. Clarke & Co., of Kuoxville, X Tonn., Is lids day dissolved by mutuul consent, TI&ON k MACKAY, T. D. CLARKE. .Kuoxville, Tenn. T B. CLARKE will continue the Commission • und Produce Business, at Knoxville, Tenn., on his own account, and respectfully solicits a continu ance of past favors. St—julyl NOTICE. T HE firm of Jumes Sullivan k Co. is this day dis- solved by mutual enuaeut. Either of tho un dersigned can receipt for debts due tbo firm in closiug its business. JAMES SULLIVAN, ALBERT At, .JULLIVAN, JOHN A. DOUGLAS. Savannah, July 1st, 1850 . 3t—julyl T HE subscriber will contiuuo tbo Stove, Whole sale Tin-wure and House Furnishing Business, at his old stand in Broughton street, upou his own account. His former partners—Messrs, A. M. Sulli van and John A. Douglas—will bo found ut the store us heretofore. JAMES SULLIVAN. Savannah, July 1st, 1856 fit—Julyl ASSIZE OF BREAD, T HE average prico of Flour tho last month bciug sEven doliurs, Bread must weigh as follows:— 10 Cent Loaf must weigh 2 pounds 2yi ounces. 6 « “ “ 1 “ 1« 4 ' “ , 8 “ “ “ 10 ounces. JAUtH 8. WILKINS, City Treasurer. July 1st,_1850. Jyl FIVE DOLLARS REWARD. L OST, on Baturduy, 28th iustunt, in Whitaker street, going from Congress street to the City Hotel, u package of papers, of no use to any person hut the owner. The ubovo reward will he paid up- on leaving the same with M. D. Trcanof, 111 Con gress street, or at tho City Hotel. 8t—jo29 PRIVATE BOARDING. A LARGE aud nicely furnished room for a Indy and geutieiuun, or two gentlomcu; also u uice room for u siugle goutiemau, with board lu a private family In a central part ot the city. Inquire at the Georgian & Journal office, jiincao—6 GROCERIES AT COST ! A PORTION of my stock of Goods, having been partially damaged by tho recent tire iu tho Planters’ Hotel, above me, I hano removed them te 110 Dryuu street, (opposite 8. Wilmot’s Jewelry tit re,) for the purposo of disposing of thorn, where they will bo offered nt cost prices for cash, in ordor to euuble me to rioso out the entire stock at the earliest possiblo period, so that I maybe able to bring out an entire new stork by tho Urst ot Sep tember next. Those iu waut of articles in my line will find it to their advantage to give me a call at an early date. A. H. CHAMPION. Savannah, June 29th, 1856 tit—ju29 T ubs, fails and washboards.—20 neats painted, uud 15 do cedar Tubs. 25dozen Pails; 20 do zinc, aud 15 do wood Washboards; just re ceived and lor salo by mcmahon & doyle, juno29 205 and 207 Buy street. P _ IPES, WRAPPING~PAPER AND BROOMS.—60 boxes Pipes, 200 reams Wrapping Paper, of all sizes; 109 dozen Brooms; for sulo by McMAHON k DOYLE, juno29 206 and 207 Bay Etreet. USTA UbT CATSUP AN D PEPPERS AU Cfc^-60 boxes Tiger Mustard; 26 dozen Catsup, 60 do Pepper Sauce, received and for sale by mcmahon & doyle, june29 205 and 207 Buy street. L ARD, bacon and mu Lasses.—25 kegs aud 16 bbls clioico Lard; 20 hhds Bacon Sides and shoulders: 26 hhds aud 26 bbls Molasses; received aud for salo by McMahon k doyle, Jumc29 205 and 207 Buy street LAND AGENCY. T HE uudevslgned will, for live dollars per lot, cxuiniuo.uuylands inthe counties of Appling, Wayne, Wuro or Coffee, aud re]>ort to tiio owner us to their present valuo, the prospect for their be coming more valuable iu future, uud whether or not there is being any trespass committed thoroon, invariably pledging himself to give a true aud cor rect account, for which all remittuuces will Uo ex pected in advance. Ho will also sell and remit when requested, aud as directed, for seven per cent. Ho will ulso promptly attend to all professional business entrusted to his cure. vernun c. McLendon, my 13 Attorney ut law, HotueavlUo, Ga. P ORK- 60 barrels Mess Pork, 25 do Primo do Landiug and for solo by myl4 HOLCOMBE, JOHNSON k CO. H AVANA SEGARS—30,000 choice Havana Segurs—Conchas, Ia Esmeralda, El Orysol, Kxcolsors, Rio Hondo, Captain Alchorn, Lu Ltel, Joun Smith, and various other brands, imported di rect by mo, aud for sale at tho lowest cosh prices. waylU J. A. BROWN. CHILLS, Laces, Embroideries, White Good, kJ Mitta. Ac., just being opouod und for sulo by J. W. THRELKKLD, tpar2l Cor. Cougross aud Whitaker sts. WATCHES—WATCHES—WATCHES We are receiving the London Lever Watches, of the most celebrated makers, lu .Gold uml Silver cases. R. F. Cooper’s Du- ! plex Watches, Watches for Timing Horses, line Swiss Chronometers, which wo offer at reasona ble prices, ut our new store in Gibbous’ Rouge. *opt28 I). B. NICHOLS * 00^ NEW TIN STORE AND* SHEET-IRON MANUFACTORY. 141 80tJTn OK MAKKKT WJtMKK, BRYAN 8TRKXT. ^ I would iufonn my old frieudJ ami patronB {591 have npquud the ubovo store to conduct the AbMsiovc, Tiff and Slicet-lrou Business in all its ^WtSvarlous forms, nnd whore will bo found a gen eral assortment of Stoves, Hu aud Siioet-Iron Ware, which 1 will bo pleased to show, and at such price as will saUsiy any one wishing to purchuso. AUkiuds of Roofing, Gutters or Lead, Galvanized Irou Work of every description, Job Work nnd Re pairing oxecutod with dispatch, old Stoves put up aud Pipes furnished at short uotlco. Tin Ware nt wholesale und retail. Call down on Bryuu street, It will pay you for your walk. oct2 JOUN J. MAURICE, Agont. A tOMI'liKTE OUTFIT FOIL HOUSE KEEPERS* I S an important item, and to know where to get exactly wlmt is wanted is equally Important, cull at “KENNEDY & BEACH’S” IIoilgsoit’B New Block, Corner or Brough ton and Bull Streets, and you will find everything pertaining to IIouso Keeping us well as Refrigerators, Meat Safes, Wood- cc Ware, and Tin Ware, Willow Ware, bcautlfol Wator Coolers, Palette Ice Pitchers, BrushoKlu every variety, Bird Cages, Bathing Tubs, indoed nearly everything that can becallMftr, recollect the place. aprlO TT'OR SALE.—23,000 bushels Corn to arrive. X mays YOUNG & WYATT irving’s Washington: YrOLUME III. of Washington Irring’g Life of V Washington. A lew additional subscribers can be supplied. new aevruta ok Alison’s Continuation or tlie History of Europe two volumes. Gerard, the Hon Killer. Mr. Sponge’s Sporting Tour. Tho Bparrowgross Papers. Hu-ri-bus-tah, by Dousticks. Fqttier’s Central America, Nicaragua, &c. Kwbunks’ Life in Brazil. June26 W. THORNE WILLIAMS. A LBANY"ALE,—26 bbls. Albany Stock Ale, just xjL received, and fo- —*— juuel t for sale by SCRANTON. JOHNSTON k CO. P RIME NORTHERN HAY.—100 bales now land- ing, and for sale low from the wharf. JF 2 C. A. GREINER. JOHN ill* MILLEN, ATTORNEY AT LAW, (Office at the Court House.) Will practice in the Superior aud Courts of Ordt- °ary. janso H. L. P. KING; ATTORNEY AT LAW, Corner of Bay and Whitaker Streets, SAVANNAH. fob 22 3mos WANTED A GOOD COOK AND WASHER, for a small fam ily. Apply to LARSON k ROGERS. June 20 No. 2 Shad’s Building. CRANE, WELLS * CO., FACTORS & COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Savannah, Ga. MOURNING GOODS, B LACK French Bombaziuu, Black Alpacas, Black Lama Cloth, Black Mohair, Black Challlc, Black French Lawn, Black and White French Mus- llu, and a flno assortment of Striped and Maid Black uud While Ginghams and Calicoes, Plain and Striped Black Sewing Silks, and Grenadines, Barege and Tissues, Plain aud Figured Black Silks, for summer collars uud sleeves, of the lutest puterus. For sale by [Jel2j A1KIN k BURNS. general Notice. S ILVER AND GOLD PLATING can now be done at home. Mr. CHARLES KEM1SH having es tablished himself permanently, all work in this line will be done with dispatch. All repairingoi'Castors, Teapots, Candlesticks, Simons, Forks, or any olher article will be dono neatly before plating. All old silver plate, such os Teasetts or Urns, Forks or Simons, will be re-fluished and made equal to new. and nt moderate prices. All work or orders left at my store will bo attended to promptly. P. S.—Watch cases galvanized. may27 G. M. GRIFFIN. H ALE’S SUPERIOR SILK UMBRELLAS—A case of 28, 30, 32, 24 and 30 inch Silk Umbrellas, aeceived and for salo by juuo 0 LADSON & ROGERS. H AY, CORN AND OA'IS—Iu store, and for sale wholesale or retail by juno22 LOCKETT k 8NELLINGS. B ACON—10 casks prime Sidos, just received and f CRANE, WEl.lS & CO. for salo by juuo 26 HjITTIiEI giant CORN AND COB MILL. rOR THE STATES OF 80. CAROLINA, OKOllCIA A.M> FLOWM* PATENTED MAY 16, 1854. COPYRIGHT SECURED MARCH 1855. T HE attention of Planters and Stock Feeders is respectfully called to tbo above Mill. They arc now in uso by at least 10,000 of Ute most practi cal Stock Feeders throughout the country, who art ready to testify to their superiority over all other Mills of a similar kind. These Mills aro made the exclusive busiucss of tho patoutco, Mr. Scott, who being a practical tnun, superintends the casting la porsou, and selects only such Iron as is best adapt ed to thoir use, which, like cur wheels, require to be made of metal known to bo hard aud stroug.— They weigh from three to five hundred pounds, ac cording te aizo. aud can be put iu operation iu twen ty minutes without expense or mechanical aid. Tlie Little Giant has taken tho first premium at nearly all the State Fairs throughout tho Union, and that in tho most complimentary manner. They arc guaranteed against breakage or derangement when used according te directions, and warranted tegive tho most perfect satisfaction, or the money refunded ou the return of tho mill. , .. They aro of threo sizes, aud will grind from eight to fifteen bushols good feed per hour, according to size, with one or two horses. We now offer them to tho trade complete, ready for attaching the team, at reduced prices. Mr. C. H. CAMPFIELD is our Agcut in Savannah, ofwhora tho mill may bo had at our prico. march 7—eod&wly STRANGER 1 If you want a good ami cheap Trunk, Vnllce, Carpet ling, or Clothing of any kind or quail- WkMalty, ready made or made up to your measure; ulso Hats, Caps, Shirts, Collars or Drew Furnishing articles of any description, call and se lect from the largest nnd best stock in the city, *» the Star Emporium, 147 Boy street. jo!3 ’ WM. 0. PHICE^ NOTICE. . , . T HE UNDERSIGNED having this day associated thomselves together for tho purpose ot conduct ing tho Wholcsolo Grocery Business, nnd having purchased the stock of Rodgers & Norris, will hew* after contiuuo tho business uudor tho firm el iwu- gers, Norris & Co., at the old stand, corner or wy mid Lincoln streets. JA3, G. RODGF.RS, JAS. A. NORRIS. GEO. H. JOHNSTON, JNO. N. BIRCH. Savaunah, Juno 2d, 1866. J e * T HE firm of Rodgers & Norris having this day been dissolved by tho abovo association, citner partner will uso tho name of tho Urm ’ JAS. G. RODGERS, JAS. A, NORRIS, Savaunah, Juno 2d. 1856 J B ROOMS, ftc.—51) dozen Iwo ply Brooms; 60 three ply do; 50 do Palls; 75 do Washboards, lust received aud for salo by mcmahon 4 novi.E, JnnolO 205 and 207 Buy street. M ustard, Ac.—100 i>ux™ Musiard; iso pure Pepper; 100 do Starch; received and tor sale bv McMAHON k DOYLE. juuolO 206 aud 207 Bay street. TINSMITHS WANTED. ulX first rate Job workmen can flud steady cm- O ploymont where tho highest wages will bo paw- Apply Immediately at No. 166 Broughton street. HORACE MORSb. Savannah, June 17th, 1860 J ul8 — itifOLASakS AND SYRUP-50 fiEdTCuba and 1YL Mu*oovado Molasses; 260 bbls New Orleans TStf “ ,0r ° "SSSfllSSf JOHNSON * 00.