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XXXVIII [OLD SERIES.] iniuM jt jonu.m iHOKUAV, Two OVloek* P. W, .Hid, Tlu* IlirhiU Trial. Washington,July 18, 1806. tbl . iuh.ciI trial lias >»eou |nMt|m nwl on >r ., rt ui «t the UltiMH of u Juror. Ml ml talon of IIlull. Wash i noton , July 18,1850. I U lor tlu* ml minion or Utah Into the 'nlon will notJlH* pivrantcil to: (fou-gtvs* th\» i mi»si:it’s lvqtimr.—t'«>roii(*r ImIoii hold an yesterday tifloruoou ou Utu hotly tif nry Kuril. It appeared in evidence before j.iiy that the deuoaseil wont to Thun- toriMilt yu-terduy morning, uml arriving thore lu> xum into tho bathing hatted to take u luUb, \li n t half an hour alter, some gentleman minted 11 go in the bathing houfe, and fouud iv.i- I’.istened on tlu* inside. Tho deceased 4 railed, ami no answer being icoolvod, an mv.Ii g.»t aud tho door brokon open. The .tiling of the deceased was found in the ;t«e, l»nt he was nut to liesecn. Two or three cent lemon dived down, aud found the body ly ing at the bottom of the bathing house, liclug jammed. Tho water was ahtm twelve orthlr- foet deep. The jury rendered a virdiet tliut the deceased &* accident ally drowned. "sinii-k liy*ll((iitiiiiiR. Ou yesterday moruing about o’clock, tho title tenemeift, two story wooden building on the corner of Price uml McLouougb streets, was struck by lightning. The following items have . 'on' given to our reporter, by a gentleman ending within twenty feet of the building, rthen it was struck. He says, that he observed tlic western sky Hunting in thu air a blue minions ball, its course was over the old Come- ‘ry.aml lodged on the gahlo end of thoeus- a tcaeuieut, it Mazed or danced about for t«\> initiates; a heavy thunder commenced to *11 accompanied by sharp forked lightidug. ip ball then expluded, scattering its fluid over thi> part of tho building, ripping up the slilm.'le* of the roof, forcing of the wonther ■ding, upsetting tho furniture, ripping off id dc-lroying the plasteriugiu its course. The little houses next door east, was protected from ic lull force of the explosion by the z.iuc sheet- u dividing the two buildings, which acted ns in iiiMiliitcr and conducted the fluid to the tin t. The double teuement that was struck, iiinl tlie house adjoining lutd over twenty per ns in them, none of whom were injured. The back was felt in Crawford, Green, Washing- •n, sitnl Magazine Wards. SAVANNAH, (GA..) MONDAY, JI3LY 21, 1866. NO, 12020- Mr. h'rltl—Hii HiUtch-iKxale Hunt.—Con- taint Hlrctmn-- /Voinuti om in tbftavy. Washington, Jui/16. II, lull jiaat II u’clock today theiaUHh* of tho House of Ro|u«aeiitaU>e, ~ .It hair pMt 13, Mr. Koltl arte'to tho r»buk. Inflicted ujioii litai. I»y 1 The following is one of the resolutions passed at the Americuu meeting on Friday night. H, tilled, That from the frequent and no torious publicatious we have made of onr m|il».itic and unvesorved disavowal of anyde- . ire or intention to meddle, in any imaginable manner, with the subject of religion, we feel mu-trained to brand the unprincipled demago cue that continues to wantonly impute such motives to onr party as wilfully uttering a base- liuiderous aud wicked falsehood, ob: tri-mlilii. ye IVmncrats. sli.iko in your shoo*! Forlii<lili>n your politlcnl thunder to'usu, You have on your backs tlio American brand— v.iu wliirpjr ‘ intolerance,” you urn brought to a Hand. Beware bow you wakotbe flerco ••native” host, If you hope to lio ought more substantial tbau ‘•ghost Tin* American party has given the liu inhc* demagogue raise the “Catholic” cry. Wlmt shall wo do—our heads wo must bury, If we don’t invite them to Yerevan's Forry, Where wo would expect a shot through the hoad If die party • antagonist" was not stone dead. Now as ‘-Wilson on Honor' ’ explains all tho code, And shows how these things ore arranged a la inode. He nowhere provides for such novel case*, To shoot a dead man, with ‘sang froid” at ten 10103. [From tho Washington Onion.] Tlic Blnclc-Llnc Party. .Mr. Coniius, of Massachusetts, said iu •peech in the House of Representatives on the 10th inst., that “nothing rema ined for that gentlemen (Mr. Cobb, of Georgia,) but/o draw nnrginal lines of lilac/; u round I he constitution ««■/ m ile ‘expunged* across its pages.” Mr. Cobh’s rebuke of tho revolting rantimeut was one of tho noblest, bursts of patriotic eloquence Umt ever honored the halls of Congress- He mid : •S'//-, he who is prepared for the damna ble deed may perform i/. It is no part of my iluty, and finds no response in my heart. I pn-fer to guard und protect from the assaults ») treason and fanaticism this sacred legacy from onr revolutionary fathers.” It nppeara front thu following, which we clip from the Bangor, (Me.,) Democrat, that the process of ranging lias already been applied by Mr. 'omln’s party in Maine to the glorious flag of our country: piStfxiONisii—Hanibal Hamlin, Lot M.Mor- nil, uml C’hnrles W. Goddard, ICsqs,, of Dan ville, addressed u Fremont meeting ut Norway <m Monday, standing uuder an Americuu flag, "» widen were only sixteen sturs !—Democrat The disunion flag, with sixteen stars only, •still continues to float ucid.hs the pttblte liighway in this village—an cmlilem of sectionalism and a disgrace to the party who placed it there.— iSuncay Advertiser. Tho Portland State of Maine has hung out a rremout unci Dayton flag, on which are only sixteen stars. i A 1 ‘-aluteol sixteen gnu., was fired at Port- Und the day Hamlin was nominated. Only sixteen States were represented in the '■•invention which nominated Fremont and b.ijton. \ oof her BruqHs'iTml Sumner AITnlr. i ,«»* Tuesday night, the sn- l,ml ‘ the Metropolitan Hotel was tho scene of iigroat deal of confusion yuul excitement, in ‘•;»u-eqn<ince of an affray between Mr. John hunumi d, of Massachusetts, ami Hurford W ' "'K a Houtli Carolinian, brought about by tho in which Mr. Stanwood denounced the iJ:"'i ' m ,„. Sc,mtwr . Sumner, by Congressman nronkj. | he gentleman from MawichustUa »'*•*« occasion to say that tlm conduct of Brooks, "ii the occasion referred to, was most brutal •iiid cowardly. Mr. Vicks, who is either n re- i;, ,v, ‘ or personal friend of Hrooks, refuted the charge made against thu latter,limits is alleged, followed up the argument by blows with u walk- ‘"“'J *, Cue of thu Fourteenth ward police Jus called into quell the dilficulty, when Mr. , " K-i was arrested mul taken to the station !.!!'• ,,>r . 11,0 reHt 01 1,1,5 fight Yesterday mi'rmu^ Um nccnseil was brought before Jus- h«‘i"iuii,nt the Third District Police Court; ii.. .!•" »ot appearing .against him, t iva-f iij.-ud,urged from custody. In the course ' day,All-, Stanwood hearing,that Mr. Vicks d^k irgcd, proceeded to tlm police '« lahovuumntloned, and made an aflldavit ;.f»‘'' : l V*'* gentleman from South Carolina, r., ^"‘Khim with assault nud battery. A war- i?.iu i w >i8,,uU lb . r t,,e an ' ost 0f « t,iu nccuscd | ' 'Mi to last evening it hud uot been *v«..1 4* r * Kl, u»wood received a pretty Vue k-atmgut tli« hands of Mr. Vicks, as his , ft " plainly .testify.—JV. K. Day ' ivkets wus liubsequently arrested at tho iu ‘in u ol Stanwood, who claims 42500 for dam- "** done him. crowded. respoudto tliu majority bf tliut body. Every part of the. House wurt then,.thronged. Tho Senate chain* her, floor anil all, tvav almost deserted. Mr- Kcitt Was under letter selfn’outrvd than usual, though at t{mk.'s I empest nous enough. He coin. iueU«:dd by aii ullusloii to tho ganders heaped u|)du the Statu of his birth aud his afl'cutimi, und he dulended her past history, /mil present fame. He royiewed the uveuts of ‘ the Ruvolu- ion and slioweiUbat, though. euibarimsed l>y the presence ol u large nuintiur of Englishmen uud Scotchmen, whom thrill had ‘attracted’ to her shores, and wiio though among her people were uot of them, the spirit of B.C.,wus everpui- nle aud the co-operation of hor soin# vuliautaud elUcieul.. Hu ciuupuied her, iu every inspect she hud evurprescniud, with thc ^yu 01 Mussa- cliusetts,aml rtlmwud that, lottd-attiH*tt-reiiettteti as wui-e tne boasts of the latuW?there wa» no era in her caieer’iu which the State of South Carolina did not hold a prouder uiramiore hon orable position, it was true that the world had Imhoi almost induced to believe ' that uo other buttle \vu* iouglit durtug tlw Devolution but that oi ihmker Hill, though the blood of the cluiu hud been sued upon many a'field in tho suuuy Soutli—though tho boues of rnauyu patriot had wlutcued the pluius,uud though me aiuo of he$uek rudiuted like a halo from every Suuihcru>5111 Ic; nud from none more gloriously tliuu tliut of VI** birtU. 5ly. Cobb, of Georgia, ut the request of Mr* limit, read numerous passages from tho pages of history, iroiii tlio letter of Wushiugtuu, of Schuyler uud others, iu confirmation of all that he proclaimed. Of what was personal to luuiself he cured to say but little, lie laid been iormnlly cuudunu* ud by the House at ltepreseutalitvs, i.cauuse he could uot be that which his heart u*.»ot des pise l uml contemned, au infill mu. tlu had uot betrayed und d.cuoiuicod tho liiviiduthis bosom. Ho cured nothing for the disapproba tion of the individual members of that House who had voted iu censure of him. It was but ns the wind. Vet he so far heeded a formal uml recorded vote ol’ censure us to withdraw himself from those who Uud enacted it, uud to appeal 1'rom their decision to the pcuplo whom lie represented, iu whose service nu was proud to labor, uud whose decisbns were ever just. For half an hour alter Mr. Keitt Had con cluded uud left the Hull, thore was too much excitement uml commotiou for the resumption oi business. Hundreds upon hundreds follow ed aud surrounded him In the vestibule of the House and in tho rotundu. The circumstances ut this scene is bciug anticipated (unlike thut iu which Ml*. Ilrooks bore a similar purl,) hud of course contributed to this i ctlcct. Many shook bauds heartily with Mr. lveitt, bidding him good-by; but we shall of cuursc seo them both back among us buloro many days. Thu Illinois contested case wua then brought ,j before tho House by Mr. Wusbburn, of iaine, of tkb Committee ou Elections, who made an hour speech against the light of the sitting member, Mr. Allen, Democrat, aud iu favor of Mr. Archer, the contestant Itepub licuti, and was followed by Mr. Alleu iu suable etfort. One vote ia the subject of difference. It is believed that upon this, Allen will be dis placed and Archer admitted, and then by one vote, if tho election shall como into the House, will the vote or Illinois be given to the Repub lican candidates! Mr. Richardson is canvassing his State in the gubernatorial election. Mr. Urooks is gone, and Mr. Kcitt Is gone, and so a majority of from seven to ton ia confidently counted on iu the House. in the Senate, after discussing an appropria tion for the improvement of the small arms of the Army, the Senate is understood to have had hut work in executive session growing out of tho nuuiluatioiis lor the Naval- service, which are to he determined in accordance with the provisions of the Naval bill, passed yesterday, which grouts trial by a Court Martial to.cvcry proscribed officer who shall demand it. Su6n olficers as shall pass hence unscathed nroto stand in the Navy as though they had never been Interfered with. Nine jurors have been obtained for the se cond trial of Mr.'Herbert, the court will no doubt be able to proceed to-iuorrow. Impartial. Black Republican tUfeat—Maryland Senators and Buchanan—Clayton, Bell und Critten den—Toombs and Lient. Bartlett. Washington, July 18. The House of Representatives has been very much excited to-day, aud the Republican inn* jority has sustained a great defeat. Their pro gramme in the Illinois contest case was all made out, and many of them stated confidently that the Republican contestant, Archer, (a plain, homely, ahtirbby, and seedy looking old mnn,) was to 1)6 substituted for Allen by a majority of from seven to ten. The Chairman of tho coiumittuo, Washburn, of Maino, and Allen had been already heard; und to-day, Stephons,of Georgia, and Archer spoke. Alter Stephens hud finished, shrewd lookers on began to re gard tho tatles ns turned, and all the more con fidently after Archer hud stated bis own case The ground taken by Mr. Stephens, was pre cisely that assumed by him in the minority re port, and constantly upheld throughout, viz: that without tlio admissiou of one more thun suspicious vote there avuh manifestly a tie, und the election should lie referred back to tlio people. At an early stage of the business of the Re publicans bad counted their absentees, and be gan to urge an adjournment, but fouud they had not the power to effect it. They then ven- tured upon a vote, unsetting Allen und prevail* cd 04 to 001 Thus elated, they essayed a vote admitting Archer, aud failed, HO to 0J1 A mo tion to reconsider, and an exciting contest in regard to it, followed, but all without-affecting the result. The House has blundered into a compliance with Mr. Stephens’ recommends- tion, and the people of Illinois will veryproper- ly suttle the question as to who shall be the Representative for tho “bulauce” of the Cou- gress, ns Americans are wont to express it. Thu Senate 1ms repeulcd a hill fur the ca tion of an Arsenal for the use of the volunteers and militia of this city, alter imviug cau-.>d a commencement to lie made in the crnci'r. u . / ft very beautiful structure. Tho slguificau.' • of this event consi% in the fact tlio* .spate among the people, or those of them .10 were interested, concerniuug the locution of the edi fice, has lost it to them all 1 Messrs. Piereo and Pratt,Senators from Maryland^ soon to avow their preferences with respect to'thc Presiden tial tickets. It is thought that tho former.aiid known that the latter will support Buchanan and Breckinridge. Mr. C’layton, of Dehiwaro, “* " *■“ " * “ the * *’ •APPALLING ACCIDENT On tiie North Pennsylvania Kalltoad ' FOURcans DKMOLISHKD—TWO burned. Otter Fifty Pen-sons Killed or Burned t VKOM KKIilrv VO OXK HV.VDHKU WOI’NDKD. We are called upon this morniug to record one of the mjust uppnlling railroad nccideuts which has over occurred in this country, caused by a collision between two trains ou the North Pennsylvania Railroad, one being an excursion train, with six hundred children attacoed to the Buuday School of St. Micthael’s Catholic Church, Kenslugton. This train left the Shaokamaxon depot at 5 o’clock yesterday morning, witii it.-* living freight of liunpy childreu, their parents and teachers, looking forward in anticipation of the R loasures and enjoyments or u day spent utnld mi beautiful svenea of whltcmarsh valley. The eJtclifhlon Was so large, there being twelve hundred tickets sold, wu arc informed, thut it was divided into two trains, the first carrying (SOU persons. It was under the charge of Al fred F. Hoppel, one of thu regular conductors ou the ruud. Owing to the number of persons iu the curs, the train was delayed beyond the time appointed for it to start, hence the speed was Increased on the way to make up the time Alms lost. At a few ml|mtea after six o’clock, the ex- cursjoniata reached Camp Hill, near Fort Wash ington. some thirteen miles from Philadelphia, find Wliilo passing around tho citrvo ut this point, and tho track being also hid by the deep vat, the locomotive, whilo-pulliug the train at the rate ofubout thirty miles per hour, came iu collision with tho regular passenger train which left Gwynedd nt six o’clock, aud which was uuder the charge of Mr. wm. Vuustavoren. Tim engineers .on the train did not see the dan ger uuttl they were within one hundred yards of each other; tlio breaks were immediately put down ami the engines reversed, but not iu timo to brenk tho force of tho concussiou. Tho fireman ou the excursion train, Johu Butcher, was thrown nbont thirty feet iu u Hold, and escaped witii but slight and uot at nil dangerous wouuds. Tho onglneer, Mr. Heury Harris, fell between thu engine uud tender uud was almost instantly killed. Five of the ex- si'ilm" 11 ? t01 ?' a Now York artist, Ims Wliilimu ™ "'" 1 ’ 1 " Izrail •* Mr should by ail means give the influence of his example iii tlio sumo direction; und, it is a great pity that Crittenden und Bell cannot do so also. Tlio gamo they are now playing is far beneath them. The project of turning nil the old muskets of thu United States into minnio rifles, rifling tho barrels and ulfixing percussion locks to thorn, at three dollars each, is regarded as having Sili # 1 ,t ,. W0u * <1 * ,avo 0081 tt million ami ft ifth of dollars, and it is not unlikely that high hopes nave boon overthrown in tills non-stic cess. To-day, liko Fridays generally, has hcon un productive iu both 1 louses. There is much ex- citemeut in regard to the naval appointments and confirmations. Mr. Toombs, who unques- tloimhly luis the right ou kin »ldo, defends llou- lemiut Bartlett, solely on tke ground of Uio tlle- of tlio jmieuodlugn of that miaorakle Nuvul Board. liiruimi.. eursiou care were broken to atoms, scattering their living load upon tho ground. To add to tlio cuulUaion^ uud horror oi' thu sceuu, several of tho cars were set on fire from the Ure-box of thu locomotive, uud many of tlio passengers crushed beneath those who wero endeavoring to lice from tho burning car were suffocated or burl to u crisp. Among this number was the pastor of tho,Church to which tho Sunday School was uttuchcd, Father Sheridan. Ho was so badly disfigured that his face could not he recognized. The down train escaped with but slight dam age, and no ouo upon it was seriously hurt, except Joseph Edwards, the baggage master, who had one of his logs broken, caused, we understand, by his jumping from tlio train. The sceuu at this time is described as most terrible. The shrieks of the dying und wound ed uud thu lamentations of those who hud es caped themselves but lust relatives or frieuds by the uccident,ull combiucd to render the event of the most appalling thut has ever occurred iu our Slate- As soon as tho news reached the city, terror and ulurm seized upon those who resided in that portion of the city where the ex cursionists carau from. Thousands of persons flocked tothefShaokamaxon Depot, at Washing ton and Montgomery streets, for tho purpose of ascertaining the extent of the accident and tlio fate of their friends and relatives. At the approach to the station honso of the train which'lutd been sent down to the city, the rush of those desiring admission was so great that it was with difficulty that a largo police force could keep them out, Tho building was then surrounded by weeping friends, while in side the shrieks of the wounded nmdo the sccno very appalling. Tho carpenters inside, and u number of persous to assist them, wero busily engaged iu constructing temporary Utters, to remove the wounded. The dead were placed side by side, ou a platform erected for tlio pur pose. As soon Its the wounded and dead were ro- muved from tlio curs, they were ngain despatch cd to tho scene of the accident, for thopurposc of bringing iu the bodies that had uot been re moved from uuder the ears, at the time of tho leaving of the first train. This dreadful affair, we presumo, will be tho- ougbly investigated. The blame is thrown by many upon the conductor of the excursion train, who, it is said disobeyed the standing instruc tions of tho Company by uot stopping the train and w&itiug for tlio oown train, when he found that he was behind Uls time. A fearful amount of responsibility rests upon somebody’s shoul ders. On tho other baud, it is said thut the en gineer of tho down train was ahead of time, and that this was the cause of the collision.— The conductor of the down train, wo under stand, committed suicide yesterday, after the acccident, by swallowing arseuic. He was probably driven to this rash act by the fear that the blame of the terrible calamity of Yes terday would be thrown upon him. He lived in Buttonwood street, above Tenth. Thu list of wounded will umouut to over 100, but a great number of them were slightly hurt. The first train brought dowu eight bodies, which were ull, one utter another, identified by their frieuds. it was a most lamentable spec tacle to witness tho agony of those who re cognized in tho manglud remains before them the joyful sonor daughter witii whom they parted hut a few short hours before. Six of the bodies were soon identified, but two others were unclaimed for sometime. One of these was a young girl, und a neighbor finally re cognized her us Ellen Clark, whose parents lived ut No. 100 Hancock street. Tho new white dress she had ou, which she hud taken such pains to prepare the previous day, was identi fied by the neighbor. The other body wus called different names by persons who supposed they knew him; but the iuitiuH E. H., with a sailor und flag, ou his ai m, ia India ink, aided his recognition as Edwuid Hall. His loft arm aud one lout wero cut off, und his head crushed, so that death was undoubtedly instantaneous. The wounded received every attention ou ar riving ut tho Depot, by tho physiciansin attend ance there. There wus an ample supply of ice and water, and other restoratives so much need ed by the sufferers. A number of carpenters wero set to work preparing splints for the use of tho pliysiciuus iu settiiig tho fractured limbs. A secoud train came down about 4 o’eldck iu tho ufternoon, briuging the remaius of Henry Harrison, the engineer, aud James Garuey, to gether with nine of tho wounded, all oi whom were removed. tlio latter wus -Veter Donohue, u lad about 12 years old, whose unn uud leg were both broken, und he was otherwise so much injured that his life wus despaired of. Iki. train also Lirongkt duwu a large immkernf tho injured, mainly lemalcs andckikltcn. Anotkor train w ears was sunt up to tko scene of the accident at fl o'clock, and returned last evening about 8j o’elock, bringing back tkirty- oue dead bodies, all of which, except two or three, were so much burned that It will be im possible lor their friends to recognlso them. James Donnelley, who bad been injured, and one of bis urms niupututcd, was also brought In this train. Tlio crowd > urounil the depot was immense ontb e arrival ot the ears with the bodies or tho dead, and It was with groat dilllculty that the curs could be got into tlio bouse. The charred remains of those who bad died tho most horri ble of deaths beucatb tho burning curs, pre- sented a spectacle wo hope ncvci- to seo again. RfiAinong tho thirty-one bodies there were two females, but so much burnt that they could not l>c reeoguizod. The only ones recognized were Lawrence Dillon und three boys, two of whom were brothers. Tho Coroner of Montgomery county hold an inquest upon tho liodics, but did not conclude his investigation. Borne of tho people of Montgomery were dis posed to interfere with the police of Fhiludel- tree is to l>e seen for a considerable distance on any side, and the glaring nm beat down upon the dead, thu wounded, their rescuers and tueir half-crazed frieuds, who were flocking to the scone—nil running—on foot, in wagon* and ev ery species of vehicle that could be proeurad In the city. A gentleman, who saw the accident, and was within fifty yards of the spot where the collision occurred, states that the cam on both trains were ruuulng about DO tulles an hour. On corn- lug lu sight of each other, both whistled for “down brakes,” but tho distance was too short to prevent a collision. On coming together, both engiuesstruek with tremendous force,rear ed up and fell over on their sides, the batons of both engines coining together. The first two passenger unis performed thu same evolutions ok the unglues, the third car being piled ou the lii-st two, making a complete wreck of all, the force of tho collusion scattering the burning cluders among tbe curs and setting them on lire. Two freight cars, belonging to tba down train, containing milk, were also burnt—mak ing tlio scene one of the most terrible ever be- held.—Philadelphia ledger, July 18. MarketTuporti. New Orleans, July 18.—Thu sales ol cotton to-day, nmotiuttid tn 2,000 bales, nearly all bu- lug tukon by ouo party: Quotations from 104 to 10t". per lb. The solos for the week are 0100 bales. Thu stock In port Is 31,000 bales. The increaso for the yerr is 401,000 bales. The rales of coflbo tor tho woek amounted to 2300 bags. Thu stock in noil amounts to 32,- 000 bags. Prime is worth fVom 114 P®** lb. Freights arc quoted at 7-lfid. por lb. New York, July 18. -Cotton ia firm and quiet, and 8';0 bales were sold to-day. Flour is firm. Ohio is worth $7.10, and Southern Standard $7.30 per bbl. Wheat, corn hud spirits turpentine are un changed. Rosin is worth $5.57 per bbl. Rice is unchanged. Freights are easier. From llnvatm* Amthtr cargo of slaves landed in Cuba. A letter from Cuba, dated July 10tli,says A largo American clipper-built ship landed a cargo of Africans iu the Bay of Cubuuos f early in thu past week—750 in number. The deed was done without discovery: but of cour• -* without the knowledge of the local otticiula that it was to be, for which they had the consuleuce sedative usually applied in such cases. The ves sel, rromwhutJ learn, got off the coast the eveuiug following the dischargo of the stock. It is well kuownhy tlio traders where tho ne groes are concealed, and they will be exposed upon tho estates of their preseutowuers as soon as they are provided with the proper papers for their protection—or rather for protection of tiie nroperty iu the masters. The vessel nud its outfitting is cliurged against thu morality of the city of New York, from which port she bus been absent about six months. Items of inter est in tills case remain yet to be discovered. The British steamor Conway urrived from Vera Cruz yesterday, gives nows thut tho work of pence goes ou; largo frauds discovered in the packages of vouchers are withdrawn, diminish ing materially tho amount of the Spanish claims against Mexico, as got up by the prede cessors of Mr. Alvarez. Hui-nil of Mr. LimlatU-n—Diplomatic Nomination*. Washington, July 18.—Tho Frcsipoat hus recalled Mr. Gadsden, our Minister to Mexico, and nominated John Forsyth, of Alabama, as his successor. Walker Fear, of Alabama, is nominated Secretary of Leg&tiou. The Washington correspondent of the Charles ton standard grumbles at tho removal of Col. Giuhden, and the appointment of “A very young man” as his successor. Tlio “removal” wus probably made at the enrnost solicitation of the Mexican Government—a solicitation which, in courtesy, ours could not disregard. As to Mr. Forsyth, lie has both the age and the talents to represent his country with houor. He hasjjrobablyjwenjio^ NEW ADVERTISEMENTS NOTIUtQ. O XK tiiuth alter date, app ioaUou will be tnado to tba Uatik or the Bute of Georgia, for the pay- mnnt or two one hundred dollar bllla of the Branch •I —me right hand halves or which have been loet in the wall*. Jyai BOatOX k VltJALOSQA. "TlitPEB, PAPKK AND FICKUW-ftO groi* lipe JT Hoade, UN) do Pipes 250 return Wrapping Paper 60 doz"U Pickles, received and for eato by Mt'MAHOV k DOYLB, j/21 105 and 17 Bay Hroel. fWFRw AND CANDY.- 100 saukM Rlct Loffen \.J 50 boxes fresh ground do 25 Uo Candy, Just received aud for sale by JyJl MuJAllON h DOY1.E. TO DEMOOltSTS VBltYWHERE RKAD-IIKAD-HKAD. 2 .1 DAI I WENW wauled tu .ell In every ’ town In the United States, , THE LIVE AN1) PUBLIC SKHV1CIW OF JAMES BUCHANAN, OK MWNSYLVASU, late Minister tn Fnglmd, and formoily Minister to Russia, donator und Ropru.'entatlvo In Congress, and Bom-otnry of St a to. INCLUDING THE MOar IMPORTANT OF HIS STATE PAPERS. lly R. Horton, F.sq., Literary FA I tor or tiie X. York Day Book. The above book has bi*ou written by a gentleman well qualified by hi* literary attainments, and his long connection with tho iComocratic press. He was furnished personally by the distinguished subject or tho memoir with many ot' the dates and fact* of til* early Hie, and from authorized frlcud* ot' Mr. Buch anan hus been supplied with material inaccoaalblo to othor partlo*. Tho proof-sheets have bean sub mitted to authorized parties purtlos. It nan there fore ho called, without reserve, AN AUTHENTIC AND AUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY. Tito bock makes a handsome 12mo volume or 430 pages neatly bouud iu cloth, aud is omboUDhod with an accurate Portrait on steel. Price $1. For fui thcr particulars, apply to DERBY A JACKSON, Publishers, J>-21—1 il» Nassau street, N. Y. £3* Copies Himt by mail, past paid, on receipt of price. CoiitmmM SiMigciw. Savannah Market, July HI* COTTON.—i-'ulas this forenoon 24 hales, us fol lows : 22 hales at 11, aud 2at ll)£c. Imports. CARDIFF.—Per ship Amelia—073 tons Railroad Don. Exports, NEW YORK.—Per brig North—201 bales Cotton, 300 casks Rico, 2,988 bushels Rough Rice, 1,881 sacks Fpmr, 4H bbD do, 210 sacks Wheat, 18 bulea lldjie Cuttings, 5 biilos Pbenp Skins, 90 Dry Hides. 20 bbln i-icrup Iron, 1 bl aud 1 cusk Boos’ Wax and Hunnries. CAROFN AS.—Per brig M 3 (iuislns—1&0.000 feet Timber. NEW ORLEANS, July 16.—Corrox.—The ln^_ has been but limited to day, yot tho sales reach 900 bales at previous figures. The first bale of tho now crop came to hand to day. It Is from DoWltt county, Texas, ol goodsta- plu nud color, aud classes iu about Strict Middling. Tho Urs receipt last your was on tho 26th July, olo- von days later, Inferior Ordinary 8>i/2)9M Good Ord....l0 (®10?4 i Good Mid....loMtf)ll,4£ Middling.... 12 ©— GoodMtd’llngl3 ©— Mld’gFuir..— (8) — Fair — fS> — 8TATM1ICNT OK COTTON. Stock on hand 1st .September, 1865 bales 88,201 Roceived slnco Received to-duy 1,752,634 1,791,991 1,751,678 306—1,761,678 Exported to date Exported to-day... Stock on baud not clcurod 39.413 SroAB.—Market firm, witii Bales or about 150 fiih- to fully fair at 8?,'a8, 7 ;o. Molassih.—Stock very light aud sulcs confiuod to small lots. Imcludiiig some ordinary rcboiled at 40c uud prime at 46c. Flock.—Holders liavo been asking higher price* aud tlio salon compi lso about 2600 bbln. of which a small lot at 86 60, <100 Superfine St Louis at $6, and 960 at $6 62)4. Corn,—Prices liavo advanced and wonotloo sales or about 450 sucks, comprising 3200 In noveral lots ut 60, uud 1100, part mixed, at 5Sa 68c. Wheat.—Prices are again udvanced and the sale* comprise* U&70 Hacks prlmo at $1 46, also a lot or ucw at 1 40. Pork.—Mess was retailing at $21 aud the market firm. Bacon.—Dull. A few sides Bold at 10U and a small lot of .shoulders ut 8?£c. Lard.—We hear of retail transactions only. Comn.—Tlio Hales to-day includu only 425 bugs. 76 at 10,80 nt 10«, 150 at 10W, loo at 10),', and 60 at 11c. Whiskt—We notice salon of fin bbls Oliver’* ex tra Rectified at 33c, 50 Raw at 3d and 205 said to be at a hlghor ruto. Fruoots—Are firm and 70 to 800 bales of Cotton were shipped to Llvorpnol at ftd. ExcuAStnw—Wo kuow uf uo cliango worth uottc- lug— Sterling 9)s a 10 pur cot pm Frauen 6.12)4 a 6.18*4 pr dollar New York Sixty Day Bills 1 a 1 pr ct dls Now York Bight Chock* par a — pr ct dls dually become* firmer, and aud has to-day bc«u activo. Sale* or 4,000 bales at our revised quota tions : THE CAMPAIGN DEMOOKAT. A DEMOCRATIC CAMPAIGN PAPER FOR BlruHAMAW" ’ AND BRECKINRIDGE, I* published weekly by Duruut l)a I’onto A: Co., 102 Nassau street. New fork. Circulation 30,000. Terms of Subscription for tho Cauvass, iuudvaumi: Uuu Copy 60 Cout i. Five Copies 82 CO sfiugle imuibui-s 3 Cents. Tiie lust number will coutuiu full return* or the vurious States, and the soi-los will present a com pline hlstoiyuf ilia Campaign. Campaign Documents furnished in uny quantities cheaper tlian Ly any oilier oillcc. Now ready, me new Senate Kuusm it.ll nud Re port, in ouo document, price 76 cents per hundred. Also, iu a lew duys, biographies of Ruuhuuuu and firockiurldge, will) their loiters or acceptance, 81 per hundred, a£T* Orders for Job Printing attended to. * ,.yil—1 ALA HAM A LOTT'BUY S [AUTIIUUIXM) I1Y T1IK KT»TK OK ALAUARA.J GMtfcS F—NEW 8ER1E8. To Uu drawn hi tlio City or Moutgomory, Alabama, lu public, ou WEDNESDAY, August 13th, I860, uu the HAVANA PLAN! SAMUEL HWAN, Manner. Prizes amounting to 204,000 Dollars!! Will bu distributed according to tho feUowluKl MAaNIl'-IOKN'i’ SCHEM151 »0,OUO Number.—I&.HMS l-rlna! ....WO,000 ia *40,060 .... 10,1)00 13 M,W0 .... 7,000 13 7,ouo a 000 is 3,000 2,000 11 2,000 .... 1,000 is 1,000 .... 1,000 1s 1,000 . .. 200 is 2,'HIU 1001* 10,00*1 e. u. moan. im. hsvaoh WRIGHT dt IAVAOE, AVtQRNBrs AT LA BRUNSWICK, GA. Jyl9 A. IHUSuOCUj Auction uud Cun.ln.Mlon, 110 Brlian Strut, A.TIionifc SAVANNAH, UKUUUU. 8. 8, I’.RDl'K. DEALER IN CHOICE FAMILY GROCERIES and Foreign und Domcatle Fruit, comer Brouyhton and Whitaker-rU. town and oountry uuppllod with choice gmsls ut moderate prlco*. AU orders promptly attended to. aud iBUUkolion always guaranteed. splH jOHN^TFAIXIuaNT,' WHOLK8ALI AND BITAIL DBALKK IN WINDOW BLIND*, WINDOW RASH AND PANE DOORS. West side Muuiimeut Hquaro, Savannah, Ga. may 11 JOHN C. BOOTH. CIVIL &NUJNEKU AND HUUVKYOit, Will also give hi* attention to desigus lu Architec ture. Offlco In the store of John Williamson, Esq., Bay street. myia CH AFFKH df CO,, No* 0 WJaltftker Street, Suvaiiftali, Ga*, WUOLKULS AND RXTAll. IMUUR8 IN S ASHES, Blind*, Door*, Mouldings, Ac, White Load, 7.iu0, White Linsonl, sperm, Whale, Tan- uera’und NcatefootUll*, Glass. Brusbos. Gold Lool, Bronze, Builder*' Hardware. Nails, Marble Mautels, Ac., Ac. Jet JOHN HTHICLioSr ATTORNEY AT LAW, Ofilce corner Bay nud Drayton streets. Jyl8 WILLIAM PHILLIPS, ATTORNEY AT LAW, MAKUTTA, GA. ^etdteuiy. _ _ DAVID G. WILDS, ATTORNEY AT LAW, ^ SPARTA, OA. WIU practice iu tho counties of Hancock, Warren, Washington, and Baldwin. / RKncRXM**—Bohn A Foster, Rubun A Smith, and i. A. Soullard, Savannah. - jan9 rvbthu^oii. ;■ ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW. Offlco coruur of Bay and Drayton-st*. MAVANKAU, OA. u»y 11 , •Vjhi^jtjrWiTAdiAfliB* attorijm/at law, No. 8, Drayton Street, Savatmab, Georgia* may 5— ly JKSSK T. UEUNAltli, ATTORNEY AND LOUNSE1AOK AT LAW, Ncwnuusvillo, Flu. Reference—-tieurgo . Brown, William Dell, New- uunsvillu, Flu,, it. U. Hilton, tendou A Vlllulunga, Suvuuuuli, Gan uiyll M. WHIT SiTtlTU, ATTORNEY AT LAW, ALLIGATOR, KART FLORIDA. Will praelico In the Eistcru and .Southern Counties* Refer to—Cid. S. s. Sibley, and R. B. Hilton, Sa vannah. fob2-tf eti xs.~< j .cash' ini a:, ~ ATTORNEY AT LAW, WI.IXM1.VinX, QA.' Practices lo»w iu the variotm CXumli.vt el the Oc mulgeo Circuit, mid thu adjoining Cuiiuiiu* ofTwiggs, I aureus and Washington. Holer to—John lkwton, U. A. Crane, aud R. B Hilton. teou GEOUUB A. UtlUUOK, ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW, A.\D Commissioner aj the if, S. Court of Claims for the Slate of Georgia. oillco C'oruer Bay aud Bull streets, ly rnylo DR. GHAULE8 R. FOLDING, OFFICE AND RESIDENCE, No. 14 LIBERTY ST., Quo door west or Drayton. inyll 1 prize or...... * do do do do.....'. do do do do do do do do do do do do tvu is t prlMs ol »200 appi oilw'6 » *40,000 »ro *800 . , .An i. uminupa Jim 4 4 • 4 ‘ 4 • 4 « 4 • 40 < 15,600 100 76 60 60 40 26 20 8.. 15,000 are 400 7,000 are 300 3,000 are 840 2,000 are 200 1,000 are 160 1,000 are 100 200 are 800 120,000 6204,000 The 16.000 prizes uf 68 are determined by tho number which draw* the 640,000 priw—If that 16,185 prizes uuiuuntiug to.. 16,01 ‘ uumher should be an oda number, thou every odd number tickot in the Scheme win bo emitted tu 68)^; If an even number, thou ovury oven number ticket wUl be omitted to 68)^ in addition toauy other prise which may bo drawn. Purchasers In buying an equal quantity or odd aud oven nutnbor tickets, will bu certalu or drawing nearly one half tho cost or the same, with cbances ol obulning other prizes. All those tickets ending with 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, are even—all thoso cudeng with 1, e, 6* 7, 9, are odd. Remember thut every prizo i* drawn, and payable In full without deduction. jar AU prizo* of 61,000 and under, paid immedi ately aftor tho drawiug,—other prize* at tho usual time of thirty days- All communications strictly confidential. The drawn numbor* will he forwarded to purchasers Prize Tickets cashed or ronowed In other Ticket* at either olHce. Orders for Ticket* cun be addressed either to S. SWAN & CO., Atlanta, Ga., Jyl9 or S. SWAN, Montgomery. Ala. WM. C, CUANELLY, ATTORN fO AT LAW, IbABELLA, WORTH COl'NTV, -A. (POST OFFICR. ALHANT.) Will practlso in tlio SouttyMi (Irr.uit,»»ml in Macoo. Dooly and WortuCounties dnlie Msront.lmtit. 46f* Particular stteniiou given in tiie rolioction ol claims in Soutn-Wosturii oeorgia. Je2—6m R.WiMiYu, ATTORNEY AT LA W, foil 1-1 y IRWIN TON, OA. LANiKll^TANDldHsGN, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, ap6-ly Macon, ua. aT »iV LiiAMPiuiv. (Successor to Champion & Watts.) WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCER, No. 4 Barnard at., between the Market aud Ray at., SAVANNAU, OA. Dealer in Gruuerlea, Forolgu uud Domestic Liquors, Dried Fruit*, xc., Mo. Reference—A. Champion, Esq., Samuel Solomons, Esq., Messrs. Rabun L Whitehead, and Swill Is Co., Savutuiuh, Ga. myli WILLIAM II. lMSHttll, ATrORNKY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW, Troupvllte, Lowndes County, Ua. Will practice in Thomas, Lowndes, Clinch, Ware. Appling, Telfair, Irwin, Laurens, and Puluski counties, Ueurgiaiapdiu Jefforaon, Madison, Ham iUou, aud Coluabliwounties, Florida. [myll LOST* N thu lAiuisvUle roud, between tho four aud sqvgq mile post, a black silk Mautilla, with fringe. A liberal reward will he paid to any per son leaving tlm same at this office. Jyl9—3 .0 100 DOLLAUB REWARD. f | >11K abovo reword will bo paid to any pursou A who will ruruish proor to conviction of tho per- sou or persons, who attempted to blow up my house on Friday night last, by explodlug a quantity or gunpowder under it. Jyl9—0 EMMA WOOD. CITY MABSHAL’B BALE. O N TUESDAY next, I wlU offer for sate iu tho Market, at 9 o’clock, A. M„ about 300 cords or Wood on tho SpriugUoid Plantation, tbe same to oo removed immediately. By order of Council. Jyl6 D. H. STEWART, c. U. VALUABLE! RICE PLANTATION FOE SALE, WITHIN TKN MILKS OK TIIK CITY OK SAVANNAH. O N the first Tuesday in December next, will be sold before tho Court House in tho city of ga vannah, the Plantation ou tho Savannah river, ten mites frum the city, known a* Mulberry Grove, be longing to tho estate of thu lato Philip Ulmer, con- laiuiug six hundred and ulghty-sevcu acres, oi' which there are two hundred acres of first quality tidu rico loud, und ono hundred and filly-fivo acres uuder good banks uud in a tine statu for cultiva tion. Also, seventy fivo acres of high laud under cultivation. Ou tho placo are a good dwelling bouse, ovorsecr’s bouse, barns, negro housos and t tber outbuildings, all in a good state or reputr. Persona desiring to purchase will cnll upon the undersigned, who resides wltblu four mites of tho Grove. Terms uf *ato made known ou tho day of salo. Posses sion not given uutil the first of January. Jyl7-td II. K. HARRISON, Ex’or. Tho Charleston Mercury will publish oncu a wuok uutil the day of salo. Port of Savannah., JULY 21 A correxpondent at Duucatuvillu, ThomitH county, writing to us on Mnera, ray* in clos ing hi* letter: no losses—the Wo are mi „ former at arutetliat induces us to anticipate au increaitcd majority in Novemlmr for tbe Democratic; nominee*, notwithstanding our contribution of a district to tbe county of Col- Uttltt* containing from sixty to eighty more Democrat* than opposition. pbiu, believing tboy were out or their jurisdic tion. A low came to blows, but no ono was much hurt lout evening a woman was at tbe depot, weeping tho loss of threo cousins, who were missing, aud supposed by her to )>o umong tho doad who£weroyat unrecognized. One man, who had sousiqjurcd, was laboring uuder tbe most frautic excitement at the loss of a sou, who wa* uo doubt among tho mangled bodies brought down by tho Inst train und and not yet rdcogiilxcd. At tho polutof the road where the accident occurred there are two hotels, one dwelling house, a blucksmith shop and a small shed, with- lu about UQO yards of the sceuu, and to these places the wounded were first carried. Not a Arrived* Ship Amelia, McKouzlo, Carditl', Wales, to A l«w k Co. fichr Jomn Smith, Firman, Now York, to Ogden, Starr k Co. ’ ’ Cleared* llrlg North, Ax worthy, Now York—Rrigsatu, Kelly k Co. Brig M S CoiiKoiis, Elite, Cardonas—.! J Martin k Co. Consignees* Pcrschr .louas Smith, from New York—Bothwell & Whitehead. J A Brown. ReUu & Foster, llrighstu, Kelly k Co, Claghuru & Cuunlnghau, Oheover A Co, Boll k PrcnlisB, D D Copp, Crane, wellcs k Co, Da na A Washbury, W D Ethridge, E Filzgorahl, Uud- son, Flomitig k Co, A ,S Hartrlugo, N B Knapp. IW Morrell, Hnluer k Askow, Kennedy k Beach, 0 A I. Lunar, W Lynnu, M bavin, H M l^filteau, M A Go- Patten, Hutton k Co, Ogden Starr k Co, McKee & Boncu, E Parsons k Co, central Railroad Agent, a A Solomons & Co, Col J Sullivau, T Voratillo, NBA Ii Weed, Waane, Granville & Co. Young & Friorsou, W Wodhrldge. Memoranda* New Orleans, July 14—Old, bsrk Lorvaster,Drluk- wster, Savannah. Boaton July 16—Arr, schr S R Allen, Baker, Sa vannah. New York, July 16—Cld, bsrk D NlcUoL, Con way, Jacksonville; bark Oosco, Darien; schr Joseph James, do. NOW IS THE TIME for those who waut to liavo] FRESH PEACHES, TOMATOES AND COHN Next Winter, to got somo of RPRATT’S SELF-SEALING CANS, which may ho used year alter year. To ho had at Jyi7-a iikkson’s. WU. U. WILLIAMS. TUADUKVS OMVKS. JACK BROWN WILLIAMS* OLIVER St BROWN* ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Buena Vista, Marion County, Ua., Will practice in the counties of Marlon, Macon, Hous ton, Stewart, Randolph, Muscogee, Leo, and any adjoining counties, where their services may be required. ntoU JoHNR.cotTilRANfir ATTORNEY AT LAW, Dublin, tiaurons county, Ga„ late Junior partner ol tho firm of A. k J. Cochrans, Irwinton, Ua., will attend promptly to alt business entrusted to his care. Particular attention paid to collecting. Re ference—Dr, G. B. Guytou, F. H. Rowe, Dublin, Ga., M Marsh, Savannah. myll " bTUXS, Factor und General Commission Merchant 1 n mo; 71 BAT-BTBBIT, SAVANNAH, OA., BsnuwTO—Messrs. Clagnorn k Cunningham, Bel) k Prentiss, Ogdon, Starr k Go., Savannah: J. P, Thompson, Ronton oov 1 WM. AUPI.KY OOUKKK. J.VO. OOOKXR KRASBR. COUPEll Si FRASER, FACTORS k GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHAN1S, Bay street, Savannah, Ga. fmyll YONGB Si FRIERSON* FORWARDING AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, NO. 94 RAY BTRXBI. aAYAKKAU, OA. api-4 _ '' A, “MoaCSH Si uBUtheh Lumber, Mill and Brick Yards.;. sept 5 SAVANNAH, OA. mitireomsa: CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER. Joues Street, (one door East or Drayton Streot.) Is prepared to contract for all kinds or building and repairing. Also to conduct wator through the various parte of houses. ap!7 DRS.* _ mtlata* ARE now folly prepared to in sert full or partial sells of Teeth on tho princlplo or Dr.J. Allens’* Patent Continuous Oum, By tbit Improvement, the form ortho face con bo rostored to any dogroe of rotundity that may be desired. It is applicable in all cases where tho cheeks have fallen In and caunot be detected by fho closest observer.— This method combines tho following t lvautAgea;— and litb-liko appearance, and imparts tothethoetb that peculiar expression which characterizes the na* tural organs. This Gum consists of a silaoious compound, which U applied and foaed upon the Teeth and Platoin such a maunor, as to fill up all the iuteratices around the baso or the Tooth, and also unites them firmly to each othor and to tho Plate upon which thoy are sett. This secures perfect oloanliness or the Teeth, Offlco over DoWltt A Morgan, Congress street. Republican and Georgian copy. fob 16—U KKPZIE’g PATENT WATER FILTER An asaortment of size, mid with tho latest Improvement, cau only be found at our store. We will sell them at the manu facturer's retail prices, adding only the transiwrtatlon, aud put them up Tree or charge. KENNEDY A BEACH, Hodgson’s block, oomcror Broughton und Bull ste. _ July 17 B ASKETS—An elegant assortment of Traveling Baskets, Just reouivod Uy atcamor from Now York. A cull is invited at t . KENNEDY k BEACH'S Rouse Furnishing Store, Hodgson’s new block. DENTISTRY. Drs. ROY ALL & JOHNSON, Dentists, offlco corner SL Jullen-sL and Market Square, ovor S. WU- mot’s jewelry store. OlUce hours from 8 tog o’oloek, aud from 3 to 6. mar 11 _ com EMPORIUM- if 1 DOOR WKBT OF THKUKPUUI.IGAN READING ROOM. I A. SHORT,-' HASTBU UU1LUKK. mil take coulrscte for Buihliog aud Workinu „ •ten ol every description. Ncsldence, No. SMi JewefH Range, Houtb side domes st . oct 60 — JAMlfi.Yl.nAV AUK, attorngv at law, . ngiumiu, moan coi-ktt, at. All tnulDMi entruilwt m hu or. will roorti. I»wn|*»UfmUoo Ijr—m«17 ANTIIONV McCl/IiLOH, ATTOBNGY AT LAW, Savuiu.Ii, (ioor(Ui. J^utlioo uu Huy «truui, oror tb. BAUk oTSAVU* im7 r.bS UJUi, SODOEIU A NOniUS, (line Crwio A RodyorM, WHOLESALE GROCERS, June 1,1866, BAY-BTHKIT, HA VANNAH. (Jep* 11)1*1. WM. HTAKK, J*. H. I OODlfiM, KTAIMt * VO., pping and Oommissiaii Merchants, 1AY-ZTKKKT. SAVANNAH .04. TsattkS, "HtJSnuJI dico., - CACTORa Forwarding and Commiasion Merchants, Day^lrcct, Nnvniin.h, (I., HARUI8UK A McUKUEE, AUCTION, COMMISSION, 1UJCE1VINQ AND l orwiirdlUH lUercliuiiti. ManiiIJI suoadctukzt, vubVHGcs, u to wua. ■ TatUcuIw attentlou zlreii 10 tbe wiles of Hral i, Negroes aud Traduce, . —' Uberal HdvancM lasde nu Neyrne. and Her* cbsndlso. y kuse,- Patten ' Ui'NllY 4. DANIEL, ^Columbus, ua Few akt, ukavS co. J o^ WNU , g>vuuti V'OUNCI, ATKINS A DUNHAM, I V. A. (IKEENE & CO., t A|Wl«bleel. U. S. SMITH, l Mobile, Ahbuw. oct 23 ly UST RECEIVED, per seboouer J, R. All on, ire in Baltimore— MASON'S 4 CELEBRATED UNRIVALLED PREMIUM CAKES and CRACKERS, Jumhfos, Lemon Cukes, tea Cakes, .Scotch Cakus, Giiigur Snaps, KdiuhurgU Cakes Milk Biscuit, Soda Blsclut, Wiuu Biscuit, Butter Biscuit, Wutcr Biscuit, Pic .Me Biscuit, kv. At IIAUUON'S, Junc2u corttor VVUttakur aud CtmrUou-ate, Witr,lA«i LTSn, UOMMSNION AND H UWAIIDINI* ME1K.TIAN1, , .Vo. 87 Hdydicl. XaMlinah, Georgia. Jeue Id J .lElFFElKKON HOHKUTS, t) E N E It A L OOMMISaSl(»\ lUJiKOiiAKi, AND r.KAI.EH IN Tiinlxjr niid LiiiuIioj-. SAVANXAJl. I in. WEIiid at AV/M.MIH.O, DI’A LEII8 IN DOMESTIC, FOREIGN AND FANG) DRY GOODS. i a a. ^'annoh, (ia JAS. 1. WKI.LS, Itiiiocrly of Iteritdort Di-i, t;. THEOPuii.Os williams. •• ,sciivunt^*.,(,a iept7 I. 0. UCSII. J, II. b\\M, ‘ yy U 4 „ m 'a HliSE.DAVlSA Win;, ; COMMISSION MEUOH A», iirtYUiu t. 4 ' may 30 SAVANNAH, GA WM, S. DAKnil L, ATTORNEY AT LAW, mvav.v.Mi,o.i. u... 4Sff*Ofilcn over Thoruns M. Tumor & Co.»b rru* Store, Day street. my7 * i, I.OCUKrr. m ,, Jyin t'isaw LcOOIiETT .« SKEbldW," 11 " OOMMI8HIO.N MKROUAM-S, AND SHIPPING ADEN Tti, . Savannah, Ga, Will attouU i.. ii,wdiiug of all kinds of produce, strict attention givc-u i«i roouivlug aud forwardins s'wdu. may 31, |y 8 liietiim A (Joniuiis-siiin tiouse,liacon Ua. A. K. dlvl.AVdlltlN, ’ Ueueral Agent and Auctionoei, flollaiU from aw frleuda couslgumeutr of oviry lescripUoa. fekoeordoreiurCotioQ, 7 Mr Kpecbu eUcntlou gives to tbe nloe or KmI auto, Ntocki aud Negru proporiy, at public ud ;»,lc3. Prompt return. anMtmUcH. Keferoaco—C. A. L. LAMAR. '^iaoh8e IU. V. QHU.V. u. v. aaooT. „ QRRBN * SHOOT, " ATTOBNBYS AT LAW, ool28 nounox, oi. ’ JOHN BILBu; — Ordinary ot CtutUum Counlr. AND .TTORNEV AT IAW. (JUloe In tbe Court House. myU ATTORNEY AT LAW, Snvnminlt, Georgia. 49* Office on Bay street, over tho Bank of Sayan* °*b. mavih R* F. CdiE A brother; FORWARDING AND COMMISSION CHANTS. Savannah, Ga., and Montgomery, Ala. F. T. Com. i * R. f. Coul Commerce at., Monig'ryJ RKKKHXNCE9. F. T. Com, Bay Btroet, Savauuah. Holcomb, Johnson, k Co. | Cohens A Herts. Lookou & Suolllugs, Edwin I'onoui h Co., j Bemnion, Jobtuton k Co, NAH, GA. Robert A. Alloa, 8 A van: my» WM. L, WEBB. WU, a, BAQI, WEBB Si SAGB* (SUOCfiMORR TO CAMERON, WEBS k 00. IMPORTERS 6f CHINA, SLABS, AND EARTHEN-WABR. IU MS1TIN0-8T. OBABLE8TON, 8.O., Will .urply Country Merebunu wltb Goods In Ihelr line at as low rates as thoy can buy In New York, or elsewhere. ■apt 28 ly m H. L. P. KINO* ATTORNEY AT LAW, Corner of Bay andj Whitaker Streets, SAVANNAH. fob 22 JONH 8. BoWSST ENGINEER, ARCHITECT AND SURVEYOR. CORNER OK MUVTOX AXD BRYAN-8W., , 0 u (Above C A. L. Umar.) jyft—3m ' w* JUAuiiv, ATTORNEY AT LAW. nuXRUr, HEARD 00., OA. Will attoud to profeMlonal business in the GountlM ol Heard, Carroll, Campbell, CoweU, Fayette, llcri* wether and Troup. ’ Reference—Hou. E. Y. Hill, UGrange, Ga.t Hoe* ^^’Marietta, Ga.; ColonelM. 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M 0LA33KS AND 8YRUP-60 bhds Cuba und Muscovado Molasses; 260 bbls New Orleans Byrup, In store and for sale by JuatiW HOLCOMB*, JOHNSON k 00, W.O* Price, FASHION AB1J2 AND MILITARY TAYLOR, No. 14T Bay Streot, SAVANNAH, Also, Superfine Cloths,« assimers and Vestings, will be made to me*- sure.uuexcoptlon* abloiu stylo and workmanship,’ by tho beat mechanics, at shortest notice © KANE, AVlflLLS & CO FACTORS A COMMISSION MMUCHANTS, Saviuitmh* tin. . nw, W* UAtiBfL -'~~ ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW, Mouticcllo, Jefiorson County, Fla. Refereuce—Hou. W. B. Fi.khi.yo, Bavuunah, Ga. __ myll EDWARD WILSUN* " MAGISTRATE, NOTARY AND COMMISSIONER OF DKKDS. At Messrs. Ward k Owens’ Law Offlco, <ixay\\ WAYNE, GRENVILLE St CO., IEKCHAN1N, • Ordors from city and county solicited. , ST RANG Ell i { If you want a good and chcup Irnnk, Vallce, Carpet Bog, or Clothing or any Uud or quali ty. ready made or made up to your measure; also Hate, Caps, Shirts, Collars or Dross furnishing artlclos of any doserlptiou, call aud sc- teotrremthe largest and best stock tu tho city, at the Star Emporium, 447 Bay stmt. WM. O. PRICE, COMMISSION AND nm\VAKHL\({ 1 Baystreet Savannah, Corner M. FlTZGlfiRALD, •SSwSSBSt. ““ Slr,w,,u,y Syra %Sir