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The Southern tribune. (Macon, Ga.) 1850-1851, February 22, 1851, Image 1

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THE Ispublished every SATURDAY .tfOfi.'i/A6, In the Two Story Wooden Building, at the Corner of IFalnut and fifth Street, 1M THE CITV OF KACOS, CA. By WM. It. HAKUISON. TERMS: For the Paper, in advance, per annum, $2 if not paid in advance, $3 CO, per annum. <Xf Advertisements will he inserted at the usual rates —and when the number of insertions do tired is not specified, they will be continued un lit forbid and charged accordingly, D* Advertisers by the Year will be contracted with upon the most favorable terms. of Land by Administrators,Executors or Guardians, are required by Law, to be held on the first Tuesday in the month, between the hours of ten o’clock in the Forenoon and three in the Afternoon, at the Court House of the county in which the Property is situate. Notice of these Sales must bo given in a public gazette Sixty Days previous to the day of sale. D*Sales of Negroes by Administators.Execu (ors or Guardians, must be at Public Auction on the first Tuesday in the month .between the hours of sale,before the Court House of the county where the Letters Testamentary, Administration or Guardianship may have been granted,first giv ing notice thereoffor Sixty Days, in one of the public gazettesofthis State,and at thedoorof the Court House where such sales are to be held. o*Noticefor the sale of Personal Property must be given in like manner Forty Days previous to the day of sale. rjj*Notice to the Debtors and Creditors of an estate, must be published lor Forty Days. C3*N T otice that application will be made to the Court of Ordinary for leave to sell Land or Ne groes must be publ islied in a public gazette in the State for Four Months, before any order absolute canbegiven by the Court. gJ'Citations for Letters of Administration on an Estate, granted by the Court ofOrdinary, must be published Thirty Days- for Letters of Dtsmission from the a 1 ministrationofan Estate, monthly for Six Months —for Dismission from Guardianship fo r Forty Days. Jj*lt rle3 for the foreclosure of a Mortgage, must be puolished monthly for Four Months— for establishing lost Papers, for the full space of Three Months —for compelling Titles from Ex ecutors, Administrators or others, where a Bond has been given by the deceased, the full space of Three Months. N. B. All Business of this kind shall receive prompt attention at the SOUTHERN TRIBUNE Office, and strict care will be taken thatall loaal Advertisements are published according to Law. O*AII Le tters directed to this Ofiice or the Editor on business, must be post-paid, to in sure attention. IT. OTJSLE7 & SCIT, IPARE HOUSE COMMISSIONMEIICHANTS WILL continue Business at their “Fire- Proof Building,” on Cotton iteenne, Macon, Ga. Thankful for past favors,they beg leave to say Alley will ho constantly at their post, and that no efforts shall be spared to advance the interest of their patrons. They respectfully ask all who have COTTOJS or other PRODUCE to Store, to call and exam ine the safety of their Buildings, before placing it elsewhere. O’Custumarv Advances on Cotton in Store or Shipped,and all Business transacted at the usual rates. ~ 27 Iv june 2 ~* - conn ■:EC A rAVLOIt, Warehouse and Commission Merchants, AT THE OLD STAND OK CONNER & MARTIN, MACON,GA. IN presenting our Card to the public, we wil' stale, that our best exertions will be given to promote the interests of our Patrons ; and from past experience, we hope to be able to do lull justice to all business which may be confided to our charge ; and also hope for a continuance of favors from the old patrons of Conner vt Martin. Orders for Goods filled free of charge. Advances made on Cotton in Store, and ship ped aithe usual rates. Z. T CONNER, 1 W. W. TAYLOR. a tig 31 ‘M-Gm WILLIAM HUMPH KEYS’ E glish and American DRUG WAREHOUSE, SAVANNAH, GA. WHOLESALE and Retail Dealer in Eng lish, French, American and German DRUGS, MEDICINES, CHEMICALS, PERFUMERY, 4 c Particular attention paid to replenishing Eng lish and American Ships’ Medicine Chests, ac cording to the Laws of England. for Messrs. Louden Si Cos , Philadelphia; Dr 'Jacob Townsend, New York ; Messrs. Haviland, Risley &. Cos., Augusta ; Daniel Tibbitt, Providence. aug 24 33 ~ 1 y DAVID H E I 1> , Justice of the Peace and Notary Public. M A C O N , G A . COMMISSIONER OF DEEDS, &c., for the States of Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Missouri New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Penn ylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Arkansas, New Jersey, Maine, &c. Depositions taken, Accounts probated, Heeds and Mortgages drawn, and all documents and instruments of writing prepared and authentica ted for use and record, in any of the above States. Residence on Walnut Street, near the African Church. , (jjPublic Office adjoining Dr M S Thomson s Botanic Sture, opposite the Floyd House. (in OR_l y june 2!) WOOD A LOW, 'GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, NEW ORLEANS, LA. may 25 20—ly POOLE A BROTHER, Forwarding and Commission Merchants, NO. 90 MAGAZINE STREET, NEW ORLEANS, LA. E. R. Pool*.. J. M. Poole, j aug 31 34—ly SASHES, DOORS AND BLINDS. | ]i \ A( || | LIGHTS of SASH, ofail sizes .UjVOU from 8 by 10 to 12 by 20. 150 pair BLINDS, for VVindowsofail sizes. I 50 do PANEL DOORS, different sizes and j thicknesses. For sale by CHARLES VAN HORN, No. 153 Bay Street, arid No. 6 West Broad St , Savannah,(■a jnly 6 26—ly .TOR PRINTIN'!?, OF every description , neatly and promptly executed at the Office of the \'Ol l II EKN TRIBUNE, as neat and cheap ut at uny other inths State NEW SERIES —VOLUME 111. W. S. WILLIFOlil), Al CTI O.V AMD COMMISSION MERCHANT, MACON, G A . VLL Kinds of Merchandise and Produce, (except Liquors,) received on consignment or Purchased to Order. A I—ly GODFREY «Y SOLOMONS, FACT OHS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS SAVANNAH, GA. Fl'lHF. undersigned have entered into a co -L partnership under the name of GODFREY A SOLOMONS, for the transaction of a General Commission and Factorage business, and tender their services to their friends and Planters generally. d’Tliey wi.l also make liberal advances on Produce consigned to them for sale. J. E. GODFREY, E. W.SOLOMONS, oct 2 40 ts DISSOLUTION, FpHE copartnership heretofore existing be- X tween the undersigned, is dissolved by mu tual consent —to take effect on the Ist day of Sep tember next. Z. T. CONNER, A. W. MARTIN. Macon, August 24, 1850. I pHE WAREHOUSE and COMMISSION -L BUSINESS will be continued in the name and style of C O N N E 11 & T A Y L O R , andbe old stand—where they will be ready to exert themselves to serve all patrons and friends. Z T. CONNER, W. VV. TAYLOR. Macon, Atig. 24, 1850. 33 6tn H E M O V A L. PAYNE & NISBET would most respectfully inform their friends and customers, that they have moved their stock of DRUGS and MEDICINES to the corner of the new Brick Building opposite the YVasliinglon*Hall, where they will be happy to see all their old customers and others that may favor them with a < ail ; arid where they will keep a general stock of fresh DRUGS and M E D I C I N E S , LEECHES, PERFUMERY, &.C., and put rip Prescriptions with care and neatness, uud always give satisfaction. oct 12 40 II ALL A If HARTLEY, HAVE just received a well selected assort ment of/)/IF GOODS and GROCERIES, which embraces almost every article in tlieii line of business. These Goods make their stock extensive, which has been selected recently by one of the firm, and they are determined to sell their Goods upon reasonable terms, and at the lowest prices. Whilst they are thankful for past favors, they respectfully invite their friends and the, public to call at their Btore on Cherry Street, and examine their Goods and prices, before pur chasing elsewhere. march 2 11 Ladies’ Dress Goods \SPLEND1 1) assortment of Ginghams, Bar ages and Muslins, for morning and evening dresses. Also, an endless variety of rich and brilliant summer SILKS,etc. Just received at LOGAN & ATKINSON’S. april 6 13 Splendrd liridal Dresses. \ FEW magnificent BRIDAL DRESSES, f\ with trimmings to suit—very fine and fash ionable. Ladies would do well to call and ex amine them, at april 6 LOGAN & ATKINSON'S. New !£ice. IVE Tierces of prime quality, just received 1 and for sale by GEO. T. ROGERS, dec 1 SFMLIiEH CL4>’i'2aiNG, A i'< OST. \ | EN’S and BOY’S SUMMER CLOTHING iTJL of almost every grade, selling at cost, at Dyson’s old Stand, by JOHN S. RICHARDSON, july 20 28—ts Family sum! Staple Goods. IOGAN Air ATKINSON are now opening a J very large assortment a!Staple and Domestic Goods, suitable for plantation or family uses, which will be sold low for cash, or to approved customers. april 6 13 LOGAN »V ATKINSON. 1 RESPECTFULLY’ inform tin! public that A, they are now disposing of their Stock of Goods at New York Cost, at their new store, corner of Third and Cherry Streets, formerly occupied by Messrs. Graves <& Wood. U’Ladics are particularly requested to call and examine the Goods and prices. march 2 B —ts t ) RANDY AND SEGARS—A fine article -D of Old Cognac Brandy, in bottles or by the gallon Also a choice article of Segars, at sept 7 MOULTON’S. London Porter. \FE W Casks best London Porter, in Quart and Pint Bottles, just received and for sale by GEO. T. ROGERS, june 8 LD POR I' WINE And Maderia ditto,a fine article in Bottle, for sale at MOULTON’S, Agent, Opposite the burnt square on Cherry street, june 1 Mercer Potatoes. IF x BBLS. Mercer Potatoes, very superior, * * in fine order, just received and forsale very cheap by GEO. T. ROGERS. Cliuiii|>:ii»nc ('idvr. t BBLS. Newark Champaigne Cider,just 1 received and for sale by marc It 9 GEO. T. ROGERS. Holasscs. pr IIHDS. New Crop Cardenas Molasses nSe) just received and for sale by mar ch 9 GEO. T. ROGERS. lHaclterel and Herring. BBLS. No. 3 Mackerel ; 20 Boxes New W* * Herring, in fine order, just received and for Rale by GEO. T. ROGERS, oct 1!) CIOCOA, Ac.—Cocoa, Chocolate and Mac / carotii, at MOULTON’S, sept 7 Baron hides and limns. ,A/"v HDDS. Prime Bacon Sides, 3000 Bnlti f.\ * more and C neirmati Hams, just received , and for sale cheap, bv net 10 GEO. T. ROGERS. Flour, Hlenl, Porn, See, IN A CON Hams. Sides and Shoulders; Lard, 3 and Sweet Potatoes—in stor, and for sale by i . S. RICH A KDSON, Cotton Avaiiue- MACON, (GA..) SATURDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 22, 1851. Dissolution of Copartnership. FTMIE Copartnership heretofore existing in X this city .between RUSSELL fc EHRLICH, was dissolved on the 15th of January last, by mutual consent. EpTlie remaining Stock of DRY’ GOODS and GROG HUES will be sold very low for cash, and persons wishing good bargains can obtain them by calling al fin* old stand. GEORGE EHRLICII. ! feb 8 (>— 2m BASIL A. WISE, TIN MANL FACTURER, Cherry St., .Macon. I A ESPEC’I 11 LLY informs the public, that L be is prepared to execute all orders in the ; above line with despatch and upon favorable terms. He constantly keeps on hand the fol- j lowing articles, which purchasers arc invited to call and examine, viz : Cooking, Hall, Office, Bedroom and Church j STOVES, of different patterns and qualities. A large and general assortment of HOLLOW and r i IN \V ARE, Furnaces, Brass, (Topper and Iron Preserve and Tea Kettles; Egg Boilers; Smoothing and \\ afile Irons ; Glass Laniers Rat and Mouse Traps, Bird Cages Cocoa Nut Dippers, Chafin Dishes Painted Pails, Cedar and painted Tubs Brass and Iron bound Water Buckets Oval and round Trays; Brooms,Sifters Chopping Knives; Ruling Pins Roasters and Basting Spoons Britannia Tea l ots and a general assortment of Japanned Ware, consisting of Sugar Cannis ters and Boxes ; Tea Cannisters ; Common and Nursery Lamps, Candlesticks,&e. QTF’ROOFING, and all kindsofJOß W ORK, done at the shortest notice. N. B. Orders from the country for STOVES or TIN WARE, will be attended to with des patch and upon the most favorable terms, nov!) 44 I ROTA'IOES—SO bhls. Mercer and Planting X Potatoes, in fine order ; 10 11ampers Eng lish Potatoes. For sale by jan 25 GEO. T. ROGERS. ALE AND CIDER—IS bhls. Cream Ale ; - 20 bbls. Champaign Cider. Just received and for sale by GEO. T. ROGERS, an 25 SloltiNscs airil Sunp. HDDS Prime Cuba Molasses; 12 bbls _v" New Orleans Syrup, just received and ] for sale low by GEO. T. ROGERS, jan 25 Canal ami Baltimore Flour. T ill BBLS. Extra Superfine FLOUR _L J U 25 bbls. Extra Family Flour, very | choice, just received and for sale low by J oct 10 GEO. T. ROGERS. (lANDLES, &c.—Sperm and Adamantine J Candles; Ohio Starch, and Irish Moss, at sept 7 MOULTON’S. R1E1) FRUIT—At nil times, at june 1 MOULTON’S, Agent. NEW GROCERIES. | CPIIJE Subscriber liasjust received, direct from x New York, a fresli supply of new Groceries, such as fresli Dates, dried Currants, Preserves, Figs, Sardines, Cutsup, Pepper Sauce, Citron, Caper Sauce, Cocoa, New Chocolate, Raisins, Nuts of all kinds, Rice, Java Coffee, Maecaroni, Fine Table Salt in boxes or bags, Nutmegs, Cloves, Pepper, Spice and Ginger, Sperm and Adamantine Candles, and a great variety of otlii r articles too numerous to mention. Also, a fine lot of Fresh Teas, for sale by THOMAS J MOULTON, Agent, Opposite Mr. G.M.Logan’snew Brick Building, aug 1 On Cherry Street. "VTAPOLEON CAPES—A new and superb IV article. Parisian ditto, of every style and price Just received by april 6 LOGAN & ATKINSON. / 1 LOTUS, CASSIMERES, DRAT DE U-) ETES, and summer stuffs of every quality, just received by april fi LOGAN & ATKINSON. fDWO Hundred Boxes Segars, a great variety X of brands from common to very fine. For sale cheap by GEO. T. ROGERS, june 8 Slums, (Sillier, Syrup, Ac. (CINCINNATI Sugar cured HAMS J GOSHEN BUTTER New Orleans Sugar House SYRUP A few Jarsofvery white Leaf LARD. All of choice quality, jtrst received and for sole by GEO. T. ROGERS, dec 1 Cherry’ Street. Congress Water. 13 V the Box or single bottle, direct from the T Springs. Just received andforsaloby jiine 8 GEO. T. ROGERS. 1 NDIGO and MADDER—At Mol 1/1 ON’S. _L june 7 M AY BUTTER. — Fresh supplyofnew May . Butter, just received and for sale by june I THOS. J MOULTON, Agent. Raisins, currants, citron and PRUNES.—A fine supply, at june 2!) MOULTON S. CIOFFEE —Best kind Rio and Java Coffee, at J sept 7 MOULTON’S. OARDINES, Tomato Catsup, Pepper Sauce LJ and Caper Sauce at MOULTON'S, aept 7 TVTUTMEGS, CLOVES and CINNAMON— 1> sept 7 At MOULTON’S. YCHITE WAX—At MOULTON’S, YV sept 7 Cherry Street Candle*;. O PERM, Adamantine and Tallow,of all sizes, k/ Just received and for sale by june 8 GEO. T. ROGERS. Solace’s Fine Cut Tobacco. SOMETHING very superior, just received and for sale by GEO. T. ROGERS, sept 29 _____________ Butter and Cliecse. »- KEGS Goshen Butter ; 50 boxes Goshen Cheese, of superior quality, just received and for sale by GLO. T. ROGERS, oct 19 RadwayS Ready Be let. \ FRESH snpplv of this Article, just rceived /~\_ and for sale bv Dr.E. L. S 1 ROli LCKER, and JACKSON BARNES, Mulberry sire t, Macon. i :ln 3 MACKEREL— 10 half and 10 qr bbl*. No. 1 Mackerel, just tceai'cd and for sale by oct gg W. FREEMAN. i) o r t r p . BEAI TIH L LIMES] The New England Diadetn gives its readers the following beautiful stanzas, which were suggested by hearing read an extract of a letter fioin Capt. Chase, giving an account of the sickness and death of his brother-in-law, Mr. Brown Owen, who died on his passage to Cali, fornia. W e have scldam met anything so pain fully interesting in every line, and will be read with “leary eyes" by many who have lost bro thers, fathers, husbands or sons on their way to or after having reached the land of Gold and Graves. Lay up nearer, brother, nearer, For rny limbs are growing cold, And thy presence senmetli dearer, W hen thy arms around me fold ; I am dying, brother, dying, Soon you’ll miss me in your berth, For my form will then be lying 'Neath the ocean's briny surf. Hearken to me, brother hearken, I have something 1 would say, Ere the veil my vision darken, And 1 go from hence away ; I am going, surely going, But my hope in God is strong, I am willing, brother, knowing That He can do nothing wrong. Tell my father when you greet him, That in death I prayed for him, Prayed that I may one day meet him, In a world that’s free from sin ; Tell my mother, (God assist her Now that she is growing old,) Tell her child would glad have kissed her, When Iris lips grew pale and cold. Listen brother, catch each whisper, ’Tis my wife I’d speak of now, Tell, oh tell her, how I missed her, When the fever burned my broiv ; Tell Iter, brother, closely listen, Don't forget a single word, That in death my eyes did glisten, W ith the tears her mem'ry stirred. Tell her she must kiss my children, Like the kiss I last impressed, Hold them as last I held them, Folded closely to my breast ; Give them early to their Maker, Putting all her trust in God, And He never will forsake her, For He’s said so in His Word. O rny children ! Heaven bless them ! They were all my life to me, Would I could once more caress them, Ere I sink beneath the sea ; 'Tvvas for them 1 crossed the ocean, What my hopes were I II not tell, But I've gained an orphan’s portion, Yet He doeih all things well. Tell my sisters I remember, Every kindly parting word, And rny heart has been kept tender, By the thoughts their mem’ry stirred ; Tell them 1 ne’er reached the haven, Where I sought the “precious dust,’’ But I ha,e gained a port called Heaven, Where the gold will never rust. Urge them to secure an entrance, For they’ll find their brother there, Faith in Jesus, and repentance YV ill secure for each a share— Hark I I hear my Saviour speaking, ’Tis, I know his voice so well, When I’m gone, oh don’t be weeping, Brother, here’s my last farewell. A Swollen Head and the Planner of Treating It. Smith and Rogers are good looking, mid dle aged gentlemen, and very clever, wor thy and talented fellows, too, and tolera bly prosperous in the affairs of the world ; hut, strange to tell, they will occasionally get out on a bit of a lark without the ad vice and consent of their constitutional ad. visers —id cst, their wives. Now, it hap pened last week that, after “making a night of it” together, and indulging a brief morning nap, they met at the barber’s. ‘Good morning, Smith,’ said Rogers.— How do you find yurself. ‘Pretty bright, Rogers,’ said Smith— ‘head a little queer, though.’ ‘Ah, indeed !’ said Rogers. ‘Fact—does look a little queer.’ ‘What 1’ said Smith. ‘Look a little queer! What do you mean by that V ‘Why, Smith, I don’t mean any offence. I only think your bead does look a little queer. I think its swelled some.’ Smith’s face was well lathered, clear up to the temples, his long hair, brushed backwards, hung over the chair. He sud denly lent forward, and dropping the tow el from his neck, and looking into the “e --rious face of Rogers with amazement, he exclaimed; •You don’t mean to say that V ‘But I do though,’ said Rogers; 'yet it may be only a notiou ot mine. 'Oh !’ Bait! Smith; and he threw las head back again, and the lathering process went on. By this time Rogers had completed the insertion, around Smith’s hat, under the leather lining, where it fits the head, of a copy of the Baltimore ‘Sun,’ which he showed to Robinson, a friend whohadjusi stepped in, at the same time placing the point of finger of the right hand alongside his nose, and casting a sly glance towards Smith. ‘Good morning, Smith,’ said Robinson; ‘how do you find yourself this morning, old friend ?” ‘Pretty bright, Robinson,’ said Smith.‘l hope you are well, my friend.’ ‘Quito well, 1 thank’ee Smith—quite well. But how,what —eh, your head, Mr. Smith ; isn’t eh, eh, —swelled some 1 ‘Swelled some !’ exclaimed Smith ; swelled some, eh ! how—ch ’ Robinson, what do you mean V ‘Oil, nothing, Smith, nothing. 1 did think—but ils nothing, I suppose. I tho’t There was a little tension of the skin—en largement of the a swelling, in fact i but I suppose its a ’ •You suppose its wliatl’ Nothing, oh, noiliing, only just a notion of mine, Smith,’said Robinson. ‘lt couldn’t be that man’s head could spread out of a sudden, I should think.’ *1 should think not,’ said Smith. The barber was now done with him. ‘1 should think not!’ And he repaired to the glass to put on his hat. T should think not, indeed !’ and as he surveyed his po* lished face and his sleek hair, he was evi dently pleased. ‘No, no, my hoys,’ said he, with a smile. ‘Smith has a hard head; Smith’s head dont swell for a singlefrolic!’ and Smith laughed a glad kind of laugh, which seemed to indicate an agreeable condition of the invvaid man, such as a man realizes when he is pleased with himself and the rest of his race. The barber gently plied the wisp to SmiLlfs back, and Smith’s gloves were neatly drawn on, and the barber’s boy, as he smoothed its silky surface, said in a soft tone, ‘flat, sir, your hat/’ ‘Yes,’ said Smith, ‘yes thank’ee boy— but! what! —my hat I—yes ! —hovv’s this! —too small! —eh, Rogers, that is my hat! why!’ ‘Smith,’ said Rogers, ‘fact is, I think your head is swelled—some.’ ‘Pshaw !’ said Smith, hesitatingly, ‘that . c-a-n-t be ; yet —how is this 1’ ‘Depend upon it, Smith,’ said Robinson, i ‘your head must be swelled some.’ ‘Why, it can’t be,’ said Stnilh very hesi tatingly. ‘lt can’t be, Robinson ; how could—but does it really look so I—yet ! this hat’s a ,’ ‘Well, Smith,’ Robinson continued, ‘I don’t see how a good rubhirigeould do any harm, especially if cologne should be freely used —’ ‘The fact is,’ said Smith,my head would feci better after a little rubbing, I am sure’ —and with the barber’s assistance,off went coat, vest, and cravat, and down sat Mr. Smith. ‘Glug-glug-glug !’ said the bottle, and its liquid flowed gratefully over ike unfor tunate head of the perplexed Mr. Smith, and the palms of the barbers hands played freely around and about it. ‘Ah !’ said Mr. Smith—ah !’ and again and again he enhaled with a long inspira tion the reviving perfume, and then for a time lie closed his eyes and gave himself uji to the soothing manipulations of the si lent and assiduous bather. At length, af ter tho towel, and the comb, and the brush had been successively applied, and the neck had been well rubbed, and the exter nal head once more presented the appear ance of order and neatness, Smith arose and was about to attire himself once more, while his two friends were profoundly ab sorbed in the morning papers. ‘Smith, said Rogers, ‘try your hat on first. See if you are really benefitted. Smith took up the hat from which Ro gers had quietly extracted one fold of the paper, and placed it gently upon his head. He took hold of the brim on each side and drew it down. ‘Rogers,’ said he, there is improvement; but— my hat will not come on.’ Smith said this with some solemnity. ‘Oh !’ exclaimed Rogers, ‘if that’s the case—if there’s improvement, Smith—if there is, Smith, there’s in occosion for alaim. But won't your hat go down ? No that's a fact, it won’t. Weil, Smith, let me tell you 1 always find‘shampooing’ t<> do tho most good. Suppose you try it.’ BOOK AND JOB PRINTING, Will he executed in the neatist style, and upon the most favorable terms, al the Office of the. SCTTTESPsIT TPJBUITTE* -BY— WM. B. HARRISON. NUMBER 8. ‘U ell,’said Smith,‘if the cologne has benefitted me thus much it looks reasona ble that—’ 4 That the ‘shampoon’ will benefit you so much more. Exactly—that’sclearenough,’ said Mr. Rogers. ‘Certainly !’ said Mr. Robinson. And down sat Mr. Smith. The towel was fixed before, andthetow el was fixed behind, and ihesbampoan was freely applied, and Mr. Smith’s head was rubbed like a ball of soap between the palms of the barbers bands; and the fingers ol the barber tan through Mr. Smith’s hair and Mr. Smith’s head looked like a field of tall grass after a heavy blow and heavy rain. At length the towel again absorbed the moisture, the comb again reduced cha os to order, and the brush again finished the artist-like work. ‘How now Smith V said Robinson.— ‘Smaller ]’ (Another fold ofthepaper had been extracted.) ‘Smaller, Smith V ‘My hat’s nigher to a fit; there is is no mistake about that,’ said Smith. ‘But don’t it fit yet I’ asked Rogers. ‘No, not quite,’ said Smith—‘not quite— and yet it’s nigh, pretty nigh.' *De gentleman’s hair are tolibly long/ suggested the patient attist, who had al ready earned two sips and a quarter, and who now thought another levy would make an even half. ‘\our hair is long,’ said Rogers, ‘Yes for such thick hair,’ said Robinson. ‘But my hat went on yesterday,’ said Smith. •But you don’t expect to get entirely cured at once, do you V said Rogers. •Well, 1 intend to get my hair cut,’ said Smith, and down ho sat upon the chair, where the masculine Delila soon reduced his sable fleece, the two friends mean while reading very intently, Robinson’s paper being upside down all the while. ‘Now you’ll do I think,’ said Rogers. *1 should think so,’ said Robinson. ‘lf 1 don’t,’ said Simitb, ‘ I know what will help me out.’ • Smith, you don’t mean to— ’ ‘ Certainly not,’ said Robinson. ‘ Mean to what V ‘You don’t mean to use a compreess, nor astringents, nor— ’ •Oh no,’ said Smith, impatiently; ‘I wish 1 had done it at first; but 1 didn't think of it. Todd or Stevens could liavo finished mo with a prime hat at once.’ ‘ That’s a fact,’ said both the friends to gether. ‘ I dare say I had as well do it yet,’ said Smith. * Well; if your hat don’t fit yet,suppose you do,’ said Rogers, as he placed back again inside the linen a couple of folds of the paper he had just extracted. Mr. Smith raised the hat to his trig-look | itig head, but it still would not go on. ‘Robinson,’said he,‘l can’t go to the hatter’s bareheaded. ‘Certainly not,’ said Robinson; ‘l’ll go and pick a hat out for you.’ Mr. Robinson was not gone long; and when a hoy brought two or three hats, a selection was soon made by Mr. Rogers’ assistance; but Mr. Smith was moody arid melancholy. At length with a tearful look and a faltering voice he said— ‘ Gentlemen, this thing of drinking is a bad business-—a bad business, gentlemen/ * It really is,’ said Robinson. * And l am done with it,’ said Rogers. ‘And so am I, said Smith, ‘done with it—done, done, done !’ and he leant his | forehead upon the back of a chair before j him. ‘Gentlemen,’ said he, ‘I have been i thinking that a vender of intoxicating | drinks, and every one else, should be held accountable for all the evil and all the ex penses he occasions.’ ‘ That’s my opinion,’ said Rogers. * And mine,’ said Robinson. ‘ Rogers,’ said Smith, ‘1 wish, if you have any change, you would just pay this j barber for me.’ ‘ Certainly,’ said Rogers, as he handed | over the money. ‘ Robinson did you tell Stevens the money was good for this hat.’ ‘Certainly,’ said Robinson. ‘But you seem too despondent. What is the matter] You have not been so deeply injured.’ ‘No,’ ssid Smith, teatfully. ‘No, not very. But its my opinion, I say, that eve ry vender of intoxicating di inks, and every j one else, should be held accountable for all the evils, and all the expenses he acca sions.” ‘And mine too,’ said Rogers. ‘And mine too,’ said Robinson. And the two friends locked at each other cunningly. ‘I am glad,’ said Mr. Smith, ‘that both of you, my friends, concur with me. The manipulations of my friend, the barber, have been very pleasant, and time was not pressing with me. The new hat is very i desirable also. Your sentiments are very just too, and 1 derive much pleasure from that. And now, that in accordance with them, you have paid the barber, and as | sumed payment for the new hat, you can dispose of the old one if you please— after first taxing the paper from the lining. Ex j cuse me as I have bank business to attend to. Good morning. And never was Smith so much admired by the ladies on the avenue, as on that blessed morning; and Stevens has inform* 1 ed us that there is no more punctual cus tomer in the city than the jocular Mr. Ro j binsoti, who called to ay for a hat tho other day, half an hour after he had ! bought it.