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The Southern tribune. (Macon, Ga.) 1850-1851, February 22, 1851, Image 3

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Mr- Calhoun. —The Mobile Tribune in noti cing anew work of Mr. Caihois, gives the fol lowing reminiscence : <‘\Ve saw Mr. Calhoun at the Memphis Con vention. When he returned home from it, he was received every where on the Mirsissippi river with the warmest demonstration of affec tionate admiration. At Natchez, the boat (the Maria)stoppcd near midnignt, and the illustrious passenger was conducted to one of the halls of the city, where there was a ball. Beautiful wo men and brave men were in the midst ofthe dance, when the approach of Mr Calhoun was announced. Instantly the dance stopped. He was led into the room and surrounded by a great multitude. Mr. Davis, now Senator, received him in an eulogistic speech—too eulogistic for good taste. When he closed, Mr. Calhoun rose to reply, with a timidity that was painful—a sensation produced doubtless by the extravagant flattery of Mr. Davis. He was almost incapable of speaking, lie observed in abrupt language, that be was not accustomed to address “miscel laneous audiences—and seeing tliat the word was ill-chosen,substi(uted“heterogenous,” which was not much better. Finally, blushing like a girl, he declared that he was unaccnslomed to speak unless to a fixed topic, and so sank down to his seat in confusion. There was hardly a man present that ctuld not have acquitted him self better. The audience, however, saw the cause of his embarrassment, and the hall rang with cheers as though the spectators were seek ing to encourage the confidence of a school hoy delivering his maiden speech. We were once struck at hearing Mr. Calhoun in an animated conversation, declare that the conclusions of impulse are more reliable than those of mere intellect—a declaration, however qualified by the assertion that the impulse must be under the guidance of intellect. In ibis, it struck us at the time, be announced one of the principal causes of bis own greatness—the seource of bis almost prophetic investigations of the result of public events and measures.” HP A letter from Hamburg says, under date of January 13lli —“lt seems that the terms are more favorable to the Schleswig Holst. liners than they at first appeared. The status quo an te belli! m is guaranteed ; also the possession of the fortresses. The army is not to he disband eJ, but two thirds of it only to be sent home on furlough, so that they may be called in at an\ tune; for which purpose the staff of the regi ment, the arms, &c , are left undisturbed at their garrisons. A long account is given ofthe blowing up of the Porteguese frigate Donna Maria 11, at Mac ao, on the 20th October. She was a teak-built ship, 40 years old. The explosion occurred at ~i <> clock, while the ships were firing salutes on acoonnt of the birth day of King Consort.— Ot 224 men, 181$ perished in the explosion a mongst whom were her Commander, Francis do Assisse Silvia, and five lieutenants. Godfrey's Poison — An inquest has recently been held in London on the body of two cltila ten who had a pennyworth ol Godfrey’s cordial administered to them by their mother, to save herself front trouble putting them to sleep. Thi s is a common and dangerous practice with a great many ignorant mothers and careless nuts is, and cannot be too strongly condemned.— Godfrey’s cordial, arid similar narcotics, are to infants what opium is to men, and if it does not immediately take their lives, it blinds their intellect and destroys their health. The Lon don jury found that the children came to their death by the effects of Godfrey’s cordial, but they failed to reprimand the mother, or to pre sent her for indictment for her criminal regard, lessnes of the children’s health ort a question of convenience. The presentation of a few ofthe heedless mothers and reckless nurses, who are guilty of these consequeuces,for murder, would s oon abolish the use of Godfrey’s cordial, as a gag against crying. The Government of Buenos A vres recently applied to some of our enterprising Engineers and mechanics to erect for them a substantial pier, extending out into deep water, at which steamers and vessels ofall descriptions could land. Exports of Cottom.— A statement of the Exports of Cotton from the United States for a number of years, with the average price per lb. Years. Pounds. Value. Av. price per lb. 1821, 124,893,405 $20,157,484 1(5.2 cents. 1822, 144*675,095 24,035,058 16 6 “ 1823, 172,723,270 20,445,520 11.8 “ 1824, 142,369,663 21,947,401 15.4 <> 1825, 176,449,907 36,846,649 20.9 « 1826, 204,535,415 25,025,214 12 2 “ 1827, 1828, 210,590,463 22,487,229 10.7 “ 1829, 264,837,186 26,574,311 10 “ 1830, 298,459,102 29,674,883 9.9 “ 1831, 276,979,784 25,289,492 9.1 “ 1832, 322,215,122 31,724,632 9 3 “ 1833, 324,698.604 36,191,105 11.1 » 1834, 354,717,907 49,448,402 12.8 lt 1835 , 387,358,992 64,964,302 16.8 “ 1836, 423,631,307 71,284,025 16.8 “ 1837, 444,211,537 63,240,102 14.2 “ Mr. J. C. Ayer the i nventorof the cele brated and vaulable preparation called •'‘Ayer’sCherry Pectoral,” has been elect ed Mayor of Lowell, Mass. A mother used three towns in putting her child to sleep.—What were their names ? Sing sing, Rock-away, and Pat* ter-son. A modern writer declares that persons with a small thumb are ruled by the heart, those with a large one, by the head. 1 wo hundred and eighty-five Norwe gians have embarked by a vessel, which has just sailed from Christiania, in Nor way, to seek their forututies in Califor nia. ITE M S Fredrika Bremer visited the Public Schools of New Orleans, on the 25th ult., by invitation of the directors. She is to r etui n to Charleston, and proceed to Maine, l eimont and New Hampshire, the only States that she had not visited. The Regents of the New Yotk Univer. sity have conferred the degree of L. L. I). on Dr. Mott, of New York. 1 he new Poet Laureate, Tennyson, is, in persona] appearance, rather awkward, and inclined to be slovenly, hut has a re markably tine head and a sweet voice, and a winning manner. Charles Dickens has published anew edition of his “American Notes ;”and says he is still of the same opinion in regard to his views of life in the United States, and that he has borne its ill opinion for eight years, and can do so for eight more, and longer if necessary. George YV. Kendall, editor and histori. rian, has arrived at N. Orleans, after a long absence in Europe. His forthcoming his tory of the Mexican war, it is said, will be a superb affair. Audubon has left his autobiography, an exceedingly interesting wotk. Millard Powers Fillmore, son of the President, has been appointed Secretaiy to sign land patents. He still acts as pri vate Secretary to his father. Hon. Horace Everett died at his resi dence in Windsor; Vt., on the sth ult., in the , 5 2<l year of his age. For fourteen consecutive years Everett repiesenied his District in the Congress of the United States. 1 he Hon. Henry S.Geyer, the new Sen ator from M issoui i, is said to be a fast friend of Heniy Clay. Gen. Cass lias been re elected to the U. S. Senate for the full term, from the 4th of March next. Jenny Lind and suit have arrived a$ New Orleans. Win and Ellen Crafts,llte fugitive slaves are now in England, where they appear to be creating an enthusiastic demonstra tion against the Fugitive Slave Bill. The Whigs of the Indiana Constitution al Convention recommend General W. Scott as the Whig candidate for the Pre sidency. George Branhall has been convicted of robing the Albany Post Office. John S. Gulick, of Princeton, N. J., has been appointed a Purser in the Navy. W e regret to learn that the Rev. James Wallace, D. D., the distinguished mathe matician, died on the 14th ult., at his resi dence in South Carolina. Charles Watts, an old member of the New Orleans bar, died at Biloxi, Miss.,on the 15th ult. D'Archy, the man who drew Power’s statue of the Greek Slave, in the Cincin nati! Art Union, is a hatter of New Or leans. William Howison, the celebrated line engraver, died at Edinburgh, in Decem ber. Sir Lytton Bulwer is writing anew play for Charles Kean. London is said to be rapidly filling up with every conceivable species of adven turers, for the forthcoming season. Accounts from Rome and the Papal represent a growing apprehension and uneasiness among all classes. The British Government have resolved to make Holyhead the port of arrival and departure for the transatlantic mail steam ers. The French coast has been visited with a fearful gale; sixty merchant vessels put into port of Cheeseboraugh for safety. The screw steamer Nau'ilus, between Cork and London,was lost on Wednesday night, in a severe gale. Nine lives were sacrificed. The backers ofthe getter-up ofthe late great concerts at her Majesty’s Opera House, London, had to pay a deficit of $50,000. The Balitmore ship Franconia was wrecked off Holyhead on the 11th ult Her cargo tobacco,the captain, chief mate and eleven hands were lost. The Austrian project of a Zolvercin union was the chief subject of discussion at last date. It meets with no favor from the government of Prussia, but the Saxon and Bavarian governments paid to favor the proposition. The Prussian gov ernment have resolved upon the imposition of a heavy income tax. The price of paper has risen 30 per cent, in Austria on account of a dearth of the raw material. It is expoctcd that a heavy expert duty will be imposed on rags. ■The names of George W. Niles, and Nathan W. Roberts, the New York “con spiracy ’ lawyers, now serving the State, one at Sing Sing, and the other in the E iryptian tombs, have been stricken from the rolls. Ludwig Simon, of Treves, formerly a member ot the Frankfor Parliment, was on January 7th. at 1 reves, sentenced to death f i high treason Luckily he is safe in Switzerland. In London, on the llth ult., a printed slip was hawked along the streets, annount citig the “death of Jenny Lind by drown ing in the United States.” The weakness of the Papal Government is sucli that bands of noted brigands are suffered to infest the vicinity of Rome, and murders are of frequent occur rence. The peremptory dismissal of Gen Chan garnier, by the Piesident,has caused great dissatisfaction among the leaders of the party of order, who profess*lo see in that act the foreshadowing of Louis Naplenn’s desire to obtain absolute power. Maxwell, the Irish novelist, died on the 29th December, at Musselhurg, near Ed indutg. He was the athor of many humor ous skechos in the periodical literutue of the day, and a writer whose genial and sportive pen has delighted thousands. Considerable scrubbing and scouring appears to be going on in London, in an ticipation of the World's Fair. The Times avows itself to be like “Caleb Balderstone in Walter Scott’s tale con cerned for the honor of the family,” and anxious “to see the dirt scoured offbefore the arrival of their guests.” On the twenty-fifth anniversary of the succession ofthe Emperor Nicholas to the throne—a day usually considered fatal to the Russian monarchs—his confidence and calmness were so great, that he ventured about without an escort, and attended only by his staff, who were almost immediately separated from him by the throng. X 12 iLr 8 In Pike county on trie 13tli inst., by trie Rev. J. B. Hanson, M r Henry Johnston, of Randolph to Miss Sarah Wii.t.iams, of Pike county. Us US IS Jj* j At Columbus, on trio 14th inst. Judge Robert Is. Ai.f.xander, aged 3!) veins. MACON MAKki.T, I LB. 22. COTTON—Trie late unfavorable Foreign accounts have caused a further decline iri our market since our last report, and trie market remains very dull ; whilst trie receipts continue quite light. We quote flail rents. Oil MONDAY NIGHT, Feb. 24th, AT rOiUCETT hall, DR. II END RE E will give one of bis SCIENTIFIC E N T E II TA l JVM E-V T S illustrated by a splendid Apparatus, consisting in part of a first power P O EAR I S CO P E , producing from colorless crystals all trio varied hues of the Rainbow, and trie most extraordinary OPTICAL DELUSIONS appearing like Magic TIIE PLANETS Seen moving in trie heavens in their respective times and places. PAINE’S LIGHT, Discussed and explained, and compared with trie Drummond Light- Trie Evening’s Entertainment to close with a Superb Dissolving Biaraiiia; Comprising many S A C It E I) S C E jV E S , Trie Church of Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem, St. Peter’s Cathedral, Rome, Selah, Arabia Petrea,The Vale of Edom, Ruins of Balbec, Trie City of trie Sun, Holyrood Abbey, seen by day and afterwards by moonlight. Melrose Abbey, Windsor Castle and Park. Besides a number of trio most Romantic Scenes in Europe and Asia. Swiss Cottages in trie Alps, with Snow Storm ; Sea Scenes, with Ships moving. Bay of Naples and Eruption ofM’l Vesuvius,&c. ILySee Small Bills. (J-y Doors open at 7 o’clock, Entertainment to commence at half past 7 o’clock. [UyAdmittance 50 cents—Children 25 cents, feri 22 GOODS AT COST. fIAIIE subscriber has on hand a good assort- J- tnent of Fancy and Staple DRV GOODS, GROCERIES, and a general assortment of all Articles usually found in a variety Store, which he will sell at cost, for cash, and perhaps a little below, if application he made soon, and a liberal purchase made. GEO. EHRLICH, feb 22 Cotton Avenue. ATUTMEGS, CLOVES and CINNAMON— IN sept 7 At MOULTON’S. U7HITE WAX—At MOULTON’S, sept 7 Cherry Street Candles. SPERM, Adamantine and Tallow,ofall sizes, J list receiv ed and fur sale by june 8 GEO. T ROGERS. Solace’s fine Cut Tobacco. SOMETHING very superior, just received and for sale by GEO. T. ROGERS, sept 29 Butler ami Cliecsc. f KEGS Goshen Butter ; 50 boxes Goshen :•) Cheese, of superior quality, just received and for sale by GEO. T. ROGERS, oct 19 _ SARDINES, Tomato Catsup, Peppm Sauce and Caper Sauce at MOI.E ION S. | aept 7 PROSPECTUS or THE SAVANNAH EVENING DELTA; A Daily Paper, devoted to Politics, Literature, Science, Agriculture and General Intelligence. The patriotic motives which prompted, and the persevering industry that is now completing the various enterprises of Internal Improvement in connection with trie City ofSavannah, have opened up to her citizens a field of commercial wealth, inexhaustible in extent, and immensely influential in producing the most profitable results in securing her increasing greatness.— To meet the wants created by her rapid advance ment, trie undersigned will commence trie publication of an Evening Paper in this city, under trie above title, as soon as trie necessarv arrangements can he made. In Politics our object shall he to sustain trie great Democratic Republican doctrines so tri umphuntly maintained by trie illustrious Jff fersov, Madison, Troup, Cai.hocn, and other distinguished advocates of State Rights, upon trie success of which alone depends trie securitv of trio rights ofthe minority in trie Government. We shall insist upon trie Rights and Equality of trie Louth, “ asking nothing but what is right and submitting to nothing that is wrong.” On this question we know no party—but those who contend for Southern Rights and Stata Sove. reignty shall have our warmest support ; whilst vve shall endeavor to draw men’s minds from trie worship of their fellows, to an acquaintance with trie nature of their Government, trie recent tendency of which to Consolidation, should justly excite trie apprehension of every friend of Constitutional liberty and Southern Rights. Trie varied interests of Commerce, Agricul ture, Literature and Science, shall receive our zealous attention—and no effort will he spared to render trie Delta a source of instruction as well as amusement to trie general reader— avoiding all scurrilous articles from whatever source they may emanate. Holding that trie highest interest of man, both in his individual and collective capacity, is to know trie truth and follow it, trie object ofall our discussions will be to attain and disseminate that knowledge, and inculcate its practical adoption in all trie affairs of life. Trios, whilst vve shall defend with whatever energy we possess, trie rights, honor and interests of our own Georgia, we will endeavor to render our paper accepta ble to all classes of trie community, by attending to trie various departments of information inte resting to trie general reader. Trie mail and telegraphic facilities enjoyed at this point, will enable us at all times to give the latest intelli gence from all quarters, both Foreign and Domes tic. In fine, we shall spare neither labor nor expense in endeavoring to render our papor worthy u liberal patronage. CON1)IT I O N S : The Savannah Evening Dei.ta will be published Daily, (Sundays excepted,) at 2 o’clock, P. M., at Eight Dollars per annum, payable semi-annually in advance. The Savannah Tiu-Weeki.v Delta will contain all trie news of trie Daiiy and he publish ed at Five Dollars per annum, in advance. The Savannah Weekly Delta will lie published at Two Dollars per annum, in advance—if not paid at trie time of subscribing, Three Dollars will invariably be charged. Advertisements will he inserted upon irie usual terms; and yearly contracts made at very favorable rates. ifj Persons wishing to subscribe will please inform trie undersigned, prior to trie Ist of April next, at which time trie first Number will appear. WILLIAM B. IIARRISON, WM. POPE HARRISON. Savannah, Ga., February 22, 1851. E. E. SClifimiatisiii An red in 20 Minutes iT has cured Mr. T. Freelcy, of 679 Water Street, who was confined to his bed for nine months, who tried every Liniment, Sarsaparilla, Life Balsam of any popularity, without receiv ing one hour’s relief, liadway’s Ready Relief stopped all trie pain in twenty minutes. Air. Freely is now in good health. It cured a Lady at Clifton, Va , so writes Ray Jones, of that place “in two hours of Chronic Rheumatism." It ’cured a gentleman ofSing Sing, who had trie Rheumatism for Six Years, in twenty four hours —So says trie Hudson River Chronicle, publish ed in that place. If there is a person in this city now suffering with Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Nervous, Tic Doloreux, who has tried nil other remedies, and have Dot been cured, vve invite you to procure Radway s Ready Relief, and we will warrant you a speedy cure. Coughs and Colds. Radway’a Ready Relief will instantly stop the most troublesome Cough. It has cured hoarseness, time and again, in a few hours.— Taken internally, it enables the patient to ex pectorate freely, removes all inflammation, sw ell ing and irritation of Bronchial organs ; and by bathing externa llv, the neck, throat aud chest, it produces a quicker action to the skin, the patient perspires freely, it removes the pain from lire throat and gives strength to the lungs. Eruptions of the Shin. By adding a tablespoonful of Relief to a table spoonful of Olive Oil, it will stop the most pain ful telling ofthe skin in a few minutes, and en tirely cure Sait Rheum, Ring Worm, Itch, Burns, Sores, Scalds, &c. Swellings. Radway’s Ready Relief will reduce all swell ings, bruises or wounds in a few minutes. Bear in mind to ask for Radway’s Ready Relief.— Remember the three R. 11. R. Price 50 cents per bottle. A fresh supply of the above article just receiv ed and for sale hv E. L. STROHECKER &, CO.and JACKSON BARNES, Mulberry street, Macon, Ga., and by Druggists generally. Hams, Butter, Syrup, Ac. (CINCINNATI Sugnr cured HAMS J GOSHEN BUTTER New Orleans Sugar House SYRUP A few Jars of very white Leaf LARD. AII of choice quality, just received and for sale bv GLO. T. ROGERS, dec I Cherry Street. Flour, Meal, Corn, Ac. BACON Hants, Sides and Shoulders; Lard, Irish and Sweet Potatoes—in store and for sale by J.S. RICHARDSON, Cotton Avenue. TJAIBINH, CURRANTS, CITRON AND ll PRUNES.—A fine supply, at june 29 MOULTON’S. \ LARGE assortment of trie above Fresh . and Warranted Garden Seeds, just receiv ed, and although belter, and more cosily than any oilier, will be furnished at trie lowest mar ket price to Families, and Merchants to sell a gain. They consist in part of 12 varieties of choice Beans, 4 “ of Beets, 12 “ of Cabbage, 3 “ of Carrots, 3 “ of Early Corn, 4 “ of Lettuce, 4 “ of Melons, 3 “ of Onions, 12 “ of Peas extra early and late, 5 “ of Radishes, 6 “ of Turnips, and other vari eties ; Flower Seeds, Grass Seeds, Canary Bird Seed, and Buttou Oeiutis, White Red and Yel low, etc. J. 11. & W. S. ELLIS, Druggists, Cherry Street, near Cotton Acenue, Macon. feri 22 S. IS . DAY, sjfap-i Respectfully announces to his Mn< * I * l *’ generally, J J H J Jlhat ho lias received und offers for sale, trie newest and most fashionable MUSIC, to which weekly additions will be made, com prising all trie recent compositions of Herz, Strukosh, Wallace, Hunter, Burgmullcr, Rose len, Doehler, eVc. ; Instruction Books for Pianos, Guitars and other Instruments ; Strings for all Instruments, best quality. Also, Musical In struments, such asViolins, Flutes, Fifes, Flageo lets, Banjos, Drums, and ull kinds of Trimmings for various Instruments. A rail is respectfully solicited, before purchas ing elsewhere. 0“ Dealers, Teacher* and Seminaries sup plied on the most reasonable and accommodating terms. feb 22 8 STEAM iHUN HAILING. MO R E & G ALLA GHE R , M anufucturers of Iron Rail ing,and Iron Founders Corner of Ridge. Hoad und Proud Street, Philadelphia, ItvKv Would call trie attention of pur ’WJvgKkjSf" chasers to their elegant assortment uSfiw ttjijjof Dr ought and Cast IRON KAIL ING for Cemeteries, Balconies, Va- Railing for Churches, Pnlt. and Private Buildings, Public Squares, Ac. Together with all kinds of Plain and Ornameufr'l IRON WORK. MOPE GALLAGIIEII'S Book of Original Designs, containing trie best selection of tie' signs that has ever been issued, will be sent to any person who may wish to make a selection, feb 15 7—ls Dissolution of Copartnership. rrilllj Copartnership heretofore existing in I this city,between RUSSELL&EHRLICH, was dissolved on trie 15th of January last, by mutual consent. (Vj The remaining Stock of DRY GOODS and GROGERIES will be sold very low for cash, and persons wishing good bargains can obtain them by calling at trie old stand. GLORGE EIIRLICII. feri 8 6—2 m GODI’ULY A SOLOMONS, FACTO ll S AND COMMISSI UN ME P CHANTS SAVANNAH, GA. P M IIE undersigned have entered into a co- L partnership under the name of GODFR EY & SOLOMONS, for trie transaction of a General Commission mid Factorage Easiness, and tender their services to their friends and Planters generally. [1 They wi I also make liberal advances on Produce consigned to them for sale. J. E. GODFREY, E. W. SOLOMONS, oct 2 42—ts It E M <> V A I*. F)AYNE & NISBET would most respectfully X inform their friends and customers, that they have moved their stock of DRUGS and MEDICINES to the corner of the new Brick Building opposite the Washington Hall, where they will he happy to see all their old customers and others that may favor them with a fail ; and where they will keep a general slock of fresh DRUGS and M E D I Cl N ES, LEECHES, PERFUMERY, and put up Prescriptions with care and neatness, and always give satisfaction. oct 12 49 HALL A BUAJVTLEY, H AVE just received a well selected assort - ment of DR F GOODS and GROCERIES, which embraces almost every article iri theii line of business. These Goods make their stock extensive, which has been selected recently by one ofthe firm, and they are determined to sell their Goods upon reasonable terms, and at the lowest prices. Whilst they are thankful for past favors, they respectfully invite their friends and the public to ealLal their Store on Cherry Street, and examine tlfeir Goods and prices, before put chasing elsewhere. march 2 11 "Ladies’ Dress Goods. A SPLENDID assortment of Ginghams, Bar ll ages and Muslins, for morning und evening dresses. Also, an endless variety of rich and brilliant summer SILKS,etc. Just received at LOGAN & ATKINSON’S, april G 13 SitleiidMi Bridal Dresses. A FEW magnificent BRIDAL DRESSES, 1 Y with trimmiugs to suit—very fine and fash ionable. Ladies would do well to call and ex amine them, at april 6 LOGAN & ATKINSON’S. X'amily and Slaple Goods. rOG AN «V ATKINSON are now opening a J very large assortment of Staple and Domestic Goods, suitable for plantation or family uses, which will he sold low for cash, or to approx ed customers. april 6 1 3 ' I.OU A A A AIIUASOA, Tj) ESPECTFULLY inform the public that JA, they are now disposing of their Stock of Goods at New York Cost, at their new store, corner ofTltird and Cherry Streets, formerly occupied by Messrs. Graves & Wood. ffjTLadies are particularly requested vC call and examine the G>> ' and prices. march 2 8-ts B:t< sand ilinns. ,jj | Hill). !’• 'aeon Stiles, 3000 Balti ' I more aud Cincinnati Hams, just received and for sale cheap, by • oct 19 Gf.O. T. ROGERS. To Rent, MA comfortable Two Story Dwelling House with Btx rooms, and a fine garden. It will bn rented Ihw if applied for soon. For particulars inquire at trie Tribune Office, feb 22 B—ts WASHINGTON HALL. MACON, GA. E. S. ROGERS respectfully informs f trie public that he has now the sole J > -8-B.iliarye of this old established and well kiiowii HOTEL, which has recently undergone thorough repair, and that he Will spare no pains for the accommodation of those who may give him a call. Every department of the Hall will be under his personal supervision, and every ex. ertion will be made to keep up the Establishment to the extreme point of neatness, comfort and good cheer. IT S. ROGERS, june 1 21—ts LANIEie HOUSE, MACON, GA. a The Proprietors ate pleased to an nounce to their old Friendsand the Pub* lie generally, that this NEW HOTEL is now open for the reception of company. Having had it erected and fitted up at great expense, on the most liberal, elegantand exten sive scale, they confidently expert a generous patronage. ST. LANIER & SON. june 8 22—ts MARIETTA HOTEL. i t The subscribers take this method of f« Iff informing the Travelling Public; that jin a. their House is now ready for trie recep* tion of all who may favor them with their patron, age. Their House has now more than forty Rooms, large and conveniently arranged, and well ventilated. They are also prepared, at their Livery Stables, with good Riding Horses*, Buggies and Carriages, so that those who wish pleasure, and those on business, can bo accommodated at a moment’s warning. Triankfut for past patronage, they hope to merit and share a good portion of that which is yet to come; and particular attention shall be given to see that “none go away dissatisfied.” JOHN F ARNOLD, > Pr GEORGE S.OGLESBY, 5 pro P rietors - Marietta, Ga., May 25, 1850. 20—ly* DU. CARY COX, 5 a Informs the Public that lie is prepared f.. B for the reception of persons suffering jj.JLM. with chronic diseases, at his llatcr Cure or Electro Hydropathic Establishment, near Marietta, Corib county, Ga. His Baths are sit* ualed near the principal Buildings. The scene in the immediate vicinity is picturesque, being near Kennesaw Mountain. The scenery, pure water, the great elevation above the level ofthe ocean, (being 450 feet above even the Tennessee line on the AVestern and Atlantic Railroad,) the convenience of access by Railroad, the refined and intellectual society, and pure atmosphere, have all most admirably conspired to render the location suitable for an establishment of trie kind. * Trie Proprietor deems it needless to say any tiling relative to trie curative powers of either Water or Electricity, ns trie general mass ofthe people in this country have attained a know ledge of liicir great value ir. removing disease. He flail. is himself that lie is able w ith pure Water and Electricity, to remove any character of des cription of disease that could, under other treat* me lit or circumstances, possibly be removed— together with a numerous host, that all other remedies must necessarily fail to remove. Trie expenses per day, for a Patient at his Establishment, will be for Board, use ofEleclric Shucks and Baths, with Water Baths, Medical advice and attention, with ordinary attention of Servants, $1 50: which includes all necessary expenses,except w ashing an outfit for trie sweat* ing process, bandaging, &c.—payable weekly in advance. For further particular*,post paid rommtinirn. lions will tricot with prompt attention if address* ed to Dr CARY COX, Marietta, Cobb eo., Ga. joly 20 28—ts. s. a VICTORIA HOTEL, n: □ h ING STREET, CHARLESTON,S C. > 1--B. By DANIEL COOK, july 6 26—ly 1?I 1 L L I N E R 1' . ff -j-, MRS. DAMOUR informs trie Ladies U ,CJ of Macon and vicinity, trial her Stuck in •ZC trie above line is complete for Fall Fashion, with the most desirable Goods. As these Goods have been mostly purchased lit Paris for this place, they will he sold cheaper than ordinary. Ladies would do well to lake n good look at them and compare them with other Gueds before purchasing elsewhere. Trie Slock of SILK and STRAW BONNETS, RIBBONS FLOW ERS, FEATHERS, EMBROIDERIES, MANTILLES nnd DRESS SILK,is worth any one’s trouble to examine thoroughly. oct 12 '4O C. & E. L. KERRISON Jc CO. DIRECT IMPORTERS OF FOBE/foV DRF GOO OS, IN CHARLESTON, S C. ITT'OUED respectfully inform their friends V V and those who purchase Dry Goods in their city, that they are prepared and are now offering, a very large, choice and Well assorted Stock of FOREIGN AND D O M E S T l G STA P L E AN D FA N C Y '2>'±yz Selected for, and particularly adapted to trie SOUTHERN TRADE. Importing direct, they feel assured of being able to sell Goods as low in Charleston, as they can bo bought in any other maiket in the United States. They would call particular attention to their LINEN GOODS, of every description; trie make will be found of best finish, and per* fectly free from any mixture if Cotton. Also, to their Stock of DRESS GOODS, which will be found second to none in trie market. (FTTerms Cash or City acceptance. C & E L. KERBISON & CO. No. 209 King, North West Corner of King and Market Streets. feb 8 6—if PLAINS, BLANKETS, KERSEYS AND FLANNELS. f pIIE Subscribers, Direct Importers, of all J- WOOLLEN GOODS, liave just received, per ships “Gulnare,” “Orion” and “Samoaet,” from Liverpool, their Fall supply of PLAINS, KERSEYS, White and colored BLANKETS, White, Red, Blue and Gieen Flannel Blanketing, Guernsey Shirts, Kilmarnock Cups, Scotch Bonnets, Ac., expressly suited to cur Southern Planters' Trade, and to an inspection of which, they confidently invite all w ho visit the Charles ton Market. C & E. L. KERRISON <V CO., 209 King, North West Corner of Kins and Market Streets. nig 94 33*—3m « ie«ly HaMcJt i '.I sup; . i'his Article, just rrcivi and il ah . 10, saieb) Di. E.!.. STKOHECKF.R, and JACKSON BARNES, Mulberry at raw, Macon. j in 3