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The Southern tribune. (Macon, Ga.) 1850-1851, February 22, 1851, Image 4

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Charleston Advertisements. M VICTORIA HOTEL, KLXG bTREET, CHA RLESTON.S.C. By DANIEL COOK. July t> 26—ly C. & E. L. KEBRISON & Co7 DIRECT IMPORTERS OF FOJREIG.X I?«F GOODS, IN CHARLESTON, S. C. WOULD respectfully inform their friends and those who purchase Dry Goods in their city, that they are prepared and are now offering, a very large, choice and well assorted Sleek of FOREIGN AND DOME S Tl C STAPLE AND FA N C Y Selected for, and particularly adapted to the SOUTHERN TRADE. Importing direct , they feel aseured of being able to sell Goods as low in Charleston , as they can be bought in any other market in the United States. o*They would cail particular attention to their LINEN GOODS, of every description; the make will be found of best finish, and per f.ctly free from any mixture if Cotton. Also, to their Stock of DRESS GOODS, which will be found second to none in the j market. UyTsrms Cash or Citv acceptance. C. & E L. KERRI SON & CO. | No. 209 King, North West Corner of King and Market Streets. | febß 6—ls ■ PLAINS, BLANKETS, KERSEYS AND I-LANN ELS. • T*HE Subscribers, Direct Importers, of all JL WOOLLEN GOODS, have just received, per ships “Gulnare,” “Orion” and “Samoset,” , from Liverpool, their Fall supply of PLAINS, KERSEYS, White and colored BLANKETS, While, Red, Blue and Gieen flannel Blanketing, Guernsey Shirts, Kilmarnock Caps, Scotch Bonnets, (fee., expressly suited to our Southern Planters’ Trade, and to an inspection of which, they confidently invite all who visit the Charles ton Market. C. & E. L. KERRISON & CO., 309 King, North West Corner of King and Market Streets. aug 24 3d—3m I WILLIAM HOWLAND, At his New Store, No. 244, Bend, of King Street, CHARLESTON, S. C. HAS on hand and will constantly keep sup plied with the largest variety of Rich and Seasonable DRY GOODS, ever exposed in Charleston, to which the attention of Planters and Country Merchants is invited. july 20 28—I y WELCH’S STORE, ertRSKK OK MEETING AND MARKET STREETS, -Year the Charleston Hotel, Charleston, S. C. TF* RA TELLERS are invited to call at JL WELCH'S Fashionable Furnishing Store for Gentlemen, where can be had SHIRTS made in the latest Fashion, utitl of the best ma tarials, superior workmanship, and Datiskiu’s celebrated pattern. N A. DAUSKIN is the original inventor of cutting Shirts by measure ment. Dauskin’s Pattern has received the un qualified commendation of Gentlemen in all parts of the United States, and lias been pro nounced perfect. Also, for sale, a great variety of GOODS, suitable for Gentlemen. july 20 28— ly E. R. CREWS, AUCTION AND COMMISSION MERCHANT, No. 19 Vendue Bunge, Charleston, S. C. HAS constantly on hand every description of Foreign and Domestic DRY GOODS. u_p Vendue Sales of Dry Goods Twice a Week. July 20 ‘ 28—ly J. £l. TAYLOR, GENF.HU. COMMISSION MERCHANT, No. 17 Vendue Bunge, Charleston, S. C. HAS always on hand, a full supply of 4 4 and 7-8 Brmvn Shirtings, Prints, Bleached i and Colored GOODS, which will be sold on favorable terms. (£7* Agent for Charleston Steam Cotton Factory, july 20 28—]y" E. W. COOPER, -Yu. 90 East Bay, Charleston, S. C. DEALER in Farina ; Wbeaten Grits ; Mar caroni ; Vermicelli ; Pickles ofail kinds ; : Tapioca ; Chocolate and Cocoa, of every des cription ; Sweet Oil ; Mustard ; Spices ; Lemon Sugar ; Lemon Syrup ; Essence of Coffee, (fee.! Imported Segars, Champaignes, Clarets, &c. and Fancy Groceries in general. o*Agent fort he Congress Steam Mills, New York. july 20 28—ly Millar’s Biscuit Bakery, .Vo. 131 Meeting Street, opposite the Market CHARLESTON, S. C. THE Subscriber lies constantly on band Pilot and Navy Bread, Soda, Butter, Le mon,Water, Sugar and Dyspeptic CRACKERS, Ginger Nuts, &c., in barrels, kegs, boxes and uI k, nil vvarruted of the best quality, and at the lowest prices. R. S, MILLAR, julyo __ __ 26-*-1 y DepositoryoftlicSouthern Baptist Publication Society, •Vo. 41 Broad Street, Char lesion, S. C. JTUIE present Agents of the Society have the J- pleasure of announcing to the Baptists of Georgia,that they have recently fully replenish ed theii Stock of BOOKS. They have now at their Depository in Charleston, as complete an assortment of Denominational and Theolo gical Books, as can be found in any Southern City. Their entire Stock having been purchas ed for Cash, they hope to be able to sell on the most reasonable terms. In addition to the usual discount, 5 per cent, will ho allowed on every bill cashed within thirty days from date. A Catalogue of the Books kept at the Depository has been recently published, and will be for warded by mail to those who desire it. GEORGE PARKS Se CO. Agents S. B. P. S. july 6 25 Iy Works Issued, DY The Southern Baptist Publication Society. JD The Way of Salvation—By Dr. Howell 12mo. pp. 336. Price 87£ cents. Taylor on Restricted Communion -L'irno. no. 3Ki. Price 10 cents. Advantages ofS.ihhath School Instruction By Rev. C. D. Mallory. 14mo. pp. 46. Price cents. A Decisive Argument against Infant Baptism —By Rev J. L Dagg. ISmo pp. 52. Price6l cants. ■Also, for sale, Fuller on .Baptism and Communion—l2tno pp. 204. Price 50 cents. Williams' Mis. ellaniea— fJmo pp. 400. .*1 5(. Kitto's Daily Bible Illustrations— 2 volu. 2 00 Alexander on rsiilms, j g;, Mothers of the Wise and Good. 75 i' ,i J r <* 86 -ts Silks, Cashmeres, Delaines, Ax. LOK.I.V N aTM.TSOJX, HAVE Received for the Fall Trade, a beautiful assortment of SILKS, CASH MERES, DeLAINES, POPLINS, ic., to ' which they invite the attention of their country ! and city friends- The following comprise a part: Real French Printed Cashmeres and DeLames ! Plain Black Gro de Rhine and Turc Satin Dress j SILKS I Plain and figured Chameleon SILKS 7"Rich Brocade do do j Satin du Chine do do , White and colored French SATINS | Rich colored POPLINS Plain White and Embroiderod Crape SHAWLS Rich Cashmere Shawls Real Welch FLANNELS 10-4, 11-4 and 12-4 Silk bound Bath and Whitney BLANKETS Bales of Heavy Mackinaw ; do. for Servants 4-4 new style Printed French CAMBRICS j 500 pieces new and balidsome CALICOES, I from 6£ to 12-4 cents per yard I Cases and Bales Brown Shirtings, Long Cloths | and Sheetings ! Black and colored Broadcloths and Cassimeres Finest 8-4 and 10-4 Table Damask I Damask Napkins and Doylies | Ladies’ and Gentlemens' Lambs’ Wool and I Merino under Vests. Together with a full assortment of best made English and Frsncli Boinbasins, Black Alpacca, : .Mourning and F'air* Black Mouslin de Laines, J English and French Crapes, Lace Veils, liand i kerchiefs, &c. j Macon, Oct. 26, 1850. NEW GOODS. LOGAN «& ATKINSON have just received and are now opening at their New Store, corner of Second and Cherry Streets, a laageatid choice lock of seasonable Foreign and Amen can DRY GOODS. They invite their friends and the public to come and examine the Goods, confident that nothing to equal in style lliei r peseta stuck lias ever before been oiieted in Macon. Purchasers are invited to cull and examine Cos themselves, oct 9 LOGAN A ATKINSON, HA VE the pleasure of announcing that they have received and are now opening at their new stand, corner of Cherry and Third Streets, a very large and entirely new stock of FANCY DJIESS AND STAPLE GOODS. These Goods have been carefully selected in the largest and most fashionable houses in New York, are war ranted of Superior style and quality, and will be sold on very moderate terms. aprilG 13 Pensions and Bounty Land, BTAINED for the Officers and Soldiers of tins Revolutionary War, or their legal Rep resentatives. Pensions for Life for the Widows of such Officers and Soldiers who married previous to 1800. Bounty Land for the surviving, or the widows, or minor children of deceased Officers and Pri vates, who served in the War of 181.2 w ith Great Britain, the Mexican War, or in any of the Indian Wars since 1790. Attention paid to suspended and rejected Claims. Terms moderate where llieclaiin is established otherwise no charge. Communications addressed to the subscriber, Washington, D. C., or to W. S. LAWTON A CO., Macon, Gu., post paid, will receive prompt attention. M. THOMPSON, Commissioner of Deeds, For North and South Carolina, fij’Refers to the Heads of Departments, and to Members of Congress generally. Also to WM. S. LAWTON tfe CO., Macon, Ga., who have all the Forms necessary for obtaining Claims on the Government. Washington City, D C., Oct. 22, 1850. oct 26 42—2 m Choice Tobacco. J’UST received a small lot of superior Chew ing Tobacco, considered by those who have used it, to he the best in Town. Also on band a supply of delightful Smoking Tobacco, mild, richly flavored and cheap. For sale by E. 1.. STKOHECKER, may 25 Druggist. PRO§P E C T U S OF “Tiie Southern Press.” A N Association of sixty-three Members of l\ Congress, Senators and Representatives, have constituted the undersigned a Committee to superintend the establishment of a Southern Press at Washington City, to be devoted to the exposition and defence of Southern Rights and institutions —the dissemination of correct infor mation as to Northern Policy, and the course of Political Affairs generally, without reference to the old party lines of Whig and Democrat. Ar rangements are now in progress, promptly to in sure the issue of such a paper under the title of “THE SOUTHERN PRESS,” for the conduct of which, suitable Editors have been engaged, who will also receive the aid of a number of eminent and able contributors. There will be both a Tri- Weekly and a IVeekly issue—the latter to contain substantially the same matter as the former, and intended to reach those points of the country whose mail facilities are limited. A Daily issue will be added hereafter, should it be deemed advisable or necessary by the pres 9 and people of the Southern States. The paper will not be exclusively political— but will embrace on its broad sheet the General News of the day, Domestic and Foreign, by mail and telegraph ; Commercial and Agricultural Intelligence, Literary Criticisms, Original Es say s, Literary and Miscellaneous; and, in short, all those items of general interest, the collected aggregate of w hich constitutes the interesting utnl valuable Newspaper. Great care will he taken to give suit and correct Reports of the Proceedings and Debates in both Houses ofCoa gress, as well as the action of the local Legisla tures on the Southern question. A limited number only of Advertisements will be received—the main object being to furnish a large amount of reading matter. The paper will be printed on a sheet equal in size to those of the other Washington papers, and the material will be procured especially for the purpose. It is confidently hoped that every true friend to the South will aid in procuring subscribers, and forward the names, with the amount sub scribed, to some Southern Representative at Washington, forthwith. Postmasters are authorized by law to remit subscriptions free *>f po3tagp. TERMS : For Tri-WeeMn during the Session of Congress, and Semi-Weekly during the recess, the price will be, per annum, : : £5 00 Weekly paper, per annum, ; 2 50 The price of suh \ .. • he , in B . rinbly in advance, and the t a> ; • the name sent. All persons pri :i* g ten names 1 beenti tied to receive a copy gratis for on.- vonr. A P BUTLER, JArK ON MORTON, j; TOf *ll « J mom peon. Wa his«t«v, May 26, 1960 Fahenttock’a Vermifuge. THE safest and must etective remedy n» Worms that has ever been discovered. This preparation lias been before the public for nearly iwen.y years. It lias been used iu almost every climate, and in every condition "1 patiems needing a Vermituge, and the experi ence of those wiio bad occasion to use il iu ineir families, fully corroborate wliul its proprietor claims fur it. It is mild in H« operation, con tains no calomel, nor dangerous ingredient, and can be given with period saiety to the most del icate infant. The Mayor of Lancaster city, writing to Messrs. Fahenslock ife Cos., says . Gentlemen —Several of the younger brandies ofuiy family laboring under symptoms indicating worms irmuced the application oi various reme dies, and 1 am happy iu say that your Vermituge had the desired etlect of, hi one instance, remov ing the almost incredible number of 151 of the Urge worms from one patient, which in addition to iis other tested qualities in my iumily, estab lished the efficacy of your Vermifuge as a sure cure. M. CARPENIER, Muyor, Lancaster city. For sale by Dr. E. E. STROHECKER, aug 17 Agent for Proprietor. New Bor table Notla Water. ANY one having cold water, can at once pro duce Soda Water, sweet and tluvored as with the finest Syrup, effervescing pleasant and healthy as any at the fountains. For the sick or travellers to rectify had water, tins is a conveni ent and pleasant beverage, lor sale iu boxes low by J. 11. <fe W. S. ELLIS, Cotton Avenue, near Cherry stieet, june 29 Macon, Ga. The Southern C lie fry fi’ectoral. IN OK Coughs, Colds. Asthma, Consumption, . ifec. —A pleasant and concentrated prepara tion ot the Pruuus \ irgiuia, or \\ ild Utter, y.— Ibe medical properties oi Southern rue are Imre chemically prepared in combination with kindred principles so as to constitute an agreea ble and etlectual remedy lor ail complaints of the lungs and breast, coughs, asthma, croup, whoop ing cough, bronchitis and all curable cases of consumption. The price is halt less than usual for such medicines. Fur sale by june 29 J Il.ifeW 8. ELLIS, Macon. rpHE GREAT SOI I’HERN REMEDY— J- For Cholera, Diarrhoea, Cholera infantum or Summer complaint of Children, Dysentery, Cholera Morbus, Vomiting, Fain in the Breast, &c.—Recommended by the most eminent Physi cians, for family aud plantation use—a neve? failing remedy for the above complaints. For sale by J- H. (fe W. S. ELLIS, june 29 Sole Agents, Macon. CIU.M FOUND TOMA4O FI 1.1.. —'1 in; \e / getuble remedy for diseases arising from impurities of the blood, dyspepsia, scruiuia and all chronic di-eases—also a substitute tor calo mel, as a cathartic in fevers and all bilious uliec tmns. For sale by june 29 ' J II A W. S. 11.1.18. J7IGYPTIAN HAIR TONIC AND RESTO Ti RATIVE—For preserving, restoring and beautifying the Hair. \\ lien the hair is tailing out a beautiful bead of hair may be produced. It also beautifies the hair ol any, and is richly perfumed. For sale by june 29 J. H. efe W. S. ELLIS. LEMON SUGAR —An article for Lemonade superior to Lemon Syrup, for sale by june 29 J. H. (fe VV. S. ELLIS. CtOLOGNE \V ATER—Of various perfumes, t by the bottle or gallon, for sale by june 22 J. H. (fe W. S. ELLIS 7>KEPARED BARLEY, TaT’ToCATSAGO X —Splendid Articles for making Puddings and diet for sick persons. Afresh supply just receivedat W. FREEMAN’S, aug 17 32 Lviaoii Sugar. SUPERIOR to Lemon Syrup,and nearly equal to the fresh Lemon, for making Lemonade Directions: Add one large tablespoonlul of the Sugar to a half pint of water. Stir H well, and a beverage is produced, inferior only to that made from the fresh Lemon. Physicians in the country will find this preparation a valuable substitute when the fresh Lemon cannot be pro. cured. Prepared and sold by april 27 E. L. STROHECKER. Fresh Congress V» aler. HAVING made arrangements with the Pro prietors of the celebrated Saratoga Springs, 1 shall be prepared to furnish the \\ aler during the season, fresh and in good condition. A lot just received and for sale by april 27 E. L. STROIIF.CKER, Druggist. l*tire Cud Liver Oil. A MOTHER Lot of Rusliton’s Genuine Cod Liver Oil just received. The increased demand for this pure preparation, and the Halter ing accounts from Physicians and others, of its efficacy in releiving Pulmonic and Scrofulous affections, fully sustains the high reputation ac quired at the North where it has been fully tested, april 27 E. L. STROIIECKEK. M. D. lIGHT ! LlGHT!!—Another cask of that -J good Lamp OIL at $1 per gallon, hasjust arrived. Always on hand CAMPHINE, and the best quality of Burning Fluid of my own manufacture. june 22 E. L. STROHECKER, Druggist. D|{ HOWARD’S TKICOPH EROUB Fre vents baldness, invigorates the roots and fibre of the Hair, and imparts to it a soft aid glossy appearance. Price 25 cents a bottle.— For sale by E. L STROIIECKEK, M l). SANDERS’ Roach, Rat and Mouse EXTER MINATOR.—I-’arniiies pestered with these destructive Tittle animals, can he rid of the an noyauce by using a box of the ‘Exterminator.” Price 25 cents. For sale by april 27 E, L. STROHECKER. To iUilliuoi'S. r)ONNF.T GLUE, of superior quality, is kep 1 for sale by march 9 F-. 1.. STROHECKER, M. D. Urauty ;ate<l Economy Combined. The Old T'irginia ikijr-ISottsr. (Phtrnix-like) has from its ashes arisen, with all its various virtues, its original colors to bcstuir. rpHE Subscriber most respectfully informs J- hiscustotners and the publicgenerally,that his establishment has been re-built, and can now be found on ny COTTON AVENUE, West, of the Washington I1al!,j~§ where lie is fully pre pared to execute in the best manner, all the various branches of Dyeing,Renovating and Re pairing all kinds of Ready-Made Clothing, and Ladies’ Dresses, Shawls, Bonnets, and all sorts of Fancy Goods damaged by use. Ladies and gentlemen will please label all articles sent to this establishment. Goods from all parts of the State sent as bo fore, shall receive prompt attention, and be for warded back with care. Factories and oiliers having warp filling to co lor.will find it to their interest l» test the virtues of thif-estahlishement. Persons w ishing Home, apundyed, will please observe, for black the warp must be purple or blue ; for hrown a cop peras color, and for green the warp must be white* Q y (ash mi rt he paid on thedrlirern of floods John r Log w fi • Ladies, by calling at hi* establishment, will always find specimens of his workmanship on hand. • pril 80 15—ts | “I Tread no Step Backwards.” I*l UJLIC ST.lTld.ltld.XT or N. S. THOMSON, M. D., MACON, GA. OR a period of over thirteen years, it has been ,he province of the undersigned, to present to the people of Georgia, and tile sur rounding .'tales, me results ot the use of inno cent Vegetable Medicines, in the treatment and cure of disease, as contradistinguished from poi sonous substances, to wnicli from childhood they have been accustomed, and to wliuse pernicious etfcc(s upon the constitution, many of them are living witnesses. Fbe success which during this long series of years, has attended his administrations. Fas, m many instances, been such, as to overcome the most inveterate prejudices in favor of tiie old ordei of tilings, and to produce instead thereof, a conviction that even in medicine, as in other branches of the physical sciences, new ideas may be advanced, and results achieved, that our ancestors would have deemed impossible, but which our posterity, thanks to the enlightenment of a coming age, may find easy of accomplish ment. This success in curing diseases of the most hopeless character, alter all other means had failed, and that too, in many instances, without seeing the patient, has long been the subject ot general remark,exhibiting as it does, in bold re lief, the ditfereuce between restoring a case that has been absolutely abandoned, aud simply rais ing another, that hundreds of others could cure riucli cases can be pointed out in almost every county in Georgia, where some poor, decrepid, helpless being, after testing every local means without avail, have sent off, as a dernier resort, a description of their diseases to a distance, in many instances hundreds of miles, and received back those health restoring remedies that have restored them again to health and to society, to their own astonishment and their neighbors’ wonder, putting at nought the sneers of antugo. nistic interests, and adding new finger posts at every post office and cross road, pointing the way lo the city of refuge. Without subjecting himself to the charge of presumption, he would yet boldly say, that lie firmly believes that nine.tenths of the soealled incurable cases iu Georgia, are yet within the reach of medicine, and can be cured by pursuing a proper course of medicine, with the exercise of necessary care and perseverance, on the part of the patient, which in all cases of a lingering character, are ol the last importance. The great facilities for this kind of treatment presented in the cheap postage system, has been taken advantage ol by thousands who happily can indirectly attribute their present good health to that noble specimen of liberal government ; and there are thousands more w ho may reap the 1 same advantages, by simply pursuing a similar ■ ourse. Let llie afflicted, if lie cannot write himself, get his neighbor to do it for him, give a history of his ease, age, habits, and symptoms, the same as if talkiug to a physician' If able, and il is convenient, enclose the fee ; if not con venient just then, a due bill for 1 lie amount will answer, (this obviates the inconvenience of mu king accounts ut great distances,) and il not able, pre-pay arid mail tin* teller to his address, when medicines suitable to the case will he compound ed and sent with ull directions The charge for treatment is only ($5) five dol lars, monthly, a sum sufficiently small in obviate tiie fear of risk to any one, and yet sufficient to preserve hint from loss in his extensive admin istrations. . This done, call at the post office in a reasona ble time, and receive your medicines with as much precision as yon would a letter; prepare and use them as directed, and persevere ; report progress monthly, or oflener, as may be necessa ry, and closely watch the progress of the cure. Having been long and extensively engaged in the treatment ofdiseases peculiar to females, lie would say that they may avail themselves of his knowledge, vv'tii ihe utmost confidence, in his prudence and integrity, so that in writing out their symptoms, they may express themselves with the necessary freedom. In some of the dis eases of the renal and procreative system, the medicines being more costly, the charge will be increased. Such eases as require, personal attention, will be treated on liberal terms in the city, where the necessary accommodations can always he had. Those wishing further information in regard to results, will address a post-paid letter to the undersigned, who will immediately mail to the applicant such documents as must disarm doubj. r M. S. THOMSON, M, D Macon, June 29, 1850. oi IIAPO.K DIIIJCS STOKE. I HAVE received in addition to my former extensive Stock, by late arrivals, a large and well selected Stock of DRUGS, CHEMICALS, PERFUMERY cV FANCY ARTICLES, which will be sold at a small advance on previous cost. The proprietor now offers one of the most com plete Stocks of French, English and American Drugs, Chemicals, Valuable Family Medicines, Perfumery, ire. ; Soaps, Brushes, Combs, and other Fancy and Miscellaneous Articles , in this country. Also, All the various Patent Medicines, Pills, Sarsaparillas, Liniments, Ointments,Syrups,&.c. for sale or advertised by any other Drug Estab lishment in this city. E. L. STROH ECKER, M. D , Druggist, Corner of Third and Mulberry streets, junc 22 opposite the Floyd House. SIMCINO MEDICINE. QYRUP OF SARSAPARILLA. Persons desiring to escape the Feversofthe Summer Months, would do well to make a free use of this Syrup as a beverage, being a pleasant puri fier of the blood. For sale low by the gallon or bottle, by J. 11. & W. S. ELLIS, may 1 To Fhysicittns. rpHE undersigned have prepared for the con -1 venience of those who do not wish to have recourse to Patent or Quack Medicines, the fol lowing, according to the “Formula of the United States"Dispensatory,” being the base of popular Remedies, viz: Svrup of Sarsaparilla, Syrup of Wild Cherry, Syrup of Seneca, Syrup of Ipecac, Syrup ofStillingia, or Queen’s Delight ; Extract of Buchu, Saturated Cherry Pectoral, by the gallon or quart, sold low by J 11. &. VV.S. ELLIS, Druggists, Near the Corner of Cotton Avenue, may 4 Cherry Street, Macon, Go. TO DENTISTS. HAVING been appointed Agent for the sale . of Messrs. Charles Abbey &- Son’s eele brated Gold and Tin Foil, and for Messrs. Jones, White & Co.’s TEETH, I will keep a constant supply of these articles, and all Dentists’ In | struments. lam now opening the first lot of Impression Cups, Scrapers, Burnishers, Emory I Wheels N0.2 to 7, Files of all kinds, Scotch I Stone, Teeth Holders, Slabs. 800 Molar and Bieusped Teeth ; 1200 Pivot do.; 2300 Plate do.; 1180 Gum do. All of which will bo sold at Mniiiif.icliirers’ prices, by jII tie i j; i. sTnonrcKEß. Rrysin’* Chol«*rn ilcMlirfm*. 11011 tin* » iirc* of Piftrrliflpn, PolM, I’rmp, I’nint* in thi* A r . i# a rno*»t viilnn. l>Ji* rffriiM 1 an<) nn i armlx wli'hiM hr without if. P#‘r*on« !f»avinp?!if' fit v- •nbj#*rt of nnc! wator, wiH fun! thi# mii eiecltaut l ade Stuvm 1* nr *alr bv y.«* 12 F. L HTROHECKER, Diuggi.i. R. R. R Joy to tlte Bed-Hidden. A VALUABLE Discovery for the instant J\. cure of pain.— Hudicay's Ready Belief cures the worst diseases in niiuuies and hours, and stops tiie most cruel pangs of pain in seconds ! So quick and efficient is Uudwuy's Ready RelieJ in stopping pain and curing diseases, that it has frequently raised the diseased and helpless inva lid from a bed of sickness in a few hours. It has 1 cured the worst pains of Rheumatism, In four hours, Neuralgia, In twenty minutes, Tic Dolorcux, In ten minutes, Tooth-.iche, In three seconds, Sick Head-Ache, In Kfteen minutes, Nervous Head-Ache, In fifteen minutes, Sour Stomach, In five minutes, Heart Burn, In five minutes, Rowel Complaints, In thirty five minutes, Cramps and Spains, In twenty five minutes, Diarrhera, Iu one hour, Inflammation of Bowels, In thirty minutes, Local Inflammations, In ten minutes, Influenza, In twelve hours, Hoarseness, In ten hours, Bpinnl complaints, swellings, bruises, sores, wounds, dice., it will iclieve ten times quicker than any other remedy now in use. Let those who suffer grain try it ! It will prove itself in a few minutes. As soon as it is taken internally, or applied externally, its beneficial effects are seen. It is better than all other Remedies ! Here is the Proof —There is no other remedy that claims to subdue the cruel pangs of pain in seconds, minutes or even hours. They require the patient to use dose after dose before a favor able change ia promised. Not so with Radway's Ready Relief, ltsefiecls are instantaneous, the first external application commences its great work of relief. Sick Head-Ache Cured. Radway’s Ready Relief has cured over 90,000 cases ot Sick and Nervous Head Ache this past season. In the West, where this distressing complaint prevails, to such a great extent that every other person you meet is troubled with it, Radway’s Ready Relief lias cured, when all other modes of Heatment had failed. It gene, rally slops the pain in fifteen or twenty min utes. Red Side Companion. In many districts of the Western country, where sickness abounds in every form of disease the Ladies will not go to bed without a bottle of Radway’s Ready Relief within their reach—and the Men never think of going lo the field with out a bottle in their pockets. It instantly stops evety kind of pain and ache, whether it he hack ache, ohoulder aL lie, tooth ache, pain in the feet, limbs, joints nr muscles. Married Ladies should bathe themselves with Radway’s Ready Relief—it gives elasticity, suppleness and strength to the joints and limbs, and makes the skin smooth, soft and healthy. A Rad Cough cured in ten minutes ! Mr. R igdon of Brook ly n,t lie celebrated church singer and organ player, on ihe night of the 1 Dili of December, was attacked with a severe fit of coughing—so that he coughed from 9 o’clock until 12, F. M without three minutes intermis sion. One of the clerks nf Rad way ife Cos., who sleeps,in the next room, got up and gave him a teaspoonful of the Relief internally, and bathed his throat, neck and chest , he also saturated a piece nftianuel with the Relief, and laid it over liis chest. In a few seconds the coughing ceas ed, he could expectorate freely, and raised with perfect ease a great quantity ot’ phlegm. The Relief instantly soothed the irritation of the throat,and removed the inflammation from the lungs,and gave free action to them, produced a free and copious perspiration of the throat and chest ; and m ten minutes lie was entirely free from pain, and sank into a sound and pleasant sleep. In the morning he was free from hoarse ness and cough, and has noi been troubled since. Let every individual who is troubled with a cough, sore throat, influenza or hoarseness, pur sue the same plan, and we will warrant them a speedy cure. Lameness. If you have a stiff joint, a wrenched limb, a swelled leg, a bruise, or anything short ofa bro ken bone, Railway’s Ready Relief will cure you. The lame have been restored to the free use of their limbs by a few applications of the Relief. 'Flie cripple, who has limped from spot to spot, upon liis crutch, has been relieved of his pain ful afflictions, and enabled to stand erect, as God designed that Man should stand, by a few times using the Relief. The Rheumatic, Who has been bed ridden for years, shut out from the bnsy world, and lingered with pain upon a couch of sickness, deprived of the socie ty of friends, and of the pleasures of life, has been raised from a lingering death by the sooths ing, healing and pain relieving influence ol Rad way’s Ready Relief. In all cases of Rheumatism, even the worst eases, one trial of Rndway s Ready Relief will prove its superiority over all other remedies in use. Power of Beauty. First of the train that tempts the longing eye For beauty’s self, majestic queen we spy ; Whether in man nr maiden’s form adored, Still mightier than the sceptre or the sword, This ravished him who wak’d the world’s alarm, Subdued his heart, and nerveless made his arm ; Thus A lexandcr knelt at beauty s shrine, And Anthony felt Cleopatra’s charms divine ; Celestial beauty—daughter of the skies, Fair skinned,rose cheeked and lily necked,arise! Tell each poor mortal who for thee would hope, Try Radway’s Chinese Medicated Soap ! This, this alone, each form will purify, And make the ugliest handsome to the eye ! This for pimples, tetters, blotches, rheum, Will banish all before its rich perfume; No ringworm, scurf, mosquito bite nor tan Can stay its force on face of maid or man, But all "who test it will at Kadway’s shrine, Confess his Soap gives beauty’s glow divine ! Yes, dear reader, Radway’s Soap is truly a friend to those who wish for beauty’s glow di vine It imparts health, sweetness and elastici ty to the shriveled skin, and beauty to the dark sallow complexion—removes pimples, blotches, pustules, tetters, rash, sunburns, chops, chafes, and rough skin. The most delicious Soap in the world is Rad way’s Medicated Soap It instantly removes all redness and other annoying spots from the skin. For shaving, toilet and the nursery, it is the ne plus ultra of its kind. Look for the Steel Engraving. Each cake to ho genuine, must be enveloped in a label of steel engraving—and each label most hear the signature of R. G. RADWAY Radway’s Soap is 25 cents for largo cakes. Beautiful Locks of glossy Hair. Rai.wav’s Cikcassian Bai.m. — This is truly a capital article for the hair. It keeps it moist, fine, smooth arid glossy—it gives nourishment to the scalp, invigorates the roots, and forces the hair to grow. It is n perfect t intidotc for bald ness, stops the hair from falling out, and maker it strong and beautiful. A supply ol the above articles just received and lor ► d<* l« V JACKSON BARNES', and l)t K L STROHECKER, Mn-ir Chapmau, Hill A. Cos. ni.d Johnson iS. Tutt, Griffin, Ga MOV 1 BAFIIOS I’.X I UA A man by the name of C 7 -SUP hn* ensaeed *vilh • young mail of the name iif S. F. Tnvthaenil. and use. his name to put Up a Sarsaparilla, which they call I Jr. Town •end s Sarsaparilla, denominating l! 0/;.VfWK, Original, etc. This Townsend is no doctor, and never w-iis; hot was formerly a worker on railroads, canals, and tiie tike. Yet he as times the title of Dr., lor the purpose of paining credo for what he is not. This is lo caution the public not ta be deceived, and purchase none but Ihe Of'XftWK ORinr- PfAt. OI.D I sr. Jacob Townsend's Sarsaparilla, having on It the Old Dr's. likeness, his family cast of arms, and hia signature across the coat of arms. Principal Gfiici, Ilf- .Versa* .Yew York Cits. OLD DR. JACOIi TOWNSEND, THE ORIGINAL DISCOVERER OF THE Genuine Townsend Sarsaparilla. Oid Dr. Townsend is now about 70 years of ape, and has long been known as the AUTHOR and DISCOVERER of the HE JVC LYE ORIGINAL “ TOWNSEND SAR SAPARILLA.'* Being poor, he was compelled to limit its iirtnufu mre, by which means it has been kept out of mar ket. and ihe sales circumscribed to those only who had proved its worth, and known its value. It had reached ihe ears of many, nevertheless, as those persons who had been healed of sore diseases, and saved from death, pro claimed i*-3 excellence ami \vond< rfo! HEALING POWER, Knowing, many year.* tiro, that he ~ad, by his skill, science ami experience, and vised an article which would be of incalculabl*- advantage u mankind when the means would be furnished to bring it imo universal notice, when its inestimable virtues would be known and appreciated, i’his time has come, tiie means are supplied ; this GRAND AND UN F. QUA LI, E D PREPARATION is manufactured on the large- 1 scale, and is called for throughout the length and breadth of the land, especially as it is found incapable of degeneration or deterioration. Unlike young S. 1* Tmvn wndh. it improves with age. and never changes, blit for the better : bet it is prepared on tctenVfie principles by a scientific man. Ihe highest kuowl edge of Chemistry, and the latest discoveries of the art. have all been brought into requisition iu the manufacture of the Old l)r’s Sarsaparilla. The Sarsaparilla root, it is well known to medical men, contains many medicinal pro ponies, and some proj>erties which tiro inert or useless, and others, which if retained in preparing il for use, produce fermentation anti aetd, which is injurious to the system, dome of the properties of Sarsaparilla are so volatile, that they entirely evaporate and are lost in he preparation, il they are not preserved by a scientific process. known only to those experienced in its inanufactuie. Moreover, these volatile principles, which fly off in vapor, ora* an exhala tion. under heat, art* the very essential medical proper'its t»f the root, which give to it all its value. Any person can boii or *tev» iHe - »i nil they get a uart eolored liquid, which is more from the c.»ii.r • g matter In (be root than from any thing else : they cm l ien strain this Insipid or vapid liquid, sweeten .tn sour molasses, *nd then call il •• SAKS AIM KILI.A F.XTH A< T or .*Y KUP." Hut such is not ihe articu kmc nas tin GENUINE OI.I) DR. JACOB TOWNSEND’S SARSAPARILLA. This is «o prepared, that all the inert pro perries of the Sarsaparilla root are first removed, every thing capable of becoming acid or of fermentation, is extracted .md rejected; then every particle of medical virtue is secured in a pure and concentrated form; and tlins it is rendered m- (able of losing any of its valuable and healing properties. Prepared In this way, it is made the most |M>werfttl agent :ti the Curt* oi' iuimiueiitblo tit*.<_*;».,es. Hence the reason why we hoar commend itions on every side in its favor by men, women, and chiidreA. We liud it doing wonders in the cure of CONSUMPTION, Di SPI PSIA, and LIVER COM PLAINT. and in RHEUMATISM. S( ROEULA, PILES , COsTIVENESS, nil ( UTANLOt S EIU P 'l'll NS, PIMPLES, BhOCTHt.s, and nil a flections arising from IMPURITY OF THE BLOOD. it i mss esses a mtrveilous efficacy in ill complaints arising from Indigestion, from Acidity of 'he Stomneh from unequal Circulation, determination of • : >od !?, the h* -d. palpu-uion of the heart, cold feet and hands, cold chills tml hot flashes over the body. It has not its equal in Colds a.d Coughs; and promotes easy expectoration and gentle per-pirulton, relaxing stricture of the lung throat, tad every other part. Hut in nothing is its excellence m -re m mm■ tty -eon and acknowledged than in ail kind- and >t;tges • f FEMALE COMPLAINTS. It works wonders in cases of E nor .Thus or Whites Fall ing of the Womb, Obstructed, Supjiresscd, < r Ttnnfu Meases, Irregularity of the menstrual, .-md the iiKe ; and is as e flee Ilia I in curing all the f.nms of A <dney Diseases. By removing obstructions and regulating th - general system, il gives tone mid strength lo the whole body, and thus cures all forms of Nervous diseases and debility, and thus prevents or relieves h great varietv of other mala dies, ns Spinal irritation , Neuralgia, St. Litas' Dance. Swooning, Epileptic ‘Fits, Convulsions. 6lc. It cleanses the blood, excites the liver t«» healthy action, tones the stomach, and gives-good digestion relieves the bowels of torpor and constipation, nilajs it H tmmation, purifies the skin, equalises the circulation <i the blood, producing gentle warmth equally all over the body, >nd tiie insensible perspiration; relaxes ail *irirtur«s and fight uess, removes all obstructions, and invigorates the entire nervous system. Is not this then The medicine you jire-cniinenii) need s Hut can any of these things be said of S. I*. Tow n-end’s Inferior article? This xruing man’s liquid is id : to be COMPARED WITH THE OLD DR’S, because of one GRAND FACT, that ihe one is INCAPA BI,K of DETI&iUOKATInN, and NEVER SPOILS, w hile the other D'>fc>' ; souring, fermenting, and blowing the bottles containing it into fragments ; the sour, acid liquid exploding and damaging other goods ! Must not ibis horri ble compound be poisonous to trie system ?— What! put acid into a system already diseased ic/th acid! What causes Uys|iepsia but acid ? Do we not ail know that when loud •ours in our stomachs, what mischiefs it produces ? flatu lence,' heartburn, palpitation of the heart, liver comolHint, diarrhoea, dysentery, colic, and corruption of the mood! What is {Scrofula but an acid humor in the body? What produces all the humors which bring on Eruptions of the Skin, Head, Salt Rheum, Kr> Mpelas, While Swell lugs, Fever Sores, and all ulcerations internal and external? It is nothing under heaven, but an acid substance, which sours, and thus spoils all the fluids of the body, more or .ess. What causes Rheumatism but a notir or acid fluid which insinuates It'Cll Ih tween the joints and eDew'here, irritating and inflaming the ii.mcate tissues upon which it acts? So of nervous diseases, of impurity of the blood, m deranged circulations, and nearly all the ailments which afflict human nature. Now is it not horrible to make and sell, and infinitely msrsc lo use this aui itii\G. FERMENTING. ACID “COM POUND” OF S. P. TOWNSEND, mis yet he woulu fain have it understood that Old Dr. Jaeofc Townsend's Genuine Original <sarsa^ari//a,isanlMllA- I'lON of his inferior preparation !! Heaven forbid that we should deal in an article which would bear the most distant resemblance to P. {J lead’s article! and w hich should bring down upon the Ula Dr. such a mountain load of complaint* and crimination* from Agent* who have sold, and purchasers who have used 3. P. Town vnd's FERMENTING COMPOUND. We wish it understood, because it is the absolute truth, that S. P. Townsend's article and Old Dr. Jacob rown «end’s Sarsaparilla are heaven-wide apart , and infinitely dis similar ; that they are unlike in every particular, having not one single thing in common. As S. P. Tow nsend is no doctor, and never was, is a chemist, no pharmaceutist—know-* no more ot medicine or <fl-.ease than any other common, unscientific, tmprofenslonafc man. what guarantee can the public have that they aie re ceiving a genuine scientific medicine, containing all the virtues of the articles used in preparing it. and which are in cu|>Hble of changes which might render them the ADL.VJ» of Disease instead of health. Hut what else should be expected from one w ho knows nothing Comparatively of medicine or disease ! It require* a person of some experience to cook and serve up e ven a comiiiou decent meal. How much more important is it that the persons who manufacture m«dicine, designed for WEAK STOMACHS AND KNFEKBI.KD SYSTEMS, shoald know well the medical properties of plants, th best manner of securing and concentrating Dour hcalil virtues, aDo an extensive knowledge of the various disco# which nfleet the human system, and how lo adapt reined lo these disease* 1 . It is to .ire t fraud* upon . c nnfortunate, to pour b into wounded humanity, to kindle h*fl»e in the despairs boouiii, to r•• lore health and bloom, and vigor Into uashed a„d broken, and to banish tb«t OIJJ JACOB TOW.NSKND has SOUGHT' aud FOI I NO lb«> °P ic>rtuuity and means to bring his Gianii l iiivprsal CoßWulrated Kcniecly within the reach, and t» tiie knowledge of nil who need Hint thrv ... > I* >m "I, bv jayfnl *“ I'laiiMiiidillt Pnwr to liphl* I’«r su o wholesale and retail by TFT'Tm FFON, BKILLM A N ,fe CO. ft nPSfiU kfN. Y . And by J. II • * W. S El. LIS, and J. A. & S. S. VIRGINS, Mac on, Ga. m*y 4 1