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The reflector. (Milledgeville, Ga.) 1817-1819, November 12, 1817, Image 2

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V * { am cteil about lo enfitantnfi, are so intimatelyJbcing unable loBU.t.iin these, and the usual >k- with the interest of the state, that by mauds that are made unit, I determined to is sue my -Warrants on the Treasury to meet these expenses, chargeable to the fuml appropriated lil'ul discharge of the one, the other will be moled. And 1 embrace the present occasion, a fit one, to observe, that tho policy of the Go vernment of the Uniti^l States, wiljV fggard to the various Indian tribes within their boundary, Laving lor its primary object the humane and be nevolent purpose of meliorating their condition, and if possible redeeming them Irom a savage to a civilized life, much of the success which ought tobethe result of this policy, will depend upon the Zeal and ability with which it is executed-— In contemplating the situation of the Creek In dians of the present day, residing within our li mits, I think it will be generally admitted, that their attachment and adherence to the United States during' the late war with Great Britain, which not oiify involved them in all the horrors of civil war, bst caused them the loss of nearly all their hunting grounds, entitle them to our protection- and regard; and to a full share of the benefits resulting from the benevolent policy ol our government. Prom these consuler&tionsj and with tliis view of the subject, it will not be ex- pected that the execution of the laws regulating the intercourse with those Indians should be re laxed; so far at least as regards the agency to which I have been appointed, it is understood that no intercourse with them, which is forbidden by law, or which may ha-ve * tendency to defeat or retard their improvement in the arts of civi lized life, will be tolerated. At the same tune, for every legal object and honest pursuit, every facility in my power will be afforded. The objects which claimed immediate executive attention after the adjournment of the last Legis lature, have been disposed of. They were such generally as depended upon, or grew out of, some fegislative act of that session, and,need not now be particularly detailed. I have great pleasure in assuring you, that the state of our finances is prosperous, nnil compe tent not only to support the annual ordinary ex penses of the government, but to effect many ob jects of public utility. Permit me to recommend that an additional sum be invested in Bank Stock. Hie collection of the revenue arising from fund? of this descrip tion is both safe and easy, whilst that arising from taxation is attended with considerable loss. By recommending the adoption of this tneasure, 1 do not wish it to be understood as being of opin ion, that the p«sent taxes ought to be repealed; on the contrary, it is my decided opinion, that they ought to be continued, because, the citizen is better able in time of profound peace, and par ticularly under the present unparallelled prospe rity of the country, to pay a tax, than in time of war; we have recent experience upon this sub ject, which I hope we shall profit by. It is the surplus of your annual revenue, or sums which may be paid to the State by the United States, which 1 propose should be invested in Bank Stock. In thus addressing you probably for the last time in my life, permit me to assure you of my unalterable attachment to the State, in whose ser vice I have spent twenty-five years of the prime of my life, and of my affectionate solicitude for the prosperity and happiness of ' State-House, 4th March, 1817. GOVERNOR'S" message. Felloic-Citizens of the Senate, and of the House of Representative». The late Govern*!- Mitchell having accepted the appointment of Agent to the Creek Nation of Indians, which had been conferred on him by the President of the United States during the last winter, did on the fourth day of March last, re sign the’office of Governor of this State, into my hands as President ol the Senate. My Procla mation announcing the event and assuming the duties, was issued on that day. I was therefore nnxepectedly, and aftcra short notice, called from my domestic fireside to discharge the functions of this all important station. Had not the Con stitution imperiously enjoined the perilous task on me alone, the good sense of the community would no doubt have justified the want of expe rience and a more enlarged capacity, as a suf- ficent plea for me to have declined the arduous trSst. Under these circumstances, I commen ced the duties of the office, relying on the libe rality of my fellow-citizens, for a generous al lowance of any errors I might commit in the dis charge of my official duties. On the twenty-fourth clay of February last, the late Governor having been notified by the Com missioners of tlis Penitentiary, that the building was in a state of readiness to receive convicts- issued his proclamation, announcing the same, and declaring the “act to reform the Penal Code of this State, and adapt the same to the Peniten tiary system” to be in force; immediately there fore, after I came into office, I summoned the Board of Inspectors, and proceeded to make the necessary arrangements to carry the design of the Legislature into operation, by appointing the of ficers designated by law, and directed that a Guard should be enlisted without delay. In a short time after, the institution was completely organized. Convicts began, and liave continued to arrive from several ol the counties, charged with various crimes, and sentenced by the courts ' to undergo different periods of confinement and labour. These have been employed by the keep er, under the direction of the Board of Inspectors, in various sorts of labour—such as were deemed most expedient under existing circumstances.— The completion of the building, work shops, Ac. notwithstanding the indefatigable exertions of the Commissioners, have been greatly retarded by the inclemency of the seasons, and has rendered it very inconvenient, and frequently hazardous, to employ them as advantageously as they might otherwise have been. The act of last session, entitled “an vet to car ry- into effect the Penal Code of this State, and the Penitentiary system founded thereon,” lias made it the duty of the Governor to pay all the inci dental expenses that might be necessarily incur red in carrying the system into complete opera tion; but no funds were set apart un which lie was authorized to draw. The contingent fund for the purpose of completing the buildin^ Whether my conduct on that occasion was justi fiable or not, ytnir wisdom will determine. The progress of this infant establishment, has aliea- (Iv excited considerable feeling throughout ihe state. Its numerous friends have hailed it as the harbinger of order and peace, and as a place ol ileposite for the lawless and disobedient: while its enemies have viewed its approaches with ex treme regret: Many, it is understood, have al ready removed without the limits of the state, and others have avowed their intention ol pursuing the same course, for the purpose of obtaining a situation beyond its grasp. From the experi ment already made, Iain persuaded that, altho’ considerable expense lias, and will lor some time attend this institution; yet under proper man agement, and the experience which time will na turally afford, it will’ere long become a formidable engine, in the hands of a well regulated govern ment, for the suppression of vice and the encou ragement of virtue. For a considerable time before and since I came into office, the Indians bordering on our South- Western frontiers have manifested a hostile dis position, by embodying themselves, plundering from the citizens of Camden county several hun dred head of cattle, and on the twenty-fourth day of February last, a party made their appearance near Clark’s Mills on the St. Mary’s, anil wan tonly murdered a woman and her two children, set their dwelling house on fire and effected their escape with impunity. This distressing intelli gence was immediately communicated to this de partment by Maj. Gen. Floyd, and several other gentlemen of that neighbourluiod. Without de lay I transmitted an account of the same to the War Department, and earnestly pressed the. ne cessity of an adequate force being placed on that 'exposed frontier by the General Government, in order that protection might be afforded to the lie- fenceless inhabitants who were then flying from their homes. I also instructed Maj-Gen. Floyd to order Irom his division a sufficient force to re pel those lawless intruders, and to inflict suitable chastisement on them whenever they might be found on nur borders, until the pleasure of the General Government should be known. Tlie ac ting Secretary of War, in reply to my letter, ob served, that the subject was referred to Maj. Gen. Jackson, and that the necessary protection might be expected; but unfortunately fur us it has not been afforded. We have therefore been under the necessity of maintaining a detaclunentof oui militia, on the frontier of Camden county, for several months past, under the direction of Maj. Bailey of that county. Some time in the month of May, while the Major and his party were pur suing a large number of cattle, which had been driven oft’, they fell in with two companies of In dians, and aitackcd them with great braverv, killed several, wounded others, put them to flight and returned without sustaining any loss. Since that period, I have not received information of any damage done in that quarter by the Indians. On the Btli of September I received a commu nication from Maj. Gen., Gaines, dated »* F«*•< M...rt^oiiiery on {lie 20th July, cailiug for two battalions of our militia, to be held in readiness, to assist him in reducing the Lower Creek or Se minole tribe to order. 1 immediately caused the requisition to be complied with, and the two bat talions have been detailed and organized, and arc now waiting further orders. In the month of April last, I was notified bv Mr. Crawford, the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, that he had issued a warrant on the Treasury in favour of the Governor of Georgia, for the sum of three hundred and se venty-five thousand dollars, in part payment of our Western Lands, which had been ceded to the General Government: and About the same time, the Treasurer enclosed to me drafts on the Planters’ Bank of this state, and the Bank of N. York for tliat sum. These I deposited in our State Bank for collection, which enabled us to pay the amount of our subscription then due to that Bank, and left a considerable balance, which was entered to the credit of the State, subject to future appropriation. I also received, through Mr. Crawford, the award and decree of the Com missioners, appointed by virtue of an act of Con gress, for the indemnification of certain claimants of public lands in the Mississippi Territory, a transfer of the monies which remained in our Treasury, commonly called the Yazoo Deposit, amounting to one hundred and eightv-four thou sand, five-hundred and fifteen dollars, niucty- four and a half cents, in part payment of one million two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, stipulated to be paid by the articles of agreement and cession between the United States and the state of Georgia. In the decree of the commis sioners, before mentioned, the interest, if any, which may have accrued on the foregoing amount, is claimed in behalf of the United States. In a correspondence between the Secretary of the Treasury and myself on the subject, I have deni ed that any interest has accrued to the U. States. In the act to appropriate momes for the politi- :en hundred and seventeen, it will cal year eightce be recollected, that the sum of>teii thousand dol lars was set apart, under the direction of the Go. vernor, to be equally divided between all the wi dows and children, say children under fourteen years of age, of those citizens of the state, who were killed or died in the service of ^his state, or the United Statffs, during the late war between the United States and Great Britain and the Creek Indinns; with a proviso, that no qiore than ten dollars should be given to one individual. The time limited by law for applications to be made, was on or before the first uay of May last, and for want of information of the existence of the fact, a large portion of that unfortunate class, were deprived of the benefit , intended by the Legislature; I therefore thought proper to extend the time, by an executive order, to the 1st of September; during which period, the most 'of those interested, have availed themselves of the opportunity, and brought in their claims, which have been paid off, leaving a considerable balance subject to yetjr direction. the attention of the Legislature having been so frequently called to the subject of improvement ill our navigable water courses, our public high ways, antf atlbrdiug assistance to our infant sem inaries of learning, by iny predecessors in office, I should deem it unnecessary to say any tiling at this time, ivefc 1 not fully persuaded, that all the naans which may be requisite to the accomplish ment of objects so much to be desired, are now completely within your power. Our funds are ample nod abundant. Alafiy ol our sister state are vicing with each oilier in improvements ol this description, and are now sharing the happy results of their enterprising spirit: And shall we so far forget our own interest as to neglect these laud^ ble pursuits, while we enjoy a state of peace aili unparallelled prosperity ? I hope not. Indt^d" am fully persuaded that, a more favorable oppor tunity to commence internal improvements upon ail extensive scale, can hardly Unexpected. Tli importance in a free country, must be evident to every thinking person in the community,and will unquestionably command the early and prompt at tention of an enlightened and patriotic Legisla ture. The accompanying documents relative to the subjects mentioned in this communication,togeth er with a statement of warrants drawn on tiie Treasurer during the political year now past, and a list of Executive appointments, made ill obedi ence to the ninth section of the second article of the constitution of this state, are herewith submit- ed for your consideration. • These are the most important subjects which have been acted on during the year ; there are sundry others of less importance which will require your attention during the session. In the" conclusion of this address, permit me to assure you, that I feel gratified in believing, that whatever may promote the honor and inrerest of our beloved country, will command your serious and constant attention ; and that union and har mony may prevail in your councils, is the prayer of your devoted fellow-citizen. WILLIAM RABUN. Wednesday, November 5. Mr. E. Harden called up a resolution which he laid on the table, and the same being read, was agreed to, as follows*:— Resolved, That the Speaker do now proceed to the appoitment of the Standing Committees of the House ; Whereupon the Speaker, proceeded in pursu ance of the said Resolution, to appoint, as u Committee on the State of the Republic, Messrs. Stocks, Blair, Tankeisley, Cut 1 .belt, Bayne, Glascock, Lamkin, Owens ami Jackson. Committee on Finance, Messrs. E. Harden, Cauiding, Kennon, Baker, Crocker, Branlum, Ragan, Witt, and Avery. Committee on Privileges & Elections, Messrs. Lawson, Walton, and Fleming. Committee on Petitions, Messrs. B. Pope, Walker and Matthews. Committee to Examine the Journals, Messrs. Hudson, Woottcn, and M’lntosh. Committee of Enrollment, Messrs. Rossetcr, Sanders and Jones. The House concurred in the resolution re ceived f-om tlie Seii!if<% relative <» the printing of the Laws ami Journals, and added as a com mittee on their part, Messrs. Smith, Bradwell, T. I. Moore, Cray, and Sheffield. The House also, concurred in the resolution relative to the election of Governor with amend ments, to wit—strike out the word “Senate,” and insert the words “both branches of the General Assembly,” and strike out the word “eleven” and insert “twelve”—The amendments were agreed to by the Senate. On motion of Mr. A. Pope, Resolved, thata committee be appointed for the purpose of ascer taining, whether it would be advisable for the State to take such part of the increased capital of the Bank of Augusta, as is reserved to her, ac cording to the act of incorporation—with power to report by bill or otherwise—Whereupon, or dered, that Messrs. A. Pope, J. Robinson, and Burnett, be that committee. Tlie Speaker laid before the House memorial No. 1, from James Boyd of Columbia county; and the same being taken up and read, was referred to the committee on Petitions. Air. Ragan presented petition No. 2, from Louisia Alexander; ami the same being taken up and read, was referred to a select committee, con sisting of Messrs. Ragan, Mangham & Hopkins. Mr. Witt presented petition No. 3, from Josiah Stewart; and the same being taken up ami read, was referred to the committee oil Petitions. Thursday, November 6. Mr. Jones presented petition No. 4, from sun dry citizens of Camden county in favour of Ben jamin Padeo; ami the same being read, was re ferred to a select committee,consisting of Alessrs. Jones, Wliitehead and Brown. Mr. Harden laid on the table a resolution for the appointment of a joint committee, to take in to consideration what amendments are necessary to an act, passed the 19th of December, 1816, en titled “An act to reform the Penal Code of this State, and to adopt the same to the Penitentiary System. Mr. Stocks, agreeably to notice, moved for the appointmentof a committee, to prepare and re port a bill, to alter and amend the lourtli section of the second article of the Constitution. Order ed, that ^Messrs. Stocks, T. Aloore and Heard, be tliat committee. Mr. Glascock, agreeably to notice, moved for the appointment of a committee to prepare and report a bill for the establishment of a Mayor’s Court in tlie city of a Augusta. Ordered, that Messrs. Glascock, Blake and Williams, be that cammittee. Mr. Harden, agreeably to notice, moved for tlie appointment of a committee to prepare and report a bill to repeal tlie second section of an act pas sed the 12th of December, 1816, entitled “An not to incorporate a Hank, to be called “The Bank of the State of Georgia.” Ordered, that Messrs. E. Harden, Bush and Trippe, be that committee, Mr. Rqsscter, agreeably to notice, moved for the appointment of a committee to prepare and report a bill tu authorize the Inferior Court of Clarke county, to levy aa extra tax, for the pur pose of building bridges ifl sail county. Order ed, that Messrs. Rosseter, Pitts ami ‘Saudiford, be that committee. Mr. T. Moore, agreeably to notice, moved for tho appoint neat of a committee to prepare and report a bill, to authorize the Inferior Court of Greene county to lay an extra tax, for "the build ing of a Jail in said county. Ordered, tliat Messrs. T. Moore, Cochran and Ashley, be that committee. Mr. Jon :S, from the selert committee, to whom was refered petition No. 4, from sundry inhabit ants of Camden county, reported a bill to pardon Benjamin Padou ; which was received and read the first time. Mr. Crocker, agreeably lo notice, moved for the appointment of a committee to prepare and report U bill to divorce and separate John Nix ami Small his wife. Ordered, that Me sis. Croc ker, White and Bandy, be that committee. Mr. Witt, agreeably to notice, moved for the appointment of a committee, to prepare and re port a bill to authorize tlie Justices, of the Infe rior Court of Jackson county, to levy an extra ■tax i’or the purpose of building a Jail in .said coun ty. Ordered, that Messrs. Witt, Ilea iV Fletch er, be tliat committee. Air. Glascock, agreeably to notice, moved for the appointment of a committee, to prepare and report a bill to alter ami amend (lie different pat rol laws of this state. Ordered, that Messrs. Glascock, Reid, J. Robinson, Buthwell &. Ware, be tliat committee. Friday, November 7. Air. Harden, agreeably to notice, moved for the appointment of a committee to prepare and re port a bill to divorce John Reid and Susannah Ids wife ; James Duster ard Lydia Duster his wife, and Thomas Napier and Tabitha D. bis wife. Or dered that Alessrs. Hudson, Burnett and Sapp be that committee. Mr. Ragan, agreeably to notice, moved for the appointment of a committee to prepare and re port a bill to be entitled “ An act to repeal the third division of the Penal Code of this State.-* Ordered that Messrs. Ragan, T. II. Harden and Mitchell be that committee. Received from the Senate a resolution appoint ing a committee on their part to join such com mittee as may be appointed o/i tlie part of the House, to examine tlie B .oks and Records apper taining to the offices of the Secretary of State, Treasurer, Comptroller-General and Surveyor- General ; and a resolution appointing a commit tee on their part, to join such committee as may be appointed on the part of the House of Repre sentatives, to wait on the Governor elect,and no tify him of his election ; to all which they desire concurrence. Ordered tliat said resolutions lie ou the table. Mr. Owens presented petition No. 6, from Jas. Johnston for self and others, which was read and referred to a select committee consisting of Messrs. Owens, E. Harden and Bradwell. Mr. Allen, agreeably to notice, moved for the appointment of a committee to prepare and re port a bill to altar and extend au act to prevent boat owners, or patroons from permitting boat- hands or other negroes from trafficing in corn, i.r -.ihc-r produce, « r nr mar ket pn board of the boats accustomed to navigate the riverSavannah, between Augusta & Savannah. Ordered that Alessrs. Allen, Dasher and Bush be that committee. On motion of Air. Hudson, the House tool; up the resolution from the Senate for the appointmentof a joint committee to wait on the Governor elect, and inform him of his appointment; and tlie same being read, was agreed to by‘the House, and a committee appointed consisting of Messrs. Hud son, Williamson, Blair, Lamkin and E Harden. Air. Ashiy, agreeably to notice, moved for tlie appointment of a committee to prepare and re- •;* port a bill to be entitled “ An act to cause the Militia BS’ws of this State to be printed in sepa rate pamphlets, and distributed to tlie militia offi cers. Ordered that Messrs. Ashley, Mangluua and Brooking be that committee. * Ifr. E. Harden, from the c mmiittee appointed, reported a bill to entitled “ An r et to repeal the second section of an passed on the 12th of De cember, 1816, entitled “ An act to amend an act to amend * An act to incorporate a Bank to lie called the Bank of the State of Georgia, passed on the sixteenth of December, 1815 which was received and rend the first time. -Vr. Tho. J. Aloore, agreeably to notice, moved for the appointment of a committee to prepare and report a bill regulating the inode of recover ing Dower in this State. Mr. Gwens, agreeably to notice, moved for the appointment of a committee to prepare and re port a bill to amend the first section of tlie third article of the Constitution, so far as to give cri minal jurisdiction to tlie Mayor’s Court of the ci ty of Savannah, in cases occuring within the lim its of the said city. Ordered that Messrs. Ow ens, Townsend and Abercrombie be that com mittee. •Mr. Heard, agreeably to notice, moved for tlie appointment of a committee to report a bill to compensate the members of the Inferior Court of the several counties in this State. Ordered tliat Messrs. Heard, Hawthorn and M/Kinuic be that- committee. Mr. Ware, agreeably to notice, moved for tlve appointment of a committee to prepare and re port a bill to be entitled “ An act to appoint Com missioners for the better regulation ol the town of Daniclsvillc. in Aladison county.” Ordered that Alessrs. AY a re, Alattox and S. Uo'inson be that committee. Mr. Sanders, agreeably to notice, moved for tlie appointment ol a committee to take into con sideration the propriety of altering, amending and consolidating tiie several Ro|d Laws of this 1 State, with, power to repot t by bill or otherwise- , Ordered that Messrs-Sanders, Dixon, 'Wingfield, j Lamkin and Hudson, be that committee. Air. Owens presented petition No. 7, from Cb. j J). Lebey, and the same being read was referred to the committee on Petitions. Mr. Jones presented petition No. 8, from They Alttnon,aud the same being read, was referred ty the committee on Finance. Mr. Hudtea from tlie joint committee apnoir f