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The reflector. (Milledgeville, Ga.) 1817-1819, December 09, 1817, Image 2

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2aSt fueling ffir (lie season ntjSt.UcgU, on lhc'2'J , fli irist. and thou adjourned 13 meet at Hamilton* on 'the 15th day of May next. It is undeistood that a-unanimitV'of sentiment prevails at this Hoard on the important subject* submitted to its decis ion, Which we mal.o no doubt, will on all occa sions, be founded on justice atul fair principles of National policy. St. 'Tettrsburg, (Russia) .Jug. 6.—M. de llaschkow, minister plenipotentiary of Ids majes ty near the United States of America, has been recalled. There has been named as his successor, the general de Tully de Secyunskerken. His ex cellency will not delayed from fitting out fur America. . , Government lias organised at Odessa an Insti tution for the education of the rising generation. be railed the Lyceum de Richelieu, to perpetu- *c tlie memory-of.-the founder ol the colony.— [ Perhaps uo pi ace an the world of*o recent an ori gin, has increased more rapidly than Odessa, on the Black Sea. It was founded after the com mencement of the French revolution, by the pre sent prime minister of France, the duke of Riche- lion,- then an exile from Fran'ce.]—Centitle!. Furthers of the Hurricane.—John Mitchell, esq. consul for the United Statis at Martinique, thus writes in a postscript dated October 23th .* I had closed this on the 20 th to be called for next morning, during the nigj^^Gwmirlenced blowing very strong, and at clock il became a tremendous gale fru^^^^W. E. At day light 1 discovered much busne on board the shipping and by eight A. M. every vessel was forced to sea. Had the wind been as is usual e- very vessel would have been driven on shore. We have no account as yet of any vessel that went to sea, of course there is much inquietude, not one could spread any canvas,and many too light I fear to support the gale. At Fort Royal, Marant Bay' and Trinity, every vessel has suffered;' nine tenths are either on shore and lost or driven to sea—king’s ships and all—The country is laid •waste ; negro houses all down ; chief part of the houses unroofed, lumber of all kinds and provi sions will be wanted. The port is opened. At St. Lucie, it is worse than here, many more lives lost, and every vessel on shore. A Paris article of 4th of October, says, “ From a statement of the commerce of France during the year 1816, it appearg, that the importations of Dunkirk, Dhcrbourg, Havre, Brest, I/Orient, Rochefort and Toulon, amounted to 42,151,511 francs, and the exports to 20,104,126. the balance in favor of importations, 29,019,585 francs. ble degree of pertubnlion. lie embargoed I'm privateers in the.hurbaf, under the plea of Heir presence being necessary for its security, in/.he absence omiinself and Ids black heroes, whyrtre to make a desperate attack on tho i;o|n egniblt' walls of St. Augustine; where tho goddesl ot victory is to decorate their jetty brows with un fading wreaths of laurel, and the goddess of plun der to fill their knapsacks with refulgent gold!— but his real intention was believed to be to defend his piratical nest against our troops. The Mad ness of such a resolution was too.ostensible tore ceivc the countenance of his followers joined by two or tlvee ninth and six or seiln o would render the sfc- certain. Armed vcsjlls DOMESTIC. East-Floridu.—What credit is due to the fol lowing rumor, from the Washington City Ga zette, we know not. But we think such an au spicious moment as the present will never again oiler itself, to justify our general government in taking possession of East-Florida. Spain is un able to defend this province : and it has become, the rallying point of buccaneers, against whose lawless depredations the frontiers of our Slate have no security. If Spain then, is incapable of protecting her neighboring territory, will the U. States allow it to become tiie fastness of des perate adventurers, who may, at any time, des poil our commerce and wiap our borders in flames ? The first precepts of nature forbid it. livery principle of national law would sanction the interference of our government. “Rumor.—It has been rumored that the 3tatc of Georgia has threatened to take possession of East-Florida herself, if the general government will not immediately adopt measures to restore tranquility to that province. The collection of the negroes is so great that serious apprehensions are entertained for the security of that state : and it is with a view to provide against this dan-i gcr .that Georgia is said to be determined ou-thc measure suggested.”—Augusta Chronicle. The Flnritlas.—We have accounts (says (lie .Savannah Republican) from a source whica leaves not a doubt on our minds, that the island of A- media will be taken possession of, and Aury ami his freebooters driven off in a few weeks, by order of our government—l’eacibly if practicable, for cibly if necessary. The island is to be held by the United States’ troobs, until the meeting of Congress, whan we shall then know how matters stand between Spain and ourselves, and how they are to be adjusted. The president in ordering the capture of Amelia has discharged his duty. By this act he extends the arm of protection to Georgia as an integral part of the Union ; and will prevent encroachments dangerous to the prosperity of the state, and destructive of its citizens. . It is asserted that Don Onis has instructions from his king, to tender the Floridan to the Uni ted States, lor six million of dollars ; out of which sum, Spairuagrccs to deduct the amount of spoliations made by her on the props rty of Amer ican citizens. Such is the confidence placed in this report, that the stocks of the different insur ance offices, that have suffered by the depreda tions of Spain rose in one day 25 per cent in value. The path which we should pursue towards Spain will, we trust, be marked with decision and ener gy. We are under no obligations to her ; she Las committed a long series ol aggressions against -this country ; but owing to the conciliatory dispo sition of our government an open rupture lias been prevented. We shall wait the decision of congress in full confidence, that they will not coinpromit the honor of tins nation, while they in sist on a prompt settlement and atonement for all grievances, of which we have much reason to complain. Suvanuak, Dec. 4.—Intelligence from Amelia Island, as late as Monday last. flL- readied this city, by the patriot, privateer Rcptiblicsiao, ca;;t. ‘smith, which put into the river yesterday in ths- consequence the embargo was removed oi 29th or 30th ultimo. On the first inst. h making preparations for the embarkation troops and the total evacuation of the island— This was done, however under the pretend of proceeding against St. Augustine. * He said he was in a few days to be joined by two or hundred troops from the hundred Floridians—who cess of the expedition cm from different American ports were arriving dSly for the purpose of obtaining commissions—tlvee from Baltimore on last Saturday: in all Ley amounted to fourteen. On the same day, i is reported, a prize schooner with a hundred ind twenty negroes was taken possession of, wide attempting to run into Fernandina, by the United States’ brig Saranac.—Republican. ^ Military Movements.—We have it front the best authority, that a!! the disposable force oil the sea-board of North-Caroliniu, South-Garolinia, and Georgia, under the command of Culuncl Bankhead, are ordered to rendezvous fmthwitli at some point on the St. Mary’s River—Rumour, gives to this movement, two objects—first, that the expedition is to j oin General Gaines, who is going against the beminoles ; and second, that its destination is against Amelia-island—This latter opinion, (being grounded upon the supposi tion that the Florida* have been ceded bv Spain to this country,) is most prevalent.—Charles, (rax. Charleston, A’or. 27.—A company of U. S. troops embarked yesterday oil board the solir. Patsy, and sailed for St. Mary’s. This is a part of the force mentioned in our paper of Monday last, as having been ordered to rendezvous at Point Petre. Col. Bankhead who will take the command of the corps when assembled, also em barked in the Patsy.—City Gazette. Copy of the presentments of the grand jury of Barnwell district,South.-Carolina,at the last court. We present it as a grievance of the most serious and afflicting nature, that by the laws of the coun try, or rather for the want of laws on the subject, all men, with or without knowledge, who choose to call themselves “ doctors,” are allowed to prac tice physic without any regular study of this all- important and extensive science, and without any regular medical apprenticeship, examination or diploma whatever; the consequences of which are, that the ignorant are duped, the unwary im posed on, and the lives of all classes often fall an ndiscriminate sacrifice in the hands of these jug glers in physic, and sporters with the lives ot our citizens ! in making this presentment and subject important, and yet so long neglected, we can not but observe that fur lawyers anil other professional men, there is required some appren ticeship, some examination, or some criterion of the skill of the professor, before they take charge ot our rights, or enter upon their professional du ties ; but strange to say, in the science of medi cine, more hidden than any other, andtherefore re quiring more \‘3nse study and exalted talent, men ire let loose to sport not with our rights, but with our lives, & this too without a single day’s study. We therefore recommend this grave, serious and vitally important subject, to the consideration of the next legislature, under the assurance that they will, by some wise and salutary law, restrain the ravages of the greatest earthly curse, unli censed quacks.”—Telescope. STATE LEGISLATURE. ' SENATE. Minday, Drcember % \. Mr. llfenloy from the joint committee appoint ed to visit the Penitentiary, and examine the con cerns of that institution,—Reported That in executing the delicate duty which has been assigned us, your committee aru not un aware of the difficulties attending it. Deep root- " IgJ prejudices exist against the measure ; and a i‘ me 7™- laudable jealousy on the part of the people, ren- , am |in| jj. a | wa y H unpleasant to their representatives f ) to propose an increase of pay to the officers of go- i vein meat. Necessity only should authorise, jir ciiu justify such a proceeding ; ami your somttiit- {tee having duly considered the subject, will not shrink from the responsibility of declaring it as their decided opinion, that at this time jt is abso- utely necessary tiiat some fui ffer provision should be made for the functionaries of state. Your committee would be wholly averse to such an increse of compen ation as might enable the incumbents to amass large fortunes from the pub lic treasury—but it cannot be denied that where the services of an individual are required to be devoted to the state, a salary commensurate at least, to the comfortable-support of himself and family should be given.—Tiiat such is not the case at present is fully demonstrated by daily expert' elioc. Men of the first, talents and respectability are compelled to retire from the public service, only because a of their domestic con cerns imperiously require it of them. It is true that persons can always be found willing to fill the public offices at the present salaries,—but it is not true that the best abilities of the country are brought into operation by them. Patriotism enough does exist, to make the com pensation but a secondary consideration with ma ny j but ought a state to require that the best of its members should be ruined in the service of their country ? Economy in government if rightly understood, consists in such a liberal application of the public means as will ensure the able and faithful perfor mance of its duties.—If it falls short of this the desirable etui is not ;.♦< .ined, and that which was intended for economy degenerates into a ruinous parsimony. But if the present salaries ever were sufficient, it is evident they cannot he so now—every arficl of subsistence Inis doubled, and in many instances trebled in value recently., insomuch, that, what might have been considered sufficient heretofore, as an adequate compensation to the officers of go vernment, is barely a pittance at this period of time. Your committee therefore fee! no hesitation in recommending the adoption of the following re solution by the Legislature: Resolved, That it is expedient fo increase the salaries of the officers of government. Ordered to lie on the table. Mr. Jlrown from the committee on Finance, re ported, to wit:—The joint committee to whom was referred the report of the commissioners of the penitentiary edifice—Reported, Tlmt they have had the same under considera tion, and are compelled to state that it is not such an onens might have been expected from that body, not being so explicit as to give your committee such satisfaction as they wished on that subject. Their account currentgenerally states the amount if money paid without mentioning the quantum demy, utadf a report, wltich was ordered to lie the tabic. I Thejoinl committee appointed to inquire int i the practicability and expediency of disposing ( ; the territuif lately acquired from the Cm ex and Cherokee IMiana, ami to whom was referred t!. : communicator! «t his excellency the governor an.I the accompaiyiog documents, and the subject of Indian and frpauisli boundary, report, Tiiat il is not expedient at the present session of the legis lature to niii/c any disposition of said territory, the following reasons, to wit—1st. The lines be tween tlieJrmd acquit cd by general Jackson of the Creek iaiiaus add East Florida have not been ascertain and defined—2d. Your committee underatMAv-thut a further acquisition is about to be obtained of the Creek Indians, agreeably to a inemoriaVand a remonstrance of the last legisla ture—SdJ The lines of the territory lately acqui red of'tfie Cherokee Indians are not ascertained and rufy nor has the treaty last alluded to been ratifiedj Your committee are aware, however, of tlm propriety of disposing of the land ami selling of the territory in question as soon as practicable ; tlicyj tiler;qfore recommend the following resolu tion. Iisolved, That his excellency the governor be req^sted, on receiving information of the raiiti- catith of the treaties lor the different territories latelycedeal by the Creek and Cherokee Indians, or either;,pf them, a.lid of the time when either of the lint* between lands lately acquired of tho CreeiciIndians arid East Florida, or the tines ue- tweerf the lands lately acquired of the Cher,dice Indian,-, and the Creek or Cherokee Indians, to appoint fit and proper persons, not exceeding three, to attend to running of said lines, and to as certain the true head of the St. Mary’s, on behalf of the state of Georgia, and sec that the said seve ral lines are run agreeably to the tiue intent ami meaning of the said treaties, and that his excel lency the governor be, and he is hereby authorised and requested, to have run off (as soon as may be practicable) the whole of said territory into dis tricts oi twelve miles square, or as nearly so as the situation of the country will admit of, or that he take Such other measures as in his judgment will best promote the interest of the state, and the earliest disposition aud settlement of said territory. Agreed to. Mr. Flemming had leave to introduce a bill to be entitled an act to prevent the circulation of trash, co.umonly called change bills,” which was read the first time. [The above bill was read the 2d time yesterday and “ Juned.’] HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Monday, December 1. Mr. Lamkin from the joint committee appoint ed to visit the penitentiary, and examine the con cerns of that institution, presented a report, and the same being read, was referred, together with the accompanying documents, to a select commit tee, consisting ot Messrs. Lamkin, stocks, and Brad well. Mr. Bradwcll from the committee appointed, reported a h;!! to create and establish a fund for the support of Free Schools throughout this state, which was received and read fin* bra* Mr. Williamson from the committee appointed, reported ,i bill to appropriate money for the im provement of the Internal Navigation of the stato of Georgia, which was received aud read the first time. Mr. Heard from the committee appointed re ported a bill to compensate the Justices of the lo ot labor performed tor said amount paid, and fre-! ferior courts in this state, which was received aud qnent items stated in part, which account as stat-j read the first time, ed without further explanation leads your coin-1 Oil motion of Mr. mittee to suspect that some been charged for labor Branham a com mittee was On Thursday the 50th ultimo, the Steam Boat Carolina, oi Augusta, was launched from the ship yard of Messrs, Pritchard & Ivnux, aud yester day afternoon, the .Steam Boat, Georgia, of’Savan- nali, was launched from the ship-yard of Mr. Wil liam Pritchard, sen. both of which glided majes tically into their native element, amidst the accla mations of crowds of spectators—These Buats are the property of the Georgia Steam Boat Com pany, intended for the navigation of the Savan nah river between that city and Augusta, aud are the commencement of an extensive establishment of Steam Navigation, which will uo doubt add greatly to the (already) rapidly increasing pros perity ol that state—In the construction of these vessels there is much to admire, as well as is in beauty of mo,'.cl, neatness and strength of work manship, aud excellence of materials.—Cha.Cour. The President lias issued a proclamation, dated 21st ult. declaring *• that pub!ic sales, for the dis posal (agreeably to law) of the lands in the Ala bama territory, north of the River Tennessee, shall be held at Huntsville, Madison count said territory', on the first Monday in February next, for the lands contained in the ranges num bers one,two, three, four, five and six, and on the first Monday in March next, fertile remainder of the aforesaid lauds ; each sale shall remain open for three weeks and no longer; the sales shall commence with the first section of the lowest numbers of townships and ranges, and proceed in regular numerical order.” The U. S. brig Boxer was wrecked on the South Pass at the entrance of the Mississippi on the 16th ult. The specie which she had on board, together with her armament and crew were saved. Exports of cotton, rice and tobacco from Sa vannah, from October 1. 1816, t» October 1,1817. Cotton, sea-island, 9,7ol bales; upland cotton 106,726bales'; rice. 16,til tierces; tobacco4,819 hogsheads. There were (says the Republican.) time exorbitant prices have | appointed to prepare aud report a bill to afford the _ > by which the legislature counties of Baldwin and Putnam an opportunity may have been imposed on. Your committee, I to build abridge across Little river, at ur near tho theielore, recommend, that a joint committee be place where the bridge known by the name of appointed to call on said commissioners to make I Butt’s bridge was erected. truss. Aury, on learning that the U. Stales hail about 100 bags sea-island ami 2000 bags of up- determined to break lip his buccaneering establish-j land, exfprtv.! from Darien, not inckided in the incut, and occupy the Eland, shewed a c insider-jubous is' * ’• a more fair statement of the accounts so tiiat they may be fully understood. Ordered to lie on the table. Tuesday, December 2. Mr. Hudspeth called up the resolution to ap point a committee to examine the ptnitentiary e- ililice and its appectenances, and tne same was amended to read as follows :—Resolved, that Messrs. Hudspeth, Montgomery aud Foster be appointed a committee to join such committee as may be appointed by the House of Representa tives to examine (lie penitentiary edifice and its appurtenances, and report the alterations, im provements and additions necessary to be made thereto. On motion, resolved that the remainder of the Divorce bills do lie on the table for ihe balance of the session—Negatived—Yeas 16—Nays 17. Thursday, December 4. ”1110 Senate took up the report of the committee to enquire into the expediency and practicability ol disposing of the territory lately acquired from the Creek aud Cherokee Indians, and to whom was refered the communication of his excellency the|governor and the accompanying documents on the subject of Indian and Spanish boundaries, which being read, was amended to read that they report, That no information has been laid before your committee, which in their opinion would warrant a report different from that already sub mitted to the Senate. Friday, December 5. On motion ofMr. Hudspeth, Resolved, that his excellency the governor, be and he is hereby au thorised aud req lired to have the roof of the state house repaired, and that he pay for the same out ot contingent fund. Mr. Cleveland from the committee to whom was referred the petition of Priscella Gray, report ed, to w t—Be it resolved, that the commissioners ol tlie town ol Mdledgville be and they are hereby authorise ! to lease to Priscollu Gray, for the term of six years, six acres- of land lying between V ay no street and Fishing creek, on the commons ot the said town, including tlie cleared ground of the same for her own proper use. Mr. Ryan presented a petition from tjie ertra- inissioneisof the Warren county Academy, which was read and referred to Messrs. Ryan. Lock- heart and Swaine. Saturday, December 6. Mr. Ryan from (fie committee on tlie petition oi toe commissioners of the Warren county Aca- Tucsduy, December 2. To the Senate and House of Representatives, It will be recollected that on the 31st of Ucto-' ber, 1814. a resolution was unanimously passed, by both .branches of the General Assembly of this state, requesting the governor to purchase and present to the brave Colonel Daniel Ap; ting of the United States’army, an elegant sword, suita ble for an officer of his grade, as a testimonial of the high estimation in which the legislature ot his native slate viewed the splendid aciiieveinents of its young and daring hero. After a considerable lapse of time the sword was procured in Philadelphia, and deposited in th s office—but before I could have the pleasure of pre. enting it, agreeably to the wishes of the Icris- iature, 1 was informed that his brilliant career was closed—that Divine Providence had called him from the tented field to the world of spirits. The Legislature will therefore be pleased to di rect the manner in which this memorial ot militarv fame shall be disposed of. Yours, &c. , 1VM. RABUN. ihe communication w: referred to a select committee, consisting ot Messrs. Cuthbort, T. 1. Moore and Wootten. IVednesday, December S. Mr. Croker trom the committee appointed to inquire into the propriety of selling the claim of the state, to confiscated property with leave to re port bv bill or otherwise, presented a report which was read and ordered to lie on the table. Mr. Walton from the select committee to whom was referred the petition of the m'aster, assistant master amt members of the Augusta Fire Com pany, and the members of the City Council of Augusta, reported a bill to increase the FireCom- pan v of the city of Augusta, which was received anil read ihe first. Mr. Walton from the select committee to whom was referred the petition of sundry citizens of Augusta. H so repui ted a bill to extend the con porate limits, increase the power and jurisdiction ol the corporation ot the city of Augusta, and the several acts heretofore passed on that subject, and anportil’n more equally the representation of the inhabitants of the said city, i„ the city conn- cd oi the same, v.htcli was received and read tin* first time. Mr. Sanders fro n the joint committee appoint- ul t J inquire into the cspfi-JSesicv ol maki. r m!-