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The Forsyth County news. (Cumming, Ga.) 19??-current, March 23, 1917, Image 1

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The Forsyth County News Vol. 9. No. 12. LOCAL AND PERSONAL Mr. J. B. Patterson was in Canton on business last Friday. Hon. W. P. Sloan is attending the extra session of the General Assembly in Atlanta this week. Messrs. J. G. Puett and W. T Merritt were in Dawsonville at Court Monday. Rev. J. W. Gober filled his appointment at Pleasant Grove Sunday. > Col. C. L. Harris attended Dawson Superior Court first of the week. Rev. F. T. Wills filled his ap pointment at Duluth Saturday and Sunday. Messrs. Claude Hope and 0 is Wdliamsof Winder were visiio s here Sunday. Dr. R. H. Bramblett was here Tuesday and traded for anew Ford car. The rural schools of thfe coun ty will close Friday after a ses sion lasting three months. Messrs. V. W. Dougherty and W. W. Reid spent a few days last week and this in the Gate City on business. Rev. G. C. Light and family of route 5 visited Mr. S. li. Al len and family Tuesday of this week. Mrs. O. W. Settle and child ren of Norcross are spending a few days with Mr. C. T. Kemp and family. The farmers are busy now preparing for another crop. A lot of plowing is being done this week. Mrs. .W. R. Otwell is spend ing sometime with her daugh ter, Mrs. Hoyt Brannon, at Daw sonville. Col. L. E. Wisdom of Gaines ville was shaking hands with his many friends here last Thursday. Harrison and Alien have re ceived a good shipment of feed stuff, and would be pleased to have you call cfh them when in need of anything in this ilne. Rev. R. H. Thompson filled his appointment at the Baptist church in town Sunday at elev en and at night, preaching two excellent sermons. The Tax Receiver wall be in his office in the court house next Saturday to take tax returns. Call and return your property before it'is too late. Fed Pruitt of route 9 lost a leather collar and pad between Gumming and J. N. Smith’s one day last week. If you found it let him know it. Mr. C. M. Coffey of Atlanta was a visitor to relatives here and on route 1 first of tne week He called and subscribed for the News while here. The stockholders of the Bank of Cumming met recently and declared a handsome dividend, paying eight per cent to stock holders and passing a large sum up to surplus fund. Your attention is called to the ad of Ledbetter & Howard to be found in this issue. They want your trade in fertilizers and will treat you right if you will give them a chance to let them. The Georgia Legislature con vened in extra session again Tuesday of this week to pass a “bone dry” law. A lai'ge ma jority of the people say wiith out hestitation that this extra session was uncalled for and was a useless expense to the state while others claim that it was urgent. The next regular session would convene in June and the “bone dry” law' could be passed at that time. Mr. J. M. Fowler attended Dawson court first of the week. Mr, R. E. Harrison spent Mon day and Tuesday in Atlanta on business. Mr. Cliff Vaughan of Ros well spent Sunday with rela tives in town. Mr. T. J. Pirkle was in the Gate City on business a day or two this week. Col. J. P. Fowler is spending a few days in Atlanta on busi ness. Some gardening has been done around town already, and more will be looked after when the weather gets right. Call at the News office and get the most papers for the least money to be had any where. Mrs. John Brown, Misses Lu cile Bennett, Genie Mitchel and Gladys Smith of Gainesville were visitors in Cumming. Cun day. Just received a car load of well broken Tennessee mules will be sold under a guarantee, if not as represented will gladly take them back. A. R. Danforth, Duluth, Ga. The offer on the News and Tri weekly Constitution at $1.35 will be good until fur ther notice. This offer give:: you a good state paper and one of the best county papers in Georgia for the small sum of Mr. G. W. Heard has accept eel the agency for the wonder ful Jobson Plow for this terri tory. We will likely have a good deal to say abput this plow next week. While in Norcross a few days ago we were informed that John Sorrells had given up city life and moved back to his farm in this county. We are mighty glad to have John back with us. Miss Eva Smith hs accept ed a position as milliner in the parlors of Miss Molly Kemp. Miss Smith held this position with Miss Kemp a year or two ago, and her many friends are welcoming her back to Cum ming. The people all over the coun ty are working the roads and getting them in good shape. They say they will fix them without having to have the road haw changed if the people will just let them alone. A recruiting officer from the U. S. Army is in Gumming for the purpose of enlisting any one between 16 and 45 years of age who wishes to volunteer in the army. He will be here for two weeks and if you wifih to join call to see him at the Brannon hotel. News was received in Cum ming Tuesday of the death of Grandma Perry, age 85 years, who-died at the home of Mr. Mat Vaughan at Helena, Ga. Mrs. Perry was a formerly res ident of this county and lias many friends here w’ho wfill be pained to learn of her death. I will be at the following places on the dates states for the purpose of receiving Tax Returns for the year 1917. Vickery District. Puckett store Mar. 29, 10 a. m. Wills store, do 11 a. m. Bells District. G. W. Ezzards place, Noon. Court Ground do 2pm Alex Fowler do Night. Return all property held on January Ist and be sure to have your land numbers correct. Please don’t ask me to take your neighbors returns. So come your self. Don’t send. Judge C. Williams, R. T. R. Sunshine in The Home, Power In The Life. CUMMING, GA., MARCH 23RD, 1917. What About the Buford Road ? 1 The last Grand Jury recom mended that the Buford road to the river at Strickland bridge be top-soiled, provided, Gwin nett county would soil from Bu ford to the bridge. Our county, we are sure, is ready to do its part of this work and it is now up to the citizens of Buford and Gwinnett county as to whether this work will be done this year or left undone. In the event they'Tail or re fuse to do this soiling to the riv T er, the citizens of Duluth are just aching for us to soil the road down to Gray’s cross roads and if we will do this they will meet us over there. Under the last named plan the citizens of Forsyth county would have a soiled road both to a railroad station and right on in to the city of Atlanta. It would be a great highway to begin work at Silver'City and soil and grade the road from that point right through Cum ming to Gray’s Cross Roads. We feel sure that the citizens along this route would be glad ai.d willing to do their part of wmrk and pay their pro rata ska*: j cf die expense in order to this highway, and it would mean a great advancement in the of their property. Let’s get busy this year and build at leat one first class high way through Forsyth county. It will not take so much money as you might think, and would be the greatest advertisement you could give old Forsyth county in the eyes of the people of oth er sections. Let us know what you think of the proposition, brother? Reseeding Winterkilled Oats. The extreme cold weather in the Southern States during the first two weeks in February caused much winterkilling of fall-sown oats. The yield from fall-sown oats is so much better than from spring-sown oats, however, that it will not be profitable to resow to spring oats unless much more than half the fall-sown oats were winterkilled, according to the United States Department of Agrilculture. It is best to de lay reseeding a few days until it can be determined definitely whether or not there is a suffi cient stand to justify leaving the crop to mature. Fields where it is certain that this crop was destroyed by cold may now be sown to spring oats with fair prospects for profitably yields if the seeding is done in early March. Pnly the most fertile land should be sown to oats in the spring, as this crop will not yield well from spring seeding on poor land. The best varities to sow at this time are Burt, Fulghum, Red Rustproof, and Appier. The land should not be plowed, but the surface should be loosened by disking or through harrow ing and the seed drilled in. If a grain drill is not available the seed may be sown broadest and covered by drinking and har rowdng. The best rate of seed ing is about 3 bushels of good seed to the acre. Mill Notice. I have an up-to-date corn mill and am ready to grind your corn. Will grind every Friday. W. L. Chadwick, Cumming, Ga., Route 1. The Tax Receiver has anew notice in this issue. Look jt up and be ready to give in your tax es when he come# around. Farm Demonstration Agent. Forsyth county now has a demonstration agent, having been appointed by recommen dation of the Grand Jury at the February term. The committee named by the Grand Jury have appointed Mr S. J. Smith of near Silver City to act in this capacity for the present year. Mr. Smith is one of our coun ty’s best farmers. He knows exactly how the work is done to be successful in this vocation. He raises plenty of foodstuffs at home, has a fine farm of his own, and will be useful in help ing the farmers in their line of work. We afe satisfied that the com mittee could not have chosen a better man for the work than Mr. Smith, and trust the farm ers of the county will cooperate with him in the general ad vancement of the farming inter ests of the county. Resolutions Of Respect. Whereas the Grand Master of all Things in His wise provi dence has called from the walks of men our beloved broth er, Thos, W Harrison who for many years was a faithful coun sellor in all our deliberations. And whereas he was our oldest member in service and age hav ing been charter member of this Lodge and an Odd Fellow for 27 years. Therefore be it resolved Ist. that in the death of Bro Harri son the Order has lost a faithful membei - , the county a valued citizen and his family a kind husband and father. 2nd. That while we sub mit to the will of the creator of all earthy things we deeply feel the loss of our departed brother 3rd. That a copy of these res olutions be entered upon the minutes of the Lodge and a blank page of our record be dedicated to his memory. Read and adopted in open Lodge Feb 10th 1917. Progressive Lodge No. 50 I. O. O. E. 11. E. Tullis, N. G. T. R. Williams, Secy. ROUTE 3. Mr. and Mrs. George Barker spent last Monday night with Mr. Arthur Barker and family. Mrs. A. J. Pirkle spent a few days last week with Mr. Jewell Blackstock and family. Mr. John Satterfield spent Saturday night with Mr. Grady Green and family. Mrs. Lillie Bennett spent last Tuesday at Mr. A. J. Green and family. Mrs. O. G. Green and Mrs. L. P. Green spent last Thursday with Mrs. Glenn Guthrie and family. The candy drawing at Mr. Carl Days’ was enjoyed by all present. Miss Lura and Gladys Green spent Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Callie Majors. Mr. and Mrs. Lenton Gravitt spent last EYiday night with Mr J. A. Barked and family. Mr. and Mrs. O. G. Green spent Sunday with Mr. A. J. Green and family. Mrs. Mary Samples spent a few days last week with her sis ter, Lena Green. Mr. and Mrs. F. V. Green spent Sunday with Mr. A. J. Green and family. Mr Frank Orr reports the ar rival of a fine baby boy at their home. Miss Annie and Ora Phillips spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. A. J. Green. Miss Lura Green and Gladys ton Green spent last Friday night with Mr. A. O. Gilbert. Miss Clara Pruitt and Dallie i Pruitt spent Saturday night with Mrs. Zettie Cook. Notice. To the farmers of Forsyth Cos: I have been appointed Farm Demonstrator for Forsyth coun ty by the Department of Agri culture at Washington, D. C. I am now ready to serve you in that capacity, to the best of my ability. If you need help in solving your problems call on me. My work is to advise and co-operate with the farmers a leng any line they may be inter ested. I earnestly ask all the people to co-operate in this work, that we may be able to place Forsyth county on the high plane in agriculture, that her soil and climate entitles her to. I want to conduct a Demon stration Plat in every commun ity in the county. Those who desire the demonstrations on their farms will please let me know as early as convenient. I’ll be in the field work Mon days, Tuesdays’ Thursdays and Fridays; In my office at home on Wednesday’s; In the Office of the County Supt., of Schools on Saturday’s from 8 a. m. to 4 p. m. The Boys corn club, pig club and Girls canning club, will be under my supervision, and hope the enrollment will be large. I trust the parents and teachers will encourage the Boys and girls to enroll for this practical educational training the Depart ment is offering free. The time for entering these clubs closes the first of if you join any of the clubs you must act at once. Yours for service, S. J. Smith County Agent, of Forsyth county. The State-Wide Examination Of teachers will occur on August 3rd, and 4th. The Reading Course Books, are as follows: Primary and Gen. Elementary. Manual Cubberly’s Rural Life and Ed ucation. Southern School Book Depository, 121 Auburn Ave., Atlanta, Ga., post paid $1.25. Colgroves: The Teacher and the School. Chas. Scribner & Sons, Temple Court Building, Atlanta, Ga., postpaid $l.OO High School and Supervisory. Manual. Hollister’s High School and Class Management. Southern School Book Depository. Cubberly’s Rural Life and Educator. Southern School Book Depository. All teachers who will have to take this examination and are expecting to teach school in the county another year please take this examination in Cum ming. I wish to ask the farmers, as well as our school children, to cooperate with our Farm Dem onstrator in order that we may make a success in our agricul tural pursuits. Resp. A. C. Kennemore, Sup’t. J. G. Blackwood Dead. Mr. James G. Blackwood of Buford died at his home last week and his remains were laid to rest in the city cemetery at that place. Mr. Blackwood was a former resident of this county, and has many friends in the county w ho will regret to learn of his death He is survived by his wife, who was formerly Miss Mamie Neal of this county, two daugh ters, and a host of other rela tives and friends to whom we extend sympathy. 75c per year. Three Notable Addresses Among the many interesting and informing addresses that will be delivered at the coming joint meeting of the Georgia Educational Association and the County School Superintend ent’s convention, three well de serve special comment. Dr. Bruce R. Payne, presi dent of Peabody College for Teachers, will speak on the ‘Effi cient South of Tomorrow.” He is in the very forefront of educa tional thinkers of our section, and his message ought to inter* est every thoughtful teacher. Education as Socializition will be the theme of an address by Dr. W. H. Kilpatrick, profes sor of education in Columbia University. Dr. Kilpatrick is a Georgian who has won place and prominence for himself as a member of the faculty of Teachers’ College of Columbia University, probably the great est center of educational pro gress in America. Teachers and superintend ents of rural schools will be glad to know that Dr. P. P. Clax ton, United States Commiss ioner of Education, will lecture on ‘Suggestions for the Improve ment of Rural Schools in Geor gia.” , The association will meet in Macon, May 3rd, 4th, sth. STAR ROUTE. Well, this wind seems lik*' March was here. , Misses Johnnie Pruitv sister Aliene, spent Tuesday with their brother, Mr. Henry Pruitt and family. Mr. L. P. Green and wife and son, spent Saturday night and Sunday at Mr. T. B. Fowler’s. Miss Lillian Bagwell and sis ter spent Sunday with their grandparents, Mr. A. S. Sam ples’. Mr. A. S. Samples and wife spent Sunday at Mr. Maul Phill ips’. Mrs. Azzilee Holcomb and children are spending a while with her parents, Mr. J. L. Barnes’. Mr. Cecil Hansard who is at tending school at Buford spent the week-end with homefolks. We are glad to say that Mrs. S. B. Wright is able to be out again. We are sorry to say that Mrs Cansady Phillips is sick at this writing, but we hope her a speedy recovery. Say, “Farmer” if your uncle’s sister is not your aunt she is your mother. Nip. To Build New Garage. Messrs. Strickland & Wis dom, agents for the well-known and highly advertised Ford car, will erect a large garage on the vacant lot of Mr. L. Edmond son near the Methodist church. The building will be of brick, and will be erected for the ex press purpose of an up-to-the minute garage of the kind in keeping with the car for which they are agents. They are now making prep arations to build a kiln of good brick, and want a number of good hands to work for them in this kiln. If you will apply to Roy Strickland he will talk the matter over with you and give you a job. Notice. I want the teachers to send me by April Ist the names of their pupils who have enrolled their names, as memebrs of the different Clubs. Those teachers who have not sent in their contract with the Board of Education, please do so at once. A. C. Kennemore. '..