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The Forsyth County news. (Cumming, Ga.) 19??-current, March 23, 1917, Image 2

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The Forsyth County News Published every Wednesday by i B. Patterson. SUBSCRIPTION PRION. Per Year 7 Six Months oJi Three Months Zsc Officia Organ Forsyth Cos Entered at, the post otfice at Cum •ninu (ia. Aug. 10th, as mail ipatter pf the second class. Cumming, Ga., Mar. 23, 1917. HARMONY GROVE. A surprise birthday dinner was given to Mr. E. A. Bennett Sunday, March IKIh,. Mr. Ben nett was 40 years of age. The dinner was attended by a large crowd, mostly relatives. II was a great joy to Mr. Bennett. Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Bennett report the arrival of a baby girl at their home. Mr. and Mrs. Gober Elliott visited Mr. Hubert Patterson Saturday night and on their re turn home spent Sunday after noon with Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Bell. . We are glad to say that Mr. F. L. 1). Bennett is improving in health. Mr. and Mrs. Pehn Patterson spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. L. J. Bennett. Master Fred and Toy Watson spent Saturday night with rela tives near Coal Mountain. Mrs. Ella Owens and child ren visited Mr. L. M. Jones Sat urday night and Sunday. The school at this place is pro grossing nicely at this place un der the management of Misses Laura Crow and Laura Castle berry. Misses Emily and Edith Cain visited Misses Annie and Mattie Bennett Sunday afternoon. Mr. L. M. Jones made a bus iness trip to Atlanta Friday lat ter part of last week. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Bell and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Brown of Gainesville attended the birth day dinner at Mr. E. A. Ben nett’s. Two Greenhorns, AL.PHAREETTA ROUTE 1. Mr. Willie Wills was the re cently guest of Mr. Dozier Has ty in Cherokee county. Mr. Wess Bales and mother spent one day last week at Mr. Tom Morris’. Misses Alice and Ituth Boling visited Miss Jeston Hooper one day last week. Mesdames Sarah Bales and Cynthia Spence visited Mrs. Lin die James last Thursday. Mr. Bill Chester and family spent last Tuesday with his pa rents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ches ter. Mr. Luther Bennett and sis ter Estelle, spent Saturday nip'll ■ a Carl Spence’s. Mr. Homer Thompson and family spent Sunday at Mr. Jim Fitch. Mr. Nelson Davis and family visited relatives at Roswell Sat urday night and Sunday. Mrs. Anna Goswick and children spent Sunday after noon with Mrs. Maude Chester. Miss (Irene Spence spent Fri day night with Mrs. Cynthia Spence. Miss Myrtie Bales was the re cently guest of Miss Lelia Bol ing. Mr. J. B. Spence and son Charlie went to Roswell on bus iness last Monday. Mr. Elmer Chester and fami ly of Cherokee county spent Saturday night and Sunday with his father, Mr. Joe Chester Lillian. Potato Plants By Mail. Nancy Hall, Forto Rico, South ern Queen, Norton and Bunch Yam, delivered to your door by mail $1.85 per thousand. Send order early plants will be scarce Satisfaction guaranteed. Crow & Brogdon, Seville, Ga. Big Money: Sweet Potatoes. Break away from the one crop system in sweet potatoe culture. Learn how and when to harvest, how to cultivate and how to store. Anew, a big op portunity is opened to the enter prising farmer by following ex act methods described in our splendid new book “Sweet Po tato Culture”. Price, delivered by mail, only 75 cents while they last. Rush! Crow & Brog don, Seville, Ga. In Lvoing Memory Of Bertha Evans, who depart ed this life January 20th 1917. Her remains were laid to rest in Concofd cemetery, Rev, V. V. Braddy and Bro. Kelley conduc ted the funeral services. She was 12 years, 11 months and 15 days old when the Lord saw lit to call her from this world of sin to a home above, where there is no sickness pain nor death there. She leaves a father, mother 6 brothers and a grandmother and a lot of other relatives and friends to mourn her loss, but our loss is her eternal gain. She was a loving girl. She will be missed by all who knew her. She all ways had a kind word and a loving smile for every body she met. She suffered un told agony during her sickness but bore her sickness with great patience. Shi* died with that iireal!id deasease, Pneumonia fever. She realized that she was going to die and called her papa lo her bed side drew him down and hugged his neck and kissed him and said, papa 1 am going home to rest, 1 know that Heaven is more brighter lo lath r and mother since Bertha has gone there to live. The home sso lonely without her. Ber tha is gone but not forgotten. Thou art gone, we miss the darling and no one can never tell how it filled our hearts with ■;adness when we spoke our last farewell. Written by a heart-broken friend, Picket Gravitt. In Memory () our dear mother, Joshey nhene Echols, who departed his life Jan. sth, 1917. She vas born Sept. 18th, 1856, was jo years, 3 months and 18 days if age when the Lord called her r un this world of pain and woe die was the daughter of Mr. u and Mrs Moses Harris, was mar ied to James S Echols Sept. 9, 883. She joined the church it the age of 14 and lived a true hristian life until God said it is ‘rough come and abide with me Mother was always ready to peak a word for the Master, die was ready to do what ever unasked of her. To know her was to love her. die WaSt to visit and care or the sick and lend a hand in he hour of need. Mother was sick about 18 rionths before she died. She offered agonies, but boro her sufferings with patience. She vas not heard to grumble or •omplain. She told us several times be '( re she died that she did not ear death and grave. She was eady and waiting for the Lord o call her from this life of im icrfection to a life of perfection tlie leaves a husband, 7 child en, 8 grandchildren, a mother, brothers A sisters and a host if other relatives and friends to nourn her departure. She is •one but not gorgotten. She vas a loving mother, a devoted vife and a true friend. May the Lord help each one f us to live a life so we can say s mother did, 1 do not fear loath. It is sad to know we an not be with mother here on arth again, but, oh, the joy to now that some glad day we an clasp her hand over yonder here there’ll be no more sep arating, no good bye's. A voice we loved is hushed tnd still; a place is vacant that never be filled. Dear mother we hope to meet you on that bright shore, there ,o say good bye no more. Written by her heart-broken daughter. Eugenia Green. In Loving Memory. Of Mamie Kate Echols, who on the 29th, of December 1916 God saw fit to take from earth to Heaven. She was the sweet 'ittle daughter of Carter and Willie Echols. Just 9 months old when God said come up higher little Kate I have a brigh er place than earth for you She was too sweet for us to keep here. We know not why God took her from us so soon, but God knew best. I would say to her father and mother weep not for little Kate is resting in the arms of Jesus where no sick ness ever comes. She was here just a short while but will al ways remember her sweet smiles. She leaves a father, mother, one brother and a host of other relatives to mourn our loss. We 'oved her, yes, we loved her but angels loved her more and they have come and taken her to yonder shining shore. Kate is gone a precious darl ing never more will we set' her face til we meet her over the river in that happy dwelling place. Her aunt, Bell Castleberry. In Lovin'* Memory. Oi Miss Martha Benefield, w i o (lep.Wed this hie Se.) -m-j her the 15th, 1916. She was laid to rest in Dunkins Creek cemetery Saturday Sept. 16th.. She leaves a fatehr, mother, 4 brothers and three sisters to i mourn her loss, but their loss is, her eternal gain. She was a kind and loving child an dsister and was loved by ail who knew her. It was God’s will to take her from this world of sorrow, and we pray God that we may live a life in this world so as to meet dear Martha in Heaven where all is peace and happi ness and no farewell tears are shed. It is so sad to know we will never see her sweet face on earth no more nor hear her ten der sweet voice no more in this world but it is sweet to know we all have the assurance that if we live as we should we will meet Martha in heaven never to take the parting hand. We have the assurance that her soul has gone home to God in peace while the body sleeps a peace ful sleep awaiting the resurrec tion morn. Words can not tell the sadness that filled our he arts when from dear Martha we had to part, lonely the hours since dear Martha is gone, but oh, a brighter home than ours is now her own. Her sufferings are all over now and we feel sure that she is enjoying the sweetness of heaven and sing ing the sweet songs of Zion. She has paid the debt we all must pay sooner or later. The clear Lord has carried her to that beautiful home not made with lands eternal in the heavens. We loved her, yes, we loved her, but the angels loved her more. May God’s richest blessings pour out from heaven above up on all to live a better life in the future than we have in the past so when we are called away we can meet dear Martha that has gone on before. She was loved by all who knew her and always had a smile for all whom she met. A precious one from us is gone, a voice we loved is still, a place is vacant in the home that never can be tilled, peace ful in the grave so low thou art .vailing ever waiting for the dear ones here below, We’ll join thee in t’ne heavenly land no more to take the parting hand. Written by her loving friend, Lela Pendley. I leave a piece to leave be hind for my dear husband while I have my right mind. I hope and pray to God will guide us both to heaven, that is my ear :u st prayers to meet our darling in heaven. I can say that Ed has been a true, kind husband to me during all of my sickness and hope he will have good luck and live a happy life and at the judgment bar <>; God we will meet to part no more when there will be n<> more sorrow nor no more pains, but all will be joy and peace. I have lived in hopes of being well but 1 will hope no more, on iy dying hopes and I can’t tell no one what m\ sufferings has been for 1 don’t no my self. No one knows but Jesus, our Savior I thank the people for their kindness they have done for me My letter is done, written by your loving wife.' Azzie Tinsley. CORINTH. There will be a singing at Corinth the 2nd, Sunday"eve ning in April. Wingo and Miss Myrtle Pirkle spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs J L. Williams Messrs R. T. Williams and Jim Rider were recent \ isitors here. Mrs. F. T. Williams and child ren are visiting relatives on Rt. 6. As News are scarce in this part will ring off. Zip. MIDWAY Guano hauling seems to be he order of the day. Miss Orival Spence was the i-uest of Mr. Carl Spence and vife Friday night. Messrs Jim Sewell and J. N. Goswick visited at Mr. Oliver Sewell’s Sunday. The singing at Mr. Charlie Hendrix’s Sunday night was en joyed by ail present. Miss Estelle Bennett and brother, Luther, visited at Mr. Erlie Bennett’s Sunday. Miss Celia Boling spent Sat urday night with Miss Eflie Ell- iott. Mr. Nesbit Strickland and sis ter Alice, visited at Mr. E. A.' !Strickland’s Sunday night. Mr. Phillip Neeee is visiting | ui Atlanta. There will be a singing at | Bethlehem next Sunday eve ning. Everybody invited to ! come and bring Christian Ifar ! mony song books. J. B. ROUTE 1. Well, as 1 don’t know of much visiting will tell you all a little joke. I know of a man that was so stingy he married an arm less woman to keep from buy ing the ring, he used to stop the clock at night to keep from wearing out the works, he would look over his glasses to keep from wearing them out, would take long steps when he walked to s'ave his shoes, when hes ent his hired man into the orchard to gather cherries he would keep him whistling so he couldn’t eat any of the fruit, he taken his food in capsules to save his teeth, he lost his pock et book with twenty-five dollars in it a fellow found it and re turned it to him a week later, he then charged the fellow in terest on the money while he had it. School at this place will close Friday. If this goes to the waste oak et someone let me know and I 11 come again. Think there will be a little visiting to the field if no where else to write about next week. With best wishes to all the readers, my name is, Peggy. PROFIT BY THIS Don’t Waste Another Day. 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Mr: Noah Chadwick spent Wednesday night with Mr. Ez ra Chadwick and family.. Miss Daisy Holbrook is spend ing a few days with Mr. Paul Holbrook and family. Mr. Fred Hawkins spent Sun day with Mr. S. S. Ponders and family. Mr. and Ji.’o. A. W. West brook spent one day last week with Mr.— Nalley and family. Miss Maggie Sewell was the guest of her sister, Mrs. Roscoe Smith Saturday and Sunday. Miss Winnie Day was ihe guest of Miss Eva Green Satur day night. Mrs. Jasper Martin spent bun day afternoon with Mrs. Flora Sams. Miss Eflie Elliott was tne guest of Miss Lillie Hendrix Sunday night. I think I can write up a wed ding soon. Mr, Charlie Chadwick and family was the guest ot Mr. Tack Westbrook and family j Sunday afternoon. Mr. Ben Harris spent Sunday with his father on route 1. I will close by asking a riddle Round as a ball, sharp as an aul lives in the summer, dies in the fall? School Mate i CENTERVILLE. Mr. G. W. Bramblett spent Sunday at Mr. J. A. Bramblett’s Mr. W. A. Pursell and wife visited Mr. F. M. Pursell’s Sun l l Mrs. Carolina Tinsley is sick with LaGrippe. J MULES! MULES! MULES! Yes, another solid car to arrive at Duluth on March Bth, at McGee Sc ( V> ’s Barn. We will have in this car some of the best that money can buy, some mccuuni priced and n*edium sized, and some small, then we have some country mules and horses- We know that we can supply your wants in the stock line if yon wall visit us at our barn. You know McGee’s policy is to let you pick, and allow you to help make the price. REMEMBER . What you get at McGee’s must he satisfactory. Yours for IS fore and Better Business, E. h. McGee & Cos Duluth, Georgia, i You will make no mistake to buy one of these Easy Flow Oil Cans of Edmondson & Pirkle. No pump to get out of order or choke up. Lift the Tod end oil ruhs out let rod drop and oil stops instantly. Sim pie and pracPeal. 3 Gal, size $1 00: 5 Gal. $1.25 Every Family Needs This Splendid Medicine Constipation, Stomach and Liver Trouble Quickiy Overcome Constipation is such a serious affection that, it is supposed to be more prolific of human mis ery than any other one cause. The effects of constipation are well known. It leads to the poisoning of the entire system, and the train of evils that follow constipation is almost limit less. Stomach and liver disorders, in digestion, dyspepsia, foul breath and furred tongue, gas and belching, a bloated feeling in the stomach and boweis, loss of appetite, inability to sleep, headache,irritability of temper — these are some of the common results of constipation,tho’ there are many others. Foley’s Orino Laxative for stomach, liver and bowels is made of the active principle of certain simple laxative herbs. : It acts very surely, but so gently that it is tiie ideal medicine for babies and children, as well as grown persons and elderly people. It does not contain calomel, which many people cannot stand, nor does it contain any harmful drugs. Mr. G .W. Bagwell and fam ily visited relatives on route 2 Sunday afternoon. Mr. T. E. Galovvay and fam ily spent Tuesday night at Duck town. Mrs. Maude Stewart spent one evening last week at Mrs. Velvie Bramblett’s. Mr. Linton Tribble reports !he arrival of a baby girl at his home. Mrs. E. A. Bramblett is report | ed cn ihe rick list. ]’. F. Stewart and family visaed relatives in and around Centerville recently. .Viv. Homer Henderson lost a fine mule one day last_week. Mr. Lee Holbrook spent Sun day afternoon with Mr. L. H. Tribble and family. Everybody around here have die measles. We think the Fords will take them next. Fcrt.mate Frovisicn. "Nature's works arc marvelous." "Yes. Isn’t it fortunate that, she pro vided every woman with some real hair <■ pin braidt and switches to." Jlf - Mr. Bon L. Griffin. State organizer anti lecturer tif the Farmer’s Union in Arkansas. 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