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The Forsyth County news. (Cumming, Ga.) 19??-current, July 20, 1917, Image 2

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ity News Pub... iVedneaday at Cumming, G.. <y J B Patterson SOECRiIT(ON PRICH. One year 75c Six months 60c Three months .‘soc Entered at the post office at Gurn ming U. Aug. 10th, ae mail matter c he ijecond class. Organ Forsyth Cos Cummin#, C.i . July 2C 1917. Registration By Numbers. 552 Arthur Minor Fowler 663 Henry Gunter Brady 554 John Alvin Gazaway '56 Robert Lee Roper 56 Henry Carter Barrett 57 Gordon Alec Barrett J William Euel Holbrook i Reeves Lummus '•() Raleigh Ragwell Roscoe Edwards '•iud Vinson Evans el Samples liam Luther Wallis muel Linton Wallis 'artin Lee Wallis •ry Newton Edwards bit Strickland >c William Evans n A. Smallwood C. Smallwood T *. Hawkins onroe Sosebee yan Hawkins ackson Cape ■ero Hawkins den Price tallwood don Tribble vie Ledbetter ’ ;tt vart "rson rs . wart Fowler ox Baker able ■''Herd 's attorns .118 . Wallis n ruitt "" arrett nerrill .endrix i. Hensley ■>M Chadwick H. Barber c > . Motes C. Dooly st R. Groover nt Landcaster ell M. Fletcher -.m J. Lawson lies B. Cannon nan C. Jones i andler B. Hawkins Samuel H. Hawkins 3 Walter H. Higgins i9 Steve A. Higgins 'U2O Sherman Me Brayer <lj2l Joe H. Hughes 622 Gordon G. Cagle 623 William H. McKinney -624 Ezra P. Crow 625 Luther H. Overby 626 Van Garrett 627 Vardie V. Mayfield 628 Henry V. Martin 629 John L. Keith 630 John W. Beck 631 Mack A. Cain 632 Fred J. Smith 633 Barney Howard 634 Edward D. Brogdon 635 George E. Jordan 636 Perry B. Reynolds 637 Ralph T. Bonds 638 James E. Anderson 639 Royston J. Smiih 640 Horace G. Jordan 641 Hoke H. Jones 6’2 James F. Boyd 643 Walter Lee Wooten 644 Earnest C. Wingo 645 Vardie Wooten 646 Howard C. Wooten 647 James H. Darracott 648 Major B. Gazaway 649 Mercer Crow 650 Wade H. Orr 651 Carl E. Couch 652 Asberry Carver Holland 653 Charlie Major Crow 654 George Luther Duran 655 George Looper Bennett 657 Frederick Monroe Price 65S Geo. Cleveland Mathis * George Cleveland Matis Isaac Bennett Albert Roseoe Price •1 Joseph 'r*hnr Price lohn 60 George P Ucber 664 J ° u Monroe Bennett 665 Jewell die Turner 666WvlUatn Gord 667 Emory Grady Bennett 668 Wiley Turnet 669 John Talbot Mathis 670 William Thomas Gazaway 671 William Allen Godt’ry 672 Grady Elias A. Gazaway G 73 Ezra Clinton Wallis G 74 Jesse Lamb 675 Andrew Royston God fry 676 Marvin N B. Wallis 677 David Paul Glass 678 Fay Wallis 679 Robert Monroe Bennett 680 Joseph Lamb 681 John Dee Wilbanks 682 Solomon Robt. Carnes 683 Walter Paul Hughes 684 Minor Jackson Carnes 685 Thomas Bell 686 Hugh Porter 687 Willie Edgar Barnwell 688 Judge Clemons Bennett 689 John Henry Gazaway 690 Arthur Edgar Whitmire 691 Ulus L. O. Whitmire 692 Hubber Oscar Whitmire 698 'Samuel Milton Smith 694 Vernie Winsboro Grant 695 Asberry Fately Grogan 696 Pledger Allen Price 697 William Benton Skinner 698 Augustus Bell Carrutlj, 699 William McMurry Wallis 700 George Wesley Higgins 701 Jacob Kelous Bennett 702 Richard Louis Wallis 703 Paul W. Hughes 704 Mark Hulsey 705 John Anderson Smith 706 Arthur Thomas Martin 707 Rader Hugh Bramblett 708 John Henry Gilbert 709 George Lumpkin Heard Jr. 710Claud Ira Couch 711 Martin Vandiver Gilbert 712 James Oscar Sewell 713 James Bolton 714 James Vernie Brooks 715 Marcus Linton Holbrook 716 Walter Mather Tatum 717 Robert Kelley 718 Clarence Hiram Holbrook 719 Guy Ramon Tatum 720 Henry Arthur Williams 721 Rufus LI. G. Dispain 722 Thomas Linton Redd 723 Samuel Awsley Beavers 724 George Coalman Wallis 7:;5 John Groover Cavcnder 726 John Roscoe Holbrok 727 Charlie Ervin Tatum 728 Homer Eugene Chadwick 729 Homer Hawkins 730 Orceneth F. Monroe 731 John Gaines 732 Doctor S. Pilcher 733 Charles Henry Kelley 734 Bethel Virgil Chadwick 735 Martin Ezra Samples ; 36 Homer Virgil Tatum 737 Thomas J. Chester 738 Truman Edga Galloway 739 James Royston Smith 740 Arboth Rest Bramblett 741 Ewell Clifford Smith 742 .John Elmer Holbrook 743 Ilenry Grady Bramblett 744 James Homer Tollison 745 Jona Elmo Milford 746 William Roscoe Smith 747 Harrison W. Tollison 748 Janies Carl Holbrook 749 Noah 11. Chadwick 750 Claude Hoyt Rainey 751 Arthur Perry Tollison 752 Ira Asberry Sewell 753 Gordon M. Sosebee 754 Claude O. Thompson 755 Frank Leroy Sutton 756 Thomas Benson Self 757 Ed Puckett 758 Curtis Wm. Phillips 759 Carl Clifford Bettis 760 Carter Grady Bettis 761 Asberry Marvin Cobb 762 Arthur Carl Tutton 763 Earnest Walker Samples 764 Herman Dinsmore 765 Guy Lester Sweataman 766 Charlie Calep McKinney 767 Robert Fulton Roper 768 Fred Monroe Strawn 769 Ed Harrion Ramsey 770 William Dunahoo Sullivan 771 Homer Dinsmore 772 Claude Linton Wingo 773 Roy Neese Wingo 774 James Henry Green 775 Nealus J. Williams 776 William Olin Cook 777 Eugene C. Harrison 778 William N. Satterfield 779 Carl Allie Bramblett 780 Geo W. Sancil 781 Eli Vandiver Stancil 782 George Coleman Turner 783 Robert Lee Johnson 784 Meredith A. Southard 785 James Early Wade 786 James Toy Hansard 787 George Grady Green 788 Virgil Martin Garrett 789 Jasper Homer Dispain 790 Hoke Wright Mangum 791 Henry Grady Puckett 792 Luther Tilman Harris 793 Fred E. Buice 794 John Henry Boling 795 Wm. Marshall Phillips 796 Manuel David Richards 797 Eldridge A. Strickland 798 Earley Sanford Bennett 799 Maskrel Paul Holbrook 800 Alfred Tallant 801 Henry Roy Lewis c&vU-L‘tru!el Cliff Creamer * c lawkio” 807 John Wesley Tallant 808 Ben Mitchell Tallant 809 Emmet Grover Hamby 810 Robert J. Montgomery 811 David Carl Tallant 812 James Marion Seif 813 Fred Munroe Hawkins 814 John Cleveland Collins 815 Oscar W. Hawkins 816 Joe Boils 817 Connally Ward Beard 818 Osmer Herbert Fowler 819 Waylon Smith Tallant 820 Roy McGinnus 821 John Emory McGinnus 822 James Ezra Chadwick 823 William Ben Harris 8 24 George Bacon McGinnus 825 William Oscar Harrison 826 George Augutus Bacon 827 Grover C. McGinnus 828 Grady Watson McGinnus 829 Frank An (terson Bacon 830 Edgar Leon Rhodes 831 Joel Whitt 832 Alfred S. Holbrook 833 Homer Cox 834 Thomas Holbrook 835 Loyd Roy Brannon 836 Charles Walter Banister 837 John Henry Garrett 838 William Alfred Jett PROFESSIONAL CARDS JARRET P. FOWLER Attorney-at-Law CUMMING, GEORGIA Will Practise in All Courts Over F & M Bank DR. J. C. GILSTRAP Calls Attended Day or Night Office at W. B. Bagwell Place. Cumming, Ga., Route 3. DR. J. L. HARRISON Dentist 301-302 Jackson Building Gainesville, Ga. W. W. PIRKLE, M. D. Physician and Surgeon. Cumming, - .Georgia, Office at Residence. Phone 88. DR. M. F. KELLEY, Dentist, Cumming, Ga. Office in Dougherty Hotel All Work Guaranteed O. W. SETTLE Funeral Director & Embalmer Norcross, Ga. Day Night ’Phone. DR. J. ROBERT SIMPSON Specialist in Diseases of The Eye, Ears, Nose and Throat 302-303-304 Jackson Building, Gainesville, Ga. Free Air. ...We have just installed a free air station for the convenience and accomodation of the auto mobile public. All auto owners whether customers of ours or not are invited to make use of it—save your back and your pump by using free air at the Cumming Garage. Clear Your Complexion with This j i I Old Reliable \ 7 l — / R eme dy ~ •^\WHancock SulphurCompouhd For pimples, black-heads, freckles, blotches and tan, as well as for more serious face, scalp and body eruptions, hives, eczema, etc., use this scientific compound of sulphur. Asa lo tion. it soothes and heals; taken internally— a few drops in a glass of water —it gets at the root of the trouble and purifies -he blood. Physicians agree that sulphur is one of the most effective blood purifiers known. Re member, a good complexion isn't skin deep —lt’s health deep. Be sure to ask for HANCOCK SULPHUR COMPOUND. It has been used with satis factory resuits for over 23 years. 50c and $1 the bottle at your druggist’s. If he can’t supply you. send h!s na ne and the price in stamps and we will send you a boitle direct. HANCOCK LIQUID SULPHUR company Baltimore. ML. 6 . ' I Uancrd MfHut < Tl Ts*^ mint —25 and for tu uii.i lot (Td ■„ *— x 1 Liquid Compound. Notice. Will now take cotton notes for guano at 20c per pound. We will hold open as long as we can, but subject to being closed at any time. All wishing cotton m give , notes come*' Fat once. Yours, L. T. Ledbetter. LIVED ON MILK AND BREAD ONLY. \ Spent Over SI,OOO Trying to Get Relief From Chronic Dyt pepsin—l akes Tanlac and Gains Nine Pounds. 1 told my husband that my Tanlac was out and that I just had to go to Birmingham to get me another bottle, as I wouldn’t be without it for any amount of money, and that is why I am here today,’’saidMrs H. J 5. Barrett when she called at Jacob’s Drug Store in Bir mingham recetly to get her sec ond bottle. Mrs. Barrett resid es at Republic, a suburb of Bir mingham, and is wellknown. “1 have only/ taken one bot tle of Tania ■ and have gained 9 pounds. Yes, sir, this Tanlac has done me more good than all the medicine I have ever taken. During the past fourteen years I have spent more than SI,OOO trying to get well of a com plaint that was gradually sap ping my strength. “For the past four years I have lived almost entirely on milk and bread and finally that got so it went against me. I dared not eat meat or vegeta bles of any kind, and if I did, I would suffer for hours after wards. ■ “I had chronic dyspepsia, so I was told, and nothing prescrib ed for me brought any relief. I rarely ever went to the table, because even the sight of food or to smell it cooking would nauseate me. I had a bad taste in my mouth and nothing I ate tasted right. I had always been healthy and a woman who looked after her household du ties, but since having this trou ble I got so weak I could not do my housework and had to have help. “I would have awful pains in my back and was nervous and could not sleep well. When I neard of this Tanlac it sounded so good I thought I would try it, because I was ready to try anything that I thought would help me. I was never so sur prised in my life; it helped me right from the start, the medi cine seemed to take hold right at once and I could just feel my self getting better from day to day. Before I had finished my first bottle I got so 1 could eat anything put on the table and could harly wait for meal time to come. I certainly bless the day I got this medicine, for I be lieve it has added years to my life. Oh! I feel so much better and sleep so much better and am not nervous like I was. Just think I have actually gained nine (9) pounds and feel strong in every way. “My neighbors were as much surprised as I was and they are at my house every day, telling me how well I look. 1 counted up yesterday and fourteen of them are either taking Tanlac or will commence taking it as soon as they can go to Binning ham and get it. Tanlac is cer tainly a wonderful medicine and everybody out our way is talking about it. You can put thi sin the papers if you want to, because I know there are thousands of women in the same bad fix that I had been for *so many years.” Tanlac is sold by: Cumming Drug Store. Also by J. A. Wills, Cumming, Ga., R. F. I). No. 7, and T. R. Brice, Pleasant, Ga.; Hurt & Heard, Cuba, Ga.; Ledbetter & How ard, Ducktown, Ga,; Ross A. Bagley, Cumming, Ga., route 3 ; S. G. Cross, Cumming Ga., route 3; S. G. Clement, Cumming, Ga Rt. 3; J. D. Buice, R. F. D. Suw anee, Ga; W. H. Hammond, Otis, Ga. (R. F .D. Cumming.) Wanted: Young men and worn en to learn hosiery mill work. SI.OO to $1.50 per day while learning. Experienced help make from $1.75 to $3.00 per day. Short hours. Good work ing conditions. Write quick. Richmond Hosiery Mills, Ress ville, Ga. Deafness Cannot Be Curetf by local • applications, as they •cannot reach the diseased portion of the ear. There is only cne way to cure dcafinsi, anJ that is by constitutional remedies. Deafness i3 caused by on inflamed condi tion of the mucous lining of the Eusta chian Tube. When this tube is inflamed you have a rumbling' sound or imperfect hearing, and when it is entirely closed. Deafness is the result, and unless the in flammation can be taken out and this tube restored to its normal condition, hearing will be destroyed forever; nine cases out of ten are caused by Catarrh, which is nothing but an inflamed condi tion of the mucous surfaces. 'Vr. will give One Hundred Dollars for any case of -'o-'-L.'Tauscd by catarrh! that cannot be cur jdty I*. TP v>iui e . <./•. ulars, free. Susan Satterrfeao. owe. FORD UNIVERSAL CAR Ford Cars are not an experiment. Years of concentration on a single model have produced a motor car of proved value. It is as important in modern life as the mail service or telephone. Behind the Ford car is genuine Ford service, by competent mechanics using genuine Ford parts —with regular standard Ford prices. That is the service given by this agency. Runabout $345, Touring Car $360, Sedan $645, Coupelet $505, Town Car $595—a1l f. o. b. Detroit. On display and for sale by— \ STRICKLAND & WISDOM, Agents Forsyth & Dawson Counties. LIVER DIDN'T ACT DIGESTION WAS BAD Sajs 65 year Old Kentucky Lady, Who Tells How She Was Relieved After a Few Doses of Black-Draught Meadorsvills, Ky.—Mrs. Cynthia Higginbotham, of this town, says: "At my age, which is 65, the liver does not act so well as when young. A few years ago, my stomach was all out of fix. I was constipated, my liver didn’t act. My digestion was bad, and It took so little to upset me. My ap petite was gone. I was very weak... I decided I would give Black- Draught a thorough trial as I knew it was highly recommended for this trouble. I began taking it X felt better after a few doses. My appetite improved and I became stronger. My bowels acted naturally and the least trouble was soon righted with a few —J—l Flies Breed —then come into your home MEANS DISEASE and flios are born in filth, feed on filth and carry filth with them wherever they alight. Flies hatching today in an outhouse, stableyard or in garbage, may bring distress to your family later on in the summer. They may bring typhoid fever, summer complaint, consumption, malaria, or perhaps infantile paralysis. The fly is almost the exclusive conveyor of diarrhoea and dysentery among children and babies. Re^-DeVilJye, Eats Filth end Dcsti-oys the Fly Eggs This wonderful Lye eats up filth and leevos absolutely nothing for SIM to feed on or breed in. Just sprinkle it once or twice a week in the privy cr outhouse. It doe3 the work. Encourage your neighbor to clean his out-house also, because what’s good for yours is good for his. RED DEVIL LYE is also simply wonderful for making soap, con ditioning hogs, and for making compost for fertilizer. RED DEVIL LYE is sold by all grocers. Demand 10c. cans. One dime can contains more than two nickel cans. Smnd Pontm! ror f>— Booklet. WM. BCHIELD MFC. CO., 615 N. 2nd St., ST. LOUIS, MO. If you should take a look at the shoes in G. W. Heard’s store you wouldn’t blame him to sell ’em cheap in order to make room for other str the winter. Now’s tl act. ■ - bed before A doses of Black-Draught-” Seventy years of successful use has c.nde Thedford's "Black-Draught a standard, household remedy. Every member, of every family, at times, need the help that can give in cleansing the system and re lieving the troubles that come from constipation, indigestion, lazy liver, etc. You cannot keep well unless your stomach, liver 'and bowels are in good working order. Keep them that way. Try Black-Draught. It acts promptly, gently and in a natural way. If you feel sluggish, take a dose tonight You will feel fresh tomorrow. Price 25c. a package—One cent a dose All druggists. J. 69 Hamp Echols of Duck * X wants to buy a lot young mules weighing f v -> to 1200 pounds. If its Bank ■a that fills this bill i,2 c 13 a true , lid ge. v ) moir vebb. .■ \ ,/ TT, c. N- P. ‘ * <’ .