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The Forsyth County news. (Cumming, Ga.) 19??-current, August 24, 1917, Image 1

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The Forsyth County News Vol. 9. No. 34. LOCAL AND PERSONAL Come to see us while at court and make yourself at home. Mr. R. E. Harrison was in At lanta on business Tuesday^ Mr. C. J. Brannon had bus iness in the Gate City Staurday Col. and Mrs. J. P. Fowler have returned from Atlanta. Mrs. Warren Brannon is re ported on the sick list this w T eek Mr. P. L. Mathis of Hall coun ty visited Mr. W. A. Robbs and family a few days this week. Mrs. Emily Shaw afid child ren of Atlanta are visiting Mr. C. J. Brannon and family. Mrs. G. L. Bowman and child ren of Buford are visiting Mr. J. E. Kirby and family. Quite a number from town went to campmeeting at Hol brook Sunday. Mr. M. L. Light of Flowery Branch was here on business Thursday. Mr. Oscar Tollison of Atlar.- >. ta is spending a few days with' relatives in the county. Mr. Hoyt Brannon and fam ily of Dawsonville were here a day or two last week. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Dodd of Norcross spent Sunday with rel atives here. Messrs W. T. O. N. and Ed Merritt were in Marietta Sun da. Miss Eula Fowler will leave Sept. Ist for Gainesville where she will hold a position in the Citizens Bank. Mr. T. P. Burruss reports the arrival of a little boy at his home, _ , Mr.' W.' IT Shadburn of Bu ford was here on business Tues daty. Protracted meetings are in progress at several churches in the county this w’eek. Mr. C. M. Bagley and family of Doraville spent Sunday with relatives near town. Mr. D. S. Fowler and son of Rebecca, Ga., are visiting rela ives near Nettie. Mr. M. W. Webb attended Milton Superior Court a day or two this week. Cols. H. L. Patterson and C. L. Harris are attending Milton Superior Court. Don’t forget that the school will open here on Monday, Sep' 3rd. All members of Pleasant View church are requested to meet at the church next Satur day afternoon at 2 o’clock Mr. Wayne Stewart of Peters burg, Va., is spending awhile with his father, Mr. A. H. Stew art, on route 2 I Mr. and Mrs C. L. McClure of Murrayville were here Sun day visiting Mr. T. P. Burruss and family. Mr. J. A. Patterson and fam ily, and Mrs. J. D. Merritt and little daughter of Atlanta spent Sunday with Col. H. L. patter son and family. Mr. C. C. Allen says that it is a mistake about his boy be ing drowned. He has heard from them since this report got out, and they are safe and all right. Mr. Frank Callaway of Cor-- dele was here on a visit a day or two this week. Mrs. Calla way will remain over for a few weeks, but Frank has returned to his work. Mr. Homer Harris of Atlanta is spending a few days with his father on route 8. Homer joined the Navy about two weeks ago, and is now await ing the command of the govern ment to report for service. Messrs R. T. Shadburn and R. A. Carruth were in Marietta Sunday. Mrs. J. E. Kirby is reported as being quite sick. We hope she will soon be out again. Mr. W. T. Fowler and son spent a day or two last week in Atlanta. Miss Ollie Fowler of Gaines ville has been spending several days with homefolks. Rev. J. W. Gober filled his appointment at Pleasant Grove Sunday. Mr. E. F. Smith was in the Gate City on business a day or two last week. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Foster of Roswell spent a few days last week with Mr. A. G. Hocken hull and family. Mrs. Pearl Warlick of Buford has been spending several days with Mr. A. B. Wingo and fam ily on rote 7 Mr. Frank Hill of Montezu ma, Ga., is spending awhile with relatives here and in the county. Rev. L. A. Henderson preach eel an excellent sermon at the Baptist church in town Sunday night. Mr. John Fisher of Atlanta has been visiting his father, Esq. J. L. Fisher for several days. i Mrs. Dulcie Miller and child ren of Atlanta are visiting Mr. T. F. Davis and family and oth er relatives here. Mrs. Sallie Allen and child ren, qfc ' t La||| are visiting Mr. R. f. Shadburn and family, and other relatives here. Mr. A1 Martin and daugh ter of Atlanta are visiting Mrs. M. M. Lipscomb and other rel atives here. Rev. C. C. Tyner of Clermont is engaged in several of the | meetings in this county and is ; said to be doing some good [ work for the Master. The little children of Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Tatum, who have boon visiting relatives in town have returned to their home in Atlanta. Owing to the program'not reaching us there was no meet ing of the correspondents last Saturday. We will have a meet ing, however, later on. We are requested to announ ce that Rev. Chas. T. Brown, formerly of this county, buU now of Dillard, Ga., will assist : Rev. Thompson in a meeting here beginning the Ist Sunday in September. The Board of Education met Saturday and tranacted a great deal of business, the most of which was passing on appeals for licking the kids. The local trustees’ ruling were sustained in each case. Lieutenant J. F. Echols of the U. S. Army is spending a few days with his father, Mr. J. R. Echols. Furman has many friends in this county who will be glad to know that he has been made second Lieutenant .in the regular army. Mr. and Mrs. Joel Webb spent last w r eek with relati\ es and friends around Union Hill and attended the meeting there Mr. Webb has been a member of Union Hill church for 63 years, and says he was neyer in a better meeting. Several good preachers were there to help the pastor, Rev. Braddy, in making the meeting a success. There were 24 conversions and 23 baptized as a result of the meeting. Sunshine in The Nome, Power in The Life. CUMMING, GA., AUGUST 24TH, 1917. 9th Congrssional A. & M., School Clarkesville, Ga., Opens Monday Sept. 3rd, 1917 As this is my 12th year of service as Forsyth county Trus tee of above Institution, 1 am proud to say our caunty For syth is the banner county as to meml er oi student in attend ance and praise of the boys and girls by the Faculty was unan mous as to deportmnt and inter est in their various studies.* I am proud to say to patrons and would be patrons that at meeting called by the Chairman of Trustees in Atlanta we elect ed anew Superintendent, Prof, C. A. Wells, who furnished ex tra strong recomendations from Trustees and others of his qual ification as teacher and manage ment of the different high schools in wffiich he has taught. He was raised on a farm in Banks county. I have forwarded to Forsyth County News office a catalogue of which you can get more in formation than I can write. If you are interested address Prof. C. A. Wells, 9th, District A. & M„ school and he will mail you catlogue, or instruct you by let ter. His teachers selected by him are up to date. This is the farmers school expenses coming out of their pockets a*s tax on fertilizers. A. J. Julian, Trustee. Georgia, Forsyth County. In Rem: Big Creek Drainage District, Application' to establish Dis trict. Llefore W. J. Tidwell, Or dinary and H. S. Brooks Clerk Superior Court, Forsyth Cos. To Clyde Bacon, who is in the military service of the U. S. and whose present place of location is unknown: You are hereby notified to appear before said drainage court on the 30th day of Aug., 1917, at the court house in the town of Cumming, and show cause, if any you have, \yhy you should not be made a party in said matter, it appearing that you hold an interest in lots of land numbers 312 and 337, in the 2nd district and first section of Forsyth County, which is em braced in said district, and the publication of this notice two in sertions in the Forsyth County News, the pappr in which the le gal advertisements of Forsyth county are published, shall be held as sufficient service upon you. By order of the Court. This Aug. lGth, 1917. W. J. Tidwell, Ordinary, ( H. S. Brooks, Clerk, S. Court. Strickland —Kemp. Our old friend, Kirby Kemp, has jumped the broom. Tuesday afternoon he jump* ed in his car and hiked himself down to Mrs. R. N. Rogers of near Sheltonville, and he and Miss Ellene Strickland, who was down there on a visit, were happily married, Rev. F. T. Wills of Cumming performing the ceremony in the presence of a few relatives of the bride. Miss Strickland is the daugh ter of Mrs. A. Strickland and is a young lady of charming personality. Mr. Kemp is a son of Mr. C. T. Kemp of Cumming. is connected with the Bank of Cumming as assistant Cashier, and is considered a fine business man. The News joins the many friends of the happy young couple in best wishes for a long happy and prosperous life. School to Open Sept. 3rd. Gumming Public School will open its doors to the public on Monday morning, Septembr 3rd Prof. T. W..Seabolt will be principal, Misses Douglas, Hen derson and Allen will be assis- ( tants. Anew piano has been pur chased, is on the way here, and will be placed in the school building. This will be a con venience to the pubic when an entertainment, etc. is to be giv en. The school now has the best in I brighter prospects P has ever had, and every one is cor dially invited to start their children in the first day and let them be in position to keep right up with the classes. The faculty enters the work with a determination to do the best work in their power, and make tliis THE BEST SCHOOL in this .section of the state. Antioch School Picnic There will be a picnic in Mr. F. P. Barrett’s pasture Saturday Aug. 25th. Speakers have been invited for the morning. After dinner the first thing will be the “School Exercises” and then Col. H. L. Patterson will address the pepole. Everybody invited come and be with us and make the day a success. Floy Hill, Willie Hughes, Teachers. To the Patrons of R. F. D. No. 3 -Hfubag resigned as carrier on route No. 3, to take up other duties, I take this method of thanking you for the many fav ors shown me while serving as your carrier. You have been very kind to me during my elev en years service on this route, making my work very pleasant, all of which I appreciate more than words can tell. During my service as your carrier I have formed friend ;hips which I cherish very dear ly, and, I hope, I will continue through life. If at any time I can serve you in any way call on me. Again thanking you for the many favors and courteies shown me, I beg to remain. Yours very truly, Robert E. Hope. Have Built Good Harbor The good citizens up around Zion Hill have built them a fine wood harbor for the purpose of holding their protracted meet ings, etc. A meeting is in progress there this week conducted by Rev. J. L. Wyatt, the pastor, and other ministers. This harbor will seat many people, is built of wood, strong ly put together, and is a credit to the community. Blackstone —Orr Miss Carrie Blackstone and Mr. Cliff Orr, both of Cumming, were happily married Sunday aftrno'on at the residence of Judge Tidwell who perform ed the'ceremony. The bride is a daughter of ilr. and Mrs. J. T. Blackston and is very popular. The groom is a son of Mr. and Mrs S. F. Orr and numbers his friends by the score. Both the young people are very popular here and have many friends who wish for them a long, happy and pros perous life. Little Forest Allen Dead. Forest, the little 11-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Allen died at their home Saturday I night, and its little body was ' lair to rest in the cemetery here afternoon, after funeral services conducted by Rev. F. T. Wills. The little boy was afflicted all his life, and never walked and played like other little boys here, but we sure that he is now walking the streets of gold, and is safe in the care of Him who said, “Suffer the little' children to come unto me, and forbid them not; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” We extend sympathy to the bereaved parents. Hec McGee Coming Hec McGee of Duluth will be here Friday and Saturday of this week for the purpose of buying mules to send to the war. He wants you to bring him some good mules here these two days, and he will, in re turn, pay you a good price for them. Hec is not conscripting mules understand, but if they come up to the requirements on weight, height, etc. he will buy them from you, and pay you the cash Mr. Sears Injured While at cork or. the new garage building Monday after noon, Mr. Sears, one of the brick masons, fell and was pamfully hurt. He was laying brick on the building joining two walls, and his foot slipped in some way, causing him to go against the wall of the building which gave way and let him fall to the ground. He was badly cut about the head and one leg was broken He was given medical atten tion by Dr Mashburn, and was carried to the Downey Hospital in Gainesville for examination and further treatment. It is hoped by his friends here that he will soon be out again. --- Great Goodness of Life Now comes the news from Paris, by way of New York, that womens’ skirts are to be made shorter and scantier. Dressmakers will use only four and one half yards in mak ing a skirt. How the four and one half yards is to be used as to latitude and longitude is left altogether with the taste of the wearer. We are anxious to s Hush Joe, before you say too much. Notice After September Ist I will grind only on Wednesday and Saturday of each week. T. L. Brannon. Additional Prizes. The committee on arranging the list of prizes added a prize for the best bird house and a prize for the best general School District display. LOST : In Ford Car at Hol brook Camp Ground Sunday August 19th. One bunch of Keys fastened on two rings. Fin der plase return to the Forsyth County News. Cumming, Ga., and receive liberal reward. Dr. R. L. Hunter will be in Cumming during Court week for the purpose of doing dental work. Crown and bridge work a specialty. Office over Bran non’s store. 75c per year. More Boys Being Examined After examining the 100 boys between 21 and 31 called last week, the local board here sent notices to 150 more to appear for examination on Monday, Tuesday and Wednsday of this 1 week. j Drs. Otw’ell and Lipscomb were busily engaged this week in making an examination of this 150, which makes a total of ’4lB men called for examination out of 838, or just about half of them. Very few who have passed the examination have failed to ask for exemption upon some ground. CORINTH Blessed is the man that walk eth not in the counsel of the un godly nor standeth in the way of sinners but his delight is in the law of God and in his law r doeth he medtate both day and night. The increase in membership for the meeting that has jurft closed at Corinth was 5 instead of 3 as we rported last week, The increase for the year was fifteen. That is good for a lit tie church but there are still more to come in. The prayer meeting has done a good work for the church, and we expect to keep it going for the next twelve months ev ery Sunday night and we invite everybody that is close enough to come and take part with us for there are more sinners in our midst that we sure are in terested in and if they will come and take an interest in the prayer meeting they can be saved in the prayer meeting just as good as if they were in a protracted meeting. So let us all take hold and do our part and the Lord will save those morners that was left at the close of the meeting. The sick is some better at this writing. With best wishes to all 1 re main, A Subscriber. Notice Two, 2 or 3 horse farms for rent, 2 miles of Flowery Branch, M. L. Light, Flowery Branch, Ga. Teacher’s Institute The teachers Institute of For syth county will be held in Gum ming, Aug. 30, 31, and Sept. Ist. All teachers are requested to attend and bring as many of your advanced pupils as will come. Respectfully, A. C. Kennemore. WATKINS REMEDIES I am not traveling this year, but closing out my stock at my residence, and any one in need of these remedies, can get same by calling at my house. Also, any one ready to settle for goods previously bought, I will be in town next week prepared to receipt for same. H. Taylor Pirkle. I will be in Gumming pre pared to make pictures Court week and will remain Monday following Yours, H. J. Grogan. For Sale or Rent I have for sale or rent a nice home in the towm of Cumming, with good conveniences. Call to see me. R. E. Hope.