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The Macon daily telegraph. (Macon, Ga.) 1865-1869, October 14, 1869, Image 4

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___ r. Greer; _ [Tlx. Ga., Jokn- J. Callier; Tnox- _ .Javis: No. 13 Central P.ail- , b.u». I. Davis; Sanderhville, Ga., E. A. _Ao; Moimc*I.U>. Ga., U. T. Digfcy: Eavay- tip, Qa.. nm. M.IsQceo; Jonesboro’, Ga., E. L. Hanes: NeWto*. Oa.. W. W. Stalling* : Geuroe- tovi, J.R. M.Neel; Columbus,Messrs.Thompson Jc Bosh, News Agents; Tkomaston. A. W. Brown. Parties Remitting Monet to ns can rend Postoffice Money Orders, if bey can be had; or Cash in Regis tered Letters, at onr risk. If sent by Express they most pay charges. Opening «f the Nnoz Canal. From tic Jbrnld of tic 10//..] The Suez Canal, look at it from what point we may;l8 ona of the great events of the age. It has been in some quarters too much bepraised and in other quarters too much decried; but, apito of praise or blame, the great fact remains that a new thing has been done—a thing which men, and great men, too, have been thinking of and deeming not impossible for more than a thousand years, bnt which has not by any man or combination of men been reduced or promo ted to the region of fact. That the Suez Canal is, in November or December or January, or at an early date, to fulfill all its high promise no one can yet say is certain; but as little can any one deny that such a canal is now possible. Our latest news seems to imply that the cloud which has for some time been gathering on the Eas tern horizon is breaking up, and that, after all, the opening of the Suez Canal is likely to take place under the fairest and happiest auspices. Onr latest telegrams have it that the Sultan, encouraged first of all by the presence of the Viceroy in Constantinople, may consent to ap pear on the soil of Egypt, and that be may ac tually preside over a grander scene than Sultan Saladin ever dreamed of. If the Viceroy goes to Constantinople the Sultan will go to Egypt. We give this question a first place, for it is un deniable that if the difficulty between the Saltan and the Viceroy had not been amicably got over the Sultan could not have gone to Egypt, and the absence of tho Sultan would have made it impossible for the crowned heads of Europe or their representatives to bo present at the formal opening of the canAl. Etiquette still means something in high places in Earope. It is agreeable, however, to learn that the Viceroy means to visit Constantinople ; that the Saltan is disposed to return the visit and take his prop er place in the grand ceremonial; that Francis Joseph means to encourage the Sultan by his presence, and that tho Empress Engenie fully intends to be Queen on the grand occasion. All this is well. It is wise and encour aging. If tho Austrian Emperor Francis Joseph goes to tho opening of tho canal; if the Empress Eugenio goes and takes her place, wo granted that tho crowned ood of both Eu- pr«-M*nted. Nn- & bU., COTTON FACTORS & COMMISSION MEROtlANTS, BAY STREET, - - SAVANNAH, OA. T IBERAL ADVANCES mad© on Cotton consigned J to os or to onr Correspondent? in New York and Liverpool. aug5-dJr w3m® J. W. & C. A. McLYfIRE, Cob. St. Julikx, Betas* and Jkpfzkson Streets, S.1VAXXAH, GA.. D EALERS in Groceries, Dry Good?, Hardware, Wine-, Liquor?, and Country Produce generally. Highest prices paid for Country Produce of all kinds. acgl8-d&w3rn M. KI^TCHUM. Of New York. CLARK & WILSON, Factors and General Commission MERCHANTS, No. 1 STODDARD'S LOWER RANGE. BAY STREET, - SAVA NAT AIT, GA. A#-Liberal advances male on Prodnco in Store. aog22-d3m A- I.. HARTETDOE Late cf liartridge A NefT KETCHTJM dc HARTRILGE, NORTHEAST BOOM EXCHANGE BUILDING. SAVANNAH, GA., D EALERS in Domestic and Foreign Ecxhanre, Gold. Silver and ancorrent Money. Bay and ©ell Stocks,'.Bonds, etc. Receive deposits, allowing fonr per cent, interest per annum on weekly balances of tfOO and upwards. Collections made in this city and all the principal town? of Georgia and Florida. Will make advances on consignments of Cotton. Rice, etc., to ourselves, or to our Northern and Euro- pean eo rre* non den ts. j u n c- »- ♦' m WM. HENRY WOODS, Cotton Factor & General Commission MERCHA3STT BAY STREET, : : SAVAXXAII, OA. A OBNT^ FOR REESE'S SOLUBLE PACIFIC GUANO. Is prepared at all times to advance liberally on consignments for sale in Savannah, or for shipment to Lis correspondents in New York and Liverpool. aagU-d3m* may safely tako heads of Europe ropo and Ameri poleon canned ’Kirn: Wtlhant. of IV,is . ' not go, but tho Crown Prince will In u t ^fac tory substitute. In a fow days, if our latest nows proves to bo correct, not a single govern ment of Europe but will seek its place in this great tournament on the soil of Egypt—a tourna ment which shall bo held Iors in the name of re ligion than of civilization, which will have a grand and undying purpose, and the names connected with which will have a moro enduring celebrity than those of Saladin, of Richard the Lion-hearted of Philip Augustus, of Berengaria, or of Edith Plantagenet. The latest of the Crusades prom ises to bo tho best. Tin* Slate* Fair -Gone OverT’ The lVurftil Af f oSipl iMhcd ! I—Tho I'on ii try ltuiiieil!!! Tho Executive Committee of tho State Agri cultural Society hold a meeting'in Macon on the tith instant, and formally accepted the proposi tion of Gov. Bnllo&; to send a special train of State Road cars to X'vnchburg after certain dis tingnished invited^hieats! ! And, as if to add insult to injury, jjfe resolution to this effect was offered by tb/KHon. Ben Yancey, one of the old fashionyH secession Democrats who went to war andnKodo an honorable record in the field I !! If Jtti is^is not enough to make the blood of mb-proof patriots boil, wo would like to know what would. The result of this thing will be, that a large number of distinguished Radicals will be brought into Georgia at the expense of the State. Possibly the Great Grant himself will come with them. An army of newspaper reporters will be along; perhaps even Forney will bo of the party. Bullock no doubt will meet them somewhere on tho route, and—and—and Ranee Wright's nose will bo put completely’ out of joint. We advised against this snicidal policy, but alas, cur advice was not heeded, nor our vigil ance committee appointed. Onr committee will feel sorely cramped at tho Fair, should they at tend at all. In fact, we don’t see how they can consistently attend and preserve their self-re spect This indignity ought to be resented by every lover of his country ; and we give notice now that wo shall resent it by not speaking to any of these outside barbarians, unless wo feel like it or want to. Seriously, however, we are glad to see that the committee are pursuing a liberal and en lightened policy in regard to the Fair. From present indications, this exhibition will be one of the grandest affairs on record : and will do Georgia more material good than anything that has happened within her borders for many yearn. The arrangements for the Fair are very com plete in every particular. Not only our own State, bnt our Southern sisters, will be heavily represented, as well as hundreds of visitors from the North and West. In our next paper we will publish a full re port of the last proceedings of the Committee, as reported to the Macon papers.—Griffin Star. TISON& GORDON, COTTON FACTORS ——AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 96 Bay Street, SAVAjnrsit, - ~ —’a Georgia. TkAQGINO andROrEnrlRONTIE^Tlrancedon J) Cror j. . . Liberal Cash advance? made on consignment!* of Cotton. _ Grateful for liberal patronngo in the past, a con tinuance of the same ia respectlully solicited. •eptii-dawSm O'CONNOR, Wholesale and Retail Dealer In UHISKIBS, FINE LIQUORS, OIGARB. FANCY AND STAPLE GROCERIES. H A VINO just, returned from the North, I now # offer to my friend* and the public the finest sc- PURE LIQUORS That bu ever been offered in this market for year., consisting as follows: 20 Barrels Tinian's XXXX RYE WHISKY, Ohe bc-t in tbe State.! 20 Barrels l iman's XXX RYE WHISKY, 20 Barrels Ulman's XX RYE WHISKY. •to Barrels Ulman's OLD VIRGINIA MOUNTAIN DEW WHISKY. 30 Barer!- 1 T'lman'i IMPERIAL RYE WHISKY. 3U Barrel, ulman’s tXIKA IMPERIAL RYE WHISKY, Ti Barrel. Ulman's OLD RYE WHISKY. If* Barrel. Choice OLD CORN WHISKY. 15 Barrels Choice OLD BOURBON WIIIsKY, 25Barrel, very fine X>LD MOHONGAUELA. BRANDIES. LlC Pipes James Ucnnessy Jk Co.. 1* Pipe Picet Caetillioa A Co , Vintage of '48, ) v Pipe Pinet Cistillion A Co., Vintage ot ’5G, 1 1 Pipe Otard Pale Bran dr, ;4 Pipe Blackberry and Wild Cherry. GINS. Pipe Celebrated Fish Gin, (finest imported.) li Pipe Holland Gin, x /i Pipe Swan Gin. RUM. WINES. 5 Csses Champagne "Golden Eagle," 5 Cases Champagne “Bowxy,” • r > Ca<es Champagne Imperial Caste BlancLe, 1*4 Pipes "Paul Emile” Sherry, 1>4 Pipes Crown ?*herry, l-i Pipes Topas Sherry, 1J4 Lion Crown Port. I 1 » Old Burgundy Port, \% Pure Malaga. 30 Ca ks Guinness' Porter. (Imported by order.) 20 Casks Baclay. Perkins A: Co/a Porter, 2U Casks MeEwin’s AM. 40 Casks Imitation Ale and Porter, 1225 per dozen. GROCERIES. Coffee, (all grades,) Sufrar, (.all grade*.) Molasses, Syrup?, Pure Cider Vinegar. White Wine Vinegar, Son;-. Caudles. Starch, Bluing, Sardines, Oysters, (be t br*n i■ Cm Good.-* of ail description. Spices, Peeper. Mu.-tird, Olives. English Pickle- and Sauces, Pickle?, Cmakers, T- ilet Soap. Cat-up-. Jellies and Preserves, JFlour, (ad grades.) Butt r. Cheese, etc. I warrant a! i m> >. ... It to give ?atbf»ctioo. and will sell ns low as possible for Cash. Thunkful to iny r atrons for post favors, I not only hope to have tb**m c ntinue, bat add largely to my list by the accession of many new ones, by selling them the best Good? at the lowest ca*h prices. oc 8 tf JN0. W. O'CONNOR. NIGHT FREIGHT ACCOMMODATION TRAIN South wkstrrx Railroad Co. Office, Macon, October 8.1869. O N and nftof Sunday night. October ICth, inst., this Company will run a night Freight and Accom modation Train between Macon and Eufaula. every night except Saturday nigh*, connecting at Sm‘ viile with Albany, an i at Cutbbert with Fort Gai accommodation trains, as follows ; Leave Macon, $:25 p. m. Arrive at Eufanla. II a. m. Leave Eufaula, 7:18 P. k. Arrive at Macon, 9:10 A. U. TRAIN FROM ALBANY will run as follows: Leavo Albany, 8:3fi p. u. Arrive at Smithville. 10.20 p. m.. on .Monday, Tuesday. Thursday and Friday. Heturning. Leave Smithville. 5:*5 a. m. Arrive at Albany, 7:35 a. it., on Tuesday, Wednesday. Friday and Saturday. PASSENGERS for Albany should leave Macon to connect with this train, in Monday, Tuesday, Thurs day and Friday night?. BOUT GAINES TRAIN will run on Tuesdays and Thursday? as follows: Leave Cuthbert,...^. 9:30 a.m. Arri\* at Fort Gaines 11:15 a.m. Leave Fort Gaines 1:15 p.m. Arrivo at Cuthbert - 3:15 p. m. Connecting with regular mail tra*n for Eufaula at 3:55 p. and with night accommodation train for Macon at 9:38 p. m. Passengers leaving Macon for Fort Gaines should take Monday and Wednesday nights’ train to connect with accommodation train at Cuthbert. Regular mail trains will run a? heretofore. VIRGIL POWERS, oct9-dlw Engineer and Superintendent. THE ALABAMA GOLD LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, Home Office, No. 34 St. Francis St., MOBIZiB. AIjA. OFFICERS: C. H. THAMES, President. T. If. FOWLER, Secretary. ASSETS, : : $300,000 IN GOLD! DIRECTORS: C. K.THAMES. ofC. E.Th.mesiCo. C. VV. BUTT, ol Walth. Smith & Co. A I'. BUSH, of A. P. liu-h A Sons. W. A. BUCK, of Buck * Tuller. L. BREWER, ol L. Brewer A: Co. JAMES CHALMERS, of Cbalmer, Jk Miller. J. C. CHAMBERLAIN, of Chnmberlain A Co. THUS. HENRY. Sr. How. JACOB MAGEE, ol N. W. Perry* Co. A. G. M(-CANTS, of Morris G. Towles Jt Co. S. JENNINGS Ml RPIIY. of S. J. Murphy A Co. I). 0. GRADY. TUGS. P. MILLER, of Thomas P. Miller k Co. Hos. ABRAM M UR DOOM. President M. A 0. R. R. JOHN II. MARSHALL, of Marshall J: Conley. C. G. RICH ARDS, of C. G. Richards Jt Sons. T. W. SIMS, of Sims. Harrison A Co. Hon. J. M.THOMSON, of Thomson,Cockrell k Co, R. J. YOUNG, of It. J. Yount: A Co. M. P. LEVY, of M. P. Levy A Co. A. J. MOSES. A. PR0SKAUKR, of A. Proskauer A Co. P. H. PEPPER, of P. H. Pepper A Co. JNO. U. GARY, of J. H. Gary A Co. MEDICAL EXAMINERS: W. H. ANDERSON. M. D. DABNEY HERNDON. M. D. ATTORNEYS: Mass an. BOYLES A OVERALL. T -IITS GOLD COMPANY' possesses features and offers inducements to these desiring Insurance which can be found no where else. It is a Mutual Company, and its Dividends are equally and im partially divided between the Policy Holders. It issues Policies payable only in AMERICAN GOLD CgIN, and upon all the most favorable modern plans of Insurance, thus making Insurance certain and not detmndingupon the value of a Fluctuating Currency. Premiums may be paid inGold or equivalent WAG ENTS WANTED throughout the State- Apply lo ISAAC 8. BOYD, General Agent for Georgia. Office—NEWNAN. GA. WhIGlIT A DOUGLASS, Attorneys; ED. SMITH, M. D.. C. D.SMITH, M. U„ Examiners State Supervisors to whom KeOrente la Givens Messrs. Branch A Sons. Aurqsta. Ga.: Messrs. Cli-by A Reid, Macon, Ga.: Msj. J. L. Calhoun. Newnan. Ga.: J. II. James. Banker. Atlanta, Ga.; J. H De VotiCv D. D., Columbus, (la.; J- G. estmorelacd, M. D„ Atlanta. Ga.; J. K. I>eni, Planter. Newnan. (ia.: L. M. Smith. D. D„ Oxford. Ga.: Hon. YVier »oyd, Dabloncga. Ga, augls-tf WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALKR IX—4- .CHEMICALS PERFUMERY. BRUSHES. TOILET ARTICLES. PAINTS, OILS. WINDOW GLASS. GASDE.V SEEDS, FLOWER SEEDS, 1TC. AM'S CELEBRATED LIVER REGULATOR. FLY KR AND AGUE TONIC AND AGUE PILLS. GEORGE PAYNE, Druggist and Apothecary. Macon. Qa. GEORGIA PAPER MILL, Carroll County, Oa., ILL par Cash for RAGS. ROPE. BAGGING, rn*». d A 0 »rf Orders solicited for WRAP- rs, MANILLA and PRINT PAPER. Mill, pure water, live men. Price, low. _cash. inquiries promptly answered. Addres* M. P. KELLOGG, Pres. Co.. "College Temple," Newnan, da. SOUTHERN STYLE Carriages and Harness, pOMPRISING COACHES. SIDE and END- V-/ SPRING BUGGIES. Family KOCKAWAYS of all .styles; Harness, great variety. Largest assort- menhnNfw York at CALYI.1 WITTY'S Immense Carriage ,";* r *- ro , om *- Nos.634.636 and 638 Broadway—Nos. H'f 1 nSSni 6 ?iiS 0, iT-* tr « et " NKW FORK. SIDE-cPRino BUGGIES from 8<S to *100. all othem^tMffltos" "* US “ ,ly S ° ld by drnmmere » Dd PatlU* 8 proportionably low. ah carnages and Buggies warranted to give satis faction* Orders by mail promptly attended to. Refer to: General J. B. Gordon. Savannah. Ga.-. Mayor Collins. Macon, Ga.; S. W. Wight, Savannah. Ga. ^ f>w 'ner of Let ters I atent. No. 5^,91o. granted November 20, 1868— covering the combination ar.d arrangements of the ^ration of all TWO-WHEELED VELOCI- PED Great Reduction in Prices: A $150 VELOCIPEDE, at $75 fo A $S0 " " 40 00 A 840 " " a) to jgpt26-dAw3m GEORGIA LAND AGENCY. To our Friends and Patrons: A FTER the discouraging event* of the two years jiast, that have prevented us from selling Lands, we now feel warranted in inviting those^ wishing their lands sold to place them with os. From late personal interviews with our agents in tho Northern cities, and. letters received from them, we are led to believe that there will bo considerable immigration this way the coming fall with a view of purchasing lands. We have already effected some sale#. Our Public Register is open to all. FREE OF COST, to register the lands they have forsalc, and inspection for these wishing to buy. We Ofler for Sale the Following- Property : No. 2. A body of 8000 acres Timber Lands on Oc- mulgee river, with Plantation of 500acres, in Telfsir county. No. 12. Beard’s Bluff Place, 4361 acres Timber Lands, nine miles above Doctor Town, on Altamaha river. No. 17. General C*»ffe« Place, in Telfair county, 5000 acres Timber Lands, on Ocmulgee river, with Plantation. No. 24. Place two miles from Macon, 340 acres. 40 of which is upland. 150 cleared and 150 heaviest timbered wood-land. No. 35. Farm five and a h.If miles from Macon, 450 acres, extensive Orchards and Vineyards. No. 46. Plantation on Chattahoochee river, 1300 acres, of which 10U0 are improved. No. 77. Plantation in Houston county, 2250 acres, 1400 acres open land. No. S2. Plantation in Decatur county, on Flint river, containing 14dU acres No. 89. Farm in Catoosa county, of 700 acres. No. 90. Farm in Cobb county, containing 5(ri acre#. No. 112. Farm and Mill property, five miles from Ma con. No. 113.A first-class Merchant Mill, near Gordon, ample wnter-power for Factory. No. 114. Choice Cotton Plantation, in U 0 os ton conn - tv. containing 1265 acres. No. 120. Plantation in Jones county, containing 3340 acres. No. 122. Plantation. in Clay county, adjoining Cotton Hill, containingl ,r 27acres. No.l24.T*enty acre.* in Vineville—Market Gardens, Orchards and Vineyards, with Cottage House. No.l27.Plantation in Terrell county, containing 600 acres, with fine improvements. Many other Plantations in Middle and Southwest ern Georgia not enumerated. Also, valuable ^Cotton Factory Property on the several rivers, with water-power sufficient for an almost unlimited increase of Machinery- Also, 23O.000 acres of Land, finely timbered with yellow pine, in the counties originally Appling, con venient to the ports of Savannah and Brunswick,con tiguous to rail and water carriage. One hundred and eleven th >us «r< J acres of Tim We and Agricultural Land, in counties originally Irwin. Fifty-two thousand acres Yellow Pine Timber Land, in Wayne county. Sixty thousand a?resof good Timb red and A gri cultural Lard, on the line of railroad a'd be* d of the Suwannee river, in Columbia < ounry. Eaal Florida. Forty-eight thousand acre* of go. d Timber Land, in Mi idle Fl«»ri la—an entire township and contiguous sections—on thenavi.ables reara of New river, “nich empties its w.ters at White Bluff—Dure Channel], best port on the Gulf. Also, contiguous tracts of 4000 to 50u0 acres each, of Timber Lands, convenient to rail and water carriage to* Savannah and Brunswick; good location for Steam Saw Mills Two first-class New Steam Saw Mills of Forty Horae Power each—everything complete. BUTTS & BROTHER. LAND FOR SALE. 1 OFFER for rale my VALUABLE PLANTATION in Stewart county, Ga.. lying on Hannahatchie Creek, six mi lea above Florence and three from Chat tahoochee River. The place contains 885 acres up wards of four hundred are in the woods and finely timbered—the remainder is cleared and in a fine state of cultivation. It is finely situated, well watered, and has one of the best mill seats in the country. A good mill is much needed in the neighborhood. The plantation is in splendid repair, good fences, excellent outbuildings, with new g:n-hoose and screw. The society of tho neighborhood is unexcep tionable. Churches, Sunday Schools, etc., are conve nient. Any party desiring a first-class plantation can be suited. I will sell mules, stock, agricultural imple ments, a year’s supply of corn and forage, if desired. Title# perfect. Terms cash. Address me at Florence. sepv24-dlawlm*w4t* W. A. J. METCALF. LAND FOR SALE IN ItOXROK COUNTY. Fine Water Fower for Mills, on the Sobesofkee Creek, known as Chap man’s old Mills, in the Twelfth District. I WILL sell, at public sale, on the first Tuesday in November, in Forsyth, Ga., 950 acres of land, more or less-being the place lately owned by Baldwin Davis—lying ten miles from Forsyth, south: three miles from the Montpelier Springs, and six miles from the Macon and Western Railroad. Good im provements on the j lace and good lands. On the place first-rate water power for factories or merchants’ mills of any kind ; good rock wall where the mill once stood; adjoining Calvin Battles’, Mrs. Cotton’s plantation. Peter Jone? and others. Sold for distribution of the legatees of Baldwin Davis’ estate, late of said coun ty. Terms causn. ELIZA DAVIS, Executrix sept24-td of said estate. Hardeman & Sparks, I N tendering their services again to their planting »• WAREHOHSE AND COMMISSION a1L.KLHANTS, deem it wholly unnecessary to make promises as to their willingness and ability to serve them faithfully and aiiTawfajiinuriy,. Their long experience andtha lam patronage which has ever been extended the house, is proof conclusive that they deserve the confidence of the planting com munity. and by prompt and honest attention to their interest they intend to merit in tho future, the pat ronage so liberally given them in tbe past. ORDERS FOR SUPPLIES promptly filled at low est Market Prices, and the usual faemtiee extended to those who entrust their brume** with us. 0. G. SPARKS. T. HARDEMAN. J*. ang2S-d3m IN STORE AND EN ROUTE. bales heavy Jute Cloth Bagging, 200 rolls Bengal and Star Bagging. 16.000 pounds Arrow Ties, 10 bales Twine, 1000 barrels Flour—all grades and prices, 150 hogjheads Bacon—Clear Sides, Clear Rib Sides and Shoulders. 25 tierces Hams. 25 tierces Lard, 75 kegs Lard, 1 car load Salt, 60 boxes White Meat, 200 barrels Syrup and Molasses. 2C0 barrels Sugars—Crushed, A Extra C av. 1 < . 50 barrels Whisky—all grades, 100 boxes Cheese, 75 half barrels White Fish. 50 barrels Blue Fish, 50 barrels and half barrels Mackerel, 100 kits Mackerel—Nos. 1,2, and 3. 75 boxes Candy, 50 boxes Crackers—all kinds. 100 kegs Nails, 75 boxes Candles. 125 socks Coffee, t 1’ S 7? **■>« 100 boxes Soap, 100 boxes Tobacco—various brands. Oysters, Pickles, Starch, Paper, Blacking, Pepper, Spices, Sardine*, etc., etc., etc., etc. ALL OF WHICH WE OFFER AT VERY LOW FIGURES. • JOHNSON, CAMPBELL & CO. roct6-till 16thl ^___ L.H.wnrG JEWELRY and SILVER-W ARE BSTABIjIBXZ 3VE ENT. THE LATEST STYLES OF WATCHES, JEWELRY, DIAMONDS, T)URE SILVER AND FLATED WARE, TOILET SETS, WORKING BONKS, WRITING DESKS, DRESSING CASES. And a full line or FANCY GOODS, SUITABLE FOR HOLIDAY’ and BRIDAL PRESENTS. C5TCALL AND EXAMINE MY GOODS.^ Watches, Clocks and Tewelry Hepaired at Short Notice and Warranted. WSoecial attention paid to tho MANUFACTURE and ENGRAVING of BADGES. KINGS. Etc. *cpt!4 tf • ERNEST PESCH PRACTICAL WATCHMAKER, MANUFACTURING JJWELER AND OPTICIAN, NO. 1 SECOND STREET. J^LL KINDS AF SPECTACLE GLASSES FIT TED AND ADJUSTED by an OPTIMETER- WATCHES and JEWELRY repaired and warranted. apriii-tf nrame Stencils for I' Carton* Xinen Ont to Order. THE OLD ESTABLISHED HOUSE OF s. a. w:ss, wow B. A. WISE & CO., Cherry Street, - - - - MACON, GA. OFFER TO THE TRADE A L IRGE AND SPLENDID STOCK OF TABLE A1 POCKET CUTLERY, RAZORS, SCISSORS, ETC., AT NEW YORK JOBBING PRICES. WE HAVE. FOR FAMILY USE. JUST RECEIVED 75 doz. of Jos. Rodgers & Son’s Ivory-Handle Tea and Table knives. WE ARE NOW SELLING THE XXX SILVEB-PLATED SPOONS AND FORES, WITH A LARGE AND COMPLETE STOCK OF S.H.RANSOM.U/m ALBANY. DAVIS SMITH. H. J . WESTCOTT P. McGLASHAN HOUSE - FURNISHING GOODS, EMBRACING EVERYTHING TO BE FOUND IN A FIRST-CLASS ESTABLISHMENT. COOKING- 8TOYE8, Ranges, Goal and Box Stores, Crates, of Every Stylo! We do not hesitate to say that we are now prepared to offer the LARGEST, CHEAPEST, and BEST VARIETY of COOKING STOVES, suitable for Southern use, to be found in the State. 1®. ORDERS SOLICITED. g®, Goods carefully packed and shipped to any part of the State. “ B. A. WISE & CO. J. W. TRUMAN. B. A. WISE. B. K. GRIMES. 80 and 82 Mulberry Street, Macon, Ga. IMPORTER OF CHINA, CROCKERY AND GLASS-WARE! DEALER IN COAL OIL, LAMP BURNERS AND WICK, WOULD CALL ATTENTION TO HIS LARGE AND SPLENDID STOCK OF GOODS. PLAB, DECORATED AM) GOLD BAND DIANES AID TEA SETS. I nm importing my CROCKERY DIRECT TO SAVANNAH, and Estttr mnalf that I mui offer MER CHANTS AND HOUSEKEEPERS superior adranUgee in purchasing thaw CROCKERY. CHINA and GLASS-WARE of me. .9- Order. goHeited. *9- Good! carefully packed and shipped to any pert of tee State. oeuo-tti B. A. WISE, Macon, Ga. SMITH, WESTCOTT * CO. OFFER FOR SALS, A HEAVY ASSORTMENT OF Saddles, Harness, Bridle Oak and Hemlock Sole Leather, Shoe Findings, Carriage Material Of every description. BUGGIES, CARRIAGES, WAGON! AND CHILDREN’S CARRIAGES. A full line of WAGON HARNESS. Agents for ABBOTT, DOWNING A CO.’S Celebrated CONCORD BUGGIES. CARRIAGES AND WAGON! •O- EVERYTHING IN' OUR LINE PROMPTLY MADE TO ORDER. P0H NEW Y O It K . to c=> t==i THOMAS, THOMPSON & CO., Managers Southern Branch. OFFICE: No. 23 St. Francis street. Mobile. Ala.; No 14 CarondeJet street. New Orleans; corner Mar and Broad streets, Atlanta. Ga. POLICIES ISSUED TO JULY 1. 1869. 115.270; AMOUNT INSURED. 840.000.000; PAYING AN ANd NUL PREMIUM of $3,500,000: ASSETS OVKK 83,500.0(A): DIVIDENDS DKCLARKD JANUARY 13. 1869. 40 PER CENT. THIS COMPANY ISSUES ALL KINDS OF Life, Endowment, Joint Life and Term Policies' Annuities, Etc., And embra , ' / ' following liberal features: All policies non-forfeitable and incontestable; thirty d grace allowed in payment ot premiums: one-third of the premium may remain unpaid as a Loan: no n required. The Continental will, when derired, issue WAR PERMITS, without extra charge or deduci from policy in case of loss. That after three annual payments a loan may be obtained of at least four-fi of whole amount paid, in case of embarratsuient to ine**t payments. . . NO RESTRICTIO N ON TRAVKL OR RESIDENCE. Each policy holder has a voice in the electing Profits of the Company annually divided among Policy-holders. The popularity of this Company in ti South ia shown in the fact of their having placed over 600 Pol cies on their books, through the Southd Branch, in the short time of six months, covering an insurance of over $2,250,000. THOMAS, THOMPSON & CO.. Managers Southern Branch. Office, corner Marietta and Broad streets, Atlanta, Ga aug3-d3m J. R. HOY, Agent, Macon, Ga. CilA.\(iB OP SCHEDULE. NO CHANGE of CA RS BETWEEN SA VANN A H AVGUSTA AND MONTGOMERY. ALA. Tg.irsroRTiTioH Ounce C. R. R., 1 Savahhah. Ga- August 14.1868.1 O N AND AFTER SUNDAY. 16th ihst., PASSEN GER Train* on th. Georgia Central Railroad will ran ae foil owe: UP DAY TRAIN. Leave. aeaive. * “• - fete ::z=—: , | \ 2: Eatonton - ‘1 :0 ° p Connecting witv train that leave* An- ^ gtJ8ta at • * DOWN DAY TRAIN. M icon "' f *' * Savai.n>th_ r * \aguna r * •*/.nn"' , *i’.. with train that iav- - Au tn*** —- - - « - UP NIGHT Til A 15 Augusta * * Connecting with trains that Icmv» Au ( gust* at r v DOWN NIGHT TRAIN. Macon p * . Savannah - Jix * T MinS^riii'e!Z.';--'." --.l---..'-4^' r. «. Eatonton ...2:40 r. u. Connecting with tram that leave. Au- gurta at - - '■ “ tgr A. M. Trains from Savannah and Augusta, and r. g. Train from Macon, connect with Milledgeville Train at Gordon daily, Sunday, excepted. *a-p. M. Train from Savannah connects witn through Mail Train on South Carolina Railroad, and r. g. Train from Savannah and Augusta with 1 r-a’ni on Southweetorn and Muscogee Railroads. GenJal M Supe°rini^ent. augl5-tf hbnhy ward BEECH E R’S SEBMOSS IS PLYMOUTH PULPIT Arc being read by people of « Te . ry ,f'^* nd T h?l 0 ? r 'e “^eS^^S^^thSTndfSiln*. ES , 'gSS®, fhfpSHe^SS: A newlnd S^^^it^ pr««nted to address for 52 weeks for four dollar,. Special tnd we- meats to canvaesere and those *S tun J B? FORD * men copies, postage free, for 5c. CO., Pnblubere, 39 Park Bow. New York. oct2-dlm — Pres-rvet and Whitens the Teeth 1 Invigorates and Socthes the Cleans and Purifies Artificial Teeth! Purifie* and Perfiime* the Breath! Prevents Accumulation of Tartar ! Xs a Superior Article for Children! 1^ is WARRANTED FREE From Injurious Ingredients! I T is scientifically prepared In accordance with the most valuable formula known to tbe profession. It has been extensively used for several years, and l* rocommendedfor general use by numerous Dentist, and Physicians who have tested its merits, and who appreciate tbe importance of preserving the Teeth ^Proprietor: A M. WILSON,PhiMeUhU For -ale by J. H. ZEIlIN k CO.. Macon. LiBOKATOBY OP PHiRHACtCT:C 1 L J* A»D A.v/.lytcai. Chp.mibtrt.jJ^ AJanta, Geo,^a.) This is to certify that I have examine Trego’s Tea- berry Tooth Wash and Tooth Powder. I find tnem free from substances that would act lujunously upon the Teeth, and can recommend Trego s Preparation* tariff™ 1 of a superior dentnficfr fm080PHY OF BURBU61!. NEW E0UTE NORTH. tHE ST. LOUIS, Iron Mountain and Sonthern Railway Is now open for business from COLUMBUS, KY, TO ST. LOUIS; A5SS T ““ d TO ST. LOUIS! Passengers taking this Route AVOID ONE CHA^lfE OF CARS and a Tedious Riyer Transfer of 20 Miles, and arrive in ct. Louis 4 1-2 HOURS u <&SFS>tV" nr Trains Columbus, upon the arrival of trains on the Mobile and Ohio ^•‘^‘fixEN. eept29-I» Genernl Ticket Agent.