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The constitutionalist. (Augusta, Ga.) 1823-1832, February 18, 1825, Image 1

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Bse '~ : "-' ' :'■■■■ ■ ' ■: -=----- - “ Many o( t lie political evils, under which every Country in the world labours, are not owing to any want of love for our Country, but to an ignorance of its real constitution and interests.” pKIKSTI X * y " 33==:== =■-—-■«” ■■ ■ , = * - ■■■ NEW SERIES VoJ. 11. AUGUSTA, FRIDAY MORNING. FEBRUARY 18, 1823. ' No . 68 . 2TI)e €ontftituttanali« CS PUBLISHED EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY, BY W. J. BUNCE. AUGUSTA, GA. SitaasJs. a aiViis7 AT THE SIGN OF THE Augusta Clothing stacc, SKIHLY OPPOSITE THE CITY HOTEL n onld most respectfully inform their friends and Hr community, that t/it v are now ready to attend to their caliofor Frock Coats, Dress Coats, (’oatees, Dig Coats, Plaid and Camblei Cloaks, Ladies’ Cloaks, Pantaloons, Os the most fashionable kind. Vests, Shirts, Cravats, Drawers, Elegant patent Suspenders, La Fayette velvet Vesting, Which thy offer for sale this season, i.-wer than ever—hut (despising the principal ol in i (.'.erselling) they would onlv have it uud' rstood , / that they are nut to be undersold by any in their lin" of business Janua’. v U 57 LA FAYETTE HAT AND CLOTHING IVA Ti E- HO USE The Subscriber h opening in Bread s'reet, one door below Mr. Al ten's Hat Store. A LAUGE AND OENBHAL ASSORTMENT OF Intis AND CLOTHING, Consisting of I) HESS COATf. Frock Coats Drab box Coats Double k single mill'd Gassimere Pantaloons jML Broad Cloth, Satinett and Corduroy ’ do iHpl. Toilinett, Valehlia, Swr.nsdown H black silk * v 1 Blue and black Cloth and C&ssimere do W Superfine Linen and Cotton, frilled and plait jVi Shirts !e - 4 snd Lambawoo 1 Flannel do do •* Tanan and'Camblet Cloaks Ladles Tio Boy’s Dresses j Vomit's close body Coats r ( Gentlemen's superfine Cats, sums very widt [ brims ' ' • linmitation beaver do • 1 La Fayette, boys and mens sea! skin Caps Washington, Jackson and La Fayette Siocks p Sdk Umbrellas Hosiery Gloves, &c. —also — Negro Jackets and Trowsera House servants Coalers and Pantaloons Fearnought great Coes Guernsey Frocks, red flannel Shirts Striped and Check do , Common Linen do \\ ouilen Gloves, and many oilier article: in his fne. The above GOODS are New-York made, am will be disposed ol wholesale and retail, at New X Yoik prices. J. P. fcetze. December 3 46 JVEVV FLOLJR.~ £3 bbls. first quality Family Flour will be land i 'mS-SJ ed this thy trom Steam-Boat, Maid of Or ean-, which will be sold low if taken from tin Wharf. APPLY TO Bugg & Savage. November 16 ol Coy v EE. Cf <|Tv BAGS PRIME COFFEE (on consign wm!/ ment,; will be disposed of on accumnio dai ng terms by B. Picquet. November 26 »'• 44 X ilcai Irish Yoiatoes, IN HAMPERS. Just received per Steam Bout Hamburg , A FEW Hampers real Belfast Potatoes, wind wih be sold in lots to suit families, by apply ing immediately at Jacob Moise’s. M ’A' i,tie (J Benmch't How, Deo«mS”P 28 5 übs. pi mi'*, «.aeon, FOR SALE, On Consignment, by D. vicquet. November 30 45 S,COVi \V cigVU >2 Vriiur BACON FOB SALE. apply to Robert D. Ware. December 3 - 46 THQMAS S. METCALF, j > ’TB\IvES this method of informing his friends L and the public generally, that he has ju»t re-| ceived, and is now receiving a very large and; well assorted slock of GriwrfHfjtf* I and if they will favor him with their custom, they wilt find linn “ at home,” attending to /us own business, ready and willing to supply them with ..i) of .He following articles, o i the most reason-i , idle terns, tor ca.h or prime city acceptances : — 1 100 I ONS weh assorted Sweede & Uussia Iron* 120 tillds. prime S. Croix and N. Orleans Sugar 100 bags prime Green Coffee 30 libels, prime Jamaica Coffee 50 pieces prime 42 inch Bagging 50 (lobes' low Bagging, very cheap 50 do best Twill’d Sacking 50 coils i/ile Hope 200 bbls. best Northern Gin, best brands 200 do best Philadelphia Whiskey. IJO do Northern Hum 25 hhds, do do 20 d i prime retailing Molasses 4 do superior old Jamaica .iiira 15 pipes do i/blland Gin sdo do Cognac //randy 1 pipe do old Pori Wine 60 1-8 and 1-4 casks Malaga and Sherry Wine 35 18, 1-4 ami 12 pipes Sicily and Pico Ma- j r dc.tra Wines 1 20 bbls. best Cider Vinegar t 200 do irisu Potatoes r 50 do i/eets i 2COO bunches Onions 100 bids, prime Northern Flour 25 naff barrels do do 50 bbs. and boxes Loaf and Lump Sugar 50 ton cattle boxes fresh Hyson Tea 25 bags Pepper i 20 do Spice Ginger 25 o xes Raisins 30 Kegs No, 1 Hichmond Tobacco 30 boxes Georgia Candles ‘ 3u do Spermaceti Candles 250 whole and half boxes No, 1 Soap 50 kegs best Duponts Powder 200 bags Shot, assorted 2500 Ins. i/at-Lead 2000 lbs, hoop and hand Iron 3000 do German and blistered Steel 20ou do Share Moulds 8000 bushels Liverpool Ground Sail 2100 do i/iown 1000 bs superior Virginia/Jams TO,OOO bs Logwood JO.OUO 11(.,513. (i nils is 300 dozen Tumblers 100 casks patent Cut Kails, assorted k 2V patent Ploughs and Paints 10 doyten Carulma H nes 25 boxes Homes’ and White’s and WLitte -11 more’s Cards JOO boxes prime Cheese °, 20 casks do c.o 50 reams Wrapping t aper 20 casks Lime 300 nests Dry Measures 200 nesis boxes 20 bbls Shad 50 half bnarelg Shad le 200 bl>L. No. 3 Mackerel 100 do. No, 1 do 100’ half barrel. No. 1 do 150 bills No. 2 do i 75 half barrels No 2 do 50 five gallon Uemajohns 39 boxes J/avana White Sugar 10 do do brown do 250 half, quart-, r and tenth boxes superior Spanish Cigars, Dos Amigos and Flint’s brands. November 5 33 BOX MISSING. is OUPPOSED to be taken by mistake from the Wharf, about the lull or 12th of November, id'a Box of Shoes landed from Boat No. 14. —idark- v- ed \ &E. Wood, or E Wood Si Co. Any person having it in his possession will confer a favor by ‘informing the subscribers at th-ir residence, or through this office. E. Wood Co, December 24 52 j f Tlie subscribers ie I T ' VING united themselves in the practice of S.T. Lsw, uuJer the firm of Juhan Si Thomparm, r. pect’uliy tender their services to their friends and the public, to transact any business that may] be entrusted to them, in the line of their pro-l _ fes ion, in the several Courts of Georgia and; South Carolina. Their office is on the corner ol E'lis and Washington stree's, where one of the firm may at all timea be found. o. N. B. Julian, J. M. 1 kompsoa. i January 11 - NOTU3K The Subscriber RESPEC.TFUI.LY informs Ins triends and the public that be has sold out his DUY GOODS th E*tablishmeiit, corner of Broad street and Bridge y- Itow, to his brother G. Dillon, a .d s licds tor Mina continuation of that patronage so hb-rally conferred on himself—he is also authorized to act as my iegd attorney, in every capacity as ie l.tis to the C' llection of all accounts due me, and __ .n .he niaiiagernem of my ical estate. All persons to whom 1 am indebted, are re quested to present their accounts wi'hout delay. , Robert Dillon. Augusta, 7th February, 1825. bt 65 A CAKD~ MBS. ORR (late Miss Cooper from ’London,) and Miss OUR, inform the public that ih y re engaged in the Millinery business incut dug Dress and Corset making. 1 liev occupy a hou-c ■in Houslon-fetreet. at Die lower end of J udg .{tin’s lot, and not far from the Hospital. N. B. Straw —Chip and Leghorn Bonnets pres | t d, altered, dyed and cleaned at the shortest no vice and on the most reasonable terms. February 8 65 j AUGUSTA MASONIC HALL LOTTERY, AUTHORIZED BY GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF GEORGIA. 1 Prize of 830,000 is" 830,000 1 Prize of 20,000 is 20,000 4 Prizes of 10,000 is 40,000 4 Prizes of 5,000 is 20,000 5 Prizes of 1,000 is 5,000 10 Prizes of 50U is 5,000 50 Prizes of 100 is 5,000 100 Prizes of 50 is 5,000 5000 Prizes of 10 is 50,000 5175 Prizes, > 180,000 12825 Blanks. J 18000 TICKETS at TEN DOLLARS. Less than two and an half Blanks to a prize. THE PRIZES ONLY TO BE DRAWN. All the Prizes to be Floating from the commencement, except the following, which will be deposited in the wheel at definite periods, viz; •On the Ist Drawing 1 prize of SIO,OOO A- 1 of SSOO On the id •• 1 prize of 5,000 A1 of 1,000 AJof $ 500 On the 3d 1 prize of 10,000 A1 of 500 On the 4lh " 1 prize of 5,(j00 Ac lof lA»WJ Ac lof 500 On the sth “ 1 prize of 10,000 Ac lof 600 On the 6lh “ 1 prize of 5,000 Ac lof 1,000 Ac lof 50/ 1 On the 7th “ 1 prize of 10,000 &1 of 5,000 Ac lof 500 On the Bth “ 1 prize of 20,000 Ac lof I’OOO &2 of 500 On the oth “ 1 prize of 30,000 Ac lof i,(joo Ac lof 500 The whole Lottery'to be completed in JViue, Drawings OuVj. ITT The drawing- to commence an soon as a sufficient number of Tickets are sold. ’lke whole of the Prizes payable in thirty du)s after the compl-lion of the Drawing, subject to ade duclion of Ivteeii per cent. All Prizes not ap plied for in tweive months, to be considered as a donation to the funds of the Masonic Hall. Tresent of Tickets, For sa'e in a great valid) of numbers, at the COMMISSIONER*S OFFICE in Broad-street, Augusta, a few doors below the Bank. J. H. Beers, Secretary to the Board of Commissioners. Op* Orders for Tickets from any part of the United Slates, Post paid a*d enclosing the Cash, addressed to the Secretary, will meet immediate _ attention, Uules and regulations adopted at a meeting of the Board of Cotnmissiuneis of the, MASONIC M ALI, LOTTERY, January »ih, 1825."; 1 lie Commissioners' shall assemble on the Saturday of ever* other week. 2d. A majority of the Commissioners shall con stitute a quorum lor the transaction ol business, and a majority ol those present at any meeting, shall govern in all cases, except those hereinafter specified, 31. It shall be the duty of the Chairman to pre serve order, to appoint Committees to supervise the B >oks and conduct of Hie Secretary, and he shall have the privilege of voting upon all subjects; and also ofexpressing his opinion. 4tb. A ’Secretary shall be appointed with a sal ary ol eight hundred d dials per annum, and shall give bond and security for the faithful performance ,ol Ins duties. He shad keep lair minutes of the proceedings ol the Board of Commissioners—yihall act as an agent lor the sale ol lickets—keep a res gular account of his sales, and deposile all nonief received by him, (as soon as received,) in one of 'he Banks ol tin . oiiy. He shall, mareover, Iran tact all business reiadng to the pottery, to which ne shall be required to attend, by the Coniinis , sinners, sih. No ticket dull be sold on a credit, unless i by an order ol the Board of Commissioners; andl - nut then, without such security as shill be s«lisfac-l r tory to a committee appointed for the purpose of reci ivmg the same. 6lh. The tickets shall be signed by the Com missioner?, in equal proporiiinis ; and not more than one Commissioner shall sign any ticket. 7th. The Secretary shall mst be entrusted at any one time, with more .than fiv« hundred Tickets, I and shad exhibit at every meeting of the Commis i sioners, his Bank Book, and an account plainly . shewing the amount ol tickets sold, and the num jher in lurid, j Bih- The tickets, after tlmy are numbered and [‘signed, shall be deposited at Bank, and only drawn thence by a committee, ot which the Chairman i shall be one. 9'b. No money shall be drawn from Bank, bu by a check, signed by a majority of die Cumnns I sioners, and for no oilier purpose, but the pay ment of priees, nr necessary expeusel, 1 ,I'iruzry 28 61 i ■ o . . , ' ‘ l-l,r ‘ *N oVice. dTpHE subscribers have connected themselves in the practice of the LAW—they will urn . Ihrinly attend all u e counties of the Northern j Circuit, and the county of Franklin, of the V. es , tern Circuit, one ot them will br geiteraliy found P at their offic<‘ in Eibertun, where* they will lake f pleasure in transacting the business ut those who j may be unfortunate enough to be involved in the , Law. i John Meal’d, Thomas J Heard. January 1, M dice. BY virtue of a/t fa to me directed, will be sold on tin first I uesday in Aprd next, at the J.arket House, in the City of Augusta, between j I the usual hours ol sale. One Lot with the im r vements thereon, in the city ot Augusta, bourn , ded on the north by Jacob Dantonli’s Lot, Somli I by Keynold street, w est by lialph Ketchum's Lot and east by Ca l’s alley, levied on as the property of Mrs. Eliza a. M Laroche to satisfy her iioau and well Tax lor 1823 and 1824, amounting to gzß 50. . John W. ReatT U. M, . ■ February 1 tds 6J J NEW > •ilstvtmomVcaV liectwves, EZRA A. STEVENS, RES Flic i FULLY invites the Ladies »nd Gentlemen of Augusta, (the Ladies in par ticular,) to at lend gratuitous Lectures on Astro nomy, at ihe Richmond Acmlo i ly, on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, February Bih and 2th, to commence ai 7 o’clock. In the course of his introductory Lecture, Mr Stevens will by n method entirely new, illustrate the Planetary, motions—-Seasons —Eclipses— Changes sod Phases of the Moon—Cause ol the Ebbing and Flowing of the Tides, Ike. Ac. The whole rendered plain by means ut apparatus, ,tu those who may have paid no previous attention to the subject— No children admitted except with parents. On Friday evening the 12th, Mr. Stevens wili commence a regular senes of six Astronomical Lectures, to be given three times a week, on such evenings as shall best accommodate the Class. The principles of this sublime science, will be Jillustraled in such u manner ss shall render them perfectly familiar Io those who may nut have made it their study. dj > Pickets lor the Course, to admit one per , S()n al S 3, or a whole family at §lO. may he hud e al the Book Stores. RECOMMENDATIONS, From Col. Itichard M. Johnson, Senator in o iMpßftress from Kentucky, who was one of a nu m mucous Class at Washington. ! SENATE CHAMBER. a Uidy of Washington. Feb. 26th, 1823. a To all whom it may concern, 1 have attended 0 » course of Lectures delivered by Mr. Ezra A. Stevens, on Astronomy—l consider Mr. Steven* a complete master of his subject, and his Lec tures are well Calculated to amuse and instruct the learned and the unlearned. This manner is i interesting, his language chaste and appropriate, : his Astronomical knowledge appears to be pro r found, and Ins illustrations-are extremely happy, and to give the most distinct ideas and . clear conceptions of the various laws and coni i plicated revolutions and motions of the whole heavenly bodies; and 1 do recommend him most earnestly to all who are patrons ol'learning and science. RICHARD M. JOHNSON. From the Rev. Dr. Woods, professor of i lieolo i gy, at Andover, , Theological Seminary, Andover, Nov. 22, 1823. 1 Having attended the Astronomical Lectures, i which Mr E. A. Steven* has recently delivered ' before a majority of the students of this seminary and many inhabitants of Andover, i take great pleasure in testifying the entire, and I believe uni versal satisfaction, which lie has given, Ihe hap- ( py talent which he possesses oi illustrating, by a . simple apparatus, the most important principle* of i astronomy, renders them intelligible, wud highly interi ring (o all his hearers, whether more Or less acquainted with the science; and what adds much 10 the value of his lectures, he takes frequent oc- , casions to show the subserviency of this science to , the principles of religion. By his unaxsuniing and , amiable manners and his unexceptionable conduct, while resident here, Mr. Stevens has endeared , hnnself to all who have had any intercourse with, dim- 1 join most cordially, with many others, in , ncom mending him to the patronage of the pub-, lick, wherever he may go. LEONARD WOODS. Mr, S. has similar recommendations from Judge Berrien of Savannah, where a very numer ous Class of Ladies and gentlemen recently at tended. From Gov. i’leasants, Bishop Moore, and John Adams, E-qs. who were committee of a Glass al Richmond—and from moat of the princi ' pal men throughout the United Slates. Mr. Stevens has taken Lodging* at the Man sion House, where he will be happy to see Ins friends ever) day from 12 until 2 o’clock. February 8 sis T\ito iS’uVisctVVhvt INTENDING to reside in New York, with a view tor the transaction of Commission Bus iness, in all its bianclu-s, will feed grateful lor any 1 consignments or orders, with which he may be favored, assuring Ins friends that his unremitted ■ attention will be exerted to promote their inter i est. He will be prepared on (he receipt of any consignments, or ul the invoices with bills of la ding and orders lor insurance, to 'make the cus tomary advances if requited. Any references that is desired, can be obtained of Messrs. Mackenzie & I’once, Augusta, or Ben jamin Burroughs, Esq. Savannah. ■Ralph Ketchum. j October 26 M i j 1 lie Lancastrian Free hcltuoi, will again be opened on MONDAY, the 18th inst. and the Board of Managers cordially invite the return of those Scholars who have heretofore ‘ been educated at this institution, ss well as ol all others who clrmse to embrace the advantages ol inlin e ion free of expence. <fj" Fttpiis will also be thankfully, received from I*. riots who are disposed to pay at three ■ dollars per tinarter. Oct her |2 3J 1— —_ FRENCH TUITION. A FEW young Ladies wdi he admitted to a new , course of Tuition oS the French Languagi . at the residence of the subscriber, familiar con v rsation will be introduced which hy the assist ance of his daughters, the subscriber flatter* lorn sell the acquirement of that useful Language win b more speedily and more accurately obtained. Tuition three times a week from nine to elevei |o’clock, A. M, J. B. Laptte. 1 November 30 4 if RUAVUHwVR. GIEN TEEL Residents, <t Sojourners, may h. ' accommodated with Board and Lodging ilex' 1 door above Dr. Turpin’s, Broad s:-eet J. H. Lafitte. November 30 4.5 ’ A Large Assortment of JUVENILE BIH/JiS, Ftr Sail ml this OJjite. Sa£IDII®&& AM) SI JJAM BvIUS. DR HOUR 1,, a Freiich Physician, respectfully informs the public, that lie has established ’ TEAM," aid MEDICAL BATHS in Augusta. ■ The very high repute these Baths have acquired ’ in Europe, where (although a late diacov-re) they are to be found in every hospital, and tne ’ great cures Hiey have performed in Boston, Phi ladelphia and Charleston, c irt leave no doubt of ' their efficacy. The most gentle as well as the most powerlul medicines are admunstefed by 'list means, without any pain, trouble or disgust to the ' patient. , They are a never fading remedy in all cutane. ous affections i from Psora,!* Ringworms, &c. te * dcaldhead and Leprosy. They also have never tailed of success in either acute or chromic rheu . inatism. > In glandular obstructions, chlorosis, anasarcous tWtllings, incipient dropsy t in all diseases of the | joints, gouty affections, dispersion of tumors, ill cured syphilis, spasmodic or nervous affections £ in all bilious disordeis, dyspepsia, liypocondriasia, k e pilepsy—these baths have been loinid most sets.' viceable, and have often succeeded even in here* ditary complaints. In fine, tins manner of admin, ottering utmost every remedy belonging to the : healing art, shay be tendered applicable to almost every case, and (ii is repealed) without any paiiV, trouble, or disgust to the patient. , As these baths are tint yet generally known, * Dr, Hoc si, will he happy to give the most res pectable references to persons who have been cured by taking'them. , T\\e Steam ty iiat\> 1 Establishment, i Is in Lllis-Street, opposite Mr. 11. Mealing’^ • Brick House, a d has an entrance in Broad street I immediately opposite the cut //uttl. i January II 57 A. UAUIi. ' Zt. ¥LOIIEXCE, SUU(.EON DEN I Is I , At Backet,lev if todtoise’s Broad Street, Jhteußa U nearly opposite he Burner's Hotel. ESPECTFULLV informs the Public, that he has-returned again to this City, and respect, fully solicits the Patronage of the Ladies and tieiiflemen who may require his services m Hie several Brioches of his Profession.—Persons wishing bin service in private Families can call and see jus work Manufactured on a new which he warrant#. 1 * Teeth aud hums. Ihe diseases 01 llie I eeili and Amins are chief, ly owing to our own neglect ; the parts of the ah.nents which lodge about them after mastica turn, growing send and corrosive, the gums arc thereby first affected, as being the most leu.tec jparts, alter these corruptions are produced, com* piooly called the Tartar of the Teeth, which deall-oying both their texture and whiteness not only deprives the mouth of its piincipat orna dents, but brings on violent tooth aches, and reir. nieis the Hums livid and putrid, and offensive to ourselves- and others.—But though people in general may prevent those inconveniences, bv care and attention at first, yet. if they are once suffered to lake place, it is no longer to th- now er of the sufferer to remove them, this being pro the province of the experienced Demist, Who has made the maladies of the Teeth and ' Homs, witli their attendant eihls, the pnnciind object and end of his s|m lies, . M.x. \)eutist, Hv long pracic*, ucl ise uppncati ,o o. .usi ness, and a tin rough knowledge of the structure of the I’eeth and Huns, liasynade all the opera* lions in those pa: ts quite familiar to him, mso* much that what some Dentists’have judged im practicable, lie hath performed witn ease anti safety. He places Teeth both real and artificial, (mak ing the latter noth pure enamel) from a single one to an entire set so accurately, ihut they shall answer every purpose of the natural. I bus the greatest deficiencies are supplied with ornaments, winch have the Tecoifuneridalion of utility, I hose Teeth that have fallen out their sock ets, which hequemiy happens, though in a per ■ feci sound stale, lie, by a method peculiar to him ■ self, replaces us firm as ever, without the least pain or uneasiness to the patient. I He clears the Teeth, it ever so discolored, of ■ all their foulness and tartar, w.thoul pain, and renders them white and as fuiras ever in half an hour. I ecth and Stunting extracted in the easiest man oer, if ever so difficult. 1 i , He-assists young ladies and gentlemen in the first and second dentition, and removes the Milk I eeth at proper seasons, lest they should me m , mode the regular growth ol the succeeding 01 tea i «nd >1 h deformity of this kind lias taken place ill ough the want ol a Destist, Mr, Fiorsnce un derlakes to correct it j provided the subject is I not more than twenty years old. and restores the t eeth to their natural, regular and beautiful or der. N. U. A Tincture and D. ntrifice Fuste, prepar . ed by him only, which preat r#ts the Teeih and changes them 10 a beautiful white, cures the gnnis of Hie Scurve) and makes breath at all times sweet ami agreeable, and cures the 'Tooth Aci.c i.r.nie 'lately, with oroper directions how to use it. October 12 I' i- HE subscriber having resumed the practice ■if LAW, lender* his service. to the public lie will attend m wit ol the Courts in Ihe Western ■Jircnits, the adjoining counties in the Flin and )c olgee, and tie counties of Lawrens, Twigg* tnd Pu.ssßi, in the * <u . in Circui s. Thomas W. Harris. tC/’ Letters addresie i to Mm Mot,roe, Wal ton c moly wdl he a tendon m, I' 1,1 • 8 65 Full ft.M.fci, A LIKELY N gro HIUI,, ibnijt 16 years ol :\ hi tight up to Sewn g and House businc gerifr dly. Apply at this office January 18 3t SO