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The constitutionalist. (Augusta, Ga.) 1823-1832, March 01, 1825, Image 3

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I , which were ulKiteil by the motion of Mr. Cambreling, calling for them. This state s ; ment shows the Batik to be in a prosperous coudiliop, and doing a 'good business, as is apparent from the fact that the institution, \ with its capital stock of thirty-five million, of dollars, is receiving interest' upon £SO - 258,825,37, of which, perhaps forty millions I J carry an interest of six per cent. This is I exclusive of the item of “ mortgages,” and.of i f others stated as doubtful, and of the interest i t if any received, on debts due from the State Banks. i *Jj| The amount of specie on hand is large and i the amount of notes in circulation small, vix: i h 5b,091,799, as is ascertained by deducting the amounts of “ notes issued.” The i vfe amount of “ dividends unclaimed” appears ! r O large, from the circumstance of the semi-an- j k S* nual dividend having been declared the •kr- moment before the date of the Statement. i y From the Statement of February 3, 1324, I and that of January 6, 1825, we ascertain 1 I the following, facts, by a comparison of I which we shall arrive at results which will rl fftill better enable us to judge of the coudi c m ot the institution : In Feb. 1824. In Jan. 1825. f Funded debt, 10,874,014 18,422,027 Xot asissued, 11,(571,3 87 1 3,234,842 Not on band, 0,608,215 7,193,043 i Profit and loss and L , coal. int. 271.708 709,758 B With these great advantages of the pre- I sent time over that of a year past, the amount E of discounted bills, of all sorts, is not Icssen 1/ ed two mil lions of dollars. [ [lntelligencer. |)j && | i The pauper-farm, owned by the town of f . Ipswjch, (Mass.) containing 300 acres, pro- IT duced the last year, 70 tons of hay.* It lias upon it 48 head of cattle, 25 sheep, and o u«. then domestic animals, and furnishes sup plies for 50 paupers, by whom tire farm is Hf chiefly cultivated. It is calculated that, in a few years, the only expense to the town j will be the interest of the money paid for ihc farm.” Sale of Town lots in Macon. —The sale of twenty lots in this town took place on Mon day and Tuesday of the present week, at the following prices. S 1,450,950,553,405, 526, r 1,526, 1,205, 8 10; 60Q, 1,100 250, 352, 300, (532, 507, 41 0, 640, 451, 650, and 901. * Making an aggregate of 14,218 dollars. We ( may add as a proof of the increasing impor ' lance of the town, that the first twenty lots, (all of which were choice lots,) sold at about I 1$,00() dollars. Last year forty lots sold at an aggregate qf 8,779. Some of the lots |L were tlisadvantageously situated or they W would have gone at much higher prices.— I The sale was attended by persons from al- E., most every part of the state and many more I business lots could have been sold at high V prices.-— Georgia Messenger. K —— ryf ' If the lands lately ceded by the Greeks fg extend to the Etowah [(or Hightower] and M include all the Greek lands within the lim its of Georgia, w’e estimate the erea to he . 8096 square miles making 5,181,440 acres — ■ a territory not quite as large as the state of I Nevv-Lfampshire or Massachusetts, larger ■ than New Jersey, and larger than Rhode ■ Island, Connecticut, and Delaware united. K If, however the cession extends only to the ■ Chattahoochy, the length is about 140 miles, ■ and the average width about 47 miles : mak- V iug 6580 square miles, or 4,211,200 acres— I more than twice as large as the states ol I Rliode Island and Delaware together, and I about equal to 16 or 17 counties of the size It ot Jasper. — Ibid. I —Q.'Ql'O V Wilmington, (N. C.) Feb. 23. i / DREADFUL ACCIDENT. I Between 10 and 11 o’clock on Saturday » night last, the British brig General Brock ■j (of Liverpool,) capt. Whitlaw, was discov ■ ered to be on fire, in the aftkr part of the H hold. The persons on hoard had retired to ■' their births ; and the flames spread with such 01 rapidity, that those who saved themselves K in the boat, had not time to secure any ol ■ their clothing, or even provide themselves I with oars. Three men are missing, and it B is feared they were either suffocated oi ■ drowned. The General Brock laid about l| ,12 miles below the town, completing hei I cargo; and had on board 200 bales of cot- II ton and 900 barrels of turpentine. Capt, I Whitlaw was in town at the time of the ac- K cicle.nt. I '{%& last accounts we had from the brig ■ yesterday morning, was, that she had burnt I down to the water ; and that a lighter was B endeavoring to save all the articles she could I About the same time that the brig was I I discovered to be on fire, we had a tremend ■ pus gale of wind from the East. 'I wo vesseh ■ were drove oh shore opposite the town, hut I were got off on Sunday morning without re ceiring any damage.— Recorder. ■r ■ His Excellency William Eustxs, Govei- I nor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I died in Boston on Sunday Morning last.-- ■ | Between the religious services of the day the I bells of all the churches were tolled. The I duties of the office will for the remainder ol I the year devolve on the Hon. Marcus Mor ■ ton, tlie Lieut Governor. I Beil’s London Weekly Messenger of the ■ ■ 27th December, remarks, that the avowed I purpose of the French Cabinet to keep a por ■ tion of the French Army in Spain, had I been the cause of some division in the Bri- I tish Councils, and that the British Minis K ters were disposed to require the explaua 0,. tipns on the subject. VERY LATE FROM COLOMBIA. ; Charleston, Feb. 25. ; The Sylvester Ilealy arrived last night from Carthagena, and brought papers from 1 thence to the 6th inst. In the Gaceta del Cartagena of the 22(1 January, we find the ARTICLES OF CAPITULATION en tered into on the 9th..of December, by the Commander of the late Royal army in Pertn and the Patriot General Sucre, command ding the liberating army, in the absence of* Bolivar. The articles are liberal and contain. nothing harsh nor unusual in such instru ments —one of them stipulates for the sur-l renderof the port of Callao to the Patriots. ( Bolivar issued a congratulatory proclama tion to the Peruvians, dated at Lima, Dec. 22. We see no mention of him afterwards and the papers say nothing of his health, which had prevented him from leading his troops in person against the enemy. The enemy attacked General Sucre on the 9th December at Ayacucho—they were upwards of 9000 strong and Bolivar’s army not 6000 ; after a conflict of some duration the latter was completely successful, and! the whole Spanish army surrendered to the victors. , On the side of the Royalists, the Com-j mander in Chief was wounded, six 6enerali officers killed and two thousand six hundred j men killed' and wounded. On the side of the Patriots one General officer killed, eight other officers and three hundred men killed —six General officers, thirty-four inferior do. and four hundred and eighty rank and file wounded. We take, these particulars from the official account of the action pub lished by Bolivar’s authority. Thus the war in Peru is at an cud. •seite*- Hayti.—An extract of a letter to the ed itor of the Enquirer, dated at Paris the 4th December, confirms the statement made some time ago in the English papers, that the Independence of St. Domingo would be acknowledged by France. The writer ' says— “ I have just learnt, and in away that ren ders the information every way worthy of attention, that it is firmly believed that a Treaty has been concluded betv/een France and St. Domingo. St. Domingo is to pay . 100 millions ol francs as the price of the . acknowledgement of its independence—part' ■ nominally logo to Spain, as an indemnity : for its portion of the Island—but really to • France, as pay A'c. of French troops in Spain. . The Speech of the King of France in stating t that an indemnity may he given to the end ( grants without increasing the taxes, seems 5 to confirm all this.” Mexican Colton Seed. —Two senfiemen ci ■ of Fayetteville, N. C. obtained a year or ; two ago, a few seeds of cotton from Mexico, 1 which they planted and cultivated separate ly from the remainder of their cotton. The produce Las been a bale of cotton, which, * when brought to market, recently, was pro nounced superior to ,7.11 v received there this season, and commanded two cents per pound ! more than had been previously given, j- — a£tf.e>— We are happy to learn, from an authentic source, that the British Government has very recently communicated to this Government, > through our Minister at London, the iuter- B esting information, that that Government has ’ come to the determination to recognize the Independence of Mexico and Buenos j Ayres, and also of Colombia, reserving a I declaration, as to the latter, until the effect of the contest in Peru be more certainly de p # veloped ; and that this determination will he communicated successively to all the other foreign powers. y The misfortune of having one of his fin gers bit off, is briefly offered by a Western - editor as an apology for the delay in pub e lishinghis paper. (J I) (?j n At a meeting of citizens at the s City-Mall, on Saturday the 26sh nil. The Mayer r presented the following resolutions of the City -1 Council. ■'* “It having .been communicated (o the City t Council, that General LA FAYETTE will pro ,l- bably arrive in tins city on (he 23rd March. ,j. 11,-solved, unanimously. That a committee of six he appointed t" co-operate with such committee 1 vs miy be appointed by the citizens of Augusta F.r the purpose of making the arrangements re t. quired by tlie occasion. /leiolved, unaiiitnously, That the Mayor here {pieated to call the citizens together ami submit to them the foregoing resolution.”—• a Whereupon, K. 1(. limn, was called to the ■t Chair and Kuwait;, F. Campbell, appointed Se s crelary. | Colonel William C immino , offered the follow ing resolutions, whicli were considered and a dopted. Resolved, That a committee of six he appoint- S ed by this meetitrg to co-operate with the com it miuee of the City-Council in making suitable at-- rangements lor the reception of Gen. La Fayette. Resolved, that the military officers within the county ot Richmond be invited to appoint u committee to unite with the committees of the - Council and citizens, and that the Chairman of 1 this meeting communicate the invitation through the highest officer within the county. It was then on motion of Mr. Gould . e Resolved, That the Chairman do appoint the e committee of six under the first resolution, and if tie following persons were appointed rd - » K : >' : ~ Col WILLIAM GUMMING, Ur. ANUKIISUN WATKINS, VT.j. 1-lt EM AN W Af.KKIt, el Gen. T tiUMAS M.OURNOV, J RICHAUD TUBM \N. Esq. AUGUB lIN SLA 1 GH I’EU, Esq. 1 And the meeting then Adjourned. . R. li. Rt ld, Chairman. Attkst, Eli WARD F, CAMPBELL, Ses'vj. March 1.,. \M KETI \G of die Company will be held .it their U > ‘in, filly Halt, on Saturday the 5 li iust. at half past six o’clock, I*. >l. Menu) ra ■ire particular])’ requested to he punctual in tiieir Attendance as the election of tv.n Commis sion: il Officers, and arrangement* to toe t Gen. I.a Favktiu!, will he made on that opening. Uy order of Lieut. V. U. Briiiii.ow, li. B. Clayton, Sec'rg. G. R \l»vrh 1 71 VTTENTION. p J u M La Fayette, Riflemen , A MEETING of the tlorps will he held THIS? . EVENING, at 7 o’clock, at (he Companies Uoom, City 1 f»I! —Men bets me requested to he punctual in their attendance, and those yffio have not signed tin* Constitution, will please do it at tins meeting, no that they may uniform them elves —and be ready (n pay our humble tribute of res pect to the Nation’s Guest, Gen. I,a Favkttk, on Ins arrival here, which is supposed ,wiil ho about the 23d of the present month, Jiy order .of Cafit, Coldwell, ' 11. F. Bush, Secretary pro Tern. fCT Persons intending to become members of the Company, will please ni-ke personal applica tion at the above meeting. R. F. B. March 1 It 71 y Augusta Auxiliary Bible Society. j ? D'HK seventh \nnivcrsary of this Society will j S be celebrated To-morrow Evening the 2d .list, at the Baptist Church. 'I he Anniversary Ad* ; dress will he delivered by the Vice President, the report <d the Board of Managers presented, : mid the Officers and Managers elected for the ensuing year. The friends of the Institution and the public gniierallv, are invited to atiood. The ■ Moors will open at half past ids, and the I’.eai i dent wol lake the Clmir pieci elyat 7 .o’clo k. Wni. Bostwick, Seq’ry. , March 1 It 7 i > Take, utic«B , Cit v Road and Well he 182.? is now . M due, nid tin; Collector and Treasurer may be found at the store occupied by Ni L. Sturges, J Jun’r. on the corner ot Washington and Rr>ad J Street, every day (Sunday excepted) until the fu st day of May next, to receive payment for tin Public notice is hereby given that execu , tions wiil be issued against all defaulters home 1 inlely alter the tuns specified. Nathaniel L. Sturges, Collector ar.d Treasurer, March I, 1825. lot r 71 5 .... 5 I‘ructice o t tSY vdwVVecy. 5 r|SllEisubscriher, lately from the Glasgow school ’■ SL respectfully tenders her services to the La i lies 6f Augusta, in the practice of Midwifery. In addition to considerable experience in pri elyate practice, and in the infirmary, she has en j. joyed tlie opportunity of a full course of lectures on Midwifery, in the Glasgow Institution and has 'he honor of holding a regular license from the fa culty of the same. Uy the recommendation of respectable acquain tances in G.iarleAlon, she has located herself in 1 this place, and hopes to merit liberal patronage. Site may be found at M>n. Garvin’s. Mary Tsclmdy. a We, the imdersigned, tnkd pleasure in stating ' hat we have seen Mrs. Tschudy’s license from r the faculty of Glasgow, and are of opinion that it - is genuine and satisfactory. A. WATKINS* M. ANTONY. March, 1 2t 71 situatum WawtfcA. * A PERSON wishes a situation in a ri-spectrlde X« llrv goods or, Grocer) store. He can come well recotnm -nded, a line addressed to A. L. and - left at this Office, will meet with attention. I March 1 71 It S IVAIM’S FAuYAUFA. WM, H. TURPIN, Jigent for Dr. Stvaim, HAS JUST RKCKIVKI) • %2T.X Dozen Rottles of this new and valuable *T MEDICINE—Price reduced to $3 HU per ■ Bottle. —also Jl fresh and extensive supply of k j Nltdivirvvi, - Paints, Oil, Window Glass, Putty, Lamp Oil, &c. f £*c. Ike. 11 February 11 3t* r 66 W auVvd U» Hire. GOTpILL the first of January next, lour yoiinf 'I w NEGROES, accustomed to work, Irorn the ■ ! »ge ol 13 to 25 l B. Picquet. | January 91 6# Vo v hv UAvti, I A Negro Woman, a good Cook, Washer ant IA Ironer. For parti cub" a apply to William Mackie, February 22 if 69 ijook auvV 3ah PtuvUug, : Acuity Executed at this Office. WILL BE SOLD, .It the Market Home THIS DAV, All the NED HOES, belonging to the estate ol Gkusiia.u Sellkcki deceased, viz ; Peter, Th niton. Hob, Sain, liciiry, J.ucy, Poll) uul ii.iry Aim, (three of winch are good Sad die)s. I -A'SO— A I r iot of (.AM) ip. Early, the 26tb District, , No. 975. And a ' r.ict in Greene County. , iIT I T‘■ i;i* months c.edil—Notes with approved security. ISy ortkr of the . hhuinislrator. Bngg A: Savage, Auctioneers. March I 2t 7U ■ utav’» £>a\e. This Day, at I*3 o’clock, Will be sold at the Vl«i ket-Ilom-c, One Lot LAND, 350 Acres. No. li)9, tenth District Early County, belonging to the Estate of Jons Willson', deceased. Uy order of the Executors, Fraser, Bowdre & Henkel], ' Mvlieneers. March 1 54, City SketifTs Sa\e. Will be sold THIS DAY, at the market house, between the usual hours of sale, One Bed, two Matrasses, one Bar rel Crockery, six Windsor Chairs, wearing ap pare], Sic. ILS" — 1 Two Harmonica’s in Mahogany W.-.anes, and a hue collection of Music, levied on as s the property of Ann Richardson, to satisfy a h fa * at the instance of Eliza Payne, issued trom the ■ Mayor’s Court. A. Picquet, Sheriff, C. A. J Match 1 68 Sheriff’s Sale. Will he sold on the first Tuesday in April next, at the Court house door in Wayneshorough, Burke County, within sale hours : 80 Acres of Land, adjoining lands ! of Lewis Whitlield and oiliers, and 6U acres ad joining lands of Will am Tilly and others, levied on as the property of John Thompson, deceased to satisfy two executions in ( of Ward L Bozeman and William Thompson, v.> Tahitha Thompson, admin stratris of John'Thompson, . deceased. also— j One negro man named Manly, le . vied on as the property of Benjamin Hue 1, to satisfy two executions in favour of S. L, Royal, ( Executor of William Royal, for the use ot Willi,llll e Red and Peter Lequ tix and James Poilnll, F.s’rs. j of I’. Cotton, deceased. t —also— One large dark rhcsuut sorrel Horse, levied on os the properly ol George .VP- Kay, 10 satisfy an Execution in favour of Augus tus Jones, dec. one negro Girl, named Phillis, levied on as -he property of.ltasdil Warnock, dec* to satisfy an Execution in favour of liurket D Thompson, against the Administrators of said ' Warnock, deceased. —ALSO— -375 Acres of Land, adjoining e Lands of and otheis, levied up as the 1 property of Jacob Hurst, to satisfy an Execution - in favour of Jacob Dressor, junr, bearer, pointed out by defendant. —also— -200 Acres of Land, more or less, . adjoining Lands of Mary Gudbey and others, le vied on as tiie properly of William Godbee, lo - satisfy an Execution in favour of Mary Griffin, pointed out by Samuel Godbee, and returned by a constable; I —also— -074 Acres of Land, adjoining Lands of Turner U. Moore ami others, levied on as the propetty of John It, Moore, to satisfy sum 8 dry Executions issued from .1 Court, in ‘ favour of John C. R', and now for the u e ‘ of Howell D. Burke, point 1 out by John li. Moore, and returned by James 1 mdule, consta !. ble - r ’ —Ai.SO One negro hoy named Paddy, le vied on as the property of Matlicw Bell, deceas ed, to satisfy an Execution in favour of Mary White, Administratrix of Ji site White, deceased, ft against J. R. Moore, Administrator of M. Bell, II deceased returned by James Tindalc, Constable. 11 —ALSO—- 410 Acres of I .and, adjoining Lands Os Amos Wiggins and others, levied on a; the properly of Richard Evans, to sa’isfy an Ex - edition in favour of Jo ha C. L’oythress, pointed out by defendant, *— ALt.U e 200 Acres cf Laud, adjoining e Lands of the Estate 1 f Isaiah Carter, deceased 1 and Olliers, levied on at the property of Thoma- Holliday, to salisiy an Execution 111 iavuur ol I iiornas V/ard, returned by a Constable. ALSO One negro man named Jim, levi ed on as the property ol Lewis Uyne, to satisfy iindry /J. fas, issued from a Magistrates Court ol i Burke County, in favour of Harmon or Hurst, | against L. Uyne and K.chard Uyne. P j —also— rl One negro Girl, named Hetty, le vied on as the proper y of L tvis Uyne, to satis ty an Execution in favour of E. St 11. Uyne. —also— -11 Negroes, viz: Jack and his wife Nancy, and tier two children, Lewey and Joe, Winny and her three children, Jack, Cut - lonely and Emily, Cloe and her child Hose, and a woiiii.ii hilly, levied on as the property of Lewis i Byue, to satisfy an Execution in favour of Charles —also— -383 1-3 Acres of Land, adjoin ing Lands of James 11. Bryant and others, levied _ ou as the property ot James Russell, to satisfy ui Execution in favour of Francis Ward, ALSO — 1(1 i 576 1-3 Acres of Land, adjoining I Lancs of Bollock and Carpenter, S. L, Scar brongh’o Dower, levied on as the property ol I Thomas Scarbrough, to satisfy an Execution in fa - | vo:.r of the State of Georgia. John T. Forth, s. u. c. February 24, 1825 5t r 71 circus!" ; , Jhe Public are most respectfully informal that the Celeb rule 1 1 Equestrian, 5 MSI. HUNTER fs engaged fur n few nights and will make hie second appearance in Augusta, This Evening, (Tuesday,) March IsL Performance every Evening. SETTS'™* TO COMMENCE WITH A <i!Bi\WsD atHtflßßß 'Peasant's FtoWc, By Master WHITTAKER. wrwxiir- i xn* RUNNING VAULTING, . By the Ifho/c 'l'ioop. ) j»wiiw MRS. WILLIAMS, C'Phe Intrepid Equestrian,J will go through hoi elegant Aus <»t Equestrianism, and conclu le will) die Six Divisions of the liroad-Sword—the Horse in full speed. STILL VAULTING, By the whole. Troop, viz : Messrs. Hlyil), Asteii, Hunt, Hughes, Whitta ker, Sessford, M'Conn—Chatter-Box Cabbie Joke, (ll)e Clown) WILLIAMS. HORSEMANSHIP , By Mr. BLYTH, , On two beautiful Hordes who will perform the anUioiis Ecat of carrying Master Whittakkk at arms length— the Horses at full speed. The beautiful Mm? Fanny, Will {,O through the wh >le ot her aaluuisliiiig per formances. ; GRAND TRAMPOLINE, Over Horses, through Hoops, &,c. ike. i By Master Hunt. ! STICK VLAN CL, TO CONCLUDE WIT It THE UUINkS OF TROY ; OR, An\inutvA *X\vtAwuVsiw, BY THE WHOLE TROOP. MR. MAXCY, Will perform a popular Air on the Pa tent Kent Bnvia. llursfcYiuuiftVuv* l?y Mr. • Who, (hr Llegimee and perfi ct ll lance, stands classed one nf the first Horsemen n the world ; I will ride w tlnmt Saddle or Bridle ! ! tlie Horse going al < till speed. He will-go Hi c .ugh a vat t <•: ly of Feats never before witin r -oil in 'lns enun . try, and conclude with Uie wonderful ell'orl of 1 the DRUNK UN HUSSAR. Tlir K..enin(|St I’erlorruatites t.c.nclmle with THE HUNTED TAYLOR, OH, . ' Mr. Button’s Journey to Brentford. Hilly Hutton, .... Mr. BLY I’ll, Clown, Mr. WILLIAMS. nMiwinw Persons visiting the Circn-, are respe'ctf'ully re > commended to purchase Tickets of Admission du -1 ring the day; to avoid CONFUSION and DE LAY rt the doors io 'he Ea rning. aj’ Admittance to the Foxes One Dollar, PIT ' Fifty Cents. *,* Children under ten years of age, admitted to the Boxes and I'd at half price. Ilf Doors open at: half past six, and Perform jifn:- to commence at a quartet past seven o’clock. til Tiokois may be procured at the Circus and ' at the Llobe-Tavern during 11 • day. i { r j) No miking allowed within the, Honrs of the , Circus. March 1 71 , BUSHELS Liverpool (.round S&ltfF 9 1 Pint S.iLE .IT THE STEAM HO AT WHARF, BY A. R. Gordon. J February 4 fit 64 Vvom Xu. S to G 1-2), Bobbinett Lace Veils, I AND ’ Vj Case Super Canton Crapes, JUS'!' RECEIVED AT THE FANCY DRY GOODS STORE. F. Dupont. February to Gt 67 ; " I, »,» R P AHKKU’S Picture of DANAB, is now 1V S ready tor exhibition, in one of the hunt rooms, in the (.econo story ot the City-Hail. Angus's. February TS 63 N otice. A LL persons indebted to the subscriber prior i\ to the Ist of .1 notary 1 isii are requested to come forward and make immediate payment, as s ? longer indulgence cannot he given. Perseus in ' debled to the la'e firm ot li. D, & I. Thompson, il are alao requested to make immediate settlements with the subscriber, who is alone autborued to close the accounts of the concern. B D. Thompson. i Augusta, March f. :lt 7\