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The constitutionalist. (Augusta, Ga.) 1823-1832, May 31, 1825, Image 1

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js flj| " Many of the political evils, under which every Country in the world labours, are uol owing to any want of love for °or Country, but to au ignorance of its real constitution and interests.” pIIIKSTLY || NEW SERIES Vol. 11. AUGUSTA, TUESDAY MORNING, MAY 31, 1825. .No. 97. |p V * I 111 Cije Coittftitiitionali.tft J I IS PUBLISHED EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY, V BY W. J. BUNCE, '/J AUGUSTA, GA. |i j Ufolna and Glass Ware. | f T. H. CHAMBERLIN, |w No» 5, Gibbons * Building s t !r HAS JfTST r^CBIVEUf By the. late arrivals from Liverpool, JVew-York anil Boston, a large- assortment of I, v CROCKERY, CHINA \\ iind Glass Ware, Which will be soitVlow for Cash, or approv al cd Paper. ' IK i Savannah, Miiv 12 61 9.? I Tl\a Subscribers I n ■ Ju» ESIROUS of cloning 1 heir present concern, I I otter tor sde at reduc ;d prices, their stook of Vt . Wines, fine old Liquors and Groceries, generally - W * assorted—what is not previously sold, wdl be d is posed ot at AUC TION on the second of June I » next : f 20 Hhds, do do ( MhBHHK 10 Uhls. K. E. Rum, (L 4 'l:.ijs. Jamaica d 0 W 3 Pipes Cognac Brandy, A 6 do. Mollnnd Gin, f 20 Barrels Nor l hern do. I 4 Pipes t'euneriff’e Wine, assorted brands, 1 10 Barrels' do do ) I » do. Malaga (10 . £ so™ very fine. Madeira, Sherry, Lisbon, Maiwesy, Port, Cla■! rel, Pico, Madeira, in half Pipes, Quarter I Casks and Deni Johns, r 40 Pieces Baltic Hemp Bagging, 500 Lbs German Steel, 62 Bii(>s Ceftee, Green and big White, Sls Hhds. Jamaica, St. Croix and Muscova do Sugars, 1000 Lbs. Loaf and Lump do Mackerel, Spice and Pepper, Teas, Blown and Basket Sail Vinegar, Tobacco, Segars, &c. &c. A. 1. & (i. W. Huntington, 1 j May 1 7 93 | [f. 3| llvSDvfiJ BARRELS Mackerel, u No. 3, of a superior quality m'-'tsaESZaCi for sale, 10 b~ delivered at the Wharf, on the arrival of the Steam Boat South Carolina. B. Picquet.* May 10 yi OV.D~POU,T WANE. DEMIJOHNS of old Rorix Port, Vin- 1 t.-gr . , 1820.—Certified by the Royal Company I of Oporto. 1 1 25 Dozen bottles ditto, Vintage of 1816, rnu str.E »( A. I. & (r. W. Huntington, i March 22 77 1 n()ThTe. I The following articles having been received! by Steam Boat Company's Boats, and are now in the Ware-House, if not claimed previous! to the 25th June next, (hey will on that day be 1 sold at Vucti m, to pay freight and other ex j pences:— Marks. Articles. No Mark 3 5 bundles Paper, ( h>. do. 1 barrel Liquor, “ Jos. Gresham” 1 box, Diamond Mark 1 Parrel Liquor, •L 1 box, I- 11. 1 bundle Fisk, “ Rev. A. Hammond 1 box, 1 W. 1 barrel Liquor, G. ] crate. ‘‘J. L. Graves” 2 boxes, Win. J. Wood, Treasurer Steam Boat Company. Augusta, May 15. 1825 93 , liUM-BEIC FACTORAGE AND Commission Business. At his old stand in Savannah, near the Fort, and /s piepaied to make suitable advances upon all) produce placed in his hands fop sale, John Everingham, jr. j Apfd 12 83 SCOFIELD, PHELPS & Co. " DRAPERS AJVD TAILORS H AVING formed a connection with Mr. Henry Howard, late ol Baltimore, have removed heir Establishment to No. 88, Broadway, corner o( Wall-Street, where their Business will in future be conducted under the firm of SCOFIELD, PHELPS & /TOWARD, New-York, June, 1823 7 a © ir T .. . A HE inhabitants of Augusta and vicinity, are 1 inloimed that a supply of ICE has been receivc*d at the new Ice House, back of the Eagle- Tavern, where it may be obtained from sunrise to souse' every day during the summer. Persons living at a distance, can have it packed so as to keep several days. iiez. Dickinson, Jce House Keeper. Mav 3 yy & The concerns of Joseph Eve, 1 will be attended to during his absence from the ? slate, by James C. Campbell and Edward A Eve. May 20 04 » m m—WUTMUM—mu—i—iß—■■iTimmiih 'min ~ i—■« No. 164 liroad Street, l\aH\is WecfeiveiV A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF SUMMER CLOTHING, which will be disposed of low, for cash. May 20 94 SSCHANIfiE OmCG UNITED STATES AND POST NOTES, AI.SO, DRAFTS ON BOSTON, BALTIMORE, PROVIDENCE, W ASHING I ON CITY, NEW YORK, PETERSBURG, VA. PHILADELPHIA, CH ARLES TON, S. C. AND SAVANNAH, For sale by Beers, Bunnell & St. John, Broad, corner of .1 Plntosh street. Gold and Silvkii Coin and all kinds of Bank Notes. Bought and Sold. Novembi r 12 40 LA FAYETTE HAT AND CLOTHING WAREHOUSE The Subscriber r s opening in liroad street, one door below Mr. Al ten’s Rat Store, t LIHOE AND GENERAL ASSORTMENT OF Ihnts AND CLOTHING, ! Consisting of Oress coats, Frock Goats Drab box Coats Double h Single mill’d Oassimare Pantaloon Broad Cloth, Sstinett and Corduroy do Toiiinett, Valentia, Swans,down ?; blsck silk Vests Blue and black Cloth and Cassimere do Superfine Linen and Colton, frilled and plain Shirts Knitted, Cotton, Worsted and Lambswocl Shirts and Drawers Flannel do do Tartan and Camblet Cloaks Ladies do Boy's Dresses Youth’s close body Coats Gentlemen's superfine Hats, some yery wide brims Immitation beaver do La Fayette, boys and mens seal skin Caps Washington, Jackson and La Fayette Slocks | Silk Umbrellas i Hosiery Gloves, he. —ALSO—- Negro Jackets and Trowsers House servants Coatees and Pantaloons Fearnought gr at Coats Guernsey Frocks, red flannel Shirts Striped and Check go Common Linen ( ] 0 Woollen Gloves, and many other articles in his Hue. j The above GOODS are New-York made, and ■ Till be disposed of wholesale and retail, at New- I York prices. J. P. Hetze. December 3 4b PoUs\\td Waislbftlts, BiracfcVels, &c. W'E subscriber has this day received per ship iA Doris from Liverpool, an elegant assortment of Polished Steed Waistbelts, Bracelets, Buckle ; uid Clasps, ot the newest fashion. —also — Yard Neck Chains, Necklaces, Negligies, Best London Hair, Cloth and Habit Brushes, Perfumed Soaps, &c. See, George Oates. March 18 76 iN mice. Dividend, No. 1. I A DIVIDEND of Six Dollars per share, ha been thin day declared, on the pn fits of tin/ Steam-Boat C nnpany, for the last four months, payable on the first Monday in June next, to tin Stock Holders, or their authorised Agents, al tin Steam Boat office, Savannah. Wm P. Hunter, Treasurer S B. C. Savannah, March 2. 1825 90 & B. B. Hopkins having deter mined to reside permanently on the Sand-Hills, wishes to dispose of h;s house in Augusta ’The terms will be reasonable, and accommodating as 0 payments. As that part of the city is likely 1c become the scene of extensive business, the house is very favourably situated tor (hat purpose. Thr budding is well calculated for both a store and Iwelling : the lower story being entirely separa cd from those above. Should the property not he sold by the 25th of April it will he Rented. Possession can be had m the fir-t of May. March 18 76 A Branch of the Classical and English Seminary of Augusta, will be removed u the Sand-hills. The school, under the directioi of the Kev. Mr. Sheehan, will open on Mondav May 16th, 1825. Jj Edward Swiney, prefect. May 13 0] , & E.EIU, OFFER FOR SALE, Their entire Stock lit JDfiTT CB <D <D 3®» 0» Hein;; desirous of closing 1 tlieir present con cern. Liberal terms will be given, both in pri ces and credits. -| May 24 3t 95 iis#©® for u Augusta Masonic Hall Lottery, Samuel Hale, Robert R. Reid, Thomas I, Wray, Jhigustin Slaughter, William IV. Holt, John IV. Wilde, B. D. Thompson, SEftEME. 1 Prize of 830,000 is 830,000 1 Prize of 20,000 is 20,000 4 Prizes of 10,000 is 40,000 4 Prizes of 5,000 is 20,000 5 Prizes of 1,000 is 5,000 10 Prizes of 500 is 5,000 50 Prizes of 100 is s*ooo , 100 Prizes of 50 is 5,000 ’ 5000 Prizes of 10 is 50,000 51 75 Prizes, ) ,0,,/,™ 12825 Blanks, \ 180,000 18,000 TICKETS at TEN DOLLARS, Less than two and an half /Hanks to a Prize. The prizes only to be drawn, and to be all floating Iro n the commencement except the fob ■lo ving, which will be deposited In the wheel at idelinite periods, viz : ON THE FIHBT DUAWINB, i prize of 10,000 Si 1 of 500 2d. 1 prize of 5,000 81 lof 1,000 81 lof 50f 3d. 1 prize of 10.000 L 1 of 500 n 4th. 1 prize of 5,000 & lof 1,000 &I of 50C sth. 1 prize of 10 00 ' & lof 500 k sth. 1 prize of 5.000 81 lof 1 000 81 lof 50( 7t!t. 1 prize of 10,000 ik 1 of 5,000 £1 1 of 50C Sib. 1 prize of 20 000 8i 1 of 1.000 81 2 of 50C " 9th. 1 prize of 30,000 81 X of 1.000 81 1 of 50t The Scheme is sp emjid, and for richness and d safety if investment, offers equal if not superiot inducements lo any of the Northern Lotteries. The whole Lottery to be completed in N itie Ui •awiiigs Only, Prizes payable in Thirty Hays after the com pletion of the Drawing, if applied for within e twelve months. Prize Tickets will be received in payment for any Tickets (bat may remain unsold it) the course of th Drawing, Present Price of Tickets, Whole Tickets glO I Quarters, g 2 50 Halves, 5 | Eighths, 125 1 For sale in a threat variety of numbers at the COMM/SSW VEH’S OFFICE, No. 2»41, Eroad Street. A FEW U Oils BELOW THE BANK. 07 Orders fur Tickets and Shares from any part of the United States, POST PAH), ami inclosing the Cash, addre-sed lo the Secretary 6 will meet prompt attention. ~ J- S. Beers, Secretary to the Commissioners. N, B Darien Pills -util be received at par for PICKETS April 25 f=7 __ THE Ware-House and Dwei ling, occupied by Mr. P. Stovall. , llliHß Possession will be given the first of dBMSfHfc October. „ Samuel Hale. May 27 8t 96 Vuv iSa^e. Jbpi Two Stores and Lots, upper end Si mb Line Hyad street—nearly JIIUB opposite 1{ Mai me &■ Co’s Ware ■HMhouse j which will be sold low wl cash or approved acceptance, on reasonable terms. Apply to James P. Maguire. April 29 88 MFur Sale. A Hou e and Lot on the Sand-Hills.— A Four Wheel Carriage and pair 1 ot Horses.—Two Negro Women, House Ser 1 vants, —Apply at this office. Mav 20 4t 94 Is otice. ALL persons are cautioned against trading for a certain note of hand, given by (he subscri - her to Robert Lumlay and Rob-ft Hevill of Seri , ven County, in tins Stale, for three hundred and fifty dollars, dated on the 11th day of January, s 1325. and due the Ist day of January next, a* I . urn determined not 10 pay the said note miles ? compelled by law, as the same was obtained tor . unsound property, and also for property to which 1 (he said Lundy and Hevill had, as i have good rea sons to believe, no just right or title, so that n consideration lor the said note bus ever been given, Christopher Snell. F.nuivue / County, A mil I i 1 825 fit* 9 1 IS otice. 1 BANK BILL has been found by a servant of the subscriber, which the owner can liavi by giving a satisfactory description of the same paying for this advertisement and a small reward to the finder. Patrick H. Cams. May 10, 1825 91 s. — - ■ - i aiii®au:s} ®»laAiLiers Carriage Maker. H VS received i part ot his Spring Supply ot CARRIAGES and GIGS, which makes his j assort nenl of Gigs complete—consisting of first, second ami third rate Leather and Suntop Gig . : i- one Coaehee and one ChaHoiee. Being regular i ly supplied with an extensive assoitment, direc 1 from the various manufactories ot Newark and its * vicinity, be is disposed to sell on as good terms as 1 “The articles cun hi obtained in Augusta . ( I (C/’Orders for any kind of Carriages will be * forwaided and executed in the best manner, at 1 I the manufacturing prices. Gigs and Carriages 1 built to order. Repairing in ail branches, at short j notice, on the most reasonable terms. March 22 ts 77 YAUEV.NE MATT EE, DOCTOR HOUPIs, INFORMS the persons who have applied to him, and others, that he lias just received fresh Vaccine Matter. Applications lo be made at his Sicamllith Establishment or at Mrs. Sera’s opposite the City- Hotel. • t Mav 20 3t 94 (IJ* 'rake Notice. PERSONS who have not paid (heir ROAD AND WELL TAX, for the year 1825, are requested to call on the Collector and I reastirer and settle the same before (lie first day of June next. After that lime, executions will be issued against all defaulters. Nath 1 ! L. Sturgcs, Collector and 1 1 easnrer. May 17 4t 93 ly&wlwamT II miJE Subscriber has removed 10, and opened p JL an office in the Town of Sjparts, Hancock it County. He will attend the courts of the Nor them Circuit, and the comities of Morgan, Green, Putnam and Baldwin of (lie Ocmulgee Circu t. Ulysses Lewis. ,q (Sparta. Ga.) May 17 8’ r 93 « ILiilWo ® T —‘ ' l 0! -1- HE subscriber having resumed the practice Jof LAW, tenders his services to the public. He : y 1 will attend most of the Courts in the Western (1 Circuits, the adjoining counties in the Flint and 1 Ocmulgee, and the counties of Lawrena, Twiggs and Pulaski, in the Southern Circuits. Thomas W. Harris. (77 Letters addressed to him Monroe, Wal ton county, will be attended 10. February 8 3m 65 I) —1 ■ Notice. e iTpHE subscribers have connected themselves wL in the practice of the LAW—(hey wilj uni formly attend all the counties of the Northern Circuit, and she county of Franklin, of the Wes tern Circuit, one of them will be generally found at their office in Elberton, where they will take e pleasure in transacting the business ot those who may be unfortunate enough to be involved in the Law I John A. Heard, Thomas J. Heard. [1 January I, 1825 57 A (JAHI). DR. HALL, offers his professional attendance 1 to the public, in surgery, the obstetnek aft J r cle in the practice of Physick. * t Application made at the U. S. Arsenal, nea s Augusta, Geo. will receive his attention. s - ‘ April 26 t 87 a uivmoN. I* |y 1. A pHE public are cautioned against purchasing ( ] ,f ol the Ica-e of the lot and improvements on \ Broad Street in the uppeg part of Augusta, where I now reside. The reason of this Camion is, that Mr James P. Stuart having failed to dispone of the lease and improvements this day, at auction, in consequence of the notice given to the bidders, 8 relative to Mr. Stuart’s title may attempt a less r public mode ol silling that which is in tact not ~ liis lam in possession of the property and will - ; not abandon it 10 quiet the humours ot Mr. Stuart f; " r This property is pledged to Inin to secure (lie! j p pay mdnf of from four to lour hundred and fifty, M dollars, which debt it slia'.l pay as soon as it cun l I fairly be sold according to the agreement be j 1 ween Mr. Stuart and myself, but I should do in 'justice lo myself and my creditors were I to suffer “ this property to be sacrificed to the whim or pas sion ol Mr. Stuart, who has no right to it beyonu what is above staled. 8 A. Gr, Halford. r May 16 1825. 6t 93 inotileT Public are cautioned against trespassing 1. oil the Houses and Lots of the subscriber upper end of town —especially against hauling v .and or earth (Tom the river hank nr contiguous thereto. Each and every person offending shall 1 have Uie law rigorously enforced against him of 3 them. j Hugh Nesbit. January 21 60 , > N otice. . £\ LL persons to whom the la'e Francis Bouyei h ot the city of Augusta, deceased, is indebl I J 1 ed. ' ire requested to present their demands with It m the time prescribed by law , and those indebl- V ed, are requested to make immediate payment. ' B, Houyer, ) u 1 1/ • 1f Px VS. P raul H , December 21 5] i n tup hire by the inuntk or year, 4 NEGRO Ui) uA.N a good COOK VVASHF.Itj aV and IKON EH, tor luither particulars aiiplji at tins office. May 17 6t * ■•■ t . 1 An Ordinance. BOA I S of all kinds wlucii shall contain any damaged corn, [mind matter nr substance of any kind, nr wind) shall come from any pi ce in fected with malignant nr contagious distas. . ahull atop on the Savafmah river at such ,duct ua shall be directed by Council, and there remain until ex amined by such physician or physicians as Coun ci 1 may appoint tor that purpose t and unit, the said physician or physicians shall issue Ins or their certificate, siating that such b -at or ’boms ih.y come to the city of Augusta, witln ut endangering the he«|th of said City '; And any owner 01 mana ger of any boat, arriving withi" the hmita of -his Citv without first complying with the regulate con'anieii in this Ordinance, on conviction thereof, shall forfeit ami pay a sum not exceeding five hun dred dollars. In confonr.ity to the above Ordinance, NOTICE is hereby given, that all Boats arri ving from Charleston, from and alter this day, will be required to anchor in the center of the ri ver, below the Bridge, and there to remain (with out my'intercourse with the City) until examii cil by Duct, I horripson the physician appointed hy the t/ity Council and receiving his cer. ificale of permission, and all officers ol the cny are hereby commanded to enforce the above notice and ordi nance. B. H. Warren, y A. Voore, Committee. J. Molliiisliead, S May l.'l * 41 92 An Ordinance Regulating the Mooring of Routs at the Wharves. Sec. I. licit ordained by the City Council' of Augusta, that from and alter the publishing of this Ordinance, no empty boat having less than three able and competent men on board at all limes, shall bp permitted to fasten to, or anchor 1 at, any place opposite the city above tin Bridge, ; for more than four days unless when securely las tened with a sluing chain or cable at least fifty , feel in length to a growing trie, not leas than twelve inches in diameter, and that in the event ol a considerable rise in l!;e Itiyer, such imply boat, not fastened as aforesaid, shall be iminedi . ately removed below the Bridge 2. Bacii boat engaged id lading or unlading during a high river, shall have at least ft ur aide men constantly on board, and shall be securely fastened or anchored, in such a manner as n, pre vent her swinging or drifting on the Wharf. 3. The City Marshal, or any other officer of Council shall have, antj they are hereby’vested with power, and are required, to remove or cause to be removed, at the risk ai d i xpense o( the owner, to some place below the Bridge, any boat or boats, which may be neglected by the owner or agent , and fop each boat s" removed the ofii cer shall be entitled to ten dollars, to b 1 receiv ed from the boat dwnei*, in the same manner as 1 other expense! inen red in the removal. 4. The owner or owners of any and every boat shall be liable to a fine, at the discretion of If .un ci not exceeding two hundred dollars, tor each and every violation of this Ordinance, and snail moreover repair all damages done to the WtiurveS or Bridge in const qneoce ol such violation. Done in Council, the sth January, 182.5. K. ii. Heid, Mayor of the city oj Augusta. By the Mayor Geo. M Walker, Clerk. April 22 86 Seventy Second Section General OHi»LN ANCtt. I f shall be the duty of ail and every person or persons occupying a Lot nr pan ol a Lot in this City, to remove from his, her or their Premi ses, at the times herein prescribed, all decayed and decaj,iig vigetable and aiimai substances, and in general every thing lending to corrupt tin air, and place ihe same in the street oppo site to his, her nr their Lot, lw<niy tect be. yond its boundary line The above mentioned duty to be pci formed before Nine o’emek in (he Morning : District No. J, on Mondays and fhnrsdays. District Nn. 2, on Tuesdays a 1 d Fridays, District No 3. on Wednesdays and Saturdays. It is particularly requested dial filth shall not be thrown out at any other tim -. Ity order of the Stri ct Committee. May 2U 94 r are the Stationary C .mini tees IL ot Council for the year ending the second Monday in April, 1826 ; On City Hall. ■ Mt-srs. Thomas, Warren, U„le. ()n Police. - Hal ■, Dillon, I'h'-mas. On Hosf>iinl.~.l Mo ire, Mol insln-ad, Bowdre. On liouds —Bowdre, Billon, Hale. On Accounts —Hale, \ Moore, J. M mre. On /liver Hank and Wharf V, Moore, J, M'koc, Uaolurtli, Bowdre. On Streets --Bowdre, Dillon, Warren. On Jail Warren, Daliforth, Thomas. On /> Hl7lß Danforth, Hale. J M (lore. On / J unitß - vVnrr'-n, A Vloore. On iJiHon, H' l i ishead. J*ub linked hy or tier of Council. Geo. M. Walker, (TJc. May 20 94 OoVleclor tvm\ iWceivfev’s NO I K K. |%7F. will attend at the following t!me« and vv p aces, for the purpose of collecting die fax' s I the year eighteen hundred a.d twenty, lour (1824) and receivii g returns of Taxable Proper'y tor the year eighteen bundled and wenty five (1825 y, vz. at the Ci'vHdel, on Monday the 25di if April, 9ih end 23rd of May itxt, at the (iiobe ’Tavent, n Tuesday the 261 h >f April, 10 h and 24th of M.y next —at the •lanters’ Hotel, on Wednesday the 27;h of April ml llthand 25th of May next, and wilt re ndu from ten to one o’clock, A. M. at each i lace. K- Bu£g, Tax Collector, It dunnnil County. M F. Koisclair, If reaver Tax Returns, Richmond County April 12 83