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The Cedartown record. (Cedartown, Ga.) 1874-1879, January 09, 1874, Image 1

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THE RECORD. W. S, D. WIKLE & CO., Proprietors. CEDARTOWN, GEORGIA, SATURDAY, JANUARY «), 1875. VOLUME I. NUMBER 30. LATE NEWS SUMMARY. WEST. Within the* past twelve mouths Illi nois riilrnvl < lure kilted 227 parsons and nnlnuvl 101 There are said to bo moro idle min ers among the coal legions of Onlo now than at any time since the panic. A dispatch from Tuscan snyn very rich gold niiuea havo boon dlsoorcred in 8oi- om. on the Pan Miguel river. The cl Ira* Eight warriors, thirty nine squaws Mid uappooMs, and siit.V-two ponies, belong ing to the Me Ucino Water band Of -Chey- emioa. surrendered m conditionally at Oboy- euuo agoMjr on the 20tb inat. Two white *»id to n.if. who i, i the Staked Dai which within the sold for l*« tha cd on tho following Monday r and at once a fneilado commenced, resulting tu tha killing of two negroea outright, and tho wounding of othors, aud tho. perhaps, mortal wounding of two white won. Tho negroes wore driven for refuge into a house, which was at once surrounded and sot tiro to The negroes, finding that they were about to he burned out. surrendered, aud woro placed in jail. MISCELLANEOUS. Nows ooiucfl from Now York that Mullet ha* a aneeessor in tho pereou of Win. A. Potior, son of Bishop Potter. Lieut. Frederick Collins, command ing the United fUaten survojlng expedition, loaves Washington to muster hi* force* and equip thorn for tho expedition. lie will sail in the tlr*t Pacific mad steamer In January for Antwerp, thenoe to proeood in tho Uuitod states vessel Cananldlgua to Atrato. THOM WASHINGTON. Four hnndrod men end women woro Pa'nrday diacharged from tho Engiavlng and Printing Bursutt of the treasury, in oonse- qnenee of a largo part of tho work of tho bureau having been transferred to Now York. The total amount of mutilated cur rency rooeivod from tho treasurer and comp troller since the passage of tho act of June 30 last, i* *41,08(5,803, nearly the whole amount northern army was unreliable, resigned, after protesting. A telegram has beou rooeivod from Madeira stating that throe of the crew of tho emigrant *hip (’ospalrick, from London for Now York, had arrived at Ht. Helena, and rfl- 0 os pa trick burned at sea. Only I' three pc lr, tho second mate and two sea Tlioeo woro picked up by tho British Sceptre, after having been ten days it open boat, subsisting part of the time oi tleah and blood of other* who cliod whili Tho i rick November 17, off tho ( The alilp Oospatrlok Wi Aukland. New Zealand. po of Good Hope. from London for tho sailed Septem ber H. It 1* now estimated that four hundred and sixty-five lives were l«>et by the disaster. Advices from Faria aro to tho effect that Alfonso, hou of ox-Queen Isabella, lias been proclaimed king of Spain, and that tho event i* hailed with rejoicing by the Hpan- larda. Isabella, in response to a diapateli of Gen. Prinlo do Kivera. sent the following tele gram : “The king proceeds to Spain imme diately.” Alfonso ha* telegraphed to tho Jiope, asking Ilia Mossing, and promising that lie will, liko hi* ancestors, defend the right* of tho holy see. 11c did not pass throng! icli ha cd In i al ha Tho commissioner of Imlisn effai Paris, bn disembark e tional di*. a Alfonso ha* , Hpai dire He will ml to ho allowed t sottlo up all trouble) 11111 bet •.tired from the field with. EAST. Dipthcrffl boa n firm hold Statistics of tho working of tin* pr A Oloveland drtt*etlTO named Gilbert Pei kins, has flbd with the secretary of the reaaury a claim for 15,000 for tho arrest of wso. It will ho rw- I p r oolai , proposition that, if tho following dispatch to the rovince*: "Alfonso XII. ltaa i*ly proclaimed king by tho y and tho mlniatry. A regency icd under tho presidency of xstlllo without portfolio. We i Isabella ha* *: "All tho llcally to tho Tho receipts from intornnl nd for the fiscal yoai mal hank nd triumpli, oohlevod wlilm ABOUT MINKS. i *C«7,- .ntliH t Dtp 31*' ,072.070. • as follow* Now Yoik. *1,081,208; Bos- *105.209; Philadelphia, *04,992; Haiti- ... *87,110; Now Orleans, for week ending . 1H, *50,509; Hun Francisco, *100,200. careful canvass of tho fluanoo corn ice Of troth houses show that tho pa«*agc lie hill restoring tho tax upon tea and oof- BOUTil. Tn « quarrel at Chelsea stockyards, ; kConfphl*. Tridnv night, Matt. Rico alio* and j fatally wounded Dave Hcolt, l»olii colored. An incendiary fire at Clarendon, Ark., cariv Thursday morning, destroyed property j to the amount of *50.000. P.ichnrd Barnnm, his wife aud two • burned to death at Shannon, very p a litllo pr ohal.l •d that ttm t,.i chs arid hill. will doubtlesH pa**, will slightly Ux Mir night. ho Byerly post mortem shown that ^ ro l >ort fatal. The cotton exports Gen. Jordan i* [otherlandH at W Reports from Motitgo Sixty thousand colli. V«!es aro un a strike in « One sunny morning in summer, down tho pathway, still sparkling will, tho dewy moisture, came steulthily moving tho long, lithe form of a mink. Her fur lookiyl worn and rusty when the sunlight struck her as she skulked be tween tho tusHookH of grnsH. Occasion ally she halted to look about her, alert for anything eye could nno or ear could hear; but l.eariug not hi eft but the sweet notes of a song-sparrow and tho complaining cry of a oat-bird among the aiders, she again moved on. As she reached tho muddy edgo of tho brook, she trod more daintily, thou, xviudiug aiming Urn pickerel-wmir, nwmti down stream, hardly disturbing (he water, only making a long, wedge shaped wake an she stole into I he shadowy edgo of the brook. Suddenly she came up. struggling with something that swayed and pulled her about, disturbing the quiet stream, and sending a nuiddiness down with tho outront. lint she bore the almost unmanageable wriggling eel (for thin it was) to the atone wall, and drawing herself and burden up out of tho water on the large .tone, ro*i justed her hold, and seised tho Croats book of the head. Then bracing In self to snok the blood, tho thrashing, struggling eel grew gradually weaker and weaker, until it looked porfoetly limp and lifeless. Then she jumped from the wall, dragging the eol longer than herself, up through tho grass, tak ing a different and more concoulcd way than tho one by which she came, and soon disappeared altogether. In the thick-banked wall of this born on tho hillside she had her voting ; and I after they grew large enough to re. | something more substantial than nut first provision, tho mother used to bring Asia Minor show that j them fish of different kinds—eels, ducks <ing, amlthat many deaths and like proy. Ho alyl v and stealthily insollor of tho loga- i appointed uiini*ter for siting ton. i i xpress says the Britain i* above the Tho shipments of bullion from Utah tiring tho pa*l year aro estimated nt *7,- Yon Arnim takes an appeal from tho Bouth Au explosion occurred in Bagnal Hall 1 colliery. North Htaffonlshiro. Twenty miner* wore killed. Thirteen bodies liavo been taken out. The Swiss, Austrian and Belgian gov- adopted irapo of An nlorado *d to lie good for tlm On the night of the ‘J 1 fast., Rickard » ilernd I Mr. White The sheriff of Claiborne eonnty, Tei rortod with the ( Since tiio famine set ill it ,000 pereons have migrated ,rt* of tho country to tho city whom have succumbed todiscseo. Owing to recent fires in Hevon of Adai THF. PEASANT BOY. rhe'auawvrnigiouuToMl'o'au'Bhluil'brook Ins «hy fi'vort-h lluMo tlrluk * " •m tho wave that gllilcth ro cool aud rest) Jo labor again, till the waning ruu loth away In tho wMtern aky, llo the birds mwtUi low tn the covert high. " And hreathos Vhy'uamo lufiRpliig "joy! ToThy f lefio irValrte -1 hon "rt* welSome tliore innt A dispatch fror i Helena, Arkansas, B. Maude slrnrk an old it about midnight, while town a* O. K. Linking, ger mile** npeeddy raised, re killed at Columbus, XT. Murphy, the chief of ptlnc to arrest eomodmnl: nd iJuko Nicholas, sou of tho did she keen horsoll, that she seen until tho young were half grown, aud looked like little fawn-colored aols; when she betrayed herself by bringing this food, which impeded he movements. By traveling the same way no many times sue grow bold aHiirrm Theuo mink are very destructive to tatoon i . aQ j w j, on tho brook is low they bo tracked for a long distanco by the klinor ,1 on<I eels, pickerel, shiners ariotis j tirn.-a trout, lying along the bunk, the ft. half | mink only sucking tin. blood and leav- i ing tho fish unmutilatcd. Ono autumn i, for- j Home stnnll shiners, meant for a bait in I t |, e j r | piokercl fishing through the ice, were 1 i,tod I kept in an old tub set in tho spring j near tho brook, and ono night all theso fish were killed by a mink, who loft them laid in a row on tho ground. They '[ Ml '; | looked precisely as if some person had placed j B0 arrM g r ,l them. But through the ,,M Imok of ouch fish, near the head, were *' lal n j fonr tooth-marks, this being frequently j the only mark the inink makes on his who i victim.—Old and New. — inner!* i PeciOUH Jewels. fron joke, and that ho wrote toxica! «yl. Dispatches from S|i Darregarr has laid d ,wn hi* ar give iu their adhesion to the ki publican armies in Catalonia a have accepted Don Alfonso a* Gen. Concha ha* tamed a pro. nnoticing the accession of Prin. state that Ge majesty’s tailed « nd* d and j Lucy Hoops " Among tho marvels displayed in me jeweler’s windows on the Rue do la I’aix, I notice:! tho other day nn im mense pearl oyster shell, lined with mother of pearl of the most exquisite smoothness and pnrity, and witii two largo spotless, lustrous pearls adhering to itH surface. The larger of the two was about tho site of a small marble, but slightly elongated in form ; tho other was of somewhat smaller dimen sions ; £1,1>00 was tho prioe affixed to , this beantifhl work of nature. A smell* England ing bottle formed entirely of mossed aftor a conuniRHion or nearly four year*, aud pearls, with one large one in tho eeu- bringn word that a largo archipalagoof ialai.d* j ter of the side, and with hook and chain hail boon discovered In tho neigiitorhoo-J of : to correspond, looked like a tasteful Now Guinea, and that two mountain* in .hi* ! gift for a millionaire to offer tohislady- region, each about oleven thoiiRand feet high, love J it was valued at 81,200. have been named Mount OiadetJDo aod Mount | there was a locket representing D.araeli. toise, tho back of the animal being Farther details of the Cospatrick di.. '"rmefl of a "inglo l«r K -. tornuoise, , while tho hea^l, foot, and tail i composed of diamonds. I I shown latoly nn exquisite parurc of lilies of tiio valley, gotten up ru »l in her drowned. | ir j ( ] a i gift to the young daughter of fell, killing many of i ,. m j n ent Parisian bankor. Nothing m iloH.on rubsequendy | lovely, more artistic, or more girlishly io vessel, completing | pure and-simple with all its magni fi lial number of live* cenco can be imagined. Tho flowe NANOY’3 ENGAGEMENT, They hung heavy plumes of purple ■or the gateway on that bright nftor- >on—the first of June. A eharitnblo oezo swept ono soentod bunch of bkrnm a bit aside, just out of the leaoh Lif a little brown Imml Hint had a mo ment ago ruthlessly stripped off' half its blossoms. But the owner of the hand had al- turned about, with a toss of her bade eurls ami a flirt of her pink cnlioo that seared the butterflies, and i the branoh swung back slio wan hastening un tho trim garden path, and, flinging bank a shurp spooch over her houlder at a tall, sunburnt young fel low who, with a vexed light in Ids eyes, stood watching her. “ Oli, it don't matter what I think I Indeed 1 don’t think at all. You may take whom you like to the next May lance ; you won't take me.” It was suoh a pretty shoulder over which these words were east, aud there was such a rosy fltmli of anger on the round cheek half veiled in otirla, that it is no wonder John Armitngo took two >r threo steps in pursuit of the speaker; but ho stopped, drew hiniHolf up with •uddun ptide, and said one reproachful vord. The one addressed wavered a little in :ior retreat, thou resumed it with in- I'd eelerity. YilT yrtajitoi .. .. the young nmu quCrfoxT, dfgnation somewhat modifying his tone if appeal, “ N«> I” and the pink calico swept thq oyriles on either side of the walk faster yet. “ Very well,” was the angry response, as ho who pleaded turned toward tho gate, " But, mark my words, you’ll be sorry for thin before these bushes hero" —brushing tho low sprays sharply aside—aro out of bloom Now, good bye.” Nanay, peering from behind a curtain aftor Ida retreating figure, oriod. Per- haps the soliloquy will toll why. “ Well, it’s all over with us now, any way, It’s his fault, too. He’d no busi ness to take any one else to tho May dance when I couldn’t go. I shouldn’t wonder if he’s gone down to Sarah An derson’s now. They will bn onguged next thing, and alie’ll crow over me finely. He’ll trv to make me jealous” -hero Nancy lin’d a fit of crying. "Hoo if I won’t mako him jonlous first!” Tho way she would do it heentno apparent the next afternoon, when dressed in a jaunty blue silk that set off well her creamy complexion, dark curls and tinted checks, she started to tho village. The dainty blue parasol was lowered a little us she came to the pretentious block of buildings opposite the hotel, upon one of which hung tho sign: “ Dr. Miles Gray. Office hours from 8 to 10 a. m. and from 3 to n. tii. ” But tho face of the building w blank, and tho office curtains lowered, so with an impatient oxoiamation i her breath, Nancy went on to the post- ! office, whore, getting no letter, nrned discontentedly toward horn The fates forbade her. Slio had not coomplinhod a quarter of tho dial before the light roll of wheels made her turn her head and start perooj tibly In a moment morn, young Dr. Gray, whose nutty top-buggy was tho envy of all tin: men, uud whose fascinating ile had won tho hearts of all the in, had drawn up his horse nt her o, had leaped to tho ground and naked her engerly: " Mias Evans, may I have the plens- •e of driving yon home!’’ Tho color brightened in Nancy’s ebooks, tho light danoed in her oyoB. as she ussontod with a charming smile; oment they wero l>owling along tho road, and the blue ribbons blown ngninat tho doctor's broad cloth. Dr. Gray was young, handsome and not deficient in brains, with pocket- money enough to prevent him from bo- ing tragically earnest in his profession, and very much in love with tho coquet tish bit of woman liy his sido. As for Nancy, slio was a little afraid of the gray eyes that could bo quizzical ns well breotea fluttered light curie aorosa Nanoy’s arch black eyes and a blue silk panpol had to bo hold up to keep the smpirom her rosebud of a faoo. Tho doctor had a lurking fear that Nunoy was ft hr tic and ignorant, but ah 1 alio was no pretty I Ibw far thoy rode in this lazy way, whmly wrapt in conversation, is not knopn. How far they would hnvo rid- den.ifl not certain, if Nancy .had not so^tfn mischievous glance straight into tho bray oyea, and inquired : 'Why, whore doos that patient of yonfa live ?” Tho doolor laughed frankly, coloring nevortholeas. “I soo you understand tho ‘ways that aro dark and the tricks t hat are vain,’ pretty well, Mian Nancy. And now 1 ihm't dare to tell you what I was go ing to before you spoke.” 'tyYhat was it?" quoriod Nauoy, ou- rions and conscious. . "lit was,” said the doctor, bonding his pwji faoo closer to tho curl shaded onxitfliisuide, "that I wish I lmd the by rigftt to keop you with mo always. Misn oa Nnnoy, well, look at me—will you lot mo 1" llwan well that tho doctor did not gunks whv.nmid Nanoy’s bright blushes, horjlipa qnlvored and her eyes filled with tears. Bile had made np her mind to aftoopt the dootor, but in tins decisive moment tho thought of John Armitngo senfa pang, cruel in intensity through hertteart.. Then came tho memory of the!* yesterday’s quarrel, and Nnnoy faltered with a struggling smile. " J—I don't know.’’ Hho did know, when in the late twi- liglii «ho and tho doctor walked to- gather into tho dusky sitting-room at homo, ttliero her father was dozing and her another knitting, to nHk their oou- sonbaud their blessing. "Dear mo," said tho good father, rubbing his oyes, " Two suoh pieces of newa iu 6no day’s cur'us hereabouts. I heerd ou’y nn hour Htnoe that Johnnie Anultago is goin* to Toxns to farm ou his nrn aeoonnt. I sortor thought, too. 't lie an 1 Nnnoy fnnOiod each other, but horAnhe’s wantin’ to mnry another, It’s onr'lfr." Nano* had taken hor hand from tho doctor's arm and had sat down in the winityw. She heard mistily comments and Congratulations, laughed nt jokes. ShOjfxvmkod down to the (p»to with tho dnefttr whon ho left and stood there un der the lilacs, his arm about hor, re plying to his tender talk ; but whon ho was'ttono, lenviug a farewell kies on hor lipsjlahe rushed up-stairs and throw heiself on the bed in a porfont agony of sobbing that slio ooula hardly Htiflo iu tho pillow. Tig' story of the next woolc in hack neyed. Buoh happenings are too com mon.’ Nnnoy came and went liko tho ghost of herself, but Hie whole village wan gossipping over her engagement, and nor evulonocs of trouble woro nsovibod to tho "quuerness of a girl just nngngod.” Little tired Mrs. Armi- tagdrau over across lota ono afternoon to Kjjl the Evanses that John was goi] ■.r hsvo bcon reeeivorl. Whon tho vt**o i ili-covoro<l to ho 6u fire, eighty persona, -tly women, rushed into ono of the bos!*, ch «h* capsized and all In her drowned. ii after, ail the t 174. A repof* comtrs fro hna pro-; Dispatches to the agr^ e that tho European po :fl, Kv., , Alfoi were formed of a single pearl each, the broad leaves lsjing composed of small dinmonda, and considerable art had been shown in overcoming the natn- rully stiff look of the leuf. The comprised ear-rings, broooh-nendnnl .he fire, tuooting into the party of white *ondon papers ors will recognize lenlatives are ac- plscc between white credited to tho various couite. Castellar, . nr* that a party of . Martoe, Admiral 'l*i»pcti. Hanilla and Gen. f negret-n iu tiirow- Daria have prombed to support Alfonso. Tiio i other. The *port ’ Cuban army has telographeri its a/lbenion to rmfnl. until a horse- i tho new order., Dorragaray. Lizzaraga and ►ceno. Wu . resented i fight hundred other Carlist officers aro ex- he negroes by firing j pected to jjiu Alfonzo. Begasta, upon the The negroes returned i roclanuti..!! of Alfonzo as king, telegraphed I tinual strngglo to keep her pants hitch- i, j Perrsuo. sod upon receiving a reply that tho | cd np without tl}e aid of saspenders. bracelet, and a spray for the hair. The bracelet was particularly charming, be ing literally a wnall wreath of jeweled flowers." —Dr. Mury Walker’s life paused on the outskirts of the old- taahionod flower-garden behind tho hotiRO, aud shruuk behind the hedge of blossomy lilacs, whoso potont cdor siokonoa hor. Her tniud wan iu a whirl. She did not know why she was thore, or what she would do. She was in deadly fear lost soma ono should dis cover hor, yot she could not turn away. For half an hour alto crouched thore shiveritiRly, novor taking hor eyes off John’s window, but starting every timo tho onrtain blew. Suddenly a stop on tho garden path started hor so violently that she could scarcely suppress n noream. It wan probably some of tho work pooplo—oh, if they should hoo hor ! A hasty poop through tho bushes showed her that it woe moro than that; it was John himself, striding straight toward the gap in tho hedge, and wearing a most unpropitioua faoo. Nanny, in blind terror of discovery, orawlod on her bauds and knees oloso under the lilacs. IIo had passed, ami wi»h almost when a bird that Nauoy had distnrb- flow out with loud chirping. Guo ond of the looso bluo nash had caught on n stiff bough, and the oolor arrestod his eye. Two strides brought him to tlu* spot, aud ho stood with folded arms looking down nt hor n moment boforo his amazement found vent iu tho oxola- j mat ion: " Nauoy ?” Ho lma novor soon nnoli utter aban don and ngotiy of slinme ns that with whiah tho poor littlo maiden hid her faoo and cowered in the wet grass, with tho ory ; Oli, what shall I do ? Don’t sponk no 1 Go away I” and burst into u B*orm of tears. For auswor ho gnthorod tho littlo wot flguro in his arms, smoothod tho tumb led curls, trim! to warm her ioy hands, and did not daro to quostion while ho soothed hor in his teudoroSt way. " Tnko mo home,” said Nauoy ns soon slio found strength to sneak at. all. " I shall do no enoh thing,” was tho dooided anHwor, as John’s diBongoged hands raised hor faoo so that ho could seo it, " till yon toll mo why you came, Nnnoy. I oouldn’t. holp hoping a littlo whou I Haw you lioro. But don’t make mo give it up ! I thought my pride would support mo through anything, but I nrn afraid it won’t do it," ho emits], Badly. "I’m so glad it won’t!” broathod TSfnnoy, in tones of heartfelt roliof. " But Romobody’ll hoo us. Tako mo homQ, John, and I’ll tell you all about it.” How different Beorned the way homo, with John at hor sido. But Nauoy was in no hurry to " tell about it.” She only said, nervously, holding John’s hand iu both hern : " Promfso mo you won’t go away.” "Ah, but I want anotlior proraiHO first.” Nauoy looked bnok at tiio plumy hedgos whoso sholtor thoy had loft, and said, with a half smile. "You seo tho lilacs aron’t out of bloom yot, John; I am sorry, as you said I’d 1h) 1” ~ ‘ TOi* ‘ ‘ * Hna bid them goi ,nd oriod because hor pot son was goiuft away, and was coal and sharp to NanCy, evidently suspecting that slio was tho canao. Pcarlmns light natures suffer most oveHiheimingly. Often in thoso beau- tifiilMunodayH Nauoy, all alone in seme Hliadowy, grassy plaue, with sun- Kean^ji shimmering above, would won- dor iff a dim, ohiluish wav if she should not Wdio whon John wont.” Only bopawos left. John was ooming to say gootUbye, Oh, if slio could only let him Snow how it really was ! But how ooahObhe? and she would look down despilrjnglyatt tho littlo gold oirolet ou her fhgor. Sunday aftomoou John finally came. Nauoy, sitting in tho parlor with tho dootor, caught a glimpse of tho woll- known figure at the gule nnder tho li lacs again. For a few moments the room£ whirled around and slio wan ileatjpgr white, thon she rose menhon- ieally,' saying she must hid Mr. Armi- tngn good-bye, and she went out to tho doorway, whero John was greeting with hor parents anil warding off tho New foundland with a laugh. " Y*s,” ho was replying, as Nnnoy carno lip, " thoy say thoro is a pretty good shnnoe out thoro for a young fol low with health and energy—how do you dp, Miss Nanny?—and I’ve always boon pntorprisiug. so T mean to try it.” Naqoy stood pulling the rose vines to prices; whilo for an hour tho othors tidkeu crops, polities and prospects. Bho could not have spoken for hor lifo, though she longed to speak as a con demned criminal longs to ask for moroy. Not qyco di : John turn his obstinate auburn head to look at or spook to her, and at last ho rose to go. Ho inter rupted himself while detailing partio- lure about grazing lands, to say good- bye wljilo ho just touched hor hand. If he half looked at hor, tho miserable, pathetic look of appeal would havo gono straight to his heart, hut ho did not daro to look, and turning away nb- runtln, walked down tho garde i path tho garrulous farmer hobbling by his side. Naugy ha<l just timo to escape hor ...otlii Ps oyo by running up tho stairH. fjho did. not faint; lmt Goa forbid that girls should often know suoh misery ns *bo suffered thon. Whon she at last joined tho dootor, as in duty bound, tho stunned look in hor fnco was pitiful. Hho "'♦as not well,” sho said,Jin answer to his alarming queries. It.was Nanny who proposed that they should go to church that evening. In the oorher of tho high old pew, with her voi! hiding hor faoe, sho could at least bo quiot, and one hour moro of ef fort wonld havo boon insnpnortablo. Mrs, Avnitago was alone in her pew, and orihd silently all through tho ser vice. Nancy’s heart so went out to tho poor woman that, whon they met in the aisle nh/b pressed hor^hand impulsively, Christian maidenhood. Sho is only it faulty young girl, orriug and loviug and suffering, playing hor part in ono of tho tragedies that are ployed ovorywhoro in the springs and autumns, in tho timo of lilacs. Tho Tortilla, admiring, and of the smiles that sometimes curled the corners of the black mustache. But Nanoy was min ns a lover just then, tho doctor was quite a "catch,” and so she laughed and chatted oh the bay horse trotted along. The farra-honse entno in flight too soon, and the doctor stopped midway tech to inqniro: n’t you toko a lo .. such a beautiful afternoon Nnnoy demurred, ss in duty bound, " I—don’t know. I gueas it must be— ’most too time." Tho doctor laughed, and hold his watch boforo her. It was precisely four. "Oh, well, then,” began Nancy, somewhat contused, " But aren’t these your office hours?” "Confound ray office hours 1” com mented the doctor to hirasolf. Aloud he said : "I’m sometimes obliged to break through my office honrs. I’m . going now to boo a—patient on the out- Would nothing happen to stop him ? skirts of the town.” Ho they drove on. Soaroely knowing what Bho was doing. Haying,- in a quiok whisper, Armitugo, I’m so sorry for you.’ 1 " I dpn’t want any of your sorrow I” was the sharp response. " It’s flno talk ; bnt yon and I know woll enough who’s the can so of it all. Ono word from.yoa would stop it now if you * Horiywnongh f” Poor Nancy ! Tho clock was o stroke 11 that night whon her lover finally took his loavo, and sho was freo to nootttho moon-lit sitting room from end to fed with sot lips and glittering eyes, bio did not ory. Hho felt as if she woe going crazy, and in hor dospor atiou *ho did not care if she did. Hour aftf r bonr passod, and still sho paced there, till hor rigid face showod wnitely in the Arnt faint gray of morning. Ob, would ho go! could ho go! A Moxican oorrospondent says : "The niont popular Blands on tho Plaza wore those of the tortilla makers. Approaah- ing one of thorn*, wo watched with in terested curiosity a ohoorfnl-loolting, ahOgany*oolored woman who (Boated :i a stool with tho inevitable enfant n la matnollc), was rapidly preparing tho popular cake. Taking a hall of corn- moal dough about tho sizo of a small ogg, she patted it into shape between tho palms of hor hands, uud placing it hor right kneo (which is supposed to bo covered by hor ono garment), by skilful manipulation of her fingers she stretched it to tho size and thinness of a gentleman's pocket-handkerchief. Lastly with equal art sho spread it lightly into nn onrthern pan of boiling fat, where in loss than no timo it be came as transparent and crisp an a shoot of thin glass. Handfuls of these ry-looking wafers disappeared among tho bystanders, who fancied thoy wero getting a quid pro quo for their olaoos (coppers), lmt found, alas! thoy had 11wallowed but a bubble. This is not, however, tho ordinary tortilla, which forms tho ntaplo provender of nine- tenths of the population, but only u fauoy variety indulged in on foto occa sions. The genuine article is not half ho thin or brittle and boars a distant but discernible relation to a piece of good, strong buokskin, which bus been well aoakod in water aud thon partially dried. It is oomposod simply of finely ground Indian meal, moistened and laboriously worked, until its glutinous element is fully developed, then mado into thin cakes about tho size of a din ner-plate, uud finally baked or rather heated on a griddle, just so much m not to destroy its tenacity and flexibili ty. Those two qualities are essential to a good tortilla, for it is valued not only for its intrinsic merits as an article of safe f-ncl eosy digestion, but is used n wrapper for baked frijolos, chiles, bits of boiled beef.” Contested Seats in tho House. In tho house of the forty-third con gress tho following aro tho contested Boats, so fur as known ; Vlrslnl »ou,(D.) !SS§ffi :i HaW, fit) « WaUh,' (i>.V" 4 Kroat. (It.) 9 Htrslt, (It.) .Iltopnbllcan swr 1 ..(Iskuii, (I; BB&flt) (It) >, (O.) 1!S») Tho "patient” could not havo been in a critical state. Tho doctor leaning back in the carriage, let tho reins lio loosely on the horse’s back its they passed slowly through shady wood- roads smelling of pines, while the warm Soaroelykoo' Nanoy slipped through tho door, and hatloss, trailing her dainty blue dress through tbo dewy gross, rau across lots to tho Armitages. It was Htill dark and dewy. Him heard the village dock strike 3 as she Total* ^ To tho above number of twenty-one juts must be added several, perhaps all, of tho Louisiana seats, and possibly others of which thoro are, as yet, no advices of a contest. On tho other hand, somo of tho ebovo mentioned contests, now spoken of in tho press, may flbt bo brought before tho houso. —A western paper says dealers in hotter daesify it as wool-grease, cartr grease, soap-grouse, variegated, tasso- latod cow grease, boarding-house break fast, inferior tub, common tub, medium roll, good roll and gilt-edgo roll. The terms aro strictly teohuical Quaint Advortisemonto. Tho Pall Mall Gazette, speaking of a History of Advortisemonto from tho Earliest Pintos,” says : Tho following uotioo saw tho light n fow years ago in a Prinootowu, Indiana, journal : Wanted, two or throe bonrdors of a docent stripe, suoh ns go to bed at nine o’clock without a pipo or cigar iu their mouths. I wish them to rise iu time to wash their faees and comb thoir beads before breakfast. Whon thoy put ou thoir bools to draw on thoir pants ovor thorn, and not to havo thorn rumpled about thoir kneea, which is a sure sign of a rowdy. Whon thoy sit dowu to rest or warm by the fire, not to put thoir foot on tho mautlepiooo or bureau, spit on tho bread tray. And to pay thoir board woekly, monthly, or quar terly—oh may bo agrood upon—with a smile upon thoir faces, turn thoy will find me as pleasant, as an opossum tip a persimmon tree. Old MrcaltiA. Another advertisement quoted in de lightfully olinrnctoristio of tho ftiRsy city magnate. It was issued, it is said, by* tho mayor and common council men * mo of our university towns : Whereas a multiplicity of dangers _ often inourrod by damage of out rageous nooidonts by flro, wo, whoso uatnoH aro nndersignod, havo thought propor that tho bouofll of an engine, bought by us for tho hotter extinguish ing of which by tho accidents of tbo Almighty God may unto us happen, to mako n rate to gather bonovolonoo for tho hotter propagating suoh useful in struments. Then, was thoro ovor a moro oxquis- itoly ludicrous disclaimer of identity with an individual who had rondorod tho nomo common to himself aud tho advortisar unpleasantly notorious thau to tho one wgiqh was posted ovor all tho dead-walls in Dublin in 1781 ?— Tills is to oortify that I, Daniel O'Flnnnagnn, am not tho person that was tarreil and foathorod by tho Lib erty mob, on Tnosday last; and I am roiuty to give 20 guineas to anyone that will lay mo HO that I am tho other man that goes by my namo.” Mr SumpHon gives us many moro ndvortiHcmontH fully ns oooontrio and ridiculous as tho foregoing, no givos, also, a number oxoendingly illustrative of a past not very remote, liko this, which appeared in 1801; " To no disposed of, for tho boneflt of the poor widow, a blind mail’s walk in a charitable neighborhood, tho oom- ings-in botwoon twonty-tivo and twoiity- six shillings a week, with a dog woll drilled, and a stall' in good ropair. A handsome premium will bo expooted. For further particulars apply at No. 40 Ohiswoll stroot.” Our author prints somo curious sam ples of advertisements oouoorning errant wives ; and samples ntill moro curious of tho rotorta whioh suoh advortiso- mouto HomntimoB provoke. Wo cannot resist (footing ono of tho latter, whioh * origiually in tho Gonucotlout Thomas llutoliiiis has advertised that I havo absented myself from his bod and hoard, and oautioned any per sons against making mo any payment on Ids aooonnt. 1 now advertise tho publio that tho snmo Thomas Hut oh ins oamo as a fortuno-tollur into this town about a year ago with a rooommonda- tion which, with some artful falsehoods, indued mo to marry him. Of tho four wivni ho had boforo mo, tho last ho quarrel od away ; how tho other throe oamo by thoir deaths ho can best inform tho publio ; but I caution all widows or maidens against marrying him, bo thoir desire for matrimony ever so strong. Should ho mako his advanoes under n feigned name, thoy may look out for a littlo, talkative, strutting, feeble, mengro, hatohot-faond follow, with spimllo slmnks aud a littlo warped in the Intok. " Thankful Hutchins.” Destructive Possibilities of Ooal-oil Lamps. A series of oxporimontu was porformod in tho ofiloo of tho now flro department headquarters yesterday, to show that ooal-oil lumps of nil ordinary patterns aro linblo to oxplodo at almost any time whilo burning good proof oil. It is argued that explosions may at any timo tako pluoo by tho flamo from the wiok passing down tho tnbo and igniting tho gas whioh forms on tho oil. Tills gas, it is claimed, is present whenever tho temperature of the oil roaches sovonty- ilvo or oiglity degrees, Tho foot has been pretty woll demonstrated that it is impossible to prevent the snlo of oil mnoli below tho established grades, and with suoh oils tho danger is greatly in creased. Tho frequency of aooidento from the oaroless use of ooal-oil lampH makes tho subject ono of especial intor out to tho lire department aud tho in Htiranoo raon. Tho experiments venter- day woro obnorvcd with considerable interest by quite a unmber of gentle men, among whom woro Chief Bnxton, of tlm "flro department; W. T. Harris, superintendent of public eohools ; Prof. Yost, of tho Arnorioun medical college : Prof. Morrill, Gas Inspector Blair, and several others. Tho first oxporiinont was mado with a lamp provided with a brass tube ahont throe fourths of an inch in diameter, screwed into tho nook and roaohing nearly to tho bottom of the oil contained in tho bowl of tho lamp. Tho burner was removed, aud tho oporator had no four to introduoo a lighted tapor within tho tubo, ovon far enough to roach tho oil, whilo holding tho lump in his hand. No oxplosion occurred, booauso tho tubo prevented tho flumo from cor.taot with tho gas that was undoubtedly in tho lamp. Tho tubo was thon removed and tho lamp placed on the floor, being then simply an ordinary ooal-oil lamp, with tho top unscrewed. A strip of paper was thon inserted so that ono end pro truded from tho orifleo. This was sot flro with a lighted match, and as soon as it burned into tho interior of the lamp an explosion occurred, show ing that thore was plenty of gas pres ent. Tho thermometer was applied, and tho temporaturn of tho oil was found to ho 83 dogs. Fahrenheit. If any appliance oon bo found to insnro safoty in tho hho of ooal-oil, it will bo a valua ble invention. Tho oxporiments yester day woro incomplete, and did little moro than to show that thore is nothing bat danger in ordinary coal-oil lamps. —St. Louts Republican. —Next spring ono hundred English swells aro coming for a grand buffalo hunt on the Plains/ The hunt is to be organized on a magnificent scale. Twen ty soonts, headed by Buffalo Bill will ohaperon them, and in addition to a vast retinue of servants, oooks, grooms, and valets, they will be aooompaniei by » brass band, whioh will discourse sweet musio as they guthor about their camp fire to partake of the evening meal of canned I uffalo moat, FA0TB AND FAN0IEB. —What is tho largest room in the. world ? Tho room for improvement. —Ono by one tho roses fade. 14 is now boldly denied that*men who wear long hair aro possessed'of anymore talent than raon who liavojit snipped olose. —Tu Toxns thoy hang a manjwhen he rofusoB to marry tho girl whose hand he has sought, and tho poor dovll is gen erally vory glad to got off so lightly. —Bones of Robert Bmoo wore quoted in Eilingburgh at £l 10s apleoe, which is not much of a bonus oonsldoring the length of timo they’ve been aooumhUt* • ing intorost. Abdnoting oliildron ought to be en couraged. After awhile, when the crop of small boys hod beoome exhaasteef, somo of tbo big boobies who fire off pistols on Christmas might be taken* —Tho other day a Binghampton gf>l offered to lot a countryman kiss her for flvo cento. "I gad,” oxolaimed ‘the bucolicyonth, "that’s darn ohoapif'B follow only had the money.” The child lias since died ” is the laoonio remark whioh a Ponnsvlvania paper affixes to an nooonnt of a twelve* year-old girl who had already mastered » logic, rhetoric, geology, botany and the # lysterioa of mental and moral soience^ —They have a now test for intoxios* tion in Canada. When a man can prr- nonnoo " reciprocity” without tripping, tho polioo let nim go. In Maino the tost is "Erastns Rfohardson,” and rnnsis risnon” is doomsd conclusive. —Tho Now York World describes hell as a placo whore everybody be longs to a flro company. Wo suppose tliat Now Fork and Boston men monop- olizo tho positions of foromon and tronsurors —Two Fronoli savans have presented to tho Fronoli academy of sciences the rosnlt of thoir experiments upon a flame produced by the mixture of sulphur of carbon and bioxido of nitrogen.- Tho light produced by it is oo intense os to quite eolipse tho sun. By the help of it, pliotographora will bo able to do their work at any hour of tbo day cr night and in any condition of tho at- lnoophoro. * —Raphael Sommes is lecturing down south, and lio lias explained why sailors always call a ship "sho.’ Firatj^be- cauno sho always looks best „When freshly painted; sooond, booanse she always puts tho boot foot foremost wht|9 holms on new sails; third, because • lie ulways looks woll in tliq stays •'•od ourth. booanse she always brings news , from abroad. • —The Woman’s Journal.notice* the % progress of tbo sex in Engl ana, It "* says: Thoro is growing up in England a largo class of i*omon w w!io do not jn«* ry, but who apparently' wish not to marry. They deliberately devote them*, selves to literature, to teaching, tosome^ trade, gonornlly an artistic at any rato to somo ooonpotion that gives livelihood ond tonda toonlture,endtMe ; .thoy^rtiposo. for tile.. J£he marrying 1 IhAflffot noem s fl oitfl y oi kWherjmyW J® .. imvo boon born in thoro. -A ulorv 1» tolil ■>( two pretty Bdti; more Kirin, who woro oat row tag on tfca Lnko of Tjiio' rnp, nncl whon tho btes* of tiio King of Holland aw " hIoiuI of trailing oars and roapeotMly falling behind royalty, aotnally raocd. Tlm king waa oyidontly omaRed wilb till, exhibition of Aroorlean iodopet- denoo, and made a aign to Ilia o”™'" to let tho young ladioa go abMp. J» ing to tho quay nooond, lie told hie oo* nwain to moor the victor.’ boat, Md aaid “ He know tlmy woro Amorioana. —Exporimenin made within the poet nix mouths hove developed thoeetonnS- iug foot in natural magio hat lorn^mon sagos can bo sont over a single wire as readily on two. and that through m«- nngwi amllooal onea OOU bo sent Witt- on" Interfering with one another over the namo wire. While, for meieagee aro being nimnltnnronBlve ohangod iietwoon BoBton and New York, two more can ho nent on the «»mewlre hetwoon Honton .ndWorwntor twobc tween Woroenter and two between Springfield and Hew Haven or Now York, making m all oiglit noparate and dintinot “o"****; oronHing and rooronnlng on ono • the name moment of time.—Old ana New. ~ Tho Inventor of tho Screw Propeller. Americano, Englioh French, Her mann and Italiann all "““ ''.‘"T tion, and that not for an indlvidnoi or each nation; but in nome otmntrire more than ono of thoir none, dlnputn tho honor of being He invontor; and probably experiments to .V* f .it nwiTvivirwy tho screw as a motive eons, vi. timen npontancouBly made ^ varion* plaocn by inquiring mmdn, who wor porfnot ntrangorn to each otherardt cnnli otlior’a dinoovoricn and applianwn. Ho Tar back an 172J, David Bnahnell, ,i native of England n Amorioan oolr nion, mode oxporimento by roeMi"of * norow to propel a nubmnnno to P“o- Evidently bin onnayn were no* fill or thono infernnl mnohinee wonW have been hoard of sooner. InlMfi, John Smitli. an Eugbahman, formed u oompauy and built the firet M-ming norow nteamor, npprcipriately nnmod Ue Arobiraedon, from whioh date thonat ooi not thenorew propeilor wan an »» oompliahed foot. Iiotweon ljafl and IH'lfl many invontorn took the mattm np h“ it wan not until 1882 that one cl tin! c x porimeu tal into, Frederick B.nvcgf, hit upon the idea of “PP'J'OB g**” to the nornw nn a motive power Up to Hint period It had been »ooK h ‘ thonorow by a onpnton mamiod hy mw. or other oumbroun pon-prootloal mennn. In France, Frederio Bauvage in “»«"]- orod to havo tho largeet nharo of molit in prootioally applying a maoh newhloh in tho production of many whioh ovon now in being continually The'town of Boulof nenur-Me, where Frederio Snuvngo woe born on the of Heptembor, 1786, hnn latoly gono . 1 ® consincrable oxponso in awarding hi posthumoas honors, which, on.Monday a culminated in tho unveiling of a mom* ment to his memory. Truly Popular Science.—Spilkins has hit upon a happy expedient for pop ularizing science in the family oirclo. For instance, at the breakfast table he remarks: "Mrs. Spilkins, will you be kind enough to replenish my cup with some of tho embodiment of oolor ln- flnonces shed upon the surfaoo of Cni- none soil; elno, if yon pleree, two npoonnful of crystallized BunBhme from Jamaica;'' or •'Herodotue, my n<m, pane mo the nolid form of nunnhine ab- norbed by tho pnntnrcn of Or.nge oonntv.” With a dictionary end geog- , raphy at each plato, the idee work* to *1 - charm.