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The Athens weekly Georgian. (Athens, Ga.) 1875-1877, November 17, 1875, Image 2

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Cfe ^%ns Ibrpn. | accrue to the manufacturers of the same. "We suggest to the.Clarke county Grange General Local and Traveling Agent, GAFT. A. B. BITCH. HTIf TfHfcYMfcfTI Mr. F. C. SnrHXNsoN, Hart County. Mr. C. H. Axdksws, Fort Lamar. Mr. Fun Huuuoii, Cleveland. Mr! w. Y Hwii^Win^r. i < > Inch are just itself This would allow our cotton factories to run day and. night, save storage to the farmer, and^filLrlus pocket with “rag money,” .without an ad ditional expenditure of labor or capital ou his part. Let the experiment be made. TAXATION, MORE THAN THE VOLUME •* 1 WWtoVSWmBJtGrX&aVmE CA US benefit of our f^pjaera^nd home manufac- •r *1“™” &M»RI* ft RfMtion of fort Georgia cot- now sorely oppressed for that wise and just tion,"which will make and wealth bear the ’•supporting agi Evri^rill independent West for our meat and breadstuff. Let us use our surplus means for building up and increasing op^n»anufitcturit*/iqteres|s/th»t we may fed ourselves less dependent upon the Northern and New England 8tates for our other necessary supplies and, then while we thus provide oursdres against the evils ents whieh .aow so oppress OF OUR TROUBLES. ^ ^ There tit nothing which so directly con Jfcppk"* 5 end-pWapetity otn ’♦ofeteet the wants of the H^EngUndJod 1?®°^ “ the rate of which “ im * V ? l uI ffT7 no/ [W^ Pk aapport of. the Government se4d. what.-g^.^^;y^[y d * W« OfladllbiWin Philadelphia New York; or «««**«> *^«»*“ att^rstemS of Gov :r,') illil— pniii i ■' i*n*«v **(f i ini i ..j- >i w I emmenta, be they Municipal, State or Gen- 1 ?UMr .What gftdes of doilbn yims wrej er ^t *“4 hence > according as the rateof WdSSS talking U “ tion “ moderate or "PP"*™’ W> tof “Dk»it Isde” add d«m t* pleae our the security and probity or the Sagjhah qdwsIds, let tm kntrw4rta**re the nfitettled *?& embarrassed condition ofthe ~ nands of Manchester. " K . n , J ‘’ subjects ofthese Governments. fourth. The muicum coet of’.the finer II ““J '*• j“tly claimed that a cheap grades;: of-oot to* jwuna atonrGeorgi^| 6overnment “not always the best. Bat us os a section, we will at the same time be .* contributing our aid towards that general reform which must obtain before we are Mills? i n>* usuruloo vnn-yve * "no . it may be as truthfully asserted that an ex* Fifth. The average waste in manufactur-1 P ensive Government, by no means, implies ing cotton into yuhe from fewest to highest I prosperous or better condition of the grade of raw cotton ? 1 people. On the contrary, as strange and Sixth. Difference in cost of transporta- anomalous as it may seem, the extrova- tion of compressed bale of cotton and in and expensiveness of Government equivalent in finer yarns ? almost always, if not invariably, follows as Lot our Georgia Manufacturers respond. the 8 “ re re8ult of *“ overthrow of the com- y - . I mercial prosperity and industrial progres- THEMANUFACTURERS' FIGURES. 1 siveness of the nation or people thus snb- 1 bale of Cotton, soo lbs.,at 12c....' (so oo I jectei to an unnatural and oppressive sup- Waato, 15percent.— 12c. ( 9 00 (port and maintenance of Government. 42i> lba., 5c. per lb. for mannfiicturinff.... 21 25 I m. . .... , llnese two calamities, interrupted com- ''";' **° 85 merce and industry and an increase of tax- so 25 ation, the one the sure and pnntary result v54 16 1 of the other, owe their cause to the differ- 85 ent national events transpiring within the According to these figures the farmer history ofthe country thus afflicted. . . _ , , , loses $5.25 in converting his bale of cotton | Itmay be the result of revolution bringing! tradoTumlu^he^favw ^ ° f into yarns. The following questions forci-1 overthrow to all national prosperity and bly suggest themselves: Does the waste giving predominancy to corrupt political amount to 15 per cent. ? Is not five cents rule, or the unwise and ruinous neglect of per ponnd too great a charge for manufhc- those natural and profitable business pur- turing ? The figures are made upon the suits which bring easy and legitimate reve- supposition that the tanner exchanges his I nues for the support of Government. again a happy and prosperous nation. CO- OPERA tTvE COTTON MANUFAQ- TURN. ' We present our readers with a very in teresting communication from our fellow- townsman, Mr. R. L. Bloomfield, Superin tendent ofthe Athens Manufacturing Co., prepared for the Georgian by special re quest This subject we propose to fully in vestigate, and hope the result may be to the mutual advantage of both farmer and manufacturer. Dr. E. D. Newton: Dear Sib :—Your calling my attention to an article in the Athens Daily Georgian was received, and in reply, I fear I cannot give you the encouraging facte you desire. Yams and fabrics are very dull at present, and to ship North would barely cover cost. To ship out of the United States has not been done to any extent since the war. The China and foreign trade is now just beginning to take our drills, shirtings and sheetings, but at low er prices than is generally obtained in the markets, Manufacturers are locked out of the outside world in all countries where there exists an irredeemable currency. The advan tages are always in favor of countries who are doing business on gold basis, on account of labor, which enters so largely into all manufactured articles being dear in such countries. When England had her irre deemable currency, from 1800 to 1821, she imported more goods than she exported. As Many Colored Men Voted Ticket—More vdhftd ie whites here than ererbefpre—yes, than twice as many as at any other in. They were chiefly influenced in the non-interference of the Govern. the Government .did not step in at the request of Governor Ames tbej have got th- reSaSniSFTnHB “gone back on them,” as they call it, and now, be ing without its support, they must cultivate friendly relations in polities with the whites. They know that they cannot maintain a con test with them without Government support, and as they have been deprived of that sup. port, the next best thing is to accept the inevit able. This was the chief influence operating among them here, and the great cause of such an unufUal number voting the Democratic ticket. k . Another influence was the well-known fact that the whiten are in arms; that they intend no longer to live under negro rule if they have to fight to get out. The ne groes ao not want a fight. They know what that means. So many voted with the whites as a matter of conciliation, preferring to see Democrats elected than to haye a row, in which they would be the chief suf ferers. The above, from the Cincinnati Commer cial, gives an insight to the recent election, as it appeared to Northern eyes, at Jack- son, the State capi ol. The truth of the whole matter is that the negroes of Mississippi, as well as through out the entire South, have discovered the consummate thievery and scoundrelism of the Southern carpet-baggers, and have determin ed to get rid of them forever. No doubt the whites were “in arms,” yet we presume the blacks were “in arms” also. If the latter were not provided with six-shooters, then Gov. Ames and his miserable satellites have not lived up to their privileges. “ There is much curiosity to know the ; reason for the violent assaults upon Gordon and Colquitt, which have appeared for the past three weeks in the Commonwealth. Can it be true that the author is an offi cial!?” ifclXOELLENZA. k syniaox. GQ'mPQdf sag# 0 -1™, stwi, NICKERSON DEALERS IN Jexcsuenza CHEMICALS FOB COMPOSTING.; j ~~ I T he undersigned would announce that he has now on hand and arriving , . t 200 T>ons Excellenza Fertilizer, a pat up and shipped directly from the Factory. It is put up in bags of 157 lbs. each—12 ban making one . The Excellenza haa ao wide-spread a reputation ana is so Csvorsbly known throughout this region, that- ament on it would be unnecessary. It is gnsnnteed to be of the same standard as in former yeara. Just ton. comment Also, though not so old a Fertilizer as the Excellenza, have proved to be the best material for composting with barn-yard manure and Cotton seed ever introduced into this country. The standard is guaranteed to be fully np to what it waa last season, when they gave universal satisfaction. Two barrels compost one ton. The prices at which I am authorized to aell the above Standard Fertilizers, are as follows: EXCELLENZA: Time price—Cotton option at 15 cents 870.00 No option 63.09 55.00 Cash price. CHEMICALS. Time price—Cotton option at 15c., 2 bbls. (500 lbs.) enough for 1 ton $20.00 Cash price .ci 2 barrels 16.00 Those who wish to du ’urge lots of the Excellena for cash, can get special arrangements at prices a shade lower. Purchasers will not be 1mm bugged in the above manures. A special circular of directions for composting Burnished all purchasers ot the Chemicals. Ail who want a ;-class Fertilizer, that will pay them to use, call on Cr-tn novl7-tf. S. C- DCXBBS. A. K. CHILDS. | .11 B. NICKERSON. Y. H. WYNN. THE FARMERS FIG UltES. ...—12 cents , 1.80 . 5.00 cotton for yarns at the factory. We will The correctness of the foregoing state- speak of shipping yarns to Liverpool iu onr I ments, and a more abnormal and oppressive next issue. j system of taxation for the support of gov- erament than that which is now required of the American people, nowhere finds proof in history, and the cause of which m . iqay be attributed to both tbe reasons 5.001 above given. To fully realize and appre ciate tbe absurdity and abnormality of this ~Iioo eo I condition of affairs in our government, we need only refer to the financial prudence By the above, we notice that the balance “ d of the individual whose re- is on the former s side. Iu yesterday’s edi- b“ rc “ cn PP led or restrained, sets tion, the farmer’s loss was $5.25 on each bale. ttbont the practice of that ro- ;ry v more goods than she sells so long as she continues her present irredeemable cur- rency. We estimate 5J lbs. cotton to make 5 lbs. yarn. We estimate 25 lb9. to cover all the cost of manufacturing. After the goods -lost ol Cotton- Waste, 15 per cent, cut off.... Cost of Manufacturing. u00 lbs. Yarns. 20c. pcrlb.„ Which one is correct ? facturcrs respond ? Will our manu- TUR RELIGIOUS REA (JTION. The remarkable religions interest which is now manifested in Brooklyn under the ministrations of Moody and Sankey, and in a somewhat lesser degree in other parts of the American Union, is bnt the reaction trcnchment, reform and economy which brings his expenses within his means. The illustration is as true and applicable to the nation as to the individual, and a wild ex travagance and utter disregard for the necessary financial prudence and wisdom will as certainly bring ruin and bankruptcy to tbe one as to tbe other. Was there ever, in the history of any nation, moro unjustifiable and ruinous extravagance, cor- which naturally follows the moral and so- 7.1-.^ cial degradation which has. existed in our I'and th.evmg,than that which has oppressed this American coun try, through its general government, for the past ten or twelve years, afifl which has extended itsmiuons and demoralizing influences and effects into well nigh every State and municipality throughout the Action and Reaction are equal W ° ^ bist0 ^ DOwW .. . T I furnishes a parallel. Wo apprehend it requires not the fore country for the past decade. “Facilisde- sensns Avcmi” is a truism which can be ap plied to a nation as well as to an individual We have gravitated to the bottom ofthe bill, and are'now struggling to reach ag in the heights from whence we came. in opposite directions. ITUs is the Law Universal. It is as true in tho immate- finantial shrewdness of tbe Eastern Shy- lock, to sco tho present oppressive and embarrassing system of taxation in every branch and department of our gov ernment, as the true a :d greater cause of that financial trouble which is now being so seriously felt in every section of the rial as in the material world, as easily|TT demonstrated in politics, religion and the other departments of life, as in physics. Tho great “Magna Charta” of civil liberty was but the immediate and legiti mate offspring of a crnel and unrestrained kingly power. Whilst the Grand Reforma tion of Luther was only the repulsion con- tTT . . . .... , , . sequent upon the gross potations of « the ^ ^ those which, through their robes of heaven” by a depraved ^ de . wealth and pohucal supremacy, are enabled graded Priesthood.- °° ntr<>1 a "*“»““tration {oT ^e mighty pendulum of history may speculative ends and financial ag- describe an imaiense arc in its oscillations, Let not the honast people Years, decade,, orcenturie. mav pass' ere 0 ft^?Y«nm^t-thosewho de«rw the rerlnJs and manifestations or moral rdbnn J present themselves and make their impres- Let them not be deceived into accepting as . . la.nationals— tbe aaotinef osaeanep- ssssssaffifiMbaiis 1 the keys to our national treasury. Let the paramount, the.only.issue.with' our people, be, the overthrow of corrupt and Unconstitutional Goverment and 'i return to : . ^JbebeUer days of the .^Republic, then, ’and s of not until then may we hope for that ftdmin- an istration of oar national affairs which wii .01 “ «». true ?**)**’'"* »”* reward, &at ftj-lretrenchment, reform and .eoooomy, which heir I will guarantee the anre and needed reduction time | of taxation, and all ofwhichwill prove (hat are made, it costs ten per cent, to get them to market and sold. You speak of cotton yarns having a sale like cotton; this is a great mistake. Cotton is always cash and never withont a par- chaser. ' Yarns on from two ind four months’ time, and often withont a pur chaser. I hold that if all the American crop was in yarns to-day, it would not be worth as much as the raw cotton, pound for pound. I have sold yarns in Philadelphia market on the same day selling cotton at 38 cents per lb. and cotton yarns at 40 cents. I never got the cost of tho cotton that went in the yarns. Yon will perceive yourself that many, in fact, th • large bulk of goods, require to be spun iu or near the same mill where the goods arc woven. If not, there is a large expense incurred in getting the bnnch or skein back on the quill ready for the shuttle and on the spool ready for the dresser. During the past decade more cotton indies nave been put in motion on the world than ever before since the world began, and what has been the result of this great addition to the spinning world? The result has been to reduce the price of prints from 35 cents in 1865 to 6^ cents in 1875, and nearly all other goods in like manner. There is more cotton also being produced year by year, than is consumed, from the I act that in 1865 the world was bare of cotton and cotton goods, while to-day we have stocked the markets, the stores and the families with a surplus of all kinds of cotton fabrics, and also have a million bales of cotton on the market, with a full crop under the gin houses. Thus, you sec, in ten years—from 1865 to 1875—the cotton makers have reduced the price of cotton from 40 eents to 12 cents in this market. You will admit that there has not been such a change wrought in any other commodity, and from this foct alone we should know that no other article has been so largely produced ov rthe daily consumption. I have no time to give these views a careful correction, if they need any. I have penned them on the moment, as you desired, but these views I have held for several years. Very truly, K. L. Bloomfield. COLLEGE AVENUE 0BY GOODS EMPORIUM! BY MOSES MYERS. DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, Carpets, Furs, Blankets, Fancy and Millipery Articles. STOREROOM ENLARGED — AMD—. r iJ .'J stock k/v::kaskk. We will ber the citizens of Atbens and vicinity to give us a call and examine oar stock before purchasing. tu State ’, right of God, boaored ftnd respected 3n.the great brotherhood ofNations. A ■' l;i ‘ — " ■ ■ " i »-,-i|lI-. j i ‘ t-w.— GEORGIA INDUSTRY.'.\ w. - HduylioM*, jMjMftlb our most-substantial citizens, ‘ ' yi enterprise that should * those who feel the ' schemes which proposes l mere, and to convert t ; • &nU»into manufactures, th'usina •"doubling their mine. ’ The 1 'l5L„ C -spAk’-er h Ifeo FMtfeqy Cbttofi A n totton 1 - toy which is located in the midst of • ef_t$a^fimst > ui<ftAAfeS<' i bCtori^titn.' reference 1 to Mu' advertisement in- column Be! seen Mr. MooreM' Ah jiriun iimuo mnsMSti An. .i.’i iii4 : atnA ■> •• ' evdture, our Commerce, qur Manufonhipng, Mechanical and other varied Industrial j in terests, that will then make “a return’ to specie payment" a thing writ and whety 1 to I'EpokriiQfFftirfenSt^iy reasoiof ou money fodlitiea to aocept without from the ; Augusta. J fe*r of embarrassment, that contraction which will tiien bu 1 the needed relief to our redun- ! grangers,-and I dancy of currency, the sure protection to our. ~eproposesfii doiiwealth.- bccdstd .-.i I Ls*i<-i na/ro t A „ ___ — So flviuitlife'interference to our proeperi* frwPiWitkw. Iri- the L!.■■(»>>■« rtsm—i jiiin O—•^bnfolrio^^iiefl^ or lmsae- i' fluswholeamocintponvertedinto yarpa-4-iphat| diatelyto the into war, ooold »S. otherwise •‘'fcnPftifliriise increase of'value ( Wpuld;i«‘)m* have been expected. Butthat we ofthe parted tottismamvitrimuneluL "' ifiaiatfc, hf foiliag ta-offiaa tfw power ami * uaMuroee within ouroWaaiiNlfeilrivU'riMwn . oaing to the very smaU margin which 1 us b^'m°. D ' * is realized from the production of the caw reform and economy in our ownBtate,- Coun material, and the very large profits which ‘ ty and Municipal Governments which will Disgraceful Railroad Land Fraud on Immigration.—A Washington special to the New York Post says: In the forth coming annual report of tbe Commissioner of the General Land Office, be directs atten tion to tbe fact that some of tbe railroad com panies in the for West have succeeded ■riling, in the aggregate, many thousand acres of worthless lands to immigrants under the representation that the soil was very pro ductive, when they knew that the land was, > unfit for forming purposes. By such false representations the money of the poor itr mi grants has been secured and they are left with out any means of recovering it back. The Commissioner desires that this matter may have the attention of Congress, so that the upon immigrants may ifftjfs wi$>^.,i}ieirftlse representations have not been confined to the European em. migrants, but' have embraced everything South, and everything that belongs to our section^,- ■ , \ v , v ,. - As to our great American depot of immi gration v Castle Garden, we adcnowledge with pleasure the many courtesies shown the ^eftbecn people, and can truly say that a more polite and obliging corps of officials can not be found in any public position north of frrifofeljtoc. ‘ Letter from Hurtirell. . Hartwell, Ga., Nov. 10,1875. Dr. H. IL Caxltos: JYIno *1(1 vert is emeu ts. i. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN HARDWARE, IRON, steel, nails, Horse and Mule Shoes, Horse-Shoe Nails. FAIRBANKS’ SCALES, RUBBER BELTI NG AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENT Mill Findings, AGENTS for Winship and Sawyers Cotton 0 in , &C„ &C..&C. ' ATHENS, GEORGIA. GINS DELIVERED IN ATHENS \r,v. TUBERS PRICES. MANl ?A'. ScpLjSO—1-tf. -Ill- PAID FOR Butter, Eggs, Chickens, Sc., 4rc„ tfc. B Y 1, i. OJf COLLEGE Below the Post Office. octl4d&wtf. ASTONISHING? The 1 made iy the WILSON SIUTTLE In OJYE of the LARGEST ’ AND AND BEST SELECTED STOCK OF Fancy Groceries and Confectionaries, Casxsd Goods or Evxbt Kind and Discxirnoy, Ever before offered to tbe citizens of Atbens and sur rounding country, at prices that defy competition, st Wholesale sad Retail by TALMADGE, HODGSON &. CO. nov!7w5t. . MILBURN WAGONS. / AGMCCLTURAIL ' Carriage and Saddlery Hardware, Fellows, Hubs, Spokes, Buggy Wheels, Axles, Springs, &c., Rubber and Leather Belting, Mill Saws, Mill Findings, Anvils, Bellows, Vices, Hollow-ware, &c. Also, Manufacturer’s Agents for foe Sale of foe WINSHIP G-IN, Brinley’s Steel Plows, Peacock Steel Plows, Fairbanks’ Standard Scales, Circular Saws, &c. " ‘ l80n b * fore * voa b “ r ' MBS' Any article in our line not in stock will be ordered when desired, with the least possible delay. Call and examine our stock and price*. *®0 June 16,1875. progre- I SEWING MACHINE. Inventive skill luisbMii!usj i to its utmost, and the result is, the i The Most Perfect and Desirable Mac’ra*, for General and Family Use, yet produced. It is Simple and Easy to Ujenu. , not liable to get out oat of repair, its Work is the E~- as was shown by the FIRST PREMIUMS awarded it st the Universal Exhibition in Vitntu, is 1873, and it is sold st a LESS PRICE than any . LENCE. For sale by J. M. UPSHAW and F. P. GEIFFITii 33-tf L. sCHhiVENKLL & CO \ FOR KENT, DEALERS IN TAL1LADGE, HODGSON & CO., Has on hand 3 Car loads of Floor (all grades). 100 bbls. of Sugar “ “ 50 Bags Coffee. 100 Boxes Cheese. 2 Cat I/mrift Uolisscs. Fine lot assorted grades Mackerle, Bacon and Lard. oTTups and grades, and in Act everything in the pro vision line st nov 17w5t- TALMADGE, HODGSON & CO. Millinery and Fancy Gnnds. TSTEIW" ikA-TSi J UST received another lot of Felt Hats. 75c. Felt Hats for (1.50; FeltJIataftr Flames and Feathers, Velvet and Silk RibSns, Be!to Neck Ties, Rnchings, Beal and Imitation Hair Goods, Jewelry, Tuck Combs, Zepher, Germantown Wool for Shawls and a great many other articles too numerous to mention, at prices to suit the requirements of tha time*. Hair combings made into Switches; Regalia's made to order; Braiding and Stamping neatly executed at MISS C. JAMES. Store located oo Broad 8b, between Drs. Longa is Billups aod Smith’s Drug Stores, Athens, Ga. Sept. SO—d&w-Sm. WATCHES, £L8£KS, JEWELRY, SILVEB-WARE, SPECTACLES, MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, GUNS, PISTOLS, SFOBTINa ©MBS, FANCY ARTICLES, Ac., &c. No. 3, Broad Streets Athens, Georgia. Sept. 30—1-tt TALMADGE, HODGSON & CO,. HAS NOW IIAXD 100 Cases New Oyetcrs. 10 Cases Sardines.* 25 Cases Brandy Fruits. ' 10 bbls. Fresh Nuts. * ] • 5 bb s Fresh Cranberries,' ' suT For 6ale by :f f ,vbo-*» ) < Talmadgf, Hodgson & CO. novl7w5t. FOR Milt A Number fae Plantation. , Beal Estate Agents, fonest. Terms libsraL H. IL CARLTON & i Or to the I’roprietor M. K DOSTEE, Oceola Poet Office, Oconee eo. nevlTwUn. . , Dear 8m—Mr. F. S. Roberta, a very re* spec table citizen of our county, and with feftbm Capt Ritcb is aoqurinted, banded ■(<dw«(otofedtatt«towriniMiiKit- terofnew^if youBaw 'propev to tiie columns of your “ " Hastily, y with regards,I^arnyouratruly, Hartwell, Ga., Nov. 10,187ft Me. Kottoe—I send You a line showing the value oi a ringle grain of Hart county prolific com. I plan ed one grain of this fine com in 1874 and made five ears last spring; I planted tboee ears on very ordi nary Land, and a short time age I gathered it and measured ten bushels, the second crop from one grain. It wffl wtigh 82 pounds to the buriiel in the ear. f It is very fine, and any ape wanting to see it can do lo by calling on me near Hartwell . -Nt B.—Any person wishing to try njy com, can get 1 quart for 50 cents. i 1 F. S. Roberts. FOR SALE CHEAP, O NE 35 Saw Griswold Gin, Water Boxes, in perfect order. Apply to novl7w!m. W. H. HULL. T HE ensuing year, the elecant office now occupied by Dr. J. W. Murrell. Also, Brick U' arehouse, Also, several good ROOMS, for office work or ligh; manufacturing. Apply to E. P. BISHOP, No. 1 Broad St. up stairs nov.9.1875-dlawtf. The Enterprise Long Looked For! franklin" house Meals can be hud st all boors, for FIFTY CENTS EACH. This Hotel has been thoroughly renovated and newly furnished. The Traveling public will be accommodated with Board end Lodging for TWO DOLLARS PEE DAY. A FINE OYSTER SALOON Ie also connected with this Hotel. This is the piece to STILL ANOTHER VICTORY! FOR THE 'REMINGTON. Award of the Special Committee at the Georgia State Fair, 1875. The committee examined the Weed, foe Hows and foe New Family “ Singer” side by ride With the Remington Sewing Machine, and Yetod the Remington adiploma for “'Improved Mechanism in Shuttle Sewing Machines.” ‘ ’ ; ; Diploma for “Improvements in Sewing Machine Stands and Attachments.' 8hd Light Ban#®*",.,.,,.,v ' Diplomat for “Georgia, made Cabinet Work for Sewing Machines.” Machines on exhibition at L. Shevenell & Co’s. ’ , oct2Gd&wtf. GEORGIA—CLARKE COUNTY. W HEREAS, David R. Elder, Guardian of William T., John, F. W. and MaiyU. Osborn, (now Hairy M. Elder), orphans of John Osborn deceased, applies to me for letters of dis mission from said guardianship. These are therefore to cit j end admonish all con cerned to show cense (if any tbgr have) at my office on evbelbve tke flret Moods/m Jsnoaiy next, why said ASA IL JACK80N, Online^ letters should not be grxni 'QiW under my hand etoffieo this 3d d»y of Nov. 1875. novl7wIt. ill Weatherly & Co, f - > ARE NOW READY For the Fall & Winter Trade Having just rstarDed froea New York with > large end well selected stock of DRY GOODS & GROCERIES, Ready-made Clothing, Hate, Boots, Shoes, Wood and Willow Ware, Hardware, Crockery, Drugs, die., dec., dkc., dcc. PRICES TO SUIT THE TIMES. . , AUHndaof . : : COpJTRY PRODUCE ^ taken inexchsnge for Goods. Cell sndae* nsatthe corner ofCUjton and Thoms* Streets. lift Rt SAVLTERf DEALER IN ALL KINDS OF WINES, WHISKIES and LAGER BEER, ALE, GIN, CIGARS, CALL AT SAULTERS EXCHANGE, Jxcxsoa Stxxxt, Atutns, Giokou. Oct. 2—d-tl. FALL TRADE! FRESH GOODS! PAYIC PRICES! In Store and to arrive at the “ little Store on the Comer.” 5,000 lbs Simon Pure Otndiee. (sU kinds). 2,000 “ Fresh Crackers, (75 boxes, ell kinds). 1,»0 “ BaWas, whole, half end quarter boxn. 10,000 » Cigan7all grades). 1,000 u Aunooda and other kinds nuts. 50 Cases Oysters, Jellies, Pine Apples Peaches, Ac. 10 *• quarter boxes Sardines (1,000 boxes). 60 Boxes Cream and Dairy Cbaaae (2.000lba). 1,000 Cocoanuts. S S 0 ”* 8 ??^(I^andryend Family). 60 Drum* New Smyrna Flga. 25 Banela Cook and Chaika Fancy floor. 1 Crate Lighom Citron. 25 Packages Glassware, Lamps and Crockery cheaper thin the eheipeit. (5 Boies Tobaooo, line, Medium and Low Grades. Choicest stock Sugar, Coffees, Una. Spices, Pure Wines and Liquors by tha banal and quart, (very Don’t go to Atlanta and Augusts, but try these goods and prices and aave tnoosy, at hast 6 per cent., - oct(8tt i $5 to Sept. 15-M.R. THE JA8. LEFFEI, Doable Turbine Water Vhetl, Manufactured by POOLE & HUNT, Baltimore, lid. 7poo sow is rsei Simple, Stronir. ncrsWc, elwajra rekabicaiid i&t'e- tactury. Manufacturer?, l'.mi, U PortaUe & Stationary Engines, Steam Eeilera, Saw £ Grist Mil’.’, lliz. ing Hachire y.Cearing lor Cott::'i Niils, Flour, P^int, White Lead and Oil E-,11 Machinery, Hydraulic and other Call at J. C. WILKINS & CO, If you want e . Oct. 28—tf. W. A. . _ T.THEELKELl Proprietors. DAVENPORT’S Poison Revived. r PHIS Celebrated Rat Poison, arid for -L so many yean, by Me. MOSES DAVENPORT, sad proven to be the most egbctlve • i RAT POISON ; •ver introduced into this or uif other country, Is new retired bj the original receipts and for nlh by hl»6on f SEABORN L. DAVENPORT,;; • SfpUS-OHtm. , I .. Athens,I c i 7b the Patrons of Husbandry ofthe State of Georgia. ' >• Y OUB Executive Committee have this day entered into an agreement with the Grangers’ life and Health Insurance Company of tha United States of America—the parent or general office of which la lo cated, at Mobile, Alabama—whereby onr Order will, in our judgment, be greatly benefited. Theperttcuiaraand accruing to tho State folly given yon inn circular addressed to the Masters and members of each Grange in the State. Your,Exe cutiveCommittee, after due consideration end ctreful investigation, ere felly impreeaed with tbe imptrtmit. results of their adfton, and feel no hesitancy in protnia- ctory good to the Order, ana, thenBre, co-opeT»lion and aid iu sto early com- part of tho Patrons, with the agreement NO. 1 COOK STOVE. AND TIN WARE Off ALL KIMDS, CHEAP FOR CASE Roofing and Guttering Sept. 15,1875. Speciali) us* 1 A CHALLENGE. > { vn»j vs. scrois. to foe L. .- . . ” Agency'a£ k rD * Wi this employees of the “Singer" Ageney**'-- V (wtrepreeented the W ilaon in many *5». 11 j issue the following challenge, sod ietora of the Memphis Agency, or any on* !*P*^ tg them, to compete with the Wilson Vaos< '■ tubBc hail hi the city, ou the following P®" 0 ^ v end, the doeision to be left to eleven 6m tm ■nice, six of whom may be selected by eppowt* tons' to ho selcctod who ere now or hsre benbwf been in the employ of either party. . We propose to demonstrate clearly mat tie - Sewing ‘Machine is superior to the Sxneer in the fchf SewmgMac “isrf hat the Wilson Machine has the best r® being made to work on the right of tbe needle a toon the left, so the Machine will stitch oversee®*' ^^Orond.—The “ take-up” movement for the slack thread is a “positive movement, no check spring, aad thus prevents the mas* will be no check miring, and thus pre Stitches ana dolsjrs by breakage. I The Grangers’ lift and Health Insurance Company is a sound institution, organized upon the bras principles of hfeinsurenea; offering all the advantages end pro, tection that any company can: is a purely Southern company, under the control and management of some of the beet and moat reliable businessmen of the States of Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi, and virtually a home institution, having, in the organization, depart ments in eaoh State, with a capital or (100,000, and in vests the funds in each department equally, and : wo cheerfully recommend said Company to tha support and patronage of tha Order. J. F. LIVINGSTONE, J. 8. LAVENDER, ExccotivegOommittee. Atlanta, Ga., October 15, 1875. > ,. ucnesana aoisys oy Dreauge. . Third.—The three principal movements mtlis^ Machine; vis: the encmx, the Eon and ‘J* are ell worked by one short shaft, mstesdof'J ( ^. ones, thus doing away with one long shall, *uo cog wheels, and thus avoid friction. . xtJa* «Fonrth.—The Wilson ie much the **s>i running Machine ofthe two. and haa “'? r *5~Ti&js ' difference in feior ofthe Wilson is It* mime day of six hours’ work, the motM®* B1 * 1 " * the feet being cquaL ■ t vmuan JCwbzr Firth.—The wearing pointsm tbs ere ell made adjustable so that play room w ton be taken np when necessary. • (TbertW"^ ^ rant lLr five years, which we compi1 companies refuse to give.) , . _ she of ^ S&th.—The txssiow ie not tMUOiJ-’ jo, thread, ehd remains the same trom 1M and the screw for regulating retains '“JJSSiJeileJ “> Seventh.—The luge * h fi i ^ < irt«of‘ lie front and ontnde the frame, can not ecu operator. .i ! ... w«ace * b r ATHENS FEMALE ACADEMY. j^Ts meeting of the Board ot Trustees of the Athens lemy, it was resolved that the rental lundred and fifty dollars per annum, Female Academ; be fixed it oue bi payable quarterly. Sealed proposals , the year, beginning Jantury1st, 1875, accompanied by a satisfactory guaranty will be received up to December let, by A. L. HULL, for the board. novll-d2aw-3w. for foe rent, for acoompanii (NOR map circulare, condensed timetables and gen I* an) information In regard to transportation ftctU ties to all tar, ers westward. color*, eond stion in reg . J points in Tsnnessee. Arkansas, Missouri, Min- Colorado, Kansas, Texas, Iowa, New Mexico. Utah and California, apply to or address Auxarr B Wins, General BMboadAgent, Atlanta, Gs. No ooa should go West without first getting z“ com munication with the General Railroad Agent, and be- eome informed as to superior advantages, cheap and quick transportation of families, household goods, quick, and Arming implements generally. M formation ^Septf^^Trtt W. L. DANLEY, G. F. <fe T. . AOO.Porttakd,^.* 1 ^ ‘ LEGAL BLARES, Neatly printed end for sale at this office. ob- the bftiufc* vents the rattling and clicking n®” the «cd>^ ;htb.—‘The luljuAtable coue*on ■pindleprei jftQtioDsblis .. NintU.—The aJjualable wwhinq* °“ r*n 0 Ue tiA ^ the Wilson insureii durability, pre'eu “SS5f^iS7«i» >!«.,».. K-X.1S* 1st. It save* tho labor of driving tbe niaemno, or* not sewing; 2d. The unnecesssO . ^ css * ry: 2d. The tucker or any otftehm*® >“ th«*** main in position without P»o Yi ng(*h ^ Cr and tear), and with the wotk in the . ginners or others cannot toesk l*} 6 w bus) v turn the machine bsedward, sml the t«« mains in position and slwsys resnj- ., tbs In the qveat of a Adore the M ” points, we hereby agree to pay tb ”, binel on «dn lectedby opponents and foc'cit lbc «* tion. or vicstwvo. ThtaohsUenge, earned out ten days after r«*e‘pt ^ contes*- opponents, stating time end piece for w September 1st, 1874. J( y. BEAC%^. 217 Scwisd street, Alcm)>ht», nov8.—2td-8tw. BALTIMORE EYE AND EAR Hat ;55 Franklin, SL, ' IFiaris i & fcrU ‘*