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The Dawson weekly journal. (Dawson, Terrell Co., Ga.) 1866-1866, July 27, 1866, Image 1

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ly E. & J- K. CHKISTIAN. I| { Jjtowit S&eekla fouraai, publiiked Every Friday. c j. ircinusfiAN, *“ editars and publishers. TsS —Strictly in •Advance. r sl * . 41 os flree montbl..- ■ #9 Si " lontl ' 9 ..$3 00 itaitM of *tdrerH»ing 1 OenXX'are *£ insertion, notexceeding three. "•''Csit months *.•*-»* OO months'. 1* <** T '° 1 , re 9 git months. . t< •• * • 18 m T ,o^ 9a,iro 30 00 teoliunn three moths. *■■' v': ■ • 00 yl column si* TO Off M column three months i » “ h Work ot every deseni-uon exeeufed ilxtness and dispatch, t rates, j7,rso.r BVStWSS C.IHItS. ittohneys at law, ji, Dawson,®^. I . 11. IIIKPI.It, TTORYEY at law, BIW9W, TFvRSELL io., 61. lijj jive prompt attetid&n bo all .en neti to I'is c*w. SIGMONS & COKER. Ivi tun 1 eye a. t Law, I [J./WSOef, G^OMtGUI. Hr • wiio'' a: v. I JAMES SPENCE, A.i tori Ley at Law. ■ |».fir i 9€M% GEORGE**. HgT irPßof M th« 0© H Ifc l 23 ly ■DR. 0. A. CHEATHAM, ■ DIWSON. tlEoß.til.%, H A' 1! Ts Ij J* 11 " I B %tah trcst en-Mr’rtrP'ibfo Yquflre I ; '7 ■aTIXIXS the pra<;(icc oi M iis* B br-tnolie#. ~r r% <~Y Brpira <j>vhl attptirfryn »#> the »rr'i‘TT» r 'nt of all B'w nff-rt'anfa of either sr>» ; and 4,0 tl)*> treat sis afl «p<r-et rtf9J*rr?n« Br am he c«p.9iilrffd by W-t'**’’, Je*eribin£ a£p, B'wimt'uMi, n»»ri habits v anil4^*11»£. wa nceu- BdoßciiptioH of all the Jni*aften ■w, “V., e*e., Aru? B* H? return meMhe will all ot' the raedicinfs with foil d i ’i^>e^(m { «. e jS ly. Bh C. RAUSHENBERC, hiq Professional Services to the cit>- fttvvsnn and the HHrrntludinyCountry. B-o a' D twain Htitel—-tip st«irs. frb2S Got ■ DR. D. H. FARMER, B&< la ft Rfshtfhicf of' t'ol. IfSli. mu S!U(h, 11 ear Bsaic#on Gu. B [r n an experience.<ff ••<> the tiep of medicine, feels’ qualified to Treat m»v to 'attenfT Yelijl^tr |. J. L. D. PERRYMAN, BIKUS hi 9 professionnl service o to the citi- B 1 ‘ na of H * wsun And vie in rtf a« f*rf*wih Office at hla Dmg Store B Masonic If all. Also takes this occasion B‘° hi-* old arm? fiiends, who are-consfcUntiy B Ws advice by letter, to apply to some re- B f> le phvsic»ttn personally, where they can ir cases properly examined, and so pre- Bf for. - fc marl G,3m I P. ALtSIST,'. ■ ITCH AM) luR E U ELER• ■ Dawson, Oa., to do any work lu bis line in the ■l. «ric s’sith, I X SM ITH AN I ) II Machinist, [ Brso.r, Georgia.' W *H kinds of (juns, I’istol?, Sewing M.i , etc. 2 ly. IAU*O\ IlOTbii ■pirf.f Corner M M itblic Square PAWSON.GA. 1 YH. K U NHEUBI'.RO, ~ln Proprietor. BMnot Shop ! ■OCERS & BROWN, ir t>l( l Stantl on It (pot Street . 1 f ’i > " t ' , l to manufacture Furniinrc, such 1 nf( t*lrtnl.s, Bureaus, Wardrobra, Ta etc. We are also prepared to s Sf |, i n tt, c ,-. e3 , st ji e on abort notice. h 11. BROWN. ! B AW cakbT < ‘ ra ' Bn<!l1 hare this day entered iato a rrship lor the practice of Law inftlie : i l "' l3 °f the Southwestern and Pataula entrusted to their Care will be ■ to. Americus. ) Wiley G. Park?, ’ <1». ) Uawson, Ga. jl6 ■B _ N" otic©. 'll* *^ ler date application will be made 11 Ordinary of Terrell county by -wuministrator de bonis non, for ■T '‘ Ms belonging to the «Ma,e of Beth lULV JOBNSON I Adm'r. THE DAWSON WEEKLY JOURNAL. Neir Livery and Sale Stable, STOCK BOUOHT 13 A. W SON, GA. DR W. W. F tR.VI U, beeps good Stock, good veMoles, and good driver?, and is prepared to send piwaengeis to any of the ad joining counties. Hacks at the Depot On the ai> rival of each traip. feb 2)1 ly CHEAP DRUG STORE~! A VENT & ADAMS. (Next to Harper & Barham’s^ PAWSOJf, - - 1 EP receiving and offering so the public, a largo ."Vand cumplete aesorttuent of Drugs and .fledicincs, AU fresh and good We are supplied with every article usually in a first class Drug Store. Wo wiilAcil Drags, Dye Stuff?, paiute, oils, etc. For Cash or Produce. , or All orders and prescriptions will be nrottipt- Iv alleudet) to. apr ISlf -rr* Notice. LL indebted to the firm <}f Glass & . Whiiloek will call on M. S. Glass and close «ote. Otherwise all accounts wtll be immediately placed Hi suit. The business of the fir® must jiud will b® closed. April GLASS ft WHITLOCK. ThXw niTfOflO AIV will practice in all the courts • oTthe Pouth western, in Irwip,^j:&«.§oath ern, Qajfee a»4 AppUn? of the Brupswick, aLO most &£ the courts of the Pataula Circuits. Office on Washington Street, opposite the Ex press t*fSce, Albany, Ga. may 11 Ty LAW CARD. r fNiK undersigned will attend to anv lejral bu»r L ness sotni»M>d to his care, in Southwestern Georgia. Office at Cutbert, Randolph cx> . (rn. E. H. PLATT. EO. RANDOLPH HAROHU Attorney at Law, jn1 t flm FtmniJltT, fi.l. T. K. STEWART, ATTORUiI AT LAW, Qnlhlxrt, Randolph Coitnl?/, Gtt^ AH business entrusted tn his care will be faith rnfiv n*tend?d I E L. DO JCLASS, Attfffhey a -aw, •Jon* 1 FvrnnFKT, «./. ). E. HIGGINBOTHAM, attorney at LAW, .Tlorgart, Calhoun Count?/, Ga., Will .pmetieg in aH'the Courts of the South wenthn Ujtf;t ubt Cireui’s, June 1 T. K-Slst ld attorney at law, *'j. !),••«* OGl.r.TUltnrF., Ga. IN IS. HRM KIILFOKD attohnly at law, O.CIILLA, nifcfacU Cos., Ga., AQPXT for pnechdse uhcl safat>f /nng 1, 1 S6fi£. HEKIiERT EiKLHEIi. KTTORNEY and CotnuellOr nt I.uw, Outhbert, Georgia —Wifi practioe in the counties of Handolpb, Steyrart,. Quitman, Clay, Miller, Decatuf, Oyihotln, Terrell, and^amter-»nd in the Snpfhme Court oi (he State, flfnd the C S. Diatriet Court Cor the S'ate of lie will give pvompt attention to the collecffbn and payibg ever of cliinl?. jni.lm Hotice. CfXXY days after date application wiH He made to the Qourt of Otdiniry of Terrell county for leave to sell the land belonging to the estate ei Noali Walker, deceased. Juue 25, ’fid. D. G. WALKER, Adm’r. I)!!. S. (I. UOr>F.liS()N, SURGEON DENTIST, May 4 Cuthbert , Georgia. D. S» BUTLER, l aS - LAMAR CHUWAI.I.A IIOI’SE. EUFAULA, ALA. milE undersigned take pleasure in notifying the I traveling public, that t tie Ohewalla Hotel, (I* l * the Howard House of EirfaWa, Ala.,) has tinder gone a thorough refittiiqr, and is oow open for Die accomodation of the travelling public. The -protect Vropiletoii* will spare uo expense to mtfce'H a FIRST CLASS HOTEL. A" splendid Corps of attentive Pervanw have beer engaged ; and we Bitter ourselves that, we eat phtase the most fatAidlovs. Gixe ns a trial. BUTLER & I. AM AH, 2 fWt. Proprietor*. chris. riM-nv. runs. w. manuium. FINDLAY & MANCHAM, * Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Fancy Family Groceries! WIKBBftC l; H ■' LIQUORS, gigahs, tobacco, FRUITF, Nuts, GANDY,* Provisions Generally, Second St., opp. FiratXational Bank, May 1«, »m MACON, CfA. DAWSCiN, GA., FRIDAY, JULY *3T, 1800. | pIiOKGIA, € iilhouiiCounty: I*l Whereat* Martha LVuiress applies to me for lot terß of adtuinisfration on the estate of J. T. Fen j tress, late of said county, deceased— These are, therefore to die aiidadnrfmdsh all per ! SOUS concerned to be and appear at m v office with- I n the time prescribed by law, and show cause, If any exists, why said letters should not bo granted. Given under roy hand and official signature, this June SO, 1866. W. R. GfUFFIN, Ord’y. , n *:OH€iIA, Callioun Coitnly. IT Whereas, Kuben McConpioiUle applies to me for letters of administration on the estate of Wun. B. Martin, late of* said county, deceased These, are therefore, to cito and admonish all persons concerned to be and appear at* tuy offieo! within the time prescribed by law, and allow cause, if any exists, why said letters should nok issue. 'Given under my hand ar.d official signature, this Juue 19, 1866. W. E. GRIFFIN, Ord’y. GEORGIA, Terrill County: IJT Whereon, J. B. A vent applies to me for letters of dismission from the estate of William A vent, Ute,of said county, deceased, These are therefore to cite and admonish all per sons concerned to be and appear at my office with in the tHne prescribed by law, to §b«w eau-e if ' 4* ’ Guittfi' hsslwi and efficwl signature, ‘Lis ifiy n; T. M. JONES, Ord’y. EORGIA,- Terrdl Comity: C Whereas, W. J. Parker applies to me for let ters of fiismfcsio'n from the administration of the estnte of J. M. Fruz’or late of said ceuiity f dec’sd, These ar«, tjierlorc, tociteaud admonish all persons concerned ta be ami appeac at my offieo within the time prescribed by law, and show cause, if any they have, why said letters si ould not issue Given under Vnv hand and offi *ial signature, this April 11, 1866. flin T. M. JONES, Ordinary. GUI OUGIA, Ttirrcll Comity : f Whereas, Abrahun Sasser applies to me for latter® oT dismission from the estate of R. S. Hooks, late of said county, deceased— Tliese are, therefore to cite and admonish all per sons concerned te be nnd at my office with in the trme prescribed by* law, and show cause, if any exists, why add letters should not be granted. Given under my hand ami official signature, this May 11, 1866. T. M. JONES, Ordinary. ftEOKGIA, Terrell, CowuCyc IT Whereas, Louisa Powell applies-to ine for let ters of dismission from the estate of J. J. PpweU, Lite’of said eouuty, deceased — These are, therefore to cite and admonish all per sons ««d «typeAo wiy.osce with in the time prescribed by law, »nd show cause, if any exists, why said letters should not be granted Given under iity hand antloftirml stgnatuVe, this May 11, 1866. T. If. JONES, Ordinary. And BOIYD TERRLLL SHERIFF SALE. ON TUE FIRST TUESDAYMN ACCOST nexs will be sold before the Court Home door, in the town of Dawson, Terrell countv, the lollow iu wip two lots of land Nog. *2rs)*n‘thd third district of original Lee, now Ter rebOounty, levied on the property of Cornelius J. Turner under a fi fa issued from the Superior Couft of"£errel County in favor of Seth K. Taylor. Prop erty pointed out by Plaintiff. JOHN R. b GRICE. July 3rd.—1866 * Dapt. Stiff. CUTIIBEIIT JIOI'SD, Cutlibcrt, Ga , r |' , IIIS ITotpl, formerly known as the “IviJdoo. Umise,” is now open and prepared to acoom moihte all who may favor us with a call. The public may rest assured that no pains will be spend to reader the guests comfurtntrie. TtTK TABLE will be sOpplied with the best the market and the country afford. An expeiieneed caterer has been secured, wbese whole time will be devoted to the proourement of Edfilff iff Ivl’f/'l/ IJfS rrfWicill Polite and aiterflive servanta, weal KioOsiw, tiojd Fair, aiid nOd-jrate wifi' eitcoly artisfy our guests. \ . \Y. BuiSCirMiV k BID)., Cuthbert, Ga., May y * Proprietors. PATRICK & HAVENS, Wholesale and Retail BOOKSELLERS. STATIONERS, And General News Dealers —Triangular Block, Cherry Street, Jfiacot 1, Git, 2 ts iIS W DRUGGISTS, Macon, - - - Georgia.. r Doulefs ie invitrd to this old JL and reliable house. jnay 18,6 m WM. WOOTEN, AiniON & COMMISSION MKKintST, Dawson, Geo. \I,T. hnsinfss entiuatfil to his cure »i I receive promyt attcniioii. References: K B Loyles?, M H D.ililwia, D.veSon, <M; J-W Fe»r», Mneon, Ga. ; Butler Si Peers, Atlanta, (ft. j Irwin & dfte r Savannah, Ga.. june2k,Bm yyHIJSRBKS 'fcw-Ip forced to grow upon the enitxtthest in from 1 PfLI.AfKE, the most wonderful discovery in mod ern seiinee, acHng upon the Beard and Hair in an almost miraculous maimer. It lilts -been ttseg by tire elite of Farmland London with tbe most fl u taring success. Jfaincs ot all purchasers tv.ill .be registered, and if entire satisfaction i* not xiven in every itißlanet 4 , the money will tie chectfnily re fundetl. Price ’hv maii. ttWrted *»ntf-postpaid, ?i. Deeoripiiw amt testiitiouiala mailed free. Addrecss BKKGKR, SlH'Trii fit CD., Chemist., No. 28& River St., Troy, X- Y. Sole ageuts lor the United Slates. MayXo r s»ra. | » E A U T V . Ng 'b J k Auburn, Golden, §T a* Flaxen, and Silken Curls, tja f Jit' produced by the a-c of qp*- JR ,j|fv ' '-tom Prof D-icßßvex'e KiUSKH Ka/A. Tfb LE CHEVKL’X. One spplicalioit warranted to ciitl the most straight and stubborn hair of either sex into wavy ringlets or heavy massive curls. ' Has -been used bv tire fashionables of Paris and London, with the most, gratifying results Does net injury to the hair.— Price by mail, sealed*and postpaid, fi five etretiltrrs mailed free. Address, tfi.ff'.H'.K SHCTTB It CO., Chemists, No.-288 Kiver-Street, Troy, N. Y. Sole agents for t|ie Csited States/ A. B. Alt A VS, * n - B. VON KB. Late ot the firm of Adams & Reynolds; ADAMS xfc JONES WAREII.O r $ K AXD COMMISSION MERCHANTS, (At old slsod of Hvrrts * Ros»,) Corner of Second and Poplar St*., Macon* Ga., Will give particular attention to the Btnr»go aod Sale of Cotton. jultiS 3m For the Dawson Journal. I.iktu aud Dislikes. Bt OUR OWX rOBr. 1 love oar “g'orlons cauntry,"' Bat would* great deal more. It they’d cut, off rankee-doodle-Jom Add drift It from our shore. I’d like to. fray for ruiars, If it were not too bad To pray that the “ Old Fellow” Might “harness”every Had. I like our men—for I anl one— And think the most will pans; If some do oot, it cannot bo For any lack of brass. Also, our hoys—that is, young men, Os twelvo and fifteen year* ; Dot think that hanging most, of them Would quell feud parents’ fears. I like our previous ladies, * Bur, must t'lVoepi a part; For many frlalcs of beauty Are false o'er head and heart. I like the damsels—that is them— Don’t like their style of dress— Prefer a more contracted p’ou That runs ou dry goods less. Tlltf COISt ffPTIVt’T DRIIAJI. BY May SANDERS. It was a modest, lowly cottage wherein resided Mrs. Hastings and her two daugh ters. It was a low though neat and comfort able room in which the younger ccw lay on her efoith b and. Pure and spotless as wrfc ti e simple bed elothos,'they tvero not more so than the heart of MaryHastsng». No evil therein ever found a home. Well had its. portals been guarded, and if, perchance, evil thoughts came, as come they will to all, ttlcy had not been encouraged to enter and thare-; in nbidw. This day eighteen ydars age, life fir§V dawned upon her pathway ; and this Very birth day was to have been her bridal one. Ab, more the bride of heaven looks she new than for ope of eaith. O God 1 spare her yet a little while. “Mother?” called aswoet low voice. In a moment the mother stood beside her’ softly parting tbe hair from the broad, pale biow that she had so often kissod in infancy and childbcod. “What, my child ?’’ The mother’s voice-trembled as she spoke. ‘ Theto was a heart quiver in it, as though the souice w(to t vet flawing with tffars. ‘■Do not laugh at me, mother dear, when I tell you my test night’s dream. I had lain quietly thinking of E Iward, and of this that was to be ear bridal day. I yearned oh, so ardently to see him but once agaiD, only mo'her, that I might receive his parting kiss and hin lust I'endly spoken ‘Good-bye.’ Atl at ouee a strange scn a atieii came over inc. I felt as strong tsever; and, mother, surely as I now speak to you, I heard his voice di t'ncily say ing in the dear ohi tone 1 loVrcd so weft, Mary, to-morrow is our bridal day. I come ck, i omue l’*r my long-promised treasure ! The voice died away in a sweet bw oidenoe. 4 -Sny, mother, do uot weep. I /aimc I shall see bun one* again, and be clasped to his foml and :iIH fatthful heart. O mother, de noT weep so when I am so unspeakable hap py ! do uot War my perfect joy 1” While tbe weeping mother shut, back the tears iq her strongs ami' Ibvipg heart, a '.-trjuge,'si»ci!irig and thrilling fear crept in with ehemi" t,> '; “Lis stall, aiy iAyii.i, and try to rest now. You are excited .wiuh talking, bleep and it will refresh you.A , * “Not now, mother. Oh, do not'ask me to sleep When he is coming I Kemeiuber this is , rmf bridal day, and he fflaime his bride. I must be ready mother. ’l'tiere is no time ft.r delay. You’ Jfßow ten o’clock was the hunt appointed/ Jlnug my dress, mother, aad my bridal veil. Cull sister; aud she will assist you, lor her hands helped to ar range them- all.” Tt e metbor hesitited, gening earncsily 1 upon her worn «nd faded child, blie thought 1 lor d> lirous, so earnestly and strarg-dv had i .-he spoken, Mary seemed t) read her i thoughts, for Immediately she added, — “Niij motler, L am not d-lirous. lam perfectly sane, liut I kuow my words are I troe.” Tho mother bericatci no 'longer. Sum moning Lizzie, they again entered the in val.filerovui. She had balded herself in bed, ami wus b' »y aurauging her long, fair, glossy eu I-, of la e so inneh neglected. “aee,Lizzie,’’ she exciaimed, running her tapering huger.-, slowly through them, “seu how tangled and disordered they are, thoso curls be loved so well. H‘<w often has his dear baud catesscd and praised them. Will yuu help iue, dear L'zzic, to arrtmge them as of yore ‘t With a tiembling hand and a voice she dil qct dare tru>t bers if to use, the elder sisterdid as was Ti <|uind A strange gtreogth aud epergy seetuetl djfftjsed through Maryj* wasUd Jraine. ifihc never once eoutplirtued of fatigue, th ugh for days she had not Lem able to uiuke the slightest exertion, but had lain helpless as an infant, passively acquies cing iu all her mother aud sistjr taw fit -o do for her, - • - #- . “And now pung mo my bridal robes, ( dear-one& and help to array main them. Edward most not find me a laggard on. this i eventful day: aud it is n<jw nearly t. n o’clock. WJI yoji uot htip oiC to make ready ? I They hesitated no. more. T icy would do b« straDga biddipg,- he tWs ru-ult what it would. With tumbling Lauds and aching ■ baamiiie si»d iabor wes completed. . Three y«ais before Edward Graham had 1 ‘left her vvawn he loved.lor a homo jo the “gold regions.’ During,all that time they j .fiithfullj add steadily Leld'(orceepiondenot. i Ouly ht one thing was he deceived, and that | was betar-e Muy de.eivpd herself. She kaew jitf health had failed:. She knew she , cool 1 uot skip and caioj about the old home : s-ead as of yprt, but she called it a troublix tine ‘cold and eougb.” Thus though' ' and thus wrote she to Edward. Love is , ever ready to think the bestir fear the worst, j At first he b’t.canre uLrued, but by de grees, finding sLe wis improving, he took c urzgo anil was as hopeful as ever she could wish. The time of his roturn drew near,! the weding day was fixed aud all necsssary preparation completed. So long as the cx- eitciuent of fitting and arraugiug lasted, so , long a Hcemiug sirongth was vouehsatod the invalid. Jjujt her physician and friends fear ed tbe result. . > , T»Ojt)’olatk.drew yet no K Iward came. Siiil Mary’s hope failed uut. ISho j know he would oeine. Aud lie did eojno | When ityot wanted a few minutes of tho hour, Uc drove anxiously and nervously to the doer. He had been told at the. fillaao hotel, that Mary was billing, that she eouid not continue long on earth. Calmly and quietly Mary received him His coming had not taken her by surprise. With him it was otherwise. He, was not prepared for so tnuoh ohaugo in the beloved one. It was she who was tho stronger now. And the firm heart and the manly frame leaned upon that .emaciated one for strength and consolation. | Ob what will not love do—a pure unsolf. i ish love such as some can feel? With that in tho heart there, aro ou trials, no troubles, no privations iu life, for it can make of (hem all blessings, sweetened and sanctifi.d. Without it I would,not take the monarch’s crown or victor’s wreath. Edward Graham and Mary Hasting) were both children of poor theugh rospeot.ahle aud intelligent parents. Edward had been one of (he first to turn his feet towards the “gold regions.” He would come hems rich that Mary might be surrounded with all h r heart and mind desired. What a pleasant home should tie theirs on fbo borders of the dear old Merrimau, H»w patiently and how earnestly he. toiled, till the three years wero ended. Ileyond even, bis meet san guine! hppes had he been suooessful, an 1 now he a wealthy man But ala , tor the hf jirt treasure awaiting him at home! “Mary, Mary!” was all tho haart-strickqp man could utter in his great agony, “Dear,dear Edward,” and she was clasped to the' he jyt she so yearned in meet. I, ng and closely K hel 1 her there. How his heart throfebod with its deep treasur ed aud unspeakahle love! For a time neither .' TLo* inowents were too sacred tor words But the recording angels 'irea-ured iheui abovo, that they might be renewed in heaven, evcn’frged from tlw pangs of tlje psr tinsr. .Mary was the first to speak. “I knew, Edward, that you woyld eome to day. I met you id my lust night*s waking dream—met you as we have mct.tjow in re. ality, I bless God for the tour and its per fect joy! Few such oould we have and live. They are o<ft for earth ; but of heiven, be loved, in heaven, they will be ours forever! “Da not leave me, Mary, oh, do not leave mo!’’ burst involuutarily from his lips. with a cal a, quiet smilo, such as angels might wear, she raised her head from bu> breast, putting back the hair from Lis damp, sold brow where stiff.lingsut enthroned,gnas od long and tenderly upon the beloved- It almost ecemed sis though her spirit entered his. The expression of intense suffetiog passed from his face, aud a pleasant though saddened rmi’o came instead. “But, Edward, I do not leave you ; I only go before: "and tbe voioe (hough weal; und' low was clear and free from trembling. ••Can you not wait, beloved ? It will uot be l"ng. Wo ahull meet agiiu iu bcavou.” .‘ Bo mine on eirtb, Miry, oh, be mine on earth ; then perhaps I can better boar the parting, for I shall know my wife awaits mo. “I knew yuu would come,. E l ward dear, and that you would and • s're this, Th; r>tl'ore ani T rohod for the ccreinouy. Yes, I wilj be yours, eveu upou ea r tb, and ever yours in heaven,’’ Theylergytnan was called it, and the cer emony was performed. Osltn otid earnest were the words the good, man spake. Calm ly-and earnestly wore they received into thoss sadduued, chu.-oened heurts. It was as though l.ho spirit of HeavettaJad dcsccudetl and dwift upon tLern. “My wife I’’ “Jly husband ’’’ The drenai 1i;k1 been fulfilled—th“r yt wi re United on (forth. An Imur el), oho little hour of perfiet joy, anil Mary was with the angel*. “Kiss ute, beloved !” wt re the last words the parting spirit uttered. In the Warm embrace, with Ifp’S pres-cd to Tips, and without a struggle the spirit went upA.trd to its home. Edward was alone qii earth, and yet not alone, for “tbe dead arc ever with ps,” jft <N *. *’** ♦ *r ♦ *, One mote earnest spirit Jp a tided to those who preach Bcaaer, may it lie your lot, as it liap been mine, to profit by the neartfelt words that full from the. lips of Ed ware (vtahntn. I to TttrxK of.— The Number of I languages spokeoTs 3;offt. The number | of men is arbout equal to the nuruber of j womefi The Average of human iife is thir ! ty*thr»c years. Otic quarter die before tho age of svren. One bmf St fore the age of seventeen To evefy 1,000 persons, only one reaches t betege of One hundred yt ars. Te every one hundred rn l y nine reach the age of' sixfy-fivp. aud not more thjin one out of tivediurMlred reaches thctigOof eighfy years'; There are on the ejir’h f 000,ODO (KMb of inhabi’nh’e, of these, diJ ev.ry jcTtr, 77,787’ every hnnr br sikty“ .every thinntfe—-one for every second. These lo*»es are ttliTOt balanced by an'oquat nurti beroibirtbs Th<r mart leu aro longer livetfo ! thru the single j‘ and above all those who ! observe nn"te r and inffh*t:ioav condur-t. Tall wi W fiv* longer than short men Wemeil lave more chane*e of life previous 1 to tbe age of fi 'ty than men, Out, fewer »f --| ter. Tbe number of marriages is in propor j tron of seventy-five to one hundred. Mar riages tiro more frequent after the rqainox -1 that \s during the months of June qttd De cewibdr. Those born in Spring ore gencr rallv mere robust than others. Births and ! deaths are more frequent by night phan by | d *j- , T ’ r -- . I Thf 6aE.m r.ttit —i’be Bishop of VVttrts ! burg mine ask< and a sprigH’ly sbepbrC'f bey, I “What are you doing here,my lad f” Tending fswitic.” 1 Hew much do yeu p.'- 't” “Oae fi rm a wee’t.” i “f am »h>o« tdieytWerd, cowrinued h«s but i I bavs-a much larger valary.” I “That may be, but then I soppewo yon have mere swine nodei your oaro,” iuno- ' I ccntly replied the bey. Xctaarle shotvn ot Mint Bones land W liite 0.-th. iu Aliilmma- This day a fortnight ago tho meteoric stones..begin to fall, and havo falleh every day alhte', Ificlhdmg t«*di*y, with increiserig inter*st, with tho exception of heal No hot stones have fallen that l am awaro of. One day last week the young man that waits on my bouiso remarked to mo that “them things kept falling at KmedineM ho if. (Sr; that an old bone and a pieoo of wood had fallen. * L walked to her house and found her in the yard w ith a bone that was apparently ouce a soap bone, tho kneo of the shin bone, and a piece of perfectly seasoned basket white oak, which w*a clean and entirely free of dirt and looke las f t had < ome from aome work shop. I nhowyd both the piece of wood and hone to a neighbor who had eo:ne for the expresi purpose of gratifying liis curiosity. Wo wcrehoih of the opii ion that the bone had been dxp’ a?d to the weather some ten or twelve years. They both fell tgo itber and at the siine time iu the yam. As I approached in ten stops of her fenoc ono stone, ait silleious, came rattling dffwfi fhrtrugh ono of tho trees,and almost’fn tho sarno irt— another fell 1" four or five foot, right before my eyes. Whilst, conversing with her she Htcpt to a chicken coop, which wa c lying there, and prsscnted mewilh a lum’p of clayey looking stuff! about the hardness of a half burnt brick- Slia eaid Tom, her husband,hail plowed it up sonic days be fore tjiey began to falL u s *f were, iu show ers and brought it le tho Louie,hut she had forgotten to show it to tar. This Mump would weigh', in the estirawtio* of the gentle men above alluded to, *t least six pound*. It fell in plowed ground where tho corn was knee high. One fell lastbight on my house with great violence, duriog a strfrm of wind rain, thunder snl lightning. For want of a lalldhr lam unable to get it,as it in Mged in a gnUer. 1 learn tr-duy they-.htrvo fallen likswiae at. Mrs J Kuliivwi’e, six miles fioni mo,, who lives at. what bos-bcei} called Jor dons ferry,” JSsett's creek. I w : as in conversation a week ago with one of the mo?t'i'ntelHgent ladies of our eoanty, who informed me that the like rMsssoniesi oaeurred several years ago in Mississippi, and, continued to fall for a wUoleyeur eonliu e l there just as hero, to ppe locality ; that the neighbors, pkVirnpKiciillfc, supposed it Was some mischievous pers’ots, ind rncontin ently mustered all tho “nigger dt»gs” and spoored tbe whole touatry, without making any discovery ; so the thing T remaihs a mit tery to this day — fa,Gil- Tribune, A I.illle Keiuaucc. Some years ago a poor penniless advrti hirer arrived at San Bernardino. Hi; ek thsk were in rags, his cheeks were hollow, and his eyes had that fierce, restless expres sion, which is set n in one who has ocd. fora long time tasted food. The stranger stop ped at a firm-lit use, and after sotne hesita tion Asked for a meal. The farmer, who was well-to-do iu the world, at ouee gr>uted the request. Entering into oouversatiou with the stranger, Le found that he was cu deavpring to make his way to U-OBiinc- 1 , hut miscalculating the expenses of the route, had found hjs means iuad. quote to.bear him to Lis journey’s end. The farmer was so impnessrdjwith hie sto ry thathe. voluntarily Iru.t the needy adven turer a sum of money-to help him to hie des tination. ,; Time a od with its chaoocs and changes, and found the once prosperous farmer de spoiled es his tittle property, and sedcing a •pcrcjuions subsistanctr-in San Francisco. Booh wys the coudiiiou of affairs, when a few we' k since a splendid earring: drove up to-tlio man's door. A richly a'llrod alighted therefrom, h frrnoved to be Uie p< nnilcsa rrlvcuture r wtirtm the uow r duccd iarjuev had so generously assie 1 - eu. Ifuek had chsugeil with tho former, lie hrd travelled to YYishde', and crgagitlg in the a.lvor mines, had amassed like many others ouoe pr>or, a rapid fortune. He had enuio to invite bis. benefactor, with bit family ti take a tile fur the purpoao of tak ing .a Lok it n coat collage which bo had jnst p urehabcd. 1 iie-spaWy rode forth ia high spirits, ffie, m» r.,i«g was fine and tbe air exliiltrut. ing. Iu due tint-they arrived at the eot tags, w liioh pr jvrd to bv au,e tjL xho neat est iu ti ricglileirlia and W’heti the vi.-i diß had satisfied tbqtp— selves with adnrfring 'everything that was to be admired, and nod pftrttfkert of a re‘ past spread for the occasion, their entertain er turned toward litem ami said t t. “It lofng ago but that you munt remember the destitute stringer who came to your gate for wherrwittialF to satisfy the cravings es hungtr, and whom yon sent on his wax rt juicing, juth more money than be IvatTseeq for n t welye-sponth. lam that stronger. W tth the proceeds of yojjr gtJi erosity I reached the mitres Success crown-' ed my efforts. I was wealthy. I visited Ban Bernardino for fhc purpose cf drserharg insr my delt* at gVathtfdf * bnt yon w'Cre nol' there I sought you every wbarc; And final ly found you in your place of refuge, bearly as destute as' myself on the Jay when over-s oome with hunger, I paused at yonr thresh old-. My mission is acomplfsbed. Afou have been plowed to admire this cottage. It i* yours. Take it with all that if con tains, aud may Heavon eoatde yon, tny befi cteetor, to pro-spvr as I fcav* prHwyured. To finish the story, tho tide rfoeds were pluckd for the harris of tjui ustt nished , fai - nter', and he is at this moment (Otuforiably installed with his family in his new domi cile, the happiest of mm. A YaxWef, made abet %itb a that heeouldswalfow him. Tho-Datzsbniau Lid down on the table, and the Tankeo tak ing Lis big toe in bis mouth - nipped it sc vttrelv. “Oh you «te biting me! fiu-ed the Dotehtq&n “TV’hy yhu old fool," re ulied tbo Yattjtoq, 'did you fopsk l WAS gulag le iWwdlo* ys>* whule ? ' . Gikio. Abvice.—“Hear am my friend. Vesterday 1 was called an-ans by Mr.sJcnaes, and I intend to prusretne-hfm fat it. M’hal do yon tiiihk. of it?’" “If I were yon, I would not do it “Why?” Because he might prove tbe charge and that would compromise you.” vol. i. no. a. An Aninaing Incident. Ifdnery Hale, ono of the host scouts in the Federal service, Irft -B-ivontivorrti with dispatches. ■''As hetolo along, men from every dirseliop wqr«.goi»g to join Price. Ho 81W an old secessionist with a shot gun, and thought, it would boa nioe thing ti the old follow and taka his hors: into Lexington. So ho oogagod the old man jlo conversa tion, and gettiag an opportunity; put his re volver io the robol's beadj, ordered hiru to tye his gun to the saddle, to dismount, aad finally to skedaddle The oi l man made tracks rapidly, glal to esoape with his life. ><■ '. " . * Halo took his horse xnd rode on whistling 'Yankee Uoedlf,'’ Ho Tfad rlddfin about a mile, when at tho turn of tho road, he was suddenly ordered to halt. The oi l rehal had procured another gun, and got ahead ethini. The gun was level ed at Hale’s head. “(let off that horse” said the rebel. ITalc got down. “Tie that revolver to thrf Saddle.^* Hale obeyed, -o a;- “Pull off your pants.” Hale did it. “Skedaddle,' 1 Aji order wliioh Hale isemcdialely carried into effect merely saying. “Well, Cap, I thought my shirt was com ingnext. Good-bye.” Tho rebel went off with two bofscs whis tling MLtoxie,” /while Ifale marched seven miles into Lexington »i:h fthly hla shiri containing his dispatcher. He will not be permitted do forget that, seven miles. Fig,\rugH citizen es Unlveetco, Tex as, gives an account of a most fiendish out rage and disgrace, perpotrated by one Capt Wilson of the iii th Illinois. If the facts as given pro Due, then this officer, who hasdia 'graovil flic Feder.-.l uniform and humanity, ucscrv® the soorn and execration of the world. The case hr stated as follows : Cap tain VYil-on, while en route from Galveston lo New OHcaas, on hoard the ska new Sit' vet Cloud, ordered a Mr. McDonald and a fr end of his, both citizens of Grimes county to be tihd up with a small cord by tho thumbs for one hour; For using ca he asser ted disloyal language. When these sea were taken down, the eor]„ ' ua( t cut through the fhsh to the bone on their thumbs, oaue ing the moat oxcirUciating pain Th“,i fktstf should startle a thinking COtnmuoity, and eause them to inquire if there Is no remedy for (outargue like Ibis ; Can it be that wo. have no law to pucieh suoli atrocious acts of barbarity. Aat pf SiVimmino.—Men are drowned by raising their arms above water, the un— bouyed -weight of which depresses tbe head. Other animals havo neither motion nor abil ity to act in-a similar manner, and therefore’ swim naturally. When a man falls into deep water, he will rise to the suiface, and will continue there If he does not elevate his bauds. If he moves hi* hands under water in any way be pleases, bis bead will rise so as to allow him free liberty to breathe, and if he will use his legs as in the act of walk ing (or rather walking up stairs) his shoul ders will rise abovo water so that he may use less exertion, or aptly them to some other purpose These plain directions may bo lonnd highly advantageous in preserving Hfe. Our “devil” like most of “printers’ dev il*,” is a great admirer of the ladies, and of course lias a “sweetheart.” Flo and Ms la dy love were on their way to church walking along and ehattiug briskly op the numerous topics of thc.dayj when she suddenly caught (rig baud, and looking up smilingly in his face, asked : “Do you know why I cannot get religion ? “No tny dear, I do not,” he replied “lt is because I l«Vo tho devil!” “I golly be replied, iam glad you are A sinner.” I/OOkiNH Vo'ttWAiip.— yV manly little fel low of five years felj und cut his upper lifi so ftedly that a surgeoh had to be B;itn mrmetl tiVweWr ttf! the Utoand. He sut hi -hts ukfllurtfs' lap during the tipperwtion, pale .Uyt vpry quiet, leaolutely keeping biwdt the tears and moons. In her distress tbe ydttng mother could not fiefrum from saying ; “Oh doctor I fear it will leave .an hgly Kcaf ” ChsiTe looked up in her tearful face arid said iu it comforting trme: “Never mind irtamu, my moustache wiH errvor it.’* Tub Difkkuencb—A lady observing the following notice on a board, horses taken to grass j long tails, three shillings and six pence , short tails two-shillings, asked thu . owner of the lend the reason for the differs cnee in price. “Why you see ma’am,*’ bo replied, long tails can brush away tbe flies, but the short tails are so tormented they an hardly eat at all: Bkick BoNeboV Bajß tie people of Boa trtif go tD Heaven through the big organ This Assurance te calculated to dh-ahuse thrt pub io -tuind of th* impression that about nine tenths don’t go there at all. It tw-aflid t-bet riicrs STS sfis Usatlvnnd chihJ«jq'.i(i New Uuven, Gon“etb-'ut, for wbtmFgTere is no room ig the public ehoolu Flijr'Wy havli’t.’ a Bureau there. fItNCK the bas-rooms are shut up iti New- York oiiJSun'day, sofifteof tho bar hern hate bivwiten tt new' tiair teido- f r the beard— I which ia appbed |ost under tb*» ■ ni*atslache- u.-a . . 4 Mrs. Partington said she did not marry her seaond husband because she ievnd the male rex, but because he mas tbe size of her protsetf r, anu t<tpjd wear eat his ethi clalhes. . ’ J; ** *«* • **'^” - JS'.' l * . p»9vqk'Bg elats are the weak minded uaiu'whft can never say no !” bnt bo matter wffftftydtjiSfcs Wfo expressed, always coin uide widh them. They are like two Dutch men who held the f< Bowing dinlogue : ‘ Veil Hans, v*t does you tink ?*’ “V«jlt f don't k-uow, vat does you_fiek Y” “Tell! tiofei vat yog (Ini.” “Veil, I link so too.” It is reckoned that in France there ltd seventy five thoatand persons blind of :M eye.