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THE weekly republican Tr-kT Kerning, July 29th, 1870. issras YOUR PROPERTY ,j 1( ,T,oi»iug sale and reliable Companies : , -. i-MTiffl A Mercantile Iynckanc*Co., Of T/»rO«*n, Emdand. KP'Tbe many friends of Dr.-Greene will l>e pleased to learn that he is so far recovered as to be on the streets. JSTOnr city has been exceedingly qniet for the last two days, taking the in tense heat as gently as a young bride wonld be led to the altar. Mr. Hale, the census taker of this I county, informs ns that Mr. Wiley Cham- Ywk. j bliss has a few acres of corn which will produce one hundred bushels totheacre. r»r*, >».' !**»«»’* this beat cotton at any price like- ' ly to be had in some time ? 1NS1JBE YOU* LIFE Of Maoon, Georgia. . T. I) tVF.XPORT, g Store, Lamar Street, S1»K£U * HOOKS, mer L amar A College ate will find the 11 neat gait era In the Wi sTHEnnuiH. For desirable information read i Ivertisenientn. Hogs and fleas are thriving on the We regret to learn that Rev. Dr. Wilburn is very ill. C-jr* It takes a good dodger to walk onr Greets without getting a knock on the l*v on« of the nnmerons balls that are continually flying about. Baseball u ill ,lo for an open field, but the streets not for practicing sncli amusements Ct»y* The memliers >f Protection Fire oinpany will meet at Firemen’s Hall :!iis evening at 8J o’clock, per order of V Foreman. See notice. i-,r Persons wishing to purchase fine . hoice building lots in the most desirable 1-ortiou of the city will find it to their ad vantage to apply immediately at this of- ll.v. tf. Ins.— A delightful min fell in this v Thursday afternoon. The crops > irtionsrf the connty are greatly sui ng for the want of rain. A gentleman who has just arrived '• from Stewart county informs us that corn crops of thnt and Webster conn- are the finest known in that section if INK GRENADINES at 18 cents, at ■ Waxelbaum k Co. A Hint.—WondeT if onr obliging old friend Tondee, on Cotton Avenue, wont M nd us some iced lemonade by hinting 8*ir ()nr brother Reilly has employed »* u ** w eight pound compositor on thispa- pr. And he said: “ Suffer little child ren to come, ” and they i/„ come. Housekeepers know how quickly lemons lose their flavor and rot. An ex change says, a simple and inexpensive remedy is to place them in ajar filled with water, the water to be renewed eve- iy day or two. By this means the fruit may be kept fresh and sound several The stock-holders of the Americas ( otton Factory are requested to meet tin* “ten-acre field ” near the railroad Saturday next, for the purpose of paying tin* last sad tribute of respect to that de- Jiun t organization. Funeral oration by lh*v. Mr. Waitawliile. Our thanks are hereby tendered < "1.1). IV. Lewis Secretary of the State Agricultural Society for complimentary tn kots of membership to the State Fair. We are under" many obligations " Ih. J. A. Park, for one of tho largest *':»ternielons we have seen this season l,so for a bosket of delicious peaches. t ° u fined as we are in onr office these hot ,a y s . we assure onr friend that his re membrance of ns is highly appreciated. C*a^*Our people who have chickens should not allow them to sit on street ms, they peck at the eyes of persons iri£, and our devil says that can’t be stood, especially while chicken meat is so scarce. Axottier C’nAxoE.—Madam rumor has it, that another change will shortly be made in the management of Hie Courier. A gentleman of tUi city, who has tried his hand at the business two or three times before, not being satisfied with past experience, is about to embark again on another editorial voyage. He will be assisted by a gentleman of Lee connty. We give this as rumor from one who seems to bo posted. Homm to Dnmnuxs.—Mr. John Riley, Assistant Assessor for the counties of Sam ter, Dooly and Webster, furnishes with the following information, with the request that we publish it for the benefit of parties having stills in their possession. t Every still in the. possession of any person must be registered -on form 2G, either as being for use or not for use: and all stills that have-not beon so registered must be forthwith registered by the per- n possession thereof, with the Asses sor of the District, or the Assistant Asscs- of the Division in which such still is situated, an omission to so register in- irs a penalty of five hundred dollars. JOHN M. RILEY, Asst. Ass’b. Counties of Dooly, Sumter ami Web ster. Our “fat men’’ who wish to com pete for a prize at the State Fair next Oc tober will note the following by AL Harris, to Col. Lewis, Secretary Georgia State Board of Agricultare : Dear Sir : I desire to offer a premium of a fine gold-headed cane for the largest best-looking man, at the State Fair next October. In order that our fat men may not be deterred from competing, I desire to state hat I will not be a competitor. SQr One of onr Prussian citizens has the war fever to sncli an extent that he has procured a musket, goes through the drill every fifteen minutes and stands gnard daring the night Saturday night he arrested a brother clerk and made him “ mark time ” until relieved by a passing police, who told him he was a copond and wonld carry the prisoner to the gnard- lionse. Arrest ok a Hooch.—Some time last SpriDg the Gin house of Mr. Thomas Bryant of Lee county, was fired by some malicious scoundrel aDd destroyed, but suspicion rested upon no particular per- nt the time. A few days ago, Mr. Bryant came in possession of sufficient vidcnce to criminate a negro man in the immediate neighborhood, whereupon he as arrested, and made a full confession, e is now in jail in Albany. A young exquisite of this city, who wants to marry in a few days, went last week to pay his intended a visit in an adjoining county. After spending two or three days with his dnlcena, he sends word to his friends to let him have a dol lar to come home on, os his shirt needs changing and he hasn't aDy with him. That young fellow had better go to work, the woman he monies may often have to borrow something to eat SSiT A gentleman on a visit to this city from Lnmpkin, Stewart connty, says that few days ago a countryman carried a agon loaded with chickens, eggs and bntter, into that little city to sell, and as soon as the members of the City Council espied the wagon they gathered aronnd it and asked the owner if he was licensed to sell in the streets, he informed them that he was not, when they immediately confiscated his load, divided it amongst themselves and sent the wagoner out of the city. “Old Spot” must have some ready disciples in Lnmpkin, or snch im positions would not be tolerated. He says tho city poll tax is only fire dollars every four months. We think that is very light considering the ability of the people to pay it. The City Clock.—We hear complaints every day from onr citizens about the ir regularity of this time piece. Some days five or tea minutes too slow, and others from fifteen to twenty minutes too fast, and at other times it fails to strike for 21 hours, and so it will ever be as long ns tho duty of keeping it in order is given to a man who knows as mnch about a clock as lie does of aerial navigation. If not taken ont of his hands, it will cost the city a considerable sum of money to have it repaired. It is too valnableja piece of property to be placed in unskill ed hands. No one but an experienced watchmaker shonld attend to the keeping of the city clock. Shonld it get out of order, he will knowhow to remedy it and will always have the correct time. Let a change be made before it is too late. Turnip Seed.—Dr. J. A Tarts has presented us with a package of tnrnip MT <1 °* hi* °wn raising, which he pro- 111 mnces c, l u «d to any ever raised. As the season for sowing turnips is at hand, we ""Hid state that a supply of this seed l*e found at the City Drug Store. Somkthixo Nice.—The enterprising I,rra of Montgomery & Shaw seem deter mined to keep onr citizens supplied with the necessaries of life. They have just received a few boxes of nice fresh cheese. < .‘H and get some before it is all gone.— u is excellent, and no mistake. ESU Hon. Nelson Tift’s letter address ed to the members of the Legislature and people of Georgia, will be found in another column. It is an interesting letter, and shonld be read by every voter in the State. ^2^ A countryman asked the other day, ' the war was progressing between burope and Deland, and which side we though- would whip?" As he takes no l“l>or and is in the habit of borrowing | r <»m h s neighbors, we concluded to give him the information, and our opinion w “® that Ireland wonld rnasli Europe in- to a jelly i n about sixty days. Ho then l ’ “ Lob and Jake needn’t be afeerd, ‘ «i, and can come outen the swamp^ t >ey wont have to go ; been hiding oat e'er since we hearn of wargoin* on, and '"'King for the conscript maw eveiy day. CALICO at 10 to 12} cents, at Waxelbaum k Co. Onr citizens wonld be pleased to know if the Marshall and police are at liberty at any time they see proper, to leave their post of duty and go in pursuit of persons who havo committed crimes in other States, and remand them to the proper authorities, in order that they may obtain the reward. To Northern Advertisers.— No at tention will be given to advertisements sent ns through advertising agents, where the money does not accompany the order to insert them. This is our reply to numerous letters received daily reqnest- is to publish the “ enclosed adver tisement” and forward bilL CQr The Justice’s room was a very hot place on Saturday afternoon. Numerous 15th Amendments hung about the door and windows. Grab and Ketchum grinned defiance at one another. Takenll under took a lofty flight in the pure elements of legal lore, bat the black shadow and pleasant aroma of the Amendments were most too hoavy, and he fell back in his chair with the perspiration rolling from every pore like young springs suddenly bursting forth, granted a deep grunt, flopped his sweat-rag across his swelter ing brow and prayed the colored broth ers for one breath of heaven’s pare air to revive his drooping spirits. The Justice groaned, wiped Lis majestic forehead, looked at the erring disciple of the saint ed Abraham, looked at Grab, Ketchum and Takenll, looked at the windows and door, looked heavenward, sighed and looked again, and mattered, “ virtue is the only thing necessary to stop all such as this, ” then sighed again, straightened his under lip, held up liie head, frowned, looked defiance and determined to stand it like a man. About this time a huge amendment leaned against us in the front, another was pressing us in the rear while the spirit of old John Brown seemed to be settling upon ns, and a streak of light appearing suddenly on the right we dart ed ont, and left the Conrt in its glory, heat and sweetness, to Grab, Ketchum and the Amendments, thinking that some kind friend wonld tell us what it was all about and how it terminated. O. G. Templars.—The next meeting of the Grand Lodge I. O. G. T, of the State, will be held at Americas on Wednesday, the fifth day of October. Lodge Deputies are referred to the notice of the Grand Secretary in another col- Applications for charters of new Lodges South-West Georgia must be address ed to C. W. Hancock, D. G. W. C. T, Americas Georgia. Card of Thanks, a meeting of the Americus Brass Band it was Resolved, That we hereby tender our sincere thanks to the citizens of Ellaville, for their hospitality on Thursday last, and particularly to Haj. and Mrs. W. C. P. Clegliorn for tho sumptuous breakfast furnished the Band on its arrival; also to Mr. W. H. Scovill for special favors. S. A. Fogle, Sec’y. Americus, Ga.. July 27th, 1870. Friendship Association.—The 4th Ministers’, Deacons’ and S. School meet ing of the Friendship Association will convene with the Mt. Carmel Church, Marion connty, on Friday before the 5th Saturday in this month. Every body come. G. F. Cooper. Jaly 23d, 1870. Ebasivs Soap.—This recipe is worth ten dollars a year to any family, says an exchange, it costs but little to try it: Aqua Ammonia two ounces, white shav ing soap one ounce, salt-petre one tea- spoonfull, soft-water one quart. fgy* Since Qaeen Victoria took her place On the English throne, (thirty-three years ago,) every other throne in Europe, from the least unto tho greatest, has changed occupants. _. Communicated. Information Wanted. Mr. Editor.—Will yon, or some one better posted than myself, please inform the public by whose authority the issuing of the new city scrip was done, and how mnch was issued. I hare it from the most reliable source, that four members of council knew nothing about the mat ter, nntil the money was pat in circula tion. Who assumed the responsibility of thus taxing the citizens when there was necessity for it. The city did not need the money to meet its expenses. Why then throw upon tho market, several thou sand dollars of city scrip the Legislature and not sanctioned by the City Council ? If the city has enongh greenbacks on hand to redeem this scrip where is the necessity for issuing this extra money? I recollect what a “hue and cry” was made against the late Or dinary and County Treasurer for issuing county scrip for county purpose*, and what disposition those officers had to make of that money. There was no more use for this city scrip than there was at the time mentioned for connty senp. Bnt my only object at this time to ascertain, who authorized the iss uing of the late city scrip. A. CITIZEN. The above needs attention from some one. We are unable to furnish our re spected correspondent “A Citizen” any information touching the matter referred Perhaps our worthy Clerk and Treas urer can fnrnich our correspondent with the desired information.—Ed. Rep. B0L Tho Postmaster General has issued strict orders to the various postmasters not to deliver any paper or pamphlets or other printed matter on which the post age had not been prepaid at least three month* in advance. All snch matter will be thrown in the waste bag, if not at tended to promptly by those interested. G 00D Ordain lined Baking Dishes and We them T^saf h £ nsekeepcr on 8ht to ittlj 2C-tf. Leitneb A Fucker. *2?"* One of the most efficient Connty "““7* * Mr. 3. B. Pil.boiy, Depnty ■ lionir. ne con always be relied on in | l ” performance of his duty, and though >t u the nature of man to grumble and condemn officers who inexact in their nsineM, all will acknowledge that it ia nt "S'* that they shonld be so / for this purpose are they pleoed in theee poei- “omsaadnot to please friends by the noo-perfoiinanoe of the law. Thanks to Our Friends.—Within the past few days we have bad the pleasure of adding a number of new subscribers to the Weekly and Tri-Weekly Republi can. We are pleased to learn from onr patrons generally, that our efforts to fur nish them a good paper is so highly ap preciated. Now is the time to subscribe for the Republican. The country is aflame with exciting news, and everybody is anxious to hear what is going on. We are aware that money at this time is very scarce, yet bnt few persons are aa poor they can not take a newspaper. In order to place the Republican in the reach of every citizen in this and ad joining counties, if they cannot pay the money, we will take payment for subscrip tions in batter, lard, eggs, chickens, meal, meat, floor, wood, or clean ootton. rags, for which we will allow the market price. This is a fair proposition and no one need complain hereafter that they cannot a paper. Those who cannot take it for a whole year, let them try. it for six We want to place a copy of the Repub lican in the hands of every readings an theaeeoodGangnasional District Beep.—Mr. S. Gerrald announces through the Republican this morning, that he is prepared to furnish our citizens doily, with the finest Beef ever brought to Americas. Call early if you want to get a choice piece. Communicated. Mr. Editor : In yonr weekly issue of the 22dinst., I notice a communication the signature of “ A Citizen, ” rela tive to a Union singing held at Pleasant Grovo Church, on the lGth and 17th insts. My object in writing this is to find ont what became of the “big dinner’ which a number of the citizens of Ameri cas, Oglethorpe, and other places were in vited, on the 17th, by Mr. F. West? A large number of people attended through that invitation, and I must confess they were badly “ sold. ” There was no din ner for them and bat few got any, and those that did—through the kindness of some of the neighboring citizens. This is a new way to get up large congrega tions where merit will not attract, and most of na know that we only “went out to hear a reed shaken by the wind. ” The meeting was a success, bnt what became of the “big dinner” is the prob lem to be solved. I know that the peo ple of thatseetkm could have provided one of the best kind if they had approved of it, and I look to them for an answer. One of the Sold. Communicated. Me. Editor : In your issue of tho 20th insk, yon were pleased to refer yonr ‘valued correspondent, Citizen, ” to me for information concerning the City Cur rency. A few general remarks must suf- indicating the policy I have, and shall continue to pursue in regard to in quiries propounded by anonymous cor respondents touching City affairs. Since my connection with the City gov ernment I have never, on any occasion, refused to impart all the information I possessed about City affairs when called upon; and in addition have cheerfully placed the records of tho City hands of every one desirous of informing themselves, and will, most cheerfully ex tend the same courtesy to “ Citizen ” if he will only trouble to call at my office, bnt lest he fail to call I will depart so far as to assert that not one dollar of new Currency has been issued in excess of old retired, and which was ^issued nnder former administrations, and the issue was authorized by Ordinance ol Council dnly passed, and with the knowledge and con currence of a majority of the Board. The impropriety of my rushing into public print, Mr. Editor, to give infor mation touching the acts and doings of the City Council, occnpying as I do the humble position of Clerk of the body* is too obvious to discuss. The body entire, or its Committees, can speak for them selves. From time to time I am author ized to lay before the pnblio the City’s fi- nanoial condition—or to be more accurate —the receipts and expenditures—and which duty I discharge with pleasure. In concluding this article, I will add for the information of the public, that it has been my desire to give a correct lxibit of the City’s indebtedness ever since my advent into office, bnt so far have been defeated by my inability to ascer tain the exact amount of City Currency in circulation issued years ago. That dif ficulty is, I atn hapl y to believe, nearly removed in its absorption by the new Cur rency, and when completely absorbed, trno exhibit of the City's financial condi tion will be made, and I presume pub lished by order of Council H. D. RANDALL, Clerk and Treas. Communicated. Building and Loan Association. NO. 3. The shares in a Building and Loan As sociation are sold at one dollar each, which enables a poor man to save what little he can from his income and invest it in something that will pay him a good dividend at any time, in caso he should conclude to sell oat his stock. Each stock holder is entitled to one vote for each share of stocks so held, at any election held by the Association. Each stockhold er is entitled to purchase an advance of Two Hundred Dollars on every share held by him, and when each and every stockholder has received §200.00 on each shore held by him, then the Association will determine and close. The dues of One Dollar for each share will have to be paid monthly by the owner of tbe same, until the valr.e of the whole stock, in eluding Premiums, Interest, Ac., shall be sufficient to divide to each share of stock the sum of $200.00. Those who have re ceived their advance of two hundred of course will not receive anything more from the association when it closes. The officers of theso Associations usually a President, Treasurer, Secretary and four Directors, who ore elected nually. The regular meetings of the As sociation are held once a mouth, at wlxioh time, members pay their dues. J. F. No. 4. The benefits to be derived from an association of this kiud aro sufficient to induce any one to take more or less stock in it. The Bankers and other monied men find it remunerative and always sub scribe liberally for stock in these associa tions ; and to prove that the stock is al ways in demand by them, all associations place a limit upon the number of shares that can be held by any one member. In Columbus, for instance, the number of shares that can be held by any ber is limited to 40. There tbe total num ber of shares issued by the association amount to 2000. Although the monied men find this a good investment, it mechanic, clerk, and other men of mode rate means that can folly realize all the benefits to be derived - from becoming members of an association of the kind. Men that now spend every dollar that they make, will find this to be one of the beat saving banks in existence, and any body can save something out of their in come, if it is but a dollar a month. In short time this will amount to quite a butq, which will stimulate the party to economise and add every dollar they ean to the amount already saved, and in a few yeors will have » sum of money that will enable him to bay a lot if not to build a house and never feel the outlay. The following will illustrate the finan cial workings of ono of these associations. J. F. THIRD ANNUAL REPORT. Office Ocmolgee Building and ) Loan Association, Macon, Ga., Jnly 19,1870. .) Dr. Loan Acoonnt account....- Sundry shareholders* acct. .$149, GOO 00 4,497 3G 1,593 9d 4,438 25 S1G0.12D 51 Or. Instalment account $ 59,171 00 Interest account 14,428 01 Fine account (532 40 Premium account 82,231 50 Profit and loss account 7 00 Shareholders’ loan* not taken 3.G59 00 To Your Posts.—We find a stiring ap peal in the Constitution, signed “Repub lican,” as follows: “There are Demo crats enough in the Legislature, with the aid of honest Republicans, to defeat the prolongationista. None should be ab sent a moment from their seats. Usurp ers axe bold active and vigilant. The vote on this question may come np at any moment. For abeence is treason.” It Is to be hoped there are no denocrats who will absent themselves at this impor tant crisis. Another report in the same journal, says that Blodgett promised the Republican caucus “that seventeen demo cratic members of the Legislature wonld be absent when the vote shonld be taken.” If he spoke advisedly, or his words should bo verified, there will be some heavy ac counts to settle. Tho Democratic masses are in no mood to be trifled with. $160,129 00 Satisfied by loans, and retiring 1,149 shares. To provide for 851 ‘ “ Original No. shares.. .2,000 Communicated. Ellaville, Geo. July, 22. Mr. Editor : In compliance with your request I herewith send yon a meagre ac count of the Sabbath School Celebration this place yesterday. The day opened beautifully bright and clear, and early in the morning the peo ple begun assembling nntil about 10 o’clock, there waa a very large crowd pres ent. About this hour, too, arrived the Americas Brass Band, which is, permit to say, quite an acquisition to any as semblage of the people. The various Sabbath Schools in attend ance met at the Baptist Chnreh, where they were by the Marshal of the day, Dr. W. J. Sears, formed and marched to the Methodist Chnreh (where tho exercises took place) in the following order: Tho Ebenezer Sabbath School bearing a banner with the inscription— “EbenezerSabbath School ” “TheBold to Heaven. ” Hopewell Sabbath School— “ God is onr King. Himlet us honor. ” New Prospect— Search the Scriptures. God is love. ” Ellaville— Jesns is our Captain. Come boys, come girls, wont ybu volunteer ? The four schools, two Baptist and two Methodist presented quite an imposing and beantifnl sight os they marched through onr littio town, and it made the heart glad to seo so many Sabbath School Scholars (there were perhaps 250 in the procession) in one body in these degen erate times. On arrival at the Methodist Church the exercises of the day were gone through in the following order: Prayer-rby tho Rev. J. W. Mills. Song—Happy Greeting, by the Schools. Speech—Master Henry McKellar. Song—Kind Words, by tho Schools. Music—Americas Brass Band. Speech—Master John Haynes. Song—Land of Btiela—Schools. Speech—Misses Battle and Womack. Mnsic—Americas Brass Band. Song—Star of the Evening, Schools. Speech—Master Eddie Sears. Song—Don’t yon hear the Angels Com ing ? Speech—Master Richard Wiggins. Song—Jesns loves me. Mnsic—Americas Band. Dnctt—Misses Myers and Allen. Song—Beantiful River. Benediction. The schools again formed in order and marched to the beantifnl Grove in front of; the residence of Col Robk Barton, where a most bountiful and snmptuons repast was prepared, of which all were invited to partake, and thus ended the exercises of the day. The children all acquitted themselves well, but I eannot help particularizing a little. The speech of Miss Emma, daugh ter of Judge C. L. Battle, and Miss Fan nie daughter of Major W. G. Womack was especially good. Master Eddie, son of Dr. W. J. Sears, though but a very young orator delivered his speech finely, and was loudly applauded. The same may be said of Master Richard son of R. F. Wiggins, Esq. At abont 2 o’clock, immediately after dinner, a large cloud was seen rising, and the large concourse of people hastened to the shelter of the Churches, and ’twas well they did so, for ia a few moments the rain descended in torrents. There very large crowd present, estimated at six or seven hundred, among them quite a number from Americas and Buena Vista. I was struck with the im provement in your Brass Band since I last heard it, (some three years since,) they really play well and are quite an or nament to your city, they contributed very greatly to the pleasure of the day and will please accept the thanks of onr people for their attendance. May we have more snch celebrations ! may we the people all over our country have them! and may the cause of the Sab bath School spread nntil there shall not be a child on the American continent who, when he shall have grown to man’s estate and wandered from tho paths of truth and right can look back and say : I was not trained in the way that I shonld go. In my ignorance I am lost. Schley. U A mechanic living on the shores of Lake Zurich, M. Theodore Znppinger, has invented a mechanism as marvelous the daguerreotype was at first consid ered to be, the applications of which have since become so popular and universal The machine of Mr. Znppinger is no larger than the human hand, and per forms the work of an accomplished ste nographer. Placed in contact with tho vocal organ, it reproduces the slightest sounds enunciated by the tongue, throat bps. While one is in the act of speaking ribbon or paper is detached from the machine, similar to that thrown off by the telegraphic apparatus, on which the words pronounced are traced in black and white. The mechanism is in all re spects most ingeniously constructed, and worthy of being compared with the inven tions of Niepce, Daguerre and Morse. O 3NT Xk. OnilDXT, and we have bat ONE PRICK, We repeat this, for the benefit of tbueo who may not remember that WE SELL ONLY.FOR CASH. Haying our Goods, ee we do, from IMPORTERS, AMD MANUFACTURERS Itanrof them BY THE PACKAGE, and WITH THE MONEY, we can euppiy COUNTRY MERCHANTS upon as ooon nuo as they can make their purchases in any market in Georgia. We hare a beautiful line ol PLAIN, CHECKED and STRIPED JAPANESE SILKS, red and Black Satin Striped GRENADINES, .■ handsome; plain Black Iron BABEGE, BLACK SILK; extra lino Black BOMBAZINE; Printed LINEN DRESS GOODS," The moat beantiful stock of Printed LAWNS, JACOSKTTE8 and oboandu MUSLINS we ever had. Some handsome STRIPED PIQUES, new •tYle: PRINTS. BLEACHED and BROWN 8HIBTINGS and SHEETINGS of all widths and nuahtii MTttiPvu.n.i nnMPsTiri Taking The Census.—The collection of statistical information concerning the resources and industry of tho country, by the assistant marshals who aro employed to take the census is a very difficult task, and vary often leads to many amusing scenes and conversation. Wo have a in point wbiclj occurred in the Southern part of this connty, and which was related to ns by ono of the parties who was present at the time the examina tion took place. Our very clever Marshal, Capt H , who is busily engaged in taking the cen- of the county, on his rounds the other day, found himself at a house where number of women were residing. After being seated for a few moments, ho sta ted his business, and turning his atten tion to one of the party, who he thought was tho head of the family, thus addressed her. Capt. H.—Do yon reside here, mad ia? Lady with babe in her arms.—No sir. I live a mile from here. Capt H.—You are a married lady, I presume ? Lady—No sir. My husband died du ring the war. Capt H.—You’ve married again since, I suppose ? Lady.—No sir, I have not Capt H.—Well, madam, is that a le gitimate child, pointing to the babe in her lap, abont five months old. Lady—Yes, sir it is. I’ts daddy works, for it, and supports ns both. At this Btage of the conversation the Capt cavetl, not knowing how to proceed; and though he is a student of Blackstone, yet he has not been able to understand how a woman can have a legitimate child and have no husband. The Capt being a modest man left forthwith, without continuing his exam inations any farther.. Granberry & Co., Save just opened their SPRING STOCK, nOCGHT ET NZW TOZX AXD OTHER XOBTUZBN AND SOUTREBX JUBKETS At Panic Prices, WRICH THEY HOW OFTEB TO CASH BUY E US AT LF.8S THAN THE COST OP MANY AR TICLES THIS TIME LAST YEAR. Bnt ear btuincM ia atiB STRICTLY ON The Cash System, As we cannot rax or* ooorw at the low Low priced and Extra Good Ticking, HOSIERY, OSNABURGS, rnxow-CAMi uxen, aud 10J LINEN SHEETING BELOW COST. BOOTS AND SHOES, Hata, Umbrellas and Parasols, Oil Cloths and Table Linen and Window Shades, CLOTHS AND CASSIMEHES, Cottoyindes, Linen Dudes and CoiAings FANS, a very large stock oi Crockery and Glassware, Plated Spoons and Forks, Table aud Pocket Knives, I Tory handled Knives, without forka; Candles. Soapd. Soda, FINE TEAS, Royal Baking Powders, article) ; Potaah and Starch, CARPETINGS! From a common article at 50c. per yard, to a very handaomo Tapeatry Brussel*, aa low aa they can be bought in any m irket in Georgia. A sin all consignment of beautiful W A L L PAPER AT NEW YORK COST I All are respectfully invited to call and cxiinine our stock, be charge nothing for allowing our goods. GRANBERRY & CO. Amcricu*. April 12, tf. Six Great Remedies. Hurley’s’Stomach Bitters, For Debility, Lois ?f Appetite, Weakness, Indigestion, or Dys pepsia, Want of Action of tho Liver, or Disor- dered Stomach. . There are no bitten that can compare with tbee* in removing these diatreaafnl complaints. 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THROWER, July 18 tf Grand Secretary. AMERICUS MARKET. Corrected expressly for the Republican BT MONTGOMERY A SHAW. BULK MEATS—Rules 20c. MOLASSES—65@$l ( BYRUPS—y0@$l 50 SUGARS—20. F1S11—Kitts « 50@*4 50. 4 hUa *3 00<&*8 50 i bbl tJ 00(3112 00. ltbls $16 000830 00. POTATOES—None. TOBACCO—75^$1 50 per ft for sound. BUTTER—Goshen 60c. Country 90® 10. EGGS—Baying 15c. Selling 20c. LARD—Prune Leaf 23c. FLOUR—88 00®812 00 according to quality. CANDLES—Adamantine, 18c box, retail 25a CHESEE—Montgomery end Saws’ beat, 25c. AMERICUS COTTON MARKET. Americus, Ga July 27, 1870. COTTON—Weak at 15 cents. FINANCIAL. Axzaacca, Ga., July 27,1870. GOLD—Buying 12. SaSmg 16. IUGs5vikcii§aE.1 part «- “ •* “ Selling | prem. RATK OF INTEREST—On money 2f per oen WuiLBunt A Co. S3. All goods are sold at panic prices at Wxstueikeb’s. {COLORED ALPACA at 45 to GO cents, at Waxkuabum & Co. 1 EN OS at 20 to 25 cents, at Ai Waxktjjaum k Co. f^ENTS SUITS at $2 50 to $10 at ” Waxelbaum & Co. 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Abont this time tho advertisement of Hurley s Ague Ionic appeared in a city paper, and I determined to give it a trial. I didsiTjuui have no reason to regret it. Ono l»ottle'restoml me completely, and since that tirno I havo seen nearly a hundred cases in which it acted with equally happy results, and would certainly rc- P rcf0 "* bl0 to^auy other,touic be- PURIFY YOUR BOOD. Hurley’s Sarsaparilla, IODIDE POTASH tKij , , «- rare * plaints and diseases: Affections of the Bones, Habitual Cost iveness, Debiaty, Diseases of the Kidneys, Dyspepsia, Erysipelas, Female Irregularities, 1 Fis tula, all Skin Diseases, Liver Complaint, Indiges tion, Piles, Pulmonary Diseases, Scrofula or King’s Evil, Syphilis, And all impurities of the Blood, etc. To Dr. Thoe. A. Hurley: sir. I deem it an act of j notice to you to etatl that in tho month of February last, I had a severe attack of inflam matory rheumatism, which completclv proa- tratoc me. At tho same time my long* wero much afflicted. I waa so reduced that it was with the greatest difficulty I could walk. I pro cured sorno of your compound extract of Hu-aa- parilla, and commenced taking it. I found that I began to improve, my cough became 1cm sC- vere, tho soreness of my lungs and hreasta gradually subsided, my rheumatic paiuslcss ■cut**. I attribute this mainly to your Sarss- paril /f- 1 havo now been taking it for over two months! I havo taken in all fivo bottles. Its ef fect* have been most satisfactory to me, and I advise others similarly affocted to givo you a tnah Jos. Clxmint. The gontleman whose name is appended to the above certificate ha* long resided here, and af the present timeia one of the magistrate* of tho city of Louisville. Dr. SMITH’S Great Southern Tonic For Di»r*«cj. Lr sipeUs, Norvous or hick Headache, ’ — —'Innary Disease*, Female Disorder*,' all other form* of Fever. Held by and druggists generally. Manufactured by Dr. JUBILEE SMITH & CO, CHEMISTS AND COMPOUNDERS, Jk. 3VT EHIOtrS, Or Dr. JUBILEE SMITH’S DYSENTERY CORDIA* A sure remody for tbe cure of Dysentery, Dia- rhoea. Cholera Morbus, Cholera Infantum, In flammation of the Bowels, Heartburn, Sour Btomarh, Chronic Diarhcea and pain in stomach and bowels. Hi* also invigoratk female*, and all persona of an emaciated or. habit. Manufactured by Dr. Jmbfiee SmiihA Oe., Chemists and Compounders,Americus, Ga., DR. SEABROOKS EXjixi :es. PYROPHOSPHATE IRON & CALISAYA This elegant combination possesses all the tonic properties tf Peruvian Bark and iron, without the disagreeable tastes and bad effects ‘“£?*.r h ® a *^® Uotonia taprasion ia re- juired after convalceoenco frotnifevere or debili tating diseases, or in thorn distressing irregular- to females. No female should be without it, if liable to such diseases, for nothing can well take its place. JAMES RUDDLE & CO., PROPRIETORS, laboratory No. 41 BuUitl Street, Louisville, Ky. All the above medicines are for sale by W. A. COOK & CO., Americas, Ga., And at Wholesale by L.W. Hunt& €0., Macon, Ca feblS C. A. EDEN, SIGN PAINTER, Americus, Georgia. July 9th, 1870:lm-wJttw GETTING MARRIED.—Es- VJ says for young men—on tho delights of for young men.—on the delights of 55&S2*33BS£ free in aeakd envelopes. Adqreu Howard As- ociatiou, Box P: Philadelphia, Pa. mjM Notice. %sssP‘“*”* t : w.a. cook.