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The Barnesville weekly gazette. (Barnesville, Ga.) 186?-187?, October 28, 1869, Image 4

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g\gvicu!iuvnl &r., Tltc True SyMoin of FMriiiin^. Trying t° da t*>o " noli is a common uror into wliie't tin* firmer ofipn th 1! s. His <;jvat e;ii'crn<‘-s in stiinn£ to lift rich is d< nbtlcss tlio c use * f Isis error, Ue ts jt?nb f ions :iini energ' -i *, mnl forma lis plans on a Wgu scale. to< often perhaps, without counting the cost. 110 buys a largo firm an 1 wants to be called a “la'gw farmer,” without understanding or considering the true elcmwn f s that constitute a real farmer, ile fancies the greatness of that pi o f sion, as is too often the common es tin)ate to be in proj oition to the num ber of acres, not to say cuhiva ed, em braced within the boumlwii s"f bis domain. The fact is now being abroad, that a large farm dues imt make a man either rich, cm ten'ed or happy, but on the contiary. the reverse of all these, unless w ll tilled, when bis labor is rewarded by ample ciops and fair success in tbe various depart ments in which be is engaged. No farmer can real z■. the fu 1 hem fi's of |,i< profession without adopting a thor ough system of cd ure. ljissmcfs-, commensurate to bis wishes always de pends upon the iranr.ei in which lie prepares bis grounds, plants his seed, and rears bis stock. N itlier < f those departments, which may be considered the cat din and ores ol his profession, wi I care of tl ■ n soF es. T’lie •il may be ric*i, bui it nerds culture II s seed may be sown. but. it should be in due time, and alwajs on so 1 we 1 prepared and of a suitable quality *or the pro duction of the crop desired. Ills stock must bo constantly cared for—it de rives its thrift from the soil, ands uds a n ain that soil the sustenance, it re quires; but this is not done in a 1 ose or haphazard way. The turn er’> care is required, and a!! bis better judgment *must be exercised in keeping up this system of reciprocal benefits that nu; be realized by every iui-llig n and in dustrious farmer. Thorough cultivation and attention to ad parts of bis business is indispensable to a good degree of suc cess, The very corner stone to this whole system oi farming, is do what you do tlioiougbly nature will nor be cheated, and never giv-,-8 toll te un s to the half way \vuV that is jrnc*ieed by vastly too mam calling tli ms bp> farmers. If the land has be. n worn the extent if that o.hausti ui and the food required must b 1i st. nmideied When ascertained, the full mia u e i f these lequiremer.ts m st be given, n bring out lull r tutus. It t. e arm • lsrs but a sn.n!‘ sto k, and ciisi qn in ly but a small amount id mamuc to r pletiish his I nd it i> obv ous that fnii a smili f.irm can be snpp id with it ; and good j-idgmeir at on e and c ates that to cultivate properly a largo farm, artificial ferii izeis must be used >f good croj s are obtained. Arid so aitli the labor, two men cannot suitab y till one hundred acres of land, when the labor of two, and perhaps four, might be ufitably employed on seventy five acres, This is the great error in farming Two men strive to do what four ran hardly uo, and thus thousands of wre* Are run over, half tilled, and j*t< due ng lislf crops. The land is run o\er ti 1 worn out, sustaining year *fn r year the unnatural tax, till its energies are en t rely exhausted, and it fail* to yield even a sing'e crop, b cati-e its i e is worn out. Much of ihe s<ul in Virgin ia and oilier Southern S ates is a type of this Thousands if acres eniirelv ?e'ess and exhausted, and will ever remain so, til! the first p t*m* nts of its powerare returne-t tr it. i hi> pr cess is going on in many of th • \\ p-r in Stafts The soi isnaat and ike an in exhaust b e ; the ti bis erring give, give! ill m a 1 w y ais it will bare n**tliing to give. I lie boast of the W st is. arge f’arn s. a’ld l>lge field' of !_iaie ; pin; gh. sow amt reai , is the business of Wes eni farmers, drawing out the ary lie of the soi , sending away in ih * heavy expor s that are constantly going onwaid, with out icturning to the soil the lood it re p.ires t* make it productive, 1 he light that is being spread abroad n this subject is begirti ing to correct is practice to some extent, t.nt in most inftances very little i- returned to the soil to keep it alive, till at rs vr*r al years of/jontiimal croip'mg, it mani-. fie-sts signs of exhaustion and nit o.a e barremirSß. \\ lien tilleis of the soil understand their hue witeiests, 1 1 ej will cultivate no mote land ti an tie r can do well. Filty acres of lam! for tillage, brought to a high state of cul tivation, pa}s letter than one hundred run over in the way that mans do. [Farmer. IJow TO Blil.D A t uKN-Cltlß. —How to have a int-proof t* tn-cr b isa great ques tion among firmer* Acm r spor tient ot the New York hai an r’s v'iu givis ifie following experience ; “I have a c>u n* cub that has sto and lo> - twenty y ar<, and has never had a rat, at <1 Lot oim mouse in it to my knowledge. Ports ten or ei ven feet long and eight inch s q au ; ni i tise two lot In mme end * lot end nil , two inch mortise with unit. ia ( ,,r p. -i b‘-A* **'ll to the end t.y g, 11 the ir - fcicie until li.e end n tetlncci to lour un , - c-s diamitei; n.iiKe smmih v iih c. knlie, and iad <a> tin s out 1 1 hall t the end, below the mP. Lei sdi> l> ii.m inches t-quaie ; aho cnd-in them autl the r&ftei piates strong with moderate ir.te - ties, brace w I , atm lath op m and flown viitn thii licli aMi ; dbwiaii i counters .k j ;> cr* ?<> ’ lay tm il mt, and ■■ !<! u , enu> nrgiov. u Jboards *r ( .-i.l. be tbe ve lc t on s , •fcJX lent Ume ■ •„ the bill, and seven and a half hetati.Utc, at il lull to Utah, u Will holo 200 bushels. I never had an eai to hurt on account of the gteat width. D ptefetred, lay the ll .or with 1-itu or a irrow boards, with room for ventila t n. Each post should stai d on a* n,-, ut three inches luui tie ground, and st<ne have a foundation two lea uud below the ftw.” Drillin;? V< heat, The* season approaching for seed ing down to wheat, we could urge the Ireneiit of drilling in the seed with a machine, instead of broad cast, sowing. Nothing in agricul tural practice, now-a-days, may be said to be better established than this, as every one knows who has ever tried it; and the reports last season in the Department at Wash ington, from all sections of the country, showed the grain in bush els per acre to be in some sections 20 to 25 per cent, with the drilled wheat. It is found to be much less liable to be thrown out by frosts or winter killed, and the free action of the atmosphere through the drills in the field, the uniform depth at which it is covered, causing an ev enness in the growth, together with at least one peck less seed being required lor sowing, are all advan tages which belong to drilling, con nected also with securing a better taking of the seed. Drills, as with other farm machi nery, have been greatly improved in the last few years, and are now constructed not only to sow wheat oats, rye, etc., in given quantities, but also to sow with it grass seed and fertilizers in the rows, with the grain ; so that soil being previously well prepared, the whole is finished at one operation, and the ground left in smooth, nice condition. The ridge left by the drill ure leveled down by the frost of winter, giving additional protection to the tender roots of the grain and grass. [Practical Farmer. A Max Killed with tits own Tkap-Gux.—The danger of setting man-traps, whose open t o;is will l e attended with fatal results, is illus trated in the following occurrence: On Monday last Mr. Thomas 11. Field, a retired merchant, and a res ident of New lioehelle, was killed instantly. It appears that Mr. Field had been annoyed by tress passers who entered his grounds al most nightly and robbed his grapery. Finding it impossible by oidumry means to stop the evil, he purchased two shot-guns, which he loaded heavily, and then placed them in the hennery, with the muzzles pro t ucling from loop-holes. He then attached wires to.the triggers, so ar ranged that tresspassers must shoot themselves. On Monday morning Mr. Field found his grape vines pros trated by the storm of ‘Sunday night, and he proceeded to get them into their proper position, and in so doing came in contact with one of the wires attached to the guns. An explosion followed, and Mr. Field was iiisiant v killed. African Villainy Foiled and i LNiSHKI), Olio iiv biS! W* ek, a *;e i t* him ii ling in Limestone conn \, la., was called Pom borne on bust-* ns- to be absent two flays. About night fall of* the and ty of bis departure, two tiave'e s st- pperi at bis boii-e and asked perm s-i >ti to remain over night The lady objected, all* ping as areas >n r; at her husband was absent, but up* n being assured fli t die applicants were gentlemen, consented that they should remain. Late in ti e night there was a 1 >od knocking at the door, wi ich aroused the lady as it did also In r guests in another port of the house.— Upon opening the door she was seized hy five m tsked men and dragged into the yard, with evil intent. At this moment the guests who bad approach ed the door unperccived, fired killing two of the assailants, and the other three immediately fled. The corpses, upon unmasking, weie found to be negroes. I Never Comes Again. —A Gcr uian ca led at. a saw-mil! to gaze in wot.der at the vaiious and complica ed machinery. Among other tnings lhat lie saw, wa< a small circular saw, saw ng faster than anything he ever saw b fore. Jis rapid rnotinus fascinated him ; he reached out his right index finger to ward its ill-defined Deriphery, (f<r the < iicotnferetice of a suv in swift motion looks to be at the base of the teeth, and not at their points,) when to bis surprise, tin; end ol bis finger disapp-ared iu an in-tant, and rolled away to the other side of the -aw. Ibe man tied up the stump in his handkerchief ; whereupon Mr. An drews, noticing him, came up and ins quired whit was the itialter The victim of misplaced confidence replied : “Mi ther Andrews, I never comes to see your mills before. 1 seed ands ting gon g around so fast I tak s mein 'in ger to him like dis, and—mein Gott !” fn expla ning his first mishap the Gern an touched rim saw with his left forefinger, anil that flew off. Turning to Andrews in almost breathless a-tou is o.eut the man . xcloime i, “Mis! her A drews, l never com* s to see vour mi ls b fore j I see him j I never comes to nee him again !” And wrap piocr that finger into his handkerchi* f, i e started for a doctor’s office. AI Ltf e mills at Lawrence, 31 is?., were stopped on the (3th im-t, by the tlod. () vev ne hundred aces of the city were overfl wed, and many bouses were sur r unded by water. At Minneopoiis, on Mondav last, the Eastman tunnel, a hall mile long, being excavated for the pur pose of making a water power on N'clet Island, oi* reed a sunken water civern in the island, below the level of (he river. The g”ites at the he and of the tunml were emsed. but the rush of water could not be amsted. Early Tuesday mottling a large wh-iloool. neat the short- of the island, was discov. ted. d’sclnsi, g the umuth of the I ;|V ' *'• A 1 ell i'ts, y i sterdav to close u|) r e h 'c b, r h.- i cribs, trees, ha'es o ! bay, tc , who P unless, amt he liver threat ■ tu* Ito out anew channel, 'i he mil son !!• rn< pet Isl-ti and rtro in danger. The g. nod us cavnrg in from the passaged *t* i beneath. One thousand men are at w* lk mght a ol day constructing a c< lb r dum atoitnu the mouth of the whirlpool. !l m (es 6tw a sects ntd the dam will be blown out to 1 er water, which is very t igh. 1 hud. tiger of anew channel is imminent. A Bo ton paper says the people of L'-uisviH j amuse themselves by seeing the workmen fail from the new bridge even day or two, and adds that as it is a hun dred feet t * the wamr, the workman us ually sees the point of the joke by the time •re snaps falling. This is a vr/ good joke for Isi ston ; hut it would be thought a lauuro anywhere else. A Voice from the South! LOUD! LOUDER!! LOUDEST!!! Deeming it an obsolete fact fhst a man’s health should he his li at ami mos peculiar rare, we hive taken the liber v to print below a few tes timonials which go to show how sickness may he removed and health maintained by a Southern Medicine made only for Southern People. We refer to that time honored lemedy MaggieFs Eiife Fills! Used as they are aimed universally, we cannot hut take pride to ourselves that these medi ines i dicate bv their sales alone a prouder eminence than most preparations of the day attain. It shall always be our aim and most earnest care to maintain the ttindaidof their excellence. HEAR WHAT IS SAID! READ!. RBADM READ!! • This is from the Hon. A LEX- H. STEPHENS. I.mFTRTV Halt.. Crawford vti i.e, G.v., July 18. is<’,9. Maggiel’s Pill amn Salve WoitK.s, N. Y. Gentlemen: * * * * * And I also that I wid most cheerfully accept the medieir,e**(M .g --gitTs Pills and you pr pose o send, and from the reputa ion of th< ir virtues will try hopes .if much benefit. Yours irulv, ALEXANDER 11. STEPHENS. Fayette Cocr- Hoi s’-, Ala., July, 1569. Grxt:—We are entirely out of your M.iggiel’s Pills. Send ns a upplv b Express, at once, for Dii.iou Diseases. Your Vaggiel’s Pills work wonders. They gain in populailtv everv dnv Fayette, Ala., “WATCHMAN.” Office L E & FI. E. Welch, - ) Wholesale D.cggi-ts v Albany. Gt, July 14,1869.) Gentlemen:—We cheerfully say that Dr. Vag giel’s Pills nd Salvo sell well, and g vc Great Satisth' tion. Our customers speak in th- hi he*t iratmer of them We have frequently known them io cure Chills a-id Fever. Respec: fully, L E. & 11. E. WELCH. J 11. Zrlin &. Cos., I Wholesale Druggists V Macon, Ga., Aug. 19, IsfiO. ) Maggiei.’s Pill anb Salve Works, New York: - Your Medicines, M oofl's Pills and Salve are popular here. We sell more Mag grid’s Pills Ilian an.y other Pill —yes, more than any two others you can name comb ned. The Magoiel Salve sells aa much a- Dr. H. : but for Maggtel’s Pill-, we have extraordinary de mand. _ Ileepectlullv vours, J. IL ZELIN & CO. To the reader we wi I briefly say, that for the purpose ot lettin*r those whose circuui st; nces are not o* the best, try these iiie'ficinep, we will send free ok expenses, One Dollar’s worth of Ma.gnl’s Pills, on receipt of 75 ceuis. Addres- MAGGIEL’S Pill *kd Salve Works, ltox 5::72 Post Office, Ne-.v Y. rk. Summer Trade, 1869, JAMES CAREY, Late CaKEY & BANGS, 26G Halt. St., ------- Baltimore, WHOLESALE DEALER BOOTS AND SHOES. Wp keep a general assortment of Boots and Shoes and arc now sorting up our stock of goods for the Summer business. 'A e wd! be prepared to fill orders prompt ly and. when possible, ship (hem the day the orders are received. We p.ay particular attention to orders and, born our lonir experience in the bus ness and knowledge of t*he wants of our customers, can genera'lv suit them when they describe the goods they need in such manner as we can understand. We sell a large quantity of goods in this manner, to merchants who seldom visit the city, and give personal attention to ev ery order received. Respectfully, James Carey, Late CAREY & BANGS. Baltimore, .Tune 3 ISCD—lyr THOMAS MAH COL, CO MM ISS ION MER CIIA XT , AND AGENT FOR THE SALK OF COTTON, DRIED FRUU' AND SOUTH EHN PRODUCE, NO. w SMITH’S WITARF. BALTIMORE, M. D. Solicits ordc r ß fort e purchase of Groceries. Dry Goorls, Agricultural Jmp’iments. Feriilißcrs, Ac Ilnvtntr experience of twenty yea sin business between Baltimore and the South, fl i ters him-elf that he can yive entire satisfaction to ail who nuiy fivor him with their business. jum 4-6m* W. n. STAKK. u. p. RICHMOND. Wm. H. Stark & Cos., 11l ,0 If sale ©rorevs, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, - A X I)- COTTON FA CTOE S, Savannah, .... Georgia Agrnls for the sale of (iullelt’s Steel I>rush Cotton (iins t Huff's Patent Cotton Gin Feeder. ARROW TIES. ALSO E. Fi anlt Coe s Supcr-Plßospliatc of Lime. AND Grimes' Patent Haw Bone Phosphute. Careful Attention given to Sales or Shipment of Co'ton and ail kinds of Produce. Liberal Advances made on Consignments. Sept. 2—3 m Barber Shop, Ml). L OAKES respectfully informs • his Iriends and customers that he uas opened Ids Barber Shop up stairs over Burr & Chambers’ 73n Shop. He i* pre pared to do all manner of work in his line. Terms reasonable. Dr. Propliilf’s Celebrated Liver Medicine. Prepared at Atlanta, Ga. to: — Not like mo t Pa'cnt Medicines—a spreife for every thing—hut for what it is recbnieuded, on'y. This Medicine is a rn f c r.n 1 certain remedy for all kinds ol L*ur Diseases, and diforderg arisintr Irorn inar.iiviiy ol that organ. Chron ic and acute intla .nation of the Liver is cur ed by it in.medi .(ely. Dyspepsia, sick head ache, sourness of the stomach, loss oi appeti e, lowness of spirits, cholic, costivences, t tc., and mav be used by all asres and sexes, male and female, and at all periods. It answers nil the calls with ladies for Purgatives, and at nil times. It is taken in the form of a liquid much better than the usual way ot swallowing three or four fritter pills every day. DR PROPIIITT : Having used this Medicine sufficiently long to test its virtue, aid to satisfy inv ow n mind that it is an invaluable remedy fcir Dyspe sia —a disiasc from which the wi iter has suffered much tor six years —aim being persuaded that hundreds who now suffer from this anoying com lainf, would be signally hen* fitted, ns he has been b its use- we deem it a duty we owe to this unfortunate cfis*, to rec-omend to them the use of this remedy, wh'ch has given not only himself, but, several members of It is fami ly the greatest relief. M. W. ARNOLD, Of the Georgia Conteietice. DR. 0. S. PROPHITT’S AN lIYINE Pain kill St. Good for all kmrtsof local Pains, Rheumatic and Neuralg’C Tams. Pam m the side, hack, breast or neck. Also, good for Coughs, Colds, Colic, Diarrhoea, Tooth-ache, Ear-ache, Sore Throat, either acute or chronc. Also, good for fresh Wounds of < very kind, Cuts, Bruises &C., just as good f r horses as for huin D, in a!) cases, which you will gee certificates from re sponsible men, etc. Dooly Cocnty, Ga., April, JS67. This is to certily i hat I was confined to the house, and most of tlie time to my bed, and suffering thegreaust age ny imaginable with Rheumatism, tor five months, and alt r tn ing every available remedy, with no relief, I w *s cured w ith two hollies of Dr. O $• Prophitt’s Anodyne Pain K I II lit each co>tirig fifty cents only, it relieved me almost instantly. 1 there* lore recommend it in the highest degree to oth ers suffering from similar diaca-e. 1 can say that it is one of the finest family medicines now out, certain. Yours Truly, W. A. Forehand. DR. 0. S. mOPITITt’S Anti-Bilious VEG ET A BL E PI I, LS, PURGATIVE AND FEBRIFUGE. Equal to Pill either in Chronic or Acute Dis.ases. Th above preparation of Medicine has bre.i used by myself for the last ten years in private practice, and has bet none. of the principal agents in atfec|i- g 'he many wonderful cures that have result,*v. from tin* treatment pursued by the Proprietor, winch in number atrfbunta to thousands, and of almost every description, male and female, acute and chronic. Tliev are v*rv valuable iti ihe cas es : Fevers, Dyspepsia. Jaundice, arid *!i l!il inns Dis I’tlers, I.iver Complaint, Eryg'pelas, Rheumiitiem, Coug. s. Colds, I* flloenzn,Catarrh Net vous AI fee t ions, Sour Stomach, Costiveness, Cholic, S'rk Head Ache, Glandular Sw* llings. Obstructions, Mercnra! and S\ phi liiic. Tumors, etc. A safe ami rei tain Purga tive in all cases, either Male or female, and at all times w hen a purgative is r quirrd. This is to oerti'Y ttiat 1 have been using Dr. O. S Prophitt’a Anti Hilt* u- I’dls for me last n n years ; 1 have used them regularly in it y whit ; family and among a number of bin ks for that time. 1 have found them to he the best Pill 1 have ever used as a Family P.ll I have been house keeping iliiity v<arsj have raised a family ot blacks a? well as my white family, and I never used any medicine during that lime thit acted so pr* nipt and effectual as D-. 0. S. Prophitt’s Anti Bilious Pills. I can safely rrcnineml them to every family where bi lious diseases prevail, as a sale and reliable Pni. Very respectfully. B. L. WILLIAMS. DR. O. S. PROPIIITT S VEGETABLE AGEE PILLS, A safe and certain remedy for Ague and Fever, Cliill and Fever, and all finds ol peri*, odicnl diseaees, and with the u-sislance oi n.v Anti Bilious Pibs, will cure Bilious Fi v< r, nine times out of ten, without any otlirr imdi cine. Tnev may be taken at any time, day nr night, wet or dry, with perfect safety to ihe patient, either male cr female, (by ft males during pieguancy,) or children of any age. :o: Bit. O. S. Ibtct*HlTT : Dear Sir —This is to cer tify that I have used your Ague Pill tor Die tsst ten years, and 1 have never failed to cure the Ague in a single instance with them. They always break the Chills the first day that they are given I can rt common * them as being the best Ague medicine that I have ever founiP, and they leave no bad effects following them aa Quinine, etc. Yours, respectlnllv A. WEST BROOK. DR. PaOPHITT’S COMPOUND D YSEXTER Y CORD lAL, A safe and genuine remedy for all kinks of Bowel Diseases, Dvsentr ri< s. Diarrhoea, Bloody Fiux, etc. It may be given to nil ei/,ra ages aid sex, and at all times with pi rftct safe ty, where theie is any tiling of that class indi cated. Newton County, G a. DR 0. S. PROPIIETT: Dear Sir —I am grati fied to learn that you are enlarging the circu lation ol your Dysentery Cordial, etc. 1 was attacked once in IS 2 3nd 1863, while in the Cor federate service wiili Chronic Diarrhoea, or a least it ran into a chtonir form. Iw as treat ed for months each time by fi.-ld and hospital surgeons without any relief, unit! my life was despaired of by all, and I was helpless. 1 was relieved both times by your Dvseutery Cor dial, and entirely cured bv the use. ot it. I am a sound man to ilnv, from the use of yi-ur Coutial, only, and \Am confident that there might have been thousands of my lellow-sol "it rs saved by the us of it, that perished from bowel complaints, it they could h >ve got it. I have used ii in my family ever since the war, and find it. to be the best remedy for bowel complaints that I have ever seen used. I normally recommend everv family and eve’-y travejer tu keep it on hand all the t ime, etc. j Respectfully, yours, JOHN * SMITH. DR. 0. S. PROPHITT’S tonic O. S. Prophitt’a Female Tonic, with its nspo cit€6, n ta eandceriain remedy lor all curable di-ease to which Females alone are liable, winch I will name in the bill. Tnis is also an excellent remedy against nervous blmdnets, and ali nervous dis..u-ee, either of male or female. Monroe Ccztnty, Ga., Sept. 13. 63 Dr. Prowutt : Sin —My wife has been af flicted with a female disease tor six or eight months. 1 have tried sevr al doctors and va rious remedies, but she was not benefited I e-ave tier case up ns hopeless, but I was influ enced by E J. Webb to try your Female Ton ic* I found it io be worth more than all the doctors. She is now up and able to attrnd to tier business alter months confinement in h -d. lean Iso recommend your “Liver Medicine” and “ Pam Kill It’’to be all you recommend it to be. 'j ruly, etc., THOMAS BEARDING. All of the above medicines will he sold bv the Dozen or more, at a discount of 33 1-3 per cent. For s le at Harnesville (Ja., hv, J W HIGHTOWER, and \V”. A. WRIGHT M, D. Druggists. And by Druggists generally through the South West. Prepared by O. IS. Atluute, G** ju0.14-ty ItEAW! READ!! READ!! —AND HE— CWVINCEDS CHEAPER THAN ANY HOUSE IN Middle Georgia, We at all times a heavy Stock, and are receiving additions each day, which enables ns to give our Customers Fresh Goods as at the Lowest Points. Mow in Store, and Arriving’, L r )o Lags Rio Coffee, all grades, 200 Barrels A, B, C, and Crushed Sugar, 75 Tierces Lard, 140 Kegs do, 20 Tier. es Carolina Rice, ISO Barrels Mom*, 300 Sacks and Half Sa.-ks Flour, 150 Boxes Cream Cheese* 75 Barrels R ctified Whisky. 2 0 Barrels Robinson Cos., V\ liisky, 50 Barrel-* old Rye and Bourbon Whisky -40 Sacks Salt, 20 Tubs Choice Goshen Butter, 350 Boxes N. C. and Ya-, Tobacco. 3;^“ On Consignment and for sale low -00 Uhds, Bacon Sides and Shoul ders, 50 Barrels M-ss and Prime Mess Pork ; together with a large Slock of Case Goods- Such as Canned Oysters, Lobsters, Raisins, Wines, Soap, Soda, Potash, Lye, Pickles, Sauces, &c., &e. Be sure and Price our Goods, and we know you will lmv your hills of SEYMOUR, TINSLEY & CO., Corner Cherry & od Streets, Macon. Ga. James Seymour. A. R. Tinsley, T. I). Tinsley. jny!7-tf NEW ERA IN OIL! (Patented Sept. 11, ISGG.) 0 Vacuum Oil Blacking Renders Hard Boots Soft as New and Impervious to Water. Vacuum Oil Blacking Makes St ff Harness Pliable and Pi events Cracking. Vacuum Oil Blacking Softens and Sfr ngtbens the Fibres of Lent her and adds Greatly to its Durability. No Fanner or Horseman Should he without it. It is Good and Cheap. Try it and Recommend it, as Thousands arc doing Everywhere. I’U TUP IN TIN € A NS, l> Y YAdlli Gil. € O ,11 I* AIV I r , Rochester, N. Y. PRICES Quarts. 75 cts. ; Pints, 50 c s. ; Half- pints, 25 ct.^. Sold bv E. 1. Pound, Barnesville, Ga. and by wide awake Dealers every where. June 2 t 6 n PLANTERS AND— COTTON DEALERS: We again tinder yon our services as COTTON FACTORS AND— COMMISSION MERCHANTS, At our Old Stand on Third Street, and pledge ourselves to conduct strictly a COMMISSION BUSINESS, And sha’l give special care and attention to all busin ss entrd'ted to us. W‘ return our sincere thanks to our old patrons for past favors, and solicit a con tinuance ot tie same, and would request VLAXT E It S Generally to g've us a trial, as we make the sale of COTTON a specialty. Shall be prepaied to render the usual accommodation. JONATHAN COLLINS & SON Cotton Factors, July 8-3 m macon, ga. E. E. BROWN. WM. F. BROWN. BROWN’S HOTEL, OPPOSITE DEPOT. MACON, GA., 0 E. E. Brown & Son. W M. BRASWELL, Fashionable Barber, B EOIVN IIOUS K, MACON, GA. AMERICAS KQTL. Alabama Street, ATLANTA, GEORGIA Nearest Passenger Depot. WHITE & WHITLOCK, Proprietors. VV. D. Wvlev, Clerk. HAVING re leased and renovated theabove Hotel, we are prepared to entertain guests in a most satisfactory manner. Charges fair and modi rale. OurtfToria will be to please. Baggage carried to aud irum tbe Depot f ree oi nuvid tf Dr. J. Bradfield’s FEMALE REGULATOR, Woman’s Best Friend. rinllTS valuable Medicine is prepared for Wo- X men exclusive and to be used by women only. It is adapted especially to those cases where the womb ia disordered, and will cure any irregularity in the “menses,” except in such cases as require a surgical operation. As ♦hose last are very tare, the Fetrtale Regulator is of almost u r iversal application. In a sud den cheek of the “monthly courses” Iroin cold, trouble ol mind or like cause, it acts like a charm, by ke-torixo the discharge in every instance, thus relieving- the lever, headache, pain in the small of the back Lnd “lower stom ach,” flushes of beat about the face, chitty sen satinne, burning of the eyelids and general restlessness. Taken in time, all hese symp toms pass away immediately, without injury to the constitution. Frequently, however, "the proper remedy i3 not applied in time, the dis ease becomes chronic, and the foundation laid for nu-Mherles-evils to the constitution of the woman. The next “turn” comes around and there is no “show,” or perhaps the “whites’’ will appear. Tnere will be some rneasiness about the womb, but very little or none ol the natural fluid escaping. Tne complexion be cemes sallow, bowels swollen, a sot t of greenish caste ahontjhe Dee, constant dull aching- pains in the head, weight in the lower stomach and hack, with or without whites, palpitations of the heart, pallor, exhaustion, indigestion, wea riness, langour, aching across the loins, loss ol appetite, in left bieast, tightness across the chest,rough an I giddiness. If still allowed to go on, “green sickness ’ will be fully devel ope I—the headache br e -mrs severe, with lots o'memory, diminished sensibility, sick stom ach. dyspepsia, no relish for food, loss of flesh, increus and Muttering 01 the heart, swelling ol the feet, legs and body, and occasional spitting ol flood. The slightest eflort causes hurried breathing, almost to suffocation. The skin is flabby and has a “doughy feel.” This is a sad picture, but it is the condition of thousands of ""inui between the ages ol 15 and 45, who aie biought to the v rge of the grave f v ignorance or neglect to take the proper remedy. Io all who are ufflictee with any of (he symp toms abovo mentioned, in com ection with an inogulai ity of the “monthly sickness,” we ear nestly say lake Da. .J. Mit.rnFiKLir’a Female Hi gui./.tou. A few ounces taken, voti will at once experience its benefits, and wito a little patience you will be fully restored to health. Ttiis remedy has been extensively used for upwards ol L'o years by many o! the most ex perienced and soccesful Physicians in Georgia. We repeat, that I)r. J Bralfield’s Female Regulator is prepared lor Women, and to be used hy Women only. A tiial is all we a.-k. Prepared and sold in any quantity, Gy L. IS BIIADFIEU) AViiolesalc Druggist, ATLANTA, GEORGIA. Price, $1.50 per Bottle. For Sale by W. A. Wright, RI. D., Druggist, and J. W. Hightower, Druggist, Barriesvillc, Ga. Entered according lo Act of Congress, in the year ISG9 by Josiah Rradfielrt, in the Cltrk’a Ollier of ihe D strict Court ol the Stale o! Georgia. STATE OF GEORGIA, ) Turn p Countv. ( HIS i= fo certify that I have examined the recipi! ot Dr. Joseph Bradtield ot this county, and, as a medical man, pronounce it to be a Combination of IVledicines ot gioat merit in the treatment of ail the diseases ot females lor which he recommends it. WM. I*. BEASLEY, M. D. Dee. 2lst, 1868. opr 29 ly. ATLANTA GA., December 25, ISCB. Du. J Rhadfibid— Dear mu: t take pleasure in statins tliH some time p ev o is to the late w r. I used with the utmost-sure ss. on a servant \our Fumale Kmjui.ator, pr. pure ■ then at Hr dfield’s Dm*' Store, West Point, Ga. she lia b* en suffering sever-ly from suppressed men truation, and this medicine soon restored her to hea tli She is to day livinsr in Atlanta, sound and well. I st te. 1 rther. that I know of its being used, with equal success, on a s- rvant girl of lr v hrother-lu-law, Frofc-aor Rutherford, of Athens, Ga. This v\ orn in had. I think been diseased for six years. She wa- a house servant, and seemed cured, up to the tme ot ‘-f ee*mm ” I do not hesitate to indorse your preparation lor the pur pose for which you recommend it Yours truly, JNO. C. WHITSER. r , j _ MOUNTVLLE, 1868. I It. J HKADFIELI)— iG tit t'la : I have m"ch pleasure in satin*' T naie witiicsst* I he niriM and humpy effect- ol jour Female Klouhtok in th-s neighbor. huod - vv.m. h. finciTen. f> . _ AjOINTVILI.E, 1808. Jht. J. Bradfiki.d— Dkak but: I have repeatedly used in my family our I* i.male Rkuiji..\T(.ii and have, in every case, met wall complete success —G. 1,. DAVIS _ T r , MOUNT VILLE, 1868.' Dr. J. HRATinF.tD— Dkak Sir : Having, for many years been ac quainted with your I kmai.k Rkiu it. and u-ed it ir my family. I take pleasure in staging to tAose time afflicted that I have never known ii to f il J. CAKLTjN. CARTERSVILLE, GA., April 26, 1860. 1 hi® will ceri fy that two mem hers of mv imme diate family, after bavin*' suffered for miry years from menstrual Irr stulaiity, and having been treated with tu benefit t>y various medical doctors, "ere at lene'li comp ete'y cn r ed by o'* t*ottle > f Dr. J. Brautl * d's "Female Keguia’or.” I there fore do m it my dnt\ to furuisb tli s certificate, wiMi the hope of dr wing the a tention of sutler i g womankind to the merits of a medicine whose power n curing irregular and suppressed men struation li*s useii proven utfer my own personal obaetvaiiott. Its etT. ct on such eases is truly wonderful, end well may the remedy be cubed ‘•Woman’s Be-t F lend.” Yours, respectfully, JAS. W. STRANGE. TUTT.S Vegetable JLivcr rills, Cures Liver Diseases, Dys pepsia, &c. TIJTT S Expectorant, A certain cure fo Coughs, Asthma, &c. TUTT’B SARSAPARILLA AN QUEEN'S DELIGHT, The great Altera' tive and Blood Purifier. TUTT’S IMPROVED IIAIR DYE.— Warranted the best in use. These valuable preparations are for sale hy J. W. HIGHTOWER, Bartlesville, Ga. Dec. 21—ly c. J. aowEit & sox, BREAKFAST is SUFFER HOUSE, GRASTVILLU GA. M, L. & J, jV 'AVj Wholesale unit - ank fHitnt DRY Yankee notions. Boots on!) §|)o C3) HATS, CAPS and STRAW COOJ, Raedy Mads Clothing, (Old Stand if Talley, Brw,*,, Whitehall Street, J ,in2l L’* ATLANTA, G\ ) HAS ARRIVE!) 1 ' A New hot of Racoiit and Flour! I WILL SOON ARRIVE; A good lot of Sugar.. Cnffeo, Syrup, Cli Crackers, Bagging, Tina, Tobacco ’ iSalt. Soaps, Starch. I n( l; got ' ’ Soda, Pepper, Ginger, fpico, Copperas, jMadder Saltpetre ETC, ETC. 2^p c> And expect to arrive during the next week, a o- eu . c oral stock of DRY GOODS! Consisting- of Calicoes, D. lains, Dress Goods gener erally. A good lot of North Carolina ,J ean s, Tweeds, and Casimers. 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SLED of Cotton will call upon • liesuMtri' ber at his residence in Upson county, t*° miles from Del Ray a sample of which can be seen at the Gazette Olhice. It sells from ten to twenty cents per pound more than othc f kinds of cott n. I ulso I avc a very tine win'• oat, of which I will sell some “25 bushels, more. These oats stand the winter and *i ll never been known to rust or Hast— || '° as high as wheat on the same land. C*m “• mediately il you want the oais. i To those wishing to cultivate fiue cc ' ,o ‘ <llt would ask them to call and examine stanle Moina Cotton. C. 0. J".’ Upson co., Sept 23 —4 m The Latest Arrival— rholograph THE undersigned is pleased to citizens of Barm svilie aud public geneia*) his PhoU graphic Gallery is now °i' eh . lflr! , season. Thankful (or past lavois, ) u _ ft .jt patronage is n epecttnlly solicited. • r ' e ji|.ef amt size picture taken at this G*‘ plain or colored,and the most ! f ”' lion guaranteed Respect fully. A w J. VV. 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