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The Cartersville express. (Cartersville, Ga.) 1867-1870, May 03, 1867, Image 1

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VOL. 5. the weekly <’arter*vllle Express Ik published every FK/TIDA-Y, morning, m Carter- ville, Hartow County, Oa., by Smith & Milam, Proprietor*, at Thrkf. Dollartt, per afi nurn fiftieth/ in advance ; I'wo Dollar* for Bix Month*; >»ne Dollar for Three M nth*. Advertisement* for one month, or le** time One Dollar per square, of ten lines or less,) for each insertion ; all other ailvertl-cment* will be charged Fifty per cent, on old prices. JONES & MALTBIE, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Cartersville . Cos. WILL attend promptly to all bnsi less en trusted to their care. Will praefee in the Courts oflaw, and equity in the Cherokee Circuit. Special attention given to the collec •r -Hr J ‘"' oilri J" Jones. Surgeon antl Mechanical Dentist. riIHE undersigned respectfully '>H er •>>" P ro * , services to the citizens of tar 1,T.,i11, »'•'! Srtnisr. H" Ifwr" •» «-*• to his profession. . * .. •~«T "fmTohnson"- ranted. 1 c o Cortersville.Fcb. Id, 61,1 1)11. T. F. JONES, rill' N DEHS hi* professional services to the I citizens ol KiMCSTON and vicinity, and r ,!p .cth.lly solicits a portion of their patronage. Julie 2. JOHN W, WOFFORD. Attorney at Law, CARTERSVILLE. GA. Also, FIRE insurance agent. ...present* the best Northern ami Southern Companies. Can be found a , the law office of Wofford & Parrott April 10, IK6O. _____ l lios W MOB, Aito mi e y a t La w AND CIUNTY COURT SOLICITOR, tdrlersvillc. <*ti. W U give particular attention to the collection nfclaims. €’• nrt«i»«n, ATTORNEY & COUNSELLOR AT LAW, Ki.\ .oiON, GA. “I >R ACTrCE' 5 T. \ W ia the several coun ! u, sos the Cherokee Circuit, also, Polk, ,» 11 . v v I frontpt at t. ~.. k f V) ... • osim-ss, i>ov. z.f. ty (Fro ties si card* *lO cash per annum.] W. H. PRITCHETT, Attorn ay at Law. CARTERSVILLE. utUHbln. v < \ C I’iCES Law in nil the courts ot the I circuit ami counties adjoining if . Jan 23. llartow. JERE A. HOWARD, attorney and counsellor ai law, CaUTEKsY ILI-E. GA. Lanier House, marietta. ea., BY LANIcR & 03323, Proprietors nvlis House is \«r tod in a law steps of die I K, where the cars stop. Passerg-ers lake th ee meals a day here. Meals prepared h all hours. J ul > 24 ’ W. 1- «CW»S3IITII, •Attorney at Law, j .... Okohoia An. INTA \\ ,11 p.uctici in Fulton and adjoining counties. Also in UilltOtl Superior Court. Oilieo ovei Holbrook’* Hut Store, Whitehall. V ireli 20. JUfito A MALTBIE. REAL ESTATE AGENTS. CARTtRSVUIt GA Wo nre authorized <o soil, and and have .hi hand several Houses and Lots, anti also numerous building lots in the town o! Cartersville. Also several plantations ol various sizes in Bartow, Parties desiring to buy or sell will do well to give us a call. All communications promptly answered July 17, IHG6. James W. Strange, Dealer in STOVES. GRATES, IRON, HARDWARE, PLAIN AND JAPANNED TIN W*RE, &C. j Clean l.inen and Cotton Raps taken in ex change for Goods. Repairing, Rooting mill Guttering done with neatness and dispatch. , Cartersville, Nov. 1. 1 v The (artei'Nvilic Hotel. DR. THOMAS MfLAM having charge of this House, would be a * i pleased to act onim-nlste a t w Board- B||| »rs with'BOARD, with oj without HimlV- \ Lodging. Gait and see him at once for terms Cam rsville, Jan 17. S. H. Pattillo, FASHIONABLE TAILOR, Cartersville, Ga. Will attend promptly to the Cut ting. P . pairing and Making Boys’ and Metis’ Clothing. Office in the back wo* of Blair 4* Bradshaw's store. THE CARTERSVILLE EXPRESS. Li very Stable 5S By J. J. JONES, JR. CARTERSVILLE, GA, IS prepared, ct all ‘lines, to furnish the traveling public with eonvpvaiK e through the country. Also to feed *nd shelter stock at reasonable rates of board. My vehicles and stock are kept in good condition. Mch. 15. t?W“H»ving cot my stock ard vehicles in tin > ] or der, T ettreestly solicit the ).>;hl!- eenerally to c»U an Rive me a fair trial. Hates will be as liberal as can and afforded. J. J. J.,jrbe ECLIPSES v $U lit, J. G. Stocks, Hates of Hire : ItacV ard Horres, pur day, fjMJy j Horse, Bujigy anil Driver *.j™ Horse and Boggy, *•*" ’ “ “ h-if d*y or less, .. ’.JH) Saddle Horae, per <l. y, • •• bjj® 1 “ “ ha’f day or !e a, ‘5 Rates of Hoard : IT r*e, per month, “ week, « and „y, ’ LOU “ Single feed, 40 RESPECTFULLY notify the Public generally that he has j st i,penned his New and Commodi ous LIVE) Y AND SALE STABLE, and h,s it. stock ed wdh good horses, bug.ies, &o_, and is prepared to furnish those traveling into and across the country with imy kind of phate conveyance. He is a,so prepared to Board Stock in any quantity with comfo’ t , b|. quarter* and oountiful feed at re. aonnble rates. Sto k bought and- Id at his stable*. His stock all being ftesh and equipage r ew he After him-elf with the nclief that been furnt-h his customers with ag eat and complete an out fir a.- any like estah i innent in Upper Georgi . Ail be uska to estabdsh this factis a tiial CARFEESVII.LE, GA.,March 22, 1867. Rolling Mill Cos., Atlanta, Ga. MANUFACTURERS OF RAIL-ROAD SPIKES, CHAIRS, BRIDGE BOLTS, BAR IRON, NAIL ROD, AND HORSE SHOE IRON. Castings, »<l ,ll -irspriplions, in Brass or Iron, including RAIL-ROAU CAR WHEELS. 3GXES, PEDESTALS, FRONTS, COLUMNS. AND VERANDAHS. Mill Gearing ami Machinery of a'! kinds. JOHN D. GRAY, President. October AMERICAN HOTEL. Alabama Street, ATLANTA, GEORGIA. Opposite the Passenger Depot. WHITE is WHITLOCK, r ropriclors. rpHE . nblic are respectfully informed that | this House lias been reinoddled and re fute. I. mil re- jened for the accommodetion of the travelling public. Much time, labour and expense has been expended in making it worthy of patronage. Modern improvements have been added, and the. public can re v oi. .s being equal to any in Southern cities • WHITE & WHiri.GCK, Proprietors. BRYSON A- WYLEY, Clerks, uy f24. WKtA&se KumsA®. ' OASIS A3STJO GASKETS. By E r win & Jones. ASSORTED sizes kept on hand. Also WOOD COFFINS made to order. \ g 0,,,! HEARSE r adv at all hours. CARTERSVILLc* Feb I, 18i>7. «ly THOMAS W. MILNER, Attorney at Law, CARTERSVILLE. GEORG ; Will at end promptly to business entrus to his care. Oct. 5 wly ! ~ i. O'SSigi!®, Dress Tailor IS prepared to execute al kinds ot vrorK in the Fashionable Tail- lx j T■ inghne with neatne-s and rablc style. Over J. Elsas <Sc Co’s store. If you want a good fating Coat, go to S. O’shields, up stairs at J ELSAS. Cartersville. jan 25. . «. MOIITCABTLE, jeweller and Watch and Xa/ Clock Repairer, In the Front of A- A. Skinner & Co’s store - Q&rtcrsville jar. 26 CARTERSVILLE GA. MAY 3, 1807. McBRIDE, DORSETT 4* CO., ATLANTA. GA. To the Merchants of Georgia ami adjoining States: 'TT"E have already spoken through the papers to onr t? fr.eruls throughout he South, anti advised th«ae who were formerly our fellow -soldiers la the Southern Arniv, Mutt we h%d undertake!, to apply, in Peace, the elem-Tit* of vigor, energy and promptaewi, which had so otten gained us the day in War. We have opened a Wholesale Crockery AND GLASS HOUSE. in Atlanta. On a scale far beyond any before known in the State. We are backed by all the advantages which are de rived from abundant means and a thorough knowledge of 'he business. A large part of our goods are shipped DIRECTLY TO US FROM EUROPE. via Charleston and Savannah. -jjj We confidently expect to supply from our depot in At all those mer- A Wt chants throughout this and adjoining \UW Slue.-, who have he, etofore made their purchases i'O' th. We can offer as vuied a stock as can be feuud in New "L ork, and we know that OUR PRICES HERE WILL BE LOWER Y'ou will save PP.EIGIIT by purchasing here. You wilt s ve hKLAKXGL by purchasing hore. You wiii contribute to the bu ding up of a home de pot ,f supplies by purchasing here. We have on hanu and constantly arriving ASSORTED PKH’S OF CROCKERY, of best and mixed grade. We*epack Crockery, China Glassware, Looking Gia les, Lamps, Cutlery, Plated a„d Japanned Wa.e, Clocks, S. to order. We ha e j b lots of these g.ods fr ,m 'a,e to time at very low price*. W’e solicit your CASH oroers, and wiii give you la ge advantages for CoSH IN HAND. Y .ur kiiends, April 19, 1567. McBKIDE, DOIiSETT k CO. T. M. & R.C. CIARXS. De alers Iv ENGLISH AND AMERICAN Hardware Cutlery Guns Pistols ALSO Iron, Steel, A’ails, Bellows, Anvils. Vices, Ci>r Shellers, Straw Cutters, .Shovels, Plows, Hues, Chains, Locks, Hinges, Screws, Hammers, Hatchets, Axos, &c. And all other goods usually kept in the Hard ware lin ■. Also Agents for Fairbanks Platform at and Counter Scales, which we will sell at Fac tory prices, freight added. At their old stand. Corner ol Peach Tree and Line Street, Atlanta, Ga. F. IYI. RICHARDSON, M inufucturer and Wholesale Dealer in ALL KINDS OF Tin and Sheet Iron WM& S © I9ouse Furnishing Goods, Gen erally. COOK, COAL, WCGD AND WROUGHT IRON STOVES. JJSSy-ROOFING done with neatness and dispatch. Whitehall Street, Eeb. 15, W. L. Kirkpatrick & Cos., Druggists, cartersville, ga. ITT ILL keep constant on hanl awc YY seeded stock of pure DRUGS AND MEDICINES. latent Medicines* &c. Jones’ Carriage Reposilorv, Jan 17.. ’ , New Millirery Store. rp-Stairs in Dr. day ton’B Jt'eic Brick Building CARTERSVILLE, GA. MRS L. C. MCL ELIAN. »>, ffill open her stock of new nd ASagi Spring andsjummer Willi' cry IrfjSKin the above rooms ou Tuesday the *^ afer 'Vhich tim? she will be **** pie-sed to exhibit her goods to the ladles of Carters vPe aud surrouu'lii.g country. Her slucr will cous st in part ass : Hows : Bonnets, Hats Kicbohs, F owers, and ail go, ds in Use Millinery line, of the latest siy les. a l ß o. a ni-e assortment of Wniie Edgirg . Hotse'v Glove-. Hoop Skirl*. French LmbroidereU Corsets, Uress Trimmi. gs, Buffi ngs, ae. D <-so Pat.erus. of latest sty its, f,utc Mdm’e Detnor est's K-tab'.Uhment, SUrnpig for Braiding and Em broidery J r.e at abort notice Particular attenUcli given U orUer*. AprU H\ wtl WESTERNS ATLANTIC -A- ll_j - IL O -A. ID . ON and after JANUARY 27. 18fi7, Pas senger Trains will run as follows .• Goins North, Leaving Atlanta, 8.50 A- M. Daily (e.xcrpt Sundays) Grea Northern Mail.—Arrive at Palton at 2.40 p m. connecting with the E T and Ga R R (ruins for Knoxvilie, Lynchburg, Wa-h ngton, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York.— Arrive at Chattanooga 5.25 j m., connecting with train* of Nashville and Chattanooga R. R- for Nashville, Louisville, and tne West, and (rains of Memphis and Charleston R 11. lor Memphis, New Orleans, &c. 2.50, P. in . Daily (except Sundays) Dalto Accnmmodntion.— Ar ive at Marietta 4 4 p. m.. Cartersville 6.45 p m Kingston Bpm Dalton 11.45 p. m. 7.00 P. ill. Daily (Express Passenger), Ar rive at Chattanooga 4.00 am, making close connections with trains >f Nashville and Chatta'-ooga R R. for Nashville, Louisville, and the West. Coming South, Arrive at Atlanta. 1.35. A. m, Daily Great Southern Mail.— Leaving Chattanooga 4.30, p m., connect ing wi'h trains ofNashville and Chattanooga and Memphis and Charleston Railroads, and Dalton at 7.50, p m., connecting with trains of E, Ten. ar-d Ga. Railroads. 9.50, A. ni. Daily (except Sundays) Dalton Accommodation. - I.ea**e Dalton 1.25 am., Kingston 4.30, Cartersville 5.15, Marietta 8.00. 1.15 P. m, Daily (except Sundays) Express Passenger.—Leave Chattanooga 4.50, a m. making close connections with trai sos the Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad. Pullman's Patent Sleeping Coaches in all night Trains. JOHN B. PECK, dec.2 Master Traoitation Family Groceries, CONFECTIONERIES. SC. 4. a. ssMacm & qq- At Moore 4' Co’s old stand— west side Public square, CARTERSVILLE, GA. JT ST received, and for sale, at reduced market prices, a very large lot of New Bacon and Lard; VIRGINIA SALT SUGAR, COFFSE, SYRUP, FLOUR, MEAL, RICE, CHEESE. MACKEREL, SUGAR CURED HAMS. 4-e Garden Seeds,'a full supply. Onion Sells and Buttons. Tobacco, Chewing arid Smoking. Potware, oflhe finest quality. Confectioneries, » No, i lot, tresh. Powder and Shot, Nails, assorsed sizes. Wooden-ware, Washing Soap, unsurpassed. To all of which, and much more, we invite the attention of the public. Feb, 1. OB.TOS. £ po •?.(> ‘*o.t> • S £5 a , " g ‘S3jpilE.iy 2 < j 0 l z | ‘ eau !AV S3 i 5 | V & :u 5 g "" E saqsnjg S ‘AJauinj SZ = 2 tig 11 to g f k9dc °9 JUS K- & = s "MV T!»J. W ji ® - ! r r, fgg £ P IIB J 3UE d[ TsSt&L £ £ A& CS g * m a 2 iz lj:Z cc g l* o s ‘ SSE I9 1.1 a | 533 N x 1 s! gs !£ 1 . . SI - I “P a IM n s 1 1 0 = ? ‘sjeoiiuaqo ta CC f zS frV co ‘sauioiparu fi 211 4 s3t» a '3£r& oc r* s <C 5 £ o 32 0-3 CC 2 3 c 1 H- =1 si Zi purposes, and at very low figures, R. J. MASSEY, late Mv and Hcrtv. leb I ATLANTA. GA. [I or the Carter« i!le Jixpress.j THE U u |. BV J. F. B. In the quiet vernal dale, I. the pacific gale, Grows the pretty lily pale, Like a thing of ruth ; Tho’ not bright ts roses fire. Gentle lily does aspire, To lift its pale-white check higher, In its palled youth. Tho' not fragrant like the rest, Beauty‘son its snowy crest, Solomon in his brightest Excelled it never. in prayer —the lily soft, Rears its nalle ! head aloft, In adoring lik" m m oft Praising with fervor. Os the V&li-v, lily’s queen. Round her glows romantic scene, And imposing in the green Lily plays he” part. Sits she in the valley hall, ’Tts the richest capital,— Surpassing Oriental Splendors wrought by art. Spring the saffron may unfold, Tne acanthus’ hue of gold,* But the zephyr that blew told, Os lily’s beauty. When the crystal dews appear, Lily hears Aurora’s tear. Shed while lighting nature here, ’Tis its lone duly. When ’he Spring does beauty brood, When green mantles clothe the wood, Lily on its rosciil food, Lives in flow’ry dale. If you are of nature fond, When you view the glassy pond, View with pleasure lily’s blond. Glowing in the vale. Tilling Skeerls. A “poor unfortunate” out W r est, who lias no doubt been die victim of some of these horrid institutions, thus rids himself of his pent up feelings. Oh ! iiovv these girls, when walking out. Upon the crowded street, Do all they 'an in ••luting skeerts,” To show their pretty —feet. But. little do they think that men Look at these ‘•mammoth tents,” Anil think that while they show tneir heels They show as little sense. There was a time when girls did dress. But now they only hah— And, really, to look at some, Would make a monkey laugh. They’re “choked to death” around the waist, With heels arid shoulders hare— And yet, wrapped op in all their goods, There’s tittle woman there. They dare not eat “a good, square meal,” Or walk a mile, right quick; Or darn a sock, or sew a shirt, Unless it makes them sick. Young man, if you would choose a wife, We’ll tell you, once for ai! Don’t take her in a “tilting skirt,” Or with a “ water-fall.” These “hot-house i lants” will wither soon, They’re pretty things to see— But if you’d lead a happy life, You’d better let them he. It would not do for that, young man to come around these parts preaching thus. Ust of Georgi*s‘ Bua*Jed al Ifie Cemetery at fepoUfsylvauia Court House up lo iuc 2061i of Marcia, I&GJ, W. I. Fitzgerald, co. 11, 45th Ga. J. C. Upshaw, cu. B. I3ilt Georgia. J. AI. Mercer, co. C, 45ilt Georgia. G. Al. Bundy, co. D, f'Oth Georgia. J.ieut. L. 11. Page, co. il. 31st Ga, H. P Baskin, co. A, 4th Georgia. j . 11. N. Battle, co. 1, 13th Georgia. J. W. Btdingfiil!, co. H, 14th Ga. J. P. A., co. G, 38ih Georgia, killed May 10th. Lieut. Col. S. W. Jones, 13th Ga. J. Warren, co. H, 14;.h Georgia. L. L. Smith, co. G. 13th Georgia. 11. B. Light, co, E. i 4th Georgia. J. W. Williams, co. C, 4th Georgia. W. W. Loper, co E, 2thh Geoigia. James H. Guldens, co E, 2tnii La, Lieut, II Al Broad well, co A, 22a Ga. J W Jones. J R Hooks, co I. 3d Georgia. J. S Lewis, co I), Till Georgia. Capt. 11. B. Stanley, co G, -PJlIi Ga. J S Parker, co A, 4th Georgia. E. Aleeks, co G, 38ih Georgia. J D Her ruin, co D, 26th Georgia. Sergt. J S. Smith, co B 49tli Ga. G W Grines, co G. 12ili Georgia. Robt. L. Dislunati, co A, 15th Ga. 3, 0. Bo- ktr, co. A. 11 h Georg a. Sergo. T. M. Huinpt rj, co. E. 69 h Gto. gfa. W. Duke-, c. H. 59 liu-o!pi>. B. 1,. J tinson, co 11. 59ih Georgia. I). M. Blue, c -. G. 8(h Georg’ a. S-rgt. J. P. Russel ’, C‘. I 20in Georgia. W. "'.Johnson, c . It. 59:!. Georg,a. W. T. Smith, co. H 59 0 Geo, gia. C. Mo.-on, co. G. 3 -th Grur. ia. O P. c >tt, co. R 9 h V> m Register, co. H. !4t*i Georgia. M. C. Anthony, co. L 59tr, Georgia. A. J. Amcrsoi , co. 0. 59 h G*o gta. 1A • M. >• iliains, co. R. 26 h Georgia. Li-ut. J B. Patter*o . I3tti Geo ga. W. A. J. Ilavi-. co. C, 4tl, Go •. grj. T. D. Anaersor, c . C. 6th Georgia. J. Dampier 26:1, Ge rg,a A. j.ube iis, co K. 61 t Georgia. Sergt. *■:. W. Win 'ey. co. C 6-st Georgia. S. I’. Farmer. Ss U Georeia. fcer-i. J T C Iley, o B 13th Georgia. C. H. Bitl.t r, J. 31 :■ > Georgia. K. C, Fair. co. H. 13 n Ge',rgia. J. L, lath Ur Corp. D. N. , c . I. 26 h Georgia. James Win e s c . E. 2t ;a t,e isia. J. thaw, C'>. A. 44tl> Georgia. ’ Sergt R Vtcaery, co. C. 26th Georgia. Corp. W. C. !>.- v r, co. A. 15’ • Ge rgia. L. B Pui tarn, co. D. 15rh G .rg'a. Sergt. C. G. Wright, co ». 6 th Georgia. A. U. Ci uu. cu I. 4cb Her; a Capt. R. A. Hclt, c- . K 14 i, G orgia J. i.i Garrett, co. f. 35th Georgia. 1). WooJ, co 1). i0 n Ge rgi . G. K. Baiey. c:> ('. 22 i Georgia. J. Waller, co I>, 10th Georgia. I*. H. Lincb. co. B. 3ii Geo g:a.< J. A. A (l-eti 22d G. oryi*. G. M. It. F., c D. 15 i, Ge rg:». Sergt- J YT M . Hugh. Cos F. 2T:h Georgia M. Mars, cr H V‘3J ..eorgis Ce if. 37 B e * Geo-g a. M N. Wall, co F B,t Georgia. J. \ Uennis, coK 44t1, Georgia. A. J. King, co K, 26 b G<- rgia. Serg . J .ines Black«r.l, co K 6 th Geaigia. J W Cremer, co F. lltn Georgia. Wm. P tts, Cist G-o'gia. J. it. Hall, co 11. 15th Georgia. Lieut. 1). 1,. «, hj , co K. 6lst Georgia. J. a. Dvzie,, co K 12ih Georgi-.. Li-ut. H. A. Ma 'dux, co C. 6('th Georgia. K. Doharty, co K. 12'h Geoigie. A. F I'lii-k. co C. 20ih Geo ri :. A. J. Hammock, co t . 4th Geoigia. Jason iiijell, Cos A. Georgia. A. L. R jell, co A. Georgi,. J N. MauMin, co B. 15th G^o-gi». Rev. Bom. A E is. co C. 60th Georgia. Lieut. Col. C. W. McArthur, 61st Geo,gia. Serg'. S. Talfings, , o A. 4th Georgia. Ricks, c C 35th Georg . Lieu'. J. T. Ciliy, 12 ti Geoigia. J P. M., co a. is.n Georgia. \Y. 15. K raoro, Cos B. 3 Georgia. Lieut O. A. Wors k,o. co F 17th Georgia, B F. Mills, co 15. 59th Georg a. J. 15,44 1, Georgia. J. P. McNeeß, Cos C. 2i)th Georgia. Tlie Dislrancliised. A jrentlnman of this city has shown us a letter to himself Iront a radical United States Senator —one who voted for the Sherman bill and supplement —and we ropy from ii his enumeration of the classes who are intended to be disfran oliis ed and disqualified for holding office. There is no difficulty at all, for those who may take tho trouble to read care'uliy the Constitutional Amend ment and the acts of Congress, in as certaining the classes thus prescribed; but some do not wish to take the trouble, and perhaps all will be inter* ested in a statement of them bv a radical Congressman, He writes: The third section of the fourteenth article of the Constitutional Amend ment provides that “No person shali be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or electors ol President and Vice President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United Slates, or under any Slate, wito, having previously taken an oath as a member of Congress, or as an officer ol the United States, or as a member of any State Legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any States, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insuirectum or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may, by a vole of two-thirds of each house, remove such disability.” You will here see that the classes excluded from holding office under this Constitutional Amendment, either un der the United Stales or any State, are First, members of Congress ; Second, any United States officer ; Third, any member of a State Leg islature ; Fourth, any executive or judicial officer of a State ; ,‘YVlio, having previously taken an oath to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or cortifort to the enemies thereof.” No class is included that is not specified. Lawyers are not included in tins section, although they may have taken such oath and afterwards engaged in rebellion. By section five of “An net to provide for the more efficient government of the rebel States,” ii is provided that the Convention shall he elected by ‘•the male citizens ot the Slate, twenty one years old and upwards, of what ever race, color, o- previous condition, who have been resident in said State for one year previous to the day of such election, except such as may he disfranchised for participation in the rebellion or far felony at common law.” By the oath prescribed in the Sup plementary Act the voter must swear— First, that he has not been disf'ran chised lor participation in any rebellion or civil war against the United States; Second, nor lor felony against the laws'of any State or of the United S-.afes ; Third, that he lias never been a member of any state Legislrture ; Fourth, that he has never held any executive or judicial office in any State a ini after wards engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the united States, or given aid or comfort to tne enemies thereof. Then lie repeats (he classes enumer ated in the Constitutional Amendment already quoted. Thus, in addition to those disfran chised bv the fourteenth article oflhe Constitutional Aruendment — All members .('State Legislatures; All executive and judicial officers who engaged in insurrection or rebel lion, or gave aid or comfort to the enemies, <s*e. In some Slates, member® of the Leg islature and State officers, executive and judicial, were not required* to swear to support the Constitution oi the United States. Hence, the oath provides tor that. case. Such is the case in the State o; Virginia. «a-Ti ie Masked Radical organ char ges Southern men witli having destroy ed slaverv and Stale rights. Just the cant us the Jacobins, for all the world ! It a highwayman attempted to rob you, and in the defense of your pro perty, be should kili you, you are guilty of the. crime ot suieioe according to ttie logic of these Radicals, masked and unsnacked* NO. 43. JSSrA. short time since a Chicago merchant, when called upon to cmi« tribute something in bohali of the starving women and children of the South, proposed to donate arsenic.- The other day, in Springfield. 111., a subscription was attempted with the same object in view—the relief of destitute Southerners. At the head of •a subscription list appeared the fol lowing : “l will give the amount set opposite ir.y name tu purchase powder and lead to be used in the South, provided the same is used by a loyal agent. W. M. HU I HER—SSO.” What an intense desire tome Yan kees have to cultivates a friendly and brotherly feeling will; the people of the South, and how admirably they go to work to accomplish it! [C ourier Personal. We jnvite attention to the billowing notice in the Savannah Republican of the Bih instant : H. 11. Slimpson, Esq., father of Capt. Stimpson, the commander of the store ship ‘ Purveyor,” now in our port with stores tor the destitute of our State, is in town, stopping at the Screven, where lie will be glad to receive anv (acts in relation to the suffering in the interior of the Stale of Georgia, for the purpose of laying the (acts before tbe Southern Famine Relief Commission of IN evv York. Mr. Stimpson has voluntered to gather such reliable in formation as lie cuuhl in relation to the distress prevailing South during his brief stay in our city, and as he is one of the warmest advocates of the liumnnot enterprise, we trust those of our people who have any positive information of the kind he desires, will at once com municate with him and thus help to alleviate some of the woe and misery that environs Georgia. A special dispatch from Washington to lhe New Orleans 'Rimes says: ‘-Mr. Halm applied to Chief Justice Chase to insist on the rule that a plantation sold under the bankrupt law proceedings may be subdivided and sold in small lots to suit the convenience oi pusr ciiasers possessed ofsmali means. Mr. Chase assured him that such a rule would be adopted. Tbe Case ofllev. T. S. Arthur.— We find the /oliowing in the Green ville Mountaineer ; It was mentioned in our columns, a few weeks since, that an Ecclesiastical Court had convened at thii place, for the trial of Rev. T. S. Arthur, formerly pastor of Christ Church, Greenville, for unministerial conduct. The Court was in session several days, and for both the prosecution and the defense able counsel appeared. Wo are in loriiwd there were nine specification's to the cfiarge. Os these, the accused was found guilty of one. The sen tence of the Court is—five years’ suspension from ministerial labor.— Mr. Arthur lias thus been officially notified, as we are by a friend who saw tlie official documents. [ Daily Intelligencer. Woman’s Will. l>ip the Atlantic ocean dry with a teaspoon; twist your iieel into the toe of your boot ; make post masters perform their promises; an,l subscribers pay the printer; send up fishing hooks with balloons and f>sh for stars; when the rain comes down like cataract of Niagara, remember where you left your umbrella*;-choke a mosquelo with a brickbat; in short, prove all things hitherto considered impossible, but never attempt to coax a woman to say she “will,” when she has made up her mind- U) say she “W fcUl’t.” - ■■— The Waterfalls. —We see it stated that the young ladies of Memphis, hav ing become disgusted with the war waged on the waterfalls, flow* composed of hair, “e/scVen/,” have adopted a waterfall, which is simply a cncoanut fastened on the hack part of the head by means of ribbons. The cocoanut being hollow, it is said the ladies carry their rouge, hair oil and painting ma* lerials in them. ‘What are you doing there, Jane ?* ‘Whv, pa, I am going to dye dolls’ dress red.’ “Hut what have you got to dye it with?’ ‘Beer.’ ‘Who on earth told you that beer was red ?’ ‘Why, ma said that it was beer that made your nose look so red, and I thought——.* ‘Here, Susan, lake this child.’ We are informed that Mr, W. Tonga son ofS. H. Tongey Esq., of Bain bridge, Georgia, fibs just returned from Brazil, whither iid' had been on a tour of inspection. He represents the pros pects there, wc learn, as gloomy, in the extreme, and he is satslied to remain in Southwestern Ga. Families who were in affluent circumstances here, are al* most in distrt ss in Brazil. Those who have the Brazil fever hereabouts should s*-e Mr. Tonge, and obtain his views of the country and its prospects. (Bainbrvlgf drgv.i.')