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The Cartersville express. (Cartersville, Ga.) 1867-1870, September 27, 1867, Image 3

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jLocstl ||eat(. J vj m Special Notice. —We hereby noli* fy all administrators, executors, trustee? and guardians, that they have control of their own advertising, independent ofOrdi naries or other Civil Officers, and are not affected by Gen. Pope's Order No. 49. We shall therefore he pleased to do your advertising, as here tofore. Publishers of Express. B**k-Weannounce, with pleasure,that Dr. Harrison’s lecture upon “woman,” delivered at the Methodist E. Church South in this place, on Wednesday night last, was a decided success. The audience was charmed and delighted, and every one seemed to appreciate it as a rare literary treat. It was an a hie and interesting production, and e vinced deep and profound thought and expensive research upon the part of the learned lecturer. The occasion called forth one of the most intelligent and refined audiences ever before assem bled in Carlersville. The snug little sum of eighty dollars was realized from the lecture, which is to be expended in repairs upon the Church, Dr. Harri son has the profoundest thanks of the church and community for this the richest litciary treat enjoyed by them since the war, if ever before. JBSL»We have received a communi cation from W. L. Goodwin on the subject of “Relief,” hut too late for this week’s paper. It will appear in our next. publish in another column, the Order of Gen. Pope for an Election lor Convention or No Convention and f*r Delegates, in this State, to com mence on the 29tli day of October and continue for three days. The election is to he held by Senatorial Districts, ami this, the Forty “Second District, comprising the counties of Bartow, F.oyd and Chattooga, is entitled to five •delegates. Who will he the candidates in this county and district lias not yet trails pired, but, we suppose, the “po~ sisli” will not go hogging. We iearn that the election will be he'd only at r!w eirtirt-house in each count V. EGY-Soll-Fastm mg Wrought Don If ,ie Tie for (ViUoii Bales, a proven* , ver roi.s or rusts, lor <.\e pi li«;, and «'V s'if' >y t • leim, Wright ( a IT, < -oil)* mission M eri-haiits. Atlanta. Ga. t* l v. 11 will 'he seen, by reference to •o'nr advertising columns, that Mr. W. 11. Gilbert, of i/iis place, speaks in till* misiakahle language to his Debtors.— He has also associated with him i'll bu siness o«r former fellow emintyman, Col. J. Watt Harris, under the firm name and style of W. 11, Gilbert & Cos. They constitute a strong team, and are preparing to keep a heavy stock of Hardware, Cutlery, Agricultural Implements, Stoves, Iron, and every thing that properly comes in their line ol business. They are bound to do a heavy business and aim to keep a stock commensurate with the wants of the people, and at prices that will make it to the interest of purchasers to buy from them. This house will be a great convenience to the people of this sec r tion of country. Put it in your Pipe. negro woman, form" erly a slave of Robert Rogers, of this county, deceased, was very destitute and sorely afflicted with an immense tumor on her abdomen, from which it was very apparent she mus# soon die. To remove it might possibly save her life. On last Tuesday several of our physic" ans held a consultation and resolved to remove it, which they did succeesfully. Her young master, Robert L. Rogers, living at the Lime Kiln above this place, on hearing of her distressed and help* less condition, came down and hunted her up, and employed nurses to attend upon her, and ordered that she should have anything to eat that she wanted, and he would foot the bill. A*, last accounts she was alive and doing well. W hat more could have been done for a white woman ? lgk,The last ten or twelve days of hot dry weather has been very favora ble to cotton, which is popping open very rapidly ; in fact, the cotton fields very much resemble snow banks. We ate sorry to learn that the crop, in this section, has been greatly injured by the rust. The corn crop is a fair one, and some little new corn has been sold in this market at Sixty Cents a bushel. The ruling price, it is thought, will be Fifty cents. But little gathered as yet. Fall Terra of the Superior Court of this county is still in session, this being the third week. Much bu siness has been dispatched and much still remains to be done. The cases in volving the most interest are those con nected with the late Confederacy, both civil and criminal. The former have been adjusted upon the scaling princi ple ; the latter, one of them, in partic ular, is now bung up with the jury.— This is the c ise of the State vs W in. Light, for Do murder of Mr. Satterfield during the war. This case is eliciting considerable interest and the jury, thus far have failed to agree on a verdict. See particulars in another place. We publish, in another column, the General Presentments of the Grand Ju" ry for the first week, in which will be found much of interest to our readers. The court house question Iras again been somewhat agitated by a recoin • mendation of the Grand Jury of the second week, that it be located upon a more eliigible site and more remote from the noise and confusion created by the running of the cars upon the railroad, than the present one. The Jury also recommended that one com missioner be appointed from each mil litia district in the county to locate the same within the corporate limits of the town ofCartcrsville, But the work of construction seems to be horoicallv pushed forward upon the present site, by the contractors, despite the recom mendations of said Jury. Ephraim is joined to his* idol, «s*c. The Inferior Court commenced the work upon its own hook, and, we suppose, they in tend to put it through upon the same line. We can’t say but that they are right, in their practical workings, how ever much we may disagree with them as to locality. We glory in their spunk but do not admire their judgment. old friend, Green Smith, is still keeping up his fresh meat market, llis market house is near the railroad in the rear of Pitt’s Grocery, where he may be found daily dispensing good fat Beef and Mutton to the hungry crowd that throng his door-way, at the most reas >uablc prices. 'Pry him. was a case of yellow fe ver in this county last week. The gentleman, whose name vve did not learn, was a brother-in-law of Col. J. L. Rowland, of this county, and had stopped with Col. R., as he was pass •*— -*• lamiiirv from the west. where lie had contracted the disease. — lie died on last Saturday at Col. R’s residence, and his remains were sent back to Texas, Ins home, for interment. J@*We are glad to see that the foun dations of anew brick store is being laid on the old U. fy S. Stephens lot, between J. 11. Satterfield Bro’s store and the railroad, by Mr. Bryant, of the late firm of Smith Bryant. We want to see the old Geo. J. Howard corner built Up again, and a nice hotel build ing put up upon the old Cartersville Hotel lot* and Cartersville will begin to look natural again. Nashville Houses. —The attention of our readers is invited to the cards of Bailey, Ordvvay & Cos., Cotton Com mission and Wholesale Grocey Ware" house, and Traders’ Bank. These are the first houses in Nashville, Tent’., who have sought to introduce their bu siness to the people of this section of the country through the medium of a newspaper. We cheerfully recommend these houses to the favorable consider ation of our people. Pfeifer present their compliments to the ladies and gentlemen of Cartersville and surround* ing country, ind earnestly solicits them to call and examine their fresh install ment of new Fall and Winter Goods, just received from market* Their goods are all of the latest styles and ol the best quality. We have examined some of them and passed this decision upon them. This is but the first in stallment of a large stock, brought on in advance to meet the wants of the peo*> pie. One of the firm is now at thfe North selecting and forwarding gnodi They are selected with great care and taste, from the latest importations, anti with a reference to the wants of ourl people. All they ask to insure the sale of the goods, is for the people to see them. For further particulars see their new advertisement in its right place. Notice* I now respectfully notify those parties who have made accounts with me, and failed to comply with the terms, that I shall be under the necessity ot placing all such accounts in suit unless paid now promptiy. VY. H. GILBERT. Cartersville, Sept. 27, 1867. The Radical party in North Caroli ts hopelessly, divided. So says a jjatch from Raleigh. iieneral I’reseufnicnls of the Grand Jury—First week, Sept. Term, 1867—Bartow Superior Cou it. ITTE, the Grand Jury, selected, chosen and sworn for the first week of the September Term of the Superior Court of Bartow county, G.i , respectfully submit ‘he following present ments : YVc have carefully examined the Books of the Clerk of the Superior Court and found that they are neatly and accurately kept. The Execution Docket D represents that there is now due to th# county thereon the sum of twr hundred and eighty-three dollars — of which thirty-seven dollars (-$37,00) have been col lected hut not transferred to the county Treas urer. Our investigations in this case extend from 1865 to 1867, inclusive in many cases prior to this term, costs have been collected, but not accredited. The Books of the Ordinary are kept with sui h correctness and neatness as to reflect great credit upon this officer. The Jail is in a lit condition to secure its inmates from esca[»e and is well kept. The contiact for the erection of a Court House, has been let to Messrs. McEhcath & VV’ailace, responsih’econtractors, who assure us that the work will be soon commenced and axpeditiously executed. In the examination of the Books of the late county 'Treasurer, we find the following inac curacies resulting, we presume, from omission to cut r the items at the proper time and thereafter overlooked without the least inten tion of misrepresentation, to-wit: In Voucher’Yo. 40—Error against county $3,50 In voucher No. 48, order paid to J. A. How ard by Tax Collector and credited to Treasurer, hilt not chaiged, $65,50 ;in voucher No. 49 entered twice on Treasurers credit county Bonds for $75,00. And paid YV. B. Wallace, purports to have been paid to said YVallaceor, account of order, hut • o voucher filed, $190,00. Receipt given to clerk ol Inferior Court, hut omitted to be charged to Treasurer, Eighty Dollars. 'The Books and vouchers of the Clerk of the Inferior Court have been neatly, properly and correct y kept. The Books of the county Court have been thoroughlv examined, His Honor judge Wikle kindly assisting, ami wc lind that they have been kept in a business like manner, all en tries having been nude which are necessary to a fu 1 understaneing of the business of said court. A certified statement submitted to the body shows that. Previous to March 11 verdicts by Jury were rendered at 3$ $33,00. 3 confessions at 1$ 3,00. 5 verdicts at May term at 3$ 13,00 4 confessions at 1$ 4.00. Total amount, $55 00- of which sum seven dollars have been collect ed. We are happy to state that the roads gener ally, are represented to be in good condition. The following exceptions, however, we invite the attention of the proper officers, viz: The slough on the road leading from Kings ton to Adairsvilic, near the premises of James Harris, Esq. We recommend that a Road be opened, at once from Cartersville to Kingston, Ga., by the shortest and most practicable route. The Bridges over Petits creek, on the Car tersville and Cassville Road, that over the Road leading past Col. J. C. Young’s—that over Petits creek on the road from Cartersville to Rowland’s ferry and that over Euharlee creek , on the load leading from Stilesboro to the Fisher Place, in 17th district, are in urgent need of repair and to these wc direct the attention of the Inferior Court. In consideration of the vast number of pau regular and unsystimatic manner of which the public funds are now disbursed for then relief, vve not only recommend, but earnestly urge the necessity or establishing at once a Poor House and infirmary, w! i Ti wc c ndidly believe will not only prove economical, but will finally become a sell-supporting institution, for which puiposewe recommend that t'w Inferior Court purchase a tract of reasCltabicy produc tive land on some eligible locality, with run ning water thereon, containing not less than three hundred, nor more than four hundred acres, at a cost of not more than $4,000. And since the purchase and improvement of this property will for the present require a •considerable expenditure, we very respectfully solicit permission to call the attention ol the honorable Inferior Court ot the most fertlc county of the State, to the condition of its finances and to urge them to use every endeav or to cast off the odium of insolvency, by retrenching the public expenses, by exercising duo care -in all expenditures. We deem it proper to suggest this caution because in the examinations of the public Records, the facts are elicited that one pauper has been support ed by the county for the space of sixty days at a cost of one dollar and a half per diem amounting to 90 dollars, and more recently at S3O per month, and as this statement has been doubted, we refer to the Books and vouchers of the County Tresurer for its substantiation. We also, recommend that the Inferior Court assess and raise a tax to pay Jury fees. We recommend that the Inferior Collrt do not levy a tax of more than seventy-five per cent, on the State Tax for county purposes. Although fully aware that thepresentmns of Grand Juries when published are generally forgotten in a day and ignored by the courts, which alonfe have the power to carry out i»s recommendations, yet so pressing are the ob jects of these presentments and suggestions that we respectfully request his honor to have them published in the Cartersville Express, that the people of the county may read and approve or disapprove them, according to their convictions. We fender to his honor judge James Mil ner. our appreciation of his able, dignified and impartial administration of justice during this term and our thanks for his courtesy to this body—apd likewise to the Sol. Gen., for his unitprtfi urbanity and respectful consideration. EDMOND D. PUCKETT, Foreman. KThos. F. Jones, J. J. Howard, William Davis, William 0. Gillarn, Nelson Gilreot.h, Joshua D. Layton, Chestiey Bostw ick, Jacob W. Lewis, William R Barron, Munro Goodson, John F. Leake, Jesse Ellis, John H. Satterfield, Eil'ott Moore, Robert P. Milam, David Mostel'er, William R. Mountcastle. It is ordered by the court that the foregoing general Presentments be pub’ished, according to the recommendation of the Grand Jary. — Granted .Sept. 14th 1867. J. R. PARROTT, Sol. Gen’L I A true extract from the mi nuts, | T A WORD, clerk 1 | Eighty-five thousand citizens afe cfjslrancliised in Tennessee under the {|reseftt State laws. y* 1 Rev. Thomas‘Raifibaut, D. D., tormerly of CassviHe, Bartow no., lias been elected to and accepted the Presidency of William Jewell College of Missouri, a State Institution. He has but a few if any pq.uals as a teach er. Judge Reese has Hot resigned but de clines to hold his courts under Gen. popes Jury order. i !,e Rome Courier say? that a Lioiueuaiu and thirty men of that gat* rison were sect to Carlersville Friday, to witness the hanging of a freedman. It was reported that his rescue would be attempted ; hence the guard. All news to us, Bro, Pwinell. It is true the Lieutenant and squad of sol diers did come, anil it is true that there is a freedman in jail here under sen tence ot death, and was to have boon hung on the 30th day of last month, but was respited for one month from that date, but, we suppose, they were sent to preserve order during the ses sion of the Superior Court now pro gressing. This they have found no difficulty in doing, as our people were never more peacably disposed than at the present ; as for any apprehended wresting of the prisoner from the cus tody of any officer, it is certainly news to us. “We have been credibly informed that the registration of voters in Geor gia hag been concluded. The result, we learn, is as* follows : Whole number of white vo ters _ 95,330 Whole number of colored vo’s 93,390 Total number of voters Rcg tered Majority white voters 1,918 We understand that the details will he made out supplied in a few days, which will not vary much either way from the above.” —'l’he Cherokee Georgian, publish ed at Dalton, has been bought out by the Republicans, and will in future bo published under Hie Haute of the JS'brth Georgia Republican, SPECIALS.' WSlcox & Gibb?.; fiev.Tsig' Ma diluted Those who have been using- the above ma chine will please forward to me an expression of their opinion of it as a family m chine, and a lso its merits-as compared with other ma chines where they have used others. Please give me an expression of yo u- opin ion ai an early day and oblige Sept 27 18G7 JOHN 11. RUCXMA Y. T3se latest styles Tadics’ hats and Gentlemens’ PLUSII HATS, just re ceived at GUTHRIE’S VARIETY STORE to-day, and for sale cheap. Call and sec them' Cartersville, Sept. 6. FAS II! CASH!! Will be advanced on Cotton, to Farmers who may desire to have their Cotton shipped to either Southern or Nartlipi-n raorL-ols. Call Olid s OP. ns. HOWARD fy PEACOCK. N. B, — Bacon, Bagging and Rope will he advanced also if desired. Cartersville, Sept. 20, 18u7. Millinery Novelties es Hie Season. MRS. C. WISE BURG, No. 3 Peachtree st. (next door to Mess. Cox & Hill, whole sale Liquor Merchants) is receiving anew and Fashionable stock of all kinds of Millinery Goods, and invites all concerned, to examine the Novelties of the season, before purchasing elsewhere. Retail as well as wholesale orders from the country attended to with p-omptness and dispatch ATLANTA, GA. Sept 27, 1867. w3m D. 11. BAILEY, G. N. GItOWAY, Formerly of \1 ury Cos. Os Giles Couicy. JAMES M. CAUSEY, T. B. SKMl'i R, Os WiJl.auioun coun'y. Os llui.tsviUe, Ala. BAILEY, GRQWAY & CO. COTTON COMMISSION Wholesale Grocery Warehouse, J\'os. 5 and 7 Broad Street ; . xa siivelm: t e xx . ~r E beg leave to return thanks to our frier,Ps f r„*l>s ” very liberal share of pair-mage be.-f>*ed upon our house the past season, and wt util say that, having enlarged our facilities fur itoringCo.t'or ■, r.e are now prepartd to give: every attention to the storage, sale, and shipment of all Cotton our friends may en trust to our care. We prom it e that i very elf it will be used to secure the very highest market price, w heth er sold here or in other markets. Will make Cash Advances on all cotton or other Pro duce slipped to us. Our terms shall always be as low as any other rtl able house. James 91, Cai'sey and Wm T. Sample will give their undivided atteutiuta to tire Oi tton Departn.ant, and will strain eveiy nerve to make it to the interest of planters to patrouize us. We will always keep a full stock of GEOCK ( IF.S, BAGGING, I;OPE and TWINE, and all grades of FLOUIt for sale at the lowest prices. M aiited-We wish to purchase wash ed and unwa hed WOOL, FEATHERS, and DIUEj FKUIT, and will always «ive the price*. BAILEI U£lss W A"i U C 0., \ - HILL &> BI SY, of Cartcrsvil!o > will act as oar agents, and pay tax on Cotton consign eii to usr 15a1c.EY, OiiOWAV LO. gSept 27 67 6mo LUSK, Pres’t. T V. SAMPLF, Casb.r. fEADURS 7 BANK iEU Cui»n Street, NASH a ills: tes»., DEALS IN Coin, foreign and Domestic Ex change, Uncurrent Money of all L inds, United States, State, and liail Road Bo this. Hi? best prices paid for s, \EOs, 7,208 lO 40s, anti Comp. In-. Notes. FOR SALE D'JNCAN, SHERMAN &, CO’S DRAFTS IN SUMS TO SCFF, 02* JLo ndou, Parris, a Seri in. Sept 27, 1867 6m char> Unil Boti DE.II.EB IX ?•:■: •' •• / Xi! ,0r» (Dooiis, kH' 'O ’ HARDWARE, REArY-MADE CLOTHING, |j t $ t i tt t; €W11)1E¥ § OSNABURGS, C# H! 2? & M imum COUNTRY PRODUCE bought and sold. Highest price paid for ttdv' , Sill ip BEESWAX, FEATHERS, Old Copper , 1111, a; ♦ ry p ame ax tve, Agt. for wrap ping Paper. Merchants can buy it in an y quantity at 31131 prices. J» ELSAS, 2*l ain Street, Cartcrsville, tla. Sept. G, 1367 —wly. UJibsumnut tint doote! I M MEX S E ATTiIVO TIO X !! Immense reduction la Prices! A GORGEOUS LOT OF DRESS GOOD Just Received from the Irate Vetv York Auction Sales A Reduction of 50 per cent, from last month’s Prides ! -11 l Goods Marked In Plain Pgrm es ! My well known straightforward nnd hortoruWe coirse of cond-ietinff bn<iiT«*-or K » swttio arantec to all who may la- or me with their patronage, that they will he f.uly dt\»lA wi lu JOHN M. GrfJTjrOJV, Corner of Whitehall and Hunter Streets, RESPECTFULLY announces to Lis friends arx\ tire public, that he has just returned trim New Y ik, where has been iu u ti. ndauce at the immerse suction salts wldcli t n k place me I .el neck, ami that ms mngiiltn wit slock el Midsummer bloods is now complete, and will be ko.d at, ir.iue* that rvm tiny compel! >u. The most no* perieneed will at once perceive the great advantage of pu chasing a stock of dry goods at this part) tutor Jim when importers are disposing < I their stocks regardless ol e .st. 1 would annex a schedule of p ices, but space will not permit. Snflice it t> say that 1 was in New Y ok v lion the late panic reached its Climax, ru.d tha 1 purchased my jirtaeut sloe ib per cc .1, lcos it coum have bcea purchased at any c liter tio-e this season. rTXTST X^EOjBIVIDIA: 500 pieces beautiful Drcjs Goods, consisting of Grenadines, Mozamblques. Renos, t’optiuos, Lawns, IlarcgC", c‘e. 200 pieces splendid g-ods for Gents 1 and Brys 1 wear, consisting of Cloths, Cassimcre-, Drap D'Kte, Jeanr, Lino Duck and Grille, Marseiles, etc. 300 pieces white goods, consisting of Plain, Striped, Checked and 1> ttmi Pwisv Plain, Striped, Checked and Dotted Jaconet; Tarlatoi.. Nainsook, Crimped Muslin, Urilll tines, P'u| c Clot.M, Bishop Lawn, etc. mo pieces American, Kng’Ssh and F-ench Prints, all new styles; I'tttO ideces ft’enchcd Pf.Hlncs-Now Y'erk Mill's, Wamsutts, Lonsdale, Hope, .fames', Putnam, and seve-al , the mil «; s 0 1". 11 ami 12 1-4 Bleat lied aril fi mt n Sheeting; 6-4 and C-4 Pillow Case Cottons ; 20 pieces 8-4, 0-4 at.d 10-4 Table Li uem, b ,th bleached and, unbleached 3 cases all styles of shoes; 20 cases nil stales Straw Genes 100 dosen all styles TTnep Pkfrts; 300 dr sen tmll.-s and Misses 1 It.s-; 5o desert Lades’ beautiful Iron V sines, v-y stipe, lor;* f plendi I 1«* v r . e ''J\, C,n * ’i lot of L. C. II imlltercMef*; 10 pieces beautiful Mannels; ‘ eo-np ete stock of Notions, I f’poi < y\ is or La lie? and always on hand, a fttll stotfk of Shirt! /gs, SlieMlrjpK OtMmUurjM, .Team, » >c., winch will be S.>hl for facto)y price. Everything usually kept In a first e.ava Dry <i jogs Store cut: be found here. p 3 This splendid stock of Goods has teen purchased since the 21 hos May, which announcement will sat.sfy. all that great bargaLs be given. johiv iii. GAriioi’, jp. 14. IR(‘>7, Corner YVhitiTal: anil 1 junior Stm ts, A 11 tl tin, 6i IPliii (ML This Oil iriaices lire best, s>fe;t and cheapest light of anvthlnft known. It !• fully pas. r i d—a piiarmtee of its superiorl y. It. can lie used in anv Kerosene or Ooal O 1 Lamps, by uttnchiri.' the LI HIT HOUSE lil il'-Elt, whieit is preferable to oil ot!i--3. This < lil m ikes a clear, b.lght ii. lit, sin. lies less ami b rns long' r than ot,. r (Jils, and is as sale at a t Dlow candle It. 161 l not e-xjtl ale. *s oa i lie dem .nstr.ited in a mu-nont. The METEOR S.iKKTY LAMP is a perfect g in—a favoilte —and gives a LleUll' for less than half acent an hour, for sale by YY. L. KIRKPATRICK A CO . Cartersvilh', Ga. TANARUS: M. ELLUS, Calimui , Ga. RITE W. TIIOTNTON. Proprietor of JI irtow and Gordon coun!ie=. VI > «gt. ftr tl.e sale of 0 junty Rights. Those desirous of mafrfug money, will do weli to tiorresp. hri him at Calitoun, i.a. j l ' 2S—lf, MENS’ AND^BOYS 1 CLOTH INS AT THE GATE CITY ’ Wc would respectfully inform our ft iends and tlie public that we have just received BhC of the la pest and best selected stocks of SP’RIIT(3* BTJUXXvXEK/ CLOTHING ! Ev*pr brought t*» Atlanta, alt of whi-h have bee’h manu r ftctun*<l for us" from Go <ls bought at laic decline, hr Cash, with special reference to the wanti of this section. We would respectful.) invite all to an examination of qur Goods and Prices, Fceiiner confident that vre can suit the most, economical as w-eli as the most f.istidtou*, as to price and cjfta It Space does nut permit to enuuierate ail the (i jods kept fc?y ttf, tn»t Sulfrcc it to say we have nice Cassimere Suits for $7 53 to *slo GO, and upwards. Those acquainted with our Goods, need not. be told that our Clothing is made up Ly the bes workmen, fthd cf superior gootls. In ad.l tion to the above, we k-e t, also, a large stock of GENTS’ FURNISHING GOODS Cons’st.irg of PUFFICr) .arid PL4IN WHIT " SHIRT?, FANCY and BROWN SHIRT?, UNDEROAR MF.NTS, of all f’/.es Fancy and Plain TIE?, of all desorlpH .ns; Silk and Linen Pocket Ha dkerohiefs, Gents Gray's Patent M and led Oolla', as well ai Glased and Marseilles Oollars, All of which- will be sold ehcaporthi can be bought eisew In. re. Also. Boots, Shoe?, nats, Sole Leather and other Trunks, Carpet Bags and Valises, Eugene and Saratoga Ladies Trunks, &c. Before purchasing, please call at the Cr&te City ClbtMng Store by A. ROSEN FELD & BhO- Next drfer to McCamv & Cu’«s Drug Slum, WliHctail Street, April 20, isof.tvtc ATUNTA, GEORG? NO DECEPTION! MR. GUTHRIE who has recently located inour town is now receiving his fall stock of lull Lry Goods, Notions, Rou*s, c3hoes, Hats &C. &e, lie has employed as salesmen, two most Ex cellent young men ofou r midst.Mr. W. L’. UKAV of our town and A. Y. CHAPMAN oi Stilcsh j:o. Asa further evidence of good taste, he de sires to show to all a well assorted stO'ck of fafi goods - which will he exhibited by these ob liging young men free of cost,and sold for as small amount, of money as ti;e same goods can be purchased elsewhere. P.f?. Tell efrerjf/uify to bring fur skins by (lie hundred —ITe wants 501)6 Mink sicins eatiglrr after Vst Nov., wi 1 pay most for those no! spi?t. Gome and buy Steel Traps. Remember the place, Post. CLliccstreet, first door north of f-apt. Jones’ brick L aw Office'. Oartcrsvi'ile, Ga - Sept. 20, 1837. V'OTICE —MI P iwv-s of Atton.ev given by nc pre 3 viom to - !i September, 1507. are revoked, fep *., tier. 44. ». THGMP3ON. V'OTIUE. —T!.‘C business relation heretofore existing between Dr. L Yv. IlffiT and K R. KRAMER is oisjolvtit, and idlaccxuDU of IKtfcT A KU «MER will r-e re tc l uh Dr. J. W. E. BEST, sole prop I, tor. — tt KUAUER is ujw in tliu gm,luy of Dr. J. IV. p. B si'. J, If. If. BEST, C«uter.vLlr, Ga. Sept 11, C;ASH- ABY&IQSg ON COTTON. Ivy ILL be prepared by the Ist Oct., to rrukc liberal casn advances oii C'fJ'l'ro.Sf otip ped t<> the well known anti jelt UtjLi house of GEO. W. WILLIAMS* A CO., Cha'lewton, or WIIjLIA Mri, 'i’A Y LOU & CO., Mew York. Terms more liberal than any licrtol'ore olf ered to planters or dealers. JNO, A. 13?.W1N, sept. 10, lf'fiT. Carters7ilie, (in. To Cuii!iiimpHvc% Tfie Rev, EDWARD A, WiniO.V will send, fre-o <» charge, to all wlio dettire I*, the prerc ij tinn with tlm ulreettors tor making ami using the Minyl* ruineilv bv which he was cured of a lung a3e.ti u and ina. dlca l disease Consumption, 11 s only ohiot it to beu-tU •lie afiiictel, an 1 bo hops every suiterer will t>> tins piese iptimi, as it .c.l, coat them nothing, ttud u.y prove a blessing. J’lease addie,* Ker EDWARD A. WILSON, No. IGO South ?ecou.l, V,ll lamtoaig, No.* Vu:li. In formation. Inftrma'rn guatauteed t t pi-miuee a Ju\ir ! ai,t growth of hair up in aJj ild he tl >r a bcrdlera f ce, ais > a refit e for me removal ol i’ mjil s, D'otclos, k nfll'iuliS, do , oil the . kill, to IV It f l c t* no soft. « l<- r anij , cau nc obtained wtl.'iottt i bagel ill CfiilUg Tlivi. E. < H A e.d aN, C'/i <in Ui 4«p U i-v Dvuadwaj, Netv Y.i