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North Georgia citizen. (Dalton, Ga.) 1868-1924, June 25, 1868, Image 4

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FARM AND GARDEN. The Klnd-IIrnitrd Tenner. Tiro following inoUlont In no bonult. Ail mill loncliing, tlmt it should be read to every household in tho oountiy. It dovelops the true, activb jn'lniilplo of kindness.; How many an erring mor tal, tnhlng his first step in crime, might he rutlooiund by- tho exoruiso of this lililimo trait in Ilia' character oflhb kiniMienrted Quaker i '' William Savory, an eminent minis ter among the Quakers was a tanner by trade. Ono night a quantity of hides woro stolon from his tannery, and ho had reason to bcllevo that tho tidal was a quarrelsome, drunken neighbor, called John Smith. Next week tho following advertisement appeared in tho country newspaper,: “ Whoovur slolo a quantity of bides i tho tilth of this month. Is horeby in formed (hat tho ownur has a sincoro wish to bo h|s friend. If poverty tempted him to this falso stop, tho owner will keep tho wholo transaction secret, and will gladly put him in tho way of obtaining money by moans more likely to bring podOo of mind!” Tilts singular advortlSomont attract ed considerable attention; but tho cul prit alono know who mado this kind of fer. When he read it his lioart melted within him, and 1m was filled with sor row for. what he bad done. A fow nights aftorwards, as tho tannor’s fam ily were about retiring to tost, they heard a timid knock, aud when tho door was opened thoro stood John Smith, with a load of hides on his shoulders. Without looking up, ho sahl: “ I have, brought thoso back, Mr. Savory; \thero sbail'I put them ?’’ “ Wait till I can get a lantern, and I will go to tho barn with thee,” ho ro- pllod, “ tlmn perhaps thou wilt oomo In, and tell ino how this happened. We will see what dan be douo for tlico." Aspoon as they woro goho out, his wife--prepared' somo hot coffoo, and placed pics and meat on tho table.— When they returned from tbo barn, slio said: “ Neighbor Smith, I tbouglif some hot supper 'would bo good for thco.” He turned hlrbactr towards her, and did not speak. After leaning against tho flrc-plapo a fow moments, he said In a choked wipe: “It Is tho first timel ever stole anything, and Ihfivo felt very bnd about it. I am sure I didn't once think that I should ever como to wlrnt I am. But I took to drinking and tlicp quarreling. Since I began to go down hill overy body gives mo a Ulok.'" You" are tlm first man that offered mo-a-helplng hand. My wile ih sickly andrtiy children starv ing. You liavo sent them many a monl, Oort bless you-h but yotl-Btolo tho hides. But I tell you tho truth, when I say it is the first time I ever was a thief," “ Lot It ho tho last, my friend,” ro- filed William Savory. “Tho socrot ies between'ourscivas. Thou art still young, and it is in thy power to mako up for lost time. Promise mb that thou wilt not drink any iqUixlcaling.liqaur for a year, and I will employ thco to- morrowou good wages. Tho littlo boy can pick up stones. But cat a bit now, and drink somo hot coffee; per idicals tu-o disseminating light and b »P* jt may preventthee from craving ith in Aery corner of our land, and W^Wag stronger, to night. Doubt - less thou wilt find it hard to abstain at The lteg—Its Vslse, and how tc fare for It. The hog. tsananlmnlofgrbatlm- portanco lr. tlm country, and Is every day bocomlng more so. Almost overy family outside of largo oltlos, and even In tho suburbs of those, can keep ono or moro pigs. Pork enn bo grown cheaper than any other kind of meat, and wlrnt is of much Importance, a small outlay of capital brings a quick return j if kopt in good coudltluu,-the pig may bo slaughtered at nny ngbaf- ter it Is ono mouth old. It not only supplies tho kitchen wlthjnmut, but tho very important item of lard, which is a universal want In pastry and almost every varioty of cookery. There is no other animal used as food for man that can supply so many .and Varied wants. The next Important question Is, what variety is tho most profitable to keep ? Where tho “ Chester Whito" is known, no other breed can compoto with It.— It is nearer porAiotion as a hog than has ovor yet been arrived at. J ts out line is beautiful, its disposition gontlo, its habits quietand contented—not dti- posed to roam and frot, so tlmt tlm food It consumes goos to tho formation of flesh, and not spont In running after mischiof.' It is not a gross feeder, hut like all other anlraals-reqalrcs Its food at regular intervals j this care and at tention is never lost on it. Tlioro Is no other brood that eqjoy s better health. If kept and properly eared for until twolvo or fifteen months old, it will yield from fivo to seven hundred pounds of pork. What other animal will yield so much In so short a time, from so small a beginning, with such a small outlay of capital. Tho health and good condition is an important matter with ovory owner of stock. Tho hog, like other animals should bekept clean, or rather it should liavo an opportunity of keeping itself cloan. Its house should liavo a good roof to turn tho rain; its floor Blmuld bo sufficiently elevated to bo kopt dry, and no hollow places for puddles of water to stand. It will do woll on good pastnro during tho summer with vory, little slops or grain. Clover Is tho vory best pasturo for it, drain food should always bo steam- ed or cooked In somo way. There Is great economy in this. Tho trouble or labor is very little, and tlm grain or saving is about onb third. It is no ex cuse to say that you baya no tlmo to do this, for you cannot spend your tlmo at anything tbnt will pay belter. If one bushel of cooked cord is worth one and a half bushels fed raw, then ? ou savo half a bushel by cooking It. f corn is worth a dollar and fifty cents a bushel, you save fifty cents. Will • not that-pay well for your tlmo. and trouble? If corn, is worth loss per bushel, then your time is worth less; for tho price of oorn 1b a pretty accu rate standard to measure form labor by. Tlm economy of selecting tlm best breed of bogs Cor Blocking farms is just beginning to bo appreciated. The long logged', racing and fenqo climbing breeds will bnvo to knock undor, they have had thoir day. Agricultural pe riodic ' ‘ n ' truth with that light and truth will go tho better breortsof all kinds of farm stock. •.'Journal. ) Keep up voua Hay Cnor.— Jtfr fanners must certainly by this tlmo bo fully aroused to the importance of paying stricter attention to tho culti vation of bay. High prices, going to .onrich Northern raisers, must liavo dearly taught thorn by this tlmo that tholx interest lios in tho cultivation' of this article. Wo havo lino meadow lands, admirably adapted to this peou. liar culture, which, with littlo care, 1 oould be made to abound with lino crops of hay. Wo find the following extract, ns the host method of keeping up a crop of this character, in an oxekange, and in sort it for tlm benefit of our planting friands: A farmer who bad been in tbo lfabit of selling bis hay for many years in succession being asked bow bo kept up his bay crop without manuring or cultivating his land, replied, “I never allow tho nfter-swnrth to bo out.” If this rulo was generally followed there would be less said about running.out of grass fields or short crops of hay— Somo farmers feed out eyery green thing and compel tlm cattlo to pull up and gnaw off tlm roots of tbo grass.— Cutting rowou is cortniu death to bay crops. A farmor had bettor buy hay nt forty dollars a ton than to ruin his hay Hold by grazing. Tlm genoral treatment of grass lahds In this respect is wrong and expensive, and should bo abandoned as a matter of profit and economy. Pooltuy—A pullet hatched early in tho spring boglns to lay at tlm ap proach of wintor, and pullets hatched late in the summer, begin to lay in the ensuing spring, and it is saving a Cer tain proportion of pullets from tho ear ly aud lato broods that you mako sure of wintor eggs, a few early hatch ed chickens for catching the highest market, and a numerous flock of chiok- ens in tho warm months when rearing is loast precarious. The hen continues in her prlrao for two, and, nt most, three years,—therefore cave every year pullets equal to a third of your brood stock, Bolling off at n trifling prico tho same numbor of aged hens, or offering them up in a stowed dish or well bak ed pie. However, I liavo no scruple about keeping a heavy, symmetrically made, splendidly feathered ‘pnrlot’ for four years, for tho Balm of her stock. Many farmers grumble about their poultry, from uot paying attention to such a simple matter as thoir not look ing ovor thoir brood.stoolc once a year, drafting all tlm old dames (known by the developed Bcnbm ou their legs,) and reserving from tlm mnrkot basket the most promising young pullets rais ed during tbo season. Tho Ala, Pemccrntio Convention, before its adjournment last Thursday, passed a resolution proclaiming adher ence to tho ordinance that abolished Blavery, and saying that tho laws of Urn State shall bo impartially ad ministered to both races as soon as the Federal military shall bo withdrawn from the State and tho people allowed to manage thoir own affaire. * • first; but keep up a brave heart for tbo sake of thy wlfo'nnd children, and it will soon-become' easy. When thou hast nood of coffee, tel will give it time." 'Tho poor follow tried to .cat and drink, but tho food seemed to choko him. After vainly trying to compose his feelings, bo bowed his hoad on tho tablo, nud wept like a child. After awhilo bo, ate qnd drank, and bis host ])ortod with him for t.lio night-with tho friendly, words, “ Try to do well, John, and thou wilt always find a friend Sri me.” John ontpred into his employ tlm next-day, arid remained with him many .years, a-sober, honest and steady man. Tho secret of the .theft was kept between them; and after John death, William Savory sonmtthms told tho story to prove evil might, bo over come with good. CniOAao, June 10.—Tlm Tribune has a special from Napiorvilie, about twenty miles west of this city, giving an account of tho poisoning of tho whblo congregation of,a church at that place 'dir Sunday last. The church woro colobroting a lovo feast. Tho meal had boon prepared in a copper kcttlo. and allowed to remain in it all day, till it had become oxydlsed. The scene that followed boggars descrip tion. In of tho church were the sufferers; somo lying on the floor, and nil suffering tho most excru ciating pains. Medioai assistance was at once summoned, but it was a long tlmo before tlm entire number; (about ono hundred and thirty) could bo at tended to. Abp.ut twenty of tbo num ber wore regarded as in a dangerous condition, but norio lmvo, as yot, died and it is hoped that aU will rocoycr. CHIP'S. . County' Legate. Whitfield Shoriff' Sales*' ' • flXTIWi be Bbld before tlio Court limine door T T III tlio town or Dolton, on tlio Aral Tuna- flay In JulynoM, tlm following property, tourlti Ono lot of Uud, containing ICO ooroa, more or Idris, no. ?8, finjrula. rind 8d aoo. of Whitfield Wrijnty, Defied on by virtue of two tax fl Ins, lulled by Tlin Ford, tax oollootdr for add county, against Robert Cowart, sno for tax duo tlio State and county by add Cowart, for tlio year ISiH, tlio other for tax dnotlio State for 1808. Also tbo reversion of; the Jackson lot, on Mo- P*my Street, Dalton, (Jo.,, below Dr. llroiro’aroa- Idoneo, after n llfo QjtntOiin,tbo anno -ns ilowor for l(r». Amelia 0. Jnckupu, undor II fa foryenr'a allowance, A. 0. Jiiokaoii v«, A, 0. Jackson, ox* ocutrlx or John II, Jiiykson, doo'd Aim, nt tho anmo time and placo, tlio building It) tlio city of Dalton, noiir tlio ear shed, known as the Camp Hotel, and tbo unexptred portion Ufa aix years lease, ol tlio lot on which said hotol la built ftovy made and returned to ino byi’f, II. Jolly, L. 0., and tinned pvor to mo. Property levied upon by vlrtuo of a tax |1 fii, Uslipd by Tlm Ford, ••i collector, against Win, A. Camp, for tax duo tlio State' nod comity by said Camp for 1800. All, of said property pointed out by add Ford mid gold Jimt-td rUOIUHA, WIiltBeld foniity.-Whoreaa, (I. Of W. Stanccl, Executor of tlio upd Testament of Owen II. Koimii, deceased, lias filed his petition In my office. tendering his rcslg-l nation and praying to bo relieved ol liU trtd( ns! wild Executor, and suggesting the name of Janies If. Homo, who Is a MiltaUlo pbrton and willing tbi taku tho trust of administering* said estate! Tlf In to eito Iho Bald James U.dfoVnk, itnd tho'hfeyN of kin of tho said Owen II. Kfennn, doe’d., to hji- mar at tho Court of Ordinary to bo held hr and ’or said county, on -tho first Monday 1 in August noxt, and show eausb, if any they can, Why an or* dor sliohld not bo granted accepting tlio rcslgnn- lion of said Qi Vi. Stance), and granting letters of admlnlsrtatlon, with the Will nunoxed, te said James U. Horne. - J. 1’. FREEMAN, Ordinary. ~ Juno 18—Id*. r A HSIINISTRATOICS'SALE.*-—By virtue of an GK-Mfly fMfepAiiiltiof qriUBnhyipf Gordon county, Georgia, will be *old before tho Court* 'l MD^lon 11 ln Whitfield A«n' tlio, first Tu,osdoyin A“ausl,noxt, with- legal houni of .uala, hnlf.pflot of land No. tlio 13ili district and :id kcc-tion. Sold as oporty of Mnllmlu Townsend, doecascd, for aiafit of tho liclra and cruuitors of Bald do- copsod, .Tormajnrt cash, balanco on tlmo, with Junad^-tda. A DMIXISTRATbfi’.V (Utti-iy vlrtuo of an a JL onlor In mo vested, by thn Court of Ordb>- afy,-of WfiltBMd'boniity;Twlll‘Si!ll,"borord tlio Court Housedoor,at|Uiblic'mi6irT, In Dalton, to tbo bigbost bidder, tlio first Tuesday in August, ono hundred acres of land, s.o. -portion lot no. US, In tlio 13th dlatrlo. und'Sd section of Wbltliyld cmipty, bhlng tbo Jot wiyuhlsvilio .Widow Talley ifow resides. Bold for tbo boDcfit of boirs and eroilltorsof Wra,,TallQy,',doo'd. ,|.i ■r?-.. ... D MITCHELL, Adro’r. ffio[] laftos.Os my*' snid a« young; Jadjr to her cousins— “Dear W8,”'wttS the reply, “I* thought his riiim’o whkChai’lbS;” ' ’ ' !.-Mr.;Robinsonihinks lt a conclosla'e evidence Of drunkenness When Jhe soe'sa man “stlcking'A'ff^tSgoS'tamp'bohm'd Jils loft, car ;»ml attempting to get into a letter-box to. go by tlm mail train.’.’ ■ iTamqs.JildwqfdsAritl Abp.Cox .,qqar- reled njjafpJfingstpi}, iTennosseo,,tlio other day, -.when jqp^ split Edwards’ head open with"ah axe. Tha rauyrtom- soupoa. f,- i' -uht . A young lady fainted in a-Now York theater-tho other night.’ Slio'wns re- 'Vivod liy tlirowlnw 'water Hi her face, and her first words were| “0, my now bonuetl” A Russian tutor reCenfly killed the wholo family whoi'o he whs engaged Ho beat out his pupils’ brains, shot tlm .Hither aud , mother, and finished, by killing t(iq cook, .'the foptuian and the housekeeper. A littlo girl, seven years old, was 'recently called as a witness iii p. pollco court, and, in anstvor to a question as t'o what becomes Of littlo' givlh who tell falsehoods, elm Innocently replied that thoy were sent to bod. It is said that no less that 2000'Js raelites in St Louis-have publicly pledged themsetves,to voto against Grant, on aeeonrit of his famous tfrdor banishing their people from bis depart ment, during tho war. A iittit! ; giri'yas;lfltelY'Ye]M ; oveil for playing out doors with boys, and in formed that,’ b'ofng soyiin'yenrS old, slit Was .'tym Ijlg fpr tni({.^'(iiy-Y,; firit with she , .with all imaginablqk irinpcanc,e she replied “why,- thobigger-WO grow tlm better -ire ,Tlio Toronlo Glpho professesib.tiavo n T fir tho tabu of lllnggolfi, Geo., -oonuinlng: f ante, like W. tinwinajiiu I Up it moro or Wss, lylngWost of W. A; Fayno, osq.— Dividino Texas.—Tlm Reeonstru'o- tion Oommittoo voportod a bill, on tlm 9th inst., dividing Texas sp as to make three States, Tlm ooritraTportiori will be called Central Texas, and,tlm others East and South Toxns. The bill is mandatory on tlm Legislature dividing it, and accepting tho boundaries as fixed in this bill. This is in flagrant violation of the original compact with Texas, which provided .that no addi tional States should be mado without her consent. Tlm main object is to secure six Radloal Scnatovs instead of two under the reconstruction doctrine, A droll story is told of an honest old furnmr who, in attempting to drive homo a bull, was suddenly hoisted over a fivo rail fence. After recover iug himself, lm saw tho anjitud oil tho other 8ido of tlm fonco sawing the air with his head and neck, nnd pawing tho ground. Tho good old man look ed steadily at him for a moment, anil exclaimed: “Durn ybifr. apologias, you needn’t stand thoro bowin’ and scrapin’, you tn'riml critter, von did a purpose, durn your ugly picture.” Prooress.—At a North Carolina ho tel there were present tlireo ex-Goyor- nors, an ex-Justico of tlio Supremo Court, one or two ox-members of Con gress, and other distinguished men The only person in tho room who could vote or hold office wan tlic r negro boy who wailed on the tabic. W. )V>, WEST, ,-f?lioi-in>;i MURRAY CO What can a man liavo In Ms pocket is,empty? Ahig holo. Wlrnt most resembles tlm half of a sheep's lieadi Tho other half. , I limn rnistkko WiupposotKi'iKtiVt supported In tho skies by Its Imams. It Is said that a miser’s chest is al ways lmlMlglik'iis long ns lm Hvesi Wanted, for .chemical purposes,'a “lady dissolved In tears.” ' Tlio porfomoifofjllm wprld^-tlm Cori- CathollciSin is on tlm'iiierpsspiu ov ory civilized country oh tiio gtobb. ! Damascus is tbo vJhlost"cllyj ill tho Tim reason sonio'iiljbfiio putjbii airs Is liucauso thoy iiAVe nothing elso to put Oil. * ' ' r . Everyman should pncldlo hls’bwn canon. Tlm groat difficulty is to get a eanoo. , t - , . Freedom of,,the press—snatohing a kiss from a pretty woman In the Gen. Forest is; one of/thi uilcgatbs nt largo from Tennessee to tho Nation al Democratic Convention. “Mynheer, do yon know- (lor whnt wo calls our boy Hans ?” “Really, I do not." “Veil, I’ll tell you; dor reason wo calls our boy linns—dat Isb his namo.” Thoro nro 85,000 miles of printed calico mtulo in Fall River, Mass., ovory, year. This would go around tbo enrth tlireo breadths wldo. / In' Middletown, Connecticut, a young man who only took half nn, ounco of turpentino wasjrclievcd of a tapeworm two hundred feet long. A dog died of consumption at Spring- field, Mass., tho other day, after boing tho companion for somo tlmo of a per son who was sink with that disease. I A band of hegrp highwaymen nro operating on the .Columbus,Kind, near Macon, Gn. A number of daring rob- beriosbiivo'bocrii'com'iri'ittUihi ■) A scholar under examination in Psalms, on being asked, “what ts-tho mstilonco that walkoth in darkness?” m answered, “Bod-bilgs.!’-) „Vu. v Tho omployocs of.tho NAsiiville nnd Northwestern Railroad, not having been paid for eight months, have pre vented all traius from running on that road, t . . - ' j. lx Uiij “Ah,, how doth you -like . tnclm, Miss Laura?!’ lisped adandy fnorry girl. “Oil, very much. It looks JunlA-tds like tlm fur on the baek of a catorpil- lUiOvM ■■in h./t'OTt ■ * [;T , r , v-ji-l 11,'1|K fonovrlngproperty, bolonplni; to tlie ess “Why did Joseph’s brethren casthim X into of Mathuiv R. Banner, Bnnkniiit, will intoa pit ?” asked a shool teacher Of ills bosold onlko firstTiiosany in July'next, In Dal-, " m m ton, G«.; irtjl-A. M.i Town lot ho. 28, on King street, 22x100 foot; nlao, fifteen ncrosof land of „ , . Ike old MeOwen lot, back of tbo grave yard; also young rami. , : - - _ ’ ' aoimi tlio Dalton ^mr^ada.L-il llnilmad ME Mnvrhjr BhorilT’s 1 SUlos; ’• > TiriLLbo sold boloro tile Cmirt-lloui-e door'In 11 Spring ITaee, Murray county, on tho first .Tuesday In July next, Hie following proparty, to-wlti .■ Lot of |ind millibar IS, lOlli din. and Sd see., of Mundy county.' Sold tf» Mlib p'rhpoHy’oMbo- dafondnnt 16 satisfy thaiptafclia'sh lttoncy. Alao, lot of land number ST-t and 210 In thu 21llM|l«trlcViiml,:2iUcctiun "f Murray.poitnly. Also lotVf laud hind.iiunibpr.llOO In-lUlli illatrlpt and 3d accllpn Murray county. Sold nstlib prop-, ertyof.!. K. Tliomfrton, to Snllafy nnd Hupcllm- Court II fa, Win. WllllniiiTOU'is’J. K. TlioMpaoh 1111111'. L. Faster. .'-j ,-ilTi.i .H . -1 ■ i, A|ao,. lot of land, number 81,4. Oth ,dlitrlot and Ud saatlon 91 said.county, poifipfriinR. W, acrca, moro or less, by virtue oftwo dustlco cqurtft faa of the 1172.1 district U M. 11 J MeChmy ,vs. A J Loemml ins ' the property of -LooniiVd. Lovy made bj constable nnd returned io Ine, ■Also those ports of Iota «f land number 1 n« nnd 240 In tlio 8tli district und 3d section, which .belongs la,Rhode Johnson, to aatlafy tlio costs in S nty-court fi fu, 111 fuvorpf Joseph 11 Swan a Johnson. ^jW^I ^jl' ■ Murray Shoriff’s \ Salo—Mort gngo. Vifilh bo sold before tho iGodrt iIIousq door < Ih • if tlito town of Spring PluoOj’flrHt Tucs-lny In ccpt 85 nercs tliercol; said''lb 1 J * iHlLvjhtcd in tho tfth district nnd 8d > lootion' of Murrhy fcnd Whitfield counties. 8aid parcels 6f land will bo sold to satisfy a mortgage fi fa from Murray Superior Couvtd ingistor ofG. Strieker & Oo.,vh A. Ja.Uurrolson. mayU-td' W 8 0A1,I.\WAY,^IT Tlio only New Stock ; tfmnum hmj ia '1 fo^nd.nt,■..-,j-.ii — n'. ail \\.m ,'o.fn.jx . iia £ niiiul;.il ,.vitsd to. i n t> 1 AVnllln-t. BFK0FZMJ ti W ? 1)00,1 waving pur frosii 'Gpods.'wiinh: were .bought-\ in Cottoa, nnd urn tboteibrd bnubled. tp oil'of to,,t|m trodo " '——- 1 111 •' •“-•-i«,)fii»j»-- Homot Bhupesln tho Dalton nnd'GmlHi jfiuii(47; JL ; \Um AVBltY, iAi«igiico.\ P. S. I am tbo nsslgnco of Lawrence \V. Ear* nest, Iknkrupt.'and bis debtors ate ivquested to call and settle with me. r^iIA»l)ldX»S SALF*»-rDy vlttuo of ; nn onlor VJ from tho Court of Ordinary .oLAVliitlloltl county, will bo sold, on tho first Tuesday in J»* ly, 1808, nt tho Court-I^oflso door in said cowiitv, between tho legal hours of‘snlo, ono-filtli interest of lot of laqd No. 47, l|i, the l^th dist. and Gd section of sahl county, subject to’widow’s dmrir. ’ A dredit of tWolvd months will bo given to pyrehase^, v;ho : wi|l bq rcqujrqd to glve^oto, bearing frjtprcst, well Bectiml, t i': 1 a v TU08. J, CHOW, Guardian ,. * of Jpscphlno Jano Crow. May 8—Us; — 5 G OROnOlA: Murray Connty-WI.ercna, Thos. • Comtally, administrator on tho citato pf Henry Wilson, ddfciia’scdi applies in duo Tofm of. law for loiters diamissory from the cstato of faidi deceased: ; , . • Tbcso aro therefore to elto nnd admonish all and qlngnlar tho kindred' and 'crbdUors of taid deceased to filo thelr objoctlbnk.lf any thoy have, on orbeforo the Nov. Term of tbo Court of Or- dinarv, to bo lield, on .tbo 1st WpmUy, in, Ifov. noji^ o.thoswifo letters will bo granted i\\o appll* ,i,: ,1 • • Given under my hand and official signature tills 80thday of A|)riVl808. ’ V‘ ' *" * ANDEUSUaN PARNsVORTHj Ord’y, Moy 1—Pin. 1 • • Tlmnovor. Wo wilt not on umcrntp alt WojlikvO fot-salo, bat fooltoiifh^DtJ cpuvlnco our cuatomcrs tlmn our "Stjbcty ombracos overy thing kept In a ' V : ' FIRST OLASS'DRir^jjppiJS^Hp^S^' In point of selection, varioty; of Btylcs 'and Chcnpncss ’of-price, wo tlSfv m petition.-.; ■ ,tl to I'm-, bits e.ita« , ■- In submitting onr Stock to yogi 1 inspection, wo sollot 1 ; a- njimorous atu .dunce, audiigivo-assurance-that In so dolng you will-only conSult vom 1 on« J “SL. Still in (lie Trade! npnE citixens of tliis nnd adjoining counties X aro rominded that-I ant still ih tho .VA Diy Goods and Grocery Trade) At my old stand, wbero I sin just in receipt of a 'Motor hud woll sblefll^'^yjir ' ' f^EOfeaiili Blu'rrsy CoUilty-^WhorcHs/ E S. VJT HbWcll, administrator bn ttib OhtaW of P. 0. Howell, deceased; npplles ’Wdufe form oflaw for ‘letters dlsmlsrory from' tho estate qf wild doo’d: Thcsoaro thcreforo to eltb dtod* admonish all nnd singular tbo klnJrod nnd creditors of said decuasedi to filo their otyoctiops, If any thoy havo, op,or:l)ofy^b tbo Novomhcr.,Torp)i of tho Court Qf Ordinary to bo held in »iid qpnnty on the first Monday jn.Noveinbo^poxt;qt’iprwisefajid letters, will Go g*vn!ed tlio applicant. Given Under my hand and offibhil r nigiu{tu , c, May J26ti)i, 1858. • '' . 1 . flm 1 ANDERSON FARNSWORTH, OhTy. AND-^- Choice FAMILY G1 Which I am ofiering to tbb trtdb Wi*ry liberal tenns. / l i' . • 'idim.'Juoh :>.(! iii cYcrv dqkcription 6f Country,ifa* Will jiiitifv^cltlierin 6aSJ nn GASH PRICES. ■ IS'Thunliful for pnst favors I respottfoll)' nsk contlnuapco.of :bo isinio. - t'k ” Daltoji. Gii., April iV—Sin. 1 ’ iHi,nHvr uu mu c.-imv tv» :s*. ropresenta to thp Optirt in u hw fully admibtttcrca H.| , Murray County—Wherensi, John _. A. Gliuw, administrator on tbo eutafe .of II. H. Glass, deceased, ro] bis application that he ' II. Glass’ cstato: •*' 11 •; , This is therefore to *eUq jilt persons concbrnq^, klndWd And creditor^, 1 to sliqw cause, if ally, they can, why said niIndnrstrat6r : Afibuld not bo xlip- eharged from Ills administration, nnd receive Wt* tvrf of dismissiqq ,pn, .tbo41 oi\day, ,in, July,; 1808. Till# DeccmGer ^0th,'jS07., rn ' ANDEilKON F v AItNSWUftXH, .prd , y. January 8—Uni. ’ , # * »T II . LE-ily-lii-tili Of I A DUimSERATOR'S SALE—Hy xx orfipr from tho Court of Ordinary .of* iWhit- field county, I will sell beforo tho Court Iiouso door in Dalton, on the first Tucsdqy in July nqxt. one bou8e'Aild lot situated in Tunnel Ilill, wIhfo- on Henry IlCwTUAn nOw resides; paid lot, con taining one acre, mote or less,and h'nvlng thereon Comfortable improvements; Sold ngtlm property of Tilman H; Alobro,‘ : Uee’d. Term ensb. may'28-td* i i c i »■ all H.fMQGRE, Admr. Libel for Divoroe.m Ifi.urray Supe- • rtbr Courts • Hale to Perfect Serviced ■ 1 « niraMlpUAfpo 1 * 't>. Laqra Jlurper. I T being' shown tlmt the. dofendont, Luura Harper, resides out of this State;Iso that: she cannot be served by the SluwilF, it is,ordered that service of tb’d jictinori ln this case be perfected liy publication of tills Rule in the North Georgia Ciii#iitJ: ’jWil^lUhod at Dalton, Georgia,, onco, a montli, for four months, previous to the, tiejit Tonri' ofthe’Shperlor Court of Murray coijnty,: nnd that the defendant a|»penr nnd defend sard cause at tho,uuxt.Term of^aid Court, tlmt iti' de-, fqylt. thereof tlm plaintiff 'bo allowed to proceed. JAMES MILNER,;j. f* c. c. c A true extract from tho Minutes. May 14,1808 SAMUEL M. WALLS, C.p.O. aifimnn & ^eCuiny, Attorneys for LilmilanL Geofgis., 1 Wliitflold County—Lili'el for Diyoroe. ' 1 ; ‘ •" .V?! NX' ’.RMb' tb''Pcrfcot Service. ' IT. Turqqi; tx Jqno Turner/ " [T appearing (o\he Court*by tlio return of the ilocs not rosldo In .tblrStato, It is oruored tlmt snbl doft-ndflit npp6«'ansein- nt tbo noxt i,of flits court, fd»« th«'oum<bo cohsldfrwyin uu .,.dll, nnd tho plifl-iHir iplow.-d to, proceed. jAnd It 16 hereby-ordered tlmt* this Riflo briinmlihld, in tho North Georgia Oltteim, onco a bldiitll for Ibnrmonfllst) o ‘ ■''■■" JAMES lflLNElfi" > - innyin, lSSS;4p| . v. . ■ J.;S. 0.y.O.’C:i -' loWIiig CO 111 ties, via.; vhiuui’U, UUUIV H IU* kcr, Whitfield, Murray, GlbncrfFannln, Pidkl'hs, IbiioH, DaWiidn, 'Gordon and 'Chattooga, ' for Ulio sedfl «f|.tl}R following numufaeturediiinplefnewta: - Ji’W. Cardwell's Thrashers and Howo l’owers. Straw Stackers. ,!! ' Corn Planters. ^ ^ .Wheat IIoraft'IlqkqB.pnd.ppyn Droppowe :i ,i -Jri.f m j Sulky Cultivators. riyincr, Norion & Co.’s Cnno Mills, Pqns, Fuy* niu'es and Evaporators—complete, . r ‘ yquiig^JItjnufj^t^o/ Ajifj^tk’s fei^nf Wheat Cleaner,, , n ,, . 0. AnJUnun. A Cp 'fi HtvtpqiUftUd ,‘4Iower, com plete, together willmnlF their* modern improve*, ments. thlilr. wut itajH ' Als’o^n' gen end Jn shortmfllit of AgrieultUrnl lm ■ plementa; of OvCry desfVri(iUBir dil hhti'd.* 3 -^fe^Ordcfspi-ompUy Hilled, and’*orr vcry-ac* comnipdutjngJtv‘rnw.9b . JOHN ,lh K1NU. 1 Jt)altqn ?i (»iu, Aprj^ 17r-3.m. v ;11( , COUNTY,. • Wqllc6r Shoriff’s Salp^'„ ¥ l\Xf beqpld.bofnro the Cflyrj ,.II^use^Lep?.ip LnFayette, wltldti the legal hours , of. .Hale, on the first Tuesday in July next, tho tylloujngi • property;’ 1 to-Wlti 1 ‘ 1 *• 7 ’ ‘ r ’ ‘ . • Onudiiilf 1 jriforest'In the hou&o and -lot kntfw'fi •uA’Uib'Globe^Hotel.'m iho town of LiiFrij-bftb, .Wnlkci* OOUfitv, Ga; : ‘Levied on hh the property Of Johiv’Rj'MAigaii, to satisfy an nttneWcnt'n fn^lAsuod'fVdm tbo* Justice’s Court of the 871.dik -G.-M., in favor of U.;Y/. Blackwell .vs. JqlUi'R. Morgan. Said houso and lot uow occupied bj' Mra,.Qorgloe i Levy , made and returuudfo rntf by constable..- mny2Si ; A^.A. SIMMONS, D. Sli’flf.' OAjTOOSA COUNTY; Li'.'—Igrccijlll-t A DMINISTRATOR’S SALl-;.—AgrcchViiy to an order bf thtr COrtrl of Ordinary* rif' Catoosa County, Goo., will beTOWtScfore tbo Court-Douso door in Ringgold, Goof, within' thd legal hours of salo, on the first Tuesday in August .iioxt, tho following property, to*wit: Lots of land, Nos. 88 and 8D, fn the 9th (list: and, •ith see. of Catoosa County; also, ono tow.n ldt in Sold/or Abo benefit of the boirs and creditors of W, J. WIIITSITT, Adni’r, . J ww-l G EORGIA) Catoosa County—At tbo first reg-, ular term pf tbo Cojirt of Onliqory of said -----wiiwi r,, . .i ; . - Evnhs, dcc’d, in fiO’acres/rtUrth portion, lot no. 151; nl8o : 80'ncro'8, tutrfe or Ie«s, of lot no. T8 1 /; also all of Jot no. J88, nil Jn the 27th district ami 8d sec’.'tjf'sni^uodiify. *Wm; HENRY, Admr. may28-60d ., l i §UE,jV. EVANS, AdmV positive abd Toliabro information - that thoi cstato of M. 0. Dyer, deceased. Terras cash tlio FOtlldri movement on Oanatla'hns alWitdy fcomitionced,' ithd calls on .tlio Uoverntnpnt to (Order into- tlm field at <*,-■ once trie wholo -voUmtecr- and regular force. . ii -» .o il rt A.Texan inurdoref, who bad, fallen into tho hands of Judge.Lyiich, offered to savo trouble by performing his own execution,' Ho f thereupon olimbod a .tree, ntaflq a very edifying nnd moral speech'to tho crowd, wrirnino; them to prollt by hi'srixaraplc, put ’.the nooso about his neck, tied .tlio end of tho rope to'A stoiit lluibi'arid jumpod.. A little . Swedish girl was walking one night with her father unddr tho starry, sky, Intently meditating upon tho glories of Heaven. At last, looking up to tho sky, she said“Father, I’ve been thinking if the wrong side of henv- ou bo so beautiful, wlrnt will tlio right side bo.” Major Joff..L. Wofford, a Confeder ate officer, who was Gen Dick Taylor’s chief of artillery,is the Republican can didate for Congress in'the Holly Springs (Miss) District, wliilo Capt. Charles H. Townsend, who was a Fed eral ollleer,.formerly from Wisconsin, is the Democratic caudidato in the same district A DMIXISTIlATnlDS fiXLK.—lly virtue of 'fl order' of ’the ■Court of Ordinary of Walker; county, jvill bdflbld,’ Oil tlie first Tuesday in Au gust next, I8U8, at tho Court-House door in sriitj county, between tlie. legal hours,pf sale, 8.0 acres of lot of }»»nd Nq v 8, jn;20th di&triet aj feellqn, and lot 7,.iu tlie ^Uth district and 3d .section;-— Sold ns tlio property of Street Camp, deceased, for tlie benefit of heirs and creditors. Terms cash. ; . JA^llCSlI. ROGERS, Ailm’j Juno 18—ids. A DMKVISTUATOR’S SALEj-—By virtue of An /x order of the Court of Ordinary of Walker epunty, sold on tbo first Tuesday-in ‘Au gust next, 1808, ut tfio Court-Uouso door in. said county, betwpen tiie. legal hours of sale, 40 acres of lot of land No. 63, in tbo 8th district ntu) 4th section' of snitl county. 1 Sold ns • tlio property pf Tallinfcrro Rutlcr, deceased, fdr.'fhe benefit bf helra. Terms cash; ..?■!< JAMES H. ROGERS, 1 Alim’ Jimo 18—tds. *' 11 ' ■’ order from the Ordinary of Walker cdunty, will bo sold.before tbo Court-IIonsc door jti LaFityetto, ori t tho-first Tuesday in August, be- ttveori tho hgal hours of sale: 100 acres of lund, tbt no. 323, 7th dis. 74th sec.:, also ono tpwn lot 1n tnFn'ybtto lying ln tho rt'iir .of T. Ml Phillips’ residence. Sold for the benefit of tho boirs. Term cash. I i may 28-tdL i L./Oj BLAOKpAdm’i B. IninaU, deo’d. f^jEORGIA, Catoosa Connty-^Whoreas^Y. J VJT .Whitsett applies to mo for letters of . dis mission on tbo cstato of Robert Liuder, lute of said county, deceased: • ; Tbcso wo tbereforp to ety pud admonish all; and aingufar tho kindred nnd .creditors of said Mp4 conned, to bo and appear at my.pfflec; >v1|hirt tljo time jjresoribcd by law, to show cquso, if any. they can, why said letters sboblu not bo grafted. Given under my band and Pfitciul Signature this Ctbdnyof ApHI, 1808. JAS. M. ANDERSON, Ordinrny. April 10-ttOui . , pi EORGfA^ Walker County—Sixty; \X' ter datQ application will, bo made,to tho Coiit-t ot Ordinary of Walker county, foi; leave to sell tbo real ostnto.of Silas G. Halle, latq of su’d countv, Utfc*d. ; ' ' GEO. A. J. nAILE,' mny28 OOd. 1 Atltft’r NOTICE. A LL persons having demands against tbo es tate of Joseph Wilson, lato of Gordon coun ty, deceased, are requostod to present them prop erly attested, to tho undersigned within tho.time prescribed by law; and all persons indebted to said estate aro required to mako immediate pay ment. WM. MOBLEY, Ex>. June IB-COd. G EORGIA, Gordon County.—Two mouths af ter date application will bo mado to tbo Court of Ordiuary of Gordon county, for leave to sell the lands belonging to the estate of Joseph Wilson, late of said county, dcccasedj for the ben efit of tho hpirs ,and creditors of said deceased. Juuo 18—2m. WM. MOBLEY, Ex’r. ..... given that ! wiRapply. to the t ;Com*t of Ordinary of said county,'nt .the firrt regular term after the expiration of two months from date, for leave to James R ... creditors bf said dcciinRcd; mny28 2m S. D. ROBERTS, Admr. GILMER COUNTY. Gilmer Sheriff’s Sales. W ILL bo sold before tho Court House door in Elijay, Gn., on the first Tuesday in July next, within the legal hours of sale, the following property: ' Lot of land number 07, also eighty acres of lot numbcr98in tlfe 11th district and 2d section of Gljmcr epunty^ Levied, on; ns tho property, of Tisdale and Joseph Spencer,to satisfy a fi Fa Issued from Gilmer county court, In favor of James R. Browu. Also, lot of land whereon Peter A Gates now lives,' In tho 10 district and 2d section of said county. Levied on as tlie proporly of the said Gates, to satisfy two cost fi fas in favor of Gilmer Superior Court. Juno 4 * G. II. RjkNDALL, Sbff. G EORGIA, Gilmer County—Two months after dnto application will bo mado to tho Court of Ordinary of Gilmer county, for leave to sell tbo lands belonging to the estato of John W. Dillingham, Into of said county d$q\l, for benefit of heirs and creditors. This Juno ll-2m JOHN M. WATKINS, Admr. G EORGIA.: Walker County— NotieO'. is here* w* • | i r to sell thp hujd belotiging to, the estate of, s Roberts, dec’ll, for tlio benefit of heirs aud lnndsbclpngliijto the estate of Edward Howard late of said county, dcc’q, for jho benefit of tho heir and creditors of said deceased., Thig Ifay 28, 1868-2m L; C/BLACK, Admr.’ : ’ ■ ■ : ■ ina i". ■ ■ /71 EORGIA, Walker County—Sixty days af* UT ter date application will bo made to tho Court ot Ordinary of Walker county for leavo to sell tho lands of WvMl Iuirycar, deceased, for the benefit of heirs and .creditors of said decV Junell-2m r v . II.O.PHRYEAR, Admr, DADE COUNTY. : To the Fa Hereof u! eorgia. UFE1N APIlTboxF] Extraordinary Effects ONE PILL- IN A DOSE! .oxMfuU htfiia "i!; .. . »i„ I„ QNE riLL ,1N; A DOSEIi ''' »< "v -I (INK PILL IN A M. /.J.'ol-s../ vJ) l j-Uni Jy i! •'"‘Wtuiii’ (5Ho tfundred ’Letters a doy ny fm patients’all over the babltablo globe: .; V,Dn AlMgglelf your pill has Hd mo of ill ...VO Ml: v.f • “ Ao more noxious doses for me In five «i pills taken nt one tinta. Ottbdf your pillg .rattiFl'i'V HijIs -i i .<t :•. v Tlmnkfl, Doctor My hcodacho hm left B^nd imqthtJt; bo^ to keep^n^tbq house." “ After suffering torture from bilious , . , 4wd of yonr pills cured me, and I have ped is General.A^epMortbqfol- of the malady.” ■*' ' itits','viz:' Catoosa, Dade. WnJ-' M .*iOur doetora treated for Chronic Hull’s Station on thc W.& A. R.R‘. .4 RE prepared to furnish any and overy vario- ^Atilybf . 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' QeOHQIA, Walker bounty. .li’l!!" m ,;f 0StC " 0 -Ij-iW for Divorce ,ill Wale Mnry Cnntello. J ier ^ ur h ^ , CltAMUKIUI, APH11. 8TII, 1808. / /. I T, appearing to tho Court by tho return of tl»e Sheriff, that tho defendant is a non-resident of this State, It is ordered that said defendant /'GEORGIA, Walker Comity—Two month nftc appear and answer at tho April Torm of ehlil ’VX dale apbllcut Ion wilfbo mado to Court of Court, elso that tho considered in default Ordinary cf Walker county, for leavo to sell tbo and the plaintiff allowed to ponced, i . And It Is furlhor ordered 'tliaythls Rnlebe pub lished onco a month, for four mbtitbs, in tHo North Georgia (Republican. * • ■ . 11 JAMES MILNER, J. b. o. p, o. I certify mirtnb nbovo Is a true copy or tho original. ' JAS, U. ROGERS, Clork. April 24r-4m. w IVIachine.; r jPIIE only Machine so perfyo/ed.that entire w 1 ’ >. * A Ififnc’tlOnls guarnnteod or Uie purcliasciuoO' f rofumlod. ’ ’’ *”■ Whero wc-haro no* agent a rnmplo Mncliin* J will bo sold at verjf lOW-pHeOjWfl^A'n^cal Agw ; .appointod on .thn.inost favorably terms; N. B.—Send tor ,Circular* • Travdlpg AgcnH [ wanted. Salary filito. , ^ ‘ . •> '1 oj.: " FKlNKlxE ; A LYON A: M. Co. i ir;587 Broadw'Ky^New York, A.Pg^J|fyr,12m. . In the blsfrWt Coal t of the United States for tlio Northern District of Georgia, ' 1,/,# .. In Bankruptcy^ • ■ - ,7/ In tho,matter of Apron Murdock, Baukruph i To alt wnw it may concern: . •VTOTIOE Is'hereby glvcrf,oncO a week tor tnrOo iA wooks, that I bnvo been appointed assigneo of tho cstato of Aaron Murdock, who hns boon adjudged a Bankrupt upon bis own petition, by tbo District Court for said District, . Juno ll-8t R; 1’. LESTER, Assignee. Dade Sheriff* v ~»ale. W ILL bo sold before tho Co«. louse door the town of Trenton, Dauo county, on the first Tuesday In July next, tbo following prop erty, to-wit; Lot of land no. 18, in 18th district nnd 4th section of, origininally Cherokee but now, Dado county. Levied upon as the property^ of tho 'Empire State Iron and Coal Manufacturing Co., to satisfy a fi fa issued by the tax collciitor tor has filed his application in mv office for leave to tho year 1807. Property pointed out by C. M. sell all tho real eSUto belonging thereto. Tatum. moy28 JONATHAN BLEVDis; Sb’lf. I may I fi-2in T, J. STALLINGS, Ordy. Plastering. <r. ■ o. secisroN JS prepared to do any common work lo Two Coats or Itaril■ Finish, In town or country. Works *'liter iy tlie J*® I oV by tho DAY. '' Mr. 8. Is a PUstorcr ltj 1 Iraile, and follbwi 11 ' other business. . ’ ' t Gg'Vlnco of resldepeo, Spring Hnt» sV*'* 1 1 Dalton, Georgia. , I March 20', 1868^1.", " * " IMPORTANT NOTICE mMmztMMsoo'J^ WESTERN’AND ATLANTIC ltAILROSM '■ fI * MASTKn or TnASi rORTAIIOX. t ’*«• ' 1 • -Atlohta, Ga,March 78,1808- J. O N nnd after APRIL 1st, the R« te8 0 Freight bn Coal will bo rod mod to One»n a,Half Centa bcr mllo per . ton,6? 2,000 P 0 ^ . . . ' This 1 1 Rato to 'ebnttniw iei*’ fArt 5 iintil, given tlmt Samuel Montgomery, ndminls- 16t; after which‘tho present rati, bf;Two trator of tho cstato of William It. King, deceased, jjelton'js tosumbd.”/•/, ‘ By order of thb'Supcrln^ertden,' . * . - • , JOHN rwA . .. April. 8-^S.m ' f •. 5 '.Maataf Tt ^Ipofl 1 ^ 1