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North Georgia citizen. (Dalton, Ga.) 1868-1924, July 02, 1868, Image 4

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FARM AND GARDEN. Hints About Hutjr Little Tilings. Farmors tiro prono to look Blighting* ly upon llttlo things. This gives rlso to cureless fnrmlng. “ Slip-shod farm- Ing." Slop that hog holo In yonr fonco it will snvo you many n wonrisomo chnso nftor pigs nnd mnny hills of corn. Mond your goto, and nail Hint board on your Btnble, put that rail back in its placu upon the fonco. Your pig trough ha3 a board olf the end or a craok In tho bottom by whloh means half your slop is wnstod, nnd your pigs grow loan. Aro they lousy? buy a quart of coal oil for 20 COntS, and pour it on tholr Incite. Salt your stock rog- ularlv.- Your harness noods mending, or'oiling. Your plows should bo sharp ened. Your wagon squeaks for want of groaso. Why doos your wifo look bo palo and cook your meals, wnsli and mond your clothes from morulng till night,day In, day out,for weeks, months nnd yonrs i without hope of any ros- S ite from Buoh monotonous toil ? rer aps n sowing or washing maohino, would lessen her labor and prolong tier life; givo hor inoro time to Improro both mind and heart, and allow her a portion of time to train your children and mako your homo more cboorfnl nnd your lives all hotter nnd Imppior. Will you upt look alter these llttlo things? _ Weeds in Fence Corners—One of tho greatest nuisances in fanning is tho way woods aro encouraged and ' protected In tho crooks and vicinity of fences, from whtok places tlioir soed Is scattered ovor tho surrounding lands. Tho extent to which seed is scattered by high winds, provos Hint the negli gent farmer may annoy hundreds of others by failing to cxtormlnnto tho foul horbago. Could tho evils bo con centrated on tho farm which nurses the weeds, tho conscqnenco would bo a proper punishment for his onrclessuess and criminality—-for criminal is nny man who nurtures nuisances that thus injure tho surroundiug farmers. Tho fellow who keeps a bull-dog that an noys If he does not bito tho passing travelers, may bo roaoked by tho law that is powerless to repress tho injury occasioned to his neighbors by tho nur series of foul weeds which aro harbor- od about his promises, CBpooially in tho vicinity of his fonccs.—National Examiner. ai m A Queer Honnv IIorse foii an In sane Woman.—An exciting scene oc curred on tho passage of a steamer from Chicago a fow nights sinee. An insane woman siippod unobserved away from her guardians, nnd after a fruitless search for her ono of tho sailors discov ered through tho darkness of tho night a singular object on the walking beam of tho boat. Lights woro brought, when it was found that tho object was the insano woman. She sat on tho walking beam ns a lady would sit on a Bido-snddlo, and appoarod to tako ex treme delight In being borno up nnd down with it. As tho passengers (look ed around sho boenmo more excited and bohnved moro andmorerooklossly, and it was fonred sho would fall among the machlnory nnd bo crushed to dentil A heavy sea was running and it was not safii to stop tho engines, but they were slowed, at which tho poor woman appeared indignant nnd mndo motions with hor body ns a boy will with a rocking horse to havo It go faBtor, and threatening to jump ofT if it did not. How to got her olf was a question.— Tho passongors woro roquested to movo away, whloh thoy did, nnd thon sever al of tho crow, after a numbor of at- empts, sueooeded in grasping jdio wo- nan as tho walking beam camo down and rosouod her, much to her regret. How 1 sho got Upon tho dangerous perch was a mystery—[ililwaukie Wiscon- tin. _ JonN Quincy Adams Tho Wash ington correspondent of tkoLouisvillo Journal says: “Alottor hns boon-received by a prominont Democratic momborof Con gress now in Washington from young John Quincy Adams, of Massachusetts, from which I mako tho following ox- tracts : “ I can say,” writes Mr. Adams, "in respect to tbo mention of my namo in connection witli tho socond place on tbo Democratic ticket to bo selected by the 4th of Jujy convention, that I am an applicant for no olllco un der tho sun. My courso'at homo has been dictated by the most disinterest ed obligations of duty nnd profor- cnce.” “I feel that tho accident of birth 1ms thrust me upon tho public attention rather before my timo; nml also that this prominence, connected with tho accident of birth, involves a groat deal of a certain kind of responsibility. If I can acquit myself creditably nndor these circumstances, and come olf witli tho family honors froo of tarnish, I shall be content, nud tho Vico-Presi- donoy may find some ono worthier and moro anxious than myself.” It is the belief that Adams will bo nominatdd if *Pcndlcton is nominated for tho first placo. Frosting—Two cups full of powder ed sugar, tho juice of half a lemon, ono table spoonful of water, one tea spoon of starch, powdered fine; put those ingredients into a pan, or some thing which cult be placed in boiling water; when this is thoroughly warm, add tho whites of two eggs, beaten half ns much as for cake; stir it con stantly until it thickens a little; tnko it from tho boiling wator, add a few drops of esseneo of lemon; stir until cold; then put it smoothly on tho cake. RmfW SaUVnge. Mr. Danlol W.' Voorhoes reeontly delivered a spoooh nt Now Albany, Ind., In which ho oxprossod Ills views on tho sulTrngo question, as follows i «I am ono of thoso persons that hold, llrst, upon tho question of su ifrngc, that it Is not n question 6f Fcdcrul politics at all. I tako it that no man of honesty, no man of common Intolli- gonco, boliovos that Congress has tho right to forco a codo of suffrage on tho State of Indiana. Uns Congress tho right to enforco negro iUflVngo evory- whoro ? I will road tho Chicago plat form—Hint transparent fraud upon tho question—directly. Thoy say they have tho powor to onforoo it ovor ton States, but not power to onforco it ovor tbo lost. It Is a question for tho States nlono. If tho people of any Stnto do- siro to Incorporate tho negro rnco into tlioir voting population, limUs their business not nilno. But I should nov- or do it, nnd I will givo you my rea sons why. If tho people of a Stato desire to do It, thoy have tho power to do it, lioivovor iniwlso that act may ho j but tho powor of Congress does not cxtonil to that. No questiou is plainer j nnd tho Domocrntio party stands upon that doclrino. But wo go (briber. Wo hold tlmt tho attempt to mingle and comminglo two sepornto and distinct races in tho control of ono government lias; according to history, resulted fatally, to tho govortiment that attempted it. I have no' prejudices against tho black men. I hnvono preju dices ugaihst anything that Cod 1ms made. Wlint fight havo 1 ? Thu humblest and lowest tiling of nnimn tod creation lias my sympathy nnd my respect, because God made it. It is not bccauso I would trnmplo upon the black man that I would de prive him of tho right of suffrage in this coimtvy -, but bccauso tho right or suffrage in his hand is an cleinont of 111- own destruction as well a3 yours. I would givo tho black man evory civil right known to tbo law. Suffrage is not a right; It is asooinl arrangement. I would givo tho negro tho right to hold prdjiorly, tho right to mako contracts nud onforco thorn, collect his wages, suo nnd bo suod, testify in courts—for I would illustrate truth from nny source, nnd weigh tho characters of tho witnesses, nnd lot their evidence go for wlmt it is worth—but when you ask mo to'tnkc llmt rncojinto political partnership with tho great white, con quering rnco, to whoso linnils, and to whoso hands alone, your fathers gnvo tho government of this nation, thon, I say, a sacriligo Is attempted, anil I re coil from it. (Applause.) * * But if It is tlio right of tho ne gro to vote, it is inalienable; anil why hasn’t ho tho right to voto in Iudiatin and Ohio as well ns In Georgia? Yot, last fall tho qucstion.of nogro suffrngo was submitted to tho people of Ohio, nnd thoy voted it down by nearly fifty thousand majority. It was submit ted to tho pooplo of Micliignn, and it was voted down by forty thousand ma jority. But thoy daro not submit tho quostion to tho people of Iniliann, nnd thoy duro not do it at tho South, but thoy enforco it South by logislativo proceedings in Congress, supported by tho bayonet, for which you pay out- your lmril-enrucil taxes. Negro suf frage tlioro is a good thing. Wlint is this but a party trick? Wlint is this but a spotted nnd piobnlil platform ? If it is right for a nogro to voto there, it is right for him to voto boro. Why do this party not stand np like mou nnd nilvocato the doctrine logically ? No moaner, no moro cownrdly, no moro pitiful, no moro evasive dodge, was over placod before tho American poo plo in a political platform than tho socond pitfall plank, white North nnd black South. [-Cheers.”] Tho Fruit Turning to Ashes on their Ups— Got im Hepluml. Tho regular Washington correspon dent of that “advanced” llnilicnl shoot, tho Cincinnati Gnzotto, writes in .iliscontpnt and gloom. Reconstruction islikely to do wlint it promised. Tho Radicals calculated on groat party gains in these reconstructed States nnd tho chances of gotting them is very doubtful to say tho least. “ Thero. aro wkolo delegations,"says ho, “fromlargo Southern States which do not contain ono roputablo man." “In the namo of God,” says a leading Radical Con gressman, “ wlint nro wo do with tlicso creatures ?” “Thoy aro without char acter nt home—they havo no chance of holding on to tlioir districts after tho first election.” Ho even fears a nogro Senator from -Florida. “ Tlioro is no doubt,” says Hie correspondent, “that in seeking for republican strength nt the South, wo liavo got n very largo elephant on our hands.” Thoso nro tho proolso facts. Tho Gnzotto has hit tho caso precisely— Tho Radical party has trampled on tho Constitution—on reason, charity nnd common senso, in ordor to find a grave in tho South. Let thorn fall into it and rot. If thoy hail exorcised tho first pnrtlolo of sonso, they might have bound tho South to tlioir party with hooks of steel.—Macon Telegraph. CHIPS. Moro than olglity thousand Free Ma sons arc reported in Now York city. Tlioro were four hundred and fifty divorces in Oonnootiout during the" past year. An Albany papor notos tho depart ure of a musician to another olty, by saying that ho has “bhangod his baso.” A nmn out Woatf who offorod bail for a frlond, was asked by the judgo If ho had nny inoumbrauco on his farm. “Oh yes,” said ho, “my old woman.” A Fronoh papor, whloh classifies all Its news, announces undor tbo bond of “I’olloo Intelligence,” that President Johnson has been acquitted. A magistrate In Ohlengo propscs to marry couples nt ono dollar a pieoo If thoy will form clubs of twelvo anil nil get fixed at tho samo time. A dispatch from St. Louis statos that tho Missouri ilolegatlon in tho Demo cratic National Convention will un doubtedly voto as a unit for Pontllo- ton. “Boy,” said an ill-tempered old fel low to a noisy lad. “What are you hol lering for wlion I go by ?” “Hump l" re turned tho port boy, “what nro you going by for whon I am hollering?” Tho Springfield Republican wants its party “purified.” It is a l!W8 job, anil mny provolf long ono, but tho De mocracy is doing its best in that way. A countryman lost'his* pocket-book containing $5000, in a Hartford store - . An honest bqy returned it to him, nnd refusod the proffered reward of twen ty-11 vo cents, Baying that ho “wasn’t hard up,” A man was Buspectod for stealing a horse, nnd was arrested. “ W lint -am I tnkon for ?” ho inquired of tho Sheriff. “I tnko you for a horse,” was tho ro- ply; whereupon ho kicked tho Sheriff ovor and rnu off. In Dallas county, Iowa, tho grass hoppers appear piled up from four to fivo deep, nnd ns thoy pass over tho ground not enough vegetation is loft in thoir track to keep lifts in a Hold mouse. Crop roports continue most favora- blo throughout tlio Southwest. Tho estimates of tlio Louisiana sugar orop approximate to 75,000 hogsheads.— Tlio crop last year was a little nioVo than 37,000. lCnto Jordan, a young girl living in Grant county, Wisconsin, having de clined to consummate an ongngomont of marriage with a young man named Win. Kidd, was murdered by him and grossly mutilated on tho 15th instant, A Gorman physleian roports that ho has traced six cases of load colic and parnlysis to tho uso of tobacco held in lendon boxes, A French physician asserts that tobacco held in lend foil, will finally becomo impregnated with a poisonous salt of lead. McEtlrlck has accomplished tho feat of walking ono hundred miles in twen- ty-ouo hours, six minutes and forty- four seconds, for $1,000 nnd tho cham pionship of New England. Scott, his competitor, gave out on tlio ninety- oighth rnilo. .. Tlio recent session-of tlio Rliodo Is land Legislature ocouplcd exactly two days. Twenty-nino nets granting or amending charters to various corpor ations, nnd fivo public acts, were passed, anil six joint Resolutions ndop- Alt. OARPETnAGGERs The Radical ticket In Virginia is “locnteil” ns fol lows. Their cnndidnto for Governor belongs in MIoliigffl; Liutonant Gov ernor, in Washington ; for Congress, severally, in Maine, Massachusetts, New York three, Connecticut two.— Only one Virginian is on tho ticket, -Jtilold Hhoriff’ Salos. W ILL 1)0sold boforo tlio Court IIouso door In tlio town of Dalton, on tlio first Tues day in July fiext, tho following property, to-wlt: Olio lot of luid, containing 100 ncros, more or is, no. 88, 18th ills, snd ad see, of Whitfield county. Levied on by virtue of two tax fl Ins, Issued by Tim Ford, tax collootor for sold county, sgnlnst llobortTlownrt, ono for tax duo tlio Stato end county™ void Cowsrt, for tho yonr 18117, tho other forutxdiiutho Stale for 1888. Also tlio rovorslon of tin Jackson lot, on Mo- Cmny streot, Dnllon, Os., botow Dr. Brown*. res idence, after n life canto In tlio sumo sb dower lor Mm. Amelia O. Jackson, under 11 fa foryonr’i allowance, A. O. Jackson vs. A O. Jackson, ex ecutrix of John M. Jackson, doo’d Also, at tlio aaraotlmo and place, tho building In tho city of ballon, n?nr tho car shod, known ns tho Oiunp II ni ol, and tho unoxplrcd portion of n six yonrs Icasfi of tho lot on which said hotol Is built l.ovy undo anil returned to mo by T. B. Jolly, L. O., and turned ovor to mo. l’roperty lovlsii upon by vlrtuo ofn tax II fa, Issued by Tim Ford, tax collector, against Wm. A. Camp, for tax duo the Stato and Mfintfty said Damp forl800.* All of said property pointed out by said Ford and sold to satisfy said fi fa, Jun4-tU , IV. W, WEST,'. Sheriff. MURRAY COUNTY. Murray ShoriiT’s Salos, W ILL bo sold boforo tlio Gourt-llomo door in Bprlug Place, Murray county, on tlio first Tuesday In July next, .tho following property, to-wlt t Lot of laud number 10, 10tl» dial and 8d boo, of Murray couuty. Sold ns tbo property of tbo defendant to satisfy tho purehnso monoy. Also, lot of land numbor 274 nnd 210 In tbo 27th district and 2d section of Murray county. Also lot of land Innd numbor 200 In lOtli district nnd 8d section Murray uounty. Sold nstlie prop erty of J. K. Thompson, to satisfy ono Supoilor Court fi IH, Wm. Williamson vs J. IC. Thompson nnd P. L. Faster. Also, lot of lnnd, numbs/ 274; 0th district nnd 3d Motion of Bald county, containing 100 acres, moro or less, by virtue of two Justleo court 11 fus of tho 872d district O M. R J MoOnrny vs. A J Leonard ns tlio property of Leonard. Levy mndo by oonstnblo nnd returned to me. Also thoso parts of lots of land number 100 nnd 240 In tho 8th district and 8d section, which belongs to Iihoda Johnson, to satisfy tho costs in ono county court fi fn, in favor of Joseph BSwan vs Rhyda Johnson. Junc4- W. S. CALLAWAY, Sheriff, K0RCIA, Whitfield County.—Whereas, 0. V_X W. Started, Exocutor of tlio last Will mid Testament of- Owen II. Konan, deceased, hns filed his petition in my olllco. tendering his resig nation nnd praying to bo rtjlloved of Ids trust ns said Executor, nnd suggesting tho name of Jmncs U. Horne, who Is n suitable person nud willing to tnko tho trust of administering said estate: This Is to clto tlio said James U. Homo, nnd tho next of kin of tho fold Owon II. Kcnnn, doc’d;, to np* t tho Oei'jt of Ordiunsy to dm held lit* ond id'eoujisy, on the first Monday in August next, nnd show jpiuso, If nny thoy enn, why nn or der should not bo granted accepting tho resigna tion of said O, W. Stance,!, nnd granting letters ofadmlnlsrtation, with tho Will annexed, to said Juincs U, llorfltaj; Given under my official signature tills 16th day or Juno 1808. • J. P. FREEMAN. Ordinary. Juno;l^f»t(^A A DMIXISTUtfWS SAM).—By virtud of nn order from tho Court of Ordinary of Gordon county, Gcorglil, will be sold boforo tho Court- House door in tlio town of Dalton, In Whitfield county, on tho first Tuesday in August nox*, with in tho legal hours of sale, half of lot of land No. 10 in the 18th. district and 8d section. Sold ns tho property of Mnllndn Townsend, deooasod, for tho benefit of tlfo heirs nud creditors of said de ceased. Terms part cash, balance on time, with good wcniit.v. y ■ -- •,THUMBS B, BARNWELL, Adm’r. Juno 18-4-tds.; A dministrators sale.—By virtue of a.. ordcrlu mo vostod, by tho Court of Ordin ary, of Winfield county, I will sell, before tlio Court IIouso dodf, nt public outcry, in Dalton, to tho .highest bidder, tho first Tuesday In August, one hundred ncraS of lnnd, s.e. portion lot no 115, In tho 13th district and 8d section of Whitfield county, bclnj; theJot on which tho Widow Tnlloy now resides. Sold for tlOfyracflt of heirs and creditors of WmVTnllcv, doc’ll- junll tds \ D. W. MITCHELL, Adm’r. Aflbignoo’s Salo, r piIE following property, belonging to tho cs- X tuto of Mnthvw H. Banner, Bankrupt, will bo sold on tlio first Tuesday hi July next, in Dal ton, Gn., nt 11 A, M.: Town lot no. 28, on King street, 22x100 feet; also, fifteen acres of land of tho old MoOwcn lot, back of tho grave yard; also some shares in »bo Dalton and Gadsden Railroad. juu4 td I. W. AVERY, Assignee. P. S. I am tlio nssigneo of Lawrence W. Ear nest, Bankrupt, and his debtots uro requested to call nnd settle witfi me. nUABDKIS'8 SaLE.*— B.v vlituoof nn order VJt from the Court of Ordinary of Whitfield county, will b6 sold, on tho first Tuesday in Ju ly, 1808, nt tho Court-House door in said county, be!ween tho'lcgilHhours of salo, ono-lilth Interest of lot of land Nq. 47, In the 12th diet, and 3d section qf snldxaniitv, subject to tlio widow’s dower. A credjJi o|twelvo monilis will bo gi .on to purchasers, who will Ijo required to givo note, bearing interest, well secured. ■ * ~ CUO.W, Guardjnn Mny 8—tds. f "Josephine A Juno Crow.' Murray Sheriff's Salo—Mortgage. WILL bo sold before tlio Court House door In u tlio town of Spring Placo, first Tuesday in July next, wltldn the legal hours of sale, tho fol lowing property, to*wlt i Lot of land no. 21)2, except twenty-nine nnd ono-hnlf acres thereof; nnd also lot no. 202, ex cept 85 acres thereof; said lots of land being situated In tlio 0th district nnd 3d section of Murray nnd Whitfield couutlcs. Said parcels of! . u ,‘, lnnd will bo sold to satisfy n mortgage II fn from , PQMUOn. Murray Superior Court, In fovor ofG. Strieker A Co. vs A. J, llnrrulson. may 14 Ul W. S. CALLAWAY, Sh’IF. The only New Stock Brought to Town THIS SEASON. 10 THE 1 1HB only NEW and COMPLETE SPRING STOCK In Dalton Is to b . found at BUKOFZER 4 LOVEMAS’S. Wo havo just boon receiving our frosh Goods, which word bought before tho rise in Cotton, and aro therefore’enabled to offer to tho trado Connelly, administrator on tho estate of Ilonry Wilson, deceased, applies in duo form of law lor letters disuiUsory from tho estate of sold deceived: These nro therefore to clto and admonish all -anil singular tho kindred nnd creditors of said deceased to lilo their objections, if any thoy havo, on orberoro tlio Nov. Term of tho Court of Or dinary,-^ be hold on tlio 1st Monday lu Nov. next, otherwise letters will bo granted tho appli cant. Given under my hand and official signature this 80th day of April, 1808. ANDERSON FARNSWORTH, Ord’y, May 1—0m. Howell,'administrator on the estate of P« C. Howell, docouBod, applies In duo form of law for letters disntissory from tlio cstnto of said deo’d: There nro therefore to clto nud ndmnnialt all ond singular tho kindled and creditors of said doconsedjo file their objections, if any they have, on or before the November Term of tlio Court of Ordinary to be hold-In said county on tho first Monday In November next, otherwise said letters will be granted the applicant. Given under my hand and official algnature, May 20th, 1808. tbn ANDERSON FARNSWORTH, Ord’y. /~i EORfilA, Murray County— Whereas, John VJC A. GIum, administrator on the estate of H. II. Glass, deceased, represents to the Court in his application that ho 1ms fully administered H. II. Glass’estato: A This is therofor^to cite nil persons concerned, kludred and crcditm-s, to allow caoso, if any they enn, why said Administrator should not bo dis charged from bin administration, and receive let ters of dismission on tho first Monday In July, 1808. Ttd* December 20th, 1&07. ANDERSON FARNSWORTH, Ord’y. January 3— Cm. Than over. Wo will.not enuinornlo nil wo linvo lor sale, but (eel confident to couvinco our customers than our Stock ombracos overytldug kopt in a HRST CLASS DRY GOODS HOUSE, In point of soloctlon, variety of styles and elioapnpss of prloo, wo dofy com' tltion. In submitting our Stock to your inspection, wo solid a numerous atten dance, nnd givo assurance that in so doing you will only consult your own in- terest. BUKOFZEB & LOVEMAN Dalton, April 17, 18R8—3tn. Still in the Trade! T HE citixenn of this nnd adjoining counties nro reminded Hint I am still in tho Dry Goods and Grocery Trade, TOPii BRiY GGQ.PS and qjjoice FAMILY GROCERIES, Wliloh I mn offering to tlio traJo on very liberal terms 53STI buy every description of Country Pro duce and pay tho HIGHEST prices tho markets will }i?stify, either in CASH Or nny claas of goods nt CASH PRICES. ISTTIinnkfhl for past favors I respectfully nsk n continuance of tho same. JOHN II. KING. Dalton, Ga., April 17—3m. G l KORIHA, MnrrsyConnty—Two months after T date Application will Ihj ina-lo to t o Co’urt 'of Ordinary of Murray county, Ter leave to sell lots ol land numbers 127 nnd 128 In the 4l7tb district nud 2d section of paid county, belonging to. the estate of S. O’Neal, depended, to^^isly a part of the purchase money. This June 24, 1808 E. S. ItaWECT., Adiur. •*55855 WALKER COUNTY. A DJimSl.RAiWPS SALE—By virtue of nn order fromtlipAlourt of Ordinary-ref Whit field county I wllf sell before tlio Court Ilnuso door in Dalton, orilhp first Tnosdoy In July next, one house nnd lot kkunted in Tunnel Hill, where on llenry BowinrtAr now resides; paid lot con taining one aero,* mrtro or having thereon cbmfortahlo improvements, Sold ns tin- property of Tilmati II. MoqHc! deo’d. Term cash. mnv28-td 1 ' \ J. H. MOD HE, Admr. Walker Sheriff's Sulo, TWILL bo sold before tbo Court Hou-e door in lV LnFayelto, within the legal hotil* of Palo, on the first Tuesday in July next, tho follouiug property, to-wlt: One-half Interest in the houso and lot known as tho Globe Hotel, m the town of LuFayctte, Walker county, Gn. Levied on us the properly of John R. Morgan, to satisfy an attachment fi fa, iss'.iul from the Justice’s Court of the 871 ifis. O. M., in favor of it. W. Blackwell vs. John R. Morgan. Said house and lot now oeeupifid by Mrs. Corgle. Levy made and returned to me by constable. mny28 A. A. SIMMONS, D. .Sh’lf. To t&e Farmers of North Georgia. r T'MIE undersigned Is General Agent lor the fob Jl lowing counties, vise: Cutoosn, Dade, Wal ker, .Whitfield, Murray, Gilmer, Fnunin, Pickens, Tnioii, Dawson, Gordon nnd Chnttfihgu, for tho salo of tho following manufactured implements j J. W. Cardwell’s Thrashers.and IIorse Powers. “ Straw Stackers. “ Corn Planters. “ Wheat Horse-Rakes nnd Corn Droppers. “ Sulky Cultivators, Plymer, No: ton k Co.’s Cano Mills, Pans, Fur naces and Evaporators—complete. oimg’fl Manufacture of Muutx’s Patent Wheat Cleaner. V O. A’.iUman k Co ’a Reaper and Mower, corn- plctC) Ingdliowwith nil their modern improve- men A.. ' Alsojn gonoraljawiortmont of Agricultural Im plcmwnls, of every description, on hand. tSsTQrdcrs promptly filled, and on very nc- mmodntlng leriu-*. JOHN H. KING. Dalton, (*a., April 17—Sin. John Bunyan, while in Bedford jail, was called upon by a Quaker, desirous of making a convert of him. “ Friond John, I havo come to tlieo with a mes- sago from tlio Lord, and after having searched for theo in all tlio prisons in England, I am glad that I havo found theo at last.” “ If tho Lord has sent you,” roturnod Bunyan, “you need not havo taken so much pains to find mo out; for tho Lord knows I linvo been hero for twelvo yonrs.”, A Prussian journal tells n story of a certain congregation whioli proposed to present tho. Itabbl with a cask of wino. Each was to pour in his own contribution. Whon tbo cask was tap ped, however, it was found to contain pure wator. Each donor thtukiug all the rest perfectly honest, supposed ho •'cou’.d practice a. small deceit without detection. This Bhows a spirit of con fidence in the integrity of colleagues which it is really delightful to contem plate. Railhoad Cake—Ono cup of white sngar, one enp of flour, two tnble- spoonBiul of melted butter,’threo eggs, one teaspoon of essence of lemon. All ingredients stirred in together. Careful I—Tho Now York Tribune Bays that if Butler wero Commissioner of Intornnl Rovcnue, tlioro would ho a certainty that every dollar would bo collected. Nobody doubts tins. But the Tri- buno is very careful not to commit it self, by saying that tbo National Treas ury would ovor get a dollar of tlio mil lions which ho would collect.—Norfolk Journal. Tho young men of Newton, New Jer sey, havo formed a rip-staving Grant nnd Colfax club Tribune. What is “rip-staving ?’’ Has it any thing to do with tho manner in which negro mobs clean out restaurants, shoo shops, smoke-houses and hen-roosts? "Valentino Stoilor and his wifo, wiiilo riding to Now Albany, Indiana, to at tend market on Tuesday morning, full nsleop, and thoir blind horse fell ovor a proolpioo of sixty or eighty foot, ta king with him tho wagon and its sleep ing freight. Tho man and woman botli received terrlbTo injurios, tho rocovcry from which is doubtful. A waiter recently asked a lady whr.t part of tlio fowl she\Vtmjd have. Sho informed him, in a very polite manner, Hint it was “poribctly immaterial.”— Ho accordingly gave hor a piece, and then inquired of her companion what pnrt silo would prefer. “I boliovo I will'tako a piece of tlio immaterial, tool” A basliful young man In Delaware who was afraid to propose to his sweet heart, inducod her to lire at him with a pistol which ho assured hor was load ed only with powder, nnd after slio had doiio so, foil down and pretended to ho dead. Sho throw herself wildly upon tlio body, calling him her darling, nnd her beloved, wheroupon ho got up nud married her. Rice PuDDiNfi wmiouiEuas Take a toaoupfuU of rice, wash, nnd placo it in tlio bottom of a deep plo or pudding dish. Cover with one quart of milk, a little snlt nnd sugar, and nutmeg to tho taste. Currants or raisins may bo added. Placo in tlio oven, nnd hake two hours. A very nico dish for inva lids. A North Cnrolinn storekeeper was recently involved in asimplo suit, nnd upon tlio jury was a negro whom ho had refused to trust for bacon. At tlio conclusion of the trial tlio nogro jury man approached tho mnn who lmd re fused him credit, nnd boasted that ho had revenged himself for tho rofhsnl by voting ngainst a verdict in his fa vor! An Irish hostler was sent to the stn- blo to bring out a traveler’s liorso, hut not knowing which of the two strange horses in tho stalls belonged "to tho traveler, ho saddled both animals and brought them to the door. Tho trav eler pointed out his own horse, saying: “That's my nag.” “Certainly, ycr hon or, I know that very well," said Pnt, “but I didn't know which was tho oth er gentleman's,” A dministiUT(j«*s s.m.f-wiii »- i.i i, 0 - loro the Uoftrt JIon?e door In Dalton, on the ill-Sl Tuesday in AnSnst next, nil the xlj-ht, title and interest iff Dniffjl linaelT, deceased, In nnd lo that part o( Ids former Uoino^eiuL wlroh has been laid off nnd nud appraised tn-his widow, Eliza Itoacb, ns dnrver, It l|cllit! n feo ellnplo title to raid land, subject only to tho widow's life citato of dower. Juno 23,46118, JOHN D. NEIL, Admr.. CATOOSA COUNTY. A DMINISTRATOR'S SALE.—Agreeably to an order of tho Court of Ordinary of Catoosa County, tluo., will ho sold before the Court-Umisc dour in Ringgold, Geo,, within the legal hours of sale, on the llrst Tuesday lu August uext, the following property, to-wlt: ijOU cf hind, Nos. 88 and 80, In the fttli dish and •1th see. of Catoosa County; also, one town tot in tlio town ol Ringgold, Geo., containing 4 acre, more or less, lying west of W. A. Payno, esip— Sold for tho benefit of the heirs and creditors of the ostnto of M. 0. Dyor, deceased. ■ Terms cash in U. S. currency. W. J. WIIITSITT, Adm’r, June 4-tils. De bnnu non.- county, will he sold, on the first Ti gust next, 18118, at the Commmuae door in salt comity, between ihc legal hours iff sale, Sll acres of lot ol laod No. 8, in dlith district 8d mill lot 7, hi tho dtlih district and 3d scetlpn.— ■Reid ai the property pf Ftroel Camp, ileagseoj] for the benefit of heirs and creditin'Terms cash, JAMES II ROGERS, Adm’r. junol8—Ids. A DJUMSTRATOR’S SALE.—Dy viptno of on t Y order of the Gumv of- Ordinary of Walker, will lie sold on the (IrsLTuesday in Au gust next, 1803, at tho Giim-t-Uoiise door in said county, between tho legal lioura of sale, 40 ncrA of lot iff land No, 08, in the 8th disteiet amt 4tli section of said county. Sold ns the property of Tallmferro Duller, deceased, for the bent-tit of heirs. Terms cash. JAMES n. ROGERS, Adm’r. Juno 18—tds. ELLSWORTH A RE prepared to furnish ti lY tv of ular term of the Court of Ordinary of said county after tho expiration of sixty days, I will apply to said Court for leave to sell tho* one half Interest belonging to the estate of James A. Evans, dec’d, in BO acres, north portion, lot no. 151; also 80 acres, more or less, of lot no. 137; also nil of lot no. 1*38, all in the 27th district and 8d see. of sn!d*cortn ty. Wm. HENRY, Admr. mnr28 fiOd " SUE A. EVANS, Adm’x. XaTOTWEiO 312:0., loaded on the Cars nt their Si€(tm Jtllil, t ip ,’!i*y U now selling at $15 per thous and— a cot'll quality tjtlO per thou.-aml. All lengths up to 62 feet. .160,000 feet now for sale on tlio yards nt their two mills, fc^-KTLN DRIED FLOORING nnd FINISH ING LUMBER furnifihed on reasonable terms, J35"Cars stop to take 011 and let off passen- im. Feb. 28—(bn. , A. l>3llXISmiTORS> SALE—By virtue of order from tho Court of Ordinary of Walker county, will be sold before tlio Court-House door in LnFuyetto, on the first Tuesday in August, be- twcon tho l'jgul hours of sale: 100 acres uf idM<i, lot no. 323, 7*h dls. iith sec.; also ono town lot in LnFnyettc lying in tho rtnr of T. M. Phillips’ residence. Sold for tho benefit of the heirs. Term cash. L. C. BLACK, Adm’r mny 28-td B. Inman, dec’d, .inf ter duto’ application will bo mndo to the Court-of Ordinary of Walker county, for leave to sell tlio rcnl cstnto of Silns G. Haile, Into of said county, dec’d. GEO. A, J. HAILE, mny28 00d.>Adm 1 G EORGIA, Catoosa County—Whereas W. J Whitaett applies to mo for letters of dis mission on the estato of Robert Linder, late of said county, deceased: These aro therefore to otto and admonish all and singular tlio kindred-nnd creditors of said de ceased, to bo and appear nt my olfieo, within the time prescribed by law, to show cause, If nny they enn, why said letters should not ho grn ited. Given under my hand nnd official signature this 0th day of April, 1868. JAS. M. ANDERSON, Ordinray. April 10—6m G EORGIA, Walker Connty— Notico Is here by given that I wllbnpply to tho Court of Ordinary of said county, at the first regular term after the expiration of two months from dnte, for leave to sell the land belonging to the estate ol James Roberts, dec’d, for tiro benefit of heirs nud creditors of said deceased, mny28 2m S. D. ROBERTS, Admr. ter date application will be mnde to the Court of Ordinary of Catoosa county, for leave to sell lots of lnnd no 81 nnd 82, 28th district and 3d section of said county, belonging to the estate of B. C. Morse, deceased This Juno 25,1808. ELIZA TILLMAN, Adinx. GILMER COUNTY. G EORGIA, Gordon County.—Two mouths af ter dato application will bo mndo to the Court of Ordinary of Gordon county, for Icavo to sell the lnnds belonging to the estate of Joseph Wilson, lute of said county, deceased, for tho ben efit of tho heirs and creditors of said deceased. Juno 18—2m. WM. MOBLEY, Ex’r. Gilmer Sheriff’s Sales. W ILL ho sold before tho Court House door in Elijay, Gn., on tlio first Tuesday in July next, within the legal hours of sale, tho following property: Lot of land number 97, also eighty acres of lot numbor 96 in tho 11th district and 2d section ol Gilmer county. Levied on ns tho property of Tisdnlo nnd Joseph Spencer,to satisfy n fi fn issued from Gilmer connty court, in favor of James II. Brown. Also, lot of land whereon Peter A Gates now lives, in tho 10 district nud ?d section of said county. Levied on as the property of tho said Gates, to satisfy two cost fi fas in favor of Gilmer Superior Court. Juno 4 O. H. RANDALL, Shff. EORGIA, Walker Connty—Two month arte VX dato npplieution will bo rniulo to Court o! Ordinary of Walker county, for leave to sell the lnnds belonging to the estato of Edward Howard into of said county, dec’d, for tho benefit of the heir nnd creditors of said deceased. This May 28, 1868-2in L. O. BLACK, Admr. n EORGIA, Walker County—Sixty days nf- \JT ter dato application will bo mndo to the Court of Ordinary of Walker county for leave to sell tho lands of W. M. Purycnr, deceased, for tho benefit of heirs and creditors of said dec’d, Juncll*2m H. 0. PURYEAR, Admr. DADE COUNTY. /"'I EORGIA, Gilmer County—Two months VJ after date application will bo made to tho Court of Ordinary of Gilmer county, for leave to sell tho lands belonging to tho estate of John W. Dillingham, into of said county doc’d, for benefit of heirs and creditors. This Juno U-2m JOHN M. WATKINS, Admr. Dado Sheriff’s Sale. W ILL bo sold boforo the Court-IIouso door In tho town of Trenton, Dado county, on the first Tuesday in July noxt, tho following prop erty, to-wlt: Lot of land no. 18, in 18th district nnd 4th section of, origininally Cherokee but now, Dnde county. Levied upon as the property of tho Empire State Iron and Coal Manufacturing Co., to satisfy n fi fa issued by tho tax collector for tho year 1867. Property pointed out by 0. Jl. Tatum. moy29 JONATHAN BLEVIMS, Sh’lf. NOTICE. A LL persons having demnnds against the tttte of Joseph Wilson, lato of Gordon coun ty, deccnsed, are requested to present them prop erly attested, to the undersigned within the time prescribed by law; and all persons indebted said estato ore required to make immediate pay ment. WM. MOBLEY, Ex r. June 18- OOd. I^Tiinbei] l Hull’s Station on'llic W.& A, O, HALL, ml ever LIFE IN A PILL BOX l Extraordinary Effoots MflggieFs ANTLB1LI0US PILLS ONE PILL IN«A DOSE! ONE l’ILL IN A DOSE! ONE PILL IN A DOSE I What One Hundred Letters n day ssy front patients all over the habitable globe: “ Or- Magglel, your pill has rid mo of all bil iousness.” . “ No more noxious doses for mo In fivo or ten pills taken at one time. One of your pills cured me.” “ Thanks, Doctor. My headache hns left me. Send another box to kcop in the houso.” “ Aftor sun'ering torture from bilious cliolle, two of vour pills cured me; nnd 1 havo no return of tho malady^” “ Our doctors treated r.«e for Chronic Cnns(l- nation, ns they called it, nnd at lnsts.rid I was Incurable. Your Mngglel’s Pills cured me.” “ I limrno appetite; Mngglel’s Pills gnvo me n hearty one." ‘‘Your pills nro marvelous.” •“I send for another box, an keep them In the house.” “ Dr. Magglel hns cured my headache that was chronic.” “ l gave half one of your pills to fny bnbo for cholera morbus. The dear young thing got well in a day.” “ My nausea of n morning is now oMrcd.” “ Your box. of Mnggiel’s Halve cured me of noisi s in my head. 1 nibbed somo Salvo behind my ears und tho noise left.” “Rend mo two boxes; I want ono for ti poor family” “ 1 end* so n dollar; your prico Is twonty-flvo cents, but tho medicine to mo is worth u dollar.” Send mo five boxes of your pills.” Let me have boxes of your Solve Mid Pills by return mail.” For all Diseases or Ihc Xiftlneys Itclcnllon of Urine, Mngglel’s Tills nro n perfect cure. One will satisfy nny one. For FEMALE DISEASES, Ncryons TrostriUIon, Weakness, General Lassitude and want of Apprllte, MnggneFs Pffis will’bo found nn effectual remedy. Maggiel’s Pills and Salve Are jtImout universal in thoir effects, ntul a cure enn be almost guaranteed. Each Box Contains Twolvo Pills. Ono Pill in a Bosxr. J. N. B. Cobb, H AVING determined to resume his profession ns a Tailor, tenders Ins services to the pub lie, and asks to dinre n portion of their patronage. IIq feds confident, from past experience, that the public can be ns well served in his line in Dalton as elsewhere. C3?**no will be in constant receipt of the lat est fashions, to enable him to compete with the best wtft-kmcn in ids business. Grover & Baker Sewing Machines. In addition, I linvo becomo tho ngent of tho world-renowned Grover k Baker Hewing Mi chines, tho best in uso. Persons wishing to pu chase a first class Machine unn do so liy calling nt my Shop on King Street, Dalton, Ga., where tho Machitio Is In successful operation. Yon can buy your Machine ns cheap Irom J. N. B. Cobb ns at tho Manufactory. Call nnd ex amine tlio Machine lor yourself. Washing Compound. I nlso have for sale family rights for Jackson's Universal Washing Compound, Vlddi saves soap nud labor, nnd will wanlt in nny kind of lime wa ter equal to freestono water. ^’“Kaniily High, only OnoDollnr. Purelinsc to if vou want while clothes. Feb.* 28-ly. J. N. B. COBB. “ COUNTERFEITS!—Buy no Magglel Till* or Salve, with a little pamphlet inside the box. They arc bogus. Tlio genuine have name of J. Ilavdock unbox with namo of J. Mnggicf, M. 1). Tho genuine huve tire Pill surrounded with white powder.” f Fanfold by nil rorpectablo dealers in medi cines throughout tho U. States and Ctuiadus at 23 Calls a Pot* All orders for tho United States must ho ad dressed to J. Murdock, No. 11 Tine street, N. Y. Parties can write freely nbout their complaints, nnd reply will he returtied by tho following mull. Write for “Mngglel's Treatment of Discuses.” J. II. Zcilin A Co., Mncon, Ga., solo Agents for tlio Stato of Georgia. Messrs. C. B. Wellborn A Co.> solo Agents for Dnlton, Georgia. August 80—12m. GEORGIA, Walker County. Wlllnm Cnxtollo ^ md Dimm - n |(Wi Mnry Costello. ) ,® S "l Mior Coml ' CriAMnitiis, Amir. 8tii, 1868. I T appearing to the Court by tha return of the Sheriff, that tho defendant is a non-resident of this State, It is Ordered that said defendant nppenr anil answer ut tho April Term of snid Court, else that tlio caso be considered in default and the plaintiff allowed to proceed. And it Is further ordered thnt this Rule bo pub lished once a month, for four months, in tho North Georgia Republican. JAMES MILNER, j. b. c. 0.0. I certify that tho nbove is n truo copy of tho origlnnl. JAS. If. ROGERS, Clerk. April 24—Ira. In the District Conrt of the United States for the Northern District of Georgia, In Bankruptcy. In tho matter of Aaron Murdock, Bankrupt. To all whom it may concern: - N OTICE Is hereby given,oneo a week for tlirco weeks, tlint I linvo been appointed assignee of tho cstnto of Aaron Murdock, who has been adjudged n Bankrupt upon his own petition, by the District Court for said District. Juno ll-8f R. P. LESTER, Assignee. EORGIA, Gilmer County—Notice Is hereby \JT given thnt Samuel Montgomery, adminis trator of tho cstnto of William R. King, deceased, has filed his application in my olllco for leave to sell all the real estate belonging thereto. maylQ-2m T. J. STALLINGS, Ordy. FINKLE & LYON LOOK-STITCll Sewing Machine. a ^IIF. only Machine so perfveted thnt entire snt- . isfnotion is guaranteed or the purchase mon ey refunded. Whoro wo linvo no agent a sopqdo Mnehlno will lie sold nt very low price, and n Local Agent appointed on the most favorableterms. N. B.—Send for Cireulnr; Traveling Agents wanted. Salary liberal. FIUNKLK A LYON 8. M. Co. 087 Broadway, Now York* August 80—12m. Plastering. «r. o. s^EC^Kraxroasr JS prepared to do any common work In Tiro Coats or Hard Finish, In town or country. Works either by tlio JOB or by tho DAY. Mr. S. is a Plasterer by trade, and follows no other business. HTPInco of residence, Spring Placo street, Dalton, Georgln. March 20, 1868—Ora. IMPORTANT NOTICE TO CONSUMERS of GOAL. WESTERN AND ATLANTIC RAILROAD,) Offiob Mastjcr of Transportation, [> Atlanta, Ga, March 28. 1868. ) O N and aftor APRIL 1st, 1868, tho Rates of Freight on Coal will bo reduced to Ono and a Half Cents per mile per ton of 2,000 ponnds. This Rato to continue in force until October 1st, after which, the present rate of Two Cents pet ton Is resumed. By order of tho Superintendent. JOHN B. PECK, April 3—3m Master Transportation,