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The Jefferson news & farmer. (Louisville, Jefferson County, Ga.) 1871-1875, June 09, 1871, Image 4

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■ WKE ! , A correspondent gives his plan ! for making a rai and mouse-;-mof tr t .^tt® e 4flr i «S from adjoining building or connect- ! ing-Tence&aodjf l could J was not sure of gening it high cuoiign lo out reach an occasional drilling snow. I was not troubled with luls but mv building pras so iide*ted ,wi|h thsi corn or otnei gram placed in it v-^a jjniu u> lie uae4 f<K>J* My remedy was to line ihe entire lattice pafrAvith wire cloth, costing nhou 30 or 11 cents a square fool ; that »*r> area*s*s».e H>WF>t; tection is perfect.” b »* Tfrsstn Wheels. Hear a practical man on the 'ob ject* l'woiMMfca .NagMtMMint ago lor my own use ; before pulling on the tires Irifillfed the feMoes wiili linseedfoilvMM the tirks fiave worn out aafi ':WM never loose, fly method is as follows: 1 use i long ca.-*t inon heater, made lor the pu.- ]>ose; lire oil is biought lo a boiling lieat, the wheel is pieced on a stick, so as to hang in ihe oil, eayh-lelloe an hour. The timber should be div, as green limber wil. not lake the oil. Care should be laken that ihe oil is not made hotter than * boiling heat, or the limber will be burned. 1 im ber filled with oil is not susceptible to injury by Water. liHit i-f rendered much more durable by this process. Sintived Bonet. One of the greatest 800 ns 'which science Iras conferred on agriculture is that of dissolving bones behne using them. In the condition in which bones origipally exist, mg) even when they are ground so the Jniesl powder, they are stiff compar atively insoluble, and we must ap ply a large quauliiy to supply tlie growi.g crop. Wlien dissolved by means of sulphuric ag;d they are then very.; soluble,' can spread juucli more eqiftdly over jfcte soil, and will exert ts much speedierlnfluence tin the crop. —a—jyyfs|fc— ’.lo Baltkaor* Oyrte: Industry. Tn no country in the world is the oyster so |>opular an article of food as in oui3; and our large inland •Sims a;.d Territories are populated Mjjpdmen sos like passions wttn .ogr* M.-lves of the seaboard Stales.— What wonder, ihen, that the pack ing 01 this most nutritions of shell fish i. a large mni■■.important indus try, iijdeert |oB ol the largest, in Ballimme ? The oyster bed- arc chiefly in the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries, and the annual crop us uflout 2-3,UfiflhfiO©.bu bets, taken from beds eovci ing 3,00 J acres.— The capital employed in ihe canning and preserving trade is estimated at $10,000,000 ;:> nd the oysters dredged, canned and packed, ate sufficient in quantity to teed 20,01*0 persons. Silt Water for Strawberries. We liave learned from a practical fruit raiset, tba> during an oveiflow from an extraordinary sionn a -traw b"iry bed was partially covered w ilh blackish water al the time when fiuit was forming, and al.-o mat ihe occurrence stimulated tire vine* to greater perfection of Irim and gen ciai vigor. This discovery m; y prove of immense advantage to fruit raisers in the vicinity of -alt walfcr. A 'urjm-k 1 irgiiintn. WjfCAl —“HXfiehiiativ Has rendered no higher service lo com mon hie,” sa-. s ibe tip/nt/i raitdtfltmc, “than to analyze our daily bread, ii "w udd iiave placed society under obl'gatioii. It is now gen erally'understood that in boiling ground wheat, the reive takes out the best and inosi nuiritious pm's ot the grain. A process has <>i „!e been patented in vhighmd for iml-' ing thebr-n into white powdc and affixing it with ilie flour. A (boumii chemist lias discover* and a method by -wbaflii bran may be bleaclh .l entire iy ■while so as to be roofed with, ihe flour, thus adding lo i,* uu'iitive power without affecting ii> color.” Common swearing argue in a ■man a perpetual distrustotf his own’ 3'epulation, and .s an a< knov lodg ment that he thinks bis bare word i not to be worthy of cied.'t. A certain insert lays 2 .)8(> but a single muffit w.ili destiny it)'.:,- •000 inlt7?a'r.' A swaffciw rji-voiirs 'a? 1 eggs and all. A sparrow’s nest was Sound to con tain 700 pairs id' tue upper wings of the cockchafer, though oit.ei .o.»d ■was prom ruble *u abundance. So save the birds. Ts the roots of tree* ‘are dip.-cd into, water just l.cfoifr planting, ‘the ai.ndr'tbat sticks Ur lUhaf wil-' give thTiuiec^x|^up(>qMjo^.qnjU|ibrcs. Lo^mhassm^t carefully, you find something t>l advunldjp lojou. Salts.—A dcfMfcfifafe: ash sail .- has just been discovered in * noiridy fovneeb the pc ml peteejw t bus ihe lye therefrom is aVtflSßfe? j for the iriaHe fact ore o - bromine. •»! • * • . • 1 wa/asn fsmmaaif 3 , .11 nrtITBViTiBxILI A Lm fan QqrygdtW 'Who fjw the daily peri inulOVave noticed the weather repbrts that have been published in most of them for several weeks past. Those who have attended to them have found that tlie “probabilities” which ate given in connection with them are very often proved to be certainties. It looks like attempting prophecy to predict the state of weather ip atiy country for two or move days to come. But this is being done every day by these scientific getirletnen in Washington who have ibi* jcipUer fp charge. By means of tbe>aMW«rk oft elf-graph wires all over the country they sight a wind or rain storm away down on the Texas coast, Or afar off in the bleak wilds of the remote North or West, as quickly and cejr. taitily as though it were at that moment over their very head% ; *u?d in a few hours they have received information regarding its source, its speed and direction, and more than this, they have learned what counter wimU or storms itw about to meet in its way, and'by afittle culcuiatidn 1 hey tell what etfect wiU be produc ed by the collision or (he junction as the case may Bel? and cab say with surprising certainty just when it, or its course and tell about what it will do it gels there. This kind of knowledge which a few years ago would have been thought magical, is as rational as any other that we possess, and when it is a little farther developed and reduced to system, wiil become of untold advantages to the farming community ift particular. Suppose, for instance, that these new weather prophets send out word to the farmers of ludiataa, during or wheat harvest, that in two dtfys a heavy rain storm will pass over this section ; the preparation that would be made in view of such a warning would save hundreds of thousands ofdoliars to the productive wealth of the State. In many other ways, now not ihoiighl of, will these pro babilities prove of immense advan tage to our people. It is a wiste provision of the Government to detail the officers now employed for this sp'-cial service. Already liieit res ports, which were begun as experi ments, have proved of so much prac tical value that it is evident the com mercial and agricultural interests Wf (be country will demand that thdy bu contiuued»af.H..- Vallaaiishaa’s Jto»tatl«s—Beatlomt of tbs : v'h f Pt ' Sßl '"lm'gomeiy (J'»unty (Ohio) res i't»i,.ns ViiiiaiKligloim’s are attracting attention in the North sod Vi 'Hie liailical press say the piat i. a knock under to and endorse- Mii'in in me flepuhlicans, and dispenses •* iso «II fur « Demoeratie par v. "1 n- Di'iicicratio ’press are soipe ,!>»■ t* 1 viitf'l in seiuhnent. The Bt. tn is i-s-pui.licaii, which adheres to'the .'T’rVueu in die recent victoriousltM' .e ii.jAi iivJ'iri, gires the resolntiou a Cos ' t i.ihuscincnl. Ttie' Cincinnati ~ iijni;er, ablest and most in. .luei.i al pn; ers <4 the West, on the ..!.c-r IrAnd. direa not heaftaOs to Con ilemu ilr. i'ailaiidigfiauj’splutforni, and flil.t lire Democitey’'df - ©hie will ihvc* >tjfill" ‘upkii if!" ft says: li is » (pifsiio.i,!, we admit, that baa i-B iiitiicH'.'k's u. t)em<)oi§ty and is one much may be said an either >."C; tor 11 lias two sides. I,'hese we 11,r uo. Uisrus- before the meeting vs the ..-t iu- Coin tuition. Tiic.c a.e thaiters in the Montgomery 1: utv . cioiution- wnich, It is very safe 0 • y, w li net receive the approval of •! 0 Atstv efriiou, and which shonld •11 nvciVd . J 'eVrdoilidiiAiH!! They e \im-e.a do fle m euTl with the wind and ■ a 1 ear the Water rs pcSaible without * w"- The Bemuoracy everys wi.e e believe Jiat ihs consritulion was a fVo J.y. fr.nd aud force, and do not a n;ii £ • 00 inialy-tiiouthed in their ex- ai ( iha i.utiag*. whatevwr they .n«y*•-«•*•« icon ••*,» to how Me ainsod .l ~u tßd*je # tftftid * future, so. Up<t.fHk«.vf a-ving if possible, what •■■* jo.i, ("* cooKiitutional liberty. • 'ctiamCi wi l not agree that the j i-i,. asi :-., he pakiin gold, hut Will ra • r'M'ii. 1 ey vo paid m greenbacks, and '.,1 :i r uirieui «uu*b«):,-Qf new leg^ t*«A!- -Ti<o«ih»i itosad, net More than < e iiiioo.t’ l u hion*i' fir' erhount <sw i- si.iiiflient, with the revenue • im-, , ai" in piocessof reception, to aav v-ji an lie iive-lweaties. A L 'lihrnjii A’w Riyhl to Fee Conn !>• tt'4-U •> ci Court ofNyrlork. It o e’.JiiJ that iu amajonty ofin •ar *-r**tt. Ms heaq -rsnfiesei . e «n;i<a jM and by bankrupts to their .11 y ■ n . .a. a,* all the assets of a bank -1.0 to li* creditor*, itfia daim «*A :uei--a nwektww* has no light to ihe c u Mii.w .1 -ny of the proceeds.of his Su4i 'rti'-i ni 'iuuianly take tbs plane v uctno.s, aud my he sued, F T HUJI.IIUJ WW! *— Wl Ba-W Thr Atlan ta flmlsX.Uk OmX JSoU lhal t MODtroiu^^srat and Thk'greet now »e e*- broken line from Nnw York to Chicago, and tkM» the of e riser# BeA havenJewntaretdMng ftwn'ifetf’York to posMew, sad esteed w<eSMelli and powe* to The farthest avsibW* atreten. 8oo« years ago k tdsmber of tCik— wi««KL»4ii.^w. I move that weadjowrn.” i..:,. I,r The New York UtralJ bar this hit at Greelj; t | • Nowthst If r 1 lljaijifflljji’iljif North.. Baa wl«y wofltd not Horace take an inrereat in sugar culture! Ha* he not been for many years engaged*a raising •Cain’ all over the oountryl” Kiuing ex President .Debit. —A couple of enthusiastic Aifait* belles were uot happy at the ex-l’reMwi Davis on Saturday until they kisseff the Confederate obief “right out in the merit in’.” Mr. Davis stood this novel afhrdk like a veteran-campaigner) and,in fact, appeared to like it. — a-: There bas been a lively competition for the possession of iUlnff s head.' Dif ferent parties opened the gr«ve at Bing hamtonVriday niglit, with a view re dis inter life part of the body which had' never been buried. The prise ■was“itt the hands of s comiuiuee of doctors, who found it almost *a didicuit to iratfih br»«'r iu Otbar people had to get at his übral eonsgtdußue.>s. bkuUiVaa from rhrce-eiglitns inch ttiek—the Av«ragp,tbicb«e*» of ordinary skulß h«Sng lets ihafl * qnsr te» of an inch. 'Hie sc*lp rajs of 4, ahness tomatob. and the cawds us his are Raid, withs slight tendency to; to have been as iieaVy, and strong as those of an u*.. Altd gether, Ituloff aeenis A> have had-:nxi ceptionsl natural advantage -to fit-him for the dangers incidents to‘ the life of a criminal; and as hi* unnsuaily largo brain wac chiefly developed around *be base, tbe stroDg animal Vigor nfid gen eral -absence rfAnoral pcicept.ftift in the man are. doubtless, sulisfactorily explain ed to ai) students of the philosophy of the crauiunr.— Hue. Advertiser. TESTING HE3 LOVE. A man named Shuman, residing in South Baltimore, has of late, enter tained an idea that his wile (foes not love him with that ardor which should characterize a wife, for her husband, and in order to test Iter affection for him he on Wednesday penned ft note lo her, in which he stated that he hafl insufed his life for $2,900,; hnd .ilie ishe jeot W collect | foe insuranWi when he ceasidl to live, which evehl would transpire ere she reed the note, as he intended to droW himself in the Spring GeVd- Ups at Ferry Bar bridge. The letter was handed to a'small boy, with the request that he deliver it into thp Hands of Mrs. Shuman, but the boy mistaking the directions given him, left the note at the house of a friend , of Mrs. S. The friend read the note, and naturally supposing that suicide was premeditated by Shuman* She called Policeman Bunting and im parted -Id him her suspicions. The policeman instantly started for Ferry Bar, and when near that structure discovered Shuman walking leisure ly toward the water. The officer called to Shuman to hhll for a moment, but instead of complying with the request he ran upon the bridge, where he calmly a waited the coming of the officer, who, without entering into » conversation, cond acted Shuman to the station house, and oil the way there the op posed would-be-suictde and his pre server were" followed by a. large crowd of adults and chifafeii who had beard of the contents /of the let/ ter, and which had befen nfomul#a ted by the lady who Itiid received it. Shaman, ..Iter being taken to the station house, explained that he had noentention of drowning himself, but that he had sent the note to his wife for the purpose of ascertaining how she would be affected by the newL Captain Delanty therefore oidkitou his release. After quittingthe station house Shuman returned to his horde expecting to find his wife in hysterics but was disappointed. On the con trary, she waa as composed as a person could be, and appeared sur prised that her husband had; uot drowned himself as he had promised to do. Baltimore Gazette. A young lady, with a very. pretty foot but rather large wenfin if <ffpa|lis 'extraction, compliment ed tier id the following queer wav: “Madame, you have one boottWl foot, but 2e leg commence toold- It is well known that Miss Nilsson has indorsed several different piano form each being the best, anTw-e now liave her opinion upoi) Articles jealous wfi following in iheir uflvertMvmeot: recommend 'Wqki to lu virs of good ealin. Resp’y. 'CMttisfWfe ’Wttßjfoß;; tlieir CsUfsral* trip.aixi trill proceed to 1 xmrttok toxl U, aislsW fe foe « mm it pi a 1 Qityi of ABe WccflL 'Flff’bMirda-redtsßtly 'Vakvw of the fjWhHluiwlftT sbawe'h»pepi*lai4n) w-ffo shsec etd a millions. Thfokae excelled even Iby Rosß* days, jyul it Ahfkgrefl mejr^ polls in tbe position pf the first cUy •f the world. It is a noticeable tact that,* wih thic immense population paving Us fair share of rogues and vill4inS*of 4B grades, it is so well kevftffierf fetid *6 wfctt policed that We sehlem bear of cHmes committed ilike atrtoouf late stress . car murder. The*-crilndial .there , meets with prampk. arrealsolq hence crime is we know of. I.unimi !i.'u is compa ralivefy safe, unless ni tier: fml'sh enouglf to permit Vficotselvcs to be caught rtl very and ‘ns of thfe- es antfotfcdr firrtath'efents. The people travel ii very direction without fear* of death hands of a sidewalk ruffian. Tim mumerous c*ir nook has no terrofft to a oitizeu of Loudon. Uhout - ability of being .maltreal. . befo.ic bis journey is over. If insulted he ae ts held in check, .uaeed resp. Vt, will serve as “r»t.VfeMe«ftt«js C’- im |<f MiPpfeWbfetionlft WerytEliiti" apper taining to good find sound govern ment. Again, the mortality in Lon don is known to be less inpropdrtion toko paptufatistitflaii that of a y city oflbe world, -jam tlii- our ciiy e.a lesson. W e have ample room for i,n our sanitary regulations. Much ca 1 yet be done whereby Nr •w Vink riiav . ; rendered cquql to London in point of health.’ Aiid ’w'e Can only urn on otii kttfhbiltfeli Vfiti'rrecfi«Bfty’o ( dom to renderoui thy the tir< in the worW ih clefeiVUnus» aiid, as a natural sßhssquenefe,- henWifnlncss. *■ [iV. J. Ucr.ld. Two Chicago men, j, is saiii, have lately .patented two iqvenlions which will auraci"mbie jhan ordina ry public aitefffion. Oiie i» a safety lock, to he'fast cried inside tlie po.ket of Isdies*'' or'ge'htlemen’s garments, to preverftthe stealingvifpockcibooks or mhef- valuable fvWnrg# therein. The salety lock is inserted between the outer.cioth and the doing ol ih coat or dress, aud if provided- wit];, a .the pocket booj} ffial, ‘tffen’t be removed. In taking tne 1 rocket-book pul from ihe pocket with one hand, it .must be unlocked’wifj) ihe other, by turning a spring riti’gMtflside the coat, which spring ring also, for greater --safety, (Jaw - VSkWrt' ■ "fe VWky ai “ pic asu rc, which rtpeniUofe' is easily done by the wearer, but is troublesome and inconvenient for tbe pickpocket; nejther can the pocketbook, so fast ened, be cut out with a knili-. The otlier iji,al§o a. safety-lock, made 10 Pipyehf the stealing of watches from vest pockets. If these inventions answer ..ffie,purposes intended, ii wifi be possible to travel around and mingle in large crfttvds without fear by pickpockets. The Modern New’ Englaode: keeps Sunday.after a different fash ion’from hts sires. A New Katnp- JihifejttijftC. lament km tire sea 1 city oJ trout tfosr-seasou, observes: “Yet. nolwitnshftiding the poor pro-fiect of the brixiks are re gularlyand persistently fished every Sabbath.” Newspaper B :pplane-'.t * '!!• • ' , r A decision ol some impor lance to newspapers has just beer* rendered iii.jhe United Slates District Court ai Cleveland. Many newspaper puMishertt have * fashion of (hiding in their papers advertising sheets, circulars, 1 ovposters, assuming il*at ■by printing “supplement’ at the bead they evade the United Stales Statute made ahd provided f.n such practices. Sir. A- K., of the AUianiee (Ohio) Monitor, labored urrd^j"thjs delusion, and was indic ted and convicted. The judge deeid • real supplement nov be o«l; but that a mere iver tisementds not a supplement iu c<>n terfiplation oflaw. Stn./td.eitrsr. Steel Printing Tyne. —M. B mer, has taken ap.mnil the manufacture of steel priming types. AcCprdihgto tliespeciiieal'on, the in venlor employs a ma. i.ine simi. , to thofie for making pins 01 nails ; a roll of wire beirqj placed on a reel, the machine nips offa piece of a giv en leiagtii.aiid forces o ,e end of it die. Fine soil iron wiredrawn to the sbaiic of ,;o b 'dy the purpose. AfterJpaviqgtljerniehiue, lue Ivors S lira trimtiling by hand. W hen bag been cirectedj they are plac ed in metal boxes with the mater a's used for ceiflt rttaiio!i v ?wid are li..Ht pd temperature m a fur nace. The inventor says tha;,.with a siuglamachinc and sigaui in the extent or one nominal icu <• power, lie fcafopfodiice' thlnjr-five ihmisaiul types*4n ; twelve hours; -mj i| iU while the faces are far .more pc; isfci and more durable, Ih© types them p|^aycr fhan tiiose in gen- The New York Sun dis rbpoctfolly speaks 4s ihe suffrage ladies rtV I‘per sons whfi want the ballot, but can’t chew tobacco,.’ u f A —t— ~ The latest stnry-rttat is going the rout)(is hero i#to!d otoWdf the s«2 onJ j oints, as the secretaries were c 'iied to di.'jinguish tijcrti iVom tbe youth, rather slender and tall, whose t »iw begas.aad -emfecHu one sta*t sentetftse, which Stiid, “Aw, I beg i y’r pardon, 5 ’ whidr-thawled out has lit vciy pleasing reswltr j generally imitated %y our free-born S ynwViie t>f Amfrlfetf al^t‘WajfWtjg** ' ioh. -Ittfeeros Hwt toteaprig dMifi* gH*»h ibobillty - was invite*! B> pihsi siM.nfe days at the country house df a wtiiiiiv A tfifWiica U* IHIB -at wg/kH, retiring concluded,batiakuiiSi badi, you audrs.idifftCtM tat] a servant, he found his jvay. to the bath rooiri, and turningo|Ui»e Warm ,vv,tter, was soon enjoying at 5 full length tlie delicious ?en?e of an’entire :eiaxation of his afistbcratic JtefsOn and rfc. o-c of his aiistocrattc'inlel ieot. ‘ iiidtwTul Unfortunately the daughter ofiKe liousCsiiko yoncludod to italic j^i^ip ii ih<' tub, and not knowing (licit, iliusliious tiad none To h’fp Vlff ifhdressed irflrer rodniyrhh humfMiy '-.long'the hall For lertff- #f meeting -ome one, and darting Itttb the bath room, cko&d and locked the dooV.''bat was her coiisterna tion to see a head :ime languidly' ft pul the tub and a voice exclaim; “Aw, 1 beg pawdon.” She scream ed a scream—l inJUlge in n6 eXtig'- go ration when T sav- that the girl screamed a sc earn of the first mag nitude, and then sh? an plher scream; as, in her confusion, site turned tue key in the other direction, and so did not ops&tetbe door, between each scream the ! >n-uid v()rceexcltisfn'6d; “Aav, I beg in.wdoin’’ After sixteen screams, any one of which would have rivaled a. locomotive’?, she succeeded i.i op ening i lie door and fell fainting, in the arms oi lier liLihtened papa, i .So soon ns the pater famfUaS could j relieve hnnsell of his nude daughter j he stuck his pate.nal head imo the 1 ha di room, and wanted to know what i was the matter. All he could-get in i reply was: “Aw, 1 beg pawdpn.” | [L. tur to Cincinnati Qwwercifi^ Signs'- Paris. , {J , ; The enraged fjjumson ofjlbe Com niune seems determined to down the temple to commemorate hi own 'all. If there wasq demo cratic idea at the centre of this frenzied resistance, and a vigorous resolii! ion once, took root to substitute for ceuiralism in ...France a federative government! all traces of hs realty have heyn effaced byr this wild whirlwind of violence. The people of France deserve oor pity that they so regularly bury their own noble plans beneath the burning (Java of their explosive passions. It waa possible for the Commune, to impress its theory so cfistincjily upon the thought of France and me world, that time would only wear it the deeper into the common belibf, bdt as it is, it ha* ohly earned iWMfcxecra fion of humanity by its power -to substitute’ pandemonium for 'order and peace. The scenes once peerless capital defy description Qf belief. Fire and the sword are mak ing a flying wreck of everything! Churchy-, hospitals, palaces, cof; galleries, avenueA, are tlie wild sport of a savage mob of assas sins. The monuments of ftrt, the ttopliw*s of national greatness* tihe mute witnesses of the country’s fame« llie most sacred historic relics,.bojldi tugs renowned genera tions, all crumble and ip the fierce heat of an infuriated populate* who have long since become.bitnil toevery origiftaV purposfe of their ' ■“ ®~" The Louvre almost destroyed; the Hotel de VillefU wreck of mason ry; the TuillefiCs u body of flames; the Hotel de good j port blown ftp; all tup arlAaluJ aids of destruction and. the frightful | enginery of war cotnbining to batter j down public buildings, tear up I Streets and fill once handsome av j ertues with sightless ‘ ruins; gore I staining lire wafKfe’andwalls;corpses i strewn along the streets; imbruted j women, and even delirious children, marching about in regiments to in tensify the horror; a pall of smoke sei.iug down upon the doomed cap ital as if to tion and the .riot of human fmin the eyes of civilization; what nameless judgment is this wbjeti'pas fallen like a heavy thunderbolt the beautiful Paris that yesterday at tracted the siglft rind k& jit The hea rt of - the worldf—Wbat Striirtge chapter of late Ims Irfcetf rrewly Opened, to surpass llte recorded experiences of ! St. Bartholomew and tiro Reign of j Tenor combined, by the unexpected I story of conflagration and blood, ! frenzy aud ,w|mh,wuh which it ap i pulls the thought of every reader. | [Bos/on rust. j Biiottiswo ide has succeeded in filings new trial on the charges of bhef brought against hfm by Mr. Jenny Lind. ’ * A newly married’ man complaint of the high price of“'“ducks.” He says liis wife recently paid Tor three, of them —a duck of a bonnet q d«cfe! of it dress, amj.a,, duck o£ a parasol. Itc says that such “dealings in poultry will ruin him.” I SPAJTTA 1 fKHJTO EBN -i-astr- Books, Music, Stationery &c. * ; fftw tjlvf g iidi' A' 1 fiC . 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