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The Jefferson news & farmer. (Louisville, Jefferson County, Ga.) 1871-1875, November 10, 1871, Image 3

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NEWS & FARMER. LOCAL: FRIDA'S NOVEMBER 10, 1871. CLUB RATES. For tlie benefit of those wishing to get np elubs for the News & Farmer, we offer the following inducements: Five copies one year.. ... ......$lO Ten •* “ “ .$lB. The money always to accompany in order. To those wishing premiums for clubs, u» make the following offer : Furtive subscribers at $l5O each, we will I ive Hemorest s Laities Magazine, one jour : or ''rlersous Judies Magazine, one y ear, tor lour subscribers, at eaclii or, we will give f r twenty wibacijbcjs. at $2.50 i-at-h, Mi eh tier's, actc (hat>Tiitg,d JMctmarg, the regular price of*niirfi4s’isl2. Parties getting up dubs, will please send in the names as fast as they get them. Those w hohuve sent in clubs of live and upwards, can forward subscribers at two dollars news Several largo English wild ducks have been b ought into Louisville duiing the past week- They are becoming quite plentiful in this sec tion. JUkltttlKß On thojlf t!i of October, at the residence of the brides mother, by the Rev. D. G. Phillips. Mr. John T. Hudson and Miss Pattie J. Stone, all or Jefferson county. Sl t-JHKIOMC COIMIT The Fall Term of the Superior Comt ol Jefferson county' convenes in Louisville on next Monday. As there is but little business tut the docket, Court will probably adjourn Wednesday evening, TO H.tI'EEK Will be Raffled at Wilkins 8c Hopkins store on Tuesday Evening the 14;h inst., a fine Gold English Lever Watch with an 18 kts. Gold vest eliain. Let all the young bloods who are fond of sporting a 6ne W atch and chain, be on hand and try their luck. Chances $2.50. We are pleased to meet in our town during the past week, Mr. James M. Jones, the Artis , He leaves for New York tomoirow, fertile pur pose of procuring anew set of instruments and materials. He will return to Louisville by the Ist of Di o -inbrr, prepared to execute all work in bis line in'khe finest style of the art. If you wai t a pel i:ei fuc simile of yourself, be sure and call on Mr. Jones when be returns. SOVTHBKJY CVMiTtl’.tTOlt This, the pioneer agricul ural jonrnsl of onr State—and indeed oftlie cotton Slates—is aboti, to enter upon ita 3hth year. Practical, b t pro gressive, it has always been popu'ar with our best class farmers. It ignores everyth Tig chip trap or sensational, and honestly seeks to ad vance the welfaie of the farmer. A (hires Southern Cultivator, Athens,. Ga Price $2.00 a year. .VO IS* MS Time VM.tIK 'Ve hope onr subscribers and advertising friends will not forget us next week ; but call in at tlie News & Farmer office and deposit some of their surplus green backs. We are not too flush at present, and can very conveniently relieveyou ofsome of yonr burden. We want to be as generous and obliging as possible, i oitr reason for this proposition. Hoping it will meet with your hearty approval, we will wait ’till we see. EBCTEBB It will be seeu by an advertisement in to days paper, that Prof. Stanford is to Lecture in our town on the 14th inst., on his travels through the East Indies. From accounts we have read of the Profs Lectures we can safely say that it will be very interesting and well worth the price of admission; and the object is one which we all should feel a deep interest. Read his advertisement and be sore and go to bear him. .HOKE I.IMFKO I'/t.t/liWTS. Wo are pleased to see that onr enterprising merceants Mess. Wilkins & Hopkins, are hav ing a large Warehouse put up in our town.— T oil can bring your cotton to Louisville now w ithout being compelled to sell or haul back home. If the. price don’t suit when you bring it in, r you can store and sell at any time you see proper. We nve also glad to note that Dr. E. 11. W. Hunter is prepniringjto have anew Store house put up on Broad street. emsh aurn iwr.xr. Owing te the heavy rains on last Friday, the party selected did not all go Saturday; how ever there was enough went bunting to bring in a fiine lot of squirrels; enough to feed for ty or fifty nr eu. We did not learn the exact number the whole party killed, though it was a'goodly number. Mr. T. L. Brown was, we believe, the champion hunter of the occasion— he killed 19 squirrels aud one rabbit, w ith •> \ shots. As the weather was so very bad and but few went out, we learn they ate to have it over again. CO.Xt'B KT .JVfl SEE FEB. We aru pleased to learn that the ladies have procured the services of Prof. "Stanford, Mr Thomas Morris and W C. D Roberts, to as sist them incite Concert to come off at the Court House on Friday the ]7th inst. Tin musical department will be conducted by the Professor,'whose talent, as a musician, finds Imt few equals and no superiors in this or any other country. The preparations that are being made to supply the wants of the inner man are certain ly stupendous. Let all lovers of fine njnsic and grand suppers buy their tickets early and pro cure front seats. No seats reserved. Pol' attendance cob. crr.rHfß r Jtsri.xs o.v. Tills till-nle t gentleman enters upon his fog. i..alive car-er with great promise. He was e'ec ted to preside over the H<ui?ecaucn=, a dig tinction imelf. He is a son of ex-Gvornor ](. rscliel V. Johnson, a manof tbirly one yea s of age, and possessed of talent, nerve and elo quence. We cheerfully t.-ausfer tholabove complimen tary notice of our Representative, from the Constitution to oar own columns. Itisin.leed a matter of pride and congratulation to the people of Jefferson, to know that their interest are in the keeping of men wlnse intelligence, elicit such commendation as ihe above. The legislature will have before them, die present session, many questions of great importance ; the alleged pluderings of thejlate Governor and liUcrewi the various frauds and peculations of Blodgett and his gang! and especially Our re. lations with th* Federal Government,*re mat ters of serious and earnest investigations Whatever may be the emergency, however, we feel satisfied that oar worthy and faithful Representatives, Johnson sad Beas!#y, will pjove equal to the task. If you bsre no clothse at all goto N. Si mons, /»ugnstn, Ga., and he will give you some. If yOLr clothes are old gubuy some better now If you already have good clothes, you had bet» ter buy another suit while he set's so cheap Don’t fail to call aud examine his stock at any rate. CO.XCBKT ATB PBK.t.XCMS M.ECTVKE, The public are informed that 'here will be a concert oiven at Belli my, on Saturday evening, No vember 1 Sill, lor ihe purpose ut nib ble *he Rose Water Lodge ol Cold W aler Templars. An address on Temperance, will he delivered by that distinguished .leduter and eminent Divine, Lev. E. It. Carswell, and one by 11. W. J. Ham E-qr., on ill ■ -‘End and or ient ot the Good Tcinp'ars Older together with essays by lurle girls and boys, and members of die order. Music, liisiriinienial and vocal, by arnature prf.mners, will be inter spersed throughout. All lo vers ot sound moral-, and ihe peace and harmony of Society, are requested to aid and encourage us by I heir presence. Doors open at G S I’. M„ perform ance to commence ai 7 o’clock. Admittance 25 cents, children 15 cents. Dr. J. B. Manson, Misses M, I!. Cox, Lon I’olhill, Lena Buttle, ami Master Charles Murphy coiiiunuce. BILL FOR THE ELECTION OF A GOV t NOR. The following is die lull providing fiir a special elect ion lor Governor, intiodueed by Mr. 11.dl, ol Epson. Be it enacted by the General As semlily, dial a special election for Govt rnor shall be had tinooghout die Stale on tlie Tuesday in Dei ember. 1871, to fill the unexpired term lor which It. B. Bulba U was elected, which said election shall be held as is provided hv Irsxin's de vised Code, lor the die regular cl c lion ol Governor and membets u die Legislature. 2. Be it further enacted, that die returns of said election shall be seal etl up by the naitagt rs and dir cled to die President ol ttie Senate ami Sp< aker ol the House cl ttepresenia lives, and die managers shall I ra widi transmit the same to die acting j Governor, who shall, without open ing the same, and without demy, cause the said returns to oe laid be fore the Senate, if the Senate be in session whenrecicved,and during du’ recess of the Getieial As sembly, so soon as the General A;- seinbiy convenes the same shall he I till before the Senate, and lie by that body transmitted lord)with .<> the House ot Representatives, ami such pioceediugs shali thereafter.he had lor convening the two Homes in the Representative Chtmber, opening said returns, counting and publishing die vote, and declaring tlie result ol said election, as is pro vided by art. 4, sec- Ist, par. 2d, of the Constitution. Sec. 3. Be it further enacted, that if no person be found to have rceiev ed a majority of the whole number of votes cast at said election, or it the election be protested, such pro ceedings shall be had as is provided by art. 4, sec. I, par. 2o! the Con stitution. Sec. 4 repeals all conflicting laws. The monthly tetilal of the Wes tern and Adamic railroad, $2-5,000 lor the mouth if October, lias been paid over by Joe Brown, President, io die Slate Treasurer, N. L. Aa gier Western, the professional pedes triui), is in Columbus, and corn men- etl on Friday last.atlhiee p. m, to walk bis one hundred and twelve miles inside of twenty-lour hours. He has also engaged to walk four hundred miles in live days. Much dissalislaetion exist among newspapers in Atlanta, in conse quence of the prize lor the best dai ly being awarded to the Cottstution, Bard’s [taper didn’t pul in, but bis local says, next yeartl will remove ihe dilapidated lumen fivm the shrubbery. Atlanta papers say the members ol both houses of the bresent Gener al Assembly are as line looking a body of men as can be found any where in the United States. The exceptionably large number of hand some bachelors is a feature that will have due weight with many Adam la ladies. A drunken foo! trom Harris coun ty, at the Columbus Fair, rushed bis horse and buggy into the gates and recklessly among the visitors, who scattered ineveiy direction to get out of the way. He dashed against a carriage, in which a lady was sitting, which (lightened her until! she (aimed. Finally the gate keeper, picking his chance, shot the horse dead. The man was ai rested hut released on heavy bail. BAGGING and TIES lor sale low, by WILKINS & HOPKINS. Sept 1,1871. 18 ts. MARKET REPORTS. Louisville, Noy. 10—Cotton 161 ©l7, Augusta, November B.—Cotton, 17; Ha con CTearßib Sides, D©9J I _Bhouldets, 7}@B} Hams, 15} ©.16. Oats, 7U©75, Corn, ft9;i@loo. Savannah, Nov. B—Cotton, 16© 17}. Mobile, Nuv. B—Cotton, 17}, Baltimore, Nov. B—Cotton 18}, Neto Orleans, Nov. B—Cotton. JB}, Neto Fork, Nov. B—Cotton, 18}. Liverpool, Nov 8, —Cotton, 9}@9}d. we respectfully refer to the Rev. Joseph Allen. D. D., of Albany, N Y., for an opinion upou the merits of Darby’s Prophylactic Fluid. : j TVT OTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDIT-' i- x 0148,—A1l persons indebted to the estate j of Thomas A. Mcßride, late of Jefferson couu ty deceased, are requested to come forward and make immediate payments, and those hnv- ! inar claims against said eatate are notified to present them in terms of the law. SAMI'EL J. GORDON, Admr, Nov. 10th, 1871. 27 st. j Lecture. I PROF. WM. STANFORD will deliver a lecture at die Seminary, in ■ Louisville on Tuesday evening Hie 1 14th inst., the proceeds to he given j Ito the Georgia Orphans Home. — I His subject is, his Travels through j ihe East Indias ; a description ol the i maimers and customs of the tidier lent Tribes; a full description of the ; Island of St, Helans ; Napoleons iTotnb; a full account ol Suiter, in I which a wife sacrifices lieiselfin the limn s in which her husband was humed ; he being an eye witness ol i this performance. The Lecture will he very enter taining and irstruciive, and all young people should not fail to hear it. Price ot admittance 50 rents, children 25 cents. Doors open at 7 P. M. Lecture lo commence at 74 o’clock. Nov. 10, 1971. It, WILKINS & HAYLES, [lave just received and are now opening their New Goods, ami from this time on will be daily n reivig FRESH additions to tin ir STOCK. Their assortment is va id, and embraces everything kept in a They call particular attention lo iheir assorment of DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, BOOTS, SHOES, HATS, Groceries, HARDWARE, TINWARE, and NOTIONS, CORN MEAL ALWAYS ON HAND Tlndr stock has been carefully se lecied, and in making tin ir purciias es, ihe lasts and wants ol tlie couu IV have been consulted. Then goods have been bought upon tin most reasonable terms, and the\ will he sold CHEAP. They are determined to GIVE SATISFACTION, and will always take pleasure in wailing on custom ers and hope to continue to merit the patronage ol their old friends. Louisville, Oct, 16, IS7 I. I Iy. Musical Noire -AND SUPPER, The public are respectfully in firmed that a Musical EuU-ri”i.uncut consisting ol Songs and Instrument al pieces, by some of the finest Ar tists in die State, together with sev eral beautilul M3.M2 WASI^ To he followed by a splended. Sup per; will be given at the Cour' Bourse in Louisville* sometime aboi t the ininltlle of November. The Concert and Supper are giv en to raise tlie funds necessary to pay a balance due for building ihe new M. E. Church iu this place. Door? open at 7 P, M. Concert will commence at at 7£. Price ot ad mission to adults SI.OO, children over 12 half price—under 12, 25cts- Any contributions of bams, pig*f sheep, turkeys, ducks, chicken*, ligh bread, cakes or money wiU be thankfully received and acknowl edged by the COMMITTEE, ‘saa;jd .uo[ Sujqsjuojst; ju mi|) o} jqSnojq spoo*s A^CIJ 0 ?I»oiS jsa«| pu« }si»S.i«i aq* os|y •sossoioflr i o.r.y»qoj r ‘/?ri>.yvff/ t 4j *}|us s .moig| ‘uoaujf jhiiAjaaaJ f|iep ->.i« pan ».io|s tii aAVff ■SAIMdOH ’f Sk T mit( POSTPONED SALE. C'i EOKGIA JEFFERSON COUNTY W By virture of a Court of Onrdinary of Jefferson county, will be sold at the Market House in the town of Louisville, Georgia, on the FIRST TUESDAY in December next, all the leal estate of Eli abeth Clarke, decesod. consisting of one tract of land situated in said county, adj- ining lands of Mary F. Arnold. Washington Rogers, Atm SteJtnanand others, and containing •wo hundred and sixty acres, more or less. To he sold for benefit of heirs and creditors of said debased. T»*rnia, one half cash, the other ha't t*» be paid he 1 t day of January, secured*by mortgage on premi es until the pun-base iLoiuy is paid. Pun ha-or to p-ij for •it es. MARY F» ARNOLD Adiuit.Utlratrix. Oct<6. Ir7l. 2:* tds. JR> FF.RSnN UOUN'IY *F’ Win Teas W», McDaniel applies to me f r Letters«»t Gnaid ai ship of the p rions a'»d prcpcity of Benjamin F. and Martha Kllen M • T'an el. These are tbuef re to cite andndmon ish all and singular the peisons interesti and !•» ap pear at the Court of Ordinary to be IteM in an for said Countv on the FIRST Monday in De c nibernext, and ►how cause if auy they can why s id Letters should not b- granted. W. H, WATKINS, OrU’y,. J. <\ | OeC 13 h lt-71. 24 l.\ j ( y EC. Rg IA. J EFF EllS* >X COi N ; Vj VT Whereas. Samuel M . Clark as aduiinLtra- ! or of lames W Clark deceased, and F.bene-j y. r Brown administrator of the estate of John j w .Clark deceased, have applied f«r Letters ' f dismission from sa*d admin’s ration. These j are tiierefore i<» cite and admonish all persons I interested to appear before the Court of itrdi- j n y within the time prescribed by law and j m ike knowh their objections if any they have I \V iv said Letters should not be granted, W. 11. VVATKIN> ord’v. I ObSO, Iffl, 25. r»t. GFO *i<51A .1 COI NTV.— Wliereas,Samuel M.and Kiwi j F. Clark, ndm’ni ir *t«»r and aduiinis?r;.trix ot tie estate <.i* •J mes VV. Clark dec use b have applp-d for 1 e»Me to all the real es'are of said deceased. These are therefore to cite a ! person.' interest •■d to appear hef< re the Court of Ordinary, to he he'd in and for said county on the FI RS «’ Mm d-y in December next, and show cause if ny t y have why said leave should not he granted. W. H, WATKINS Ord’y. Oct, 20, IH7I. 25, st, ALLMINTSTRATOR’S SALK. GIEOKGIA, JEFFERSON C TNTY.— By vi ue «f an order from the Ifouorah'e. Comt es Oxtinarv of said <’0:111 y, wil. he «n\] at the Market House, >n the i wii ot Louhvi!’ , on the FIRST T tesday in DtC- niher next, one hundred acres o' la. and 'i uat and in said Cos 117, and a joining lands <4 L. Q C. I) brown. 1 Hendry and others. To be sold . s the propi ty ol the estate of tSaimud Bighaui deceased, io he pu po*e of diMiibu'i* n. Tn 8 Ca.-h, James a biduam. Executor of Samuel Bigham. Oct . 2d, 187'. 2d id. ADAilA'iM’hATUli’S SA 1 E. IT ’ lI.L BE SOLD .it he M r.e- Hons If in the town «-t Lonisville, Jefferson Cos • m the FIS i TUESDAY in NO EMBER ext. within e usual lmurs o! sale, 01 en. ct of and 11 wnas tlie Robbins place, omia.aing l£oc acres “f lad more or less, adjoining lands of John W, Alexander, L. C. Want-D, Mrs. Mary i-ouvry, Wm. mid John Bolder, rni> cash. L C WARREN, Ad 11ft' on Est of Mrs Susan A- R bbins. Sept 22, 1871. 21 tds. AI >MI IS 16T U A TOR’S SAL E. (1 EOUUI \, COUN * Y- W By virtue of an order from the court ol Otdiiupy .1 said county, will be sold at the Market house in the town of Louisville, on he MIlsT TI E DAY in NOVEMBER next withiu tbe usual hours of sde, one halt interest in that tra t or put cH of laud situated in said -ountv, Contaming i10?U) one ili-u- nd and seventy acres more or It-ss. ad adjoining lands ol A. J. Williams. Elizabeth Brown ai.doth. rs. to be sold a the property of the estate of Eliza Browu deceased, !or the benefit of the creditors and heirs of said deceased. Terms cash Purchaser n quired to pay lor titles. BUR WELL J BROWN, A dm'r Es'-atate of Eliza Brown. Sept. 22, 1861. 21 tds, COURT OF ORDINARY, Jkfki rso.n Cos ) Fou C aw i t PunrosES. > At Ch.m a Kits Oct. 12, 1671, S IT IS ORDERED, that there be £o letted by the Tax Coilect -r of said county. 55 per ce*.t. up.m the N’tato Tux for County ii*debtedi]i*Bs. 30 44 44 44 “ Bridges &c. 10 “ 44 44 “ Fa up- rs. 6 41 “ 44 “ D strict Court ex penses. 25 44 44 44 “ E nca'ional pur -10 44 “ 4i “ J tiors. 15 “ 44 44 “ County Officers. 5 44 4 ‘ 44 “ Salary. 10 “ 4 * 44 44 Court House and Jail. 9 *• 44 44 44 Contingent Ex penses. Making the nggregat" 175 percent, upou the Stale T. x, which is her-by levied or the year ,U»7J|. W. H. WATKINS. Ord’ J.C. October 13th, I*7l. 25 ts. GUARDIAN ’s'sl LET WILL BE ir-OLD at the ma r lc*t House in tlie town of Louisville, on FIRST Tues day in December next, between the legal boms of Sale, the House and Lot, situated on eighth *>t in sad town and known as the Roberson house, now occupied by G. 11. Harrell. Sold is the pmpo ty of th - Minor children of G. W. Roberson deceased, for the purpose of division. Terms one'thi and cash, one third in 12 months •ind one third 111 2 years, with interest from late. Bond for tide until property is paid for. Purchaser to pay for Titles. K. H. W, HUNTER. Guard’n. Nov .20, ADMINISTRATOR’S SALE. BY VIRTUE of an order from the Honora ble the Court of Ordinary of Jefferson ounty, will be sold at the Market House, inihe towu of Louisville, within the legal hours ot Salomon the First Tuesday in Decenib r next, •ne tract of hut I, containing oi.e hundred and uinot.N nine acres im re or; less, lyjng in Jefl'er on county, jbJrd District G M. and adjoining 'an 1? of Nel y (Gordon, Mary Coley and Elijah Eubauks, being the down* ot Tempy McDaniel in the lan 8 of Red. ritk McDaniel deceased. Also ittthe fanieiiiuo anti piace, wi.U be sold a tract of qiic hundred and fifty-four ucjvf more >r Ws liiiig itt liie same county and dist. and adp'iniug lands < f Green Hall, Elij.ih Eubank .tun ihe estate of Ezeri-'h Cownrt Ailihe*aid lands sold as the property- of Rederick AL Daniel di c’d* for thc r pur| o .e of distribution. Terms 0.. e lialf cash, the oilier half pavnb f e in twelve months, with imeresr from aa««*, in 100 dollar n *t« s. Bond for title given to Jpur -haser until the notes are paid. LAWSON B. McDaniel, a dmV. Oct. 20, 1871 - 25 tds CD EORGIA. JEFFERSON COUNTY V Whereas, R. W. Holmes applies to nv f « Letters of Dismissioif from the Guardi inship of the per oil and property of Horace Kainwa er of said eoumy. These are therefore to cite and admonish all persons interested, to appear before the C<-urt of Ordinary, within the time presciibed by law and make known their ob jections, i< ai.y they have, why said letters should not b granted W. H. J. C. Oct. 27 1871. 20 5t J. W. COOLEY, LOUISVILLE, GA. Win resume practice at hi* eld Office, Octo ber, l»tb, 1871. Ofi 6th 1871. 23 ts TAX COLLECTOR’S X©TS C E . I am now rc;ul\ io collroi Siuir mid Counlv TAX for l t '7f. Will re nin in in l.ouibv ill not i 1 In* o[ .| inst., and will ill -11 vijii me CqurL Orounds at 1 lie Fine speeih >l la-low : Farmers will please iioiiln the FreecUnen in tlieir employ that it is Tux- Faying time. Tax f© be I*aid. STONES. . (lust tim- ) 77ili M t ict, G. M.. TIIUHSDAY. November ICih. JONKB .STORE. 77ih “ “ FUIOAY. " 17th. MT. MORI AH, (Inst tim -) 77 ih “ “ B.Vi’F ItOA Y, “ IStb. SWIFTS, (t»st tim.) 77th -‘ “ MONO AY, “ at»th. HOWARD'S MILL, (hi.t time; Slut “ •• ’J UESI*AY, “ 21aU 81'Al-LETON s STORE, 7(hh “ “ VEDM.SFAY, “ SWud. POl-E HILL, BUt “ TULRi-DAV, - SUrd. STAPLETON’S ACADEMY, 7nth - “ FRIDAY. “ VJ4th. HI'OSON’S STORE, la»i tiiue, 711lh 14 “ MtlNO-IY, ‘‘ -Jith. FENN'S BRIDGE. 7'.lih •• “ ITESDAY, “ Sl-th. BARTOW', 85th •> WEDNESDAY,- “ 291. BEDDINOFIELDS, J. lin last time B.7th “ THFR'DAY, - 3(th. BETHANY. B:|r<l “ - FRIDAY. Dec. Ist. BEDDINOFIELDS W„i last time SArd “ SATURDAY, " 2u,1. ALEXANDER'S Win la-t time B*Hh “ MONDAY, “ 4th Will remuin in L misville untill D.-een-ber 15, at which time [ will close my Hooks and issue Kxeeii ions ng tinsl all who tail to pty Gy that time, R A. GARVIN, T. C. Louisville Ga., October 13th. 1871. AXD E S Insurance Company, px?7.crsfKA.tri,, Cash Capital WILKINS & HOPKINS, ACTS Louisville Drug Store. L. 11. W. IIUNTEIt, M. D. Druggist & Apothecary, Successor to HUNTER & UO. Keeps on hand a full and well assorted sto A •,f DRU'iS, MEDICINES, CHE .11 CALS, PAINTS, OILS, VAIiNISHE <, DYESTUFFS, PERFUM ERY, SOAPS, Cos MBS. BRUSHES, TOIL ET ARTICLES, LAMP CHIMNEYS, GARDEN SEED of nil kind*; FINE < WARS and CHEWING TOBACCO : WINDOW GLASS and PUTTY &e. &c Which he offers to Sell FOR CASH, as cheap as tliey can he bough', at rotail, in any town in die Stale. August 4, 1871. 14 ts. CARRIAGE MAN LT ACT OR V. 'IVHE UNDERSIGN’D takes plea-nre in in- J oviiiiug the citizens of Jefferson and ad joining counties that he has opened a A N D mm mswiFiswip w here w ork of all descriptions, both new and, repairing, w ill be done witu matness and dis patch. HORSE SHOEING done io the neatest and most -übstantial manner, Ol? 3 Cos Hi us furnished at sort notice. G. H. HARRELL, Louisville, Ga. duly 7, 1871. G 6m. TO GIN OWNERS. r pHE UNDERSIGNED repair Gius at the X Gin house oil time. AGENTS. T. F. Harlow, Louisville, Ga.; E. O. Bostic., VVrighisville.Ga.iWm. A. Simms, Douhlin, Ga.; Suoduru Recorder, Milledgoviile. Ga ; Thus. E. Dickons, Sparta, Ga.; T. N. Sliurloy. Warrouton, Ga. J. B. CARN, Louisvi le. Ga. August 4.1871. 14 4m. Dentist. DR. C. R. STEED, formerly.’of Thomson Ga., offers his professional services to the i-itir.-ns of Louisville and Jeffereop county.— Office at Mrs. Dr. Miller's residence. \ share of patron ge solicited. Sepu m er 22, 1871. 21 3m. Piano Tuning I WILE BE IN LOUISVILLE about tiye last of this month, for the purpose of TUN ING aud REPAIRING Pianos. Any Piano ever so old and dilapidated, I will remodgl and put iu as good order and tone as it was when first booght. All my material* l brought with me from Europe, and consequently are the best; I will guarantee my work for five years All orders left at the -News & farm, er” Office, will be promptly attended to oq my arrivaL Prices moderate. PROF. W*. STANFORD, pet, 13, 1871. 24 ts. J.IS. R T. ALLEN, WM. \ TOMPKIV* ATTOdAEVSAT LAW WRIGHTSViLLE, G V AU business entrusted io their ca *° wHI m»"i w i h prompt attention Particular attention given to the collection "f claim*, duly 3. I*7l. 13 ts McSowan & Stratford, LOUISVILLE, GA. Take pt.e\sure in tnfopmtng tiu-ir patr.-os uni the public generally hat tliey have now on luma CHEAP FOR CASH, i large of mms ms mu Dry Goods, GROCERIES. CLOTHING, iiAIfDWARE, CUTLERY. WUODWARE, BUCKET 5 , TUBS, Ac., Ac., ic., vice., ANY and all "f which will be sold at PRICES TO SUIT THE TIMES, GIVE US A CaLL. McGowan & Stratford, Louisville, Ga. May 5 1870. i Jv , WW C* KTK K, II O CACTI, U, J T CART**, Jr. W. W. Garter k Sons, COTTON FACTORS ASI} GEJiCKAL 00 Mii ISSI ON ME Ii G HANTS 1A I PVY SAVANNAH, iIH: STHKEP, GEORGIA. iy Prompt personal’i given to Ordcre. Planters nil pfied with Bugging and Tits at Lowest Rates. July 2*ird J/»71. ]2 (im. Kctice. Tljfimffe-Rignpd,''lnvpufdf and sole proprfe-‘ tor ol the celebrnteJ; v HAM UNIVERSAL PLOW, .Tjnimrous granting out Shop RigbU for tha xjiuie. t> w r*rk‘on a mbdetate Royalty, The cheapness, find durnbbity, of ibis' plow-, fofp«»|ltar \yUh v«riou> otlo r rocommendatitns make It one of the most s';-.H-able Agricu-tuva. iuip'emeiits now nuuiufMmred. klanufacttiM era in tlii? line of hfis nesp. w ould do wall to ad dress liie for particulars at an early day. JO’VN l) HAM, Louisville, Oa.' An fr«stlß, 18?I IK 3m DR F-, H. W. HUNTER HAVING RESUMEP the Praetioe of MED ICINE, offers his Professional Service* to thecilixeus of Louisville and the immediate vi cinity. Sept. 29, 187 J. 32 3m Rags! Rags!! WE will pay a good, priea for all the good clean Cotton Rags brought to ua. Now is the time to get rid of your old cloth*. WILKINS * H0?KIN8.