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ttess ftf| Wards of Comfort to Xothers. A woman who does all her own work, who has very little means at her command, and who, besides is the mother of several small children, none of whom are able to help her, or wait on themselves, but on the contrary, require constant attention, often has weary moments of utter discouragement. Her thoughts run somewhat in this way : “I am completely tired out, yet my work is not half done. I meant to have accomplished so much to day, but I had bad kindling, and the fire has been poor in consequence ; then the baby has been cross, and the other children noisy and boister ous, and having them in-doors all the time this cold weather is so tire some to them and to me. Then there are little stockings to be knit ted, and shirts for husband to be made—dear me, I am sure I do not see where I am going to find the time to do them ! But that is not the worst of it. My darling children are so neglected, I can’t possibly spare the time to train them aright; and when I see other persons’ chil dren so quiet and orderly, and so neat and well-dressed, it makes me feel badly. lam afraid my children will turn out miserably. It is sel dom I can stop to correct them as I should ; and i'. is only on a Sunday afternoon that I ever can gather them around me to talk to them, tell them a story, or appear like a real, true mother to them.” Dear mother, be not discouraged. That little Sunday afternoon talk, the distress which you display in your countenance whenever your child utters an evil word, or acts unkindly, and the prayerful desire on your part to do them good, will have its reward. Those little quiet, peaceful talks will be as grains of mustard-seed sown in good ground, which, although the seed is so small that it seems invisible to the human sight, shall spring up vigorous, strong and irresistible. If you do the best you can, depend upon it you shall be rewarded. - Again I say, be not discouraged. Those children who are brought up in refinement and luxury, who have servants to wait upon them, and have every want and whim gratified, are not always the children who make the strongest and noblest men and women. Those little ones, who are partially neglected through an actual want of time on the part of their parents, and who have to rough it a little, are apt, in time, to fight manfully the battle of life. Not that I would advocate bringing up a child to “rough it” where circumstances made a different course possible. But I do say there is comfort and hope for the weary, distressed, and discouraged mother who does all she can, and more than her strength really warrants her in doing for her children. —Hearth Sp Home. CHOOSING HUSBANDS, One Woman's Experience—lnteresting Reading for Young Ladies. “When a girl marries, why do people talk of her choice ? In ninety nine cases out of a hundred, has she any choice? Does not the man (prob ably the last she would have chosen) select her ?” Avery clever correspondent has sent us a letter containing this que ry ; and she makes her case out a bly. She says: “I have been mar ried many years; the match was considered a very good one, suitable in every respect —age, position and fortune. Every one said I had made a choice. Why, My dear Mr. Edi tor, I loved my husband when J married him because he had by un-' wearied assiduity succeeded in gain ing my affections; but had choice been my privilege, I certainly should not have chosen him. As I look at him in his easy chair, a huge dog at his feel, a pipe peeping out of one of the many pockets of the shooting coat, I can but think how different he is from what I would have chos en. My first penchant was for a fashionable clergyman, a perfect A donis; he was a flatterer, and he cared but little for me, though I have not yet forgotten the pang of his desertion. My next was a bar rister ; a young man of immense tal ent, smooth, insinuating manners; but he, 100, after talking, walking, dancing and flirting, left me in the lurch. Either of these would have been my ‘choice,’ had I so chosen ; but my present husband chose me and therefore I married him; and this I cannot help thinking is the way with half the married folks of my acquaintance.” There is both sound sense and truth in this; but is it not better that men should choose than they should be chosen ? And is not our corres pondent probably much happier with her present husband, shooting jacket, pipe and dog inclusive, than she would have been with either the fashionable clergyman or the clever barrister ? Men are proverbially in consistent, and after marriage, when the trouble and inconvenience of children are beginning to be felt, and when (the most trying lime of all) the wife begins to neglect her husband for her children, unless there was originally a very strong attachment for her husband's side, there is little chance o' happiness. A wife’s affection, on the contrary, always increases after marriage, r o well-disposed woman can help lov ing the father of her children. Chil dren, on her side, are a bond of ui - ion, and though she may appear, so them, to neglect some of those little attentions which men naturally seem to expect, it is only because the child is the more helpless being of the two, : and the true woman always takes , the side of those who are most feeble. It is a strange but melancholy fact that when young girls fancy them selves in love, they are seldom ifev. er happy if they marry the object of their choice. The fact is, in most cases, they find the husband they have chosen quite a different person as an individual from the imaginary object he had appeared as a lover. The imagination in most girls is stronger than the judgment; and as soon as the first idea of love is awa kened in a female heart, the ima gination is set to work to fancy a lover, and all possible and impossi ble perfections are assembled to gether in the young girl’s mind to endow the object of her secret idol atry. The first man whose appear ance and manners attract a girl on her entrance into society is general ly invested by her with the halo of these secret thoughts, and she fan cies herself violently in love without the least real knowledge of the man she supposes herself in love with. No wonder, then, that if she marries she is miserable. The object of her love has vanished, never to return ; and she finds herself chained for life to a man she detests, because she fancies she has been deceived in him. On the other hand, the man who, with very pardonable vanity, fan cied himself loved for his own mer its, and who was perfectly uncon scious of the secret delusion of the girl, becomes, when he finds her changed after marriage, quite indig nant at her caprice. The friends and relations on both sides share in the same feelings—“what would she have ?” they cry—“she married for love, and see the consequence.” The consequences are, indeed, in such cases, generally sad enough. When the first delusion is dissipa ted, and the truth, in all its hard and stern reality, comes forth from the veil that has been thrown around it, both parlies feel indignant of the false position in which they find themselves. Mutual recriminations take place, each accusing the other of deceit and ingratitude, while the apparent injustice of these accusa tions, which is felt by each party al ternately, first wounds the feelings, and then; if repealed, rankles in the wound until incurable. —liatimore Sun. Novel Beading. BV ELEANOR FABUR. Ido not ignore works of fiction. I enjoy a well written story. The pens of our most noble and gifted men and women are sometimes em ployed upon works of this character; and I think I do not underrate their value. Great moral and religious truths, when clad in the garb of fic tion, frequently make a more vivid and lasting impression upon the mind, than if the bare truths alone were presented. But it is too often the case that these are read, not for the truths that they teach, but for the story. But what shall be said of the stories in many of our papers and magazines, scarcely one of which, but contains a scene of murder, theft, drugging or suicide, with a full recital of the way in which the evil deed was ac complished. The mind of the constant reader soon becomes fanciful, imaginative, superstitious and fearful. It dwells upon the horrible scenes both wa king and sleeping ; and it craves the stimulus which this reading gives, and has no relish for any other.— Histories, Biographies, Tavels, Po ems, and alas ! the Book of books are all laid aside and the last exci ting novel is eagerly read. The mind becomes too indolent for thought or study. It is thus with many of the youth of this generation. But can we wonder when we regard the con duct of parents and others who should be their guides ? Fathers go to the potsoffice for their papers, and open them, not to the religious or political news of the day, but to the stories and thus leave them for their children’s eves. Mothers—and alas! that I must say it—Christian mothers too, upon the Sabbath, take the children’s sto ry paper, or turn to the serial of the religious paper, and read aloud to their families with a marked prefer ence for this reading, when perhaps they have but a few spare moments from their necessary duties. I would that these mothers might stop and think. It sometimes happens that in pro curing new libraries for our Sunday schools, that out of a hundred, a half-dozen or a dozen books may be found which are not written in the form of a story; and the officers of the school examine them very care fully ; look at the contents, turn the leaves slowly, their faces wearing a look of doubt and perplexity ; and wonder if some other book would not be more acceptable and profita ble, and perhaps, at last, decide to throw them out. Whom shall wc censure, the teachers or the taught; the parents or the children ?—House hold. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Our Fall Stock* OHOICEOr O O D S . AT Kusel Brothers. - JUST RECEIVED, the largest and most complete stock of Ready made Clothing of all grades tor Hens’ Boys and Youths’ wear, guaranteed to fit ell ages and sizes, at the most moderate and Popular figures. Our stock is now complete, with a-magnificent line *f Gents’ Furnisking Goods, Hats, Caps Ite, which we are offering to our Patrons and the Public at Qrcatlg Reduced Prices. Owing to our large stock we are compelled to make quick sales. And feeling the strin gency of the Money Market, we shall endeavor to meet the general demand for low prices.— We name in part, 10,OOOGray’s Moulded Collars, at 4 boxes for 25 ceuta; 20,000 Best Im proved Dickens Collars ; Linen Imitation Button Hole Lined —3 boxes for 25 cents ; Linen Covered Paper Collars—4 different styles, entirely New, at 25 cents, worth 40 cents ; 300 all Wool Vests atsl 50; fl avy Merino Undershirts at $1 ; all Wool suits at #10,#12. #lO. #lB and upwards, and many other Goods too numerous to mention. The very best Fabrics in French, English and American Casimeres, to suit the most fastidi ous. All the latest styles in Bows, Ties, Scarfs, ae., at prices that cannot fail to please. Call early at KUSX3 Is BROTHERS. 250 BROAD ST., U.NDER GLOBE HOTEL, AUGUSTA, GEORGIA. Great Inducements Offered to Country Merchants. October 14. 02 8m p n New Cotton and Produce Warehouse. THE PLANTERS’ LOAN AND SAYINGS BANK. SUBSCRIBED CAPITAL, ONE MILLION ©OLLAMS. The Warehouse of this Bank, CORNER OF CAMPBELL AND REYNOLDS STREETS, AUGUSTA, GEORGIA, J 8 NOW READY TO RECEIVE COTTON. Liberal CASH ADVANCES will be made upon Cotton in Warehouse, or tipou Railroad Receipts. I’artios Storing Cotton with the Bank will be furnished with leceipts for same that will be available iu this city or any other for borrowing money. ty The Bank is prepared at any time to make LOANS on PRODUCE or PROVISIONS on the most reasonable terms. GP* Parties would do well to apply at the Waiehouse, or communicate with the Officers. CHAS. J. JENKINS, President. JNO. P. KING. Vice-President. T. P. BRANCH, Cashier. Sep. 30, 90 Cm p n ISTew Goods! New Goods!! WATCHES, CLOCKS; JEWELRY &C., M. L. FREEMAN, 313 BROAD STREET. AUGUSTA' GA BEGS leave to call the attention of his frionds and the public, to the fact that he is now opening at the old stand, an entirely new and select assortment of fine WATCHES, CLOCKS. JEWELRY, SOLID SILVER and PLATED WARE of the best mateiial and manufacture, all of which he is offering for sale at prices that will guarantee satisfaction. He is also sole agent for the celebrated DIAMOND SPECTACLES and EYE GLASSES, and is prepared to furnish them at a very low figure to all who may wish a really fine article. N. B.—Particular attention paid to the REPAIR of Fine Watches and Clocks nd all work is warranted. A call is respectfully solictited. Sep. 30, 3m p u Crockett’s Iron Works, 4th Street, Macon, Georgia. Builds and Repairs all Sorts of Machinery. Makes Gin Gear from 7 Feet to 12 Feet, Sugar Mills from 12 to 18 Inches. IRON H. AILIKTO, Both. Wrought <3z> Oast, -to Suit ail Places MY HORSE POWER has been Tried, and Proven a Complete Success- READ THE FOLLOWING: Farmers are Referred to Certificates. MACON, GA., December 16th, 1670. E. Crockett, Esq., —Dear Sir; Your letter received. The HORSE POWER that I bought of you is doing as well as I can wish. The principle is a good one, and so easily adapted to any Gin-House. Mine has, so far, proved sufficiently strong enough for the work to be done. I am running a forty-five saw Gin, with feeder attachment, with two mules, with perfect ease. Respectfully, &c , A. T. HOLT. COOL SPRING, GA, October sth, IH7O. Mr. E. Crockett, Macon : —Mr. Daniels has fitted up your POWER satisfactorily. For neat nesss nnd convenience, as well as adaptability for driving machinery for farm purposes, cannot be excelled ; in this it has superiorities over the old wooden or mixed gearing. I use four mules, and I tliiuk I could gin out 1500 pounds lint Cotton per day on a forty 6aw Gin. Respectfully yours, J. R. COMBS. GRIFFIN. Decomber Ote, 1870. E. Crockett, Esq., Macon, Ga., —Dear Sir : lam well pleased with the HORSEPOWER you sold me. I think it is the best I have seen. Very respectfully, S. KENDRICK, Superintendent Savannah, G. & N. A.R. R. ALSO TO Capt. A. J. White, President M. &. W. R. R. ; McHollis, Monroe Coun ty ; Jas. Leith, Pulaski County ; Dr. Reilly, Houston County ; W. W. West, Harris County ; Johnson & Dunlap, Macon, Ga.; Sims, Spalding County ; Alexander, Hillsboro ; Dr. Hardeman, Jones County ; Edmond Dumas, Jones County. Aug. 5,3 m. rpn CARPENTERS, BUILDERS AND ALL OTHERS IN NEED OF DOORS, SASHES, BLINDS, Mouldings, Balusters, Blind Trimmings, &c., will do well to call p« Blair Bickford., 171 Bay Street. SAVANNAH, GEORGIA. WHO ARE CONSTANTLY RECEIYYMG FRESH SUPPLIES IN THIS LINE. August 15.4 m. n r H. & J. WEED, IMPORTERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IH Iron, Steel, Tin Plate and Hardware, Rub ber Belting and Carriage Material. 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Travelers should always carry a bottle of Radway's Ready Relief with them. A few drops in wider will prevent sickness or pains from change of water It is betater than French Brandy or Bitters as a stimulent’ FEVER AND AGUE, Fever and Ague cured for fifty cents; There is not a remedial agent in this woild that will care Fevei and Ague, and all other Malarious Bilious, Scarlet, Typhoid, Yellow, and other Fevers(aided by Radway's Pills) so quick as Radway's Ready Relief. Fifty cents a bottle, HEALTH! - 'BEAUTY!! Strong and pure rich blood—increase of flesh and weight—clear skin and beautiful complexion secured to all. DR. RADWAY’S SABSAPARILUAN ItESOLWT Has madu the most astonishing cures so quick so rapid are the changes the body un dergoes, under the influence of this truly wonderful Medicine, that Every day an Increase in Flesh and Weight is Seen and Felt. Ttm tiUE.ii' ngjOOB p tit mu tt Every drop of the Sarsaparilian Resolvent communicates through the Blood, Sweat, Urine, and other fluids and juices of the sys tem the vigor of life, for it repairs the wastes of the body with new and soud material. Scrof ula, Syphilis, Consumption, Glandular dis ease, Ulceis in the throat, Mouth, Tumors, Nodos iu the Glands and other parts of the system, Sore Eyes, Strumorous discharges from the Ears, and the worst forms of Skin diseases, Eruptions, Fever Sores, Scald Head, Ring Worm, Salt Rheum, Erysipelas. Acne Black Spots. IKorms in the Flesh, Tumors, Cancers in the Womb, and all weakening and painful discharges. Night Sweats, Loss of Sperm and all wr.stcs of the life principle are within the curative range of this wonder of Modern Chemistry, and a few days use will prove to any person using it for either of these forms of disease its potent power to cure them. 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Radway’s Pills, for the cure of all disorders of the .Stomach, Liver, Bowels, Kidneys, Bladder, Nervous Diseases, Head ache, Constipation, Costiveness, Indigestion. Dyspepsia, Billiousness, Bilious Fever, In flammation of the Bowels, Piles, and all Do rangemenis of the Internal Viscera. War ranted to effect a positive cure. Purely Veg etable, containing no mercury, minerals, or deleterious drugs. Observes the following symptoms resulting from Disorders of the Digestive Organs: A few doses of Radway’s Pills will free the system from all the above named disorders Price, 25 cents per Box. Sold by Druggists. Read “False and True.” Send one letter stamp to Railway & Cos., No 87 Maiden Dane, New York. Information worth thousands will be sent you. r July 4 1871. 26 ly T MARKWALTER’S WORKS, Broad St., Augusta, Ga. MARBLE MONUMENTS, TOMB STONES &C., &C. Marble Mantels and Furniture-Marble of till kinds Furnished to Order. All work for the Country carefully boxedjbr shipment. M*ch 12 p ’7O ly. r Feb 1, ’7l ly Change of Schedule. GEN’AL SUPERINTENDENT’S OFFICE, ) CENTRAL RAILROAD, > Savannah, May 27, 1871. ) ON AND AFTER bUNDAY, 27th INST. Passenger Trains on the Georgia Central Railroad will run as follows ; UP DAY TRAIN. Leave Savannah 7:15 A. M. Arriveat Augusta 5:38 P. M. Arrive at Macon 4:51 P. M Connecting at Augusta with trains going North, and at Macon with trains to Columbus and Atlanta. DOWN DAY TRAIN. Leave Macon 7:00 A.M. Arrive at Milledgeville 8:45 P. M. Arriveat Eatonton.— 10-45 P. M. Arrive at Augusta 5.38 P. M. Arrive at Savannah 5:25 P. M. Making same connection at Augusta as above. NIGHT TRAINS GOING SOUTH. Leave Savannah ......7:00 P. M. Leave Augusta 8:30 P. M. Arrive at Mi11edgevi11e............8:45 P. M. Arrive at Eat0nt0n........ 10:45 P. M. Arrive at Macon - 5:15 A. M. Connecting with trains to Columbus, leav ing Macon at 5:25 A. M Trains leaving Augusta at 8:30 P. M. arrive in Savannah at 5:30 A. M. NIGHT TRAINS GOING NORTH. Leave Savannah 7:00 P.M. Leave Macon..... ...6:30P.M. Arrive at Augusta ....3:30 A. M. Arrive at Savannah........ 5:30A.M. Making close connection with trains leaving Augusta Passengers going over the Milledgeville and EatonUm Branch will take day train from Ma con, night train from Augusta, and 7P. M, train from Savannah, which connects daily at Gordon (Sundays excepted) with Milledgeville and Eatonton trains. WILLIAM ROGERS, U chiral Snperintender.t: May 5, 1861 > l If. CHARLESTON HOTEL. E. H. JACKSON, Proprietor. CHARLESTON. 8. O, For House cleaning, washing dishes, floors, oil cloths, tables, cleaning windows, paint, knives and polishing tin, brass and all metals use Enoch Morgan’s Sons’ Sapoiio. It is cheap, er and better than soap. Get it from your gro cer, or at 211 Washington street, N. Y. rpn MOUNT DE SALES ACADEMY FOR YOUNG LADIES. (CosDucreu bttuk Sisters ofjthe Visita- TIOS,) NEAR OATOirSVXUB, FIVE MILES WEST OF BALTIMORE, MD. '’■tills ACADEMY is situated in Baltimore I. County, commanding an extensive view of the surrounding country, the city of Balti more, the Patapsco River and the Chesapeake Bay. The grounds attached to the Academy are extensive, and afford the pupils ample *p ice for exercise. The halls for study and re creation, the dormitories, Ac., have been con structed with a view to promote the comfort of the young ladies. Address for particulars, MOUNT DE SALES, Catonsville P. 0., Baltimore Cos., Md. July 29, pn6m. REDUCTION OF PRICES TO CONFORM TO REDUCTION OF DUTIES- Great Saving to Consumers BY GETTING UP CLUBS. Sorid for ourNe«v Prica List, and a club form will accompany it conuiuiug full directions mak ing a largei saving to consumers and remunera tive to Club organizers. THE GBEAT AMERICAN TEA COM PANY 31 & 33 lesey Street, P, O. Box 564:1. New Yo-k. 77 4v. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS "cundurangoT Bliss, Keeps k Co's Fluid Exfraci. The VV ondeiful Remedy for Cancer, Syphilis, Scrofula, Ulcers, Salt Rheum and all other Chronic Blood Diseases. Dlt. 1. I. KEENE having just returned from the Ecuador and brought with him a quantity 1 of the genuine Cudaraugo Hark, se emed through tlic official recommendation and assistance of his Excellency, the President oi the Ecuador, and the Government of that Re public. we are prepared to fill orders lor it to a limited extent, and at a price about one. quarter of that which the cost ol the first very small supply compelled us to charge. Our Fluid Extract is prepared from the gen uine Cundurango Bark from Loja, Ecuador, secured by nssistance of the authorities of that country. Sold by all Druggists in pint bottles, having on them our name, trade mark and full directions for uso. Price, $lO. Laboratory No. 60, Cedar st., New York. BLISS, KEENE & CO. D. W. Bliss, M D., Washington, D. C.; Z. E. Bliss, M. D., New York; P, T. Keene, M. 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TIHE SUBSCRIBER has received from Europe a full supply of ItUTA BBGA and oilier PRIZE TURNIP SEEDS. They surpass any grown iu America. The White Globe and Norfolk variety was grown last year in Georgia and Sonth Carolina as large as a common size water bucket. Col. A. P. Butler, of Edgefield, S. C-, took the prize at the last Fair in Augusta for the Yellow Ruta Bags, grown from these imported Seeds. The Tur nips also took the highest prizes in London, New York, Augusts and Columbia. Also, the best imported Early aud Late Winter Cabbage Seeds. For sale by C. PEMBLE, Augusta Seed Store, No. 11 Washington St. er Seeds sent by mail free of pcit igo. August 4,3 w. p n New Advertisements -8 O’OLQ OK. (ji OOfv A MONTH Horse and Carriage furnished ; expenses paid; saui pies free. 11. B. SHAW, Alfred, Me RtliiU, BHOT-OiJNS, Kit VO I.VtBH Gun materials of every kind. Write for Price List> to Great Western Gun Works, Pittsburgh, Pa. Army guns and Revolvers bought or trad ed for. Agents wanted. 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