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The Quitman banner. (Quitman, Ga.) 1866-187?, August 10, 1866, Image 1

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BY F. 11. FILPES.] VOL. IJ profession! Curbs. mw cisc®~ € \si E V V. ./ H aving i;e/i'.ukt> j.w: I'k.u th !'. xvm| . receive and j.iomji ■ atlend lo Imamess. j Office at Qultnmu. h>.- . Mnrcfi2(. Id / luvasi , Attorney anb Cos nsrfor at Cain, : WARteBOSot GEOn< !A. * ITILJ. give proii:/ a- u> !1 • VV entru-*! -i :>> his .■ Circuit. : : -' l~ G toas O, mV.II !.. ... • . It. Hi .. 11l TVTEK .... IcCALL, ATTORNEY AT LAW, TTTII.L GV ! ;■ , \j , .T IN T(> \ V ali h s 1 the Counties . 1 ; I.mvN . Comities of Krin t sand j n> ii. yi <’ Hi '}'•'■ - wick Circuit. Also in it. . /icrdes of -iuiinon and Hamilton Fin! Ida. i January id. I s Ah B 1 HttorntßS anbCo suulorsat Cain, OUTH ,N. C >H«! A. , IV i; V T ail In hr- s ~! ■ I • I’ Counties of I’ . I- :/ . nml f olq’iit. and %;U|,r.ic . 1 , urn Gooruia u'liliv January 20, i. 4V. I). MITCH IS 1.1,. • • 'it - • • ' ' • ?i!ifc 1 ic&?. oi \’diI i j s" a2 ) ATTORNE.YSj AT LAW, TII ISIASMt.If:, CA. Sir Office over Mrlei'.nV ><or«."-Al. June 15. Id,;ih * "m" ■ POPE, Attorneys and C!;s.nscHors c.t tow, OFFICE Id.; likv SIBEET, ' FA VAN X \II GKO.t I'KVitY S. . ! ~”W A'.’ t .1' an i Em'!! Wr :y IHL I' . ; —■' ~’J iJ , Offers tils rrorea-iiiifui ' -- -to me p; ' Qiiitm.m tin I>r lad in :f iM,m:it!-y. y<‘-' ";t ills ; a j ‘' ' Jimn ii'y h i. i- 1 j t fTCT' J)r. EL T h. j'lal-ks, ijUIMMI, GICO., > F>=}> ' ' .1 V citizen ■ Ilf «’■!:! n , 1- . . iHT ©FL? M'jroS&J DEMjr 5 S T , rruK./ tiii- ii..- i-M / ■■■ 1 •i citizen* <>i' <*iu»n In gag vunn-. ity that In* will visit tii j *• in thref month* iv.xui.nly. th * 1 t oi V uvh. I February 21.1 '. - !.v l>r. Wt i'L I .'-AV.'. Burgeo: i i 3 en'3 a IS NOW I. JCATiIi) AT j QriTMAA'. ( A Ni) is } * ' ■ '• t.y. t factory iv.irk. *sr office over Fia> !yrA in A Sn June In. l -i ti. aiooD!iA3i. gpF A. N I) >S { j ; V ■ ) . sN ! • ,I \ 'lt i TJFOS. *;■ r ’« Mt*i f, ?tv fKFSStij HIS -Ei- Vh E,~ in make- Phut an<l House and Biidg B iidiug. and tb SURVEY LANDS for all who call upon ‘ hi and Quitman. < I t.. July i.- ‘ - •ytLi A. DIBBLES, • cow> iv •»s ■ oft. p;.i::c hant JiSfivSONV] I.K. I I.A. Province or eul' netM in||. .h cr «W]»- nlies made on eo*v' m j ?nt< t«h B. ! :. \ *V. * February ;f. ]S»;»h I 'hn Get your Pi -hinv lakeu ! ■ v fllfb ’ -h %- 1- 3 v; Ainbro!.; jm‘S jXc*. H. C "T TEL Would rt'?p-»ctful vr. he > ■ • • -of Quit man and a eunity, tj... nhl , OPEN A iLIiBRV in Qnitmjn. tie lust \« •. ■■ the pttsmt roontli tor thepurp. •• of til; .. ;he nhovlpieinre-. - a limited time, and »,. ui' ••.:•• • f *o wait *v.n those who id-.;.- -A . ' j-i •’! July !3. - ' «j j| A, ; _ AEftiraf. Oli! Wecji. ?io( Qearefit !lloUu.r> ! ;A • I,hBVA ' Mrsu: : Ci’Ml'osep am, Aitu.ufoiiir for the mxo ! i 'Ob! v.vep de ires, mother, j ' Cl! ve- not,for me now, j Thy ke-.trt • lre iUinir mother. J Ai drnr h elimds thy brow, j > i.v Itiriioj'hriy is dyinr. J And Wd.iAviil ro ein peaee. I VJhe. 'suiiiu'% v v.-ii:-,’- iui ;kiting. > | And the wt sry llttd.s rrfenso. I Theii weej, iv> ijHe. e. weep no more, Mother uee]> ro more, j i’lly n., ,■! me, iu*.v< me, ninth t, ’ Wll 'll life;, s.. i d.ij, is o'er. ; .Oh: we . Hi. ,let mother. Tii '' i ci (' ■ the (larksofu,' tide, I'" ■ ili i lit me, :, denr mother, j Mv 1 „st, my ungel bride, » ■ , ■ 1 v, i r.>, I ],• l weep n , meix- weep tomore, ... | . i.i,■;, r. tttivl tile, mother, j ’.>’.on i. I d.,y iroW AfhJir,-. e ' t.thee, * | I I ...nviki lie, tleer mother, I. !' ■■ -Mt-e-eewtree. : I ILeirny dai-U.i;; siftliing. \ «•«!• ■ “ P'l 4».' ) tt-:,: j i.u! ii./m*, lleiibiitg. ■•■■■■: * i j The II ss - ot mnluni forb.-wanc- between j If the t'v.i . . !. i .e,’ ; n !„f th Ii °. dinr-ry i Jtiftn, h. ) JbuUi* Nol i : ill. ! .- usli: In ivhnt we have to raj | rp.rtlte. Mibieet. We ddro - ourseiv particularly 1 f;. o«.. tk ! e,i. -ifi i;r spc. . and con -ern tn I its weir.i • to; ndei lit ii >■ ,v. idi it- imrivstr. | ! el,. ; (.11 • ia.(.:v.e‘'.t, five me to ti t rap,ni, i iJirV '.. !■■ pviitli ' •nl, Inient in '! e r',,n[ti. t> u I.lint I’n ir i-uf.,',-..,!.. t if j he .i,u:li i .miH'e.h'ni " A .. ’ , l J. I, :’■ ‘ 1 ’ - , l, '■ , Ofrl vX'e : u - ill 1• ■ inc -. d'lh'i'red !. r- -in ' tie ,r rr iue',l',l ilk,' ■ In.ilmneat!' (1... i- •„ . ■■• .•! •■, 11 • • iit>; • I|i,.„,' ■ > .; •> . ■■ ■ of the Nv!t, 4 .... v ~!' mail i . np ■l. .;; . ; i i.i;„, •riant to.the South l„ nd : 1 'I! : ni to. a' 'eilniiitiotis oY» -im: :iv o . : : in wm .-Mm},."and, bore a!>. i, We knew self-:- . i. id A in’ in ialionmmd provo ; tteldei • lieu 1 if 111-- S u!h will re: ■ 'that ill-: : tern • .in ! alM’.-e of the Norlh ere precisely what tl, .' .. •. ,}■• irini: them to exhibit, in :: ; . . !i ; in ■ ftdition rs lie- in: •'i, mi • ni*o'. :;k]:t’.Jld illvitilUf 1.8.1J1 1 . . nothing r;ui bf •• P; ■<id'n th: .• : • t«mt* *• ! t*ioil of unfoi givin . ' ■ 1 on over the’wnr. It inufi! bo cmieed'.d that the area! majority ofthote who supplied the a; ,i |!.„ m , for i! •:,V- .[ I, • A'; and »0| •!>• 1,-. :i (to.vil tie m ;.'wl'o’ fmv.M An- - ci' , it,* i-:, 11l Sriippoi't of their 1 1H 1 a'-e ti-• . ■:■ rf.tilv paying off the ■ . • ,!• i '•,!:! c ontest involved. \ The f ■ it mid !< -eh tl. • •• -‘"th pniiene- an I 1 jt*rb ‘ n-, n:!*t'‘v ii-'-* disabilities rhe in now ! i : !J! Wr. which* will bout least of only ] r.xjn )>, ry . :,'ilii.t I’lctv il‘ tiif conservative:* •>;' : botl- 1 v *rk log -tber m barmony. lid disjr-inoa U nianif’esled oh both sid<*A to | ii,-. > ti-'. :’n bof ?bt* wnr. the okintev re?t(>- j »•.,(;io;i‘ of all the -rights, of the So-Jtli will follow. ! It n; i•• ;•*>■ be so. - > <*n 1 bat, whatever chan: e j • ,-r i«;c- don joe.;, in the bioycniment,lt- j i- < I-, •■'■{'. u:\Uy he ; hoßonie a fixed fact, and , th the q?i . ’••n be *k-r.riube-d h. whether it ; ■ ’.l ie a Enlon of free, enital and happy Staten, \ |or of« living be-ly an«l a. Him*:? espKe. _ : [ *j i;, dt-'ermination of fhL question depends in ] :ti ; i .ti and :rree vtpoti the pi't j' !ence and equa ■ jjjjrt v. which tr - rt- of public in ; the :i: ,*re ebi** to under the trying \ ' " , 31;. I>avr* an?? thr Linroin Coiss^vi^*-1 acy. tho .litdiciiiry Coujiuittec made a report; r . dive to tie* alleged < otupUcity of Jefferson : Jeivi: , iu the u-' i- j inalion of Lincpin wherein j thev * . • tun 1 His nolo - ioa- ; that said Davis i* ■ <:ni! -i rh-jrimo of: ir>-ison, according to the ’ no wf .mS” - : > trial j w h : ch cua vemovf 'Uiy '•■e. Nation. hlTe evi- I decc-e in posses ' y.f' ; 3 Comroiltce con meeting ! Jefersou Daviv wEh :’.e of Presi-; ; .-i t Lincoln, j ’L* : “ Commit in saying i titgt tltei« is kp: * trdde cause to believe that he | y;b' privy to the *w* <>d which 10-d to the com have b .*• i r.f ‘-Yar Df-pavtiaent and the i Q himiUo Karo rUe-.l in placing the Gov frr.taecit in pos s-iou of all the facts in the case hi. :»*'<»bi*b!‘. •• e». t’- 1 1 the further prose but: ifi of the in, e* rig ■. i*«ns by the Committee and 'jbv the ofiic‘*rs if t m•.* tioverumcDt. will result 3'iuallv i!) the { .• . o’.opnicutof the whole trans •uciism. The c.'jdu • of Pic Confederate arehi (ve. Ins pui -M Got mm-.*nt in possesion of a muss of let r r , ; • ;*- »• and documents of various 1 jnds, on! • •'* ,r hieh at- a c vot been ' ... g -. anti-• M/»x?.ra:rr,dhawedbitfbas Aimundbibbdbi gain." (HATMAN, Oi. •, FRIDAY, AUGUST 10, 186(5. (Fm.if tlie New Haven Ilegistev.] A Coatraßf nml Us The ruccnt torriblo cot:lla;'fation n l’ortlnml, mnl the ciniseiitieni sttflefii . iiiliieted open t’l.msaiuls nf (lie people, 1,« say notliiiig’.of' the nlrn-st ci uslmi-' blow (.> tlie prospefity ■ f one of our pfoini.-,her ivi-es, e.ills fort'tM.v to tn’enl scenes of a similiir ehm actor in utiotlier. part of tlie c nn.i-y, (di'y a few moai!i.-' • njjo. lh« tririhle ealamiiy that lt»s he fulh n I’ortlainl, calk’d forth the l 1 fee!! ;s of out - inspi «k! U sal sympathy, mid opened hundreds m l Ihonsands of pursos. The scene at Fo land, fearful and lamentable as it was. assumes trivial proportions when we v dcsolnli»*n and devastation that befell- many of the fairest ci lies tho South. Christina charily tipp,- haul and not in vain for stiffen! : land; but how straupv. yei how true i! is. that many in, st earnest i. .. I! ready in their response in this ease, a- \ ! ,n]!\ lidi not then manifest tiny seeti dis-l position --any such humane, sympathetic ! feeliti 1, hut actually rejoiced and t/buid;-l mi (iod the fervor of theii i, j when Atlanta was laid in ashes. \ -a i the 1 eatuifnl city off iumbia wa :i desolate by the torch, ■when day } after j day the intelligence came that tlwf army 1 were throwing: hend'shclls. into )' a- f s-1 ton, and that the wareliouses, re.y ,■ ><•(■ , and even clini ehes of the city iv- -len rj gradually but Finely swep, :iv. ,y. Hall ; tlie population ol that doom; and ciitj were , ohlip-ed to leave tlieir home. ai:d see!; 1 refn-’o in the country, because tlie spji’il i i.( revenge demanded that th.- cii;- 1 "tld ■ ho a.;hes, 'Tnirned nod with I sail,'as one iiiildniannoi'ed 1 -idler of; tho Gospel expressed it, M. . . -m.'.i.l l-o p,. a- to l"ave their lion, ’■ re ob liged to remain within rang", ot tuc - in as, 1 :.ev -r kuo’.viu ' at what nume n' th- muv : eti’—us i!; s trumeii tof Mar v. -p crush; ihrou ,U tiltsc hpit-es till-' ■ ’ - m ah to eimiiity. Numbers f aien me childreh,"innocent of any i- ■ ■ alien ;n •'the crime of rebel'. ' stru--:. j down by Ghhorvi'-’s ma. 1 gutaiMv, and i,join; New '1" glaml ,!■ ~,| up lmr j ; tr> r»r nils war i-' RBf C«>Ub‘ • - ; y. :, ;iyci : lb l* ; . ii;ij it •-G ii oi»i X • iiLt -ua i , devout « • ' ifc ,: 'G ■" . :u.u, ~....:, who imagined t»n . A ;u ctiv I s Ot tte , ' i ■'% vrii . came in«;> the world, not •<1 trey hut to sav whose gos. It v. is ) -nd g< 0.l will to men, I'iV-d up t::.-:r voices in the pulpit and r- fmu t- ' sic , . calamity infli ;t tl up ,u th ■ ;»!m Strait; Sarth; getdht wijP’ii, niotiiers. ; whose h ",r! A xvould litt'e#ciitl'' <J at in, sight of a. child tom to.lagjnenls ly a bars! shell* w o w >»:d have ive|>: 1 I ears otAvo-nanly ■ ympaiiy for an ig’li : S hor tnnufrttfui.o the sireer by an uncon-! | troinl.le Ii:-- -who woido have stem.! a;e palled and It s-ror rtncftm had one oi : t heir own hr, d-n-s hiSn siiaiciied from . tii.-tn l.v v; J-iic’ icie/ei-uearred, chris xv, -i a " m ;ht /tho- infection of! bio, ,1 s; i tli .user | riel.:;;'?;' and (Up-i pal, : us for the /mnpitie. it Her #n-. 1 uiiiihtiioii «>f the (;• <’t who had incur-! red their displeasure/ by their P ’b'fca' fiii iron pi ittlod the word of.h.i; !, .oi l/ispin-dy p'raye.l fuj’ ti,;. . i! of , j ations up .1 all'll! ( Ifov/ little did tl;p<-.].!.• realize the j nwf.’l barbarity of J.-ir expn . and entii limits! H-wlitllJ did they realize T'e | sig’iiilk'af ion of tlielerse isi, r ia.‘./;e of tlip! tch-:: i .ip!i as ;t sn|cx*Bsively tinaoune. and ; •‘Atliinta (!■ sirovej,” ’‘Columbia wiped> “Tl c ’ ,1J of the rebellion aj ; ,, „f mins,? ‘•hicb.-mpnl in. as!: s. v ; T'.> frightful M’.j-i •at I’ tnd ban brougiii horn'; ts 'jar own doors tee*,| fible .sig’iiif. due’(of d’itvui am iv-deli j mi sjy pious i„ -lit pr-iye 1 so ardentiy toi be v’ioitC-d upon |i(b fout'ii —a ml while it opens our he.’ii ts in rympatliy and chari-1 ty for the afiici } 1 it should also cause a r’..”. I. xx -d ■ f the| ■ so e uumon a lew L.r i u:.J give enerp’y to the pa -: tii/is delei iiuijfii e’ll f•) l’es'-ue our conn- , !:%• from the im iis of anotl.-’r civil war ijv rc estah'is' fcSf the fraternal Tclationc j xxhidi e.’dsteij 1 t-.vwin our anCe tor.-:/ North and 3 Mi when they join' and hands to rtsSs-t a c.i irnoii enemy and fettnd aj c-.inr x:a xliicli they mi/iit enjoy a| common pr j ’ IJ( .-i a coifinioa \ witli Pi'esidasit We iincl ije failoxvinn; article in tie; Boston C.isia'acial. It sonic face: for ci j; dderation anionj,' iliiuks:* * rnei:: A.gant'i Man xvii ) had a free cotiver - ti 1 xvii.h l'r i ' o' ' m. ’ G time since, -r;.is us th.i! ~%t, : ' ‘ i hop-sip, ii: <1 spur , unv in the CXr/e.-.nioli o! his views. ea not antic p : • anythin/’ like a Item /■ ic majoriw in ttie nest l-esse oi if ~;;* 1 sen tali vef, though the number of Repri- 1 s-viitutiv • of that party'vili ioubtiess be : cousidefibly incrcaseu. Bat be e >es i count wpiidently on the a ma- I jcrity if nioJci’uie wen, xvho xvill bo pre- • pared to deal with the neo] !e oi tiic i ; South a/; uli hojiorablo and minded nation; deal with thmi anta,.: nists after having'bealen au4 disarmed them. And ,iu Djstficts and-- ‘.'here the repub-j 1 leant i arty fail ■/>< ■ ate sue'h m n.Jic 1 . thiuks: democratic ididal-.s wih '00( likely, in a maj ' • " ; <•'-.••• e-i rs-r- r.idic ■ - ' . _ Th Pr.’.ddcmt is uuliesdVitinv.-ly of the op:u : i 'hat tho only safety -of the mi ; tir-ii iioa iu a generous and expansive i plan of.conciliation, and tin- longer this! is i, hiyctl, 'the more d ; (lieuit xvill it he j p. bring the North and the South into luo mu y. If the suspicious, tyranical I- hey is too long pursacd, tho pnpula ti l of the South xvill bee, on;o as hostile! hi time to the North na the people of Irc f- ad are towards England adding to this • -il of hereditary and growing animosity i abilit y for revenge o h id red fold .. l’cater than Tn.laial pos.- esses. In regard to blacks, the lacvidont -ays they will tind work enough, and for ! many yciys to come probably bettor re-; umnorntioiv tluin any other class jl'ugri-! adtura! laborers in'the country. The •ompetitioii of capitulAts and landown ers xvdl good treatment and good I j)ay bom the planters. That there xvill be i itch disorder is to be expected ; hut j there xvill be i. i m rc than there xvonld I bo at tin: North ' , re the. number of; black laborers Millici-ntly numerous to, sit, r into :: ;sous rivalry x. itli tlie white laborer The l’rcsid, :t, is conddent tiiat noth-- ling can ho . >(jy and permanently done | in re ravd to r, storing the currency, dim j i isiislimg iiixaiinu,. and e. lablishing the j ! pro- perky of ;lic count ry on a sound and I is...luril';.!’ be. : . i ;i: 1 iv, resent itivcs | from all the fmi •* are pro cut. in Gon-| gross. The ij a of leg's!;:tillg for one j third of ili- | pulation of the country, I : ,n;.l p: in;.'; a :itir.icnal amomlnionts , xvii!n iu al!;c.'. in:.; tliom any voice in this ; mnl ter, or paying any attention to their! wishes, iu fuli el danger t > the future j peace and welfare of the nation.. They 1....n tbctiea'.cd as ll silbj'igatod people ; r us vassal colonies withuni a germ of! j butre-’i being iutr duced, xvliioli xvill mmie I day or other, though the ti ne may be die-: I’te at, dev ‘ s- ■ mischief O s the most so-; With ti aru to the bus! of represon 1 | tat ion, he detiouacos this ri a mere bug* j i bear. It cannot, 'anil it i ill not bo per-j I maneotiy settled until alii the States arc I 1 reins coined, and no incrivao iu the inim-j ; l„a ••!' repri seiitatix’es in fonseijnence of ». any -vent ocelli’ until the eetusus of. 1- ill in , ; ci. inmt l v :rti fime of course the i tln-o flfilis provi;-: i. ill force under :he ■' • sc . I'tiere is, therefore, .••nude tin •• ci settlo this matter between as, s i !: TO, audit is unwise to agitate ’ it until other matters xvliioli cannot be Th- Pi, side.ut dees n 1 iiiliilit; that lie j Ins been inconsistent IJ- in as much op. dto tivac in a ait traitors as ever j he >••• •s, ant for punish: ; them severely, j : But Ei : ■ i . no ireaeci md no traitors J ; now. Ti, • e'liemy has fully and fairly I , Mil ; -cl-l .1, ala'i is p. I ve/cl.c ail'd a foO itlius :itus.;ed should be run; - auimously ! ;c A a ne: si and li'relian't xva.rrior aixvaxv re -res his di armed en emy Ids sword and trusts his parele ofi honor. The idea Os muzzling the pi . s ami j 1 yin;; the tonga ot the people o) the j li t 1 1, afier the mamior of the suspicions ’tyran/; and tlie Holy lmpiisii ions of the j /id Woi Id, he and "Hi,’ire.-) us absurd. A , >n!e lionld he alio’- ■ and to grumbie xvho have suffered ti i much, and they xvould be i iiiixvortii.y, the name of men if they did j ►not respe i till! brave oll'ic-r.: who have sufj, red with them, and lionoi the memo-! ry of their gallant dec! who el-op on a; hundred but * L acids :.:-nnd tlieir botnes. | Ji;ni;n T-fma/voon Bkpoke tiik lißcdN-; ana ■■ non C-igm The f-lhnving, ! " lii 'h we give ou t e uulliority of. the ... ,1 extract from the testimony <i! ,}o!in . !;nderxvo,xl xvho la Judge of 'be iliiitr.’ct C’-uirt of tlie Uniti 1 Staten f-r! that Isa/ : (j. Gould eiihiu’ JelVcrson Davis or Roll es: Jh be c-ni'.acied of treaiisui in Vir- A. !;ii, no ! a- you had a packed jury (). Gould you manage to pad: a jury ; A. I think it v ihl lie very difficult-, ' bat it e mid i.yii me. I could pack a jury to convict, him. . The Noxv Y-ik News says when it is ■ 1 . tho mim in v.di-ss; court tin.[indictment against Mr. /avis was I'siaal, and before whom sum >r dimr to the reel'd, he is t*» be tried, the public xvill I Tigha' i t this- di do ■ That the lladica! s should e-:i<:oiyG (he idea, of trying Mr Davis by a packs 1 jury (bras not .mAu’ine ns in tlfe I si.-J- ; | (hat Unde. xv'oud jlionM oiTer himself ns a x-Siiing.tool l« ctllr.v out the exc-rable is iu Imrmoiiyjxvitb bis antecedents an] Ids e:ia:-.i' ;.-r 1 bat that the Jtmlical uiai ifitv in C.siigrjss rliou’d be xvillitig to put these fa ■‘srui veford and publish ' 1 ■ : prise us. We are more than virpn--;., :ea it Dim Ic id ■"• : uuvl 7 m * ' £1 -ator (S. (3.) Standard i eo. TWri .• *i.o “All | -rs-’is v.'ho :to rcmo’Tt. • Brazil, arc request ed to h ave theirVu. •<, and the noms I of pu; various men mr-r -f their families, tog;eth«r with the mount .of baggage ■ ; which tn?v desire ti take, xvitii tho Kdi- • tor ~f the Chester ,8 ndird. Hr. G:e.;tun ; informs us that he i. shortly expecting a ; [ communication iron the Brazilian Guv- j erumeni, v-1 - cto iie subject ufeimgra ; tion. ID \M.-d le j rt; .'Jfxvlio arc ttna // to pay their pass ge f also invited to hand in their nan s. Ito authorize i Dr. Gaston to asccr tin and report the; mosteligiblc and n: i-fayt-.- means ol A PLEASANT LOVE STORY. The Two Answers. “No Charles, it cannot be. Asa friend I shall respect and esteem you ; but *1 cannot be your wife. Have compassion j on me and do not press me further.” ! Mary Granville stood before me as she spoke xv th her hands clasped and her [ head bowed, trembling like an aspen and j as I fancied, there were tears pi her, trite was a beautiful girl and I had: thought her as good and pure as she 1 xvus beautiful, and further, than this, li had believed that she loved me. Ahe was an orphan and had been en gaged during the past year in teaching | one of our village sehools- Ofher early life, I knew nothing save! tiiat she had been educated and moved in good society ; and 1 had reason to bo-I lieve that at some time her parents had been wealthy but her father had failed in business, and it had been told to me that the sail reverse killed him. 1 had known that Mary was poor—tiiat she had de l-ended on her daily labor for support and the thought that 1 could oiler her a com fortable home, with dm advantage < fmod crate wealth-had given increase to my prospective happiness. lint tliis unexpected ansxvor dashed all my bright hopes to the ground. “Do you mean,” 1 cried vehemently, “Tiiat you dismiss? Am I Cast oil'?” “1 cannot be your wife,” xvas the rc l'lv. , “ 1 lien," s lid 1 with more warmth than 1 might have betrayed under other cir cumstances. “1 leave you to yourself, and while i try to shake nil’ he love that ! has bound me to jam, I xvill only hope I that ere yon lead another into your net you xx i!I conclude beforehand xvhether j you will keep him She looked, into my face with a painful [ frightened glance, but 1 did not stop to i hear her speak further. 1 turned and left, the house 1 remarked that under other cirenm | stances 1 might, have been more cool and ! collected .in my speech; and wlpit do you I j suppose dear renders, the attending cir- I cumsfancos wen •? j [’ll tell you candidly. j 1 was a" little Tii■ate’d with wine; 1 had j drank just enough to xvarm my blood ; ami give m.v brain an extra impulse, and jmy words xvi r.x not chosen, as 1 should i have chosen them had the Spirit of wine : been absent. As ] walked toxvards ryy home T sought : to pniMiade myself that I had uiifortu j ilately escaped tlie snare of a coquette, I and that I might be the better enabled | thus to reason, 1 stopped at iho hotel where I found a few of my companions,' ; and helped to dispose of half a dozen bol ! lies' of xvine. ] On the following morning \ awokewith : the headache and when I called to mind j the events of tho proceeding evening, I xvas anything but happy I began to realize how much I had lov ed Mary Granville. There was an aeli j ing x-oiiLin my heart, and 1 wept as I i conteni|imted my loss. It xvas my first love, and its iiillinmco had penetrated ! every lihro of my being. The beautiful girl lord become more dear to me than 1 ; could tell, and I groaned in bitter anguish when 1 thought that she xvas lost to me : forever. ; J reso’ved that I should feel very angry ' and indignant but when the sweet lace } xvas called upon to mental view such I feeling melted axvay leaving me sad and I desolate. ; On he folloxving Babbatli 1 attended 'church where I saxv Mnry once more.- She played the organ as she h id done tile , past year and as her lingers sxvept ov-r ' ; the keys 1 fancied that l could delect a 1 tremiilourness which 1 had never noticed j 'before Was it imagination, or xvas u-j really a plaiiitivne.'-.s-- a sadness iu ex : pres-iou of her music. I To me it seemed at times as though; I’the organ moaned and xvept. It xvas I like Hie wailing: of the daughters of Zion j by the rivers of Babylon. When the services xx-ere over, and xvc [ went out of the church, 1 saxv Mary’s j face. It was pale and wan; as though! she had been sick. W hat could it be Was she sull’erim; as 1 bad snfleral ? i The thought Ba-lied upon me that some one had told something to my disadvan tage. 1 had enemies xvlm envied me be cause I had inherited some wealth—and I fancied enemies xvho envied me the love of Mary < Jranville. Another week pajsed and I became n: ire and inure sad and lonesome. My bimine was irksome to me, and my 1 books and papers afforded me no respite. In fact 1 could not read, for my mind xvas i never on the page before me. Another, •Sabbath at church and I saw Mary again /lie was paler than before, and her eyes look-d as though she had been xveepiug. I ■ Bari l g the succeeding week I receiv -1 a visit from ftiy college churn, Jack 1 Stanton who had just opened u law office at Bfrryviiie. Alter supper as we sat in : oar cosj- par’ur rtiokiug our cigars, 1 sug gested that a bottle of wine xv-uld not be amiss. Jack shook his head. “No -mat-lev, I. * said, xx’." ii ie-axc tne xvine to those xvl. > need it.” "You used to drink Jack. ’ “Yes, b*« never done me any good.’’ “Anddj ■ .a foil: that it over did Jo an v harm A” -As to that I xvill*not say, it never shall do me harm. I know it has harm- . ed others as strong as 1 am. Bj' thg .v,i.y, Charlie, isn’t Mary Granville herd? ’ “Yes,” raid I. -!>•■ v.a, know her ?’ [ turned away my face an 1 pretended ' to liavo heard s micthing (it (ho window. ‘d have seen In i," 1 replied, when I had | composed myself. “She plugs the organ in Iho church.” i ‘ She and I wore schoolmates,” pursued Stanton, “and speaking ol vri ie brings her to mv mind. Do you know anything' ; of her early life V I “Nothin;-;," 1 answered. ; “Poor Mary 1 1 never think of her ! without feeling my resolutions''of total :dial!notice grow stronger and stronger : When we were school children together I her fylker was the wealthiest mail in ! [lerryville, and she and her brother were 1 among the happiest ol the happy. "Mr. Granville was in the habit ol ; drinking wine and the habit grew upon | him until he could not g'o without his I brandy. • ! “He was of a social disposition, and I in time it came to pass that, he was oden j grossly intoxicated. Os course, under : such circumstances one of two things j must happen- the man must reform or ; must sink Mr. Granville did not reform ! and ere many years he died a druukarus ; death, leaviilg'his family in poverty and suffering. i “Thomas, the son-- four years older than Mary -became dismpated, and at ! the age of eighteen* was killed in a street light in New'York. .Mrs. Granville snr ' vivid her son hut .a few months- e.f.s.i --! lately dying, the doctor id, of a broken ! heart. 1 “I’ Mary, finis left fatherless and | mothei less without brother or sister, at ! the ago ei lifted! was forced to earn the 1 hrciafsho ate—a -d nobly linn she. done it. If van know her t harloy, y-u knov, one of the noblest womrn that i ver lived. ! But. what’s t 1 in matter? Why bless | me you look as pale as a ghost.” 1 struggled hard with inysell, and told Jack that 1 had swallowed a lot of cigar I smoke, i rose and opening one ol the easements, : tepped out oil the balcony ; j where the fresh air restored me. At a Into hour .lack departed for the I hotel, amt when 1 had retired to m chamber 1 ipaced to and fro untU 1 -tig jailer midnight. I could jiolonger <■ i»un j derslafid (lie motive which hart actuated Marv in rejt.-cting mV hand. She knew i 1.1,;, I,‘ I was' ill the habit of using wine, , and on that evening wbeli *\vo nu t she giitst have discovered that. 1 had (lion's i enough to bring a ml;-': hush to in.y cm ( •■ >l, my < bid ' ’ 1 ejaculated, us I sank I into n chni.r, “I wonder not. that she re j fused to place her future life in mv keep j j n ,,.. leal siiifer'-d enough from the i accursed cup. The night of sorrow and I desolation has been long upon her. .She j Vi t. . wrui-s - than mad to lake, a luis !,;i,lll, who.;e opening path in life, led tu i wards the pit into which the loved ones Ls other da -s had fallen i “Hut.” I asked toy self, “why did she not tell me the vdtole truth T . j i found no difficulty in answering the j question. She lmd shrunk from woimd i i,ig mv feelings. 1 knew Imw sensitive she was, and 1 knew she was afraid of I olTeiidiiig me. Perhaps ...1,0 thought ini: ~road and hoadstoug enough to resent I,l.icli liberty on her part, and perhaps ; ! imagined 1 "might look upon her as the j ofl'eriof her hand in consideration of ren slicing the •wine cup, and I might : spill'll la-r oiler. On Friday Jack Stanton lett me, and j, m Saturday evening I called at Marys ! hoarding lwuse. Mary herself answered mv summons, kite started when Sac. saw me, and i saw her right hand move I ijuickly’t-wards her heart. * “M.iVy,” 1 said speaking calmly, for i hud’ mighty strength of will to support I have not come to distress you ; 1 'have esuto e.s a lra.vud, atid huiiioly ask ‘ tßut will give me an audience for a i I'-..-'.'.' moments.” , She went in the parlor, ands follotved ! |if. i- closing the door behind me: and when we were alone, she set the lamp 1 i|, - tab!-- an 1 motioned me to a Seat. -■g,, .-aid, !, "f will' not sit down yet. j dive me your hand, Mary. M clnuiiciilly she put forth her hands. ; and 1 look t'-oui in my own '1 acre was. a, wondering look in h r eyes, ana a slight Hush to li r pale cln eks. I “Mary" ! continued, speaking slowly | aiidV.fdv, and I know that moisture was , '■ in ily - - .“y »i nen-t answer me mi-: ipiestion. Answer us you please 1 and lake my .solemn assurance tm.t J j ~i. j t p,, y„ nr good, J ell me do you j love me ? N", no—do not take yur hands j ~ v.-ay vet. Answer me and you can. fear, '.() tear t.-l ; for I had rather go hi j to eiidlcs s night than do you wrong, 'i ell , me Mary, and * you love me. j “I cannot . vik falsely,” she tremh-j lb. -• whispered’, “for my own peace, per-! imps l love you to well.” “Listen to mu for one moment, “I add-, oil, draw tig lie* nearer run ; "when 1 l,avc t-i'-i y ai that Vv'hiclt I have to tail, you shell be the judg f " Hue did not strive to free her hands, but looked up eagerly in my face, and her eye b -’.uc and with hopelnl iignt. "V -i know Jack Stanton I said. “Yes,” she replied. J “lie was my best friend when WJ<.were j college, and mv friemlslTip h i^e>f.growii, less.' He came to see told me: the trials and of one oi tu ; «ciiool-Wi mu '--’i , ; "Oli, iKfV ] know well why my hand wa> t’efmrcd, and 1 blame ye i not. it -faity be well that our paths will be dif ferent through life, hut you shall at least know that him whom you have loved v sit . t ,1- ,i h !, •!! 1- ■ irr r'h-> | SB.OO per Annum. 'NO. 80. your kindest remcinbr, I know that I have hitherto wandered into the path of -l-u-'.vr, but henceforth I am free from the dread snare. . l inh-r the new light that has dawned' upon me, I hold the wine cup to he a I-aritil enemy. 1w: ’ .slum it as 1 would x mu a sliumetul Iffe and a cl aided death’ bed. Per my own sake will Ido this, so that lay a dated mother, if she can look up ,!1 -- bay, can smile approvingly uu the course lie has chosen. “And now Mary, if future time you ~ -a! ; i-t-| that you can trust your haiipia, - in my k< '- imlg, you will 1 give me cuiie i-iken thereof, and I will 'oiiio aim am: ior y a mind, and should' it- be my blessed lot to receive it I will •lev -- ie every energy in my being to make’ y (,| ir hie a joyous and peaceful one.” I h't go ~er hands, and bowed mv head to wipe away a tear. I turned to* | >'ls the door, really intending to do- I purl and give her lime for reilection,. u ai she proi. maced my name ; I looked back, and 1 r hands were stretclidd out towards me. .\-,t now," 1 whispered I will not j.-ur .answe r y t .-i. Watch—prove ’me. * inly give me to know that I have your l-'ve.” I ■’ 'ppt'il, .•■•peaking, for Mary’s head -I 1 c:i p'lloui'd upon niv bosom, and ■she was weeping liken child. "Nov . now 1 ’ she utteicdas I wound mv .i■ rr,: , ni'oiind it*-i'. "Oil, t diaries,” I -i- ver doubted Vo nr truth. I know you ; cunu,.; deceive me. God bless your j no:-L, ...-|u ll ,n and let me help vou to | keep it !’’ 1 cannot no'., (ell how long I stopped ihai eveiiin.e 1 can only tell that I was vc.y luappy, tun I that my prospects ’of Ihe 'oiiiiiig year was bright and glori -011 " « (.»n ll.c follow, us: day - -a Pal ' Mi calm and nle. mt- the organ gave f• ith a new strain. The daughters of Zion were no longer in a strange imd. They had taken them 1 1 ma •. down from the willows, ■s i v ~.l li 1 1.■ ■ chair. f- us of the new f Mip'e i- ' revplondi.'iit far than the old, :!: • . '•!,,t!; - --ng- that aforetime made : •yens the cby of their God. All marho-l uu- ■ . iiiioer of J■ o.•-„tfiSLU -prim;.- mrrt tire r- r- alh the touch of the I . ,-r -' on that beautiful Hahbath mbrinng : null -II smm-il moved t>y iu ail; in. To uu- it was like the out u ,1 -a in -!o nod soul, and with b-iwed head and folded hands, I give myself n; to the sublitiie ililliience. As Mary timu-d Ts as the instrument 1 caught lure, -. Aline we;--dim with moisture, ; nr b-i - wi r t !s i;s -1, gleaming with seraphic light. many weeks Imd passed, another hand pas ■- 1 o\ - ,- the keys of the organ, fur Mary was not in the choir. She knelt before It: ■ altar by my side and cl ei- rmti stretched Ids hands with prayer and blessing. And w • went out of church together—• .Mats and I -out in tlx; new life—bound 1,0,", e> It--art awl hand to hand, to love, honor and ehetish forevermore. —-*«a» <♦«**—— A 1 •Ills!I OS 1.01'1.-IAN \, —A paper pub -1 is!icd in tile district of Avosselles, Louis iitna, has a :,ad story of the condition of as'l'icmtnm 1 properly - Un-re: “Nearly nim -t-'iiliis of the alluvial lands of our pal:- h are ii.uder water, and lourfitllS of U tie:, and c r;i planted atdesti oved by the e-. ei!!-)',v. In the district, where, li, w .tier has not done the ndsc'def, mvi iadii of grasshopp.-rs are at work, '.u iii" ad vail, ■ of the * alerpillar invasion, eating o'e: rtliiii iii the fields. Never, ; du'i'i'! - or l-s’-re the war, have we wit* iicssi"! .-i will's- iin :"i - ct for our unfortu nate people.” —;... —ns*— AV- * - .'. Hiiuuci'iox' Dam 's Mv;w ...a who leccives dam* ,i ’bum! of the law for the loss .-.iii.,- if -- ; m -re to lower the stair ihi id of morality lino. n. dozen courtesans ! Tie lov. -st order. Tiie -simple of the -i iijer --.-.orks its p-, -iious clients ill cir ■ IV:mi wide!i the latter are entirely uid at- ; ce.,i never reach. 'J'he man that gs. I, vote:' towards., setting a on woman’s h-sior, and by his vote : : riches up a a shameless wanton, sli add consider what au inducement ho is holding; out to his own daughter or • i ,t. o to enrich ber*»'f at what she may think so mail a sacrilic •. My creed can be r wsiSi o-o iutgj a very small space, ;;i : | - 11 express the sentiment of all en lightened'log U in’inde'i and noble men iii-! i:u n. lbiiiish whom, when and ! I -you will, but do net pay women u : iviiVtim to degrade themselves. —Topeeyi Tira-y. \ ii-n-’is'!, ax a Pimn '■ w: v —Our planting Iricad« will hepie.--.ed .that an agency for the siijiidy i-ielws ot fte!-1 flower r- 1 - -seeds,, its well us ogiustiUi horlicidtu r:ij-..inip!imenis of e nns been ts ■I ,i i-..i0-i.l in -au < ' •"»!• Is etch . a V 1! . W.i ••• block. Jackson . street,,i;s t!;:' agent flu t'aschall Morris V Pliikt leijibia, tL a reno\Vtied r i m Si-i prep feed to furnish semi . in any dc :irod ijuautities —togetli-- ~•• vo ' id the i ,".V and improved labor - tvl.w iinpJe meats of husbandry—this.* I,. . sti ■ id:• s:i long needed demand: ami we commend the agency- of Mr. I .'etchant to our planting frtonM.yllirmigh; out the Stale. - A'tijusla Ulyxn'c’e. - -««»-» BI.ANKS f,r SALK at this OFFICH, TUB IM’IN'iTNG, ucatl executed with' ' pM D:.d iP.'li