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Daily commercial. (Rome, Ga.) 1865-1876, December 10, 1874, Image 3

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THE DAILY COMMERCIAL. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 10,1874 COTTON BEFOBTB By Telegraph to Howel & Williamson, Cotton Factors and Commission Merchants, Borne Georgia. LIVERPOOL MARKET. Liverpool, December 9, 12:30 p. m.— Cotton quiet and unchanged; sales 12,000; ,2,000 exports and speculation; February and Alarcli shipments from Savannah or Charles* ton, basis low middlings 7 7*16. 4p m. —December and January shipments from t-m-vannah or Charleston basis low middling 7}. NEW YORK MARKET. New York, December 9, 10:30 a. m. — Gold opened #l. 10$. Futures quiet and unchanged; January 14$; February 14 15-16; March i5 5*16; April 16f; May 16; June 16$; spot cotton dull and unchanged—lower to sell. 2:30 P. m.—Futures easy; January 14$; February 14 15-16; March 15|; April 15$; May 15 15 16; June 16$; July 16 9*16; sales for forward delivery 22,500; spot cotton un changed; sales for exports 100; for consump tion 517 Net receipts to-day 26,170; ex ports to Great Britain 30,800: France 7,919: continent 23,561; channel 2,668; stock 641,- 311. Gold closed sl.los. ROME MARKET. Rome, Ga., December 9. — Market quiet; better demand at shade lower prices. We quote good middlings 13$; middlings 13$; low middlings 13$; good ordinary 12$; ordis nary 11$; deep stains 10$@H$; bright 11$ Malaga rapes, Sugar Corn, Mince Meat received to day. J D. Carver. For Relit. House for rent opposite the Episcopal Church. Apply to Id. V. Mitchell. Announcement —The first Monday of January, 1875, will be a favorable time for young ladies to enter the Rome Female Col lege. Ten per cent, will be subtracted from bills for board, if paid iu advance by the ses sion. J. M. M Caldwell. dec B—if J. I. Carver Announces, as jast received, a lot-of Malaga Grapes, Sugar Corn, and Mince meat. See local. 500 pounds of Parker’s Best Treasury Blotting Paper at Patrick & Omberg's. Mottoes and Texts in Chromo Colors and on perforated board for Berlin Wool at Pat rick & Omberg’s. Bon Voyage, ike. Ike Whitely, after to day, as he goes sailing o’er life’s sea, will have such a loviDg and lovable compagnon de voyage as the charming and amiable Miss Es telle Hooper. Bon voyage, Ike, to you and to vouis. S. Call Communication of Oosta naula Lodge No. 113, F. A. M. this /nt\ evening at 7 o'clock. Work in M. M. Degree. By order of W. M. H. Habpold, Secretary. Personal. ft Dr. Gray, who has been practicing Hedicine in Cave Spring for fourteen Bars, yesterday moved to Rome, and 81l henceforth cast in his lot with us. He welcome him and his family to the Kternal City.” HlUissesline Kid Foxed Boots at Govan’s. Btlen'sCalf Cable Englisli Ties at Govan’s. Bvien’s fine Box-Toe Boots, Cable Sewed, BGovan’s. B| 00,000 dry and green hides wanted for Bh M. F. Govan & Cos. Ye Old Folk’s Concert. Drhose who have so kindly proffered to Bst iu getting up “Ye Old Folks’ Con- Bt” for the benefit of the Good Tern- Mrs, will please meet this afternoon, at at the residence of Mr. H. A. Smith, for purpose of perfecting arrange ments and getting up the programme. Bridal sets of jewelry S6O to SIOO at Veal’s. dec B—tf Coral sets ot jewelry $8 to $76 at Veal’s. Amethyst sets of jewelry sl2 to SIOO at Veal’s. Gold Bracelets S2O to $75 per pair at Veal’s. Here Me Comes iu His Chariot and Six. Room for old Santa Clause, room! He has sent forward his couriers and enga ged quarters at Henry A. Smith’s Book and Music Emporiuno, and Smith is fixed up to give the jolly old boy a “big blow out” in the way of a greeting. Go to Smith’s and interview old Santa Clause and chat with him and let him give you a nice present for your wife and baby. See Smith’s advertisement about Chromos, Lithographs, Work Boxes and about his Defying Competiton ! Iter. J. L. Pierce Granted a New Trial. We understand that the Supreme Court has granted anew trial to the Rev. J. L. Pierce on the score of error in the charge of the Court below. Our read ers doubtless remember that Mr, Pierce was fouud guilty some time back, on his trial in the Superior Court for making improper advances to a lady of Carters ville. Atlanta Wholesale Prices duplicate ed, with 5 per cent, off, at J. B. Carver’s Crockery and House Furnishing Store. nov 25-tf Baskets ! —Baskets, all sizes, all shapes, all colors and lots of ’em just received and for sale cheap at Carver’s Crockery Store. oct 80 tf (loiliing! nothin*! CkAinf! We have just received fresh invoices of Fashionable Clothing, and have now on hand a most attractive stock in this line of all styles, qualities and prices for men and boys. W. M. & J. A. Gammon. The end of the year is approaching and we notify all persons indebted to us to call and settle, for we want money now. dec 9-tf W. M. & J. A. Gammon. Just received, at Warner’s, anew chromo illustrating Bret Hart’s poem of “Deacon Jones’Experience.” It is by S. F. Ryder, the publisher of “Pluck.” “ Deacon Jones’ Experience,” “Ouch,” and “Pluck,” in addition to our usual large and well assorted stock of Chromos at War ner’s. dec 4-tf Hi* Drove of Turkeys. Yesterday there passed down Broad street a drove of 200 turkeys. They were owned by Mr-Jacoway, who had driven them from Brandon’s Station, on the A. & C. R. K,, in North Alabama. Mr, Jackoway was on the road six days with his turkeys. During that time, only one “played out”—a fat old gobbler whose feet becoming too tender to travel, Mr. Jacoway disposed of for $1.50. These turkeys were purchased at 55 cents a piece. From this point, Mr. Jac oway shipped them to Charleston, where he expects to sell them at from three to five dollars a pair. SSOO worth of * Ladies’ and Children’s Furs to be sold in the next 30 days at less than New York cost at M. Rosenberg & Bro’s. Atlanta wholesale prices duplicated, with 5 per cent, off at J. B. Carver’s Crock ery Store. d3t&w7t Playing Editor. Dolph Rounsaville, we learn, passed himself off at Cartersville, Sunday, as editor of the Commercial, and, of course, had a splendid time with the la dies. Felton, hearing that the editor of the Commercial was in town, strolled around in the direction of Dolph’s board ing house with an axe handle. This was more than his editorship had calculated on and so he slid down the lightning rod and made tracks for Kinrston. It is a very pleasant thing, generally, to play editor, but then there is some little dan ger, at times, also. They say Dolph didn’t wait for the Rome train, at Kings ton, but chartered a hand-car and came home on that. Allen & McOsker have just received and are still receiving all kinds of Christmas goods in their line : Watches, Chains, Rings, Studs, Sleeve Buttons, Necklaces, &c., &c. All goods bought at Allen & McOcker’s en> graved free of charge. dec 5-lw Buy your Christmas goods at Allen & McOsker’s. The Ball Tuesday Nisht. The Ball at Empire Hall came off Tuesday night according to announce ment. We pseped in on the dancers about ten o'clock, and we know that we have never before seen so much beauty together as we saw in the Empire Hall night before last. The ladies of Rome will at any time take the beauty premi um, but on last Tuesday night, for some reason or other—may be it was the tran sit of Venus—they lookod lovlier than ever before. Prof. Sheffield, of Talladega, was Master of Ceremonies, and acquitted himself, as he always does, in handsome Btyle. The Silver Cornet Band contrib uted the music, and it was such as to doubly enhance the “poetry of motion.” We would like to give the ball a more extended notice, but the press of other matter forbids our doing so. Allen & McOsker, Rome’s Live Jew* ki.lers have a fine stock of Christmas goods. Allen & McOsker’s store is Santa Claus’ El Dorado. _ dec 5-tf Cranberries, Navy Beans, Dried Eng' lish Peas at A. T. Reid’s. Journalistic. Meeks, of the Gadsden Times, is iu the city. Freeman, of the Calhouu Times, is also sojourning with us, having come down on Tuesday evening to trip the light fantas tic with the Rome beauties. It is a wonder that our girls allow so handsome and clever a fellow as Freeman to visit our city so often and get away with heart untouched and fancy tree. Fur Christmas. Mr. J. E. Veal, of Rome, Ga., the popu lar dealer in Watches and Jewelry, has now on exhibition ath s new, spacious and admi ably fitted lip store, No. 27 fc-mith Block, one of the largest and most conspicuous stock of Ladies' Watches and Chains —pure sterl ing Silver Spoons and Forks, &c., ever ex hibited in North Ga., and these goods are offering below their value in const quence of the hard times, and now is the time to buy. Mr. Veal cordially invites inspection. uov. 11 —tt < A Floyd County Boy Wins the Honor. Wo see in the Maco'u papers that a spirited election came off Saturday tor An niversarian of the ‘‘Phi Delta Society” of Mercer University. Mr. E. A. Keese, of Randolph, and Mr. L. A. Dean, of Floyd, were candidates. Both gentlemen were so popular that a tieltas the result of several ballotings, though, finally, Mr. Dean won the distinguished honor. We congratulate him on his success and the “Phi Deltas” on having made such an admirable selection. Blue Grass Dairy Butter. The best in market. A fresh supply constantly on hand at Smith & Cliff ord’s. Selected Lake Fish and the best new Mackerel inßentities to suit the wants of all at Smith & CTtfford’s. Smith & Clifford Roast theirown Cof fee, and Grind Coffee and Spices which they warrant pure, fresh and fragrant. Ail Eagle Rilled Near Koine. The Rev. W. C. Hendricks, on last Monday, killed with a rifle, at a distance of seventy-five yards, a fine specimen of the American Bald Eagle. The eagle was killed on Simms’ Peak in Texas Val ley, about twelve miles from Rome. It measured six feet and eight inches from tip to tip of its wings, three feet from point of beak to tip of tail, five inches around the thigh, and its talons were three inches long. The bird created considerable interest yesterday while being carried through our streets. Tlic County Court. This Court yesterday adjourned till the nex-t regular term, Tuesday after the first Monday in February. The following cases were yesterday disposed of: State vs. Bob Cowan, colored, charged with assault and battery. About last June Bob made an attack, with an axe, upon Mr. Hall. lie was found guilty and fined twenty dollars and costs. The other cases were, State vs. Chas. Gattis and James Hunt, for killing two hogs, to which they plead guilty, aud were fiaed five dollars aud costs; State vs. Sanford Sugard, assault and battery, settled by the parties; State vs. Randall Scales, simple larceny, stealing a half bushel of corn out of the field, sent to jail for five days; State vs. Noah McHenry, assault and battery, not guilty. There are about fifty cases on docket to be tried at next term. Fresh Mince Meat, new Dates, new Prunes, new Currants at A. T. Reid’s. Fine Northern Apples, Sweet Florida Oranges, at A. T. Reid’s. nov 28~tf The Mans Troupe. This justly celebrated Burlesque Opera Troupe will make its appearance in our city on the 18tninst. Of the many commendations of the press, we have space this morning for only the following clipped from the Atlanta Herald,: The Burlesque Opera Troupe of Mrs. Jas. Maas played at DeGives last night to a large house. Mrs. Maas is certainly a very fine ac tress. She sang “Brightest Eyes” in German, with decided effect. The Cor' net Solo was splendid. Mr. Jas. Maas captured the house in his inimitable Banjo Solo. His version of “Put Me In My Little Bed” is simply the acme of Burlesque. He has a peculiar way of Baying a thing that makes a laugh irresistible. Monday night is their last appearance in Atlanta. We have rarely ever seen a more amu sed audience than the one out last night to see this company. Mr. Maas is as fine a negro delineator at we ever saw on the stage. He was inexpressibly funny, and kept the house in roars of laughter. Mrs. Maas is a beautiful, sparkling blonde with a face and a figure like a Hebe, and she won the admiration of the susceptible as well as the applause of the appreciative. Tlio I>o Dustro Troupe. By reference to our advertising col umns, it will be seen that the above com pany will perform at the city Hall, to night. In regard to this troupe the Memphis Daily Appeal says: The De Castro troupe gave its intro ductory entertainment to a large number of spectators at the Greenlaw Opera house. Professqr Da Castro, in his Magic Circle, exhibited quite a number of mar velous tricks, to the great delight of (he spectators. His ventriloquism is indeed wonderful, for De Castro has long since obtained perfection iu this strange science. Jeppe, in his characters songs, Blinks, and Don't But Four Foot on a Man, weie sung and most appreciatively received. Miss Fannie, in her staff-bell solo, gave evidence of a thorough mastery of the science, and evoked ’melodics rare and touching from the unusal instrument. Indeed, her proficiency is lemarkuble, and she proves herself a true artist, Auotker excellent feature of the enter tainment was the flirtation duets, Little Bunch and 'Twilight in the Park, by Jeppe and Fannie, wh i were recalled and a third time encored most enthusiastically. The audience did not cease its clamor until the manager stated that Miss Fannie’s indisposition would prevent her reappearance. After this Prof. De Castro and Jeppe engaged in the great Indian box mystery, which, to be fully appreciated, must be seen. How any man could free himself from a sealed bag and get into a box, bound with ropes, and without disturbing either the knots or the strings, is quite astonishing. This wonderful feat, however, which some are disposed to ascribe to spiritual ism, was most successfully accomplished lastnigrbt. There were other features of the entertainment equally interesting and novel, which we have not space to mention in this connection. The enter tainment was quite pleasant and gave general satisfaction to all present. M Rosenberg- & Brothers will sell for the next 30 days, goods cheaper than they have bean sold in Rome since the war. We are receiving our fall and winter stock of millinery goods, consisting of hats, bon nets, ribbons, neck-ties, collars, dowers, feathers, beaded belts, leather bells, jet orna ments, steel and pearl ornaments, velvets, ribbons, corsets, hair braids, curls, Ostrich tips, feathers, birds’ wings, old ladies bon nets, The ladies are respectfully invited to call and examine our stock. The so goods we propose to sell cheaper than has .ever been sold in this market, as we sell for cash only. Mbs. Attavvav & Salcib Wit.kirsox, Verandah Block, Broad St., No. 50. ep 30 —d3m GEORGIA ITEMS. Americus is to have a cotton factory. South Georgia Conference in session at Savannah. A good farm in Sumter recently sold at $2 50 per acre. Central railroad stock sells in Sanders ville at $68.00 per share. A death from yellow fever in Milledge ville last Saturday. In the lower part of the State they call lying “inflating the truth.” One hund.ed and two bales of cotton made in Dougherty with ten mules. Murray is the place to emigrate to. Only six candidates for seven offices. Col. W. B. Jones, of LaGrauge, is candidate for Messenger of the House. The colored people of Greensboro have an agricultural fair. It is pronounced a perfect success. The State press are trying the conundrum why those who managed the recent State Fair can’t settle their little bills. Somebody will give somebody an airing if somebody don’t “fork over” soon. Tom Byrd, negro, charged with bur glary in the night time, was sentenced in Muscogee Court to the penitentiary for ten years. Tho case went to Supreme Court, was remanded, and the accused had two mere years added to his sen tence. Personal. The following persons were regis tered at the Rome Hotel, J. A. Stans bury, proprietor, up to ten o’clock last night: Capt W S McElwain, Ala; Dan Dan Plumb, city; Col D A Tibbs, Nash ville, Tenu; II H Miller, Cedar Bluff, Ala; M H Snow, couuty; C E Veal, city; C P Morton, couniy; W Z Overby, Con yers, Ga; J M Robertson, M E Pente eost, city; Henry H Peeples, Hampton, Ga; E J Deupree, wife and four children, Rockmart, Ga, T R Worthington, David Brown, Round Mountain, Ala; Jno O Waddell, W T Tomlinson, Cedartown, Ga; T J Eaton, Perry county, Ala; Edward, Talladega, Ala; G P Burns, Dirt Town, Ga: W C Cochran, Texas; J C Campbell, Childersburg, Ala ; Thos J Rembent and wife, Bartow county, Ga. You can save money by calling at Rosen berg & Bro’s and buy your 'goods. All we ask pf you is to give us a call before you buy elsewhere. CONSIGNEES. Southern express Company. J. King, Agent. Bank of Rome, McKee At Lamberth, Rousavilla & Bro., Smith Son & Bro., Misss Hattie McKenzie, C J Warner, It P Sibley, Sullivan & Samuel, I Arnold, Ayer & McDonald, Allgood & Hargrove, Geo C Wyatt, W T Maieon, Carnochan & Son, I It Warren, II G Peter, J J Cohen, E It Smith, C L Barber, W A Iloges, W W Croom, T M Trueman, C I Graves, Mr T II Williams, G Barbour. If Alcoholic Stimulants are taken into the blood the heart works la-ter, and this unnatural speed wears out the vital ma chinery. All intoxicating nostrums adver tised as ‘-tonics,” -‘renovators,” See., produce this disastrous effect, and should-be rejected. I)r Walker’s Veoktami,k VifcKOiß Bi iters -an Invigorait im t the curse of alcohol— is eveyw i ■ upphintiuc thu-u poison*. nCTrrtre'*. -■■?srccas Vi-rwam ngraaasL-agTTrairi SPECIAL NOTICES. It Leads to Iliiiiplness: A BOON TO THE WHOLE liA -.E OF 'Woman. DR. J. BRADFIELD’S FEMALE REGULATOR, It will bring on the Min- 1 , -; relieve all pain at the monthly ‘-Period;’’ cure Rheumatism and Neural gia of Rack; anil Uterus; Lenchorrhoea or - Whites,’' and partial I’roi&p-aa Uteri; chock excessive flow, ami correct all irregularities to ladies. It will remove all irritation ol Kidneys amt Blad der; reiieve Uostiveness; purify the Blood; give tone and strength iothe whop system; clear the sldn, imparting a rosy hue to the cheek, and cheerfulness to the mind. It is as sure a cure in all the above diseases an Quinine is in Chills and Fever. Ladies can cure themselves iu adthe above diseases without revealing their complaints to any persoD, which Is always mortifying to their pride and modesty. it is recommended by tho best physicians and the clergy. LaGkanke, Ga , March 23, 1870. Bi'.ADFIEI.I) cjo UO., A.lauta, Ga.—Dear Sirs: 1 take pleasure in stating that I hare used for the last twenty years, the medicine you are now putting up. known as Dr. J. Bradiield’s FEMALE KKGULA TOJ-, and consider it the best combination ever gotten together lor tne -diseases lor which it is recommended. I have been families with tho pre scription Doth as a practitioner of medicine and in domest e prat’ce. and can honestly say that I consul rit n boon to suffering females. and can but hope that every lady in oar whole .cud, who may be suffering in any way peculiar to their sex, may he able to procure a bottie, that their sufferings may not only be relieved,but that they may bo restored to althhe .and strength. With my kindest regards. fam respectfully. W. B. FERRELL, M. D. NBAS Marietta. Ga., March 21, 1870. MESSRS. WM. ROUT As SON—D i.r Sirs: Some months ago I bought a bottle of BRADFIELD’S FEMALE REGULATOR from yon and ou my family with the utmost satisfaction, affd La.o lecoiumeudtd it to three other lamilics. and they have found it just what it is recommended. The females who have used your REGILA'iOK are in perfect health, and are aide to attend to their household duties, and we cordially recommend it to the public. Yours respectfully, ‘ Rev. R.B. JOHNSON. We could add a thousand other certificates; but we consider the above amply sufficient proof of its virtues. All we ask is a trial. . For full particulars, history of diseases, and cer tificates of its wonderful cures, the reader cun refer red to the wrapper around the bottle. Manufactured and sold by BRAUFIEIiO A !’<>.. Price, 51.50. Atlanta, Ga. Sold by all the Druggists in Rome. rtimch 18.’7 THE MOST PERFECT MADE. LEMON SUGAR, ETC. cToN^THiRDISSAVEDIo in quantity by their perfect purity and great strength; the only kinds made by a prac tical Chemist and Physician, with scientific care to insure uniformity, healthfulness, deli cacy and freedom from all injurious substan ces. They arc far superior to the common adulterated kinds. Obtain the genuine. Ob serve our Trade Marks as above, “Cream” Baking Powder, “Hand and Cornucopia.” Buy the Baking Powder only in cans securely labelled. Many have been deceived in loose or bulk Powder sold as Dr. Price’s. Manufactured only by STEELE & PRICE, Chicago, St, Louis and Cincinnati : nov 21 -d &wly Free Trader. ATOTICE IS hereby given that by my •L- consent, and in accordance with tho Statute in surh case made and provided, tny wife, Mrs. Rebecca J. Williams, from his date tecomes and is ft free trader, and that all .'uslncss conducted by her will be in her own riirht aud name. Nov. 21. 18*4.—UOd THOMAS B WILLIAMS. G. C.TUMLIN. J. L. MOON. TUMLIN & MOON, Attorneys at Law. # —OFFICE9:- Cartersville and Kingston, Ga. nov 17—6 m J. C. tLKMKm’S, Attorney at Law, LA FAYETTE, GA. - Will practice in the Courts of the Rome and Chet kee Circuits. apt 29—tf