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McDuffie weekly journal. (Thomson, McDuffie County, Ga.) 1871-1909, July 31, 1872, Image 4

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[Concluded from frit •page.'] Commonwealth is the refusal of appeals made to Executive clemency. Impressed as I have been, however, with the conviction that the good order, peace and welfare of society depend in a large measure upon the due enforce ment of the laws, I have lelt constrain ed to refuse to interfere with the due execution of judgements pronounced by the judicial authorities. It is believed that a strict adherence to this line of duty will result, at no distant day, in restoring to the people that feeling of security, without which society can be neither prosperous nor happy. I am glad to have it in my power to add that there has been a marked diminution of crime throughout the State, and that there is reason to believe that this dimin ution will become more marked in the future. LUNATIC CONVICTS. Your attention is respectfully called to the defects in the law asit now stands in regard to the proper disposition to be made of lunatic convicts. Under our present system, there is no provision of law specially adapted to such cases. When the convicts were confined in the State Prison, under direct control of the Principal Keeper, a provision existed for the the removal of lunatic convicts from the Penitentiary of the Lunatic Asylum, upon proper certificates of lu nacy being made by the physician of the Penitentiary and the Principal Keeper. At this time, however, there is no such officer ns Physician of the Penitentiary and the Principal Keeper has censed to have peculiar custody and control of the convicts. The only evidence therefore, upon which the Superintendent of the Lunatic Asylum is authorized to receive a convict into the Asylum, cannot be supplied. The losses are bound by their contract and by the law to treat the convicts with humanity, and to con fine them securely; but there is no provision the proceedings to be had in any case any of them be comes lunatic. I therefore recommend the passage of such act as will cure the evil here pointed out. LUNATIC ASYLUM. I herewith transmit the report of the special commiteo appointed to investi gate the condition of the Lunatic Asy lum. The investigations of the com mittee have been thorough und the in formation which they have collected in regard to this great charity cannot fail to attract the earnest attention of the General Assembly. The number riatients now being treated in the Asy um is largr, and the expenses attending the same are heavy. These unfortu nates must ho cared for, however, and to that end all needed reforms in the adiniuistruiton institution should bo introduced, and all existing abuses corrected. The committee, whose re port is now submitted, is composed of gentlemen of high character and mark ed abilities, and any suggestions that they should make are entitled to the most respectful consideration. MAIMED SOLDIERS. I respectfully ask that your attention be directed to the subject of supplying means to furnish artificial limbs to such indigent soldiers of this State as were inuimed in the late war, whether in the service of the State of Georgia or of the Confederate States. The General As sembly, in 1866, made an appropria tion, for this purpose, but I am advised that there ure still many indigent sol diers remaining, who have never been supplied with artificial limbs. The re port of the Comptroller General, made in the year 1869, shows that a portion of the appropriation made in ISG6 is still unexpended. As this fund cannot now be drawn from the treasury with out further action by the Legislature, I respectfully recommend that an ap propriation he made sufficient to meet the wants of this meritorious and un fortunate class of our feliow-eitizens. These patriotic then gave their natural limbs to the service of the State, and it is but little to ask that the State should replace them with artificial limbs. OUR DEAD SOLDIERS. Your attention is also earnestly call ed to the fact that the bodies ol over two thousand soldiers, who fell fight ing upon their own soil, still remain uncared for on the hillsides and in the valleys, where they surrendered their lives in our defense, By appropriation heretofore made, and by private con tributions of means and time, expended under the patriotic direction of the ladies composing the board o( trustees of the Georgia Memorial Association, twenty-two hundred and eighty bodies have been gathered up and decently in terred in the Soldiers’ Cemetery laid out for that purpose at Marietta. All the means on hand have long since been ex hausted. Nothing further has been done within the last three years, and now even the cemetery, prepared with such pious care, has fallen into decay from lack of funds to keep it up. 1 respectfully inquire—how long shall this neglect be permitted to continue ? Having put our hands to this good work, shall we tnrn back and leave it unufinished ? These men died for us. Shall we not, then, at least save their bones from the plowshare, and put them tenderly away ? Duty calls us, and our noble women stand ready, with tearful eyes, to perform the holy task. Our people are poor, and the State is cramped in her finances—for the stran ger and the spoiler have been among us—but we are not so poor but that we can yet bury our dead. .MILITARY INTERFERENCE. It may be that it is unnecessary to call your attention to the correspon dence which was recently had by this department with thecommandantofthe military forces of the United states sta tioned at this place, in reference to the interference in our local affairs by arm ed Federal soldiery. The copies of letters here with transmitted, will put you in possession of all the facts concerned with this unauthorized attempt to set aside and snpercede the authority of the State. It is the earnest desire of the people of Georgia to preserve good order, to put down crime in their midst, to discharge all their duties, pub lic and private, in a peaceatile manner, and to maintain between the authorities of this State and the United States kiad and pleasant relations.— Such is my own fixed purpose as Governor of the State. It is hoped, however, that we have seen the last of this kind of interference with our do mestic affairs. There is neither reason for it, nor warrant of law. It is my duty as Chief Magis trate of the Commonwealth to uphold the laws, to maintain good order within our borders and to protect the people in their rights of person and property. To discharge this high duty, the Legis lature has clothed the Executive with ample pow ers. There is not likely to arise an emergency when the aid of the Federal authorities will bo re quired, and there can never occur a case in which the volunteer, unauthorized interference of the military forces of the Government can he necessa ry or justifiable. And so long as I hold the office with with which the people has so freely honored me, I shall protest against such interference with all the earnestness of outraged justice. The peo ple have no thought of offering any kind of resist ance to the enforcement of the laws of the United States, but they do protest, and will continue to protest, against all illegal and unauthorized at tempts to trample under foot the great right of local self-government, whether such attempts bo made by the military forces or by the Judiciary of the Fedoral Government. JAMES M. SMITH. m m m • A Misunderstanding. —A parson is responsible for this story :—‘Poor Jones died while you were away last summer. In all my experience I never saw so dis consolate and grief broken a creature as poor little Mrs. Jones ; it was very sud den, you know. I went to the house as soon as I heard of it; I offered my sympathy, but her sorrow was uncon trollable. In snch cases I think it best that the mourner should bo left alone. So I prepared to depart’ ‘I will leave you, poor beloved one,’ said I, ‘with this injunction : Pray— pray that God will vouchsafe His com forter , that ho will enable you to per ceive the promised bow in the—* ‘Oh, rector,’ she burst in, ‘how can you think of such a thing? It’s too— too—hoo premature, I’m—l’m sure ! ‘And,’ continued the old gentleman, checking the off' rein and wheeling away from the gate, ‘after some cogita tion l fanceid that I discovered that the bow I was talking about and the beau sho was thiu/.ing about wasn’t the same kind of a bow at all.' There is a place in Oregon called the Smoky Valley, where the people have a very curious way of cooking. They do not have the trouble of making a fire every morning when they wish to get breakfast. They just walk out with kettles, coffee pots, and whatever else they need, and cook at the boiling spring. The water seems a great deal better than common boiling water, and all they need is to hang their Settles .in it for a short time, and their food is nicely cooked. They are able even to bake in it. The bread is put into a tight saucepan, and lowered into the boiling Hood lor an hour or two, and then drawn up most exquisitely baked, with but a thin rim on the crust over it. Meat is cooked here, and beans, which are the miner’s great luxury. It takes but a minute to cook eggs, or to make a pot of coffee or tea; but if there should chance to bo ‘a slip ’twixt the cup and the lip,’ the fool would be gone beyond recovery. A certain Judge Moore, of Roanoke, Va., influenced by religious scruples, never sentenced a convict to be execu ted in Friday, the universal hangman's day, as he considered the day on which the Saviour suffered too sacred to be pro faned by the blood of a malefactor. The immense balloon which has been building for five months at Chelsea, to be used at the next Fourth of July cele bration iu Boston, has been entirely destroyed by spontaneous combustion. ‘Wife,’said a man, looking for his boot-jack, ‘I have a place where I Aeep jmy things and you ought to know it.’ ‘Yes, I ought to know where you keep your late hours—but I don't.’ A merchant advertised a ‘boy wanted,’ and before he got down town his clerk 1 met him breathless, and told him that his wife had twin boys. Oh, it pays to advertise. ‘Look at the monkey !’ said Smith ; ‘think of its being an undeveloped hu man !’ ‘Human!’ said Jones, contempt uously,‘it is no more human than I am.’ LOST OR MISLAID. ONE note of hand on Jas. L. and W. M. Hardaway for $5-5.00 made in May in 1871 payable three months after date, in favor of Joseph Dunnivant, all persons are forbidden to trade for the same as it has been settled by a receipt against it. july 10 ts JOHN G. COLDWELL. Robert R. Lewis, Boot & Shoe Maker, Heavy plantation work a specialty, at the sign of the Big Boot, opposite the Greenway Hotel, Thomson, Ga. July 3, mG JV OR SA T-, K ! IN THOMSON, GEORGIA. THE dwelling house and lot belonging to 0. L. Cloud, situated in the business center of town contain ing four elegant rooms with all necessary outbuildings. This is the most desira ble property in Thomson and any one wishing a good bargain will do well to apply to COL. JOHN R. WILSON, Thomson, Ga. n26m2 LUMBER. LUMBER. “LUMBER! ANY quality or quantity of Pino Lumber de livered at Thomson, or .11 Milo Pout on the Georgia Railroad, low for cadi. Poplar, Oak or Hickory Lumber sawed to fill orders at special rales. liiunbcr at Alii I. Ist, class Weather Boarding sl6 00 3d, class “ 14 00 Ist, class Flooring 16 00 2d, class “ 14 00 Ist, class Palings 17 00 Paling Ix3 16 00 Ist, class Scantling 14 00 2d, class “ 12 60 Ist, class Ceiling 12 00 2d, class 10 00 Ist, class Inch Boards 15 00 2d, class “ “ 12 50 Rough Edge Sheeting 5 00 Straight Edge Sheeting 8 00 J. T. KENDRICK. February 21, 1 872. 7mo €• W ASIIYOM*, Grocer & Commission Merchant, Thomson, - Georgia- HAVK on liatul.iud for’Sale at the lowest market prices FOB CASH CHOICE FAMILY GROCERIES AND PLANTA TION .SUPPLIES OF A LI. KINGS. Among which may ho found the tallowing, Itacoii, Flour, Su r, Fuller, f.urri, Flirowr, Mackerel, Oysters, Pickles, Fa titled Fruits, Soda, Tobacco, ami everything kept in tho lino of a First Class Grocery Store. I Respecfully invito my friends |to give mo a call. O. W. Arnold. Thomson, Ga, March 13, ly New Furniture Store. Furniture of all kinds on hand and daily being re ceived by B. lEt. J-OKCx<TSOI>T at his Furniture Ware Booms under Williams’ Hall. Walnut and Maple Chamber Suits, fine and com mon Roadsteads, Wood, Cane und Split bot- Ghairs, Bureaus, Dining, Centre ami Card Tables, Washstauds, Ac., Ac. Every article of Furniture needed to make home convenient, comfortable or luxurious can be" had ou the most liberad term. C£r Orders promptly filled at Augusta prices. Upholstering and Repairing done promptly and in the most workman-like style, such as Sofas, Divans, and Chairs re-covered and varnished. Chairs re-caned and varnished, and old furniture made as bright and good as new. O OFFINS Made to order and of any style required. All work warranted to give satisfaction. Orders solicited. aprlOmT Thomson, Ga. Legal Advertisements. Columbia fShepill's Sale. GEORGlA— Columbia County. WILL he sold before the Court House door in the village of Ap pling, Columbia county, on the first Tuesday in August next between the legal hours of sale two mules levied on as the property of B. Iv. Benson, to sat isfy a fi. fa. ou foreclosure of Mortgage in favor of David Cohen vs. B. K. Ben son, issued from Columbia Superior Court November Term 1871, this, June 19th IS7,\ BRADFORD IVEY, Sheriff. The Bar Boom Remedy for weakness for the stomach is a dose of Klim-bitters. They are sur charged with Fusil Oil. a deadly elemeut which is rendered more active by the pungent etringents with which it is combined. If your stomach is weak, or your liver or bowels disordered, tone, strengthen and regulate them with Vinegar Bitters, a pure vegetable stomachic corrective and apperi ent, free from alcohol, and capable of infusing new vitality into your exhausted and disordered system. I FURNITURE OF ALL DESCKIPTIONS, —AT— PLATT BROTHERS, (Formerly C. A. 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Irish potatoes 100 packages new Mackerel—Nos. 1 , 2 And 8 100 44 extra mess Mackerel 10 bbls. ImcKwheat UK) chests tea all grades, 500 bbls. syrup—different grades 200 cases oysters—l and 2 lb. cans 200 cases canned fruits and vegetables 300 cases pickles, all sizes, 50 “ lobsters, 1 and 2 lb. cans 200 gross matches 200 boxes caudles 50,000 Charles Dickens segars 50,000 Georgia Chiefs “ 50,000 our choice “ 2W,000 various grades 44 5,000 bushels corn 25 hhds. Dem&rara sugar 85 hhds. brown sugar 10 hhds. Scotch sugar 25 boxes Havana sugar 50 bbls. crushed, powdered aiur granulated mrgar 200 bids, extra G and A sugar 200 bags ltio coffee 50 44 Laguayra coffee 50 pockets old Govenimout Java coffoo 100 boxes No. 1 soap 200 boxes pale 44 150 boxes starch 100 boxes soda 100 dozen bucket# 50 dozen brooms* 10 bids, pure Baker whisky 50 bbls. 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