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McDuffie weekly journal. (Thomson, McDuffie County, Ga.) 1871-1909, October 23, 1872, McDuffie Journal Supplement., Image 5

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McDuffie Journal ■■ Supplement <Thc UfcjPuffic gonrnal. H. C. RONEY, EDITOR AND PiiOPRIETOR. Wednesday October 23, 1872. Out; »>1 tho Furies. The court martial at Versailles has just tried a woman named L-mel, a book-sticher, aged forty-live, tor p,irtic ipatiou in the insurrection. The ac cused. who lias made herself remark able for her ultra po itical notions in the different workshops in which she had been employed, joined in IS6S rhe Internal onai. and soon became one of its most busy agents. She thus became acquainted witli Varlin (afterwards Min ister of France under the Commune) and other individuals who, at a later period, earned for themselves a deplor able reputation, and with them founded a co-operative association called "La Marmite,’ in tile Rue Larrev, to supply workmen with u eals at cost price, but which soon degenerated into a soit of club, of which she was secretary, and a frequent speaker, During the siege she tone an uctiv e part at all the Radical meetings in the Latin Quaiter. and after the iusurreetio • ol the 13th of March naturally became an ardent supporter of tile Commune, and was a constant speaker at the women’s club held in the churches, usi ig the most insolent language. As the final catastrophe of the Com mune approached, her exasperation knew no bonds ; sin- was one of about fifty women wuo went, armed with muskets, and wearing red scar's and cockades, to the barricades at Batmoiles and Montmartre, to excite the ederates to resistance, and her name bad already appeared at the bottom of a proclama tion, branding the troops ot Versailles as cowardly assassins, lepudiating all conciliation and demanding war to the knile. Til ■ accused did not deny the part she had taken in the insurrection, and one of the witnesses repeating a remark made by the woman, Lemel’s daughter, to the effect that ‘if her moth er told her to go to tier mass at church she vvi old obey, buts site were si nt to the barricades she would re fuse,’ the prisoner interrupted by say ing that ‘lter daughter was too w.ll bred to make such an observation.’— Tile Government Commissioner delimit ed a severe sentence against tbe prison er, as being a most dangerous character, and the court condemned tier to depor tation in a fortified buihlmg. M. Tm us and his Dressing Gown. —Not many days ago M. Thiers n ceived from his Paris tailor a bain some dressing-gown. When the parcel was handed to ttie President there w« re three women present ; his wife, his sister in-law, and a friend of theirs.— The President tried it on, and found only one fault with it, namely, that it was somewhat too long, and suggested that it was a fault wi.icli might lie easi ly remedied at home, without sen ing it back to the tailor. To this the wo men assented. Mine. Thiers wished to surprise her husband, and contrived during the course ol the evening to slit rten the dressing gown and lay it hue/: iri its place unperceived. In her hurry to get it done quickly she di not notice that her sister hud been before* ham/ with her, and had already com pleted the task. Later on in the even ing the friend stole away from the com pany, and carried out. tile idea she had planned in her own mind ol being the one who should perform this pleasing duty. Next morning M. Theirs called for his dressing-gown, ana all three wo fnen chimed in, ‘lts quite ready.’ It was brought and tried on once more, but this time the President bad not to complain of undue length, as it r u sern bled a shooting coat more th in a dress ing-gown in its shrunk proportions. A Deserted Wife. —A late Ha waiian paper contains an advertisement of a deserted wife, with respect toiler runaway husband, which is both inter esting and amusing, as exhibiting peculiar phases of the Hawaiian eharac ter. The advertisement is prefixed with the-suggestive cut of a colored in dividual “making tracks” with a stick arid bundle on his shoulder, and reads : Know ail men, that I the umlers gned, a woman living at Koloa, Kauai do hereby make inquiry in regard to Wahineaca, my husband, for I have waited for him during the past nine years, in which time I have not set my eyes on him, neither have I heard his name, nor his | lace of residence. Now, if he is still in existence, and is living on any of these islands, or any where else in the world, he had better make it known through the newspapers. And if he does not show himself, or advertise at the expiration of thirty days from this date, then I shall con sider him as dead, whereupon I shall immediately proceed to get married to another man.” ‘Aunt, whv do you sit out the long sermons of that minister ?’ said niece. ‘My dear,' replied aunt, ‘they accustom tne to eternity.’ The Democrats and Liberals of North Carolina have resolved to thoroughly investigate the frauds of the last election. This unrivalled »\le«JiciiiM :s warranted not to j contain a .ingle puticD ot' Murcu ), or anv iojuri- i tills Mineral substance, hut i- Purely Vegetable. For forty years a Ins proved its great • alt.e i:i nil dise&>rs of l»ie live . bowels and kidneys. Thou- • s;tu'l> o» the good and great iu all parts of ihe Country vouch for i»s wonderful and peculiar power in puri- ' lying the blood, s iniulating the torpid liver and tn»iv- ‘ *1 . and imparting new life ;.nd Vigor lo the whole j system. Simmons’ Live- Regulator is acknowledged i to have no equal as a LIVER. MEDICINE, It contains four inediral -dements, never united in in the same happy pi«• port on iu any o’her prepara tion. viz 2 a geuile Oathari c, a wonderful TcAie, j an Unexceptionable alterative and a certain correct ive oi all impurities of the Iv dy. Such signal suc cess bun ul‘.ciidcd its use lhal if is imw regarded as the Great Unfailing Specific for liver complaint a id the painful offair ng thereof, so wit: Dyspepsia, Cons ipatioii, Jaund ce, lhl ious u'tacks, S»ck Headache, (’otic, Depression ot Spirits, >our Stomach, Dart Hum, &c«, &c. Regulate th Liv-r and prevent CHILLS AND FEVtR. SIMMONS’ LIVER REGULATOR Is inauut.»etur< and mi y by J. H. ZEILIN & CD.,, tin., and Philadelphia. Price Si dO per package ; sent ti • mail, postage paid, £1.25. Prepared ready i«>r use iu bottles, SOLO BY ALL DRUGGISTS- Beware of all Counterfeits and Imitations. “Xts® vepllyl I A>g;il .V(Iv r ci*tisement s. Holnnibiit County AUsum i*l aioi's Muir. GEORGIA. — Columbia County. li V virtue of an Order from the Cot rt of (jrdimiry of said County, the under signed, as Adair, of Jo!.n Magahee tlec’tl, will sell, tit the Court bouse door at Appling iu sad County, iu Decem ber next, a certain tract of land, contain ing forty acres, mote or less, lying in what was originally Cherokee County, and known by the number 452, in the First District ol the Third .Section, be longing to the. estate of said deceased. Sold lor the beudit of tne creditors and heirs. W. 15. ROEBUCK, Adinr. (litalion. G El )RG IA — \lcDuJJie County. IC. " IMBURN, administrator, of the estate of Jesse Watson, deceased, having applied to me for leave to sell the land ol staid estate in said County, till persons are hereby notified to file their objections, if any they have, within sixty days from this date, as prescribed by law, otherwise leave will be granted said administrator. Witnes my official signature. A. B. THRASHER, Ordinary. Oie.aafiO Citation los* CoHof* Dismissive GEORG lA —Mi Dujjic County. WHEREAS Sarah J. Megahee. ad rninistratrix de bonis non, of Da vid Megahee, deceased, represents to the Court in her petition filed and en ; tered on record, that she has fully ad ministered said estate, this is, therefore, to cite all persons concerned, kindred Sand creditors, to show cause, if any they can, why said administratrix should not be iischargetl from her said admiuistra i tion and receive Letters of Dismission within the time prescribed by law. Oct.9d.Jo A. J!. THRASHER, Ordinary. Application for (heave so Neil B,anti. GEO RGIA —Me Duffle County. W' s lEREAS, David Sills, adminis trator ot the estate of V. idiom IPatson, deceased, having applied to me for leave to sell tbe land belonging to said estate, consisting of thirty two acres, more or less, with dwelling, out, buildings, &c., 1 j miles from Thomson, adjoining lands ol 15. P. O’Neal, Mrs. Hamilton and David sills, in said coun ty, all persons concerned are hereby notified to file their objections, if any they have, within sixty oays from this date, us prescribed by law, otherwise leave to sell said land will be granted to saitl administrator, as aloresuid. flatness my official signature, this Qctobar 9th 1572, oct9d3o A. B. THRASHR, Ord’ny. strayed or Stolen. OTRAYED or Stolen from my plan tation, in Columbia county , on the 14th of August last, a bay mare mule! 14 or 14J hands high, six years old. A liberal reward will be paid lor the deliv ery of said mule to me at my place near Winfield [>ost office, in McDuffie county, or such information as will enable me to get it. sep 25tf. H. A. STORY. Mi]f|[l Agents wanted to Sell t'.e b-auiiful Photo. QjJUiJrraph Marriage Certificates find Photograph family Records For terms, send stamp lo Crider & Biio., Publishers, York, Pa. july 24 tin &TTMiSteß , zQjr &r A U G U S T D ORB’S. 220 Broad Street. 1872 SiW AND.ELEGANHT^FALLTWHTCR GOODSFOR. 1873. IWILL be pleased to show to my frieu s, customers, and the public generally, on Monday, September 30th, tiie largest, best and most complete stock of French, west of England and German broad cloths, doeskins, suitings, coatings and vestings, that can be found in any first-class Merchant Tailoring Establishment in any city South, and there are none better North. The above I am prepared to make up in the very latest and most fashionable style, with scrupulous care and neatness, and at the most reasonable prices Having secured the services of the most ex] erieueed cutters, I can guarantee en tire satisfaction. I have also the finest assortment <>! gents’ furnishing goods, such as ties, scarfs, stocks, French'ki l gloves, pique, Paris, castor ami Berlin lid gloves, buckskin and kid gauntlets, drawers and undershirts, collars, star shirts, (D) and New York yoAe shirts—BA* latter ol which 1 also mate to order. Also— a fine stock of ready made clothing, principally of my own manufacture, which I offer at the very lowest cash prices. Buying exclusively for cash, 1 am able to get my goods upon such terms as to be enabled to compete in prices with the Northern market. I hope you will not ii.rjjet that the earliest callers secure tne first choice. oC FSiiil AUWU3T KOJB 31, pRO.-ifi) «T., AUUUSTA.CLt. 3. , S3 O O YARDS Dress .6o„ds From 20. Cents t» SI.OO per Yard. BEG leave to call attention to and well selected stock, now being M received. Scotch plaids, solid ami figured sat teens, blac/r, white and lilac alpaca’s, Irish linens, white, brown ami red' damasks, napkins, cotton diapers, bed spreads &e. White ami grey blankets. Bluet silk velvet ribbons. Dress trimmings and buttons in ereat varieties: Corsets and hoopskirts. Ladies’ linen and lac * collars, flair switches and braids. Ribbons, full line. Ladies’ hats ot all the latest styles. Clothing Boots a*ml sfioes. Bridles, whips, &c. Hats, Hardware. Crockery and glassware. A full line of millinery goods, Ladies’ hats, trimmed and untriimned, sash trimmings tafieta ribbons. Lad es’ sli iwls oft e latest sty les. Hosiery, gloves, &V. Mv stock of diy and dress goods have been carefully selected, and much larger than ever before. * octOmS ' • J. H. MONTGOMERY. 1572 ■’ ■\7V PJIIMT,333FI kEA N , hAN,Li It AM & CO. pleasure iu announcing to the citizens ot McDuffie county and vicinity R tliat they have just received a LAhGESr JNTO ATTRACTIVU STOCK OF Seasonable Dry Goods. Eveiy department is well supplied and will be kept so, by daily arrivals all through the Season. We hope by offering only first class goods at the lowest living prices, and strict attention to the demands and tastes of the community, to merit your confi dence and patronage. We give j rompt and striit attention to orders, and [ire-pay expenses when the amount is Sit) or over. With thanks for past favors, we remain very respectfully. ~<■ 2 j»i:S EaUAA, L.\.\ DR 111 & €O. Ft it ST- Class Bry Croons J -J | __ J 260 Broad Street, Augusta, Ga., Is now fully prepared to meet the wants of popular trade with a first ciass dry goods sto k lor Fall and Winter use. The dress goods am) shawl departments embrace every novelty of the season, to which wiii be added new novelties as soon as they appear. All the departments are full and complete, selected personally in New York; arranged ami superintended personally in Augusta. Brices n arked at convincingly low figures. All are cordially invited to a careful inspection.* JAMES W. TURLEY, oct 2m2 TI ird h >use above Globe Hotel, Augusta, Ga ~ DRY GOODS! 1872- Fall and Winter. 1872. 199 Broad Street, Augusta, <«a. now receiving, and v ill continue to receive during tlie Season, THE CHEAPEST AND BEST ASSORTED STOCK That they have ever offered to the public. Their friends and the publicgenerally are invited to inspect it. We not to be undersold, and in this connection will state to our friends and patrons that we are prepared to sell them,' goods at the lowest possible figures. Everything usually kept in a first class dry goods establishment can be found at our Store. Call, exam tie end judge for yourselves. Augusta, Ga., oct 2m : 3 brummet/s Jamies litters, Manufactured l> v I old VA -'^laoi “Hti Broad !“*! ~ Ang-nsta, On. Rectifiers, Redistillers, Importers and Wholesale Dealers in fie in in ij mbs, Foreign and Domestic Liquors, Etmtiif it**, Wines, (■Gil. Porter, E«c., Etc. Also a Superior Article of I D 113 S’ HITTERS. TOBACCO AND SUGARS OF EVERY VARIETY. Aug.QStf Peter Kaibfleisch, Manufacturer and Deala in «. Mouldings, Odd Size Sashes, Door Frames, and till necessary trim mings used iu tho Erection ol" 15ixilcliii«-s, All patterns of Pi crzE r Few a tur g . Also House Carpentering, Furni ture Manufacturing, and Gene ral Muchiue Repairing, done tit shortest notice. IdF 0 Prompt attention to house Paint ing. Call on PETES KALBFLEISCH, may22tjar.lS73 Saw Dust, Georgia. J\. B A.JrlO-A.Xi>r. Stile isa Tiioiaison, Ga. ___ HEdwcllL^g,house and lot of B. P, Jt/Pearre, House newly Duilt, satlti’ittl ing six comfortable rooms, with base mint attached. Also till necessary out buildings on the premises. This is the most desirable property in Thomson, being situated only one hundred yards Irom the depot, and in the busines por tion of town. To any one desirous of [lurchusing, a good bargain is offered. For particulars apply to Sept. 4, 1872tf R. H. BUSH. LUIBSnMIR. b Ullßiiß! 4 NY quality or quiuiii of Pinu Lumber de jtV iivoreJ it Tiituu -toil, or .14 Mile Post on tho Georgia KaiuOdd, low tor cash. Poplar, O.ali or ilickory Lumber sawed to iiil orders at special rates. Lumber nt AJill. Ist, class Weat ier Boarding SIG 00 2d, class ‘ 14 00 Ist, class Flooring 16 00 2d, class “ 14 00 Ist, class Palings 17 00 Paling Ix3 16 00 Ist, class Scantling 14 00 2d, class “ 12 60 Ist, class Ceiling 12 00 2d, class 10 00 Ist, class Inch Boards 15 00 2d, class “ “ 12 50 Rough Edge Sheeting 5 00 Straight E ige Sheeting S 00 J. T. KENDRICK. February 2 1, 1 872. 7m6 r The Great Cause j, TT J Is/L A JNT Jus Publisliud, in a sealed Envelop ). Trice, six cents. A Lecture on the N uure, Tr atmeut. and lUiiical cure of Speunatorrhceha, or Semiual Weak •»e h Sief-.Y *<i e, liivoluntary EHiissi'iii-', I npHeiicy, Ne vous Debility, and Impediments to Marriage o<»nMimpuon. Kpilep>y, and Pis; Mental and Physical Incapacity, &e. —By R b. J. ('ulver*. well, M. I>.. auttior of tiie“tireen &c. t ne Wo id renewntdauthor, hi this admiral Leet* ure, clearly proves Irom his own experience that the awful con*equeuce> of So f-Abuse hi«w be edeetual ly icinoved wiiimut inedi iue, and without dimmer oits sui'nteat eperaiious,, mstrum -uts. ri»*gs, or cordials, point in • out a inode of cure at once cer tain and elFemu »l. by which eveiy sofferer, no matter what Ids condition may i o, rn iy cure nimseH* cheap ly, privately, «ud radically. I‘nis Lecture will prove a boon to thousands and thousands. ►Sent unil r hi a p/aiu eiive/ope, on receipt ot t,.x e* ins, or two postage stamps. Abo Dr. Cul - •• M irriage Guido,” price 50 cents, Ad dre s the publisher*. CifAS. .1. C. KLINE &CO., 127 Bowery. New York, / J ost OHioe Box 4,5 PC jau. 24, Iy LADIES’ DRESS GOODS & TRIMMINGS- Mrs. F, J. Shiver U AS just < received ir.un Philadelphia a fine sfook of DRESS GOODS AND TRIMMINGS, and invues 'he LaditS to ca'l and examine before pur busing ».|»ev here as slie feels confident, that she wili be able to ple;n*e in price and quality. Her stock consists ol Bows, Ribbons, Dress rrimminos of all kinds, from common to the finest quality, and ail the etceteras that is inquired to makeup a Indy’s dress. She is well acquainted with this market, and flat ters herself that she knows what will phase her cus tomers, especially iu the minute ueCcSSarie.j that arc required to mike a dressed lady, tier motto is 'ales and small Profits.” (’onto atitt see for yourse'h oct 2m 1 FRUIT TREES. Oeo rgia Nurser y - I BEG leave to announce to the citi . of McDuffie and surrounding country, that lam agent for a large Georgia Nursery, Embracing fruit trees of every variety. Parties desirous of purchasing anything in the line, can do so on very reasonable terms by calling on me at this place. Letters addressed to me at Thomson will meat prompt attention. sep 25m L It. A. CONNER. ROUGEits & DEGRAAF, Furniture Dealers, 141,143,145 Broad Street, Augusta, Ga, WE invite the attention of the pub lic to our very complete stock of F U K i\ I T U HE, which embraces ail the articles usually found in a first class establishment. We have just received an assortment of fine CHAMBER SUITES. N B(W SI YLKS. Call and examine our stock and judge out prices. August 7m3 We are now prepared to Furnish WOOD COFFINS, CASES AND <JAMK E T S , Os our own make, and from the best manufacturers, of all grades and styles. JVe have, also, Fisk’s Celebrated Me talic Cases and Caskets. Tf'e shall make every effort to give satisfaction to our patroils in this our new line of business. We have experienced attendants, and hope to merit the attention of tho public. Rodgers & DeGraaf 141, 143 145 Broad Street, Augusta, 6a. August7m3 M O’DOWD & CtT GROCERS CoMmissidn iltmljants, No, 284 Broad Street, GEORGIA. IT AS on hand mul for sale, at the lowest market 11 prices, for cash or good factor’s acceptances, payable next Fall, a full scock of Choice Groceries & Plantation Supplies, among which may be found the following ; 50 hlids. D. 11. bacon sides 10,000 lbs D. S. shoulders 10 casks hams 100 packages lard 200 boxes cheese 300 bbls flour, all grades* ,100 sacks oats 40 u seed rye 100 bbls. Irish potatoes 100 packages new Mackerel—Nos. 1, 2 and A 100 “ extra mess Mackerel 10 bids, buckwheat 100 chests tea all grades, 500 bbls. syrup —different grades 200 cases oysters—l and 2 lb. cans 200 cases canned fruits and vegetables 000 cases pickles, all sizes, 50 “ lobsters, 1 and 2 lb. cans 200 gross matches 200 boxes candles 50,000 Charles Dickens segars 50,000 Georgia Chiefs “ 50,000 our choice “ 200,000 various grades “ 5,000 bushels corn 25 hhds. Demarara sugar 85 hhds. brown sugar 10 hhds. Scotch sugar 25 boxes Havana sugar 50 bbls. crushed, powdered and granulated sugar 200 bbls. extra C and A sugar 200 bags 11 io coffee 50 “ Laguayra coffee 50 pockets old Government Java coffee 100 boxes No. 1 soap 200 boxes pale 41 150 boxes staroh 100 boxes soda 100 dozen buckets 50 dozen broomsj 10 bbls. pure Baker whisky 50 bbls. Old Valley whisky 200 bbls. rye whisky, all grades 50 bbls. pure corn whisky A0 bbls. brandy, gin and rum 10 quarter casks imported Cognac brandy 8 quarter casks Scotch and Irish whisky 20 quarter casks Sherry, Fort and Madeira wine 20 casks ale and porter 10 casks Cooper’s half and half 50 cases Champagne 40 cases claret 50 cases Schnapps 100 cases bitters 200 boxes tobacco, all grades 100 cases smoking tobacco, all grades. janAlyl IQR,. HOXiTjA-TsTID, 13en.tist, Cun be found at his Operating Room in Thomson, Ga., on the first Monday in each mouth, where he will remain ono or two weeks, except in “cases of sici-. ness.” August 7tf work for min t.Wir *;>ara moments or all the time than at anythin* aim. fa: ticularafree. Addi«aaU.*U*UKn» A Cos., I’oaUuJ, »>pt 4yl