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Macon daily enterprise. (Macon, Ga.) 1872-1873, October 03, 1872, Image 1

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Likks, Wing & Smith, Proprietors, TrnuM of *nb rlptiou: One Year "J SI i Months * Three Months 3 00 Invariably in aiivaitct. To city subscribers by the month, Seventy-live cents, served by carriers. Liberal Republican Democratic Ticket I'ur l'resideiil : HORACE GREELEY, OF NEW YORK. I'or Vice I'rcxhlenl : B. GRATZ BROWN, OP MISSOURI. Nfale Electoral Ticket. FOlt STATE AT LARGE, Principals. Alternates. VV. T. WOKFOltl), A. il. COLQUITT, H. L. BBNNINO. KLT WARREN, JULIAN HARTRIDGE, A. 11. HANSEL, WASHINGTON POE. UEO. D. iUCE. DISTRICT ELECTORS. I. H. G. TURNER, 1. J. RIVERS, 3. R. N. ELY, 3. A. L. HAWKS, IS VV. .J. HUDSON, 3. I‘. K. SMI i 11. 4. JAMES M. PACK, 4. T. E. NEWELL, N. it. CASEY, 5. A. M. RODGERS ,S ,r N. DORSEY, IS. L. J. ALLRED, 7 E. D GRAHAM, 7. R. A. ALSTON. For (lot rrnov t JAMES M. SMITH, OF MUSCOGEE. For Coiijii'VNM. JAMES H. BLOUNT, SIXTH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT. FOR STATE SENATOR. THOMAS J. SIMMONS, OF 8188. FOR REPRESENTATIVES, (V A. NUTTING, A. 0. BACON, A. M. LOCKETT. Mb. Frank J. Herrington is our only authorized City Agent, and lie is duly em powered to solicit work for this office, and subscriptions to the Enterprise. Ma. Charles L. Mize, book and news dealer, Is our authorized agent in Dawson, Ga. Mr. W. S. Deidrick, Southern Express Company Office, is our authorized Agent at Smithville. .J. L Tucker is our authorized agent at Fort Gaines. I. N. Seymore, of Byington's Hotel, is our authorized Ageut at Griffin. Mr. Ed. T. Byington is our agent in Fort Valley. Mr. W. W Lanky, is our authorized Ageut at Colaporchee. C. W. Brown, Kailroad Depot is our authorized Agent at Baruesviile. BY TELEGRAPH FROiIIALLTHE WORLD. GEORGIA. Election News. Savannah, October 2. —At 1 o’clock p. m., J. E. Bryant, Deputy Collector of tliis port, attempted to create a riot at the polls to-day He was ordered off by the deputy sheriff He resisted and attempted to draw a pistol when he was sum k -.ver the head with a cluli by Hie tile. mil taken off He is now .n contiu- m. The election thus far is progressing mm- Bradley, the negro who for the past two weeks has been inciting the negroes to riot and incendiarism, left the city last night for South Carolina, and has not yet returned. Heports ft-om Liberty county say the Democrats are ten to one. This is a strong negro county. The Radical lead ers have collected the poll tax from the negroes, and have given them bogus re csipts on which they claim the right to vote. Augusta, October 2.—The election passed off quietly. Richmond county has gone Democratic by eight hundred ma jority, being a gain on Bullock’s election, of over 2,000 votes. Returns come in slowly, and nothing official can he given until to-morrow. There is no doubt of the Democrats carrying the State by an overwhelming majority, securing Smith’s election by many thousands. Great en thusiasm is manifested. The city is illu minated by bonfires. A Greeley and Rrown flag was raised and saluted by the firing of cannon. Atlanta, Ootober 2. —From special re turns to the Atlanta Constitution, twenty counties heard from give Smith, Demo crat 10,000 majority. If the same propor tion holds in the 116 counties to be heard from, Smith’s majority will run over 40,000. NEW YORK. Nomination For Havin'. Smuggling. Haverineyer. New York, October 2 —The Munici pal reform oaganization nominated W. T. Havcrmeyer Mayor. 12000 worth of diamonds were seized as smuggled from Havana. The 'l ammany Hall General Committee this afternoon filled more vacancies result ing from disaffection. The sub-committee of the Reform As sociation met to-day and named a com mittee of fifteen, with Judge Pierpont as chairman, to wait on Wm F Haver meycr, next Monday evening, and tender him the nomination for Mayor. >-u behalf of the various Reform organizations of the City. WASHINGTON. Fish. Slore Wild Indians. The laps. 4\ ashinoton, October 2.— Secretary Fish lias arrived here to remain during the winter. Mr. Mori, the Japanese Charge de Af faires, explains the present re aclionist movement in Japan by saying that it is an effort of the older nidi in public life (o counteract Hie prngr,— ! e the oung men who ti i virtual control ot affairs. Mon uopea Uie building of tlie second Japanese vessels in New York, will not long be delayed on account of funds. OHIO. The Exposition. Cincinnati. October 2—The cotton department of the Cincinnati Industrial Exposition will be open for entries until tire lllth of November. The premiums will be awarded November 13th. the Com missioners offer a silver medal for the best bale from Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia and Tennes see, and a sweepstake for the best bale from these seven States. In addition to these, premiums will be offered by the merchants of the city. Applications already made indicate a display lar exceed ing that (.fatty previous exposition in tins line NORTH CAKOMNA. hiiiiicst over Dr. Smith. Raleigh. N. C., October 2. —The jury of inquest was hold to day over the body of Dr. J. Briutofi Smith, who died sud denly here yesterday. Strong evidence of poison was discovered, but no verdict was rendered. The stomach of the deceased will be sent to-morrow to Philadelphia for examination. It is thought to be almost certain that death was occasioned (>y the seidlilz powers he drank ; but as to how so much poison came in them lias not been ascertained. KENTUCKY. Itailroad Convention. Louisville, October 2.—A Convention of Superintendents of Southern and West ern railroads met here this afternoon, to re-arrange the time tables on Western and Southern railroads. The association also met this evening. CALIFORNIA. News. San Francisco, October 2.—The great Republic took $750,0i 0 in the treasure to Yokohama. The newspaper denounces the acquittal of Mrs. Fair as a mockery of justice. Three seconds of au earth quake occur red here this morning. ARKANSAS. Liberalism in Arkansas. Little Rock, October 2.—A full Libe ral ticket has been nominated with three Republicans, and the balance Democratic. Andrew Hunter fis the Democrati nominee for Governor. FOREIGN. FRANCE French leaving Jlclz Alsace and Eorrain. Paris. Oct. 2.—18,000 persons have left Metz during the fortnight, to seek homes under French jurisdiction. The popula te" of that, city now numbers only 10,000 pi > s ms file departures from Alsace and Lor raine. ol the inhabitants who decline to assume German citizauship, are upon an immense scale. It is estimated that 88,000 emigrating from Alsace, will take up their residence in Nancy alone, while large numbers will go on to other places. GREAT BRITAIN. Fatal Railroad Collision. Emigration. Terrible Railroad Accident. London, October 2.—A dispatch from Carlisle says eleven persons were killed by a ruilway collision this morning. The number injured is not stated. During the past three months 54,000 emigrants have sailed from Liverpool for America. A terrible accident happened this morn ing to the passenger train from this city, for Edinburgh. While running at a very rapid speed, it came in collision near Ker tle bridge, with a freight train, causing in stant death to nine persons. Many others are injured, and it is feared several of them will die. REGATTA SALOON AND READING ROOM. H. SIEDENBURG, Proprietor. SITUATED in the basement ol Huff’s new building, Cherry Street. Twenty-five or thirty Illustrated, Literary and Political newspapers, both English and German, constantly kept on hand. i.l; nc ii at all hours ever day. SW 149 FOR SALE. A COMPLETE OUTFIT OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITTRE. A FAMILY designing to break up house keeping on the first of October, now offer a complete outfit of furniture for live or six rooms, together with all necessary kitchen utensels, for sale at half original cost. It con sists of Mohair Parlor Chairs, Mahogany and Black Walnut Bedsteads, Bureaus, Dining Ta ble, Dining, Rocking and common chairs, Car pets, Dinner and Tea Setts, and in short, almost everv article demanded in a house of five or six rooms. The furniture has not been used over one or two years, is in perfect repair, almost as good as new, cost *I,OOO and will now be sold for 8500 cash. Address Box 432, Macon, or apply at this THIS OFFICE, seplfitf INMAN LINE ItOYAL HAIL STEAMSHIPS. PHK Liverpool, New York and Philadelphia 1 tet iishlp Company dispatch two utearn k. The quick eat time ever made UlanUc. Everv comfort and con cur further information apply to MACON, GA., THURSDAY, OCTOBER 1872. T S IMMONsI This unrivalled Medicine is warranted not to contain a single particle of Mkkitky, or any injurious mineral substance, but is p e zt i:i * v xb :- eta wi j:. For FORTY Yr.AltS it has proved its great value in all diseases of the Livuu, Howki.h and Kidneys. Thousands of the good and great in all parts of the country vouch for Its wonder ful ami peculiar power in purifying the Blood, stimulating the torpid Livkk and Bowels, and imparting new Life and Vigor to the whole sys tem. SIMMON’S LIVKK REGULATOR is ac knowledged to have no equal as a EBC JIEK>M’II%E, It contains four medical elements, never uni ted in the same happy proportion in any other preparation, via: a gentle Cathartic, a wonder ful Tonic, an unexceptionable Alterative and a certain Corrective of all impurities of the body. Such signal success has attended its use, that it is now regarded as the ior Livkk Complain i and the painful offspring thereof, to wit: DYSPEPSIA, CONSTIPA TION, -Jaundice.Billionsattneks, SICK HEAD ACHE, Colic, Depression of Spirits S()l T H STOMACH, Heart Bu**n, Ac., &e. ltegulate the Liver and prevent EI9IEEK ANIH EE X I-'IS. SIMMONS’ LIVER REGULATOR Is manufactured by .o. ii. ireii.iN * < <>.. MACON, GA., and PHILADELPHIA. Price $1 per package; sent by mail, postage paid, sl.!‘s. Prepared ready for use in bottles, $1.60. SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS. KgT’Bewureo! Counterfeits and Imitations, llri 52H BERND BROS. MANUFACTURERS OF AND WHOLESALE <fc RETAIL DEALERS IN Hai'iicsh, Buddies,Collars, Horse Equip ments and Clothing Generally. ALSO ii full assortment of LEATHER of a' kinds, Enameled Cloth, etc. •saddlers and Harness Makers Hardware and Tools. Cash paid for HIDES, FI RS, SKINS, WAX, WOOL and TALLOW. 5-l3 'it'll!! BEST ANU FI9FAIMIMT. SODA WATER MANUFACTUItKD BY W. P. CARLOS (SO llulberry Ml., Mueon, Gu. I AM now fully prejiared to furnish pure bot t.ed SODA WATER in any quantity. Ord ers by mail or telegraph promptly attended to. I have in store and am constantly receiving every description of Fancy and Family Groceries, WINES, LIQUORS, and CIGARS, FOREIGN and DGMEBTIC FRUIT, FISH, GAME, and every delicacy when in season. Bur and Restaurant up stairs, supplied with the very beet in the market. Parties purchasing goods from me can always rely upon them being fresh and first class in every respect. WM. I*. CAItI.OS. 1-tf Change of Schedule. MACON AND WESTERN R R. CO., ) Macon, Ga., June 14, 1873. f ON and after Sunday June 10th, the follow ing schedule for Passenger Trains, will be observed on this road: DAY PASSENGER. Leave Macon 8:50 a. m. Arrive at Macon 7:30 a. m. Leave Atlanta 3:00 a. m. Arrive at Atlanta 8:15 p. m. NIGHT PASSENGER. Leave Macon 10:00 p. m. Arrive at Macon 0:25 p. m. Leave Atlanta 4:00 p. m. At rive at Atlanta. 6:06 a. m. 7:30 A. M. and 9:35 p. m. Trains make close connections at Macon with Central Railroad for Savannah and Augusta, and witli South western itailroad for points in Southwest Geor gia. 3:15 p. M and 6.06 A. M. trains connect at Atlanta with Western and Atlantic Railroad for points West. A. J. WHITE, 55tf Superintendent. ATTENTION! INSURANCE AGENTS. ALL Insurance Agents doing business in the city are requested to call at this office, make returns ami pay a tax of per cent, on their receipts to Sept. 1. By order of Council. CIIAH. J. WILLIAMSON, _l29tf Treasurer. REMOVAL, r l''he public are informed that I have temoved J mygrocery business from corner of Fourth and Pine to the large and commodious store next to the Enteiu-iube Office, and formerly occupied by H. C. Stevenson, Esq., where I will be prepared as heretofore to supply my customers and the public generally with gro ceries of every description. I36tf GEORGE F. CHERRY. Xo the IhisiurHH Tien of .Maeon. THE ALBANY NEWS Circulates exclusively In Dougherty, Mitchell, Lee. Baker and Worth Counties. E-tf* The wealthiest Cotton growing section of Georgia, tf-1 TIIK NEWS Is the best Advertising Medium In Southwest ern Georgia. APVKBTISKMBNTS BOLICITID. m CAREY W. STYLES, Proprietor. TO BE LEFT TO THE DECISION OF THE FARMERS. fl'MlE tmention of caterpillar* ami it* terrible 1 destruction of the fleecy staple having, like the great flood of old, abated, a still more momentous question involves especial consid eration at the hands of the farmers. For many long years E. Isaacs Ims catered to the wants of the traveling public; and to the farmers, the very bone and sinew of our beloved South, he has iaken special pains to make them feel at ! home while In the city. His tables are tilled and the usual “allowancing” is not “allowa ble.” Indeed yon get what you cull for and thut without stint. Now the question is: fill tlie Farmers Support Him ? This question is propounded with tfic eonll ; deuce that will be announced with that little but expressive monosylable which is so famil iar w ith voung people enamored of each other —yes! The sturdy farmers knows too well the comfort that await him at the ISAACS HOUSE. To answer otherwise than afllrmutlvcly to the above mentioned question. While on the subject Mr. Isaacs wishes to say that his patronage has so increased as to compel him to provide more ample aecouuno tlons, and that he has leased large avid airy rooms of HuflTs new building adjoining bis own. A line bar is attached to this house. R. ISAACS, Proprietor. 135-160. Cherry Street. Wm. M. Pendleton. Walter T. Ross. PENDLETON & ROSS, (Successors to J. M. Donnhnun.) Corner Mulberry ami Second Streets. IUI OX, W1101.K9A1.8 AND RETAII. PBAI.BIiB IN SCHOOL HOOKS, MEDICAL BOOKS, LAW BOOKS, MISCELLANEOUS BOOKS, BLANK BOOKS, CAP, LETTER ami NOTE PAPER, ENVELOPES, LEGAL BLANKS, WRITING INK, COPYING INK, CARMINE INK, INDELIBLE INK, GOLD PENS, PENHOLDERS, STEEL PENS, PENCILS, CHALK CRAYONS, RUBBER, WAX, OIL COLORS, WATER COLORS, COLORED CRAYONS, BRUSHES, CANVASS, PLAYING CARDS, CHESSMEN, BACKGAMMON BOARDS, DOMINOES, BILLIARD CHALK, CIIROMOS, PICTURE FRAMES, MOULDINGS, GLASS, ETC., ETC., ETC., And in fact everything usually kept in a llret class Book and Stationery Store. Orders from the country will receive prompt attention. Prices as low as any other house in the South. Orders for printing soliclled. At KONM. 113-534 Macon, Georgia. BYINGTON’S HOTEL, FORT VALLEY, GEORGIA, IS TUB It ICIIAI4I'ANT IIOIIMII For tlie Train from Savannah, Augusta and Ma con to Columbus. WIN.YEK HOI Mil For tlie Train from Eufaula und Albany to Macon. NI PPER IIOIJMi: For tlie Train from Columbus to Macon, Sa vannah and Augusta. Large comfortable Rooms with Fire places and every Convenience. 112 190 Spotswood Hotel, Nearly opposite the Passenger Depot, (Only one minute’s walk.) MACON, GA. 6IMIIB House Is centrally and conveniently 10-1 1 cated, with large airy chambers, Ladies’ Drawing and Dining Rooms, Bath Rooms. Barber Shop, and organized In every respect for tlie comfort of families und single gentle men travelling through, or making a home in our city. The tallies are second to none in the South. Kates of transient board $3 Tier day. T. H. HARRIS, Prop’r. C. J., Caterer and Superintendent. J. 11. llakkib, In the Office, _ I—tf JNO. B. WEEMN. ATTORNEY AT LAW, OFFICE ON 3d STREET OVER 1.. H. ISA NIIA I/M MTOKK. _ 29-I7D BYINGTON HOTEL. GRIFFIN, GA. ffAHIB HOTEL ranks second to none in A Georgia, for GOOD COMFORTABLE ROOMS, WELL SUPPLIED TABLES, AND CHEAPNESS OF RATE. Asa resort for the residence of the present hot term. It is unequalled, the nights being remarkable cool and jdeasunt. The best Water in Georgia. G. W. BYINGTON, 110-160 Proprietor. INDIAN SPRINGS. ELDER HOUSE. ELDEIt A NON, Proprietor. r'IAHIS well-known house is now open to all A who Wisil to visit tlie far-famed India* Spring. The Hotel is nearer the Spring than anv other, with pleasant and shady walks lead ing thereto. RATES or BOARD. Per Day I 2 00 One Week 10 00 One Month 35 00 Children and servants half price wm ELWBU * SON. MERCHANTS ANO PLANTERS WILL FIND IT TO THEIR AD VANTAGE TO CALL ON US BEFORE MAKING THEIR MILLS. WE HAVE IN STORF, 100.000 LBS. BACON CLEAR li. SIDES. 25.000 LBS. MACON SHOUL DERS. 10.000 LBS. BELLIES. 50.000L85. FLOUR, all grades. 500 ROLLS 2i BAGGING. 10.000 L MS. ARROW TIES. 10 BALES TWINE. JOHNSON & SMITH. JOHNSON & SMITH, Have, and are offering at very low figures : 100 BOXES TOBACCO, all grades. 100 BMLS. WHISKIES. 150 BMLS. SUGAR. 50 BBLS. MOLASSES. 100 BALES HAY. 1.000 BUSHELS CORN. Together with a full Block of all all goods in our line of business. 116- tf Brown’s Hotel, MACON. GA. IF long experience and a thorough knowl edge of (lie business in all its diversified branches are csscntlaltothc keening that which the public has long heard of but eridorn tem, a uooi* norm., tlie undersigned flatter themselves that they are fully competent to discharge their obliga tions to their patrons; Imt they aro not only experienced in hotel keeping, they modestly would claim to have the BEST ARRANGED and MOST COMPLETE LY AND EXPENSIVELY FURNISHED house throughout, in the State, which is loca ted exactly where everybody would have It sit uated IMMEDIATE!.! IN FRONT AND ADJACENT TO TUB I'AHHKNOKIt DBPOT, where travelers can enjoy the most sleep und less liable to he left by the perplexingly constant departure of the trains. To all these important advantages is added a TABLE that Is well supplied with the best and choicest dishes tlie city and country can afford : nor would they omit to mention that their servants, trained to tlie business, buvo never been surpassed for politeness and atten tion to guests. For tlie truth of these statements, we refer ttio public to our patrons who reside in every State in the Union. E. E. BROWN & SON, Proprietors. Macon, Ga., April 15, 1873. 78-104 DAVIS SMITH, (StK’cesßor to the late nrin of Hmith, Wentcott. A Cos., and of Hinith, McGlaHhuit A Cos.) MAJfUFAUTUItKH AND DKALHH IS SADDLES, HARNESS, BRIDLES, SADDLERY AND HARNESS HARDWARE, Carriage Materials, Leather of all kinds, Shoe Fiddings, Children’s Carriages, ItIBBEK, GIN BANDS, ETC., Together with every article uaually kept in a saddlery house. lOi* CIIEKUY NT., MACON, A 130-156 NOTICE. Maoon and Brunswick Raided ai* Ofpicb, i Macon, Ga., August 2d, 1872. j ON and after August Bth, Excursion Tickets to New York and return, can lie had at this office, 838 00 for round trip. Tickets good until Oct. lat, 1872. (R UT K. J. MARTIN, O, T. Agt. FOR THE FALL AND WINTER TRADE LAWTON Ac BATES, ■'on rlli SI reel, (Ni>\t Door 10 Lnwlon A Wllliiiffliaia.) Y HE prepared to furnish the trade with GKOliiltlllN, I’KOYINIOYN, I’l.O r tTlOy H PPLIRB, HA GI\G, TI ICS, ETC!., ou ns reasonable terms as any house in Georgia. We will keep constantly on hand, BACON; HARD, CORN, OATS, HAY, SUGAR, COFFEE, BAGGING and TIES, and a general aaaort mont of such goods as are kept in a lirst class Grocery House. Givo na a call. Wo are rnnntnf the E.tCJEE I'EOI lII.TU M11.1.M, ol direct-special attention to our “CHOICE,” “EXTRA,” “FAMILY" Fleur*. They will b* , found exactly adapted to the trade, and we guarantee every barrel to give satisfaction Osr prices are us low us those of the same grade* can be bought in the Bouth. COHN MEAL, bolted and unbolted, always on hand, of our own make aad of the bet quality. 120-188 H. BANDY & CO., TI.V AM) SHEET IROff ROOFING, '"liiiiierinj, PlntiH Hi Repairiii, I TIN ASD UAI.VANJZEU IRON CMIUVW ~ (f| 1 I I Executed at short notice and *ati*fc*ttua \ yj \ | j guaranteed. N. j) / \ 1 j Mo. to THIi-d Ntreet, Macen, da. \ Particular attention given to Guttering put up l i with V WOODRUFF’S \ PATENT HAVE PANTRYINIM. 1)8-an gls IMPROVED GET SEAR. S< t ETII IN U NEW. SUPERSEDES ALL OTHER HORSE POWER IT IS NO HUMBUG!! rpilK. settling of the (fin House lloor bus no effect on tlie Gearing. King Po*t uf Ins* and a# .1 the work bolted to Iron. IT IS MADE TO LAST, AND TO RUN TWENTY-FIVE PER CENT. LIGHTER THAN ANT OTHER POWER IN USE. Call and see for youusclf. 1 build a Portable Horse Power Dial challenges all other MAKES, but 1! will not do the wotfi with the same Draft that my PATENT GIN GEAR will. All kinds of Machinery made am) repaired at 4'KOCKETT'N IROff WORKR, 108-186 Near Brown House, Macon Georgia. THE COTTON STATES LIFE INSURANCE COIPAHT, OF MACON, GEORGIA. • OFFICERS: WM. B JOHNSTON, Pnwldmt. WM. S. HOLT, Vice Pre*ldwt. GEO. 8. OBEAK Heeretory CIIAB. F. McOAV, Actuary. JOHN W. BURKE, General Agent, JAMES MERGER GREEN, Medical Examiner. W. J. MAG ILL, Superiatendent of Agenrie*. DIRECTORS: MACON. WM. B. JOHNSTON, JOHN W. BURKE, A. L. MAXWELL, JOHN J. GRESHAM, JOHN 8. BAXTER, DAVID FLANDERS, HENRY L. JEWETT, WM. 11. ROSS, JOHN T. BOIFEUII.LET, VIRGIL POWERS, WILLIAM 8. HOLT, E. J. JOHNSTON, GEORGE 8. OBEAK, PETER SOLOMON, L. N. WHITTLE, R. W. CUBUEDGE, C. A. NUTTING, SAVANNAH. A. R. LAWTON, ANDREW LOW, AUGUSTA. JOHN P. KING, JOBIAR SIBLEY, ATLANTA RICHARD PETERS, V. R. TOMMEY, T. J. SMITH, Montlcello, Ga ; WILLIAM JOIINSTON, Charlotte, N. C.; C. C. MEMMIN GEK, Charleston, 8. C.; 11. P. HAMMET, Greenville, B. C. o Ana eta July lat, 1873, Over #*oo.l*oo 00. ■>‘|M>Nlt-<l with Nliile Comptroller I’orNecurllr of Policy H.lderi, #150.000 00. o This Company insures on all approved plans of Life and Endowment Polluloa— both stock nd mutual rutes. Rates of Premium uh low as any First Class Company. All Policies uomforfeltuble. Investments made In localities where premiums are received. Good reliable parties desiring to become agents for tills Company will apply to Geo. 8. Obear, Secretary, or to J. W. Burke, General Agent, Mucon, Ga. 98-189 W. & E. P. TAYLOR, (lor. Cotton Avouue und Cherry Street, DEALERS IN FUlffll, CAMS, RUGS, OIL CLOTHS, WINDOW SHADES, etc. Metaiic Burial Cases & Caskets, Fine and Plain WoodCoilins and Caskets. Orders by Telegraph promptly attended to. El>. ELLIS, IIOWARP CUTT!*Hz ELLIS & CUTTER, Manufacturers, Contractors & Lumber Dealers, WHARF STREET. MACON. GA. WE manufacture and sell cbe*p Doors. Bab, Blind*, M o “ ldin w'lHb*dld m Building material. We contact for erecting ail kind, of BuUd n, n*l wBJ bjU4 m quick and cheap aa any on*. Wo deal in Rough and Brewed Dumber of aU ort *na *to o Laths, Shingle*, Post* and •▼•ythlu* that It baild • Volume I^—Humbir 149