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Macon daily enterprise. (Macon, Ga.) 1872-1873, October 04, 1872, Image 3

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CITY GOVERNMENT. W. A. BKFf. Mayor. ALDERMEN: , , r , ... A R. Tinslkt, i" Wiim'KN. E. Woodusf, Wasr I star s. I ,r. Wn.UAMSON, l “ clerk! \ NU M m , (jlty Attorney. > iV, t u uN ct ii;L- M ;:: .cuy **• ~ chief of Police. ' .V.'.'.tY.St Lien tenant. I ' c ' M .n ■ .Second l.leutonaut. Wim*' Third Lleutununt. .i. i’,v, T ' . . .Guard House Keeper. ?ou .Igg:::: the Market. .10 it i*ui.vrn. I'j.i* Otlloe i* prepared I* <i. ito .lot* I'riniins u< price* to .nil I lie times, and In a style " e Xtt made a specially. lie aIHH your orders, and will do onr iiest to please you. 1 HQMR AFFAIRS. tl t.-O V O *.. OCT. 4. IW. l’EiimiNAi.. —Mrs. L. P. Murray, with her mother, Mrs. Tisdale, returned to our city yes terday after a pleasant sojourn at Saratoga. Thanks. —Several colored people worked faithfully on the brakes of 2 and 5, last night at the the Are, for which the boy’s tender hearty thanks. Moved. —The Freedman’s Bank have re moved to the rooms recently occupied by the Exchange Bank, under the post ollice. Left Out. —By accident we failed yesterday to give the result of the hulloting at this place We give the consolidated vote of the County to-day. ■ ♦* * NewYokk Ledger.— The ever-full Ledger comes to us this morning from Pendleton & Uoss, crammed with pretty’stories, etc., Go and get a number of the latest. Die Moiienwelt. —Brown it Cos. have re ceived this charming paper for the ladies. The last number is full of interesting matter of inter est only to our lady friends. Home Sweet Home. —Played as only Kes sler can play it, is the sweetest gem of song we know of. We thank him for the musical treat last evening. Not Dead. —The reports in the city papers that Frank White, the negro carpenter, who was shot in the head at the late riot, was dead, is a mistako. He only received a scalp wound; was not only alive this morning, hut rapidly recovering. Millin'euy.—Wo direct the attention of those interested to the advertisement of Miss. M. C. Kelley. Her stock of Millinery em braces everything in that line. Be sure and give her a call. Petty Thieving. —Fred Abel was robbed last night by a negro, who entered his room through a window, of SO in cash. John Farmer’s retail store was shop-lifted this morning of a piece of cheese. He arrested the little nig on the spot and handed him over to the police. He said he stole the cheese be cause liis mother was dead! Choice Mullet. —Messrs. J. F. Barfield & Cos., have just received a nice lot of choice mullet on ice. By-the-way, these gentlemen are getting in a large and varied stock of funcy and family groceries, to which they invite the Ltteution of consumers. Tns Cotton Thade.— Below we give the re ceipts of cotton for the month of September as compared with the receipts of the same month in 1870 and 1871. For September 1870 9,302 bales. “ “ 1871 1,570 “ “ “ 1872 6,610 “ The stock on band September 30th, 1870, was l,9sßbales. Thestockon hand September 30tb, 1872, was 2,100 bales. Cutting Affair. —Yesterday afternoon, n deaf and drunken negro from Forsyth, named Tom Pye got into a difficulty with Hal Gates, another negro, near Abel’s store on Cotton Avenue near Cherry, which' resulted very se riously. Hal was considerably carved up, and is not expected to live. Dr. Holmes took care of the wounded man, and with Lt. Hurley of the police force, had him conveyed to his house near the Bond residence. Pye wa3 arrested and brought before the Mayor this morning. lie is a well-made mu latto, black beard and red hair, and lias a va cant stare in his eyes. He looks like an idiot, lie was held for a warrant. The Fire Last Night.—The stahles of Mr. Kirtlandand Judge Bond were burned to the ground last night. The fire occurred about half past seven o’clock, and made considerable light. All the engines were out, No. 5, being the first to get water. No. 2 followed and the two quickly subdued the flames. The steam ers were on the ground but were not needed. Hook and Ladder with her usual promptness was on hand. No. 4 did not quite reach the lire, as she had a longer pull than the others. The fire supposed to be the work of an in cendiary. ♦ School of Reform. —Quite a number of visitors ornamented the Court Room this morning. Isaac Daddy for being drunk paid live dollars und costs. Charlie Franklin for stealing a bite of cheese pays two dollars and costs. Thomas Pye, deaf, dumb and demented, was up for carviug Hal Gates. Remanded for a warrant. George Graybill for acting disorderly about an apple or so, pays two dollars and costs. A case of disorderly was dismised. Kil>t> Election Returns, -dg 55 Ug ? 2 jr CANDIDATES. 3g3- 55 g P O " O '<,Bi r*r --1 ~ a • James M. Smith 1790 275 57 178 2300 Dawson A. Walker... 138.... 115 100 353 Thos. J. Simmons.... 1728 294 56 178 2250 Patrick E. Meighan.. 137 114 100 851 C. A. Nutting 1724 290 57 178 2249 A. O. bacon 1718 206 55 178 2242 A. M. Lockett 1719.... 57 178 2244 Tilman Lowe (c 01)... 137.... 114 100 351 Pulaski 0. Holt fcol). 137.... 118 100 350 G. Binswanger 145 114 100 359 In the Warrior District not one radical vote ■was polled. The Radicals carried the Ilazzard in consequence of a barbecue being held in Warrior on the day of the election and a large number of the white voters of the Hazzard went over to the Warrior to the feast and there voted. Everything quiet in the country. Notick, —On and after the first of October we shall not exchange or put out on trial any sheet music. GUILFORD, WOOD & CO. Sept 28-30-oel. We Stand Comhected.— ln yesterday’s re port of the row, we gave, as specimens of the muny rumors afloat, one In which Pulaski Hoit was concerned. Tho note below speaks for Itself. We have inquired of a few best and responsible citizens, and they all slate tliat Holt has heretofore enjoyed a good character, and do not believe had any connection with the threat or row. But here is the note. Im;iI Editor Kutrrpriac .—ln your report of Wednesday’s riot, you, unintentionally per haps, place me in a very bad position. Among the specimen rumors, you stale in one that I was organizing a body of men to release Mr. Jell Long. This is false. I liavu never, and to tills fact the beet citizens of Macon will bear witness, in any manner, shape or form, made use of any word or action which could possibly he construed into incendiarism, or threats'. By inquiry of any respectable citizen of this cltv, von will find "this to be correct. Be so kind as to insert this in your evening s Issue. Very respectfully, Pulaski (). Holt. With a desire to “render justice unto nil,” we give the above publication. Mstof Letters it rum in In Si ** Ollice at million, Oct. S, l**J2. (let. 3, 1872. A—-Allen, Mias Luveuia. M—Hass, Nathan ; Battle, Tlios. II.; Banks, Miss Silvery; Banks, John (col.); Barfleld, Mrs. M. M. ; Bolden, Win. ; Bidwell, A. M.; Bryan, Miss Lucy; Bryan, F. M.; Butler, Miss Natalie; Burns, J. K.; Burke, W.; Brown, J. K - Cl—Calhoun, Miss A.; Carey, l-hns. J ; Clark, W. F.; Corner, 1). W.; Cross, Robert A. ; Cherry, Miss Cornelia. I>—Dickenson, Jennie (col.); Dykes, Janies K ; Duke, N. I! ; Drake, Miss Ellen ; Driver, L. Dyer, W. B. B-l—Echols, Allen 11. I- —Felton, Samuel; Fisher, Mrs. A. ; Ford, Mrs. Annie; Fox, Mrs. Frances; Fuller, Miss Clara. . <— tinrett, T. W. ; Gillespie, Patrick; Glover, Mrs. Annie; Green, Mrs. Dolley; Griggs, Miss l’auline; Gulltuer, O.; Grant, Nathaniel; Guerrarddie, B. Paul; Grittitb, Mrs. Lizzie; Grace, George; Gray, William; Green, C. „ ... ll Haynes, Harris; Haynes, G. W. ; Har ris, Mose; Harris, Miss Lula A.; Hull, Mrs. M. M.; Harris, George 11.; Hondricke, T.C.; Hicks, Francis; Hill, S. T. (col.); Hyde, Miss L V.; Hodges, James 11. ; Horne, Mrs. A.; llolscnbake, W. H. ; Horton, Henry; Hancock, John. _ „ T , J—Jackson, Win; Jester, Henry; Jackson, Miss Sarah; Jones, Airs Lucinda; Jones, Miss Lizzie; Julies, Jordan; Johnson, J E; Johnson, Mrs Mandy (eol); Johnston, Mias Minnie C; Johnson, 8 F; Johnson, Mr. _ Ik—Kent, Miss Sarah; Konzic, MissSulUs V; Kemp Sl Hood. I.—Lamar, Mrs M A; Lamar, Mrs Dicey (col); Laney, Henry; Lockett, Miss Lucy; Lyon, Mrs Ruth; Lowrey, Nathan. Hl—Matliison, John K; McKinney, Mrs Sa rah; McDonald, Daniel; McCarthy, Geo; Mor ris, Rebecca; Mitchell, Miss Fannie; Miller, Uus; Moore, L; Moore, Mrs M A. A—NeWtnan, J R; Nance, Blanton. I s —Parker, Miss Molly; Parker, John P; Parker, W H; Pearce, E Coke; Ponder, S; Purse, Miss Matilda; Purse, Miss Drucillu C. !£— Reese, Henry; Rice, Henry; Ridley, Bil ly; Roland, Adolphus; Rodelsheimer, A; Rob ertson, Mrs Alary; Robinson, Miss Ann (col). S—Sehaub, Julius L; Spiuks, Harriet, col.; Sledge, John R; Sexton, O. M; Snow, Miss Emma H.; Strozier, James W.; Smith, A. M.; Smith, Mrs. F. M.; X—Thomas, Miss Lou E.; Tharpc,Tabitha.; Thomas, Mrs. Maria, col. 'IV —Wallace, Miss Kerilla; Waterhouse, Mrs. M. L.; Wall, Miss Virginia; Welch, W. S.; Whitman, J. W.; AVhite, James, eol.; Whalev, John and Jane; Williams, Abraham; Windsor, T. P.; Wingtteld, Miss H.; Wlldust, Luke; Wood, Mrs. Nancy G.; West, Comfort, col,; Washington, Mrs. Alary. Letters held for Postage. Alayer it Guye, St. Louis, Alo.; Hon. I). A. Voson, Albany, Ga ; Thomas Taylor, Eastman, Ga.; Miss Dely Jordan, Alonticelln, Ga.; Sal lie Walker, Savannah, Ga.; March Brown, Savannah, Ga.; Aliss Mary Louc Maddock; Eutonton, Ga.; J. M. Smith, Bamesville, Ga., Jas. E. Sanford, Savannah, Ga.; Benj. Whig ara, McVille, Ga.; Mrs. D. J. Holloway, Ma con, Ga.; Mrs. Ellen Bennet, Brunswick, Ga.; Shade Thomas, Barnesville, Ga., J. 11. Howard, Macon, Ga.; Mrs. Elex, Atlanta, <sn. A New Departure. —Messrs. Calloway, Small <fc Montfort have removed their Whole sale Western Produce House from Hollings worth Block to No. 66, Cherry street, just above Huff’s corner. And with this tew departure, they will, in the future, keep a larger stock of Bacon, Corn, Hay, Flour, Meal, Oats, Bagging, Ties, Lard Tobacco, Salt and general plantation supplies on hand than ever. With their energy and bus iness tact, they are obliged to command a large amount of trade, especially since they have placed their house in the very centre of the best position in the city. We wish them every success and cordially re commend our friends to them. 2t Ullmanh.—The Oysters that Ullmann fur nishes on the half-shell are said to possess a pe culiar flavor. We are afraid Ull. is fattening them on that splendid Cincinnatti Beer. Don’t do that, Ully, dear. You must remember that others like the beverage, and oysters must not be too well fed at their expense. The Rhine Wine and Seltzer Water still runs, while the Lunches—oh, my ! they are too good to talk about. Isaacs House Saloon. lt Carlos— This lucky fellow never tires of recounting his romantic and hairbreadth es capes while in Gotham recently. You should hear him "talk sailor.” F’rinstanee, he says "we were going thirteen knots an hour with the top gallant Bail all taut, the jibboom uud spanker made fast to hurricane deck poop, and ail the hawsers spliced firmly to the mizzen stay, when all at once a nor-sou-easter run afoul of us, dipped the gunwales in the creek, shivered the figure-head und crippled the bos’u aft the cabin.” But joking aside he is get ting in a good lot of everything good. North ern apples, and imported brandied, fruits and everything else that’s nice. oct4 It. Sugar Cured Hams.—Carlos bus a lurgc lot of New York sugar cured hams, just received. Also, Fulton market beef, bacon strips, North ern apples, etc., etc. Ice to-morrow at the usual hour. H. Farrar’s Electric —Warranted to cure the following diseases or money refunded: Dip theriu, Neuralgia, Cramp and Colic, Headache, Diarrhoe and Rheumatism if not of too long standing. Farrar’s Ague Cure—Warranted to cure in three days or money refunded. For sale by all Druggists. Hunt, Rankin & Lamar, 93_P71 Wholesale Agents. Go where you can get f he best photographs. Cloudy days preferred, except for children. — Bright days are the best for babies, as they have to be taken like shooting birds on the wing. Call at the prepaid Gallery, No. BCotton Av enue, where you will find Brown ready to wait on you. cp2fitf^ Wanted —A HOUSE. WANTED a small 2 or 3 roomed house, in the vicinity of the Enterprise office. Possession wanted October Ist. Address BOX K, 107tf Macon, (ia. REMOVAL. The public are Informed that I have icmovcd my grocery business from comer of Fourth and Pine to the large and commodious store next to the Enterprise Office, and formerly occupied by H. C. Stevenson, Esq., where I will be prepared as heretofore to supply my I customers and the public generally with gro ceries of every description, i 13614 GEORGE F. CHERRY. ELECTION NEWS. A noiltcr <’ouify Hoard From ! “ Hang out your banners on the outward walls, The cry is, STILL THEY COME!” THE EMPIRE STATE REDEEMED! C nmplcll, county. Smith 7GO Walker 380 Miller, “ ” 358 “ 110 Decatur, •• •* 853 “ 1,040 Clinch, " “ 383 " Upson. " “ 1,100 ” 191 Clarku, ” ’, 1,319 “ 9<’s Clayton, u “ 010 ” 190 Ilonry, “ " 149 “ 15 Bartow, “ “ 1,594 " 580 Oglethorpe, •• ” 055 ” 287 Ware, " •• 82 •• 9 Wayno, “ •• 200 “ 17 Seri ven, “ “ 110 “ none Lowndes, “ " 089 “ 492 Polk, “ “ 100 ” 191 Glynn, ” ” 214 “ 389 Ilall, “ ” 1,008 ” 154 Milton, " •* 582 “ 49 FINANCIAL & COMMERCIAL. Daily Review 4’ Hie Market, Office Macon Daily Enterprise, 1 October 4—2 o’clock, P. M. f Cotton. —Report for 24 hours, since 2 P. M. yesterday. Sold 365 bales ; shipped 219 hales. Received 547 bales. STATEMENT. Stock on hand, Sept. 1, 1872- bales 412 Received last 24 hours 547 Received previously 7,463 — 8 010 Total receipts 8,422 Snipped last 24 hours _ 219 Shipped previously 5,161 — 5,380 Stock on hand this evening 3,643 Market firm lli%al7c. MACWAi PKICi: t'l KISILVI'. OS NAB LEGS —No. 1 16 No. 2 H MilledgevilleNo, 2 14 MACON SHEETING 12j B Seven-eighths Waymanville Sheeting 11 Houston Sheeting 11 }4 Houston Stripes 13%a10 Columbus Stripes 15al8 High Shoal Stripes 10 Montour Shirting —% 10’ i Factory Sewing Thread 60 YARNS— 1 60 GRtTS—per bushel 135 OATS—per bushel 00a05 FIE LD PE AS—per bushel..... HAY—Northern V. Tennessee 1 9Ja2 00 Clover 1 90 PEA NUTS—per bushel 150 POTA l'OES—Planting Tablo use 3 50a4 00 APPLES—Northern BUTTER—Goshen No. 1 per II) 43u44 Goshen No. 2 per 11) 25 Tennessee No. 1 “ 3J Tennessee No. 2 “ 20 Country 85u40 COFFEE—Rio per 11) 31a25 Java per lh 28a34 CHEESE—Best Cream per lb.. 17 New York per 1b... 15 MOLASSES—N. O. Syrup per gal. 65 “Georgia” per gal.. 70 Sugar House 35 SYRUPS—GoIden Drips, per gal... 00u75 Medium per gal 65 Ordinary per gal 55 SUGAR—“A” per lb 13’-£a White Extra “ C” 13a New Orleans (hhds) 10al2J^ Yellow C l‘2% a Demerara 12)^a13 Porti Rico ll%al2Jq( POWDER—Hazard per keg 7 25 Orange Mills 7 00 PROVISIONS, GRAIN, GROCERIES, AC. BACON—Clear-ribbed Sides (smokd)l2)q'nl2% Shoulders flj^alO HAMS—Magnolias. C., canvassed... lSJ^alll Fitch’s 18^al9 Tennessee, plaiu-cured 18al8X White Bellies lOall PORK —Pickled, mess 18 00 New, mess 19 00 Pickled, rumps . 15 00 BULK MEATS—Cask Sides Shoulders Bellies LARD —Prime Leaf, Tierces Italic K egs 13 Packages 12al8 FLOU It -Low superfine per bbi a7 00 Standard superfine.. 8 50 Extra OO Choice extra i’amily 10 00 “Wyleys XXXX’q Georgia Mills { 1! Boal2 00 llyacinthe 11 00 “Domestic” 12 00 Star of ifViuty 11 00 Belle off eorgia 11 00 Pride of Dixie 12 00 Silver l ake 10 50 CORN —White pli- bushel 95 Mixed per bushel 88a90 SHOT—Per sack 3 00 CRACKERS—Butter per lb 09 Soda Bao9 Cream 13 Sugar 12 1-2 Lemon Ginger Snaps 14 PicNic 10 Fancy 17 CANDY —New York peril) 18 M. It. Rogers & Cos 18 BLACKING—No. 1 per gross 5 00 No. 2 0 00 No. 3 7 00 SODA—BI-Carb. per lb 9alo POTASH—PeriI) lOall SOAP—Turpentine per lb 0 1-2 Laundry 15 Toilet per doz 75al 20 Olive 8 YEAST POWDERS—Preston and Merrill’s per doz. 1 75u2 25 Horsford’s 2 90 TOBACCO—Choice Chewing per lb 75 Medium -. 00 Ordinary 40a50 Choice Smoking 1 25 Medium 75 Common 40 ClGAßS—lmportedpertbousand7s 00al50 00 Domestic 15 OOaOO IK) SNUFF—Scotch per lb 78 Macaboy 78 PIPES—Per box 2 50a4 50 MACKEREL—No. 1 kits 2 25a2 50 No. 2 bbls 13 50a14 00 No. 2 kits 175 No. 3 bbls—large..ll 50a12 00 No. 3 kits 1 50al 70 WHITE FISH—Half bbl 7 50 CANDLES—Best Star (full w’t)... 21Wa22 Sperm 42a45 Paraffine 30a33 BTARCH—PearI 7j^aßK EGGS—Per doz 30 CHICKENS—Per doz 3 00a5 00 SALT —Virginia per sack 2 10a2 15 Liverpool 2 50 FEATHERS 80 HIDES—Dry flint 14al0 Green oa7 BEESWAX 28a30 SWEET POTATOES 75al 00 WHISKY—Common Rye 1 05a 1 10 BAGGING—BengaI Lyon Borneo Gunny Dundee 17 Patched 17 TlES—Gooche Arrow 9%a10 Eureka *lO Aligator a9>) J. CLARKE SWAYZE, j Bibb County Court, vs. J-October Term, 1871. NINA S WAYZE. ) Libel for Divorce. It appearing to tlie Court that the defendant in the above stated case, resides without the limits of the State. It is ordered that Service be perfected in said case, by publication in one of the public Gazettes, published in the City of Macon, once a week for four months. M. B GERRY, Petitioner’s Attorney. A trne extract from tiie Minutes of Bibb Su perior Court. A. B. ROSS, Dep. Clerk. July 17, 1873. 5-law4rn CITY DIRECTORY. MASONIC. Macon Lodge, No. 5, meet* every l*t and 8d Monday night, at Masonic Ilall, Cotton Avenue. Mlzpuh Lodge, No. 47, meets every 2d and 4th Thursday nights at Musonle Hall. Constantine Chapter, No. 4, H. A. M., meets every 2d and 4th Monday night at Masonic Ilall. St Oilier Commamlery, No. 2, Knights Tem plar, meets Ist Thursdays of each month at Masonic Hall. I I UK MEN. Protection No. I meets Ist Tuesday night in each month—House Poplar sfc., corner 2d. Ocmulgee No. 2 meets Ist Monday night in each month—House on Cotton Avenue, near City Hall. Young America No 3 meets Ist Monday night in each month — llouse 3dst., corner Mulberry Mechanics’ No. 4 meets Ist Monday night in eacli month—House corner Hawthorne and 3d streets. Dctiuuce No. 5 meets Ist Tuesday in each month—Housed in City Hail. Hook and Ladder No. 1 meets Ist Friday night in each month—House Poplar st., cor ner 2d. Olll* FKI.I.OWS. Franklin Lodge, No. 2, meets every Thurs day night at Odd Fellows’ Hall, Cotton Avenue. United Brothers Lodge, No. 5, meets every Tuesday night at Odd Fellows’ Ilall. Germania Lodge, No. 51), meets every Wednesday night at Odd Fellows’ Ilall. Macon Union Encampment No. 2, meets at Odd Fellows’ Hall on 2d ami 4th Mondays of each month. KNIGIITS OF I’YTIIIAS Meet every Wednesday night at Odd Fellows’ Hall. GOOl> TEMPI.AItS. Walton Lodge, No. 23, meets every Tues day night at Progress Club Hall. Aurora Lodge, No. 81), meets every Friday night at their Hall In Hollingsworth Block. Dougherty Lodge,' No. .171), meets every Monday night at Progress Club Hall. Windsor Lodge, No. 120, meets every Thurs day night at. their Hull on Windsor Hill. SOCIETIES Pictcss Club meets every Sunday night at their Hall on Mulberry street. llibernlun Society meets Ist Tuesday In each month at No. 2 Engine House. Maluchi Lodge, No. 146, I. O. B. 8., meets second and fourth tfunduys in each mouth. Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers meets every Wednesday night at the Passenger Depot. Visiting brethren welcome. GIIUItCHKS. Episcopal —CliristChureh, Rev. B. Johnson, Rector—Walnut st., between 2d and 3d. Ser vices 10 1-2 A. m. and 8 p. m. St. Paul’s Church, Itev. 11. K. Rees, Rector —Vineville. Services II a. m. ; sp. M. Chil dren’s Service; Cp. m. Evening Prayer. St. Barnabas, services by the Rector of Christ Church, at sp. m. Near Macon ifc Brunswick Railroad Freight Depot. Catholic —St. Joseph’s Church, Rev. Is. D. Bazin. Mass 7a.m. ; High Mass 10:00 a. m. ; Vespers 4 1-2 p. m. Presbyterian —Mulberry St. Church, Rev. C. B. Vaughn, pastor. Services 10 I*2 a. m. and 8 p. M. Windsor Dili Church, Rev. Win. McKay, pastor. Services semi-monthly. Israeli'.ish Synagoffue —J. 11. Hertz, President Near Ist Baptist Church. Services Friday eve ning and Saturday morning. liaptist —lst Baptist, ltcv. W. 11. Mclntosh, pastor—2d Street, between Cherry and Poplar. Services 10 1-2 A. M. and 8 1-4 F. M. ; Bunday scliool 41-2 v. m. Second Baptist, Rev. James Mcßrvdc, pastor —near Findlay’s Foundry. Services 101-2 a. m. and 8 r. M. Mission Chapel, Windsor Hill, supplied from the city churches. Methodist Kpiscojxd —Mulberry Street, Rev. J. O. Branch, pastor—Mulberry st., corner Ist. Services at 10 1-12 A. m. and 8 r. m. First Street Church, Rev. W. W. Hicks, pas tor—lst street, between Oak and Arch. Ser vices 101-2 A. m. and 8 p. m. Vineville Church, supplied from the city churelics. East Macon Church, Rev. J. W. Burke, pas tor. Services 10 1-2 A. m. and 4p.m. Jones’ Chapel—Windsor Ilill—services at the usual hours by the Pastor. Rev. R. A. Cain. Wesleyan Female College, MACON, GA. rpilE Thirty-fifth Annual Session begins OC i TOBKK 7,1872. The entire expense, per annum, of a Board ing Pupil, who tukeH no extra study, is 6315 00, exclusive of books. No extra charge for Vocal Mub'ic, Calisthen ics or Elementary Drawing. For Catalogues containing full information, address Rev. E. 11. MYERS, D.D., President, or C. W. SMITH, 107-150 Secretary Faculty. T II K ’CHARTER OAK' —IS— STK-L A MOVING. TRUMAN & GRUEN, T'RIA.YULIoiIt III.OCK. Sign of the Golden “Charter Oak.” 140-204 _ OH. B. F. ORIOO*. OFFICE ovet M. R. Rogers * Co’s., Con fectionary store. „ „ Residence, Plum street, opposite George S. Obcar’s. oc 't 2-lrn. BOARD. DAY board and board and lodging in a pri vate house, can be had by applying to W. D. Rainey on Walnut street, Macon. Sept. 12,1872. 137 ' m Te the IliiHiaesN Men of .Silicon TIIE ALBANY NEWS Circulates exclusively iu Dougherty, Mitchell, Lee. Baker and Worth Counties. J_gr The wealthiest Cotton growing section of Georgia. Till': MOWS Is the best Advertising Medium in Southwest em Georgia* advertisement* solicited. CAREY W. STYLES, Proprietor. 89 FOR SALE ")00 (UUNDRED) i,Ki)sTKA,,s ' KH) (Hundred) Mattresses. 2(H) (Chilli's,) Dry Goods uiul notions. Hardware, l’ocket and Table Cutlery, and also a lanre lotof Second hand furniture. Car pets, etc., by <*• E. ItESORE, scpllMm Auctioneer. FOR SALS OR RENT. \ DESIRABLE house, nearly new, situated on Troup Hill, with four rooms and two bu-cment rooms below, with kitchen and a good well of water and half acre of land. If sold, the terms are part cash and balance in monthly instalments, also u Throe room house with kitchen for sale on same terms as above Apply at the warerooms of Guernsey, Bar train A Hendrix, Blake’s Block, or at the Dixie Works. T. GUERNSEY. 128tf Guernsey, Bartran & Hendrix, BI IUHIKS MIPIM.V STOIIE,’ lllahr's llloek, I-oplnr Street, (Between Third mid Fourth.) WHITE AND YELLOW PINK WORK, Niinli, ■>, ■IIIikIm, I’rmiteH, ■lrarE.rts, .Ycwel I’iihlh, HaliiMlot'N. MunlleN, lilt’., Ulr. Carpenter Tools, Locks, Nulls, Hinges, l'n i til s, Oils, Glass mid Putt}', Etc. CONTUACTOKS for BUIMHNd. DRESSED AND ROUGH I.UMBER AT OUR FACTORY, DIXIE WORKS, CHERRY ST. 123-tf TAX! TAX!! TAX!!! THE attention of city tax payers are most respectfully called to the following reso lution passed by Council at u recent meeting with the request that all subject will comply, thus avoiding trouble and expense: Whereas, At tho regular meeting in August a resolution was passed, giving those owing taxes for the year 1H72 the privilege, of paying one-fourth their taxes on the 10th of Septem ber, and it being not generally understood when the balance fell due, therefore Resolved, That on the 10th of each month one-fourth will be called for; all persons fail ing to pay the socond instalment, which fulls due on the 10th of October next, that the Trea surer jissuo executions for the full amount of taxes. Passed. CTIAS. J. WILLIAMSON, sept 21-tilloctl 1. . Treasurer. CROP OF 1872. Clover and Grass Seeds. RED CLOVER, CRIMSON CLOVER, SAPLING CLOVER, ORCHARD GRASS BLUE GRASS, HERDS GRASS, LUCERNE SEED, &C., &C. % Just received, HUNT, RANKIN & LAMAII, Wholesale Druggists, 14()-15ti 82 and 84 Cherry Street. WHITE ROCK POTASH I > Y THE POUND. iiiLvrmrM MOUNTAIN RYE WHISKY! 1805, PUREST WHISKY FORMEDICAL PURPO SES. PURE FRENCH BRANDY, PORT, SHERRY and ANGELICA WINES. FIRE PROOF LAMP CHIMNEYS 1 The Rest and Cheapest Cigars EVER OFFERED IN MACON. STREET CAR TICKETS, FOUR FOR TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. Prescriptions accurately compounded at the Drug Store of BOLAND . HALL, DRITOaiST, Cor. Cherry St. and Cotton Avenue. aumami J-. Butts# ISpqab a COAL AND WOOD. WE are ready to fill orders at reduced rates for the very best COAL CREEK and ANTHRACITE COAL, COKE and BLACKSMITH COAL, alno beat UPLAND OAK and HICKORY WOOD. Orders left at the office of A. G. Butts, at store of Wlnshlp A Callaway, or at yard M. & W. K. K., will receive prompt attention. 114-192 BUTTS A ROBS. Press for Sale! WE have for sale a large size GORDON PRESS (Aligator) and a KUGGLKH PAPER CUTTER In good condition. To he had at a bargain. Hole! to make room for lar £er and faster machines. WJNG & SMITH) Macon, (ia. ~ J. iTiilHAllW, attorney at law, 151 % BAY STREET, SAVANNAH, GA. C COLLECTIONS promptly attended to and J money remitted at once. I". O. Box 207. 131-209 l Ri:SH STOCK! BURDICK BROTHERS SIGN OF THE “GOLDEN!HOC.” DEALERS IN Grain, Provisions and Groceries, Ilavo now In store n fresh Stock of Goods, and invite tho attention of the Public. WE OFFER 100,000 pounds BACON SIDES AND SHOULDERS, direct (from the Psek.ra. 25 tierces of the genuine “MAGNOLIA" HAMS. 20 tierces PURE LEAF LARD. 5,000 bushel* WHITE AND MIXED CORN. 3 CAR LOADS FLOUR from NEW WHEAT. 500 Rolls BAGGINO, weighing 21a Diomids to the Yard. Al{fl* <> W ” I IIS H, IN ANY QUANTITY. 25 Bags Choice RIO COFFEE. 50 Bble. SUGAR of various gruedi. Choice WESTERN HAY, fresh Water Ground MEAL, WHEAT BRAN, LIVERPOOL and VIRGINIA SALT. We have now a good Stock, and respectfully Invito tho attention of all who desire to pur chase goods In our line. Entire satisfaction Is guaranteed to our customers. Please call on us at 63 Third Street, fflacoa, Ga, Stio of tie “Golfleo Hoe,” BURDICK BROTHERS, 110-135 BROWS GALLERY! No. 8 Cotton Avenue, % Is the place where all the differ ent styles of pictures are made at greatly reduced prices. , , ■ S REMOVAL. | > Y October Ist the undersigned will remove 1 > to intersection of First street and Cotton Avenue, Dixie Works side, where he will be pre pared to supply bis euHton'ers.and^hepublic wiU) V a* thorough knowledge of the same, to gether with a disposition to please, I flatter myself tliut I can and will give entire satisfac tion to all favoring me with their patronage. Until the Ist of October, I can he found at my old stand on Cotton Avenue, oppoaite Tri angular Block. R. W. B. MERRITT. OLIVER, DOUGLASS & CO., No. 42 Third Street, Macon, Georgia, AGENTS FOIC TIIE Great Benefactor, Stewart, Cotton Plant, A NT) various other patterns of Cooking Stoves ; also a large sssortment °'d£u£ 1.17-188©ou