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Macon daily enterprise. (Macon, Ga.) 1872-1873, October 05, 1872, Image 1

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Macon Gailp Sntrrpriar. Lines, Wing & Smith, Proprietors, Term* of Sulmcrlptlon: One Year * OO Six Months 4 ™ Tliree Months 2 ou Invariably in advance. To city subscribers by the month, Seventy live cents, served by carriers. Liberal Republican Democratic Ticket- Tor President: HORACE GREELEY, OP NEW YORK. For Vice PreHident: B. GRATZ BROWN, OP MISSOURI. Ml ale Electoral Ticket. FOB STATS AT LARGE, Principals. Alternates. W. T. WOFFORD, A. 11. COLCJUITT, U. L. BENNING, ELI WARREN, JULIAN IIARTRIDGE, A. 11. HANSEL, WASHINGTON POE. GEO. 1). KICK. DISTRICT ELECTORS. 1. 11. G. TURNER, 1. j. RIVERS, 8. R. N. ELY, 3. A. L. HAWES, 8. W. J. HUDSON, 3. P. F. SMITH, 4. JAMES M. PACE, 4. T. F. NEWELL, 5 N R CASEY, 5. A. M. RODGERS o'. J. N. DORSEY, 0. L. J. ALLRED, 7. E. D. GRAHAM, 7. R. A. ALSTON. Tor CongresH. ‘JAMES H. BLOUNT, SIXTH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT. Mr. Frank J. Herrington is our only authorized City Agent, and lie is duly em powered to solicit work for this oflice, and subscriptions to the Enterprise. Mr. Charles L. Mize, book and news dealer, Is our authorized ageut iu Dawson, Ga. Mr. W. S. Deidrick, Southern Express Company Office, is our authorized Agent at Smithville. J. L Tucker is our authorized agent at Fort Gaines. I. N. Seymore, of Byingtou’s Hotel, is our authorized Agent at Griffin. Mr. Ed. T. Byington is our agent in Fort Valley. Mr. W. W. Laney, is our authorized Agent at Colaporchee. C. W. Brown, Railroad Depot is our authorized Agent at Barnesville. BY TELEGRAPH I'KO.U Alii. I’ll ■: WORLD. MEW YORK. Sicgi'l to be Sued. A Ship with Mine Skck Sous. The Indian:.. Getting ICeady for the Election. Special Deputies. American Bible Society. New York, Oct. 4. —John K. Thomp son has sued General Siegel for the recov ery of six thousand dollars, for writing up his war record. Siegel denies the indebt edness. Jas. Dugas, who arrived here yesterday from Sydney, Cape Breton, reports that on the 19th September, schooner Lancaster, on which he was a passenger, fell in with an abandoned vessel on which was found a skeleton crushed in by falling rigging.— Also live other skeletons, four of which appeared to have been more recent than the other two. Enquiry seemed to show that ail on board perished from hunger. The bowsprit bore the name of "Glaua loon.” Two decomposed corpses were found in the forecastle. The Captain's corpse was found in a state room, making nine found altogether. The papers found on board were to be given to the authorities at Sidney, with a view to learning the history of the Giana loon. The Indians made nn extensive sight seeing tour througli the city to-day. Some twenty colored men have been elected as supervisors of elections in the Bth and other negro wards. The list of 2,200 special deputies, to be appointed by Marshal Sharpe, will be com pleted to morrow. At a stated meeting of the American Bi ble Society to-day. five new auxiliaries were recognized, viz : in tbe States of So. Carolina, Georgia, Kansas, Tennessee and Minnesota. TENNESSEE. The Railroad Accident. List of Wounded. The Enst Tennessee It. It. Ac cident. New York, October 4. — A Morristown Tennesse dispatch states that the wound ed by the railroad accident, near Green ville, yesterday, number 24.; four of whom will probably die. The train was crowded, and the escape of the passengers from instant death, was almost miracu lous. The Press and Herald gives the follow ing complete list of persons injured by the railroad accident near Greenville, Tennes see, yesterday A. 11. Carey, Chattanooga, slightly injured in leg and arm ; U. D. An derson, London, ankle, badly injured ; Da vid Bryant, liamseytown, N. C., sprained ankle ; Mrs. Johnson and two children, Memphis, injuries not serious , Theodore Ellis, brakesman, in the face ; Col. Pride, Morristown, badly injured in the back; Mrs. Pride and daughter, thigh broken se riously ; Mr. and Mrs. Morris, four sous, two daughters and son-in-law, Pulaski county, Virginia, all hurt, but not serious ly ; daughter of Frank Barclay, Knoxville, arm broken ; John Heiskill, brakesman, Chattanooga, mortally wounded ; Mrs. Smithson, Pulaski county, Va., seriously hurt; Alfred Hunter, colored, leg broken ; llev. J. K. Wheeler, Johnson City, hurt in back and seriously injured ; Mr. Conway, mail agent, injured in calf of leg; Thomas Halloway, conductor, injured in head and both legs; T W. Mclnturfl, mail agent, injured in small of back and bruised ; T. W . Y oung, badly injured In face and legs. TEXAS, A Gin House Burned. Galveston. October 4. — A gin house at Bayl&nd, containing 20,000 bales of Sea Island cotton, has been burned. WASHINGTON. Another Conscience Esi*cd. Mixed Claims Commission. Etc., Etc. About the Government's Ti iiunccs. Washington, October 4.—The consci ence fund received $2,000 from a person in Hamburg. The American and British Mixed Claims Commission were in continuous session to-day from 11 A. m., to 0 p. m., and trans acted a large amount of business. Watchmen employed by the Govern ment do not come within the eight hour law. The State Department has no official advices about the San .luau hour. ’ary. The Secretaries of State and Wr, and the Postmaster General only, were at the Cabinet to-day. The business was routine. The Star says, the total amount of legal tenders outstanding, amounts to $350,000,- 000. The law authorizes the issue of $400,- 000,000, thus leaving $54,000,000 reserve in the Treasury, which the Secretary may issue at his discretion. It will thus be seen that the Secretary is not at the mercy of the New York stock gamblers, as might hr supposed, from the small currency bal ance which appears in the daily casli state ment. The Secretary does not anticipate an emergency which will render it neces sary for him to draw on this reserve ; hut should one arise, he will do so to the full est extent necessary. PENNSYLVANIA. I'resideiil Grunt to the Mniiiifae turers. President Grant has addressed a letter to tbe manufacturers of Philadelphia, iu reply to an invitation to visit their estab lishments, saying he can’t, at present; but at any day when the excitement of the Presidential campaign has passed, lie will take great pleasure in making a visit. He closes as follows : “I leel a very great interest in the success of the manu facturing interests of the country and their development, looking upon their growth as necessary to the solvency of the nation by keeping down the balance of trade against us and in dignifying labor and making it remunerative. You have my best wishes for the success of your respec tive interests and the interests of all man ufacturers and producers in the land, un til our productions by home labor for ex ports, exclusive of promises to pay, equal our importations, or exceed them.” OHIO. .h’lTimal: I’olltaith In Cinciiiiiiili. Cincinnati October 4. —Senator Wil son was introduced on change to-day by the President of the Covington Chambers of Commerce. He was received with great enthusiasm, the announcement of his presence being followed by prolonged applause. He spoke brietly, entirely ig noring politics, and congratula'ing the merchants upon the prosperity <” Cincin nati and of the State, through which he said lie had recently traveled, everywhere seeing evidence of progress. After the conclusion of his speech, he was present ed to a large number of the members of the Chamber of Commerce and * as final ly, in company with the President of the Industrial Exposition, and the President of the Chamber of Commerce, escorted to the Exposition Hall. + NEW JERSEY. A Destructive Fire at Patterson. New Y'okk, October 3. —At one o’clock this morning, a fire broke out in Watson’s machine shop and silk factory, in Patter son, and liy five o’clock only t..c walls were left standing. It is not knr ,u why the fire was allowed to get in such head way. The total loss Is estimated ai $150,- 000. The loss in the foundry was sllO,- 000, and in the silk mill $40,000. The latter was insured for $30,000. The in surance on the foundry is unknown. Another account states the total loss at $400,000 ; but it is believed this is an ex aggeration. The origin ot the fire is un known. MASSACHUSETTS. Iloosuc Tunnel Explosion Scuttling :t Ship. Spbiwgfied, Mass., October 4.—An explosion occurred in the Hoosac tunnel this morning which killed Michael Cun ningham and badly injured Stephen Mc- Carthy, and hurt several others. Boston, October 4.—ln the case of Robert Shepherd, on trial in the United States Court for scuttling the bark Francis, at Lea, the Jury returned a verdict of guil ty. The sentence was deferred. ILLINOIS. Tim Bricklayer* on a Strike. Chicago, 111., October 4. —A proposi tion of those employing bricklayers, to re duce wages was last night, met by a de mand from the bricklayers for four dollars for eight hours work, and fifty cents per hour for extra work. One thousand men obtained their demands, and five thousand are on a strike. Work is sus pended on the Michigan Southern Depot, and the Pacific Hotel. GEORGIA. Smith'* majority 40,000 iu S7 Counties. Atlanta, Ga., October 4.—Eighty seven counties have been heard from. Smith’s majority is 40.000. From the re turns, the Democrats voted solid for Smith. The Liberal Republicans, both white and colored, voted for the Demo cratic nominee. Hence the large major ity. CALIFORNIA. Inakura Enters a Complaint. San Francisco, Oct. 4.—The Japan Herald says Iwakura complained normally, • that he was unable to accomplish, atWasb MACON, GA., SATURDAY, OCTOBER 5, 1872. injftou, his own treaty designs. On ac count of the opposition to Mori, the Japan ese Charge d'Atfairs. Uyenc lias been ap pointed the successor of Mori. ONTAH 10. Sirk Horses. Touonto, October, 4.—There is au epi demic among the horses here, of certain character. Almost all the horses belong ing to tho Street Car Companies and Liv ery stables, are affected. MEXICO. War ou llie llctiian Frontier. New Oleans, October 4.—A San An tonio special reports that a party of Texans followed a hand of Mexicans cattle thieves into Mexico, and attacked them at New ton. Two Texans and several Mexicans were killed. The Texans burned the Al cade's house with him in it. On Monday two hundred armed Mexi cans appeared on the Mexican side of the river opposite Sail Felip. Lieutenant Da vidson, with a company of troops from Fort Clarke, was ordered to watch their movements. F ORE 1(1 N. STAIN. The fire lit Tseurinl. Madrid, October 4.—lnformation reached Madrid at a late hour last night that the lire iu Escurial had been extin guished. Two of the towera and u por tion of Hie roofing had been destroyed, The amount of damages is estimated at 3,000,000 reals. All the valualilo objects which, it was thought, would perish iu the conllagration, are reported to he safe. ~~TRANCE? Gainbetta’s Illness. Paris, October 4.—Private dispatches say Gambetta’s illness is very severe and is tlie result of overwork. Fsimm onsl L. S* B7T J This unrivalled Medicine is warranted not to contain a single particle of Mercury, or any injurious mineral substance, but is DI'IM'.LV VEGETABLE. For FOKTY YEARS it lias proved its great value in all diseases of the Liver, Bowers and Kidneys. Thousands of the good and great in all parts of the country vouch for its wonder ful and peculiar power iu purifying the Blood, stimulating the torpid Liver and Bowels, and imparting new Life and Vigor to the whole sys tem. SIMMON’S LIVER REGULATOR knowledged to have no equal as a LIVER MEDICINE, It contains four medical elements, never uni ted in the same happy proportion in any other preparation, viz : a gentle Cuthartic, a wonder ful Tonic, an unexceptionable Alterative and a certain Corrective of all impurities of the body. Such signal success has attended its use, that it is now regarded as the Great. (iuliiilinc Specific for Liver Complaint and the painful offspring thereof, to wit: DYSPEPSIA, CONSTIPA TION, Jaundice, Billions attacks, SICK HEAD ACHE, Colie, Depression of Spirits SOUK STOMACH, Heart Burn, &c., &c. Regulate the Liver and prevent CHILES AND FEVER. SIMMONS’ LIVER REGULATOR Is manufacture,d l>y .1. 11. /lII I,IN Jk CO., MACON, GA., and PHILADELPHIA. Price $1 perpneknge; sent by mail, postage paid, $1.25. Prepared ready for use in bottles, $1.50. SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS. E-Sf Beware ot all Counterfeits and Imitations. 112-525 BERND BROS. MANUFACTURERS OF AND WHOLESALE <fc RETAIL dealers in Harness, Saddles, Collars, Horse Equip ments and Clothing Generally. ALSO a full assortment of LEATHER of a! kinds, Enameled Cloth, etc. eaddlers and Harness Makers Hardware and Tools. Cash paid for HIDES, FURS, BKINS, WAX, WOOL and TALLOW. 5-168 THE BEST AND CHEAPEN'!'. SODA WATER MANUFACTURED BY W. P. CARLOS HU Mulberry Ml., Macon, Ga. I AM now fully prepared to furnish pure bot tled SODA WATER in any quantity. Ord ers by mail or telegraph promptly attended to. I have in store and am constantly receiving every description of Fancy and Family Groceries, WINES, LIQUORS, and CIGARS, FOREIGN and DOMESTIC FRUIT, FISH, GAME, and every delicacy when in season. Bar and Restaurant up stairs, supplied with the very bail in the market. Parties purchasing goods from mocan always rely upon them being fresh and first class in every respect. WM. F. ( A III.OS. 1-tf ATTENTION! INSURANCE AGENTS. ALL Insurance Agent* doing business in the city arc requested to calf at this office, make return- and pay a tax of per cent, on their receipt* to Bept. 1. By order of Council. (JUAB. J. WILLIAMSON, T7W Treasurer. TO BE LEFT TO THE DECISION OF THE FARMERS. r pHE question of caterpillars ami Its terrible 1 destruction of the tleeey staple having, like tlie great llood of old, abated, a still more momentous question Involves especial consid eration at the hands of the farmers. For many long years E. Isaacs lias catered to the wants of tlie traveling public; and to the farmers, the very bone and sinew of our beloved South, he has taken special pains to make them feel at home while in the city. His tables are tilled and tlie usual “allowancing" is not “allowa ble.” Indeed you get what you call for and that without stint.. Now the'question isr Will tlie Fanners Supper! Him ? This question Is propounded with the conti deuce that will be announced with that little but expressive monosylablo which is so famil iar witli young people enamored of each other —yes! Tlie sturdy farmers knows too well tlie comfort that await him at the ISAACS HOUSE. To answer otherwise than affirmatively to the above mentioned question. While on the subject Mr. Isaacs wishes to ssy that his putronuge has so increased as to compel him to provide more nmplo aceouimo tions, and that lie lms leased large and airy rooms of Hairs new building adjoining Ids own. A flne liar is attached to this house. E. ISAACS, Proprietor. 135-180. Cherry Street. Wm. M. Pendleton. Walter T. Ross. PENDLETON & ROSS, (Successors to J. M. Boardmnn.) Corner Mulberry and Seeond Streets. MACON, GA.. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN SCHOOL BOOKS, MEDICAL BOOKS, LAW BOOKS, MISCELLANEOUS BOOKS, BLANK BOOKS, CAP, LETTER, mid NOTE PAPER, ENVELOPES, LEGAL BLANKS, WRITING INK, COPYING INK, CARMINE INK, INDELIBLE INK, GOLD PENS, PENHOLDERS, STEEL PENS, PENCILS, CHALK CRAYONS, RUBBER, WAX, OIL COLORS, WATER COLORS, COLORED CRAYONS, BRUSHES, CANVASS, PLAYING CARDS, CHESSMEN, BACKGAMMON BOARDS* DOMINOES, BILLIARD CHALK, CHROMOS, PICTURE FRAMES, MOULDINGS, GLASS, ETC., ETC., ETC., And in fact everything usually kept In a first class Book and Stationery Store. Orders from the country will receive prompt attention. Prices us low as any other house in the South. Orders for printing solicited. PUMH.HrOA A ROSS, 113-524 Macon, Georgia. BYINCTON’S HOTEL, FORT VALLEY, GEORGIA, 13 THE Klt 1-lAItFAST 1101 NIl For the Train from Savannah, Augustanml Ma con to Columbus. OIWLIt 110 TNT For the Train from Eufaula and Albany to Macon. NDPPKK 1101 Si: For the Train from Columbus to Macon, Sa vunnuli and Augusta. Large comfortable Rooms with Fire places and every Convenience. 112-190 Spotswood Hotel, Nearly opposite the Passenger Depot, (Only one minute’s walk.) MACON, GA. riTHis Houseis centrally and conveniently lo- X rated, with large airy chambers, Ladies’ Drawing and Dining Rooms, Bath Rooms, Barber Shop, and organized in every respect for the comfort of families anil single gentle men travelling through, or making a home in our city. The tables are second to none in the South. Rates of transient board $3 per day. T. 11. HARRIS, Prop’r. C. .1., Caterer and Superintendent. J. 11. Hakhib, In the Office. JNO. 11. WEEMS. ATTORNEY AT LAW, OFFICE ON 8o STREET OVER L. \V. RANUAI/S STORE. 29-179 BYINGTON HOTEL, GRIFFIN, GA. rpIIIS HOTEL ranks second to none In J. Georgia, for GOOD COMFORTABLE ROOMS, WELL SUPPLIED TABLES, AND CHEAPNESS OF RATE. Asa resort for tho residence of the present hot term, it is unequalled, the nights being remarkable cool and pleasant. The best Water in Georgia. G. W. BYINGTON, 110-180 Proprietor. INDIAN SPRINGS. ELDER HOUSE. TTO Til A MOM, Proprietor. nDIIIH well-known house is now open to all X who wish to visit the far-famed India* ! Spring. The Hotel is nearer the Spring than 1 any other, with pleasant and shady walks lead log thereto. RATES OF BOARD. Per Day $ 2 00 One 10 00 Oth; Month 00 I Children and servant* half P r J ce - „ 1 f/>tf ELDRH # BON, MERCHANTS AMU PLANTERS WILL FIND IT TO THEIR AD VANTAGE TO CALL ON US BEFORE MAKING THEIIt BILLS. WE HAVE IN STORF, 100.000 LBS. BACON CLEAR R. SIDES. 25.000 LBS. BACON SHOUL DERS. 10.000 LBS. BELLIES. 50.000L85. FLOUR, nil grades. 500 ROLLS 2\ BAGGING. 10.000 LBS. ARROW TIES. 10 BALES TWINE. JOHNSON & SMITH. JOHNSON & SMITH, Hitvo, and are offering at, very low figures: 100 BOXES TOBACCO, all grades. 100 BBLS. WHISKIES. 150 BBLS. SUGAR. 50 BBLS. MOLASSES. 100 BALES HAY. 1.000 BUSHELS CORN, Together with a full stock of all all goods in our line of business. 118 tf Brown’s Hotel, I MACON. GA. IF long e.xnerionca and a thorough knowl edge of the bunincaa in all its diversified branches arc essential to tho keeping thut which tlie public lias long heard of but eeldom wen, a iion r, the undersigned flutter themselves that they lire fully competent to discharge their obliga tions to their patrons; hut they are not only experienced in hotel keeping, they modestly would claim to have tlie BEST ARRANGED and MOST COMPLETE LY AND EXPENSIVELY FURNISHED house throughout, in the State, which is loca ted exactly where everybody would have it sit uated IMMEDIATELY IN JfKONT AND ADJACENT TO THE J'AHHKNOER UKPOT. where travelers can enjoy the moat deejt and less liable to be left by the perplexingly constant departure of tlie trains. To all these important advantages is added a TABLE that is well supplied witli tho best and choicest dishes the city and country can afford: nor would they omit to mention that their servants, trained to the business, have never been surpassed for politeness and atten tion to guests. For the truth of these statements, we refer the public to our patrons who reside in every State in tlie Union. E. E. BROWN A SON, Proprietors. Macon, Ga., April 15, 1872. 78-104 DAVIS SMITH,” (Successor to the lute nrm of Smith, Westcott. & (Jo., and of Smith, McGlaatian At Cos.) MAN UK AOTUKIiII ANII DEALEH IN SADDLES, HARNESS, BRIDLES, SADDLERY AND HARNESS HARDWARE, Carriage Materials, Leather of all kinds, Shoe Fiddings, Children's Carriages, RUBBER, OIK BANDS, ETC., Together with every article unually kept In a saddlery house. lO* CHERKV ST., VIA COT, UA 130-158 NOTICE. Macon anij BHtrwswicK, i> Ovrica, I Macon, Ga., August 2d, 1872. f ON and after August Bth, Excursion Tickets to New York and return, can he had at tills office, S3B 00 for round trip. Tickets good until Oct Ist, 1872. “ .*• E. 3. MARTIN, (>. T. Agt. FOR THE FALL AND WINTER TRADE LAWTON Ac BATES, l'oii rili Street, (Kcxl Door to Lawton A Willinffham,) prepared to furnish the trado with taIIOt’EKIEN, PROVIMIOKN. PI.AKTATIOK SUPPLIES, BAG UI.TU, TIES, ETC., on as reasonable terms uh any house In Georgia. We will keep constantly on hand, BACON; LARD, CORN, OATS, HAY, SUGAR, COFFEE, RAGGING ami TIES, und .general assort ment of such goods as are kept In a llrst class Grocery House. Give us a calL We are rnaniag the EAULE li.OI UI.HU IMILI.N, and direct-special attention to our “CHOICE," “EXTRA,” “FAMILY” Flours. They will I*, fouml exactly adapted to the trade, and we guarantee every barrel to give satisfaction. Oar prices are as low as those of the same grades can he bought In the South. CORN MEAL, bolted mid unbolted, always on hand, of our own make and of the hist quality. 120-188 H. BANDY & CO., . TIN A!,w SUEET IEO * RooriN6 Gntterini, Plmbiii an j fiepriif, AUK> n T<r WwSA y TIN AND GALVANIZED IRON CORNICES ci. .... iii s \ n I |/| \ Executed at short notice and sattafeetiem V I J \ fill 1 guaranteed. jj / \Jj Ho. 40 Third street, Macon, a. \ Particular attention given to Guttering put up \ , with V WOODRUFF’S \ PATENT HAVE FASTEAINCH). ULnug 3 IMPROVED OB' GEAR, N< >MBTHING NEW. SUPERSEDES ALL OTHER HORSE POWER IT IS NO HUMBUG!! Til E settling of the Gin House floor has no elleet on tho Gearing. King Post of Iroa and atj the work bolted to Iron. IT 18 MADE TO LAST, AND TO RUN TWENTY-FIVE I’EH CENT. LIGHTER THAN ANY OTHER POWER IN USE. Call and see for yomiHelf. 1 build a Portable Horae Power that challenges nil other MAKES, bat ft will ndt do the work with the same Draft that my PATENT GIN GEAR will. All kinds of Machinery made and repaired at I'ItUCKIiTT'H IKON WOUKN, 108-180 Near Brown House, Macon Georgia. THE COTTON STATES LIFE INSURANCE COMPART, OF MACON, GEORGIA, OFFICERISi WM. B. JOHNSTON ........^.....Presldiuit WM. 8. HOLT „ vlee President, GEO. 8. 011 EAR Secretary CH AS. E. MoCAY, Actuary. JOHN W. BURKE, General Agent JAMES MERCER GREEN, Medical Examiner. W. J. MAGILL, Superintendent of Agasdee, DIRECTORS: MACON. WM. B. JOHNSTON, JOHN W. BURKE, A. L. MAXWELL, JOHN J. GRESHAM, JOHN 8. BAXTER, DAVID FLANDERS, HENRY L. JEWETT, WM. 11. ROSS, JOHN T. BOIFKUILLET, VIRGIL POWERS, WILLIAM 8. HOLT, A. J. JOHNSTON, GEORGE H. OBKAK, PETER SOLOMON, L. N. WHITTLE, K. W. CUBBEDGE, C. A. NUTTING, SAVANNAH. A. R. LAWTON, ANDREW LOW, AUGUSTA, JOHN P. KING, JOSIAn SIBLEY, ATLANTA. RICHARD PETERB, T. R. TOM MET, T. J. SMITH, Monticollo, Ga.; WILLIAM JOHNSTON, Charlotte, N. C.; C. C. MEMMIN GER, Charleston, 8. C.; 11. I*. HAMMKT, Greenville, 8. C. Assels July I*l, IM7*. Over §300.000 00. I)enu*lled with Elate Comptroller forMecurlty of Pol Icy Holder*. §150.000 00. o This Company Insures on all approved plans of Life and Endowment Pollcic.—hoth stodt and mutual rates. Hates of Premium as low as any First Class Company. All Policies non forfeitable. Investments mude in localities where premiums are received. Good reliable parties desiring to become agrnta for this Company will apply to Get*. 8. Obear, Secretary, or to J. W. Burke, General Agent, Macon, Ga. 98-122 W. & E. P. TAYLOR, Cor. Cotton Avenue and Cherry Street, DEALERS IN FDRNITDRE, CABPffIIS, BEES, OIL CLOTHS, WINDOW SHADES, etc. Metaiic Burial Cases & Caskets, Fine and Plain Wood Coffins and Caskets. 79ti tSfOrdere by Telegraph promptly attended to. ED. ELLIS* ” HOWARD CUTTEX ELLIS & CUTTER, Manufacturers, Contractors & Lumber Dealers, WHARF STREET, MACON. GA. WE manufacture and sell cheap Doors. Sash, Blinds, M°ffidlnOT, Brackets Md Building material. We contract for erecting all kind* of tin* at quick and cheap u any on.. We deal in Rough and Coat Laths, Shingles, Post, and .ywythlug that It taka, to bmlld . h° JjJ V J*FV'*’***4 VOLUMH I. JTumbib 151