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Macon daily enterprise. (Macon, Ga.) 1872-1873, October 19, 1872, Image 3

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CITY GOVERNMENT. W. A. HUFF' May®**- ALDERMEN: , . r , . Y A. R. Tinslet, " J Wilburn E. Woodliff, P FmoS O- . Roberts, w T Fills E. P. Strong, ) aSng 1 J. Russell, d' n alt ’ R. Waoof.sstein. C. J. Williamson, Trewurer. A O. Bacon PhyS ,k. G. N. Holmes, U . .Chief of Police. H* ’ Elrst Lieutenant. H. c. iATLOR, Second Lieutenant. w“a K'• -Third Lieutenant ~ Finnet’ -' Guard llonßC Kcc P cr - O. P. UNNET.... Street Overseer. a "ic'Harman, City cxton ' n r Hodgkins Magazine Keeper. .lErFEHs! ::: Clerk of the Market. JO I* PROTn G. 11,i* Offl.ce Is prepared to ex rente Job lrininjc at prices to salt the times, and in n style .satisfactory to all. Fine work made a wpecialty. W nolit it your orders, and will do our ix-Nt to please you, Il< home "affairs; nv<o.>. iii., OCT.■. IST a. YVhortlbbehbies.— Huckleberries are plen tiful in the city. They sell rapidly. Negro Killed.—A light occurred between two negro men at McCall’s Mill in this county yesterday about a stick of wood, in "which one .hot the other dead on the spot. Death of Wm. J. Darraugh.—This old citizen fell dead in his store at 8 o’clock last night. He ia supposed to have been attacked with heart disease, or some other malady which producea instant death. He had often served the city as policeman. He will be buried to morrow afternoon. “Little Charlie.”—A bright and interest ing little boy of Judge R. H. Hutchings, died Thursday night, after a very brief illness. He was laid away in his little grave late yesterday afternoon —a tear shed upon the 6od, and then the Might wind left to sing its rcqulum over the cold little grave forever and forever! Mator's Court. —Jas. H. Finlayson, drunk, officer Taylor; $5 and costs. Jane Lowe, stealing, officer Rattle; dis missed. MolliM Parker, for koeping an assignation honae, officers Duke and Wood; continued. Sam Johnson, disorderly conduct, officer Ruff; diamisaed. A New Ice Machine.— We saw a perfected little machine for the manufacture of artificial ice, yesterday, the whole apparatus and at tachments of which could be placed inside of a water bucket. For use in the country whore water is bad and ice hard to get, it ia a very valuable invention. It waa invented by a gen tleman in Macon, and we suppose the machine will be for sale before long. Picking Cotton. —People from the country report the picking of the cotton crop as rapidly going forward—that if the weather continues aa fine aa it now ia, the whole of it will be gath ered by the 15th or 30th of November. Two thirds have already been gathered, gined, baled and either on the road to market or already there. Aa a general rule, we never get done before the middle of December or first of Janu ary, but at this time we are all of one month ahead of time. Fort Valley and Perry Road. —Work progresses quite slowly on this little branch road. We heard this morning that no more than two or three miles had been completed— that the entire track had been graded, however, and that it would be sometime in December before cars would be running over the whole line. The iron used is being taken from the Muscogee road—which line is being relaid with the Fißb-bar rail. Burning of a Carload of Cotton. —When the up-train on the Southwestern Railroad was passing Massey’s plantation, near Marshall ville, Conductor Welch discovered a car loaded with cotton on fire. The engine was immedi ately halted and all hands went to work to save all they could. The cotton was tumbled from the ear, which was saved without material damage, but it was impossible to extinguish the fire and every bale, consisting of twenty five, consumed. It caught from a spark fi om the locomotive. The road loses over $3,000. Forrester, Again.— lt seems the papers never will get through with this precious scoundrel, the supposed murderer of Nathans in New York, and who is now in the Alton, Illinois, Penitentiary. It is well known to our police that he was in Macon just before he was arrested at Savan nah. We heard a man say tlio other day that he knew of Forrester having cither sold, or “soaked,” ten watches when here and it may be important evidence to rake these watches up and see if they did not belong to the mur dered man. Mules and Horses. —Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois are now pouring into Georgia their annual surplus crop of mules and horses. Many car loads are now in the city and many others have passed through going farther Sooth to find a market. Some of the horses are from the best breeds of northern Kentncxy and are surpassingly beautiful. We notice occasional ly descendants of Gray Eagle, Lexington and aometime* a splendid Black-Hawk-Morgan among them. These cost rouadsnms of money to own, and indeed this trade generally takes a great deal of money out of the country. But every gentleman who can afford it eught to have a fine horse. It is in perfect good teste. Mysterious. —We learn this morning that quite a mysterious affair is creating a great deal of sensation about the city. On Thusday last, Mr. Sirrine, who lives at No. 6, Macon and Brunswick Railroad, discovered his dishes, etc., jumping off the table and being smashed up. Everything got to jumping, and nothing conld be seen to do the mischief. In the par lor, among the broken vases, toys and every thing breakable, were fonnd two strange bis cuits, which Mr. 8. swears were not cooked on his place, and a3 there is no house anywhere near his, there is no accounting for where they came from. Opr informant was there last night and found everything quiet, bnt as lie was leaving the dipper jumped out of the water bucket. There is no clue to the mystery. Kbmakkale Feat. —While driving liis splen did Bpan of at the Fair Yesterday. Mr. J. -I. Clay made a wager of wine with a friend, that he could start his horses in a fast trot, than turn his wagon over, light on his feet and turn the wagon back on its wheels and resume his seat, aDd without stopping or checking the speed of the horses, he did it. Many persons thought the upset was accidental, but it was nothing of the sort. The above is from the Enfaula Times. It Is nothing to what we have seen Clay do. He once made a wager that he could mount a horse and aay “whoa,” and all the beating and poking hit friends could do in a week wouldn’t make the bona mors an la-h He woo the bet (It was a saw horse ] Old and New Thick*.—The cotton and gold indicators wore in successful operation in our warehouses this morning— working ex cellently well—turning out the prices just as easy as the gal knew her daddy. We submit that they are somewhat of an advance upon the old system of carrying the news —we mean the plans in operation now and those of 1825. Then there was a pony express from Auguata and Savannah to Macon, aud from thla point quotations of cotton would go to the country by regular and irregular chan nel. We heard an old citizen telling the other day of how he used to operate as one of “these irregular channels” between Macou and Grif fin. He had a boss here who had a purchasing friend in Griffin, and whenever any news of importance was received, he was placed upon his pony and told to duet.— His instructions went on to say, if yon get to Griffin in daylight hitch your horse In the woods half mile from town, go in, show yourself to Campbell but without speak ing to him go to a certain room in the hotel where he will immediately follow. If you get there in the night rap three times on hia door, hand in the letter and then get ou the horse and come out of town. But never allow any one to see you talking to him. It was astonishing to other speculators what wonderful “ sagacity ” Campbell had about when to buy and when to sell cotton. He managed to keep them pretty well bunted up to the time the telegraph wircß came along when he lost all his “sagacity” with the sale of his pony and the discharge of his rider. —-——♦ ♦ A Neoro Plays the Confidence Game.— A day or two aince a negro fellow applied at the residence of Mrs. Fort, telling her that an old family servant hud just pegged out at Mil ledgeville and he had been aent to obtain money to give the woman decent burial. The story was told too smoothly not to be discredi ted, aud Mrs. F. gave him ten dollars. But he had scarcely got out of sight lieforo a letter was received from the Milledgeville old family relic, which announced that the report of her death was “2 premature.” Mrs. Post went up to Atlanta on the next train to visit a sick daughter, but had been in the house only a few hours when this same rascal, John Henderson, knocked at the door, and begged for money witli which to pay the funeral expenses of a Democrat nigger. But before getting it Mrs. F. espied him as lie did her, when lie scratched gravel away from there. He was finally arrested here and aent to jail. Idlk Boys.—From the number of applica tions which we daily receive at our office for positions for young boys, wo know there must be a great many idle onea in the city. It ia per haps no fault of many of them that they have nothing to do, for they appear to be perfectly willing to accept the most menial situations if livings can be made out of them. Under our excellent free school system an opportunity is offered all to at least win half the battle of life, which is to secure a good Eng lish education at the outset. They can do nothing successfully without this, and their pa rents, whenever it is at all practicable, ought to send them to school in preference to giving them any other employment whatever. The Concert Last Night.—Quite an appre ciative audience were in attendance on the Con ceit last night. The music was excellent, and the scholars of Prof. Bichel evinced a careful training. The violin solo of Master Eddie Brown elicited much applause. The gem of the evening was the piano play ing of little Rebecca Isaacs, who is an apt scholar, performing difficult pieces in an easy, graceful manner. Mißs Ida Abrams iB another accomplished performer on the piano. Her performance of Contentment, a piano solo, was well rendered. The Senior class sung admirably, mid were frequently applauded. Profs. Bichel and Perry added much to the entertainment of the evening. Being an amateur affair, with only a short re hearsal, we think the Concert a success. Lunacy —A negro man was brought through here last night, chained and ready for quarters at the Lunatie Asylum. He will not vote for Greeley. The Great Dry Goods House of S. Waxklbaum and Brother. —This mammoth Dry Goods House is truly one of the greatest in all the Southern country. Wc doubt if there are many which are more extensive on the North American continent outside of New York and Philadelphia, and even in those cities there are not many carrying heavier stocks or doing a larger trade. Occupying the centre of Triangular Block — running through from Second street to Cot ton Avenue, and fiom cellar to roof, there are five grand divisions to the establishment. The cellars or ground rooms are used for packing and unpacking goods for all depart ments and for the storage of Domestics. The right hand floor above is the chief whole sale department, and here we find a ship load of Prints, Domestics, Alpaccas of all colors, Janes, Bleaching?, Shirtings, Stripes, Checks, Ginghams, Fancy Dress Goods, Red and White Flannels, Opera Flannels, Tickings, Brown Coods, Corsets, Linseys, Poplins, and so on, running through the entire catalogue. On the left is the general Retail Room, and a busy scene it always presents, morning, noon and night. It would be much easier to tell what is not in there than what is. It contains among other things the largest stock of silks in Georgia—some of them running as high as SIOO per pattern. Our ladies can find anything there from an inch of ribbon to a cashmere shawl. The two floors above are set apart for ready made clothing, boots, shoes, hats, shawls, hosiery, gloves, linens, shirts, balmoral skirts, cloaks, blankets, quilts and notions atl infini tum. But it is useless to call every article by name, it would take up half the space in our paper. Dealers must go and see for themselves. A su perficial glance makes one think there is enough on hand to supply the whole trade of Macon for months to come, and yet so great is the trade of the house, it is necessary to send off new orders for fresh supplies almost every day in the week. Scarcely a steamer leaves New York for Savannah without having con signments for “3. W. & 8., Macon.” The Benior requests us to make the positive statement ns a fact that they tell at New York prices. Wc found the house-this morning full of country merchants and citizens, and every clerk just aa busy as he could be; and no wonder, for such a stock as that will attract people to it the dullest day in the week, and at this season no one wishing to purchase will go by it. A large capital, industry, the most scrupu lous honor, and a long series of years devoted to the business, has placed this house in the front rand of Dry Goods Dealers in Georgia. It is known far and wide as such and will continue to be for a long time to come. oct9-3w t - . Carlos has Florida Oranges large and sweet. No more blowing about your Ferreotypes. Brown has just received the best and largest Ferreotype machine that ever came South. — Call at No. 8 Cotton Avenue, if you want good pictures. Old Cameras for sale—different sizes. tf Lunch at regular lunch hours, Free Soup. Tomandjcrry, Hotpunches, and Cincinnati La ger Beer at Ullman’a Isaacß House Saloon. sepl7-eod-lm Carlos still keeps the freshest fish, the finest oysters, the coldest Ice, the yellowest oranges, the reddest apples, the Irlshcat potatoes, the gcuulncst cigars, the sweetest French candy, the goodies t groceries and the beat place in town to buy your groceries at. tf Oranges at W. P. Carlos’. Farrar'; Electric— Warranted to cure the following i iseascs or money refunded; Dlp tlioria, Ncu algia, Cramp and Colic, Headache, Diarrhoe ai i Rheumatism if not of too long standing. Farrar’s Ague Cure—Warranted to cure in throe days or money refunded. For sale by all Druggists. Hunt, Rankin & Lamar, 03-171 Wholesale Agents. Call at 8. T. & li. P. Walker’s this evening, if you want such things as choice Tennessee Beef, Pork, Sausage, Fresh Fish, Oysters, Ap ples, Oranges, Bannanos, Malaga Grapea, or anything else in the fancy or family grocery lino. octl7-tf 88 Cherry St. That’s So. —If you want a suit made to or der in the best style, you will save money by calling on (tf) C. H. Baihd. It Is Also Tbue.—lf you want to buy Rea dy-made Clothing or good Underclothing, etc., it will pay you to walk up to first door above First National Bank, Cheriy street. tf C. 11. Baihd. CITY DIRECTORY. MASONIC. Macon Lodge, No. 5, meeta every Ist and 3d Monday night, at Masonic Hall, Cotton Avenue. Mizpah Lodge, No. 47, meets every 2d and 4th Thursday nights at Masonic Ilall. Constantine Chapter, No. 4, R. A. M., meets every 2d and 4tli Monday night at Masonic Hall. St. Omcr Commandery, No. 2, Knights Tem plar, meets Ist Thursdays of each month at Masonic Hall. FIREMEN. Protection No. 1 meets Ist Tuesday ulglit lu each month —House Poplar st., coiner 3d. Ocmulgco No. 2 meets Ist Monday night in each month—House on Cotton Avenue, near City Hall. Young America No 3 meets Ist Monday night in each month—House 3dst., comer Mulberry Mechanics’ No. 4 meets Ist Monday night in each month —House corner Hawthorne and 3d streets. Defiance No. 5 meets Ist Tuesday in each month—Housed in City Hall. Hook and Ladder No. 1 meeta Ist Friday night in each month—House Toplar st., cor ner 2d. odd fellows. Franklin Lodge, No. 2, meets every Thurs day night at Odd Fellows’ Hall, Cotton Avenue. United Brothers Lodge, No. 5, meets every Tuesday night at Odd Fellows’ Hall. Germania Lodge, No. 59, .meets every Wednesday night at Odd Fellows’ Hall. Macon Union Encampment No. 2, meets at Odd Fellows’ Hall on 2d and 4th Mondays of each month. KNIGHTS OF TYTIIIAS Meet every Wednesday night at Odd Fellows’ Hall. GOOD TEMPLARS. Walton Lodge, No. 23, meets every Tues day night at Progress Club Hall. Aurora Ledge, No. 89, meets every Friday night at theii Hall in Hollingsworth Block. Dougherty Lodge, No. 179, meets every Monday nigl.:. at Progress Club Hall. Windsor L >dge, No. 120, meets every Thurs day night at their Hall on Windsor Ilill. societies Progress Club meets every Sunday nigbt at their Hall on Mulberry street. Hibernian .Society meets Ist Tuesday in etiqj> month at No 2 Engine House. Malaclii Lodge, No. 14G, I. O, B. 8., meets second and fourth Sundays in each month. Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers meets every Wednesday night at the Passenger Depot. Visiting brethren welcome. CHURCHES. Episcoi>al— Christ Church, Rev. B. Johnson, Rector—Walnut st., between 2d and 3d. Ser vices 10 1-2 a M. and Bp. M. St. Paul’s Church, Rev. 11. K. Rees, Rector —Vineville, Services II A. m. ; 5 p. M. Chil dren’s Service; 0 I*. M. Evening Prayer. St. Barnabas, services by the Rector of Christ Church, at sp. m. Near Macon & Brunswick Railroad Freight Depot. Catholic —St. Joseph’s Church, Rev. L. D. Bazin. Mass 7a. m. ; High Mass 10:00 a. m. ; Vespers 4 1-3 p. m. Presbyterian —Mulberry St. Church, Rev. C. B. Vaughn, pastor. Services 10 1-3 a. m. and 8 P. M. Windsor Hill Church, Rev. Win. McKay, pastor. Services semi-monthly. JsraeWish Synnyogvc —J. 11. Hertz, President Near Ist Baptist Church. Services Friday eve ning and Saturday morning. Baptist— lst Baptist, Rev. W. 11. Mclntosh, pastor—3d Street, between Cherry and Poplar. Services 10 1-3 A. m. and 8 1-4 p. m. ; Sunday school 4 1-3 P. M. Second Baptist, Rev. James Meßrvde, pastor —near Findlay’s Foundry. Services 101-3 a. m. and 8 p. m. Mission Chapel, Windsor Hill, supplied from the city churches. Methodist Episcopal —Mulberry Street, Rev. J. O. Branch, pastor— Mulberry st., corner Ist. Services at 10 1-13 A. m. and 8 p. m. First Street Church, Rev. W. W. Hicks, pas tor—lst street, between Oak and Arch. Ser vices 101-3 A. M. and 8 P. M. Vineville Church, supplied from the city churches. East Macon Church, Rev. J. W. Burke, pas tor. Services 10 1-3 a. m. and 4P. M. Jones’ Chapel—Windsorllill—services at the usual hours by the Pastor. Rev. R. A. Cain. NOTICE. r T'HE Books for the registration of voter* for the city election will he opened on the first day of October and close at Two o’clock p. m., on December 13, 1873. sep3o td J. A, McMANUS, Clerk. DRUGS, DRUGS. JUST RECEIVED At No. 3 BROWN HOUSE BLOCK, A SEW AM) WELL SELECTED STOCK OF Pure Drugs, Medicines, PHARMAC EUTICAL Preparations, Chemi cals, etc. Albo, a full line of all the pop ular Patent > edioines, Toilet Articles, inclu ding Brushes <f all kinds, Combs, Perfumery, Toilet Soaps, losmetics, etc. Kerosene Oil by the barrel ano at retail. N. B. Particular attention given to the Pre scription Business, and hone hct fcbe medi cines used b> competent hands. All of the avove Stock bought in person for cash st the lowest market prices, snd all will be sold as cheap as by sny bouse in the city.— The public are earnestly invitee to come and buy. DR. P H. WRIGHT, octl6-4t Druggist and Physician. FINANCIAL & COMMERCIAL. ■Sally Kevlew of tlie TtarUel, Office M acon Daily Enterprise, October 19—2 o’clock, P. M. j Remarks. —Dispatches from other market* to-day, were more favorable for cotton. The afternoon’s report from Liverpool quoted it active aud tinner with sales of 18,000 bales on the basis of 18% to 18% for Upland and 10% for Orleans. The latest telegram from New York said ttiat. market was quiet at 19;%. At Savannah, tills morning it was excited at and holders asking higher. The market opened here this morning so soon as the first reports came to hand firm with an upward tendency. Before closing It advanced from 17% to 17% (or Middling and eighteen for a fancy article We quote it at 17% with all offered taken ut those rates. YVe have no changes to make from yester day's quotations of western produce. Trade has been moderately good in whole sale departments and active In retail lines, usu ally the ease on Saturdays. We give the gen eral market below as nearly correct as it Is pos sible to make out such a report in a city where there is no merchants’ exchange, and where every man is allowed to establish his own price pretty much as lie pleases. Cotton. —Report for 24 hours, since 2 P. M. yesterday. Sold 440 bales ; shipped 322 bales. Received 573 bales. STATEMENT. Stock on hand, Sept. 1, 1872- bales 412 Received last 24 hours 573 Received previously 14,208—14,781 Total receipts 15,193 Snipped last 24 hours 322 Shipped previously 9,547 — 9,809 Stock on hand this evening 5,324 Market stiff 17%a18c. MAIOY Pllll'i: ’l Kltll.vr. OSNABURGS—No. 1 10 No. 2 H Milledgeville No. 2 14 MACON SHEETING 13% Seven-eighths W’aymanville Sheeting 11 Houston Sheeting 11% Houston Stripes 13%a15 Columbus Stripes 15al8 High Shoal Stripes 10 Montour Shirting —% 10% Factory Sewing Thread , .00 YARNS— '. 100 G RlTS—per bushel 1 35 OATS—per bushel 00a65 FIELD PEAS—per bushel HAY'—Northern Tennessee..... 1 9Ja2 00 Clover 1 90 PEA NUTS—per bushel 1 50 POTATOES—Planting Table use 3 50a4 00 APPLES—Northern BUTTER—Goshen No. 1 per Hi 43a44 Goshen No. 2 per lb 26 Tennessee No. 1 “ 3J Tennessee No. 2 “ 20 Country :Uia4o COFFEE—Rio per lb 23a25 Java per lb 30a3S CHEESE—Best Cream per lb.. 18 Nciv York per 1b... 15 MOLASSES—N. O. Syrup per gal. 05 “Georgia” per gal.. 70 Sugar House 35 SYRUPS —Golden Drips, per gal... i)oa7s Medium per fpil 05 Ordinary tier gal 55 SUGAR—“ A ” per lb 13%a White Extra “C” 13a New Orleans (hhds) HU 12% Yellow C 12%a llemerara 12%a13 I'orti Rico 11%a12% POYY'DER—Hazard per keg 7 25 Orange Mills 7 00 PROVISIONS, GRAIN, GROCERIES, AC. BACON—Clear-libbed Sides (smokd).. 13 Shoulders 9%a10 HAMS—Magnolias. C., canvassed... 10j£n2O Fitch’s tB^aSO Tennessee, plain-cured IBalß% White Bellies Kigali PORK—Pickled, mess 18 00 New, mess.. 13 00 Pickled, rumps 15 00 BULK MEATS—Cask Sides Shoulders., Bellies UARD—PrimeLeaf, Tierces llnllV Kegs 13 Packages 12a13 .FILOUB -Low superfine per bbl a7 00 Standard superfine.. 8 50 Extra 0 00 Choice extra Family 10 00 “Wyleys XXX X” ( Georgia Mills j 11 50u12 00 Hyacinthe 9 50 “Domestic” 12 00 Star of Beauty 11 00 Belle of Georgia 11 00 Pride of Dixie 12 00 HilverLake 13 00 CORN—White per bushel 95 Mixed per bushel SBa9o SHOT—Per sack 3 00 CRACKERS—Butter per lb 09 Soda Bao9 Cream 13 Sugar 12 1-2 Lemon 1.. 14 (finger Snaps PicNic 10 Fancy 17 CANDY —New York per lb 18 M. R. ltogera *Co 18 BLACKING—No. 1 per gross 5 00 No. 3 0 00 No. 3 7 (X) SODA—Bi-Carb. per lb 9alo POTASH—Per lb lOall SOAP —Turpentine per lb 0 1-3 Laundry 15 Toilet per doz 75al 30 Olive 8 YEAST POWDERS—Preston and Merrill’s per doz. 1 75n2 25 Horsford’s 2 90 TOBACCO—Choice Chewing per lb 75 Medium 00 Ordinary 40a50 Choice Smoking 1 35 Medium 75 Common 40 ClGAßS—lmported per thousand 75 OOulbO (X) Domestic 15 00a00 00 SNUFF—Scotch per lb 78 Macaboy 78 PIPES—Per box 3 50u4 50 MACKEREI No. 1 kits 3 35a3 50 No. 3bb!s 13 50a14 00 No. 3 kits 1 75 No. 3 bbls—large..ll 50a13 00 No. 3 kits 1 50al 70 WHITE FISH—Half bbl 7 50a9 (X) CANDLES—Best Star (full w’tj... 31Ha28 Sperm 42a45 Parafllne,... 1 30a33 STARCH—PearI 7>£aß>X EGGS—Per doz 35 CHICKENS—Per doz 8 00e5 00 SALT—Virginia per sack 3 10a2 15 Liverpool 8 85 FEATHERS 80 HIDES—Dry flint 14a16 Green 67 BEESWAX 88a80 SWEET POTATOES 1 50 WHISKY—Common Rye 1 05al 10 BAGGING—BengaI Lyon Borneo Gunny Dundee 17 Patched 17 TlES—Goodie Arrow Oj^alO Eureka 10 Aligator 9 ]/, DR. P H.. WRIGHT r> ESPECTFULLY tender bis professional y services to the citizens of Macon and vi cinity, Office at Drug Store No. 3 Brown House Block. Residence at Rev. Samuel Boy kin's, Georgia avenue. Calls left at cither place will receive prompt attention, oclfitf NOTICE. Macon ani> Brunswick Railroad Otpice, | Macon, Ga., August 3d, 1872. ) ON and after August Btb, Excursion Ticket* to New York and return, can be bad at this office, S3B CS) for round trip. TlckeU good until Oct. lat, 1872. SB-tf E. J. MARTIN, G. T. Agt Chnitgo of Schedule. MACON AND YVF,STERN it R. CO., i Macon, Ga., June 1-1, 1872. i ON and after Sundav June 10th, the follow ing schedule for Passenger Trains, will lie observed oil this road: DAY PASSENGER. Leave Macon 8:50 a. m. Arrive at Macon 7:20 a. m Leave Atlanta 2:00 A. u. Arrive ut Atlanta 3:15 I'. M. NIGHT PASSENGER. Leave Macon 10:00 r. v. Arrive at Macon 0:25 p. w. Leave Atlanta 4:00 p. m. Ai rive at Atlanta 0:00 a. m. 7:30 A. m. and 9:25 i\ i. Trains make close connections at Macon with Central Railroad for Savannah ami Augusta, and with South western Railroad for points in Southwest Geor gia. 3:15 p, m and O.IKI a. m. trains connect at Atlanta with Western and Atlantic Railroad for points YVest. A. J. WHITE, Sotf Superintendent. To lilt' 1C ii is Isis* s. h Well ol' llaeou THE ALBANY NEWS Ciivtili\l( • ov'hMVt'lv in Mikb'U, Leo, link mu id Worth Uountb The wi'ulthuvt <Y>ttnn '•rowing < lion of Georgia. THE INKWS Is the best AdvcrtiHin# Medium in s-nth went* ern Georgia. ADVERTISKMKNTS SOLICIT!.I>. CARET W. STYLES, Proprietor. 89 WOOD AND COAL. IIIAY’E established, near the Ylncon A West ern Railroad Depot, an ample yard witli Fairbanks’ best scales) to supply all kinds of Wood and Coal, in any quantity, ut the lowest market rates. YY’EIGHT, MEASURE and QUALITY GUARANTEED. A stiare of public patronage is respectfully solicited. Orders left at the offices of Messrs. H. L. Jewett, Greer, Lako it Cos., Turpin it Ogden, through Postofllce, or at, the Yard, will have prompt attention. Conicand see 122-200 MILO S. FREEMAN. FOR RENT. ONE of the most desirable places on Troup Hill, one mile from the Court Houhc, and near Mercer University. Nine acres of land at tached, orchard, garden, splendid well of wa ter, etc. Parties wanting to rent a good house can se cure one by applying to the undersigned, or to Messrs. B. 11. Wrigley <& C0.,00 and 08 Second street, Macon, Ga. LW-tf JAMES W. KNOTT. FOR SALE. A COMPLETE OUTFIT OF HOUSEHOLD FU UN PITRE. A FAMILY designing to break up house' keeping on the first of October, now oiler a complete outfit of furniture for live or six rooms, together witli all necessary kitchen utensels. for sale at half original cost. It con sists of Mohair Parlor Chairs, Mahogany and Black Walnut Bedsteads, Bureaus, Dining Th ble, Dining, Rocking and common ehuirs, Car pets, Dinner ami Tea Belts, and in short, almost every article demanded in a house of five or six rooms. The furniture has not been used over one or two years, is in perfect repair, almost ns good as new, cost SI,OOO and will now be sold for SSOO cash. Address Box 4JW, Macon, orapply at this THIS OFFICE. Beplvtf ii. :<%. ATTORNEY AT LAW, llulMton Hull ISci 1 1 <1 i CHERRY STREET, MACON. GGORGIA. 123tf IW. It. 4a I'll!lit I'. ATTORNEY AT LAW, (WIINKK OF MULBERRY AND SECOND ) Struct*, in Court lloubo, Mm on, Ha. _? 9 : 104 Sale of Li very Stable Stock WILL be; sold at public outcry ut Holmes fo Clay’* Livery Stable, at 10 o’clock a. m., on the tirbt Tuesday in November next, (20) Twenty head of Horae*, Carriage#, Phuitons, Buggies, Harks, Wagons, Harness, Buddies, Bridle*, Iron Hafc, I)o*k, etc. Sold for division. For further particulars, apply to C. MASTKKSON, Receiver, Octls-tds At the Stables. EDWARD SPRINZ. ATOTARY PUBLIC and EX-OFFICIO JUB - TICE OF TttE PEACE. ICM be found fur the present at all hours of the day at my office adjoining the law office of A. Proud fit, over the Htorc of Juque? A Johnson, Third Ht., Mucon, Oa., to attend to all Magisterial busi ness. 118-330. SOUTH MACON DRUG STORE! IMIK PROPRIETOR Superintend# the Pres . cription department In person, and iibch the PUREST and KKKBHKHT medicine* that can he procured, and would Hiy to every one in hi* .portion of the city, that they (shall have I)ruj{H and Medicine* a* frc*h und a* cheap a* they cun be bought in the city. He would ud viae all who are laboring under chill* and fever or Liver derangement, to u*e id* “Remedy for Chills and Hi*ea*es of the Liver,” and will warrant it in every ca*c where the direction* are hone*tly followed. Lamp Chimney*, Cigar* and Tobacco alway* on hund. N. ■>. I2VKRKTT, Ih'iiK iMt, 151 -159 Fourth Street, near Arch. c;. w. iiowauo, ATTORNEY AT EAW, MACON, GEORGIA. Offlc at entrance of Ralston Hall, Cherry street I-ajTAII business will receive prompt atten tion. 95-173 BERND BROS. MANITFACTL'KKJtH OF AND WHOLESALE & RETAIL DEALERS IN Ilarne*), Saddles, Collars, Horde Equip ment* and Clotlilng Generally. ALSO a fall aiwortmentof LEATHER of al kind*, Enameled Cloth, etc. saddlers and Harness Maker* Hardware and T C*Mh paid for HTDEB, FURS, SKINS, WAX, WOOL sud TALLOW. 5-103 FH I .NH STOCK! BURDICK BROTHERS KSICN OF THE “GOLDEN3HOG.” * _ DEALERS IN Grain, Provisions and Groceries, ‘Have now in stop- n fpsli Stock of Good*, and Invito tin: attention of the Public. WE OFFER 190,000 potinda BACON SIDES AND SHOULDERS, direct'from the Packers. 25 tierces of the genuine “MAGNOLIA” II AMR. 20 tlcrccs PURE LEAF LAUD. S,(XX) bushcla YY’HITE AND MIXED CORN. 2 CAR LOADS FLOUR from NEYV WHEAT. 500 Rolls BAGGING, weighing 2 , :yfpnund* to the Yard. ■■A If BtO W ” r T I ll] N„ IN ANY QUANTITY. 25 Bags Choice RIO COFFEE. 50 lilila. SUGAR of various graeds. Choice WESTERN MAY, fio.h Water Ground MEAL, YVIIEAT BRAN, LIVERPOOL and ' VIRGINIA SALT. Wo have now a good Stock, ami respectfully invite the attention of all who desire to pnr chiiaii goods in our line. Entire satisfaction is guaranteed to our customers. Please call on us at 63 Third Street, Macon, Ga, Sip of The “Golden flm,” BURDICK BROTHERS. 110-135 SI > Y October Ist the undersigned will remove 1 > to Intersection of First street aud Cotton Avenue, Dixie Works side, where he will bears- I pared to supply his customers, and the public I Giving my personal attention to the business, with a thorough knowledge of the same, to gether with a dispoalti n to please, I flatter myself that I can and will give entire satisfac tion to all favoring tne with their patronage. Until the Ist or October, I can be found at my old stand on Cotton Avenue, njqwsite Tri- TO EVERYBODY AND HIS CHARMING WIFE! ri MI AT ull-importunt event, the election, having passed away, and the “ times that tried men's I souls " liuve merged Into the “ piping times of peace” , and Winter has been ushered lu among twitter of birds and music of the leaves as they fall to the ground; and the Bummer hav ing fuded away and I,lie weather reduced to something agreeable, I have to announce to my nu merous and beloved patrons that I have recently returned from an extended trip to New Ysrk, Philadelphia, Poughkeepsie.and, and other celebrated markets, where I purchased, and have now in my store, the largest lot of M aooDiEsr Ever brought to Macon, consisting in part of Hugar, Coffee, New York Canvassed Hams and Breakfast Bacon Lard, Butter, Canned Fruit, Jellies, Pickles, Ruislns, Nuts, Apples. Lemons, Cabbages, Unions, Potatoes, Crackers Cheese, Spiced Hams, Bologna Sausages, and—well it would bike me all day to write wlmt I have got, and It would fill tills paper bo full that Smith wouldn t have a local for a week. It is almost unnecessary for me to mention the faetthat lam prepared, as ever, to supply Oysters and Shell-fish of all kinds, from a Crab to a Greeleyoyster. The finest Fish, fresh and on lee, Is kept by me, and sold ut living rates. In view of the fact that the people of Macon, and those visiting Macon, arc determined to eat whether they act anything good or not, I have prepared myself for the emergency, by making ample arrangements to have my DINING TABLES Supplied with the very best this and other markets can afford. That popular dish, “Birds ou Toast" being my own Invention, the people can always find the same at my restaurant. To gether with my polite corps of waiters, tills branch of my business will receive the patronage of nil of my old customers, and, I hope, many new ones. My restaurant Is, as Is well known, supplied w ith the very best EATABLES & DRINKABLES that could be found Therefore, gentlemen and ladles, having laid before you what I have on hand and wishing you all the best luck and that I can suit you In your purchases from me f must close this letter. If at any time I can serve, you, you have but to command me or my corps of attentive and obliging clerks, and >ou will be made liappy. Thanking yon for past favors, I am tenderly yours, W. P. CARLOS. PROSPECTUS ; Macon Weekly Enterprise, W, WATKIN HICKS, Editor. ON or about the first week In October, wc will issue from tills office the first hum- Large, Live, Weekly Paper! It will contain all the the Telegraphic news of the week, and the latest reliable information on all subjects and from all parts of the world. In its editorial department will be found dis cussions of all the live issues of the. times. Particular attention will be giv en to the advancement of Science, Art, and Literature; wl lie all Interesting events and authentic progress of the political world will he faithfully presented. SUBSCRIPTION PRICE. One Year *} jj® Six Months 1 w Invariably in advance. CT“N subscription taken for ls than six HTNow Is the time to subscribe. SrECi- STRV rofJF SENT ON APPLICATION Change of Schedule. ! ON MACON AND AUGUSTA RAILROAD. ! FORTY ONE MILES SAVED IN DISTANCE 1 Office Macon and Augusta Railroad, I Macon, May 18, 1872. j ON and after Sunday, May 19, 1872, and un til further notice, the trains on this Road will run as follows; DAY TRAIN— DAILY (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED). Leave Augusta 11.00 a. m. Leave Macou 6 30 a. m. Arrive at Augusta 3.45 P. M. Arrive at Macon 7.40 p. M. ftf Passengers leaving Macon at 6.30 A. u make close connection at Camak with day pas senger trains on the Georgia Railroad for At lanta and all points West; also, for Augusta, with trains going North, and with trains for Charleston ; also, for Athens, Washington, and all stations on the Georgia KallroaY KSf*Tickcta sold and baggage ebuxed to all points North, both by rail and by steamships from Charleston. 24 lv 8. K. JOHNSON Suo’t. .1. J. ABRAMS. ATTORNEY AT LAW. 151 K BAY STREET, SAVANNAH, G A Collections promptly attended to sod money remitted at oaee. P, O. Box >. 131.209