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Macon daily enterprise. (Macon, Ga.) 1872-1873, December 05, 1872, Image 3

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joii piwnrw®' ;;:ti..uctry JO all. **jc HO licit ,U “ de „%’ P r id ill tlo * our orHt ■ M ,>'Mi i u ?„■, to please ><>• IKI 1 W - _ HOME AFFAIRS. JIAI'OS, A., l>Kt'. .t. I*7*. Another “Card.” u me curliest solicitation of many warm >m l persoual friends, 1 reluctantly consented io become a candidate for Alderman from the second Ward, on the People..’ Ticket, Having the loeul department of the Daily Lstur cuibE to control, other friends advised me that ,t would be impropriety to hold any public .tliee. for this and other reason* I most res I‘ctfully decline the nomination, and trust -ome one more eligible will he substituted, and „ne who will not allow himself to he con trolled by either cliques or rings. Thanking the people for the compliment, allow me to remain a. 1 always wish to be The Public’s Obedient Servant, 11.UD0ES W. SMl’llt Aluton, (jo., Dec. 5, Ibid. Acw llose. Young America Fire Uo. received a thousand feet of new rubber hose yesterday. When that Company gets a reel she will be all ready for tires. Excursion to suvitnnah. A large uurnber of our colored citizens lefl at 9J* this morning bound tor savauuab on an excursion. A couple of druuis witn the usual attachment paraued tuo sireeis ibis morning to announce me laeL - ♦ jM.iL i l iCd. Oil Sept. botii, at toe bl. John’s M. is. Luurcli, ao. bib, aoi ill sixth Street, by liev. „. IV. Humphries, Mr. Albert F. Kau, for luerly of Macon, to .*iiso i.u/.aueLli sittCi oi Pmiadeiphm. A I’oliic Invilulien. i'u lovers of the beautiful and those contem plating purcuasing gifts a courteous invitation is given by tile aflfaoic Messrs, brown bz Cos., to inspect their handsome and weil selectcu stock. Whether you wisli to buy or not go and look. It will aslouhsli you to see so many beautiful things at such low prices.i THE IIAIOK’S COiTST. HOS. W. A. HUFF FKE3IDINO. A young man named Barlow was charged with being drunk. He paid the customary V and costs. buoy Coleman, disorderly conduct, $2 and I. Uotti. Matt ctacey, drunk, $0 aud costs. Andrew burton and ltd Peyser, disorderly, dismissed. Sophia Johnson, disorderly, dismissed. M.ile on slie Kail. a uuace of accidents. The Atlanta train due here at 7:45 this morn ing met with an accident about ten miles from the city. Eleven cars were thrown from the track, delaying the train several hours. We did not hear of any one being hurt. Another accident happened to the Ilawkins villts train due here at 10:50. In coming down from the junction to the shed, at ordinary speed, two freight cars loaded with cotton were thrown entirely off the track, but fortu nately hurt no one. The cause of their jumping oil is not detiuitely known, some supposing the “frog” was too widely spread. The acci dent happened nearly in front of the Stone Mill. These run-offs occurred within a few hours of cacii other. Gone. for the life of U3 we cn’t help feeling kinder bed over the departure of the little hand engine of Ne. 3. But the deed is done. "The glory of Israel has departed■ tVe mourn. Uur sorrow is great, aud were it not ■(rue that our loss will he another’s gain, we should be well nigh inconsolable. An editor’s life is pretty well tilled up witii trials, troubles and other concomitants of a inis-spent life, and hence he becomes so accustomed to the ups and downs of such a career, that nothing short of u middle-sized earthquake can move him. but believe us, dear reader, when we say that tlie taking away of the little “tub” was the blonde hair that broke the epizootic camel’s spinal vertebrae. “Good-bye sweetheart, good-bye!” Glorious little machine. For over fourteen frosty winters and as many sultry summers, it lilts been the especial petof the boys, and with it they have won enough trophies to set up a goodsized jewelry stors with box windows.— It was a faithful servant—never Ailing when called on to do its duty. Hut the boys became proud. The little tub with which they had won so many victories was too small—not showy enough, and they threw it one side. “Oh cruel, cruel Betsy Hopkins, To treat me so i T o treat me so !” And they bargained it away. Tell it not in Gath; publish it nut in Lhestrcetsof Askelon! Just so. Nor carry the news to Hiram. On the next parade the bright little tub will have no place in the picture. No. The boys will miss it, even though they have a finer machine—drawn by oxen. The little flower covered engine—upon whicli ths ladies have so often crowded their well wishes —will not he there. Farewell. Yet we congratulate the citizens of Thomson in securing this splendid machine. We iiope they will keep it bright and shining. It wil serve them well. We know “bow the old thing works. Wo have run with it and worked cn the brakes. Consequently we feel art attachment for it. I-ittle Tub, Farewell! Kibl> Superior Court. CONVICTION OF BENNETT. After the closing argument of counsel yes terday afternoon, Judge Cole delivered a lengthy charge to the jury. The case went to the jury about 4 o’clock, and after being absent one hour they returned with a verdict of "guilty of accessory before the fact,” but Court having adjourned it was not received until tills morning. The penalty is from three to seven years in the penitentiary. The pris oner, who is a young man of about twenty years of age, received ths verdict with a perfect air of indifference. This morning the case of Frank Strong for stealing tobacco from B. Berg was taken up. The prisoner was found guilty and will pav a fine of SIOO and jail six months. The case was Atalaa Barker for rape. Found not guilty. Court then took a recess. Sentence bss not yet been pronounced upon Bennett, but it will be no doubt to-morrow morning ss Court will adjourn for the term to-morrow night. The remaining prisoner, Moiris alias Henry C. Holmes, awaits in jail to a future term of Court. After Bur report closed yesterday afternoon the Grfind Jury made its final presentments, had its general presentments rend, and were fUwhargsd by tbe Cwmrt. Caliiorn a Bartlett Pears at 1 mot & Ste run. Uf.n Tut I. —Anybody who doubt* the abil ity of Grant to till the office of President, is invited to wear boots and shoes. For tliio ones at low prices give McKervy Maloney a call. decs-lt ■ • California Bartlett Pear* ut lionr; A Ste phens. The best in the woiii.d “ Putzel A Jacobs Favorite.” Nov’27tf The celebrated “ Ponies” (Imported) minus the Epizootic for calc only at the New York Grocery Store. California Bartlett Pears at Hose A Ste phens. Look to Yolk Interest. — Brown makes four pictures for bl; makes a dozen photo graphs for *3,50; best photographs *5 per dozen. This gallery makes the best pictures lit the city. Compare the work. No. 8 Cotton Avenue. novl3-tf. “Putzel’b Delight” will delight all smokers. Diliy/itful. 4 —■ Latest News.—Brown makes those flue Ink pictures twenty-live cento less. Old pho tographs copied correctly. No. 8 Cotton Avenue. No cards. uov - u — tf - A favorite with everybody, “Pui/.cl A Jacobs Favorite. YOSU'ili I’O’S S’i'.K- I3NIEE. MS. E. CIII’IIEII Mil TH. We find the seventh, nnd lluul clay’s proceedings of this body in the' Constitu tion of this morning, from which we give a full summary, including the appoint ments in lull, viz : The Committee on Church Buildings made a report: Churches 587; with stoves lyl ; ceiled or plastered .89; without ceiling or plastered 3bß ; without stove.- Ucv. J E. Godfrey tendered Ins resigua ion as Vice President of the Mission Board, which was received, and Rev. G. 11. Patillo elected iu his place. Resolution setting apart Friday before the first Sunday iu April, 1373, us* day of thanksgiving, lasting and prayer loi the preservation of die lives on me members of the Conference during 13/5, read aim adopted. Resolutions were passed declaring that die annual Conlereuce Sunday School Board he dissolved. That the Sunday School interest be reierred to the Coufer eucu Sunday School Secretary. That we greatly need a Sunday Sci.ool Mission fund for die sustenance of schools in des titute portions of the conference. That the Sunday School Secretary call on each Conference lor any amount required loi mission Sunday Schools iu the bounds oi that Conference, and apply the amounts raised to that purpose. iliai the 1 icsid iug Elders bring this matter befoie each Quarterly Conlereuce at its first session. A resolution changing the Constitution of the Mission Board so as to increase die managers from live to ten, and member* iu each district constitute a standing com mittee, was adopted. Peter A. Heard, G. II Patillo and G. G. Smith wore added to the Board. The Committee on Memoirs submitted their report that uo death had occurred iu the bounds oftV'np Conference during 1873. Bishop Pierce addressed the Conference relative to a monument to Bishop Andrew. The Judiciary Committee appointed to investigate charges preferred against liev. Jessee Boring by Dr. T. S. Powell, alter lour days’ session, reported, through Rev H. H. Park, chairman : Of the entire charges aud specifications “ not guilty,” and recommend that his character he passed. Report adopted ; character passed. Dr. Boring returned his thanks to the Bishop for the opportunity to defend him self and vindicate liis Christian character. It was the first charge ever preferred .gainst him. It was a singular coinci dence that the day' of his acquittal shou'd ue the anniversary of his birth-day ins -ixty-fifth year. The hardest task before him was to ask at their hands to he placed as a supernumerary. This was granted. The following were read out as the APPOINTMENTS FOB 1873 : AUGUSTA DISTKICT —CALEB 'V. KEY, P. K. Augusta —St. Johns, W Watkins Hicks, D W Calhoun, Sup. “ St. James, J E Evans. “ Asbury, T A Seals. Richmond Circuit, B F Fariss. Appling, D Kelsey. Boluir Mission, to be supplied by E P Bonner. Thomson, Wiley T Hamilton. Warren ton, W F Smith. Factory Mission, to be supplied by J E Uorie. Sparta, J M Lowry. Hancock, Felix P. Brown, J Purvis— one to be supplied. Crawfordviile, A O Thomas. Milledgeville, A J Jarrell. Baldwin, W H Branham, Jr. ATHENS DISTKICT, EUSTACE TV. BPEEK, P.E. Alliens, J Lewis, Jr.. P A Hean Sup. Oconee Station, M W Arnold. Factory Mission, Supplied by E D Stone Watkinsviile, J W Knight, one to be supplied Madison W P Pledger. Morgan, Clement C Carey. Greensboro, A Gray. White Plains, J L Pierce. ' Lexington, W II Foote. Wiuterville, C A Connoway. Washington, A T Mann. Broad River, A G Worley. Little River, T H Gibson. Eatonton, W P"Lovejoy. Putnam, W W Oslin, S A Mitchell. ELBKKTON DIBT., G W YABBOBOCBn I* E Elberton. F G Hughes Bethlehem, J M Parker Elbert, W A Fariss Lincolnton, Levi P Neese Jefferson, John R Parker Mulberry, J II Masbburn Carnsville and Franklin Springs mis sion. Marion H Eakes Holmer, B W Williams Hartwell, W T Norman Clarksville, W P Smith Clayton Mission, Eli Smith Tool ago and Currihee Mission. J II Masbburn. Jr., Danielsville, and Madison Mission, B Sanders Air-Line Mission, To be supplied by E L Stephens HOME DISTKICT—THOMAS E. FIERCE, P. E. Rome, W M Crumley. Rome Circuit. J S Embry. Forestville, W P Rivers. Cave Spring and Cedar Town, W Fisk Glenn. Van Wert, S P Jones. Carrollton and Bowden, W C Dunlap. Villa Rica. Sanford Leak. Haralson Miison, J P Howell. Marietta, G G Smith. Acworth, W A Simmons. Rosewell, G M Robiseon Powder Springs, E K Aiken Dalle*, Heydon 0 Christian. SatidtoWU, To be supplied by W t) Payne. Carteraviile aud Brandon, L .1 Davies, J T Norris, (sup.) Bartow, U H Jones, K A Seale, (sup.) Marietta Female Collsge, W A Rogers. Sunday School Agent. W F Cook. • DAHLONEGA DISTRICT—W. A. DODGE, P. E. Dahlonega, W F Quillian. Dawsouville, J R Pate. Cumming, B J Johnson. Alpharetta, W D Heath. Cliciokec, to be supplied by B T Thomas Cleveland, M L Uuderwood. Blainsville Mission, U M Hughes. Gainesville Station, J II Baxter. Hall Circuit, D L Andersou. Bong Swamp Mountain Mission, Sup plied by J N Sullivan. Lawreuccville, W A Florence, R P Martin. Morganlou Mission, John W Barker. Ellijay Mission, F F Reynolds. DALTON DISTRICT —11. W. BIOHAM, P. K. Dalton, F A Kimbell. Dalton Circuit, P. G. Rcyuolds. Ringgold, D.J. Weems. Rock Spring. J L Lupo. Spring Place. N H Palmer. Murray Mission, To be supplied by S Brice. Calhoun, J II Robeson. Tiltou aud Ressuca, T J Robinson. Kingston, J A Reynolds. “ Canton, B E Ledbetter. Jasper, J M Hardin. Subligaa, S D Evans. Summerville, J N Meyers. La Fa> ette, A Odom. AlcLeuiore’s Cove, J B McFarland. LA ORANGE DISTRICT —11 <T ADAMS, P K. LaG range, W J Scott. West Point, D D Cox. Newnan, A. M Thigpen. Troup, R J Harwell. Long Cane, II J Ellis. Whuesville, J T Lowe. Greenville and frailty, J S Bryant. Chalybeate Springs, L Rush. Grantville, i S L Harwell. Uogausville. J M Bowden. Seuoia, R F Jones; one to ho supplied by W R Stilwcll. Palmetto aud Jones’ Chapel, T H Tim mons. Fairborn, J- Chambers. Heard Mission, James Jones ; one to he supplied by Thomas 'Turner. LaGr.inge Female College, W J Cotter. Missi..nary to China, Young J Allen. ATLANTA DISTRICT —W. 11. POTTER, P. E. Atlanta Ist Church—W P Harrison, C J Oliver and J Boring, supernumeraries. Atlanta —Trinity, (J A Evans. McDonough olreet Mission, to he sup plied. Atlanta —Evan’s Chapel aud Taylor’s Hill Mission, J M Dickey. St. Paul’s, G II Pattillo. Edge wood and St. John’s Mission, W H La Prade. Atlanta Circuit. John W Yarborough. Decatur, F B Davies. Conyer’s and Hayne’s Creek Mission, VV J Wardlaw; A Means, supernumerary. Nor cross, G E Gardner. Covington and Mt Pleasant, W W Wadsworth. Newton, J II Harris. Sardis aud Ml. Tabor, B E L Timmons. Oxford and Social Circle, W R Bran ham, Sr. Monticello —E G Murrab. Oetuulgoo Mission —Supplied by W. D. Cook. Newburn —M F Malsby. Monroe —A W Rowland. Forrest—Supplied by A. G. Dempsy. Agent Orphans’ Home —W F Cook. Agent American Bible Society—W. A. Parks. Sunday School Secretary—A. G. llay good. Emory College, M. Calloway, Prof. GRIFFIN DISTRICT —J. LEWIS, SR., P. B. Griffin—J W Heidt. Upson—W. H. Graham. Zebulon —W. G. Hanson. Pike —Isaac G. Parks. Tkomastou —W. F. Lewis. Barnesville, Salem —W. T. Caldwell. County Line—W. W. Lumpkin. McDonough—J- R. Mayson. Jonesboro, J W Stipe. Fayetteville, D Nolan. Culloden, C A Mitchell. Clinton, J Carr. Jones’ Mission, J T Richardson. Jackson, R K Jolmson. Pleasant Hill, To be supplied by J M Bolton. Forsyth, D J Myrick. Forsyth Circuit, J J Singleton. West Ocmulgee Mission, J R Smith. Transferred to South Georgia Confer ence, G Jefferson Pearce, George II Kra mer, II H Parks, JVM Morris, J P Wardlaw, G W Hardaway, B H Sasnett, Miller H White. Transferred to St. Louis Conference, B K Thrower. Transferred to Alabama Conference, E P Birch. Transferred to Little Rock, Arkansas, Conference, S N Burns. Transferred to Los Angelos Conference, A. M. Cuuiphell. Transferred to Western Conference, Thomas R. Pierce. Transferred to Louisiana Conference, J. G. Worley. The tollowing visiting committee* were appointed by Bishop Martin : Emory College, A, G. Haygood, W. F. Cook, J. W. Ileidt. Wesleyan Female College, O. H. Pat tillo, A. J. Jarrell, D. J. Myrick. LaGrange Female College, R. F Jones, /v M Thigpen, J M Dickey, H R Harris, J B Hunnicut. Marietta Female College, Thomas F Pierce, II J Adams, J R Mayson. LIST OF LETTERS Remaining in Post Office, Macon, Georgia, December 5, 1872: A —Attaway, Miss Nancy; Anderson, Miss Belty. It— Barnes, W TANARUS; Baber, Miss Mary; Bird, Mis Dora; Boman, Peter (col); Brantley, Mr Susan A; Bothwell, Geo M; Butler, E; Burns, Mrs Mary; Burkett, K F; Brown, C F. Cl—Carlis, VV'm; C’umpbell, 1 \V; Cason, Mrs Catherine; Campbell A Cos, J W; Curkley, G; Campbell, it 8; Christian, Mrs; Christian, Mis 8 E; Clarke, Miss Pauline D; Cox, Miss Julia; Couse, U W; Crawford, Geo. It— Davis, John K; Davis, Daniel; Drake, Augustus; Dußone, Miss Lou I*l E vers, J T. I*' —Forte, Juhnie; Feuehtwanger & Zundan (2); Fletcher, John. Or—Garwood, C B; Glover, Matthew; Gioss, Peter; Gilbert, Robt B, Griffin, John 1; Green, Miss Amelia; Gray, Miss Amanda (col); Gran* nal, Mrs Khoda. ll— Hawkins, B H; lieilner, Miss Molly; Hill, C H; Ilili, Mrs E F; Hogan, H M; Hurd, J O, Hoffman, Louisia; Hunt, Jeasee; Hudson, James: Hall, Amos. I— lrwin, Kev C M; Irvin, T Bryson; Irvin, Hamlin C; Israel, Gabriel. •I-Jones, Mrs Mollie II; Jones, J J; Jones, Mrs Lula; Jackson, Mrs Ella; Jones, Mrs E S. 4 —Kale Louis; Kelly, Chi* B; King C’hae J; Kennan, Miss Laura I.—Lane, H M; Lee, Causey; Lingo, Mrs G L; Loden, Mrs Jamima; Lowsry, Nathan, 2; Lyon, Miss Kittle; Lundy Miss Bettie. VI Mai - by, Walter, Martha, H H; May A Cos C 8: Massey; A VV; Marshall, Mrs Brjety; McAllister, C B; McKay, W H; Mclntyre, Neil; MeGrath, K N; McGougb, Ja* C; Mitch ell, W D; Morrison, Parker; Moone, Gao; Murdock, Mrs M A. .vf—Nixon Kent © —Owe®, Mies. —Y ■ -ft- ... ....■**■ I—Perkins, P tl; Persons, A \V: I’nvt u, Mrs A M; Fersoua, A; Phillips, K G; Powers, Horace M. H -Retd Ala; Ktnfroe, Goo M, Ridley, MU* Laura; Kilty, Mrs M Lou; Rowley, Guo A; Robsi-u Mr* Easter; Roberson, Daniel; Rogers, Thomas. U—Sander* Geo W U; Bebreider, Mrs Eliza; Sanford, Delia; Bhrtver, I) H; Sharpe, Henry; Skinner, Pleasant; Slatton, Geo; Steven-*, Miss Julia; Strotber, Mr* Jennie. T—TcUtone, B R; Thompson, G 8 2; Thorn ton, J G; Tucker, Goo. if— Waterman, Miss Fannie; Wosteott Mi s Lney; Wetherd, J A; White, Mrs Lucy; Wil llama, Henry, (col.) Williams, Muck, (col.) Wilbur, Mrs Melinda; Wilbourn, Mrs Maliuda M; Wilkinson, Mrs Martha; Worsham, Dr J; Wyche, J W. Letters held for Postage. A F Solomon, Gordon, Ga; 3 Simmons, Montgomery, Ala.; Bill Holme*, Mllledgevillc, Ga.; Elijah O’Neil, Dubliu, Ga.; John Jones, Atlanta, Ga. Call at S. T. & B. P. Walker’s this evening, if you want such tilings os choice Tennessee Beef, Pork, Sausage, Fresli Fish, Oysters, Ap ples, Oranges, Bannnnas, Malaga Grapes, or anything else In the fancy or family grocery line. octl7-tf 88 Cherry St. FINANCIAL & COMMERCIAL Dully Review el llie Mnrkel, Office Macon Daily Enterprise, t December- 5—2 o’clock, P. M. j Cotton. —Report for 24 hours, since 2 P. M. yesterday. Sold 535 bales ; shipped 413 bales. Received 474 bales. STATEMENT. Btoek on hand, Sept. 1, 1872- boles K H~ Received last 24 hours 474 Received previously 35,708—30,242 Total receipts 30,554 Snipped last 24 hours 413 Shipped previously 84,744—25,10i Stock on hand this evoning.... 11,41)7 Market active 17Vaal7%e. MACON- I*KICK CI UKF.Vr. OSNABURGS —No. 1 W No. 2 14 Milledgevllle No. 2 14 MACON SHEETING 1% Seven-eighths Waymanville Sheeting I'* 1 * Houston Sheeting Hit Houston Stripe* 13Vulo Columbus Stripes loalN High Shoal Stripes 10 Montour Shirting —% ( • Factory Sewing Thread 0b YARNS— I 00 GRlTS—per bushel 135 OATS —per bushel OOatio FIELD PEAS—per bushel HAY—Northern Tennessee 1 OJa2 00 Clover PEA NUTS—per bushel 150 POTATOES—Planting Table use 3 50a4 00 APPLES—Northern BUTTER—Goshen No. 1 per It) 43u4-l Goshen No. 2 per lb 26 Tennessee No, 1 “ 3j Tennessee No. 2 “ 20 Country 35a to COFFEE—Rio per lb 23u25 Java per lb 30n53 CHEESE—Best Cream per lb.. 17 New York per 1b... 15 MOLASSES—N. O. Syrup per gal. “Georgia” per gal.. 70 Sugar House 35 SYRUPS—GoIden Drips, per gal... 00u7.) Medium per gal 05 Ordinary per gal 55 SUGAR—” A” per lb 13JJa White Extra “C" 13a New Orleans (hlids) lOn lUJ a Yellow C 1 23-fa Demerara 12>fcul3 Port! Rico Iljsal2j.;. POWDER—Hazard per keg 7 25 Orange Mills 7 00 provisions, grain, groceries, AC. BACON—Ciear-ribbed Sbleß (smokd).. 12 Shoulders 83fu9 HAMS —Magnolias. C., canvassed... 10jda20 Fitch’s Tennessee, plain-cured 18ul8jf White Bellies lOuHH, PORK—Pickled, mess 18 00 New, mess 10 00 Pickled, rumps 10 00 BULK MEATS—Cask Sides Shoulders Bellies lOalOy, LARD—l’ri m e Leaf, Tierceß Ilu 1 1 '/. t Kegs 13 Packages 12a13 FLOUR- -Low superfine per bbl a7 00 Standard superfine.. 8 50 Extra 0 00 Choice extra Family 10 00 “ Wyleyß X X X X” I Georgia Mills j 11 50a 13 00 llyacmthe 0 50 “Domestic” 12 00 Star of Beauty 11 00 Belle of Georgia 11 00 Pride of Dixie 12 00 Silver Lake 12 00 CORN —Whitt per bushel 05 Mixed per bushel 88a00 SHOT—Per sack 300 CRACKERS—Butter per lb 00 Soda BaOO Cream 13 Bugar 12 1-2 Lemon 14 Ginger Snaps PicNic 10 Fancy 17 CANDY—New York per lb 18 M. It. Rogers &Cos 18 BLACKING —No. 1 per gross 5 00 No. 2 OO No. 3 7 00 SODA—Bi-Carb. per lb ouJo POTASH—PerIb lOall SOAP —Turpentine per lb 0 1-2 Laundry 15 Toilet per doz 75at 20 Olive 8 YEAST POWDERS—Preston and Merrill’s per doz. 1 75u2 25 Horsford’s 2 00 TOBACCO—Choice Chewing per lb 75 Medium..... 00 Ordinary 40a50 Choice Smoking..... 1 25 i Medium 75 Common 40 CIGARS —Imported per thousand 75 00al50 00 Domestic. 15 OOaOO 0o SNUFF—Scotch per lli 78 Macaboy 7b PIPES—Per box 2 50a 1 50 MACK ERE!. —No. 1 kits 2 25a;: 5 No. 2 bids 13 50a 14 00 No. 2 kits 1 70 No. 3 bbls—large.. 11 50a 12 50 No. 3 kits 1 50al 70 WHITE KISH—Half bbl 7 50a!) 00 CANDLES— Best Star (full w’t)... 21>fa22 Sperm 42a 15 Paraffine 30a.;., STARCH—PearI 7Jfa3, EGGS—Per doz CHICKENS—Per doz 3 00u5 00 SALT—Virginia jiersack 2 10 1 1 - Liverpool 2 25 FEATHERS HIDES—Dry flint UM Green ou7 BEESWAX 28.150 SWEET POTATOES 1 50 WHISKY—Common Rye 1 05a 1 1“ BAGGING—BengaI Lyon Borneo Gunny Dundee 17 Patched 17 WOOD AN 17COAL. I HAVE established, neartbe Macon A Wc t ern Railroad Depot, an ample yard with Fairbanks’ best scale*) to supply all kind- of Wood arid Coal, lu any quantity, at the low,-t market rates. WEIGHT, MEASURE and QUALITY GUARANTEED. A share of nubile patronage in respectfully solicited. Orders left at the office* of Messrs H. L. Jewett, Greer, Lake A Cos., Turpin A Ogden, through Pontofflce, or at the Yard, will bare prompt attention. Cotneand see 122-3)0 MILO S. FREEMAN. BOSIf ’ —AND ' Savannah Steam :ie. IOW rato* of freight nn,l In l'ir t m class passenger accomnr . Order tour goods shipped by “80.-Uv ; hmuiiiuli Steamship Line.” mid avoldall > ' Ic.vtra handling. lUuUAIiDSON A it.' .■■ ai:D, Agent, 8:0 ,eh, Ga. F. NICKERSON A O'. nt-. 181-201) lh ton. J. A. MERC. Commission Me., 153 HAY BTKI Bet. Whitaker and Barnard St., li, Oa All orders will receive prompt m Con signments of all kinds rtapoctfi, Jed. 131-809 BOIT &. McK Cotton and Com on IUII KCHAY’T ION Hay Klros't, Savn . Gn. 131-209 MEYER, COHI 0.. WHOLESALE DEALKi: Boots and C s js, IN BroufililOH Ml.,Nia - O, (,’n Merchants auppllcdatNew Y, . : ‘ 131-209 Prices. A. Ni. AM>i:\ .V COMMISSION ME 1 I ANTS —an a— Dealers In Fruits, Fish . dtiee, No. 95 Bay St., Siivnnn.i Consignments solicited. Orders promptly attended to. E. D. SMYT DIPOKTIIK Ol’ TII; Y, Glassware nn<] t’h ta, And Dealer In House Furnislii. , Goods, 143 Congress and 141 St. Juli Sts. SAVANNAH, GA. 131-209 F. W. SIMS & CO., Colton FacloiN and <■ m ini Commission Merchants SAVANNAH, GEOItIH A. Bagging and Ties supplied at market prices. Advances made on Cotton, or other consign ments. Money promptly remitted. 131209 A. It. CHAMPION. CEO. i ritIXMAN. 4'IIAHI*M>N A FIS S’. : AN, Commission Merchants Corner Bay and Drayton : , ~ SAVANNAH, GA, 131-209 L. N. WHITTLE. 080. W. ( -TIN. wiirm.T & j7t-’a'F -j, ATTOKNKYS, Ac.. A r : UIV, 32-107 NOW IS Till) TIPMU’’. SLAUGIITK #S, /~\N FOURTH BTRKFT, n* Wil V/ bum aV: Edwards, i the j Toys anil Hiristns ' My fitock U complete, and eoi ry- the Bakery and Conh me Wedding l*artl<*rt tiuj*plicd onr ■ im.m Thunkful to the citizens of M | t, patronage, I resiwcl fully nolieil . . li.uf for the future. Dome uml • i '\iil guarantee satisfaction. uovlS lm G. SL.U i Ik Marshall II SAVANNAH, GA., A. B. I*rCE, Proi:: BOARD PER DAY :i.OO. 121-209 Savannah Store NORTHEAST CORNER OF Y - ’ 1 1 11 AND FOURTH STKEI IHACON, GFOItG lIIAVE opened, In conneetim, hmy . eiioicc Liquor and Fancy Groe a GREEN MARI Where I will furnish to epicures, CHOICE BEEF, PORK, MUT’D- ;, SAU SAGES, GAME OF ALL K IN Do, FISH, OYSTERS, VEGET itI.ES and FRUITS, and articles too numerous to mention. novlß-tf W. A. GIBBONS. W. IIOWAKC), ATTORNEY AT . - /, MACON, GEORGi Oflie ut entrance of KuMon Hall, n i ii ei-t. A ll husiness will receive j ■ ;*t .ton tlon i 1 T. It. COX, ATTORNEY AT Ralhlori fE ill 2Set2i. UIIEItHV BTKRET, MACO'k 1 IA. wait •f. •. AKSErft Yrs, ATTORNEY AT /, 151)4 BAY STREET, HAVA NY !, GA. / lOJd*FCTJONS promptly :i'< \J money remitted ut on ■. i‘. /< i:n-m Pulaski He 3, SAVANNAH, GA., J,\ 0. W. (J Ail ERO , I'ltoi'ieiFToi: A ft rut clan* house in <:v< i , , 131-209 Jl 11. < lilt K 4 , ATTORNEY AT ( OHNER OF MULBERRY iJ V * Streets, in Court House M 20-104 Press for Sale? WE have for rale a large , - G'.fiDON PRESS /AJlgator) and a I 1 GGLI-.s’ PAPER. CUTTER in good cun-!,, k, L. had at a bargain. Sola to make . -. 5,; !,-r --ge.r and f**tcr machines. Ki WING fc ‘’ If Til, I 1-tf Macon, Ga. WINSHIP & CALLAWAY, , THE LARGEST AND OLDEST CLOTHING HOUSE ir* THE STATE, i><) Soroml Nlre<*t, Macon, Cioorgia.> Hill PROSPECTUS lacoi Weekly Enterprise, W. WATKIN lIICKS, Kditor. ON or about tins first, werk in Di'cember, wc will i.*sue from thiaoftlee tin* linst num ber of n Larp, Live Weekij Paper! It will contain all the the Telegraphic newn of the week, and the ltcßt reliable Information on all Bub.jectu and from all partn of the world. In ita ediiorlal department will he found din* cufisiona of nil the livi: issri’s of the timcH. Partieulur attention will be giv en to the advancement of Science, Art, and Literature; while all interesting event Hand authentic progresn of the political world wil) bo faithfully presented. m SUBSCRIPTION PHICK. One Year $1 50 Six Months * 1 00 Invariably in advance. g.£T‘No subscription taken for le than six months. 2 -4'/"Now is the time to subscribe. Hpkci MEN COPIES SENT ON APPLICATION. Drugs and Medicines, paints and oils, FANCY AND TOILET ARTICLES, SOAPS, PERFUMERYB, COMBS AND BRUSHES, PATENT MEDICINES, Etc. TOBACCO, SNUEF, —AND TIIE — CHEAPEST CIGARS EVER.OFFERED IN THIS City. West’s Extra Kerosene Oil! NO. 1 FIRE TEST. LAMPS and CHIMNEYS ami WICK. PRESCRIPTIO N 8 ACCURATELY COMPOUNDED. Satisfaction guaranteed in all purchase*. I have for hulo the parent and beat YVhiuky and Gin in thin city for Medicinal purpOHCß. One trlul will satbuy the moat faotiuiouH. ROLAND B. HALL, Dealer In Thorlmra’* Garden Seed, 191 tr Or. ChrrrvSt. and Cotton Av.'nue, Sptsvood Hotel, NEARLY OPPOBITE PAOBENOBB DEPOT, (Only one minute’s walk.) MACON, GEORGIA. Hoard 3.00 per Day. )li;ti s 75 CUNTS EACH. T. JI. HARRIS, Proprietor. C. J., Superintendent. Jamp -. W. Me nu, In the Office. I— tf CJa.ige oi' Schedule. MACON AND WESTERN R. It. CO., I Macon, Ga., October 31, 1872. { ON and ufter Sunday November 3d, the fol lowing (schedule for Piusnenger Trains, will be observed on tbits road: DAY PASSENGER. Leave Macon 8:15 A. t. Arrive at Macon 2:05 A. M. Leave. Atlanbi 8:20 a. u. Arrive at Atlanta .2:40 ('. u. NIGHT PASSENGER AND FREIGHT. leave Macon 8:50 r. M. Arrive nt. Mucon 3:20 A. M. Leave Atlanta 8:00 p, M. Airive at Atlanta. . 4:55 A. M. Making clone connections at Macon with Central Railroad for Savannah and Augueta, „nd with Southwcatcrn Railroad for point* In rtouthweet Georgia. At Atlanta with Western and Atlantic Railway for point* West. A. J WHITE, nov’Jtf Superintendent. ARM ADD L. Bjcttk. EDOAK A. Rosh. COAL AND WOOD. WE art ready to fill orders at reduced rate* for the very beet COAL CREEK aHd ANTHRACITE COAL, COKE and BLACKSMITH COAL, also beat UPLAND OAK acd HICKORY WOOD. Orders left at the office of A. G. Butt*, at store of Wlrishlp <Sc Callaway, or at yurd M. W n R. K, win m The Davenport Brother* have quit ahowing glioals and gone to fsnnfn?. ANNUAL FA Ik —OK THE— Agricultural and Mechanical ASSOCIATION OF GEOlttilA, XXolcl at Savannah.. COMMENCING MONDAY, DECEMBER 80th, 1872, And continue during the week. rpHE Central Railroad and connection*! and J Atlanta and Gulf Railroad and connections will transport visitors for one fare, returning free. s %it in. <ovh:ni\ There will he a S:tlre Contest between the Savannah and Augusta Sabre Clubs on Decem ber 4 tit and sth. IMi’EN. Open to the world, three or more to enter. Fastest. Trotting Single-harness Horse, Purse. $100; Fastest pair of Trotting Horses, owned and used ns such, Purse, SSO; Best Slngle-har ness Horse, Plate, s*3o; Best pair of Harness Horses, Plate, $25; Best Pacing Horae, Plate, #ls; Running Race, Sweepstakes, mile heats, three or more to enter, two to start, entrance 10 per cent., Purse, s‘2oo. POTTOS llt 1:4111 The Chamber of Commerce offer the follow ing premiums: For best three bales of upland cotton of one planter's growth on exhibition, premium to go to planter, SSO. For three bales ranking second In quality, premium to goto planter, S4O. F<>r three hales ranking third In quality, S3O; premiums to go to planters For the best bale of sea inland cotton, $.10; next best in quality, premium to go to planter, S4O. For the best Gin for upland cotton, SIOO. For the best bushel of Rough Bice, of the va riety known as gold seed, premiuu to go to planter, $lO. For tiie best bushel of Hough Rice, of the va riety known us white, premium to go to plan ter, #lO. No fee will he charged for entering of exhib ! iting articles. For Premium Lists or otliir information, ap ply to J. IL KSTILL, Secretary, IHS-td Savannah, Ga. To llae IKumlimim* Hen of illacon THE ALBANY NEWS Circiiluti * exclusively in Dougherty, Mitchell, Lee, Balter uml Worth Countle*. J ■/,- The wealth lent Cotton (-rowing section of i ieorgia..i*-I TIIIO IN’KWH Is the best Advertising Medium in Southwest ern tieurqiu. ADVERTISEMENTS SOLICITED. CAREY W. STYLES, Proprietor. _B9 TIIE I'KIDIIOI WEEKLY. IT is universally conceded thnt advertising is a necessity to success In business; It is also conceded, by the shrewdest business men, that newspapers are the host medium for reaching all parties whose trade is desired. THE MONROE ADVERTISER reach' s more of the people trading with Mu con than any other journal published In the country; it Is, therefore, the bent medium of communication with the planting interests. We will be happy at any lime to furnish refer ences to leading merchants here and elsewhere, will) will testify to the fact thut they have re ceived orders mr goods from parties who read Ihrii card. In The Advertiser. Jn fact, many who have availed themselves of Its eolumns. candidly say that Its value exceed* that of all other Journals In which they are represented. The Advertiser lias the freshness of youth and the ripeness of age, and is therefore deservedly successful. CHARACTER OF ADVERTISEMENTS. No advertisements arc admitted which are not believed to be above question and of real value, and from parties so unquestionably re liable thut the readers of The Advertiser will be safe in ordering them from any distance. To our readers, the fact of Its appearance here lias all the weight of endorsement and authority. Address, JAS. P. HARRISON, Forsyth. Georgia. Chance of Schedule. SUPERINTENDENT’S OFFC’E, 1 M icon A Brunswick Railroad Cos., > Macon, Ga., October 30, 1872. ) ON and after Thursday October 31, 1872, trains on this road will run us follows : DAV I'Ah-KNOKIt TRAIN, DAILY (SUNDAYS EX CEPTED.) Leave Macon 9:15 a. m. Arrive at Jesup <1:85 V. -M. Arrive at Brunswick 10:00 p. M. Leave Brunswick 4:80 A. M. Arrive ut Jesup 6:45 a. Arrive at Macon 5:10 p. m. NIGHT PASSENGER TRAIN, DAILY. Leave Mucon 8.25 P. m Arrive at Jesup 5.00 a u Arrive ut Savannah 8.30 a. m Leave Suvauuuh V'ut*’ M Leave Jesup 11 ip p Arrive ut Mucon 7.5UA. m Both day and night tcains connects closely at Jesup with trains to and from Florida. lIAWKINBVILLE TRAIN DAILY, (SUNDAYS EX CEPTED. ) Leave Macon 2:50 p. m. Arrive at Hawkinsville Japo p M. Leave Hawkinsville p" A - **■ Arrive at Macon *• “• WM. MacRKA. 174tf General Superintendent. TO MERCHANTS ! MERCHANTS wishing to place their name and bu*inesß prominently before the peo ple of Macon, Taylor, Crawford and Houston counties, should advertise In the BUSINESa MIRROR. Circulation good and Increasing very fast. Rates liberal. tv. T. CHRISTOPHER, Eo.jt Paop S ~ Fort valley, Ga.