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Macon daily enterprise. (Macon, Ga.) 1872-1873, December 06, 1872, Image 3

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CITY GOVERNMENT. W . A. HIIFF. ALDERMEN: ii Clay A- H. Tinsley, " t Wit BURN K. WOODLIFF, p FiMMRALD. 6 Kobbbw, fv I R. 1.1. K. P. STRONG, D Dalt R Waoobnstein. C J. WILLIA-MSON Tr ‘TS' . 7 Rico* City Attoraey. Dh G N Holmrs, City Pbyslcan. , ' m.rtir Chief of Police. a*?’ Tatlob First Lieutenant. fyiu u‘m y' Second Lieutenant. ■V A Wiut”’ Thlrd LieuteDunt ' . p . ..Guard Houae Keeper. M.ifin CheßkT Street Overseer. i K Harran • • City Belton. .. nilew.*. Magazine Keeper. ‘',n C s : Clerk of the Market. JOB PHWTI3IG. l-hIN Olllce • prepared * ex ,.,-Hte Job Prlnlinar at priee* to salt the time., aad in a otyle ,atlfictory to all. IPlae ''▼orb made a epeclulty. We , our order., and will do oaar OeHt to pleawe yon. 18l !*. HOME AFFAIRS. N ACO.yi, t A., PEC. . ISI._ I’ine lies'. We noticed on the streets this morion* a dne drove of fat hogs; they were on their way t# Perry, Houston county. Ole Hull. Reserved stats for Ole Bnll's ptrfonnHdee to-morrow night ar. rapidly being taken. A greater treat was never afforded the citizens of M.con and they should avail themselves of this their only opportunity of hearing him. " o-o hahricp. la Eulaula, Alabama, on the Cd instant, by Uev. Mr. Kinnebrew, Mr. Wm. Abel, of Macon, to Miss Mattie J. Jones, of Eufaula. In this city, on the 8d instant, by Rev. J. W. Hinton, Mr. John 11. Abei., of Macon, to Mis. Laura E. Ebook., of Cuthb.rt, Georgia. THE IIATOR'S COOT. HON. V. A. HUFF PRESIDING. Owen Cumley, drank and disorderly, to and cost*. Pat Carrollton, druuk, $5 and costs. John Speaking, committing a nni-wace, $o aud costs. John Brawn, suspicious character, case con tianed. Prank Simonton, violating license ordinance, loutinned. This liCaafldeatlal. Fond Mama: “Why bless my life, Mr. ikowa, I never thought that you could evowd so many thing, for holiday gifts, and arrauge thm so tastefully. One look la sufficient, tor I cannot help invssting. Please wrap me up that elegant writing desk and that love of a work-box." Harry Brown: “Thunk yon, madam, my motto is to please, and a. to my taste iu ar ranging, my brother Burr helps me." Fond Mama : “Oh, I understand." Exit fond mama with a large bundle of ele gant gifts for somebody at home. Guess who ? A lAttle A flair. Iu yesterday's issue of the American Union appeared an article headed “Georgia Hospital ity,” in which John B. Cummings waa charged with a defalcation during the time he wu* Mar shal of the city. This morning about 8 o’clock, as Swayze waa coming down Cotton AYenue, ho was met by Cummings, in front of Abel’a store. A few words passed betweeffthem, when Cummings hawked and spit i Swayze’s face. Swayze ran his hand in hia pocket as if to draw a weapon, bnt instantly declared that he was not armed. Cummings told him he didjnot wish to take any advantage of him, whereupon Swayze contin ued his walk to the Uniou office. About half an hour later Swayze came back as far as Farm er’s corner, and after waiting there a few mo ments turned and went back to the office. These are the facts as related to ns by eye witnesses. A Sew Fire Company. The following is the heading of aubseription List being carried around among our citizens. It meets with our bearty approval, and we hope the object will be attained: “In consideration of the fact that tho portion of the city of Macon known as “the Hill" Is en tirely unprovided with Are engines or other means for the suppression of fires; and in farther consideration of the fact that property owners cm the hill have heretofore, in taxes and contributions liberally assisted in the purchase of fire engines located in other portions of the oity, we, the undersigned citizens of Macon, subscribe the amounts opposite our names, to tie used in the purchase ef fire engine, to be located at some central point on the bill.” The list is headed by Mr. W. A. Huff for tioo. Swlaglag Hoaad tbe Circle. The; dictionary definition of tho word “ring” i* “a round or circular line or course.” Ia these later days it means a “combination of persons to have things their own way.” To tbe question, “have we a Tammany ring among us,” we would feel constrained to wink one eye and say no, because there might he o uch an organization omong the pnre and spot less who would throw up their hands in atter astonishment aad say as somebody elae said, “Shake not thy gory locks at me, tiinn canst act say I did it." Our definition of the word is peculiar. In fact we are of a peculiar turn of mind. We believe firmly iu justice sud truth, and think no man infallible. Because a man l* a true Democrat that is no reason at all that he never did a wrong or that he i* ex empt from doing wrong. Not by any means. We look upon rings bb we do upon the horse disease We of the South are too quick to imi tate our Northern brethren. If New York ha* the epizooty we itch and tear onr hair until we have it. If New York ha* a ring wo must have one. It is a sort of disease, and the symptoms are plain. For instance, if yon see a man button bolting the big men and the leading politicians and c and idatea for office and whiapering confi d mttally that w moat do to and so, you may put it down that he has the ring fever. If yon hear him say, "if you are elected you must vote for bo and ao, or elae I'll uae my influence to have you defeated,” that man baa got the ring disease awfully. Watch him. He take* a few in his confidence, repea in all the candi date* that are lukewarm enoigh to swallow hi* tale, and then you seo a flratrate case of that prevailing peatilence—ring— warranted to break down and prostitute the beat govern ments on the universe. Down with ring*! Stand a feir, square up fight, look to the beet interest* of vour consti tuent* and all will be well—amen. ' The Grand Jcnr.—Thle body Ignored this paper, but people don’t ignore the fact that Me Kerry and Maloney keep a splendid aaeort ■ent of fine boots and shoes aad do all Unde of repairing. *^l,. Am Etten.lve EatabHalimeat. XV. * E. P. TATLOB There art few bualneaa houses iu Hi. B.uth that have wan so enviable a reputation or transacts a. large a business os this old estab lithed house. The house was established in 1888, nearly forty yaara ago, by the father of the present proprietors, who have kept untar nished the character and integrity .f the old firm. The reputation of selling none hut the beat quality of goods has been handed down frem alre to sons, and by their works aie known throughout the laud. THEIB PRESENT QUARTERS arc on Cotton Avenue, near the corner *f Cherry. Their stock employs five different floors or twenty thousand square feet, and these floors ara literally packed with nil kinds of EURHITURB and other article, of a like, character. They have chamber suite, ranging from MO to SOOO, embracing no less than thirty different styles. Here can be found seta to suit everybody— fram the common stained pine to the elegant and richly carved walnut. There is hardly any style known hut what can lie found here.— Chairs, tables, what-nots, brackets, rockß, in fine everything iu the fnrnitnrc line—in endless confusion. CARPETS. Aside from their large stock of furniture, their assortment of carpeting is perhaps the largest in the South. Some of their patterns are perfect marvels of beauty. Every shade aud quality, comprising ingrain, theac-ply, tapestry aud Brussel, ara hete iu any quantity. RUGS, MATS, and oil cloths, window shades and wall paper iu great variety. Their stock of ahides is large and well selected. Another specialty with the Messrs. Taylor is COFFINS AND BURIAL CASES. They keep the best style and manufactures of metalic burial caaes and caskets on hand, together with rosewood, walnut tnd pile coffins. The residence ef the Messrs. Taylor ia just the other aide of ths Court House, where they can be called upon at any time of the night to attend to ordcra for coffins. Orders by tele graph or mail executed promptly. EXTINT or TRADE. Their trade is not conflned to Mseeu alone, but they have customeis in all the surrounding country. They are known throughout the en tire .State, sud their business is constantly in creaelag. STOCK. They have the largest stock of furniture, etc., or baud of any similar houao south of Balti more, and during the coming week will receive three car loads of furniture of the latest and most beautiful styles. Being both practical cabinet makers, employing none but the best workmen, they are fully competent to select the best goods, and of course the customer is benefltted. In point of cleverness and fair deaiig they have no equals, They take a special delight in showing a visitor through their extensive ware rooms whether anything is purchased or not. They are true gentlemen and ae ech have built up a business alike creditable to the city of Macon and themselves. Hibb tßmperlor * earl. The proceedings in this Court this moraiug were somewhat dull and uninteresting. The case ef Henry Murray charged with stealing a box of shoe* from the store of Mix <fc Kirtland wss taken up aud after examination of wit nesses it went to tha Jury without argument. Verdict, guilty. Tha Court immediately sen tenced him to a ine of SIOO and six monihs in jU. Here the Criminal docket was closed for tha term. The only other case submitted to the Jury was that of Attorney Weems against Goo. C. Napier. While the Jury was out the case was settled by compromise, the defendant pay ing plaintiff $125. No other casea being ready the Judge dis charged the juries until the third Monday in January, aud Court was adjourned until to morrow morning at 0 o’clock, when, we pre sume, sentences will be pronounced upon all prisoners now in jail, who have been convicted and who have not already bad their sentences announced, and for such other business ns may come before it. On to-morrow the Court will finally adjourn for the term. The Houston Conrt will open ou next Monday. ___ CITY DIRECTORY. MASONIC. Macon Lodge, No. 5, meets every Ist and 3d Monday night, at Masonic Hall, Cotton A venue. Mizpah Lodge, No. *7, meet* every 3d and 4th Thursday nights at Masonic Hail. Constantine Chapter, No. 4, K. A. M., meets every 3d and 4th Monday night at Masonic Hall. Bt. Omer Coramandcry, No. 2, Knight* Tem plar, meets Ist Thursdays of each month at Masonic Hail. FIREMEN. Protection No. 1 meet* Ist Tuesday night in each month—House Poplar st., corner 3d. Ocmulgec No. 3 m-ete Ist Monday night in eacti month—House on Cotton Av' nne, near City Hal!. young America No3 meets Ist Monday night in each month—House 3dst., corner Mul berry Mechanics’ No. 4 meets Ist Monday night in each month —Homo- corner Hawthorne and 3d streets. Defiance No. meets Ist Tuesday in each month —Housed in City HalL Hook and 1-adder No. I meets let Friday night in each month —House Poplar st., cor ner 2d. ODD FELLOWS. Franklin Lodge, No. 3, meets every Thurs day night at Odd Fellows’ Hall, Colton Avenue. United Brothers Lodge, No. S, meets every Tuesday night at Odd Fellow*’ Hall. Germania Lodge, No. 50, meets every Wednesday night at Odd Fellows’ Hell. Macon Union F.ncampment No. 2, meet* at Odd Fellows’ Hell oa 2d sad 41h Mondays of each month. KKionra or fvtihas Meet every Wednesday night at Odd Fellows’ UaU. GOOD TEMPLARS. Walton Lodge, No. 23, meets every Tues day night at Progress Club Hall. Aurora Lodge, No. 80, meets every Friday night at their Hall in Hollingsworth Block. Dougherty Lodge, No. 179, meet* every Monday night at Progress Club Hall. Windsor Lodge, No. 120, meets every Thurs day night st their Hall on Windsor Hill. SOCIETIES Progress Club met* every Sunday night at their Hall on Mulberry atreet Hibernian Society meets Ist Tuesday in each month at No. 2 Engine House. Malachi Lodge, No. 146, I. O. B. 8., meet* second and fourth Sundays in each month. Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers rnfcU every Wednesday night at the Paseenger Depot. Visiting brethren welcome. CHVKCBE9. —Christ Church, Rev. B. Johnson, Rector—Walnut t., between 2d and 3d. Ser vice* It 1-2 a. K. and 8 r. M. St. Paul’* Church, Rev. H. K Rees, Rector —Viaeville. Services II L sr. u. Chil dren's Service ;tr. a. Evening Prayer. Call at 8. T. A B. P. Walker’s this evening, If you want such things as choice Tennessee Beef, Pork, Sausage, Fresh Kiab, Oysters, Ap ples, Oranges, Banuanas, Malaga Grapes, or anything eiae In the fancy or family grocery line. octlT-tf 88 Cherry St. California Bartlett '*tVar at Hogs A STB PHBNS. Hen Tour.—Anybody who doubts the abil ity of Grant to fill the office of President, la Invited to wear boots aud shoos. For fine cues at low prices give McKervy A Maloney a call. deeS-lt California Bartlett Poara at Hook A Hix FtIMNS. The best in tuf, world “ Pntzel A Jacobs Favorite." _ Nov 27 tf The celebrated “ Ponies” (Imported) mint's the Ejnxootic for sale only at the New York Grocery Store. California Bartlett Pears at Hole A Six PHENS. Look to Your Interest.—Brown makes four pictures for f1; makes a dozen photo graphs for $2,50; best photographs $5 per dozen. This gallery makes the best pictures in the city. Compare the work. No. 8 Cotton Avenue. novtJ-tf. “Putzcl’s Delight” will delight all smokers. Mightful. Latest Nkws. —Brown makes tlioso line Ink pictures tweuty-tive cents less. Old pho tographs copied correctly. No. 8 Cotton Avenue,. No cards. nov. 11 tl. A favorite with everybody, “Putnel A Jacobs Favorite. FINANCIAL & COMMERCIAL ■Sally Hevlcw of the Market. Office Maoon Dailt Enterprise, ( December o—2 o’clock, P. M. ) Cotton. —Report for 24 hours, since 2 P. M. yesterday. Sold t>C7 bales : shipped 453 bides. Received 808 bales. statement. Stock ou hand, Sept. 1, 1872 I bales _ *l* i Received last 24 hours 808 j Received previously 86,24a —36,010 Total receipts 37,022 (Snipped last 24 hours 452 snipped previously 25,157 —25,009 43tock on hand this evening.... 11,418 Market active 17><al8c. MACO.H PRICE U RRHBT. 08NABURG8 —No. 1 10 No. 2 14 MilledgevilleNo. 2 14 MACON SHEETING 12K Seven-eighths H Waymanville Sheeting Vi}4 Houston Sheeting Houston Stripes 1.Wu15 Columbus Stripes 15ul8 High Shoal Stripes 16 Montour Shirting —% 10K Factory Sewing Thread 00 YARNS— 10° GRlTS—per bushel 185 OATS—per bushel 00a05 FIELD PEAS —per bushel llAY—Northern Tennessee 1 90a2 00 Clover 1 90 PEA NUTS—per bushel 150 POTATOES—Planting „ Table use 3 50a4 00 APPLES—Northern BUTTER—Goshen No. 1 per lb 43a44 Goshen No. 2 per lb 25 Tennessee No. 1 “ 8J Tennessee No. 2 “ 20 Country 35a40 COFFEE—Rio per lb 23a25 Java per lb 80a33 CHEESE—Best Cream per lb.. 17% New York per 1b... Jo MOLASSES—N. O. Syrup per gal. 05 “Georgia” per gal.. ”0 Sugar Houae 35 SYRUPS—GoIdou Drips, per gal... 00a75 Medium per gal 05 Ordinary per gal 55 BUGAR—“A” per lb UX* White Extra “ C” 13a New Orleans (hhds) 10al2}£ Yellow C 12>^a Demerara 12>£al3 Porti Rico 11%a12j4 POWDER—Hazard per keg 7 25 Orange Mills 7 00 provisions, grain, groceries, ac. BACON—Clear-ribbed Sides (smokd).. 12 Shoulders BJ^a9 HAMS—Magnolia 8. C., canvassed... 19j.£u20 Fitch’s 19%a20 Tennessee, plain-cured lSalSj^ White Bellies 10al0>i PORK—Pickled, mess 18 00 New, mess 19 00 Pickled, rumps 15 00 BULK MF.ATS—Cask Sides Shoulders Bellies lOalOJjj LARD—Prime Leaf, Tierces llall% Kegs 18 Packages 12alS FLOUR -Low superfine per bbl a7 00 Standard superfine.. 0 50 Extra 9 00 Choice extra Family 10 00 “Wyleys XXXX", Georgia Mills ) 11 50a12 00 H vuclnthe 9 50 • “Domestic" 12 00 Star of Beauty 11 00 Belle of Georgia II 00 Pride of Dixie 12 00 Silver Lake 12 00 CORN—White per bushel 95 Mixed per bushel 08a9O SHOT—Per sack 3 00 CRACKERS—Butter per lb 09 Soda Bao9 Cream 13 Sugar 13 1-2 Lemon 14 Ginger Snaps PicNic 10 Fancy 17 CANDY —New York per lb IS M. R. Rogers A Cos IS BLACKING—No. 1 per gross 5 00 No. 2 OO No. 3 7 00 SODA—Bi-Carb. per lb 9alo POTASH—Per lb. 10all SOAP—Turpentine per lb 6 1-2 Laundry 15 Toilet pr doz 75al 20 Olive 8 YEAST POWDERS—Preston and Merrill’s per doe. 1 75a2 25 Hon-ford’s 2 90 TOBACCO—Choice Chewing per lb 75 Medium 60 Ordinary 49a50 Choice Smoking 1 25 Medium 75 Common 40 CIGARS —Imported perthousand 75 OOaISQ 00 Domestic 15 QOafSO 00 SNUFF —Bcoteh per lb 7S Macaboy 7S PIPES— I ter box 2 50a4 50 MACKEREL—No. 1 kite 2 25a2 50 No. 2bbla 13 M)al4 00 No. 2 kite 1 70 No. 3 bbls—large. .11 50a12 50 No. 3 kite 1 50a 1 70 WHITE FISH—Half bbl 7 50a9 00 CANDLES—Best Star (full w't)... 21%a22 Sperm .: 42a45 Paraffine 30*83 BTARCH—PearI I'A&'A EGGS—Per doz 35 CHICKEN'S—Per doz 3 00a5 00 SALT—Virginia per sack 2 10a2 15 Liverpool 8 35 FEATHERS 00 HIDES—Dry flint 14al0 Green 6a7 BEESWAX 28a30 8 WKET POTATOES 150 WHISKY—Common Rye 1 OOal 10 BAGGING—BengaI • Patched 1^ TOBACCO, TOBACCO. 100 BOXK8 ’ Honn,J " ud Just being received by SEYMOUR, TINSLEY A CO. COFFEE, COFFEE. BAGS CHEAP COFFEE, Justin At SEYMOUR, TINSLEY A CO.’S BACON. |)ULK MEATS AND LARD, ut lowest niar- Ij ket prices, At SEYMOUR, TINSLEY A CO.’S FLOUR. * CaII LOADS—NEW BRANDS a CHEAP, 97 ' Seymur, Tinsley & Ci. 199 tl SALE OF TOWN LOTS. 'IXTILL be sold at Public Outcry, at the \ V Town of Milner on the Mucon A West ern Railroad, all the fw Lois West of the Railroad Wood Shed, containing one to four acres each. Sale to commonce on Friday, the 6th day of December next, at 10 o’clock," a. u. Terms: — One half cash and one half on the Ist day ot June, IS7B. A. J. WHITE, President. nov3o-td. OEO. Y. IIOGE. AI.F.X. H. STKHBBNS NOW READY! HOCE A STEPHENS* FOURTH STREET, (EAST CHONT HOIAIKOSWOKTU lU.OCK), HAVE just opened u full and complete stock of Fancy and Family Groceries, Fresh, pure, genuine, entirely new, und war ranted to suit the taste of every onu. The as aortment comprises everything required in such a house. The finest brands of Flour, Meal— the best New York Hama, Sugar, Coffee. Syrup, Cooking Wines, Butter—the best brands of Goshen a specialty—Cheese, Fruits, native and Tropical, together with a complete line of Nuts, Candies, Candles, Pickles aad other articles for the retail trade. FISH AND OYSTERS. Fresh Fish and Oysters every morning. Also Vegatulilcs ot various kinds. We propose, in a word, to supply our friends and the public generally with every tiling nice required at reasonable rates. HOGE A STEPHENS. N. B.—All goods delivered free of charge. nov7-3m. BOARD. DAY bonrd and board and lodging in a pri vate house, can be had by applying to W. D. Rainey on Walnut street, Macon. Bept. 12,1872. _ 137-162. BYIN OT O N HOTEL. GRIFFIN, GA. F|''lHS HOTEL ranks second to none iu X Georgia, for GOOD COMFORTABLE ROOMS, WELL SUPPLIED TABLES, AND CHEAPNESS OF RATE. Asa resort for the residence of the present hot term, It is unequalled, ttie nights being remarkable cool und pleasant. The best Water in Georgia. n. W. BYINGTON, 110-160 Proprietor FORSALE, OIX BUILDING LOTS on Windsor Hill. O Will sell all, or a many as desired. The lota adjoin Dr. Cox’s on the top of the hill. The prettiest location out. Apply to nov27-4t No. 8 Cotton Avenue. Bui ding Lot For Sale. OIIUATEI) near Tatnall Square, within a O fewßtepaof Men-er University. Addreftrt K. C\, Box K., 98tf Macon, Ga. "another car load —-O i CHARTER OAK STOVES m kit kk<;kivi;i> —BY— TRUMAN & GREEN’S, TRIANGI UR HEOCK, Sign of the Golden "Charter Oak.” 162-204 Gsertssy, Bartrom & Mrii, BIIILBERR SIiHPLY WORE, Bluke’a Block, l*plar Ntrcct, (Between Third and Fourth.) WHITE AND YELLOW PINE WORK, Mush, Boons, Itliudx, FramM, Hracketa, Newel Pont*, Halasters, Mantles, Etc., Ktc. Carpenter Tools, Lock*, Kali*, Hinges, Paint*, Oil*, Ulan* and Fntty, Etc. CONTRACTOR* for BWLDINO, DRESSED AND BOUGH LUMBER AT OUR FACTORY, DIXIE WORK*, CnERRY BT. KfMt BOSTON -A\r> Savannah Steamship Line. LOW rates of freight ami Insurance. First class pussongor accommodations, Order your goods shipped by “80-lon and Savannah Steamship Line, uml avoid nil delay and extra handling. RICHARDSON A BARNARD. Agent, Savannah, on. F. NICKERSON A CO., Agents, 131-209 Boston. J. A. MERCIER, Commission Merchant, 133 HAY STREET, Hot. Whitaker and Barnard St., Saviumali, Go. All orders will receive prompt attention. Con signments of all Kinds respectfully solicited. 181-809 BOIT & McKENZIE. Cotton ani Commission tIIIKITItMS. low liny (tlreel. N;iv niniali, t.u, 131-209 MEYER, COHiiN ,fc CO., WHOLESALE PE ALLIS* IN Boots and Shoes, itt I* i-o ■■ si 111 on Ml ~Mn v nnnnli, 4Jn Merchants supplied ut Nc\ York Market 131-209 Prices. A. S. ALDL’A A IIHO., COMMISSION ME RCIIANTS —ANM- Dealers in Fruits, Fisli nml I’rotluoe, No. 95 Bay St., Suvmuiali, (in. Consignments solicited. Orders promptly attended to. I 1 109 E. D. SMYTHF. IMPORTER OF ( ROCKERY, Glassware uml I’lililß, Aud Dealer in House Furnishing Goods, 142 Congress and 141 St. Julian Sts. SAVANNAH, GA. 181-209 p w SIMS & CO: , Cotton Factors and General Commission Merchants SAVANNAH, GEORGIA. Bagging and Tics supplied at market prices. Advances made on Cotton, or other consign ments. Money promptly remitted. 131-209 A. 11. CHAMPION. OEO. O. FHRKMAN. 4 8i a % v Commission Merchants Corner Bay and Drayton Streets, SAVANNAH, GA, 181209 L. N. WHITTLE. GEO. IV. GUsTIN. WIIITTI.E A GI STIN, ATTOICNIIiVM, At.. AT RAW', NO. 2 COTTON AVENUE, MACON, GA. 82-107 NOW’ IS THE TIME, AMI SL AUGHT Kirs, ON FOURTH STREET, next door to Wil burn it Edwards, is the plan-1" buy Tsys aod Christmas Goods. My stock irt complotc*, und cnhi:-t i -< iv thlng in the Bakery and Confectionery Line. Wedding Parties supplied on rntsonnhlc. terms. Thunkful to the citizens of Macon for past patronage, I respectfully solicit a liberal share for the future. (Joint- and • m and I ' ill guarantee ButisfuethM]. novls lm 0. HJsALCIITLI*. Marshall House SAVANNAH, GA., A. 15. LI CE, BOARD PER J) A Y s.'i’.OO. 121-209 Savannah Store NORTHEAST CORNER OF MeiNTOriH AN!) FOURTH STREET, MACON, GEORGIA. I HAVE opened, in connection with my 1. choice Liquor and Fancy Grocery Store, a GREEN MARKET. Where i will furnish to epicure- , CHOICE BEEF, PORK, MUTTON, SAU SAGES, GAME OF ALL KINDS, FISH, OYSTERS, VEGETA BLES and FRUITS, and articles too numerous to mention. novlS-tf W. A. GIBBONS. C. U. IIOWARO, ATTORNEY AT LAW, MACON, GEORGIA, : Oillc at entrance of Ralston Hall, Cli' n v str-'-t. business will receive prompt elb-n --tiorj. T. 11. COX, ATTORNEY AT LAW, ■fulMton Hull CHERRY STREET, MACON, GOORCIA. 123tf J. J. AHIIAMS, ATTORNEY AT LAW, 151 X BAY STREET, SAVANNAH, GA. Collections promptly attended to mi I money remitted at once. I*. O. Box .'57. 131-209 Pulaski House, SAVANNAH, GA., i NO. W. CAMERON k CO., PROPRIETOR*. A first class house in every reapeet, 181-209 m. it. iHiitin. ATTORNEY AT LAW. d-NOBNEK OF MULBERRY AND F.C’OND VV BUeets, In Court House, Macon, Ga. 29-104 Press for Sale! WE have for sale a large size GORDON PRESS CAllgatorj and a RUGGLES* PAPER CUTTER In good condition. To lie bad at a bargain. Sold to make room far lar ■er and f*ter machine*. Adarwf WING A SMITH, ,_• Macon, Ga. WINSHIP & CALLAWAY, THE LARGEST AND OLDEST CLOTHING HOUSE IN THE STATE, r>o Second Street, Macon. Georgia. octHl3ih ■ . .. PROSPECTUS ffiacoa Weekly Memrise, W. V. ATKIN HICKS, Kditor. (\N or about tli* iirsl week in December, t we will issue from tlila ortlee the llrat num ber of II Lara, Live Weekly Paper! It will contain all the the Telegraphic news of the week, and the latest reliable information on nil subjects and from all parts of the wvorld. In Ita editorial department will be found dis cuhblouh of all the LIVE ISSUES of the times. Particular attention will be giv en to the advancement of Science, Art, and Literature; while all interesting iwetita and authentic progress of the political \Qprld will be faithfully presented. snnsciupTioyi trick. Ono Year #1 50 Six Months I 00 Invariably In advance. jgyNo subscription taken for leas than nix inoiilhs. MEN COPIES BBMT OK APPLICATION. Drags and Medicines, PAINTS AND OILS, FANCY AND TOILET ARTICLES, SOAPS, PERFUMERYB, COMBS AND BRUSHES, PATENT MEDICINES, Etc. TOBACCO, BNUEF, AND THK CHEAPEST CIGARS EVER.OFFER! D IN I THIS CITY. ’ West’s Extra Kerosene Oil! NO. 1 FIRE TEST. LAMPS und CHIMNEYS and WICK. PRESCRIPTIONS ACCURATELY COMPOUNDED. Satisfaction guaranteed iu all purchases. I have for sale the purest and bent Whisky and Gin in this city for Medicinal purposes.— One trial will satisfy the moat fastidious. ROLAND B. HALL, Dealer In Tborhura’t Garden Seed, 101-tf Oor. CberrvSt. aud Cotton Avenue. Spotsi 00l Hotel, NKAIIBY OPPOSITE PAHSEHGKH DEPOT, (Only one minute’s walk.) MACON, GEORGIA. Hoard 3.00 per Day. YltiAl.H cm* EACH. T. 11. HARRIS, Proprietor. C. J. Macijiu.**, Superintendent. Jambs VV. Mkaha, In tlie Office. I—tf Charge of Schedule. MACON AND WESTERN R. It. CO., I Macon, Ga., October 81, 1872. j ON and after Sunday November 3d, tho fol lowing schedule for Passenger Trains, will be observed on this road; DAY PASSENGER. Leave Maeon 8:15 A. M. Arrive ut Macon 2:05 a. m. Leave Atlanta 8:20 *• "■ Arrive at Atlanta 2:46 P. M. NIGHT PASSENGER AND FREIGHT. la:ave Macon 8:50 p. u. Arrive at Maeon 8:80 A. M. laaive Atlanta 8:00 **• M - Arrive at Atlanta A. u. Making close connections at Maeon, with Central Railroad for Savannah and Augusta, and with Southwestern Railroad for point* in Southwest Georgia. At Atlanta with Western and Atlantic Railway for polnts^Wrab^^ noy-Jtf Superintendent. Auxlkd L. Burnt. Edgar A Ross. COAL AND WOOD. WE are ready to fill orders at reduced rates for the very best COAL CREEK and ANTHRACITE COAL, COKE and BLACKSMITH COAL, also best UPLAND OAK and HICKORY WOOD. Orders left ot the office of A. O. Butts, at store of Wlnsblp A Caiiaway, or at yard M. A "mim’ wl " r “ clv ‘ pro “Jurrei%Bs. The Davenport Brother* have quit j showing ghosts and gone to farming. ANNUAL FAIR —OF Till— Agricultural uml Mechanical ASSOCIATION OF GEORGIA, Hold at Savannah. COMMENCING MONDAY, DECEMBER .TOth, 1872, And continue during the week. Central Railroad and connections and 1 Atlanta and Gulf Railroad and connection* will transport visitors for one fare, returning free. M l HUH CONTEST. There will be a Sabre Contest between the. Savannah and Augusta Sabre Clubs on Decern ber 4tli and stb. RACES. (>pen to the world, three or more to enter. Fastest Trotting Single-harness Horse, Purse $100; Fastest pair of Trotting Horses, owned and used a* such, Purse, SSO; BestSingle-har ness Horse, Plate, S2O; Best pair of Harness Horses, Plate, $25; Best Pacing Horse, Plate, sls; Running Race, Sweepulakcs, mile beats, three or more to enter, two to start, entrance 10 per cent., Purse, S2OO. COTTON PUEMIUIN. The Chamber of Commerce offer the follow ing premiums: For best throe bales of upland cotton of one planter’s growth ou exhibition, premium to go to planter, SSO. For three bales ranking second In quality, premium to go to planter, *lO. For three bales ranking third in quality, S3O; premiums to go to planters For the best bale of seu island cotton, SSO; next best iu quality, premium to go to plautor, $lO. For the best Gin for upland cotton, WOO. For tile, best bushel of Rough Rice, of the va riety known as gold seed, prenituu to go to planter, $lO. For tire best bushel of Rough Riee, of the va riety known us white, premium to go to plan ter, $lO. No fee will he charged for entering of exhib iting arllelcs. For Premium Lists or other infuniiatiou, ap ply to J. H. EBTII.L, Secretary, IHO-td Savannah, Ga. To (lie llii.lnr.s Men of Macon THE ALT.ANV NEWS Circulate, exclusively in Dougherty, Mitchell, l,cc. Bakerand Worth Counties. I lie wealthiest Cotton growing section of CeorgUi._i*2 , fS I 1110 MOWN is Uie beat Advertising Medium in.SouLtiwest ern Georgia. A OVEIITIHE VKNTH SOLICITtIi CAREY W. STYLES, Proprietor. 89 TIIE PUEnililt WEEKLY. I T la universally conceded that advertising Is a necessity to success in business; it U also conceded, by the shrewdest business men, thst newspapers are the best medium for reaehlug all parties whose trade is desired. THK MONROE ADVERTISER reaches more of the people trading with Ms con than any other journal published in the country; it is, therefore, the bent medium of communication with th# planting interests. We will lie happy ot any time to furnish refer ences to leading merchants here and elsewhere, who will testify to the fact that they have re ceived orders for goods from parties who read their cards In Thr. Advrrtuer. In fact, many who have availed themselves of Its columns, candidly say that Its value exceeds that of at) other journals in which they are represented. The Advertiser has tho freshness of youth and the ripeness of sge, and Is therefore deservedly successful. CHARACTER OF ADVERTISEMENTS. No advertisements arc admitted which are not believed to bo above question and of real value, und from parties so unquestionably re liable that the readers of. The Advertiser will be safe in ordering them from any dlstauee. To our readers, the fact of Its appearance here b*e all the weight of endorsement and authority. Address, JAS. P. HARRISON, Forsyth, Georgia. Change of Schedule. SUPERINTENDENT’S OFFCK, j Macon A Brunswick Railroad Cos., 5- Macon, Ga., October 30, 1872. ) ON and after Thursday October 31, 1872, trains on this road will run as folloyr6 : DAY PASSHNOER TRAIN, DAILT (SUNDAYS EX CEI'TKD.) Leave Mucon 9 t 0 X. V. Arrive at Jejup 6:85 P. M- Arrive at Brunswick 10:00 p. M. Leave Brunswick 4:30 a. m. Arrive at Jesup 6:45 A. M. Arrive at Macon 5:10 P. M. NIOUT PASSENGER TRAIN, DAILT. Leave Maeon $-25 p. m Arrive at Jesnp 5.00 a m Arrive at Savannah S Leave Jesup V<m . Arrive at Macon '••**• * Both day and night teains connect* closely at Jesup with trains to and from Florida. IIAWKINSVII.I.E TRAIN DAILT, (SCNDAT* X -CEIrtED.! Leave Huwklnsvtlle 6:5* *• • Arrive at Macon 1B:u5 A - ¥ - WM. MacREA, General Superintendent* TO MERCHANTS! MERCHANTS wishing to place their name und business prominently before the peo ple of Macon, Taylor, Crawford and Houston counties should advertise in the BUSINESS XllßKoft. Circulation good and increasing very fast Rates liberal. „ V T. CHRISTOPHER,