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Federal republican advocate, and commercial advertiser. (Savannah, Ga.) 1807-180?, December 03, 1807, Image 3

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Congress of the United States Thursday, Nov. 12. AFier the prelentaiion of various petitions, and the receiving of several reports, all of which were either of a private nature, or of ‘inordinate im portance, the House rtfolved itfelf into a committee of the whole Mr. Ball'd in the chair, on the report of the con mittee of EleCbons. on the conceded election of William M‘Crcery, when a long and imereil ing debate ensued. until the ui'ual hour or adjournment. MefTrs. Kindly, St urges, Smilie, j. Clay and F1 lie. advocated and MdLs. Sawyer, Randolph and I). K, Wil liams opposed the report, which is in favor of the fitting member. 1 The committee rose, reported pro* grefs, and obtained leave to lit again. PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 6. It is observable that the prefidsut in his late message, speaking of the attack upon the Chesapeake, states thac “ several of her crew were killed, and four taken away.” How does this statement com port with the repeated publications which have heretofore come from the govern ment, in which the men taken away were uniformly called, with an emphasis, “ the three seamen.” Great pains were taken to ascertain the nativity of “ the three? 1 and the proofs wete published by the go vernment. But not h word was heard of auy more. Mr. Jefferson, in his procla mation, did not mention the number of men taken, but asserted that they had been previon ly ascertained to be “ native citizens of the United A’tates.” To prove this as ei tion, depositions were published respecting the nativity of three, two only, of whom turned oyt to be natives of the Untied A cates, Now the president in forms us that four were taken cut, but no semblance of proof has been offered to show that the fourth comes within the de scription g.ven in the proclamation. On die contrary upon the trial at HalihMC, he waa proved to be a native Briton, adc- Ac 1 ter and. a routineer. We blush for the honouref our coun try when we see siich shufStng, such pre varication in the cabinet of the nation. Mr. jstfVrsoc ac first perfectly well knew the number of men taken ; .and if any thing had be^n-previously ascertained up on the subject, it had beer, ascertained that the men were tic*, that is, were not all, native cittz ns. indeed, this L not the worst of it. The words of the proclama tion are, speaking of the enormity of the outrage : “ That no tcircuinstance might ** she wanting to mark its character, it nad *’ been previously ascertained that the *■* seamen demanded were native cniziens *• of the United States.” But upon a fur ther investigation of the matter it has been mcontrovertiblv established that none of the torn .demanded were native citizens of the United Stale*, except Wtn. Hill, born in Philadelphia, wiio voluntarily en tered on board t ie Ht.lifax at Antigua, And who was not one taken out. Tl>e iron demanded, were dese. ters from ,tbe Halifax : namel) Kichard Hubeil born in Liverpool, Henry .Saunders, born -at Greenock, Jeakin Ratl'crd, born in London, George North, born at Kinsaie, .and William Hill, bom at Philadelphia.— These hau all entered on board the Che sapeake ; but part of them had deserted from her previous to the attack. Upon .searching her only one of the teamen de metnded was found on board, to wit, jen |kin Katford ; but three uea nA demanded who had deserted from the Melumptfs, ‘Were found and taken away. At will be seen, therelor , thac the government, mi -4erpre.cncc of ejtabl shing the tacts stated in the proclamation as to the nativity o: the seunun demanded, have exhibited prools of he nativity of ihese men who were never demanded ; but have been a* -f.ilen as tlit grave as to the only one taken who had been demanded. Indeed, so cautious have their papers been, in speak- 1 ing upon Lite subject, thac the first iatelli. pence which we received respecting the only seaman demanded, we icceived not from our own government, but iioui the Airitish. Wruc credit can the government expect to have attached 10 their official state ments, when they cany upon their very face such evident marks of prwartca. t. y n ! U. b. C 1.2- Extracts from Calcutta papers, received at the office of the Register, bu the ship lien gut, captain Simula Ron arrived at this port from ('.nirytta. V um the Madras Courier, Match 5, 1807. On iViinday last HI lived his majesty’s ship Caroline, Titer Rainier, Esq. ac cotppanicd by lier prize, the Spanish Re gister r.hip St. Raphael, captured if'/rh •, ip the Airaiis of At. B rnadint, wiu.jn a lew miles of Manilla. The A’pa* ni.udi had nearly succeeded in running the ship ashore, when she was taken aback by a oi which captain Ilutuiu na. mediately rook the advantage, and the Raphael soon found herself under the ice of the Carolin-. The enemv whose vessel is onlv 450 ’.ons, and ICO men. cither from temerity t r .Spa nish pride,maintained a ctonfl’ct with the Caroline for 10 murines, and s>ruck her colors—having previously lust 2 7 men in killed and wounded, amongst the latter was the Spanish captain, who received a grape shot in his arm, and was much hurt in the face—an IS pound shot also earned away the skirts of his coat. We are con cerned tosav, chat the loss on hoard the Caroline, war seven men wounded, of •vhotn one has since died. Oir brave tars however, will be consoled in their suffering? bv th booty thev have acquir ed, the St. A’rphue! havintr on board 500, 000 dollars, and to the value of 500,000 more in bars of copper. A'he sailed from Luna arid was bound to Manilla ; and is said to be tile ship, formeily called the Nancy Grab, which was built in this coun try. Aince her capture sOe was severr.l limes separated hv bad weather from the Caroline, tor a day or two together : how fortunate then it is that she was n-.c re taken, hut th tt she should have arrived in safety in a British port. From (be same Feb. 25- 3 y fir Edward prilew, B.irt. reir admin! of the R-d, commander in chief of lik majesty’s fliios and Vcfiels ia the B;tft Indies. General Mem. The honorable the governor of At. He lena, having transmitted to me the under mentioned deposition of the late com. manderand officers of the hon. company’s hip Warren Hastings, captured bv the French frigate La Pieclmontaise, of 44 guns; the attention of the respective con tains and commanders of his majesty’s squadron under my command, is hereby especially cahed to the statement, in or der that the ferocious conduct of the first lieutenant and part of the crew of La Pi edmontatse, may receive the general re probation of his majesty’? naval service. Given under my hand on board his ma jesty’s sh’p Cullodcn at sea, 14th Febru ary 1807. (Signed) E. PELLE'V. Bv coamsal of the cammsuder in chief. (Signed) E, M. I.O.CKER, A true KOW. HAWKE I.OCLER, Sec. to his excellency. ISLAND 3T. HELENA. Deposition sworn bctorc the worship ful Robert Patton, esq. governor ; fames Coc?C3, esq. of council ; two of his msjes tv’s justices ct the peace, in nr,cl for the sa'd island. ■After the ship Warren Hastings had surrendered to the national frigate La Piedmontatse. Charles Moreau, the first lieutenant came on hoard the Warren Hastings and stabbed captain Larkings, vvhe.r passing to go on board th? frigate, io the same manner Mr. James Bovcn, midshipman, was also stabbed by Charles Moreau :—and Mr. John Wood second officer, Mr* John Barnes surgeou, and John Bail Boiusw.iin’s mate were seab ed in different parts of the sh’p, by other persons belonging to the frigate after the surrender of the Warren Hastings. Awora before us this tfithofSep 130®. (Signed) JS.OttF.RT PATTON Governor. COCKS Sitting Jufticc, (oigiied) f, LARKINGS, Comm tittfcr 1 COXTf.b, lit officer I WOOD.idoffi cr. E D VVIS. 3<i officer. row. TO OSS AIM r, 4th officer. J. BARNES, ‘iirgcnn, True copy, (%aei THIS. I! BROOKE Sec’y to Oovcnment JOHN GIN DR AT, SADDLKK h HAKNESSMAKF.R, Respe.ctfullv informs his friends and the pnliiic, In- ir s receive-ti bv the laiear ri\uls irom New York and Liverpool, A COMPLETE ASSORTMENT OF Saddles and Bridles, And Saddlery of every Description; among which m Elegant Saddle*, shattered all over Ditto ditto knee-puff Ditto ditto plain, with patent liars A handsome assortment Ladies Saddles, of the first quality 8 boxes completely assorted Saddle®, with plated and common Bridies, which will be sold remarkably low by the box. Plated Bridie-Bits Duke Bills, fast and loose rings Portsmouth ditto ditto ditto ditto Snaffles, assorted patterns Snwarrow Spurs, ami Stirrup Irons Curbs, single mu! double, strong Saddle Nails, elegant patterns M* rungair hooks, A. Buckles for neck-straps Half Buckles, witinullcia for plated bridles Cantlo Minding Inch, halt inch and quarter inch steel roller and inlet Jacitias, lor gtrihs and sureiogles Tinned two barred Stirrup irons, No 10. Best men’s Saddle Trees Best girth and s'raining Wet) VV,tl> puny other articles in Ins ‘’-na of business, winch will bo sold low. for cadi, or approved credit, at ln> shop, opposite Miiiss, Taylor and Co’*, svnyi .side and re., tail siorv. Dew. and Ck xJubosate. mmernmmmm mMwm,annimßnTJKjmHxanmm7u*.ir*mmßm VAMsaraaftm* Savannah, Dec. 3, 1807- The treatv made between the Commis Ridncrs of tliis state and North Carolina, relative to the eomitv of W-dton, hi® not met t lie appiubitiow of the Legislature, aiyl new CommisdonerS areto be appointed! A BUI has beep brought into the home of Representatives, to prohibit reading, after y < ar 1810. tuiv British statute or autho rity, in any court of this state. Ilxtr ,!<■ , letter from Milled Seville, rbted Muv. !!•}. “ I hive just riifU'Tied from attending the funeral of our refjicdted fri-rd tUDOE STITH,’ vi-lio died I*B evening. Meffrc. Fisanio? and John Forfyui, are can did lies s o iupply the vacancy. “ Many tnemheei are quire indisposed, and fome have died, vi 2. Mr T”• Walter Drane, of course hufincf* ha* prnj*re(fed ffiie/ly. “ It lia* hrcii mentioned Sv Tome cf the nimhers to adjourn until fine lime in Fchrnarv, or T.e rft of March next- and llmuki so m;>ny eoatinue lick, I be ticve it will be touud neccflarv.” To a lotrpr received at Ade n, from the Mediterranean, is mentioned the m issacre at Constantinople, of 15,000 Christians, by the Turks. Elisha Matihevvson, Fsq. lias been ap pointed >*v the Legislature of Rhode Island to represent that state in the senate of the United Skates, vice James Fenner, Esq, elected Governor. r i lie schooner Two Anns, capt. Ruther ford, has arrived a t Ncwbiirvport, in 28 da vs from the Miami of Trinidad. A gen tleman who came passenger in the schooner and uiio has arrived in this city, informs us that American produce was very scarce at that Island. Flour was selling by the cargo at 20 dollars. Lumber of every kind excepting pitch pine boards, at u very ex travagant price. The season was very fa vorable—!Da n v had commenced their crops. iVexo Tork paper. General Virnurn. who in the absence of Mr. Macon, has been elected speaker of thehouseof Representatives,is from Mas sachusetts. iVlr. Varnumis the person whom Mr. Randolph has sortie three or four times, at former sessions of Congress sarca-ticailv lashed as a kind of back-stair and ear wig gentleman, in some executive business, which was aot very agreeable to Mr. R. Now whether Mr. R. was right or wrong is very immaterial a3 to whit 1 im about to say—-Mr. Varnum is .Speaker of the House bv one vote, and bv way tt seems to me of wreaking a iittie revenge, he has excluded Mr. R. from the com mittee of Wavs and Means, of which he was for several years Chairman. ’i is pitiful. Why should the tittle enmity ol Mr. Varnum deprive the country, in the Committee of VVays and Means of the be oelir of Mr. Randolph’s gieat talents i Mr. Varnum can have no adequate apology tor the exciusion, and I am sorry to say that st the opening of his new function he has deliberately placed himself in a situation from which an enlightened mar. wouldim mediately ToihCd:lien. ExtraFl [ran the Journal of captain Rarbcr, of the brig Eliza cr? Mary, of Charle/ton, arrived ar. Pica) York, fro'rti Mag ad ore. * 4 On the s/th June iaft, the Jews of Mogadore, were, hy command of the Emperor, all ordered to leave the town at an liopi’.v warning ; the order was immediately enforced by the go vernor, ana the poor unfortunate jews to the number of about 7000. were obliged to evacuate the.r own houses, and feck refuge from the burning rnv.- of the fun, under the outer walls of the town, ients, flieds, Szc. An heart-felt fcenc of confufion and dill refs was the immediate consequence. Men, women and children ; the lick and the infirm, in whatever critical flotation, were alike iiurned irom their houses and lick, beds and exoofed upon the hot lands, fur ronnded by hundreds of fcoffing Moors, ey ulting in their dill refs—after walking n few hours among them, and beholding with horror their pitiful con dition, l thanked God that I belonged io a country where no Emperor’s or. ders were to be obeyed. As loon a> the jews had all gone oui, their houses were appraised by the Emperor’s agents at about one eight ot their real colt and value ; which futn was nnme diaiely paid them, and their houses ta ken pofkliinn of by the Moors. Alter a) had been ( .i;us leuled, the Emperor mull gradually alligtuM them a spot oi jtouud on which 10 buiih jgatu. r he renfou apfjgned for *hts op prriiive was, that die Jfws cottupred ‘He m'oralilv of the Moors, by living with them, but themo'e pro bafalc cauic was, that the Empe or wiffu ed 10 take from them a large ffiare of their property, and not having anv i’ll* foundation of complaint, adopted ‘lie f*Hnve as a nretex f tnoff likely to go down with his std jcds.” (i Here's your beauth"■ of J. r hste r s ” flics.*, v\ ip) sea- bass, cod and Mack fidi ( aiivc in Htidsmi marker, afford quit*- a daintv tn an epicure |;*o miles from toe ocean. Thev arc bromrlir Imre in tiie ‘■te*!?* heat, arid sold iu the brick market, fresh a*i‘l in pood order, everv dine He lives iiom New York. Hudson paper. CONffT ANTINOPLF., A 17. T ne re’. o!uti*)i> which has just been ef fected here, so far from being finished, seerm to ecommence with the most ti r rdde svmptorns.—Almost all Asia so acknowledire the new Sultan On every ~Ve is reared the sfaodard of rebellion. Cidi Bascia. the brother-in-law of Sultan .Selim, having arsen.hied all thu (li*bande<| troops, who formed part of the Nizami-gedid, menaces the capital. Cos sail C’gion, Karo Osman, and Jitssuf j/gs, have likewise assembled a great number id mal-ctmients and are marching in arms to Con tantinonle. The number of rebels amounts, it 13 Hai.j, to near 100.000. They have seized and carried cf? to their camp, the Dervisc and the Patriarch r.l Cofjn:, the pretended descendant of Mahomet, the only person who can r J ori rhe Rcvmetar of *he Grand .Vigniw, arc! proclaim him ha leg timate cvcrei(rn.- Three thousand cavalry have deserted, during the night from the capital, and passed over to dsia, to join the rebels. We are at length on the c v ’e of witnessing the must tremendous scenes. It is to be feared that the sultan Selim will perish by command of the pie&ent .Sobana Valid’S in which case **e may luL.k Tor the effu sion of rivers of blood. POUT OF§AVAXXAH. ARRIVED. Ship Union, TillinghJft >.V*vpr r t Chari**, Attwetl Lirerpoo* Georgia, Pearce ditto Schr M .ran4a, HoaJley Chailetloi* in'erprife, Cow ell Beaufort N. C. J’llia Ann, Chtvelier St. IVfarv’a Sloop Naucy, Gorham Cfcarleftoa CLEARED. Brig Eliza, Coffin PhiladelpH* Amazon, Copn K*w York fcchr John Henry, Childi Chavlcfto* Columbia, Hawe, Boiioa LANDING From t?ip shin Purrs, from New York* to pipes Holland GIN 10 ditto Cnuntrv ditto In chrfts Hvfon TEA $ qr. calk* London Particular Tcoerifle SO half quarter calk* M okto 8 tiei ce and 2 ? hays COfI £E 10 tons Swede* IRON S ditto Count-y ditto i ditto SHARE MOULDS 12 ba : e* heft R-.-ffia DUCK So bqi. Prime BitEF — 2o ditto POPK 40 ditto Pilot and M>.idlh<e BRE.-iD 40 huadic* Half, for lale by BENJAMIN MAURICE. ALSO IN STORE, I'hhds. VTufeovado SITG4R 5 tierers double refined Loaf*’itto 1-; pu-icheoaa tft proof N. RUM 10 ditto 4th ditto ditto io d.tio st!i ditto W. It di.i ditto 1 pipe and 1 qr calk Madeira WINE 6 bale. Writing PAPER 80 crutes affi ned HarCaea WARE December 3 3g Fresh Fruits and Wines. JUST RECEIVED, Jars fresh Grapes Boses bloom and muscatc! H d uint Bags soft shelled Almoi.cj3 Ditto shelled sweet ditto Ditto ditto bitter ditto Boxes French Fruits Ditto Ptunes Champitigne | WINES of a very aupe- DUI Rhenish J riof quality, Vei m tcelli 50ulb. C irrants Pickles. Anchovies, Gherkins, Olives, Capers, fee. ♦T,OOO best Spanish J’egars in amuil ba c kets CM HASP, Hogsheads Jamaica Rum Pipes Cognise (fraud/ Pipes Holland Gin Brown Yugar in barieU Casks Malaga Old Madeira, ) Muscat, f WINES, of a very good Tetteritfe, f quidkt. Port \ Claret, * CONFECTIONARY of every lrsorquion, fur sale Oy C. H. FISH MR. December 3 “9 SheriiFs blank Fitlcs Forfait at thii Office.